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    ★ ★ ★ another approaches with a face that as familiar as a ghost . that was the kitsune that had started a fire , wasn't it ? or something close to it , enjolras doesn't recall ever truly getting a straight answer about what had happened within that room . still , he offers allium an easy smile and a dip of his head in greeting , content to play at strangers once more . " a pleasure to meet you both , " he answers smoothly , smile never once wavering . " oh , no need for food and water , i'm alright . " it wasn't exactly the truth , but the canine was far more intent on getting to camp and seeing if his old room was still unoccupied , and the sooner he got there the better . " if you wouldn't mind showing the way -- " he trails off , a quiet hint that he was prepared to trail after the kitsune through a territory he was already familiar with .

    ★ ★ ★ there appeared to be a lack of happy souls these days . either that or enjolras attracted the most broken sorts . he recognized marigold , yet didn't know him well enough to consciously put him into that category of ' those who share my pain , ' yet something about his decidedly not enthused greeting gave way to a pang of familiarity . part of him wants to crumble right then and there and seek solace in the late - king , but he makes an effort to hold his ground . there's a fluid shrug of his shoulders , a motion that washes away the heaviness that had begun to hang between them the longer he'd stayed silent .

    easy smile paints perfect maw and honey - drizzled words fall from sugar - coated tongue . " of course , love , i'm rosewar . i'm hoping to join the dynasty , if you'll have me . " his voice pitches with a french accent , something he couldn't get rid of no matter how many bodies he hopped , and a slightly out of control shift in volume as he was verbally reminded that he could hear once more . sounds assaulted him , bringing loud memories that he needed to get used to once more . snowy paw reaches up to gently adjust the laurel of gold that sits about his head like a physical halo , sending piercings moving and catching the light . he'd become a far cry from the deaf ragdoll of months past , but that was exactly what he'd wanted .

    ★ ★ ★ he hadn't expected himself to return here as soon as he head . enjolras had made a silent promise to himself to stay away from his old homes , to not invite that dreadful memories of his past back into his life . he had told freya that he would travel and find places previously unexplored to him . that's what he'd said , and he'd gone and off and broken that promise . the glacial tribelands could only be his home for so long , but the pain of seeing tolouse - anne had been to great and the wanderer in his heart and urged him to go before he lost himself once more . that's how the now - white shepherd had found himself back at the border to the dark dynasty . it had served as a pleasant home before , had served as a sanctuary for when he needed alone time and a slowed pace to relax . he only hoped it hadn't changed .

    red eyes , a stark contrast to the blues they once were , scanned the familiar territory before him and a ghost of a smile tugged at his maw . yes , he could try and make this place home once more , given his rampant emotions didn't betray him . he was here ( both at the dynasty and in his third attempt at life ) to start anew . call it abandoning your family and responsibilities , but enjolras hardly felt any of them wanted to see him again anyways . there was a reason kira had left him : he was inherently unloveable . the canine would just have to stick to superficial attachments and one night stands , cultivating a carefree life that he hadn't gotten in his youth . a wavering breath is released and he stands a little taller , facade of elegant confidence slipping into place to mask the cracks that still remained .

    ★ ★ ★ no matter what happened , enjolras just couldn't seem to remain dead . two times he'd passed into the spirit realm only to be spit back out , pushed away with new chances and promises upon his lips . he's yet to find his path this time around , preferring to keep to the side lines and go unnoticed by his clan mates . there are reasons he wants to forget his past , reasons he's changed his name and taken on new ones , all for the sake of running away . running his become his one constant , and he can recognize it easily in even a stranger .

    there's someone who stands out against the alabaster landscape , darker hues a stark contrast unlike his own form that blends nearly seamlessly into the tundra . even from his current position the canine can see the red that begins to paint the ground , can taste the liquid life force upon the dry breeze . muscles tense as he moves forward , the feeling of his healing power thrumming through his veins at the ready . no ! don't come any further ! the scene shifts before his eyes , a memory taking over reality , and before him is someone else , someone he could never leave behind .

    enjolras pushes on , refusing to head the words of the stranger , even as their image merges with that of his sister . red eyes widen in surprise as the ground rumbles beneath him , the only brief warning he gets before a wall of ice rises from the ground . it's long , but not that long , and he takes the chance to try and skirt around its edges . " you need help , " he urges , pain from his past welling up within his voice . he can't see any immediate harm , can't figure out what she may be running from , yet he understand all the same .

    // no worries , welcome to the tribe ! <3

    ★ ★ ★ he's been idle for far too long , and even the familiarity of clan life seems foreign to him now . he doesn't know how to just slip back in to the kinds of routines he'd once found so much comfort in . despite being warmly welcomed into the small group , he can't help but feel stuck on the outside , to no fault of anyone else . it's his own problem given the way he likes to tuck himself away from the rest of his clan mates , hoping and praying that he's not making a mistake by coming here , by taking a different name and hiding his shameful past self from everyone else . would he have been turned away if anyone knew the truth ? he hates the thought and forces it away with a shake of his head .

    it doesn't matter because he's here , alive , and guided by the words that his sister had given to him in that limbo that spirits often find themselves . he promised freya that he would live once and for all , live in the moment and for himself , so why was it so hard to let go ? pale paw scuffs at the ground , repeatedly kicking up flurries of snow and pushing most of it into a small mound before him . it's an absent kind of motion that quickly evolves into the attempted formation of a much larger mound of snow . it's familiar , though he can't quite remember why . still , he welcomes it and ignores the cold that seeps in through his paws , instead continuing his work as the mound grows steadily larger .

    ★ ★ ★ enjolras has always felt loss a little too keenly , even when it was so far removed from his own life . it was something that had developed within him as a child , a facet of his emotions that he couldn't so easily push away no matter how hard he tried . it was only made worse as time went on , giving the canine the impression that he was surrounded by loss everywhere he went . it seemed to be the only thing he could see these days , never the good or the little , happy , moments , just death creeping up and dragging someone down .

    he takes saskia's ' passing ' to heart , hating the fact that she is caught in a coma with no clear way out . he hopes that it'll end , and yet he has a feeling that won't happen . red eyes water from the rush of emotion and the chill of the territory and he blinks them away before they can crystalize upon his face . the bleariness leaves him with a clear figure in his line of sight , someone he's been avoiding just a little too much . there are so many things he wants to say , should say , and yet his throat closes up . he doubts she'd even want to hear him out after all he's done .

    instead , enjolras bites down upon his cheek , worrying it until he tastes blood . water weaves itself around her paw and pride swells up to try and push away the grief . she's fine , as fine as she can be , and that's all that matters . " you're doing well , " he comments with a wavering smile , voice cracking towards the end . he forces a cough and pads a little closer , attempting to get his muscles to relax from the way he'd stiffened at the initial sight of his daughter .

    ★ ★ ★ the canine hasn't been around long , has been hiding away in the background as he tries to convince himself well and truly that he made the right decision by coming here . it seems that he'd stepped into their ranks at a rather turbulent time and he can't help but think that he's the reason behind it all . bad luck and destruction seem to follow him like a shadow , clinging to his every move and attempting to swallow any semblance of normality that he may find along the way . still , enjolras holds his tongue and nods his head , quiet in the face of a loss he does not know . there's nothing he can do except move on , no matter how hard it may be . he feels his resolve shatter the longer he watches tooulouse - anne , suddenly thankful that she leaves abruptly right before him . a shaky breath frosts in the air before him , and he's slow in leaving , holding his distance from the daughter he can't bring himself to face . a coward , that's all he is now .

    ★ ★ ★ there's a certain quality of silence to kallik's words that brings enjolras a sense of peace throughout her simple introduction . her demeanor reminds him of someone , someone he doesn't want to think on for too long , though he allows that lingering warmth to blossom out from the pit of his stomach and seep into the rest of his body . his smile becomes a little broader , a little more natural - feeling , as he nods his head in acknowledgment of her words . there's a ghost of his brother in her and the canine can't help but feel drawn to it like a moth to a flame .

    " kalik , a lovely name , " he offers up as he moves to follow her , lengthening his stride so that he's more parallel to her rather than trailing behind . silence follows this as he takes the time to cast his gaze at his surroundings , attempting to memorize their finer details now that he had crossed into the territory . it's not a place he's ever been before , and he wonders if he'd really been so caught up in his own problems to experience the larger world . " how long have you all been living here ? " the question falling from his tongue before he can really think about it , and he feels an embarrassing and prickly heat rise to his cheeks . " i've been . . . out of touch for a while . "

    ★ ★ ★ before incarnadine can give him a response , another face joins in the meager welcoming party . enjolras looks at it for a long moment , eyes wandering smoothly over its form as if searching for something . it seemed familiar in a way that tugged at all the bonds that had been forged in his previous lives , leaving the canine wondering if this was someone he should know already . whether that was true or not , he has to remind himself that it doesn't matter . he's here to start brand new , as selfish and convoluted as that the reason is . so , he forced a honey smile at his new clan mate and bobs his head in acknowledgement . " pleasure to meet you , anxiousconstellations , " he woofs , testing the lengthy name upon his tongue . " thank you for letting me join . would you mind leading me back to camp ? " another smile as he takes a few steps over the border as if to cement himself among their ranks .

    ★ ★ ★ these are the unknown nuances that he's already missing out on and will continue to be a bystander to . through his time as a spirit , wandering and searching for anyone he knew and remaining caught in that unresolved limbo , enjolras had had far too much time to think . he'd managed to convince himself that his children were better off without him , that perhaps they didn't want him around in the first place . it was a loathing towards himself that was far too strong for even the gentle guiding of his sister's words to break through , leaving him with a bitter taste in his mouth and a tightness in his chest whenever he thought of them . of course a father's love never fades , if he would've been over the moon if he knew that incarnadine had found love in his darling daughter ( though whether or not such feelings were returned is a different story ) .

    but these are things he's forced himself to remain outside of , the little details of his children's lives that are no longer his own to partake in . he manages a gentle , if not somewhat pinched , smile in response to the girl's unique choice of questioning . " crossing borders uninvited does not bode well for most , " comes the easy response . the words are light as air and released with a breath of a laugh , feeling so much lighter than enjolras believes he has any right to feel . but that's what he's here for : to push away the grief in all it's crushing weight and learn to enjoy life once more . " i'm no snowman , fortunately or unfortunately . i'm rosewar . might i join your group . . . ? " the canine trails off , silently asking after her name along with the right to enter into their ranks .

    ★ ★ ★ there's a chill in his veins that runs far deeper than the natural cold of the territory around him . a chill that permeates his soul and brings him haltingly , hesitantly , to the border of this foreign group . it's not one that he had ever experienced when he was alive before , and yet there's a certain dread that comes with not knowing that sets him on edge . his instinct scream at him to turn away and take up the life of a loner , a life of solitude where he would be safe . safe from what , though ? he couldn't decipher if he was more afraid of losing or loving , and all his mind could supply was the idea that being alone would successful divert both things from his life .

    but freya had told him it was worth it , had told him that he should allow himself to live once more ( in more ways than one ) . that talk , that moment shared after months and months apart was swatched in peace and grief , and he would've preferred to never leave it . she felt like the last person he could turn to , and giving her up and letting her go had broken him all over again . but she had moved on , and that meant he could do the same . the canine feels a dry , yet adoring smile , pull at his maw at the very thought of that conversation with his sister . the tables really had turned from the day he had coaxed her out from hiding and treated her wounds to the day she encouraged him to seek out all that he couldn't have before .

    he carries her words with him now , replays them over and over again in his head and allows them to settle deep within his bones . his stride changes the last few paces , lengthening and moving with a fluid confidence that almost reached his heart . sounds assaulted him from all sides , sounding so much louder now in the body that could once again hear the world . he'd waisted no time in decorating himself in golds and reds , attempting to become what he had never been . he winces as a shake of his fur brings a ringing of metal too close to his ears , the piercings a foreign addition to his form . still , he turns his rose - dusted countenance towards the icy territory before him , taking a quiet breath to steel himself for what is to come .

    ★ ★ ★ this isn't how he envisioned spending his time after he'd passed on . last time he'd died , he'd woken up perhaps just hours later in a shiny new body and a foreign territory . this time he had no such luxury of a physical vessel , instead being caught in a restless limbo that left him wandering agrelos . enjolras had died , and still he couldn't seem to find peace . perhaps uprooting himself so fully and refusing to be satisfied is why his spirit clings to this realm of existent , haphazardly forming itself into a passing resemblance of it's former glory . the body of a white ragdoll appears more uncertain now , almost as if the host can't decide how it wants to present . the outlines fade in and out and there appears to be constant , ghostly , blood flowing from various wounds that never quite reaches the ground . his countenance is distorted , and it's not something enjolras can really see , but he knows it's there . he feels his wavering existence in his metaphorical gut , and his chest tightens as if his heart still pumped life into his veins as he pads across the scent line . it should feel like a relief to be home , and in a way it is , but the ryuku can hardly bring himself to find comfort in the familiar trees . just how much has changed since he vanished and passed on ?

    // he's just kinda wandering around , lowkey looking for a lil corner to just waste away his spirit years in

    you can choose how your character wants to sense him if you want ! like a cold spot or something if they don't have the sight idk go nuts since i've never played a spirit before

    playlist — ☼☽

    listen here

    good in goodbye — madison beer

    movements — hozier

    used to be (l.o.v.e.) — chelsea collins

    house of memories — panic! at the disco

    fever — adam lambert

    wishful drinking — tessa violet

    dear society — madison beer

    quotes — ☼☽

    " he was a savage antinous "

    " cedo nulli ― i yield to no one "

    " nothing less than doing the impossible "

    " love is a many splendid thing "

    " the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return "

    " every revolution starts and ends with his lips "

    " you can justify anything if you do it poetically enough "

    " But that is how a tragedy like ours or King Lear breaks your heart ― by making you believe that the ending might still be happy, until the very last minute "

    " that the powerful play goes on, and you might contribute a verse "

    " boy with rebellion in his bones "

    " your voice is war and they love you for it / your voice is breaking but it is holy "

    old playlist — ☼☽

    viva la vida — coldplay

    pompeii — bastille

    take me to church — hozier

    chocolate — the 1975

    heavenly lies — amalee

    traitor — daughtry

    green grass — i am arrows

    les rois du monde — from romeo et juliette

    glory — the score

    heavenly blue — amalee

    centuries — fall out boy

    believer — imagine dragons

    kiss with a fist — florence + the machine

    legend — the score

    whatever it takes — imagine dragons

    sold out — hawk nelson

    river — bishop briggs

    noise — gavin creel

    i met you at the station — addict., rewind

    i know you so well — iwl

    july 2019 / volary flights— ☼☽

    favourite male

    favourite ship ( enjolras xx alejandro )

    favourite crack ship ( enjolras xx all his weapons )

    most likely to be prom king

    ooc catgeory: funniest

    september 2019 / volary flights — ☼☽

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    most likely to be a heart-breaker

    most likely to get stuck in a tree

    best ship ( enjolras xx alejandro )

    power couple ( enjolras xx alejandro )

    ooc category: most welcoming

    december 2019 / volary flights — ☼☽

    favourite hp

    most developed

    clan parent

    most likely to go to bed at 10pm on new year's eve

    ooc category: funniest, biggest crackhead energy

    december-january 2019-2020 / shadow veil — ☼☽

    best romantic ship ( enjolras xx kira )

    clan dad

    most likely to get the most gifts

    february 2020 / volary flights — ☼☽

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    february-march 2020 / unofficial agrelos - wide — ☼☽

    favourite hero

    smol x tol ( enjolras xx kira )

    TIMELINE — ☼☽


    returns to the flights as a spirit to try and find a place he can live out his spirit days in

    meets freya in the spirit realm after she is killed by radegast. she convinces him to give life one more chance and he ultimately takes her advice [ unwritten ]

    decides to join the glacial tribelands to start small before working himself back into society again

    joins the dark dynasty again

    PARENTS — ☼☽

    blackjack harbringer xx npc [ gen 4 ]

    SIBLINGS — ☼☽

    littermates : atlas harbringer

    individually adopted : marius harel , freya rhosyn

    adopted into the adamo family as a brother to : amaranthine , spiritline , claes , and fireghost


    with alicante : loki , triss , noir ( murdered ) , narnia , praelia

    — something akin to a one night stand

    with feliks/osiris : magdalene , abner , yuka , cupidcrush

    — alliance litter between vf and tl ( also the first omen to the phoenix religion in the flights )

    with kira : toulouse - anne , kyoto , lyon , edo

    — love litter just before they got engaged


    freya xx atlas reikkenson : radegast , albinus , emil

    adopted by freya : divinity , legrandite , neroli

    adopted by amaranthine : cookiecrumbs , lamiaceae , pillow , yuri

    claes xx marigold : adagio , amadeus , hephaestus

    amaranthine xx hana : etienne

    MARRIAGE — ☼☽


    FAMILIES — ☼☽

    abantangelo & adamo & reikkenson & tormenta & million & wilson

    i don't wanna lose my voice / overview — ☼☽

    enjolras harbringer kowalki adamo kingsman / male [ he / him ]

    — currently goes by the name rosewar to the general public / gawain on missions

    3 years physically / 4 years mentally

    group / rank / titles

    ex volary flights condor , vice emperor , emperor / cockatiel , okinawa

    former shadow veil duskguard , nightwatcher / blackheart

    i don't wanna fade away / relationships — ☼☽

    blackjack xx npc [ gen 4 ] / littermate to atlas harbringer

    adoptive brother the adamos ( amaranthine , spiritline , claes , and fireghost ) / adoptive brother to freya rhosyn

    formerly dating alicante zaroff and ( partially ) alejandro / formerly engaged to yoshikage kira

    single / homoromantic / refuses to love

    with alicante : loki , triss , noir ( murdered ) , narnia

    with feliks/osiris : magdalene , abner , yuka , cupidcrush

    with kira : toulouse - anne , kyoto , lyon , edo

    so they can see the truth , aim to repaint these days / physicality — ☼☽


    — tall , long limbed , and lithe

    — moves with fluidity and grace that is largely dependent on his mood

    — his fur is snow - white , though there is a dusting of pale pink / red across his eyes ( like some sort of blind fold ) that extends down his muzzle and around his ears

    — rosewar's eyes are a rich , wine , red . at a glance they are bright and intuitive , though with deeper inspection one can see the shadows lurking in their depths

    — wears a golden laurel circlet and red ribbon necklace that holds a glass feather

    — has multiple golden pierces , some are small hoops and studs and others are longer

    INJURIES / ILLNESSES: list current injuries

    — list scars

    take aim and hit the mark — that white hypnotic spark / mentality — ☼☽


    — mbti " type " / hogwarts house / dnd alignment / temperament

    — badass in a nice suit

    — rosewar has grown a lot throughout his life , and in some ways , this arc is a way for him to return to the childhood that he never really had . he'd grown up far too fast and taken on responsibility before anyone really should , leaving him to become more and more stoic and harsh in his ways . now , in an attempt to cherish the chance he's been given , he's forcing himself to let go . in a conscious effort to abandon his former life in every way possible , rosewar has become a rather up - beat and coquettish canine . he enjoys parties and spending time with others , though at times the shadows of his past creep up and make it difficult for him to be truly comfortable . despite his loving words , they're mostly empty . he refuses to even think on the idea of love anymore , and is far more prone to one night stands ( should he know they wouldn't result in children ) . rosewar , for all his fun and snark , can quickly fall into a despondent state when his past is brought up . he's become somewhat of a pathological liar where his history is concerned , and if all the wrong buttons are pushed , he'll become angered and withdrawn , much like a child going through a tantrum who doesn't want to talk . he sorely misses his family but has convinced himself that they're all better off without him , believing that they are already disappointed in him and would not want to be with him again .

    now's the time to rise as one / interaction — ☼☽

    physically medium / mentally medium

    healing / plant manipulation

    may start fights / won't run away

    mention this account & underline to attack / penned by sinnlos

    i wanna be the white , white light / other — ☼☽

    misc / misc / misc

    pinterest board / theme song / storage thread