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    ✦ ✧ ✦ her voice drags a chiming laugh from the ranger. is he? "no, certainly not," he answers good naturedly, voice just as hushed. his visage is perfectly bright, but something else swims in his eyes behind the mirth, still he doesn't elaborate. the fox falls silent once more as he follows aphrodite's paw, quickly picking out the constellations she's describing. "eh, is there a fox one, mn?" he hums out, gaze trained on the stars.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ it was almost a good thing that spiritline had put off his ambassador visit for so long, at least he wouldn't have to come around twice in a short amount of time. the vulpine had readied a gift basket once more, even though that wasn't the only purpose of his visit. the fox was waiting quietly at the border, basket of small origami figures (courtesy of neonlight's teaching) and erasmus not far behind him. "hello!" the ranger finally decided to chirp, more of an open-ended greeting than a question to see if anyone was nearby.


    ✦ ✧ ✦ what the fuck was she talking about? the former veiler remembers mercy, but only just. he was hardly in the know about what had transpired after he'd left the forest all those months ago. "she's gone?" he asks for clarification, something unplacable in his tone. he hadn't been close with the woman, but she'd been the one to promote him to spiritcaller student in the first place. she was nice, and to know she was no longer residing in the shadowy forest brought an odd wave of sadness.

    "aiy! listen, i don't know what you're talking about!" he exclaims, playfulness now gone. if he can convince her of his lack of knowledge, perhaps he can leave. but now another face appears, and it seems arya's words do more harm than any attacker could. a paw slams into his face, sending him back to the ground with a bloody nose. shadows curl as he attempts to stay her limb and give him some room to move. of course, it wouldn't do much as her next attack comes quick. a sword is drawn and pointed at this chest, and he's too caught to stop it. the shadows hold it bay for a few, agonizing moments before it meets it's mark.

    the sword cuts deep, drawing a pained noise from the vulpine, but he's too lost in his head to feel it's full effects. the X is carved near another brand, one he never recalled getting. until now, it seems. just as his time with moros had brought back memories of his past with his brother, so to did this bring an onslaught of emotional turmoil. for a moment, he goes far too still, amber eyes unfocussing on the woman above him. spiritline is back in a cave, a hot iron being thrown towards himself; no, someone else. but he's in front, and it burns like hell. another strangled noise leaves him as the phantom flames burn into the spot next to ver's handiwork.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ the fox finds himself unceremoniously on the ground with this horned woman standing over him. he wiggles around in an attempt to find his footing, but his body screams in protest. there's blood on her from his own paws, but she hardly seems to notice. shit, guess i have to take a beating more often then. "i have complete faith in them," he assures, voice as smooth as it's always been. is it true? perhaps, though he can't stop the twinge of doubt that runs through him.

    then she swings at him, knocking the air from his lungs and dragging claws into flesh. blood pours and he gasps as he rolls with the force of the impact. his vision swims but soon clears, and he's quiet as he waits to catch his breath. then he smirks up at her, dragging himself painfully into a seated position. "like i'm getting a massage, love," he breathes out with a wink. "you've definitely gotten rid of that knot. we should do this more often."

    spiritline is about to make a move to stand, but merlot is on scene. he falters then, gaze losing it's playful mask. he's being defended by them, and he watches their exchange with ver. confusion clouds his amber eyes now, and he cocks his head to the side. "while you've got me here, mind telling me why i've been hand selected for this little game?" someone is gone, that much he can gather. and he can only assume that someone from hyperia is the alleged perpetrator.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ ver was on a rampage, it seemed. ripping off legs, snatching up clan mates. spiritline had no knowledge of the reasons behind her anger-fueled mission, and was all the more confused when he became her next target. seeing her on the border once more and he'd snarled out a question, but the woman was in no mood to talk. a fight ensued, but the small fox was eventually defeated. ver flew him off to do god knows what. the scene was harsh, trampled grass splattered with blood, and a bamboo flute lying abandoned on the ground next to a basket of herbs. the scent of the veil and the ruins mingled with the presence of hyperia and the sanctuary. where either of them were was a mystery.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ here's the thing: spiritline likes to have fun.

    he hates being too serious, even when the situation requires it. tact doesn't seem to come naturally, but he likes to save his serious side for truly important situations (which, to him, were few and far between). the fox was a man of childish nature, much to the chagrin of his brother, but he didn't much care. it was much better to enjoy himself than be some stick in the mud old man (his mind wanders to a certain few). today, the ranger is bouncing about camp, warping from point to point and trailing shadows in his wake. at still intervals, he pauses to play out a few notes on his flute, trying to write a song that's not coming together very well. caught up in his thoughts and his humming, the fox warps haphazardly towards the ground and pitches forward, landing hard on his chest with his paws flying into the air. the flute tumbles to the ground next to him, and a hollow noise leaves spiritline as the air is forced out of his lungs.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ "on it, old man," spiritline echoes, a playful look painting his visage. the fox turns to go, but looks over his shoulders with a pause. "and get some sleep, ya look like shit." for what would be a normally caring statement, it's delivered with casual playfulness, and the fox walks away without waiting to see a reaction.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ now this was not how he had wanted to spend his time.

    it wasn't that he hated old people, not really. he'd been taught the whole 'respect your elders' thing since he was born, and it held up to this day. but just because he bowed to that old street vendor didn't mean he have to like being around all these crotchety boomers. he was only here because his class required it. a biomed engineer, it was important that he got to know what kinds of medical problems he could be seeing in his future career.

    shen had already been to a plethora of hospitals, and this had been his class's next venture. currently, a few students were milling about of getting information from various workers. there was a head they were supposed to meet with, but she was nowhere to be found. the male found himself leaning against a pillar, eyes trained on his phone as he aimlessly texted and scrolled.

    he tuned in just in time to hear jaelynn, vale, and then erasmus' statements. he a snort escapes him, and he can hear his sister scolding him for being rude. chocolate coloured eyes land on the last one that spoke, and a smooth smile coming to his lips. "relax, grandpa," he starts, waving a hand flippantly. "no one's gonna die...yet."

    ✦ ✧ ✦ athanasius makes an appearance and the fox feels a little better about the situation. he was the one with the most healing experience out of all of them, after all. up against the current situation, the ranger suddenly feels very ill-prepared. he's lucky that he's been reciting enough herbs every day to remember what he grabbed earlier.

    the fox is pulled from his thoughts as the cleric quickly gives him instructions. he nods his head sharply before getting to work. spiritline makes quick work of preparing the herbs into a kind of paste before stepping closer to the lion. it's a bloody mess, and it makes his chest tight. "it's gonna hurt," he mutters, though who he's trying to prepare more is unclear. with deft motions, he attempts to start applying the herbs to the wound, just as athanasius has instructed.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ while he'd already been the ambassador for the thunderlands, he'd been side tracked from visiting them recently. his thoughts wandered to feliks as he joined the group, now having an urge to go back and see how the wolf was doing. better, he hoped, considering how much time had elapsed.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ for all his childish behaviour, spiritline didn't have many hobbies. he had his flute now, but that was about it. unless you call bothering michael and fighting with your recently returned brother hobbies, the fox was fresh out of things to occupy his free time. he was glad to see neonlights sharing his own pass time, and eagerly joined the small group. oragami was something he knew about, but had never actually tried. he came to a stop next to erasmus, offering him a smile before grabbing a piece of paper and watching the other vulpine with a curious gaze. "are cranes very hard?" he asks, head cocking to the side.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ spiritline lives in the night. on hyperia, the air always cools down and becomes crisp and refreshing as the sun is chased away. the stars emerge along with the moon, basking the islands in her pale glow. it's peaceful and beautiful and speaks to some locked away memory from his past. as the seasons changed, though, night time became a little different.

    far too cold with the winds constantly howling through the trees. tonight it was raining and clouds covered the sky. the only reason the ranger was out in such poor conditions was his restlessness. it came on in bouts, especially when he thought too much about his past. the inability to remember much prompted him into action, if only to distract himself. the inky fox is currently stalking through the rain, mindlessly wandering and reciting herbs and their usages.

    with his focus being solely on his task, spiritline almost missed the sound of someone calling out into the islands. it was barely audible over the storm, but it had registered just enough. his amber eyes turned towards the border, attempting to see the owner of the voice. he pads closer, shaking out his fur out of habit as he did so. he's nearly upon the border when he finally spots noxeon, and a fictive eyebrow immediately raises upon his head. "watcha doing out here?" the fox inquires, voice raised just slightly to be heard over the wind and rain.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ really heckin' cold was an understatement. the chill was securing it's hold on everything and everyone in the sanctuary, refusing to let go. even the gaia was not safe, with homes and tents succumbing to the freezing temperatures. on his last trek back here, spiritline had brought a pile of blankets from his cottage in hyperia. so far, they only served to keep the biting winds at pay. currently, the fox was walking about with one of the smaller blankets secured around his shoulders and back, though the ends trailed on the ground.

    why he even bothered coming outside anymore was beyond him, but he wasn't about to go back inside just yet. he'd decided on getting food after having wandered about for a fair few hours, but it seems satisfying his hunger would have to wait. the inky fox spots poisonpaw and quickly detours towards her, curiosity in his gaze. "need any help there?" spiritline asks, folding in on himself as the wind picked up.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ blood was something that spiritline had far too much experience with. he'd fought far too many battles in his past to not be used to the smell, and yet the coppery tang that wafted over him caused him to stiffen with unusual anxiety. such things shouldn't phase him, but it does now -- because this is hyperia. a peaceful group living upon magical floating islands, there shouldn't be such an overwhelming stench of injuries in the air.

    the inky vulpine shakes his head -- he has to focus. running strides lead him back to his cottage where he's got a small basket of herbs and cobwebs and bandages; something he'd slowly been putting together as he began to grow comfortable with the usages of different plants. it's not the most complete set of items, but it'll have to do. spiritline ducks out of the house, teleporting in short bursts as he follows the scent. the scene that greats him is not something he'd ever expected to see.

    the basket tumbles from his jaw, luckily landing upright with only a few herb bundles flying to the ground. here was his former leader, currently gripping the leg of his clanmate in her jaws. immediately, he bares his teeth. but ver is already on the move, exiting the scene before the ranger can say anything. and probably for the better. he should be focusing on gabriel. amber eyes land on the winged lion, and his stomach drops. this wasn't the small practice injuries he'd treated before. "shit," he breathes out in a low voice.

    there's too much blood, and his head swirls. he needs to stop the bleeding, but he knows gabriel must be in quite a lot of pain. he starts to rummage through the basket, producing a small bundle of herbs. burdock, dandelion, and dock. some of the pain relieving plants that he's come to know. moving over to gabriel, he offers the dandelions to the lion. "eat it," he commands, attempting to keep any kind of waver out of his voice. the rest of the herbs will need to be applied to the wound, but he first needs to figure out how to staunch the blood flow. "oh athanasius, where are you?" comes his mutter as he returns to look at the basket once more.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ death certainly had an odd way of sneaking up on you.

    it could come entirely without warning and leave one shaken to the core. one flick of it's wrist and you no longer saw the light of day. and yet sometimes it's grip slackened and you could worm your way out with the help of the lady of life. spiritline seemed to be in amazing standing with life. he'd died twice already, and he felt nearly invincible. though it seemed a trade-off had been made the second time around. coming back, his memories were hazy and he couldn't discern much from the fog that lay over his mind.

    no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't break through. and yet, he made more memories. hyperia was a magical place, both literally and figuratively. peaceful, beautiful, and populated with a bunch of lovely creatures (in his opinion, at least). except for, perhaps, the one named tennou. they certainly didn't strike a chord with spiritline, but he hadn't seen them around much recently. though it seemed someone was here to take their place.

    a loud call, similar to the one that was let out by his aforementioned clan mate upon their joining, drew the inky vulpine to the scene. "why certainly," he chirps in response to her question. her face is not familiar, and no scent rests on her pelt. "and who might you be?" it was his turn to ask questions. after all, this was a stranger that he could discern little from, standing at the border to his home.