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    ★ ★ ★ enjolras had nearly dropped out of university , believe it or not . when he'd been suddenly saddled with children , he'd thought he wouldn't be able to handle it . but help from his friends and sheer willpower kept him going , even though he'd been set back quite a bit in a few of his classes . at least he hadn't completely dropped out . it was that small - town attitude of the friends he knew that kept him on the path to graduation , and kept him from holing up inside his apartment .

    even after the accident that had robbed him of his hearing , enjolras carried on . the quietness of the country side was pleasant , a far cry from the city that he commuted to nearly every day for school and work . out here , he could relax and forget about all the responsibility resting on his shoulders . out here , he could focus on his interests , one of them being falconry . with enough open space , the man was able to effectively train and raise a partially leucistic red tailed hawk .

    going to the dog park had become a normal occurrence for the french man and his companion , helios . it had taken the long - term residents some getting used to , especially when their pets would react with such fear and aggression to the prey creature so close to them . but things had worked out , and helios was free to fly wherever he wished . today , enjolras quietly walked to the park , only mildly surprised to find atlas and mingjie . dog people were the best people his ass . though perhaps his opinion didn't count considering his companion was a massive bird of prey .

    he approached the two , offering a quiet smile to the both of them as he shifted to give helios room . the bird didn't seem keen on flying away just yet , perhaps a little too curious on mingjie's dogs to do anything else . " salut , " enjolras starts , eyes traveling from his hawk to the dogs out in the park . " how are you both ? " 

    ★ ★ ★ a good size crowd had formed as he waited , and enjolras deemed it time to continue on with the meeting . " promotions , " he decides to start with , gaze quickly scanning over the crowd as he runs through the list in his head . " EPIALES and EZRA , i'd like you both to step up to condors . " his eyes land on the former , expression unreadable , but not unkind . he recalls the time he had to publicly scold epiales , and hopes he hasn't made a wrong choice . " atlas r. , i'd like you to step up to vulture of war , if you feel ready . "

    now onto his least favourite part . " no demotions , but sugarpaw. and sleepingsunrise both receive warnings . i'd love to see you both around a little more often . " enjolras , for his carefully distanced exterior , hates to be the bringer of such news . but he can't dwell on it , and he sucks in a sharp breath before he moves on . " atlas is holding weekly tasks and a bonfire , lucia is sparing , epiales is discussing border fortifications , and the ruins have invited us to a party . "

    the ragdoll pauses once more , features hardening as a shadow passes over his face . " constantin is missing . though we've got noir back , we shouldn't expect the same outcome . please travel in pairs , and do not senselessly rush out on your own . " helios shifts uneasily at his side , agitated along with the news being delivered . enjolras would've be surprised if the hawk up and flew off to make an attempt to retrieve the volarian himself . " something will be sorted out soon . unless sleepingsunrise has something else to add , the meeting is dismissed . "

    ★ ★ ★ enjolras was tired . there seemed to be far too much going on , even though it barely showed . noir had returned safe and sound , but the exiles weren't going to let up . their threat loomed a little larger in the veil , though the emperor dared not show the stress it was putting on him . he didn't need to drag that weight here to the jungle . " meeting time ! " he called , almost distracted , as he ascended the crumbling stone pile . helios was perched next to him , his usual stern gaze also watching the crowd gather .

    the hawk was silent this time around , sensing enjoras' unease with the political climate between all these groups . it didn't take long for a decent sized group to appear , and the ragdoll felt he could get started . " first , i'd like to welcome herculespaw , PROMETHEUS REIKKENSON , casinopaw , @wintrypaw , and Joonki C.G.D. . " another good group to have within their borders now . he decided to fall silent now , waiting for more members to show before he continued with the rest of the meeting .

    ★ ★ ★ things were really heating up , and enjolras didn't like it . he wasn't one to start fights over nothing , but this seemed ridiculous . it seemed everywhere he went , there was a threat . the exiles had already come for the flights by capturing his son , and he didn't need them coming after any more of his clan mates . he probably would've made some snappy comment about ver's actions if he'd known the full backstory of everyone involved , but for not he settled for being extremely displeased with it all .

    displeased or not , he still had duties to attend to . enjolras' opinion on the matter wasn't being asked for , so he wouldn't give it . what was being asked for was assistance , which he could easily offer . the ragdoll padded over with a neutral expression painting his visage , not taking in riptide's or calina's words -- not really , anyways . he got the gist of the situation and hoped whatever he said next made sense . " what can i do ? "

    ★ ★ ★ yes , they were certainly hawklan . though enjolras had only ever been around when the group was under it's current name , he knew enough of it's history to recognize the past it held . what he didn't know was the history between epiales and vanitas . the former was fireball who didn't speak much of himself or his history , and enjolras wasn't one to pry . if he'd known , the emperor might've been a fair bit more wary upon his approach to the border .

    icy blue eyes swept quickly over the two as his hawk came to settle on his back in a grand display of massive wings and pale feathers . a low comment of ' showoff ' left the deaf ragdoll's maw as his eyes rolled skyward for just a moment before he returns his attention to the two strangers . his countenance is neutral as he appraises them quietly before speaking . " and what can i help you with ? " enjolras' tone is passive and amicable , though it's not the most welcoming .

    ★ ★ ★ while they were certainly trespassing and certainly making a scene , enjolras wasn't as worked up as he usually would've been . the scent of the haven and the ruins rested on the area , and the groups were allies . though he wasn't appreciative of the fact that they'd crossed the border , it was clear to him that neither of the twins had set out to make a mess at the jungle .

    he's late to the scene , and therefore misses any and all words that had been spoken by the gathered group . names and explanations are lost on him , but he doesn't think to ask . instead , the emperor raises a fictive eyebrow at the children , appraising them quietly as his hawk settles on his back . " what brings you all the way out here ? " enjolras finally decides to ask . it's clear that they don't necessarily want sympathy or medical attention , at least one of them didn't . he was too tired to press the issue , knowing they'd ask if they really wanted accommodations .

    sleepingsunrise immediately comes to mind , and a frown tugs at his maw . she was supposed to be over in the haven from time to time to study , and he hoped that they weren't here on account of her . not that he thought she'd done anything wrong , but perhaps she'd injured herself or something equally as disconcerting . " i assume this isn't an ambassador visit . " his voice is carefully neutral , and the question comes out more like a statement . icy blue eyes hold steady on the two haveners as he quietly awaits a response .

    ★ ★ ★ he was surprised the his children hadn't come by more often , but he supposes that was due to their young age . though it was clear that bellatrix wasn't going to let that stop her . the sharp and familiar scent of the thunderlands had pulled him over , first curious to see if it was an ambassador , and then joyful to find out that it was his daughter . as he joined the group , he sent helios to fetch angeles. , certain she would want to see her sibling as well . " what a lovely surprise , " he starts , a soft smile playing on his maw . " how have you been ? are abner and magdalene doing well ? "

    ★ ★ ★ enjolras is quiet as he studies epiales . the man was an enigma to him , and he was struggling to think of something that wouldn't be taken poorly by the qualea . the emperor hums quietly in thought , eyes scanning over the other as if searching for a clue . " epiales , " he starts after a moment , " can you start a discussion about ways we can fortify our borders ? " he's tired of members being taken from their home , especially now that they're numbers are growing and the exiles may turn their eyes to the flights once more .

    he then turns to lucia , and he smiles as he takes in her healing wounds . he doesn't want to give her something too heavy , so he opts to leave out any manual labour for the time being . " how about you pick a hobby of yours and share it the clan . " shouldn't be too hard , and it would hopefully liven up the atmosphere .

    finally , enjolras turns to sleepingsunrise . he offers her a small smile , hoping she didn't take the meeting's warning personally . no matter what , he would be proud of her . " sleepingsunrise , can you start to clear out the dead foliage around camp ? " it would only pile up again , but at least they could keep it out of the way until that time came .

    ★ ★ ★ unfortunately for kira , the ragdoll was next to arrive . he'd already been in the area , and it was hard ( for him at least ) to ignore the scent of a burning corpse . if he'd just carried on , what would that say about him ? instead , the nightwatcher approaches with caution , only relaxing just slightly as he affirms that the killer is not still lurking about . something about the scene tugged at familiarity , though enjolras couldn't tell what , nor did he want to think on it . the exiles . he frowns , gently pressing himself into kira's side . " somebody's bold , " he states dryly , though he really shouldn't expect anything less from that group . if he'd know who was behind the kill , he might've been a little more unsettled , but anonymity saved him this day .

    ★ ★ ★ he'd been in a frightful state since noir had disappeared . constantly pacing , constantly on high alert , and nearly ready to run to the exiles himself and demand he get his son back . it was the serval's scent that had the emperor running towards the scene , simultaneously relieved and terrified of what he'd find . still , there's no scent of blood , and his thoughts are quickly confirmed as his gaze lands firmly upon noir . a relieved smile cracks upon his maw , and he's quick to press himself to his son's side . " are you hurt anywhere ? " is his first question as he leans back just enough to start studying the other feline for injuries .

    ★ ★ ★ enjolras had been trailing after littlepaw . not because he wanted anything necessarily , but more to see what kind of mischief she would be getting herself into . he'd been meaning to catch up and make an attempt at civil conversation , but he found himself behind her as they came upon a small welcoming committee . she says something -- he's sure of that -- but he doesn't know what . hopefully it wasn't too antagonistic . questions must've been asked , so the ragdoll remains quiet and attentive .

    ★ ★ ★ he glances briefly around at the gathered group, quietly contemplating what to assign each of them. something more personalized, or perhaps general upkeep that needed to be done around the territory. first, littlepaw. he wondered why the girl even came; she didn't give him the impression of someone who would do anything he assigned. "littlepaw, start cleaning out some of the temples." with the studies underway, they would need clean spaces for everything.

    now, his gaze landed on johnny. "why don't you gather some herbs. it's still somewhat warm around here - if you can." they were a small group, but that didn't mean they couldn't be prepared. besides, it would be a good opportunity for the male to test his knowledge of what he'd picked up from scarlet, and now rentarou.

    "angeles," enjolras started fondly, a small smile tugging at his maw. it was good to see his daughter getting into the swing of clan life here. "think of a game or activity everyone can play, we could use some fun around here." he offers the winged kit an encouraging smile before continuing.

    the emperor is quiet once more as he contemplates the last member to ask for a task. ezra was too much of a stranger to enjolras still to assign anything too personalized, yet he had a feeling anything else would be met with dissatisfaction. ah well, nothing else he could do about it. "ezra, start looking for suitable planks and branches that have fallen around the territory. gather them in the main temple, if you can. make them large and sturdy." the idea of the plan for the skybridges comes to back to mind. it was a feature he and prometheus had intended to work on together, and though his brother had returned, he hadn't seen the other around for a while. ah well, maybe he'd pop back up when the project got underway.

    ★ ★ ★ they show up faster than he expected , but he supposes he shouldn't be surprised . their members far outnumber his own , so it only makes sense that one of them would happen across their merry little band in due time . he resists the urge to snarl -- aggression outright would not help their case . still , his posture stiffens at their numbers and their questions ( admittedly , the first on scene doesn't seem like much of a threat ) . " i want my son back , " he bites out , ears flattening slightly . he doesn't know what else to say . enjolras has never had to be in a situation like this before , and he's not exactly keen on the idea of striking a deal with the enemy . but i would , if only to get noir back .

    ★ ★ ★ he was far from ready .

    they needed an army, really , and he was just one deaf cat with a bird of war . even with atlas at his side , the two didn't make the most devastating pair . but he nodded his head anyways -- because he needed to get his son back . his children were adults now , but so long as they stayed in the flights , they were under his care . the ragdoll's fur bristled in anticipating as he turn his oceanic gaze away from the condor beside him and deep into the territory . helios circled overhead , quiet and banking gently on the warm currents of air that passed through . " let's just get this over with , " he growled out , shifting his weight from foot to foot .

    ★ ★ ★ well, it was time to start doing these again. with the amount of new members, things were bound to get done (if he picked correctly with which tasks he gave out). the ragdoll padded down the stone pathway that led away from the main temple, basking in the odd warmth of the day. a wind still rushed through the trees, bringing with it a hint of winter, but it wasn't as bad as previous days had been. "come over if you want a weekly task!" he called.

    ★ ★ ★ meet and greats were never his strong point . while he didn't mind introducing himself and getting to know others , he found it hard to come up with any kind of good fact that didn't sound tragic as all hell . still , he needed to participate . even though he knew most of the gathered members , there were still a few unfamiliar faces . the emperor pads over , offering a barely - there smile to both atlas and sleepingsunrise , and a brief dip of his head to lucia . the girl is looking better today , he notes , and he's glad she's found safety among the trees . " i'm enjolras , " he starts , voice somewhat strained as he tries to think of something to say . " i . . . eh . . . speak french ? " the end comes out more like a question , an inquiry on if that fact is satisfactory or not .

    ★ ★ ★ something akin to boredom had been what drove enjolras to seek out a dual alliance . while he hadn't exactly been bored in the flights , he'd felt far too trapped within it's borders . with the threat of the exiles being a constant weight on his mind , as well as some personal affairs that he cared not to speak of , the ragdoll had found himself leaving to join the rogues . one merge later , and he was here . enjolras had managed to stick around , even after a rather rocky meeting with a ghost of his past . quietly , he comes up beside adara , and remains silent under his assumption that she'd already asked the important questions .