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    It had already been a little more than a week since their last meeting, and so much had happened between then and now. At times it felt more overwhelming than he thought he could handle, but in these situations they had no other choice but to keep moving forward. Things would get better eventually, he was sure of that, they just needed to be careful about what steps they took in the coming weeks. The oversized lupine entered the meeting hall and quickly hopped atop the large rock centered at the back, his beige fur lit warmly by the glow of the fire. He wasted no time in calling his clanmates over. "Shadow Veil, gather for another meeting!"

    Riptide waited until a significant amount of Veilers had arrived and settled before quietly clearing his throat and beginning the announcements. "First off, I'd like to say that you've all been doing wonderfully this past week. I know Calina and I say that a lot but its true, especially with how chaotic everything has been in recent days. I'd also like to apologize for my own inactivity, I know its unfair of me to be so absent during these hard times and I'm going to do better for you in the future." He felt another pang of guilt as he said the words, probably the thousandth he'd felt since stepping up as leader. In his own eyes, he wasn't doing a very good job, but it might honestly be the best that he could do.

    But that wasn't the point of this meeting, so he moved onward to their usual first order of business. "We've had a decent amount of joiners this week that I would like to introduce. TULA A.T.M. , LYRA A.M.;   FAYE , auset! , circe . , arthur prince , windwaker. , FALLINGFLOWER , felwinter , igni , -Nyx- , andromeda m. , MISHKA- , Y. AMANE , aurelia - , Incarnadine T.M , and ZERACHIEL . Also, a warm welcome back to SETEKH , Seamus Dillon , HRISTO , CHERRYPUP , and LITTLEFLAME. . If anyone of you need help with anything, feel free to come to Calina or myself, or any of our other veteran Veilers." Riptide sucked in a sharp breath, almost feeling lightheaded after that long list of names, but then he remembered he wasn't done. "Ah, also, I'd like to welcome Ulla's new... er... spirit babies, emil . and JINGWEI ."

    He felt a small bit of pride at the sheer number of joiners they'd had this past week, despite all the horrible things they were having to deal with. At least it proved that their plight hadn't broken them even the slightest. But the next round of news might make that feel untrue. He frowned slightly as he gazed out at the crowd. "I'm afraid the next few things I need to discuss are less than pleasant. As you all know, we went to the Exiles to ask them for a ceasefire. We have not quite wrapped up those negotiations yet but they didn't outright attack us, which is a good sign." It was still unclear whether or not the ceasefire would be a go, but it was a start.

    "We've also recently learned some troubling news about our allies, Sanguine Ruins. They have apparently broken the Penumbra Accord and are now forming some sort of alliance with the Exiles and the Painted Brigade, both of whom are our biggest enemies. They went up against Solaris Kingdom and Volary Flights in a raid alongside the Exiles, which is also a problem. Not only that, but they've apparently taken to torturing children, which I think we can all agree is completely unacceptable. Two of the children they have reportedly harmed are the children of two of our own, Junebug and Enjolras, so we are taking this situation very seriously. We went to speak with Jace about the issue, and instead of trying to understand why we are angry, so far all he has given us are excuses, so Calina and I are going to be thinking seriously about the future of our alliance with them." It was a bit hard knowing that a group who had been so close to them in the past were willing to harm children of their high positions and write it of ass 'how were we supposed to know?' That bullshit reasoning really pissed him off.

    But it wouldn't do to dwell on the negative for too long. He and Calina would be dealing with the whole mess for quite some time, so it was easier to just move on for now. "Alright, now for everyone's favorite part of the meeting. We'll start with demotions and get the bad news out of the way first." He really always hated this part, since he didn't want any of his clanmates feeling disappointed, but they needed to be active to maintain their positions. "First off, Kira and Enjolras have both stepped down. Calina and I are not ready to promote a new Midnightbringer yet, but we'll be on the lookout these next few weeks. KABOCHA and yuelia. are both demoted to regular member. If we start seeing you guys around more, you can both earn your spots back." It hurt to have to demote his own daughter, but she was just a baby and he couldn't have expected her to behave as responsibly as an adult would.

    "As for promotions, we only have a few this week, but we're keeping our eye out to fill up the high positions next week. Charlotte A. , FALLINGFLOWER , and windwaker. are all promoted to Duskguard. CROWNEDROYALTY can step up to Nightwatcher, if you'd like." There really weren't as many promotions to hand out this week as there seemed to be in the past, but with everything so hectic it only made sense that activity would slow down. "I'd also like to give a shoutout to ulla jorda , kiyoshi , FIORE. and Mystletainn . Keep up the good work. Oh, and also, ulla jorda is receiving the trailblazer title. Thank you for always presenting such good ideas to us." He was proud of everyone mentioned, but he was also proud of all the rest of the Veil as well. Everyone was contributing in some small way.

    Riptide paused to suck in a breath before continuing. Almost done now. "As for events this week, i'm sure you've all heard by now, but aleksander m. recently passed away. Calina is holding a funeral for him, so if you have time, please stop by and pay your respects. Ulla is throwing a birthday party for Kiyoshi, so make sure you head over and celebrate with them. Faye is having a meet and greet, and Tula is giving out piercings if you're interested." He wasn't sure anyone should be getting piercings from a child, but that was their choice. "As for events with our allies, Solaris Kingdom is having their annual Sun Festival, and Wind Haven has invited us to two ally events, one open and one private."

    Well, that felt like everything, and if he was forgetting something Calina would probably mention it. The grey wolf sat back on his haunches with a deep, relaxed sigh, and offered the crowd a brief smile. "That's all that I have for you guys this week. Unless Calina needs to say anything else, you're dismissed." Hopefully the next week would prove to be a bit kinder to them all, and things would start to go their way for once.

    A cold prickling sensation ran down the colorful lupine's spine as the approached the border to the canyon. His dark blue gaze remained narrowed as he glanced cautiously at the Veilers trailing behind him, before lingering briefly on Calina. Even though this had all been his idea in the first place, Riptide couldn't keep the sinking feeling of despair from forming in the pit of his stomach. The pair of Shadowkeepers weren't alone, with them traveled a few of their trusted high positions, as well as an unfortunate prisoner. He felt a bit unnerved at bringing such a large group with them, and could only hope that the Exilers wouldn't take it as a threat. It was more that they had both wanted a few of their advisors to come along and help out with the discussion if need be. Not to mention, whether or not things went according to plan, this would be a fairly big deal and he wanted to make sure that at least a few of their higher ups would be around to witness what went down.

    The massive wolf came slowly to a stop as the stench of the scent markers flooded his senses, trying hard not to wrinkle his nose in disgust. He wanted things to go well and didn't want to start off by insulting the other party by showing how much he hated how they smelled. His paws twitched somewhat anxiously upon the ground as his companions came up beside him, and he once again found himself seeking out the molten eyes of his co-leader. The dark lupurca was a lot more fiery than himself, and while he was a bit worried about how long they would be able to keep the situation calm, he still sought out her presence as a sort of comfort. She was strong, and he knew that as long as she was with him they would be able to get through this and do what was best for their clan. With that thought, Riptide called out into the canyon in a deep voice dripping with an authority he usually didn't display. "Exilers! We're from Shadow Veil, and we want to speak with Corrupttimelines. We aren't here to fight - in fact, we've brought a peace offering." At those words he nodded to Ulla, a signal to bring her capture forward.

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    Riptide couldn't help but snort somewhat amusedly as he approached to hear several of his clanmates talking about what to do with a captured Exiler; particularly, when Crownedroyalty brought up the idea of cutting him into little pieces and throwing them out randomly. It was a fun little thought, and he personally had no problem killing the scum on the spot, but he did think that Calina's idea was a good one. They were just about to go and ask the Exiles for a ceasefire - and idea that was already pretty rocky, even if it was the best option for everyone - and he found himself nodding along as he stopped beside his fellow shadowkeeper. "Mmm, I have to agree with Calina. Killing him would be easy, but it would only start another round of fighting that we don't want to have to deal with right now."

    He glanced sideways at Crowned and Viola, hoping they wouldn't be too dejected by having their suggestions turned down. He couldn't imagine anyone in the Veil would ever be scolded for wanting to kill an Exiler caught sneaking around their border, but at the moment it just wasn't the best decision for the clan as a whole. He turned his attention back to Ulla and the idiot she'd caught. "I definitely think we should take him with us when we go to the canyon, and see if Corrupttimelines won't see it at least us as showing that we mean what we say. Although - " He looked pointedly at the prisoner before continuing in a low voice to Calina, "I don't think we should talk anymore about our plans in front of him. We can't trust him not to twist our own words against us." They weren't planning anything sneaky, not right now anyways, and he didn't want to risk this little rat fucking up the ceasefire they were working so hard to achieve.

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    Riptide was pretty sure that every time he had set foot in the desert clan's territory, it had been for some bad reason or another. He still remembered the first time he'd come to the Ruins, and likely would never forget the horror of the situation - when Leesha had been murdered by someone smelling of their ally. It turned out that the murderer had actually be an Exiler who was living in the Ruins in secret, but the child's murder had been carried out as a sacrifice for the Red God, which was the Ruin's fanatical deity. Even the thought of his had his fur trembling with rage. Leesha had been so important to him, and when he'd come to ask what had happened he'd been met with indifference and a lack of willingness to help on Jace's part. The Shadowkeeper couldn't imagine it would go any differently this time.

    But they couldn't just ignore the situation either. He'd felt this storm brewing for a long time now, ever since Ver had stepped down as Regent and left the Ruins for siding with the Exiles. And now things were finally coming to a head as they were returning for exactly that same reason. They had formed some kind of alliance with the Exiles, which were quite clearly the Veil's biggest enemies, and the desert dwellers hadn't even bothered to give them a heads up? What the hell? What happened if they had gone to that raid with Solaris and Volary Flights, and met their so-called 'allies' in battle? Not to mention, they had apparently begun torturing children, which was an offense that made his lip curl instinctively out of disgust. Not only were they stooping to harming innocent kids, but they had gone so far as two hurt two of the Veil's high positions' children. An apology and an explanation were the least of what he'd be looking for now. At Calina's comment he could only nod and grunt softly in agreement. Yes, this really was shit.

    Riptide stood quietly next to Calina as she made her announcements, his gaze scanning the crowd to watch their reactions to all the news. He of course already knew what was going to be said, since they had discussed it just before the meeting, so he didn't find himself paying much attention to the order of events. Instead he kept his eyes on his clanmates, a faint smile twitching at the corners of his mouth as he watched them all gather around and listen attentively to the other shadowkeeper. It wasn't the first time he'd thought this and certainly wouldn't be the last, but for some reason that thought came to the forefront of his mind again now; he really would give his life for any one of the individuals here. He cared more about the Veilers in front of him than he ever had even for his so-called 'family' - outside of his children, of course. And he knew that in the coming weeks, with everything only becoming more dangerous and complicated, he might have to make good on those intentions. But for now he lifted his head as promotions came to an end, seeking out the faces of those mentioned. "Congratulations, everyone," he murmured softly just as Calina had drawn the meeting to a close. "I don't have anything else today, so everyone can head home and get some rest."

    It seemed Riptide had arrived late to the discussion, as usual. He couldn't help but think, not for the first time, that Calina was much better at this whole 'leader' thing than he was; whenever a political matter needed to be solved, she always beat him to the scene, and whether she realized it or not she was very insightful. Not always tactful, but in most situations that wasn't a necessity. He himself had moments when he couldn't keep a level head, and sometimes a little fire proved useful. The oversized lupine came to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with his fellow shadowkeeper, as seemed to be a ritual for them now. In the beginning their transition into leadership was a bit rocky, but he truly believed that they complimented each other perfectly in their roles and personalities. It was rare that they ever disagreed.

    And it seemed that this instance wouldn't be any different. Calina had stolen the words right out of his mouth, articulating the thoughts he'd had when the Empress mentioned a joint raid. His steely oceanic gaze settled on the silver cougaress as the lupurca beside him spoke, head tilting ever-so-slightly to the side as he watched her. He couldn't recall knowing anyone from the Flights outside of Enjolras and Kira, both of whom no longer held positions there, so it was nice to see a fresh face visiting from one of the few allies they had left. Perhaps the bird-loving group was growing stronger, if they were now willing to go up against the Exiles alongside Solaris Kingdom. He felt a tinge of regret at not being able to help, but he and Calina needed to think of their clanmates first right now. Riptide smiled vaguely as he finally addressed femme. "Ah, apologies for not introducing myself sooner. My name is Riptide, i'm also a Shadowkeeper here. I'm afraid Calina said it all, but it's a pleasure meeting you, Freya, and I wish you all luck in your raid. Kick ass for us." He smirked slightly, his eyes twinkling mischievously.

    "We can talk about it now," came the gruff voice of the shadowkeeper as he approached the group at the border. He'd been having a sinking feeling the past few weeks that things between their allies were going to go south; ever since Ver left the Ruins, then Sangria was captured, and Nadine murdered. In his opinion, the former Queen had been the rational one of the two monarchs presiding over the desert clan. But now... His face darkened as he came to stand beside Calina, his intense ocean gaze landing on Sangria almost sympathetically as she described their recent plights. The Ruins were always an anti-clan, they all knew that of course, but as long as he'd known them they'd at least had the dignity to set boundaries for themselves. As far as he was concerned, that was the only thing separating them from the Exiles.

    But it seemed that difference no longer existed. They were torturing children now? What the hell was that all about? He was even shocked when the Exiles had started allowing that kind of behavior, but Sanguine Ruins..? Seriously? He didn't know Jace at all really but Riptide personally felt the King's poor decisions were going to make things very hard for them all in the near future. But back to the issue at hand. His ears twitched slightly when it was mentioned that one of the children harmed was Enjolras', and the other Junebug's. The beige lupine bowed his head to the Dawningcrown, a tinge of sadness in his voice as he addressed her. "I truly am sorry for what you've been through, Sangria. My own daughter was maimed by the Exiles not long ago, so I understand how you must be feeling." Well - maybe not truly. At least it hadn't been a former ally, a group that housed many of his family members, that had committed the crime. But the desperation to protect a child, he understood.

    He cast a glance at the lupurca next to him, choosing his next words carefully. "Calina's right, I personally will bring some herbs to Solaris during my next visit. For your injured daughter and your clanmates, at least as an apology for not helping out in the raid - although, I think we'll be able to make up for that soon enough." He cast a glance at Alaksiej, who must be feeling uncomfortable during a discussion about the wrongdoings of his native group. The large wolf gently bumped the boy's shoulder in an attempt to ease the tension, before turning once more to Sangria. "Considering the fact that both children that were injured by the Ruins were children of our own high positions, I think we definitely will need to pay them a visit and talk about the future of our alliance. The mere fact that they didn't even bother to mention their new alliance with the Exiles means they don't have any consideration for how their actions might affect us." He sighed tiredly at the thought. Couldn't things for once just be peaceful?

    Riptide didn't know Charlotte well, she wasn't the Shadowkeeper anymore by the time he'd joined but she'd been around for a while in the beginning. He couldn't remember them having any particularly meaningful interactions, but he was still glad that the Reverend was back with them. He could only imagine how hard it must have been for her, with both her son and Mercy going missing within a short period of time; he knew it had affected Ver pretty badly.

    Honestly he was a bit surprised when he heard that she was looking to speak with himself and Calina, and couldn't help but glance at his fellow leader curiously as he approached the multi-hued canine. Taking a seat a few feet away, the large lupine curled his tail behind his back as his deep ocean gaze fell to Charlotte. "What can we do for you?" He murmured gruffly, a tinge of intrigue lacing his voice. They hadn't heard much from the female in the last few months and now suddenly she was seeking an audience with them, so he couldn't help but feel a bit confused.

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    They hadn't heard so much as a whisper of a threat from Elysia since Gabriel had marched up to their borders to 'warn' them about Ver, but he knew things usually didn't just end that easily. The floating island dwelling clan might not prove much of a danger to them right now, but he couldn't risk there being a surprise attack on another front, not when they were already at their weakest from the blizzard and the Exiles. Whenever he had a spare moment, which wasn't very often anymore, the shadowkeeper would patrol their shared border with the Coven, just to make sure they hadn't been lurking where they shouldn't be.

    Honestly with how quiet things had been in the past few weeks he hadn't been expecting to find much of anything at all. Until now all he'd ever come across were the lingering scents of a patrol that had likely been through to remark the borders. But today already proved to be different. A cool breeze brought to him the scent of someone definitely unfamiliar, and definitely from the Coven of Elysia. A pit of dread opened up in his stomach when he thought his fears had been realized, that they were finally getting around to making good on those idle threats. But then a voice called out through the pines, filled with curiosity, and confusion replaced that feeling of worry. "Can I see?"

    Who in their right mind would walk up to the border of an enemy clan and ask to look around? The voice had a tinge of innocence to it but he wasn't sure whether or not to trust it. The large wolf stalked through the dark pines until he was close enough to see the figure standing just on the other side. He recognized her as a hyena, having been around Toughluck enough to know what they looked like, only this one wasn't pink. However, she did have very intriguing purple eyes... Beige fur standing slightly on end, Riptide edged slowly closer, his ocean blue gaze narrowed slightly in distrust. "Havana..." He murmured softly, allowing the name to mull around in his mind. He'd never heard of her before, but based on her demeanor she didn't seem to be looking to cause trouble. "This is Shadow Veil. What are you doing out here?" Of course he had no way of knowing that she was new to the area and likely didn't know what a dangerous position she'd put herself in.

    Riptide knew very well what it was like to wake up in an unfamiliar place, with no one and nothing around you to guide you back home. He too had gone through a similar situation, only he had died when he was young, not fallen asleep. Because of the curse put on him by someone his father had murdered, he was unable to truly die, and had been resurrected years later, when Earth was gone and Agrelos took its place. Luckily, he'd woken up not far outside of the Veil, and entering those terrifying pines had been the start of a new and better life for him.

    But not everyone was as lucky in their outcome as the shadowkeeper had been. He'd found his home amongst the Veil, but he had been born and raised in Boneclan, which had a very similar vibe to Shadow Veil. Someone who had lived solely in a pro-clan might have a harder time adjusting to their often harsh way of life. The large wolf appeared beside his clanmates, his intense gaze softening sympathetically as he listened to the girl describe her plight. He tried to keep his rough voice a bit lighter in an attempt to avoid scaring her.

    "Its okay, Echopaw. I went through something very similar, not long ago. My name is Riptide, im one of the leaders here. I'm sure this is difficult but... you'll have to make a choice here. Do you want to come back to camp with us? Or do you need help getting somewhere else?" Unfortunately they couldn't just let her continue to wander around their territory with free rein. At her sudden shift to fearful he followed her gaze to Witch Doctor, a small grin tugging at the corners of his mouth. "Don't worry, he's friendly. That's Witch Doctor."