Going on patrols whether it be border patrols or hunting patrols always brought some joy to her life. Despite everything that happened to her while she resided in this clan, she still wanted to fulfill her duties. She had been born and raised to carry out these tasks, so doing them brought a sense of order to her life. That she was indeed doing something beneficial for this clan and that it would possibly protect many others. She couldn't complain about her duties considering it was nothing compared to that of Heronstar, Juniperthorn, the medicine cats, and the senior warriors duties. However, rest once in awhile was very much needed. Rest was always needed in one way or another. Whether you did it yourself or your own body forced itself to rest.

    With her job done, she figured it would be best to simple wander. Sight see as some might say. It may have been boring, but she loved to see the changes the seasons brought. Change always intrigued her. Good and bad. However, one could only define whether the change was good or bad after it had already occurred. Change was never ending. One simply had to adapt to change and find their own way to cope with it. I'm still a mess, but things are okay. They aren't the best, but it's nothing compared to before. Just a little time. It takes time and that's okay.

    "Help! Someone, someone...Charcoalsmudge!"

    Of course, she would rush to the source. However, she would never be prepared to witness the reason for this call for help. It would forever be burned into her mind. She was sure that this scene would come to her every once and awhile in her dreams. A new nightmare to live through in the world of dreams.

    To say she wasn't worried was beyond ridiculous. She may not have appeared that way to others, but she was beyond concerned. All this time she was weighed down with concern. However, now she was consumed by guilt. If she hadn't been so negligent. If she hadn't been so complacent. If she had pulled him aside and demanded answers this wouldn't have happened. How could one be so composed when their mate was currently a mess of limbs was beyond her. All she knew was that she felt like shit, but he was in an even worse shit hole than her. She always knew. He never had to say it, but she could tell. Even when they weren't together and doing their own things she was concerned for him. The nightmares that plagued him. The responsibilities he had as a deputy. Intrusive thoughts he had. The thought of losing her and mothshine weighed heavy on his mind. After all, he practically begged her not to die. Their first argument stemmed around the fact that she might have been killed by Creature of all cats.

    Mothshine... She was always there for Juniperthorn and for that she was ever grateful. Even though she and Mothshine weren't close, she knew and understood the importance of their bond with Juniperthorn. She would never tarnish their bond. The cat he needs most is her right now. Even if she wanted nothing more than to wail and stay by his side, it would do nothing. He would continue to be a mess of limbs and he already had someone. No, he didn't just have Mothshine. While her mate was certainly proud he was equally insecure. He always thought and held on to the feeling that no one wanted to be with him simply to be with him. That he had no true friends or anyone who cared for him. What a fool he was. If that was the case neither her and Mothshine would be here for him. If no one cared they would have left him to die.

    Death would not come for him. She would do anything in her power to do so. You promised me you wouldn't die either, so don't you dare croak on me. Croak and I'll come to Starclan to personally beat you to a pulp. Sedge had tried their best in reassuring them, but it wouldn't work. Not for her at least. This was her mate and she could do nothing for him. She couldn't even shed a single tear for him now. The truth of the matter was she was overwhelmed by this. Guilt, anger, concern, frustration, and fear struck her all at once.

    All she could do was approach the other molly and place a paw on her shoulder, "Mothshine... If we could, we would save him ourselves. We can't. What we can do is give him room for now. I'm sure... Juniperthorn wouldn't want any of this to happen. Especially you." Then she leaned closer to the Mothshine's ear, "I know you feel it too. I blame myself for this too. When this is all over, he can't run anymore." These were words only meant for Mothshine to hear. With that, she gave a pat to their shoulder before giving Juniperthorn some space. Whether or not Mothshine wanted to sit next to her was their decision. Right now, they were united in their concern for Juniperthorn.

    I've waited. Waited and waited for you to come to me and tell me how you really feel. Was that a mistake? All I wanted was for you to accept those feelings on your own. I... I'm sorry. I'm sorry for letting this go on for too long.

    Growing up in isolation she didn't participate in any games growing up, so listening to the rules of the game intrigued her. She had been beside Juniperthorn as she listened to them. The game was simple. It was akin to hunting, except no one was being eaten afterwards. Technically the one who was it would be the hunter and the others would be prey. It was the transfer of roles that intrigued her the most. How the hunter would touch prey, which would cause prey to become hunter and hunter to become prey. It truly was a game with cycles. Everyone would eventually become the role of hunter and prey. Everything was tied. This was an endless loop of a hunt and she couldn't have been more entranced.

    When Juniperthorn broke out into violent coughs she tried her best not to be completely bothered or freak out. While the two were mates, they didn't exactly show it. She would tell Juniperthorn to rest, but she understood that he didn't want to be weak. Weakness was something he despised more than anything. He feared others finding those weaknesses and exposing them to the entire world to see. "Looks like someone's going to eat those words," she teased. It was all in good fun, but she hoped he understood that she was playing along with his desire. To tell him off and voice concern in front of everybody wasn't smart and she couldn't find it in herself to do it in public.

    Thankfully, Bisonpaw expressed that concern for her. She mentally made a note to thank the tom, but for now she would restrain herself from chipping in to everyone. However, for a short moment she touched shoulders with Juniperthorn. "Don't push yourself too hard, okay?" The words were meant only for him alone to hear, and she hoped he wouldn't take it as a bad thing. She just wanted him to be okay. She cared for him just as much as he cared for her. She could only hope that he would get better and not worse by participating in this game.

    Figuring she didn't express her answer, she nervously chuckled, "I'll try playing tag. I've never played it before, but it sounds fun." Ultimately she would enjoy being able to learn this game and fully immerse herself in it. She cared less about being the one who won. What she cared most about was the experience.

    She had been resting when she felt something against her face. The feeling wasn't unwelcome, but it caused her to slowly look at the source. The cause of whatever was on her cheek. It turned out that it had been Urchinkit, which was fine by her. She couldn't stay mad at a kit, especially when said kit was amusing. The kit claimed to conquer the world, which was amusing to hear. The world was so vast that it was impossible to claim it all. However, the world was different in everyone's eyes. All of us live in different worlds. The cats here dwell in the world of sky. The cats of the mountain dwell in either the world of dark or the world of rushing water. The cats of the city live in the world of blood. And... The cats of the stars dwell in the land of the stars. We are able to traverse these worlds that are connected to each other whenever we desire.

    A yawn escaped her as she slowly rose to her paws. The mud of her face was left untouched, as she found no reason to be worried about it. She did make her way to Mottlewish and Juniperthorn, giving the small group a lazy smile. She had been resting, so she wasn't exactly completely up yet. However, she could tell that Juniperthorn wasn't feeling too hot. Still, he shouldn't really speak that way to a kit. Then again Juniperthorn still had some issues when it came to social cues. For one, kits didn't really receive a sharp tone well. It made them think they did something wrong. Whatever the case, she nudged Juniperthorn with her paw slightly.

    "I think you conquered the world of mud today, if that's anything to be happy about. You know Urchinkit, there's a lot of different worlds. It's possible to conquer one or even more if you recognize the worlds." Maybe she should have worded it differently. She wasn't sure Urchinkit would understand what she was trying to convey, but she would believe that would at least come to know what she meant in time.

    Lavenderstar... She had come to Charcoalsmudge to give them a sign. Now she had no problem with that. She had always been aware that medicine cats were closer to the cats of the stars than anyone else. Even though she knew Medicine cats typically held more power than a warrior she couldn't sit with this. Charcoalsmudge the new medicine cat. She was happy skyclan finally had a full fledged medicine cat, but she didn't like his tactic. The way he was picking his apprentices was by telling them it was a sign. That it was their destiny. Bisonpaw bought it. Tawnypaw didn't. How would one react when given a sudden destiny? It was too much. Charcoalsmudge didn't even give them an option to back out. He had mentioned that they didn't need to accept, but it was obvious the medicine cat wanted more than anything to make these apprentices his own.

    She couldn't back down from this. Charcoalsmudge had glared at her and was unhappy with her outburst. Try as he may to disguise the fact she knew he was angered that this transition didn't happen smoothly. For now, the medicine cat stated he would give them time to think. However, she had a feeling he would try to talk to them both privately later on. "So we listen to the signs of Starclan and disregard the feelings of these cats? If Starclan were to say to kill one of us would you do so without hesitation? If Starclan decided we fight one of our allies would we do so? If Starclan came to you and asked you to leave this clan and never return would you do it?" We are not puppets of the dead. Following their whims without question doesn't sit well with me. The future shouldn't be decided by the dead.

    "We all have our own lives to lead. I'm not here to make enemies Charcoalsmudge, but a warning could have been nice. Have you considered the turmoil one might feel when they're under pressure? It's practically impossible to say no when everyone here is cheering you on to take on a new path. A path that you had no intention of following in the first place. I respect you Charcoalsmudge, I really do. However, I don't like the way you went about this. I fully and truly believe these cats can become amazing warriors if they want to. No matter where they came from or what troubles they may have. I also fully and truly believe they will be wonderful medicine cats, if they really wanted to. Don't use Starclan or destiny to convince them." She really let him have it didn't she? While she knew she may have thrown herself in the chopping block for giving her own opinion especially to Charcoalsmudge she wouldn't forgive herself if she did nothing. What made matters worse was that Charcoalsmudge was Heronstar's son. If she made an enemy of Charcoalsmudge she would also make an enemy with Heronstar.

    The punishments that come from this... I'll accept them with no regrets.

    Poor Tawnypaw looked uncertain. After all, it seemed that this decision was made in short notice. Even though it was a high honor to become a medicine cat, it meant nothing if a cat wasn't sure. She felt bad for Tawnypaw, for she understood. All that pressure made one consider and go through things they didn't want. Don't get her wrong, she had nothing against Charcoalsmudge. In fact, she respected him as much as any other clanmate. However, Tawnypaw really didn't seem sure. Bisonpaw was rather receptive of the chance unlike Tawnypaw, so she saw no need to worry over him.

    "Wait!" Ah, she really did it now. She could feel many eyes and her and she didn't like it one bit. She never did like being the center of attention. Maybe they thought she was trying to mess with the clan and bring misfortune, but she didn't want that. While she may not have loved Skyclan as much as the others she still didn't want any thing worse happening to the clan. Especially the demise of this clan. "We should give Tawnypaw more time. He's uncertain. He has to choose for himself whether or not he wants this," she called out. I don't want him to be hasty. Hasty decisions often lead to pain.

    JUNO . bloodclan . tags .

    arctic sounds lovely omg juno would probably be a little skeptical of her but finding out about those who cared for his mum would really reassure him bc he's so family oriented so he'd probably naturally warm to her

    She honestly expects him being a little skeptical, so she would keep whatever distance he wants. She wants him to be comfortable. Even if he tells her to leave she won't argue with him and will do so. Not without saying "It was nice to finally meet you." Arctic would honestly come visit and talk to Juno whenever he wanted to. Think of her like an aunt.

    In a way, she understood his sentiment. Physically he could be close to her here. In a literal sense he was the nearest to her here. While his mother could no longer communicate with them the same way he had the memory. As for her? She didn't know her mother at all in name or appearance. The only cat she considered close in terms of family was her father. Even he was among the stars now. Unlike Juniperthorn she didn't visit him at all. The reality of it was he had no idea where her father had been buried nor did she want to know. Nothing could change the fact that he was dead, but he would always live on. Within her memories he would always linger and she would never regret. She would be thankful for the moments they shared while they could and add onto the story. All she could really hope for is to live her life the fullest and then meet him again. Would he be proud of me then?

    Those thoughts needed to rest, at least... For now. While she would rather keep her distance from Lavenderstar, she couldn't help herself from faltering. Not with Juniperthorn beckoning her to his side. She had resigned herself to this distance, yet she didn't want to cause him pain. All he wanted was comfort. He wanted someone there with him. While Tawnypaw was indeed near him it wasn't the same. Tawnypaw wouldn't know. The level of comfort the apprentice could provide was simply not enough. I can't run from her. Even though I want to keep this distance I've failed a long time ago. Juniperthorn is a part of her. Staying with him means that I'll be close to her too. There's no escaping Lavenderstar, but I guess... I guess that's alright. She's done so much for this place it would be rude not to acknowledge that and her as a result.

    "Lavenderstar loved SkyClan more than she loved me."

    That was the most idiotic statement she ever heard coming from him, even if he tried playing it off like a joke. For a split second her face became laced with anger, but it was gone as quickly as it came. Joking was Juniperthorn's way of running away, of protecting himself. The reality was he truly believed his mother loved the clan more than him. How wrong he was. When his mother had talked to her she expressed nothing but concern for him. Lavenderstar loved him more than anything and that was clear, but why was it he couldn't understand something as simple as that? She would like to tell him off about how idiotic he was being, but Tawnypaw was here. She didn't want to cause a scene here and now. These things were better left said in private. Thankfully Mothshine had arrived and took her place by his side.

    It amused her to end hearing gossip. The typical response to this would to be jealous at how close Mothshine and Juniperthorn were, but she couldn't find it in herself to be. In truth, she trusted Mothshine more than anything with Juniperthorn. The two of them had something special and she wouldn't dare break that connection. She loved that connection more than anything. Even if she and Mothshine didn't converse very often they both shared caring for Juniperthorn. In a sense... That's all the two really needed. A small smile on her face she neared the small group to take her place by his other side, offering Tawnypaw a flick of her tail in greeting along the way. Even though the apprentice could never truly know the pain it would be rude not to acknowledge them.

    When she glanced at Mothshine she noticed the other bumping his shoulder and leaning closer to Juniperthorn. She knew what that meant. Shifting so she couldn't hear the exchange the between to friends she focused her attention on the grave. I wonder... What is it that you saw. In those eyes of yours. Did you only see beauty or did you see destruction? What makes you so fearful? What is your biggest regret? All of these questions she had no right to know or ever understand, for Lavenderstar and her didn't have a common ground. Who knows if the former leader would truly trust her. Considering their disdain for the city cats, who she loved. Mothshine had spoken and so did Juniper. Both she and Tawny had yet to say anything about the former leader.

    "At first... I loved you like everyone else. That day when I climbed a tree after being found. When you called me a true skyclanner I never felt so happy. Just that alone was all I needed, but then... Then I feared you. I still do. Your presence can't be ignored. What terrified me was the hatred. The bitterness you felt. I don't blame you for feeling that way, but what I feared most and still do is how it'll effect generations to come. Will skyclan continue this cycle of hatred? Will we ever escape it? Are the monsters actually us? I wonder those things, but I will say this. Despite everything that has happened I don't hate you. I can't bring myself to hate you even if I tried. You can hate me all you want. That's fine with me. You've done so much for this clan and I acknowledge that. In the end... While I fear you, I still respect you." Ah, maybe she said too much? Well... It was too late to go back. At the very least, she finally paid her respects to the former leader.

    "If you love SkyClan and if you love my son as much as you say..."

    Those words continued to linger despite the moons that have passed since the leader came to visit her. In the time that had passed she couldn't say she loved skyclan, but she could say she loved Juniperthorn. I know deep down you were worried for him just as much as the clan. Juniperthorn has a hard time expressing how he feels, which is okay. Maybe he'll open up as time passes. If he doesn't that's okay too. As long as he's happy that's all that really matters. Glancing at Juniperthorn and Mothshine she couldn't suppress a chuckle, "And don't worry. Things will be just fine. They've got plenty of cats by their side. They've just haven't fully acknowledged it yet."

    Was it that time already? She honestly couldn't believe it. So much time has passed and it felt as if only a day had passed. Then again... Everyone was busy. With work to do the days passed by before you knew it. She found herself dreading days where there was nothing to do rather than days with a lot to do. Heronstar and Charcoalpaw would be gone, which meant Juniperthorn would be in charge in her absence. Although... She couldn't help but laugh from his joke. Of course you won't. You can't just say I'll look after the clan as best as I can, huh? Then again, everyone knows you'll look after us as best as you can. Anyhow, she hadn't said farewell yet. When she regained her composure, she gave both Heronstar and Charcoalpaw a smile. "Take care."

    Maybe a thread where he gets to know her? Arctic actually knows him from Creature. Well... Not his name, but she will be amazed by him. Creature had told her about expecting and allowed her to gush over the kits, so seeing Juno will bring a smile to her face. Maybe he'll be a little apprehensive, given the fact that she's a skyclanner. However, she will reassure him and tell him that she's happy to see how much he's grown. As well as mentioning that she and Creature are friends. They haven't been able to see each other because of their duties to their clans. If Juno is still suspicious he could ask his mother about her and she wouldn't mind. Either way she has no intentions of hurting him.

    Maybe a friendship of some sort? You see, Arctic loves and appreciates Creature a lot. This is odd considering a majority of Skyclanners hate bloodclanners. In the past she and Creature would meet in secret before Creature became leader, however both of them have been busy with their respective clans. Arctic knew about the first litter and the second. For arctic, she's glad that the second litter was born on skyclan land. While Creature has been busy she's been itching to get to know the kits. She wouldn't mind taking Az on adventures or telling him stories. If he's got any questions she's happy to answer them. In all, she would be glad for him to know her in name alone.

    It was no secret that Lavenderstar held no high opinion towards her. There was no need to dance around it. In fact, not everyone liked her. Why? Because she actually liked the city cats. Bloodclan. A clan that brought so much pain to this clan. Everyone here who hated them more than anything had a right to. She couldn't deny that their feelings were justified, but she didn't see the justification in bearing hatred for moons to come. What saddened her the most was the hatred this clan held for the city cats, knowing that this hatred would last for generations to come. In this generation hating the city cats and anyone associated with them was normal. It pained her. More than anything. While she was mocked or even despised for bearing tolerance towards the city cats, she wanted to give them a chance.

    How can one know what or wrong when they are told and ordered to feel a certain way. All the kits and apprentices bore hatred towards the city cats from all the stories they've heard from the elders and warriors. She knew that this was the history of their clan, but none of the stories were told without bias. Did the kits and apprentices know the other side? Did they know of the struggles bloodclan and darkclan? How could they know or even find the reason to when they were taught not to? Perhaps she was foolish for wanting a simple understanding, but she swore to herself. Swore that she wouldn't bear any hatred towards the city cats, towards the dogs, towards the darkclanners, towards Lavenderstar, and towards those in the clan that mocked her.

    That is why she came here. Following Tawnypaw to this place. A place she made sure not to visit. The mention of Lavenderstar was an unspoken rule. Everyone knew what the leader had done, but it appeared as though no one wanted to acknowledge the leader was gone. It brought great sadness to many, especially Juniperthorn. After all, the former leader had been his mother. Mother and son. She had learned that fact when it was far too late. In the end... She would never understand the love between mother and child. Nor could she try to imagine it. For that reason she couldn't provide comfort for Juniperthorn. Then again he would be shocked to even see her here. She didn't exactly visit Lavenderstar.

    "Who are you visiting?"

    Tawnypaw's words caught her attention. Unlike the apprentice she stood a few ways behind the pair. I have no right to be close to you. This distance between you and I will remain forever. Maybe this distance is what you seek as well. I know you haven't forgiven me and perhaps you never will. "He is visiting his mother," she called out to the apprentice. Moments later a small smile would make it's way to her lips, "Lavenderstar. That's his mother. You know... Tawnypaw is it? Even though you haven't met her... I think... I think she wouldn't mind hearing how you feel about this clan. An update on how things are going. Maybe she'll be at ease knowing things are doing okay."

    Can't really say that arc would be a sparring partner, but she can teach him how to climb a tree. If he really wanted to. If not, they could just relax together. Can't say for sure they would be friends or best friends, considering Bisonpaw's distrust towards adults. As for enemies it would be one sided. She wouldn't hate him and she wouldn't go out of her way to bother him. She'd be highly confused by his distrust, but would try to respect his boundaries.

    Sparring never really brought any interest for her. She did spar here and there, but it wasn't anything she enjoyed. She didn't enjoy it for the simple fact that she would hurt those close to her or strangers. Even though both of them knew that they would get hurt from a spar she still didn't want to bring any harm to someone. Starclan forbid a major accident happened and she broke a bone. She wouldn't forgive herself for that. If she was forced to spar she would do it with someone her age or older. Not that she had anything against apprentices, but she didn't want to feel guilt from sparring with someone younger than her.

    Bisonpaw seemed like he would make a fine warrior, despite being blind. Blindness to her didn't matter. Even if Bisonpaw was blind he could find a way. He still had scent, sensation, and hearing to detect those around him. You didn't have to see in order to know someone was beside you. "I'll watch. I... I don't really like sparring."

    The audacity. He was laughing at her words. She could only respond with a justified roll of the eyes, however, the smile on her lips betrayed her. It was all fun and games for him, but if he actually fell she would laugh at him. Laugh and tease him for it. Then she would take him to the medicine cat den to explain how the deputy managed to hurt himself. It was a scenario all too amusing for her. He would be upset and whine about his injuries, but it would be his own fault. "If you were to fall I'd laugh and leave you on the ground," she teased. Would she actually leave him on the ground in pain? No. He had to know that. Her laughing? As cruel and heartbreaking it was... She was definitely going to laugh at him for being an idiot.

    Are you actually challenging me? Oh, this is going to be amusing. Hopefully you don't fall for real. Explaining why you got hurt would be embarrassing. Especially for you. Then again we could lie and say something more serious happened, but then the clan would be tense again. No, I shouldn't think about that. We need to let loose. We need to just be. A smile made its way to her lips as she approached the tree. Something devious came to mind as she felt the bark with claws unsheathed to find the best grip. "I don't need to catch you," she called out as claws sunk into bark.

    If he had forgotten how skilled she was in climbing then he was a bigger fool than she thought. She quickly made her way up. Jumping and sinking claws into bark all the way to the branch he once stood on. You're an idiot, but I suppose that makes me a bigger idiot for loving you. He was still above her, but she wasn't in any rush. Not with what she was going to plan. "You've already been caught by me." With that she leaped onto another branch beside him. "From the beginning you've been caught by me. After all... You're my mate."

    Was that too much? Who knows? Besides, he was asking for it. He provoked her after all. It was only fair for him to accept her punishment. Even though she wouldn't normally say these things. Normally it was understood that they cared for one another. That they were mates. There was no need to say anything. Both of them cared for each other and that's all that mattered. At night they would fall asleep together, sharing the same nest. That was enough tell for anyone to see they cared for one another.

    Perhaps it was the teasing. Perhaps it was simply the fact that it was just him. She always did feel comfortable in his presence. Even though he could be rather blunt. Either way, whatever it was gave her the confidence to say these things.

    The exchange was just another thing that drove them mad. Especially Juniperthorn. The only reason she knew about this was from his distaste of the whole matter. However, she knew he wasn't one to fight and them. Not with the agreement. Not with his injuries. The fight from the dogs wasn't easy, but things only seemed to become further complicated. Now they were fighting another war. Not a physical war. It would be a war of the mind. To allow themselves to become accustomed to this new presence.

    As for her stance on the matter? She didn't mind. Then again she was rather biased. She did enjoy the prospect of a certain someone being more present. Creature. The molly had brought her pain, comfort, joy, and freedom. Her presence would forever be etched into her. The scars she bore were from the molly. Scars that she would never regret. Even now... Looking at Creature she couldn't bring herself to hate them. She was actually thrilled to see them again.

    Understandably Juniperthorn and Tawnypaw were upset over this, considering the terms Bloodclan was given this land. An exchange was made. A kit would only be returned in exchange for land. Although it was rather cruel to do such a thing, she saw no reason to be upset. They could blame Bloodclan all they wanted, but the reality of the situation was that they failed to watch over the kit. They had failed to ensure they would be safe. For that reason she couldn't bear any hatred towards the city cats.

    In fact, she was rather glad Lavenderpaw didn't hate the bloodclanners right off the bat. It was rather humorous to her. T. hat her mate's apprentice was curious about the city cats. Even funnier to acknowledge that both mate and apprentice didn't bear hatred for the city cats. To add insult to injury the cat that Lavenderpaw was named after would make it known they despised Bloodclan with every fiber of their being.

    Anyhow, considering Lavenderpaw introduced himself she figured it would be best to do the same. "Hello. My name is Arcticwind. It's nice to see you again Creature."

    It was decided that today would be the day they dealt with the dogs. She knew it was coming, but she still didn't want to believe it. Nevertheless, she was forced to acknowledge the fact. Even if she didn't seek to harm the dogs, she had to protect her clan. She had told Heronstar she would attend, so she was going. It would be cowardly to back out now. Mothshine and Juniperthorn were going as well. She knew those two would fight the dogs without any hesitation, which she couldn't fault them for. Both of them had experienced pain and loss from the dogs.

    As for her? Well... She was going to the battle to bear witness to the events that had yet to unfold. She was a to be a record keeper. To recount this story the young and pass it down through generations to come. Even if the story became muddled... At the very least she had been to experience it. I am not here to kill. I am here to witness. I am here to understand. If there is blood to be spilled... Let it be mine, for I do not wish to bring death to the dogs.

    These thoughts filled her mind, as she made it to the edge of camp. Just as Heronstar requested. Of course, the leader was there. They just needed to wait for the others or perhaps more to arrive. Minds change, which meant they could gain new cats or lose them. She wouldn't blame them. The warriors were hungry, exhausted, and cold from this whole ordeal. Strain was put on the warriors to ensure the clan was safe, but hopefully they would catch a break after this.

    She could only offer Heronstar a flick of her tail to signal her attendance. There was nothing to say. She wasn't much of a talker anyways. Who will spill blood first? Will we spill blood or will they spill blood? I suppose in the end it doesn't matter. Blood will spill from both sides.

    Bloodclan had brought Skyclan many issues, which could not be ignored. However, she couldn't bring herself to hate the city cats. Holding on to hate for a long period of time caused more pain than needed. While others in Sky held on to it she wouldn't, nor would she allow herself to be swayed into hating them. How could she? When the current Bloodclan leader had given her something she would never forget. The scars on her body were from none other than Creature. These beautiful scars were given to her by a cat she cared about. Someone who comforted her in one of her darkest hours.

    Even though Creature may not seem like it... They were kind. It just took some understanding and allowing yourself to be equally judged. She hadn't seen the other molly in quite some time, but that was because of their pregnancy. Creature had been pregnant the last time they met. She figured the molly was busy taking care of her kits, which she understood. Besides, they lived in different clans. Both of them were busy in their own way. Especially Creature, given they were Bloodclan's leader now.

    Meeting eyes with the bloodclan leader she offered them a smile. I hope all is well with you. However, the smile quickly left as Dustdevil went on about Creature. It wasn't anything bad per se, but this wasn't the time for those comments. It was far too late to stop Dust, so she awkwardly shifted her paws. There was no point in talking. Not after Dustdevil's little spiel.

    Art was an expression. No matter how much she tried to understand she would never come up with the answer. The only thing she had an answer to was her own craft, but even then... She would forget the true answer eventually. The passage of time led to things being muddled. What she knew today and her feelings towards it would change the following day. There was change. Even if one couldn't see it yet, there was change. It just took time to recognize, but to understand those changes? There was not enough time to understand. That is why it was best to live with no regrets. The actions of today would influence tomorrow without a doubt.

    Molly and Finley were those who she greatly admired, for they had a certain charm. She had met Molly and gotten to know her through Juno. As for Finley... She learned about them from Molly herself. Would she say she was close to them? More or less. She wasn't sure what they felt towards her, but neither party felt any hatred. One thing she was aware of was the young boy the couple had taken in. Timothy was his name, which was nice to know. Even though she didn't have any sort of contact with him, she felt the need to acknowledge his presence.

    Whenever she visited the couple she saw the boy left to his own devices. Children... She and Juno had been together for quite some time, but the conversation of having didn't come to mind or was even brought to the table. It's not that she hated children or the like, but she was nervous of becoming a parent. Molly and Finley gushing over Timothy during her visits brought a certain happiness. Happiness in knowing the couple were content with their family and that Timothy was more than happy with his two mothers.

    Today she was making her way to the art store for paper. However, she hadn't been expecting someone bumping into her. In an instant it all occurred. Shock had laced itself into her features, but it was soon replaced with concern. The figure that had bumped into her was little Timothy. Where is Molly and Finley? Did they let Timothy go to the art store on his own? No, they wouldn't. They would go with him to make sure he's safe and sound. Even if it's only a few blocks away.

    Realizing that she had been staring at him, she tried not to directly stare at him. It was a bad habit of hers. Staring at people or nothing in particular. It happened whenever she was deep in thought. What saddened her was the fact that Timothy was clearly in fear. He was afraid. Afraid of her. She didn't want him to fear her. However, it also reminded her. Reminded her long ago how she too was the same. When she not much older than him afraid of everything. Afraid of interacting with others. Even more than today. She had improved as the years had come along, but that was only because she had met some amazing people.

    In the past she had only herself. The only friends she had were her shadow and the twigs she would talk to. They couldn't respond, but they could listen. Just listening was enough for her. It was something. While it wasn't real, it was kept her grounded. With her father and mother gone and surrounded by a group of orphans she didn't fit in well. The other children and adults in the orphanage had scared her. In order to protect herself she isolated herself further and the companions she made were not real. If they were real they would hurt her.

    Now, looking at a fearful Timothy... Without any warning she brought her hand to his head, gently ruffling the hairs. "It's okay," she answered. Removing her hand from his head, she turned her back to him. A gloved hand was extended to him, motioning for him to take her hand. If he didn't understand she would simply turn her head and offer him a smile, "Let's go see your momma and mama."

    I can get paper another day.

    "hey, woah. That takes some arm strength eh?" The comment was met with confusion, but it was soon met with a simple nod of her head. She never really thought of that before. Than again she was trained from a young age to be an ideal Skyclanner. This meant she was trained how to climb trees at a young age. Did it require arm strength? Yes, now that she thought about it. Over the moons she didn't feel any strain climbing trees. Her body had become accustomed to the act. Climbing was second nature to her, so she had forgotten the initial strain it could have on someone's body. Especially those who weren't trained at a young age.

    Kestrelswoop was ever so honest when it came to their opinions. Not that she minded. She would rather have the older tom insult her than pretend to be content with her presence, but she couldn't deny that what the older tom said to Dust could break spirits. In all honesty she didn't think Dust did too bad. He messed up, but everyone messes up. It could have been worse. Dust could have broken a bone or dislocated one. She rather not think about those things when it came to tree climbing. Thankfully Dust didn't seem bothered by the pain and by Kestrelswoop's words.

    Heronstar had come along to offer her suggestion for Dust. Start small and practice. As a mentor to help you. That was sound advice. Although, she had forgotten that Heronstar wasn't the best at climbing trees. Dust wanted a mentor, which brought a wave of relief to pass through her. At least when Dust practiced there would be someone there to watch over him. Even though he was a new addition to the clan and they barely knew each other she didn't want anything bad to happen to him.

    What surprised her most was when Dust had asked her if she would mentor him. She never mentored anyone before, so she had no idea if she would be an ideal teacher. In a sense, both she and Dust would be learning and forming new experiences together. As for Kestrelswoop... He already had an apprentice, but who knew if he wanted another apprentice. While Kestrelswoop may have not been the most friendly of cats he certainly had experience with teaching.

    Lavenderstar and Heronstar haven't given me apprentices, which I'm okay with. I'm not sure if I'll be a very good mentor in the first place, but if Heronstar thinks I'm up for it I'll try."I... I never mentored anyone before, so I'm not sure if you're okay with that. I can try, but... Heronstar's the one who approves and decides who mentors who. In the end Heronstar will choose which mentor will be best for you."