The molly hadn't been around camp too much the past few days. She skipped Lavenderstar's burial and left as Lavendstar was passing. It didn't sit right with her to attend those things. Her going would only tarnish the event, which was something she didn't want. Their former leader asked to be with the Skyclanners they loved. She was certain she was not a Skyclanner Lavenderstar had been fond of. She had no place to be there with numerous sobbing cats as a result, which was fine with her. Nothing she could have done or said would amount to much. Life goes on. We must all move forward. Even if we don't want to... We have no choice.

    Juniperthorn called the patrol. It was difficult for him. She knew that. After all, he'd just lost his mother. She would never know how that felt. To share a close bond with her mother and watch them die right before her eyes. She never met her mother or even knew a single thing about them. There was no denying that she could do nothing for him, but she found that he wouldn't appreciate it either. Considering she didn't even bother to show up for his mother's burial. He needed space. She would give him that. That was the least she could do.

    Approaching the cats that gathered she noted their sadness. An emotion she did not share. Perhaps they were infuriated with her for not appearing to care about the matter. Indifferent to the situation. "I can go. Wherever you want me to. "

    If one were to assume she would be bothered by Creature nuzzling Diesel, she wasn't. In fact, just seeing the pair brought a smile to her face. It was nice to see another understand Creature's beauty. In a sense, it was simply wonderful to see them come to an understanding. To find what was beautiful between them. She had an inkling that they were makes, but that wasn't in her place to say. She didn't come her to discuss that at all. She came here with the intent of seeing her savior once more. Even though she wasn't supposed to. The forbidden was always the most alluring. She found it to be quite wonderful. Coming here to this otherworldly place. Where she could hear the tune she loved from the very first day she came here. When Creature found her.

    Possession. The words that escaped Creature was nothing short of it. My Arctiwind... Dear. If you wish to own me, I am quite honored. To own means you deemed me worthy. I am something to you. Just as you are something to me, my darling. She stole a glance at the tom, when Creature had mentioned them. Perhaps. Perhaps he shall offer the same kindness as you have. Perhaps he will teach me the many mysteries hidden behind those scars. What makes his beauty. Will his tune be different from yours? I do wonder, will I come to enjoy his as I do yours? The prospect of the tom helping her in the future was welcomed. The impression he had on her thus far was a mystery to her, but she wouldn't dare think of it. Nor would she strike up further conversation and plead with him. He was his own person and if he deemed her just as worthy, he would at least offer her some of his time.

    At Creature's last statement she laughed. "I know, but I missed you. I wanted to see you again. Was this a bad thing to do? I can leave if you wish." Just for today and return another day. It was then she felt a shiver go down her spine. Something wasn't right. For some reason she felt tense, as if someone had been staring at her with intent. The feeling came and went, but she couldn't figure out why. She wasn't terrified with either of the two in front of her. They were both very kind to her. Unlike her clan mates, who practically attacked Bloodclanners when visiting. The confusion wasn't hard to miss from her features. Maybe it's the cold? Leaf-bare is coming soon, so maybe it had been a slight breeze?

    The molly had been confined to the medicine cat den for a bit due to her injuries. It was nothing life threatening, but she would forever be left with the reminder of her foolishness. Despite everything that happened... She found herself increasingly longing. The need to return was as strong as ever. Even though Lavenderstar had made the order for her not to be near any borders. She had reflected, but found she was going anyways. This was something she genuinely wanted more than anything. She actually wanted to live. In the city is where she finally lived. Where she was seen as something. She was given the chance to simply be. For that reason she secretly made her way to the Bloodclan borders with flowers for Creature.

    When she came to, she noticed how distraught everyone was. It wasn't difficult to miss. One by one the cats gathered to their leader. Heronswoop had been the first. It made sense. Soon Heronswoop would become their leader. The thought was strange to think of, but it was the way of life. She knew that Lavenderstar was reaching their time. Aging could not be fixed with medicine. Eventually everyone would pass on. Life and death. It was a beautiful cycle. A sense of relief filled her. Horrible. It may have been horrible to feel such a way, but no longer would she be in fear of them if they no longer existed. She wouldn't be as restricted as she felt before.

    Then came guilt. Here she was perfectly fine with their leader passing on, leaving friends and family behind. To think, the day of her death she would come to learn that she was Juniperthorn's mother. Said tom was weeping his heart out. She'd never seen him so broken. Will you be able to recover from this? Watching the scene from a distance, she felt out of place. She wasn't Lavenderstar's friend, nor was she even their family. I have no right to be here. If Lavenderstar even bothered to catch her gazing at them, she hoped they understood. Understood that she wouldn't pretend to be close to them as she left.

    Everyone would be distraught. Today and the days to come. Lavenderstar was well loved among the skyclanners, so it was no question that it would take some time for many to move on. We may not have been anything, but I wish that you finally obtain the rest you deserve. At the very least... You'll be surrounded by cats that actually love you before you pass. Me being here will only tarnish this moment. So long, Lavenderstar. With that, she left camp and towards to orchids. She doubted anyone would notice her going off somewhere else instead of being here to pay respects to their leader.

    // Even though I haven't been here for as long as many of the members here, I just want to say that I will miss having you and Lavenderstar around. My experience with Skyclan has been enjoyable and it's all because of the wonderful community here. Thank you myth for being a part of Skyclan. You along with many others have made this such a welcoming community and I'm glad to be a part of it. I wish the best for you Myth.

    The molly found herself at the orchid, despite recovering from her injuries. The mark on her face without a doubt would become a scar. She wasn't concerned with that. Her mind had been eating at her for the events that happened when she returned. Lavenderstar's wrath. Juniperthorn essentially called her a freak. Heronswoop's contempt. She had never felt so excluded and unwelcome in her life. It was suffocating to be in the medicine cat's den, so she slipped away. Not really caring if someone followed her. Lavenderstar stated that she couldn't go to the borders of any clan, but she had a feeling maybe someone would follow to ensure that rule was enforced. It was horrible, really. She just wanted fresh air, a place where her mind could rest. A place she wouldn't have to deal with the looks of distrust from others.

    However, the thoughts were too much. She had been pacing about, until she gave up. Sat down and stared at the ground, her shadow. It was so inviting. Back then she would talk for hours and it would respond to her. Not literally of course, but she could imagine the words it told her. She had stopped speaking to it for quite some time. It was so strange thinking about it. How little she actually spoke to it. Her shadow was her best friend. A friend that would always be here for her. All she could do was stare at the blob. The need to let her emotions out were immense. Are you still willing to talk to me? Even if I abandoned you? A staring game it was. She wasn't sure for how long she stared intently at the inky blob. Eventually she gave in and opened her maw, "Am I mad?" "Are you mad? What kind of mad are you talking about? You're not being very clear. You've always had that issue." "I mean... Am I crazy? Not right in the head." "Does it matter? It never mattered before. Why is it that you care about that so much nowadays? They aren't you. Crazy is a phrase that's thrown everywhere. He's crazy about her, heard of that phrase before. He's right in the head, the expression's just used to say he likes her very much. Anyone can call you crazy, but you call anyone crazy as well. It's all about perspective. They just don't share the same view as you, that's all. You're not crazy. You're just different."

    "But! But... That's what makes it hard to understand me. I can't make any sense!" "Those words really hurt you, didn't they? He hurt you. Listen, he's not in the right state of mind right now. Forget about him and focus about you. No one will ever understand you. That's okay. No one really understands each other. We think we do, but we can never understand each other. You don't understand everything about him, so don't take his words too deeply. There are things that we come to learn about others, but we will never truly know what's going on with them. Have you ever considered that not making any sense is your charm? You shouldn't change just because you don't make any sense. You do make sense for the record. Creature understood you. That's one cat other than yourself. I'm telling you... Don't get too worked up about this. You're fine."

    "If I was fine, then why did Lavenderstar call me a child?" "She was just thinking a clan as a whole. I dodn't think she meant that. Arctic... You never had the chance to be a child. You had to grow up faster than anyone else. Look at all the kits here. They are loved by their mothers and fathers. If they aren't loved by their parents, there is someone else who does. Everyone here has family. They are all one big family." "But I'm not part of it!" "Not yet. You've been keeping your distance. Every time they gather and start laughing you leave without a trace. The truth is that it's painful. Watching them be so happy and getting along. It reminds you of what you've always wanted. You never wanted your father to leave, right? And... Deep down you want to know your mother most of all. What you are frightened of the most is them abandoning you again. Once you allow yourself to be with them, they'll just cast you aside. You can't bear the feelings that run through your mind when it happens again. Once you let those feelings run through you, you'll never be able to recover."

    Silence. She couldn't argue with them. They were absolutely right. It's not that she hated them for being so happy or even wanted to leave the scene without a trace, yet she always did run away. She actually liked seeing them get along so well. It just made her feel lonely. However, if they asked her to join them she would make an excuse not to join them. She didn't want to try and be a part of them, if they were simply going to put her to the side. It would be stupid. Her trying to catch their attention constantly, while they continued to ignore her. Bad mouthing her and putting up a facade whenever she came to converse with them. What she wanted was a real connection. With someone who wouldn't pretend. Even if they hated her guts and weren't afraid to show it... She would appreciate it. In all honesty she would cry tears of joy. Whenever she had thoughts to herself, it didn't end well. While she didn't have nightmares, her mind tormented her. The sounds were what drew her back. They made things okay. That is why she always liked to listen and observe her surroundings. It was something that kept her grounded.

    Another glance at her shadow. Her friend since the very beginning, before she got into all this mess. She hadn't spoken to them in so long, she'd almost forgotten the nice feeling that came with it. They knew how to make her feel better. They understood the situation and what she was going through. Most importantly they were honest to them. It was such a shame they weren't physical, so she could hug them. However, they would be with her wherever she went. A small sigh escaped her, "I still don't understand." "You don't have to."

    The answer was immediate. Shock passed through her only to be replaced with a genuine smile and laughter, "Yeah, you're right. Thanks for listening to me and sorry I haven't been speaking to you recently." There was no response, but she didn't one. She already knew what they were going to say in the end. The orchid seemed to agree to, the rustling of branches attempting to comfort her. The cold wind that ruffled her fur seemed to extend its kindness as well. For now, she would be okay. Even if she wasn't allowed to go to the borders for a bit, she still had somewhere to be. The orchid would welcome her whenever she decided to pay a visit.

    "Y-yes?" The fear laced within her words was as plain as day. How could she answer so bravely? The contempt from their deputy was difficult to miss. It was evident that the other didn't like this news at all. Foolish. That's what Heronswoop called her. That was true, she was indeed a fool. A fool for thinking that everything would be okay. What hurt the most is that she brought Starclan into this. Didn't they hate Starclan? It was uncalled for. To use the clan they hated to reprimand her. Am I just as hated? Whatever the case, she could only remain silent as Heronswoop continued to reprimand her. She had never been reprimanded this horribly before, so she couldn't bear to look at them anymore.

    Eventually Heronswoop had finished, and she understood everything. They were not pleased with what she had done whatsoever, but there would be no punishment. Not now. Instead, they made it clear she was on thin ice. Or at least, it had been. Lavenderstar had shown up beyond furious. Never a good sign. It didn't help that she naturally feared the other leader. Lavenderstar always had a certain atmosphere them that she couldn't stand strong against. There would be no second chances. Lavenderstar was not merciful. The verdict had been made and she would be forced to follow it. No traveling to other borders. No freedom. That meant she wouldn't be able to hear the stories of the city, nor would she hear that tune shared between her and creature. A child. That's what Lavenderstar called her and that too... Was true. Even if she was an adult, her spirit was that of a child. Never had she been given the chance to be one, as the world forced her to grow too soon.

    She opened her maw only to close it. Whatever she said didn't matter. The verdict will still stand. Lavenderstar had gone. The silence was suffocating. Once, she had been happy to hear Lavendstar call her a true Skyclanner. Now... She wasn't so sure. What was a true skyclanner supposed to be like? She only knew what she was taught from her father and herself, but it seemed she would always be deemed a fake. Her blood may be shared between them, but her spirit was not. Everything she did was odd. She knew that. She would never be normal and that was okay. Everything that happened to her was her own fault. It was difficult knowing that. All she could do was stare at her paws in shame. She didn't expect any comfort. Not from Heronswoop. Not from Juniperthorn. Not even herself.

    When she thought everything was over, life proved her wrong once again. Juniperthorn had lost it. Another flinch. He was terrifying when upset. It reminded her of the leader. It sickened her. She didn't want to be fearful of him. They were friends, right? At the very least that's what they were, right? "You don't make any sense! Why can't you just make sense?" Oh, how he should have seen it. The sheer look of horror. It stung more than anything in her life. He hurt her more than he knew, but she wouldn't tell him. More like she couldn't. If she was to that she would end up crying, and she didn't want to fall apart in such a manner.

    Eventually horror was replaced with acceptance. I can't Juniperthorn. I can't make sense. I don't know how. And... Even if I did try... It would be all wrong. How can something that's never known what makes sense or even experience it make sense? The only one who remained was Heronswoop. They weren't particularly close and she had a feeling they were enjoying the show. Finally she was able to look at the deputy. There was only sadness. A laugh escaped her, "I wanted to believe, but I guess I am nothing more than a foolish child for doing so. I always knew I could never belong here. No matter how much I try, I'm still nothing." With that, she turned to make her way to the medicine cat's den. I don't care what happens anymore. I've never had anything in the first place.


    Juniperthorn /

    "Kind soul hidden among numerous thorns, will you allow me to grasp you gently? I know not of the horrors or pain you have endured my beloved. Even if I do not know of the horrors, I can see them as plain as day. One by one they increase. The barrier between you and others. Tell me, my beloved... Do you not hear me weeping for you? The tears that you refuse to show. All the pain in world can not be held by you and those thorns you create. It hurts. You hurt me. Once I draw near... I prick my paw on one of your thorns, red spills from me. My beloved, does it hurt? Watching as everything decays? You are quite delicate, my beloved. I know that to be true, for I have seen you collapse time and time again. There is no shame in being weak. No matter what happens between you and I, I will continue to prick my paws on those thorns of yours. Do not fret. Do not cower in fear another night my beloved, for I will continue to love you. Ah, is that another thorn I see? My beloved... Your heart continues to bleed."

    Creature /

    "A beauty beyond all measure. Words alone can not express our relationship. We are neither lovers or enemies. The connection between us is bound by that tune. If we were birds then she would be my mother, and I would be her daughter. The song passed down to me shall also be passed down to my kits. The tune would continue to change with each generation, and I pray that it is a tune that brings peace. Peace for the soul. While red was shed in the process of learning this song, I have no regrets. In order to gain, something must be sacrificed. The thing I do not wish to sacrifice is our bond in order to preserve this tune. My silent promise to you is to pass your song on, for generations to come. I am your dear. You are my darling. Never forget that. To my one and only darling."

    Lavenderstar /

    "I find it ridiculous. When I look back... Maybe it really was ridiculous. To think, I wouldn't fear you. Everyone loves you. I don't hate that. In fact I once loved you too. When you told me kind words. An outcast could only find so much as comfort. Those words you told me that day haven't left. You've branded me. Number zero. Why number zero? Zero is undefined. I am the undefined. The one who can not be measured. Everyone you have branded has numbers one through millions. It took me a while to understand. Zero... Hahah, I am a fool. I never was part of the equation, isn't that right number one?"

    Heronswoop /

    "Number two can you entertain the undefined for a bit? Number two can you understand the undefined? Number two? Number two? Oh, number two do you pity me? Number two? You've gone to number one again. Hey, number two... Please, number two... Please listen to the undefined just this once. I want to apologize for my foolishness. Number two, I never meant to hurt anyone. Number two... Nevermind. Forget about the undefined. The defined is your domain, and I can not drag you away from it. Oh, how nice it must be... To dwell in such a domain."

    Mothshine /

    "Gardner of the other world you have been troubled as of late. Where has that smile of yours went? Was it lost to the flames? To the endless waters? Gardner all the other flowers have wilted. It was not water that you poured. It was poison that you poured. The flowers wilt in agony, for there is nothing they can to relieve this pain. Gardner? If I may, would you allow me to collect those wilted flowers? I know not what they remind you of, but perhaps I can make them anew. While we may not know each other as I hide among the wilted, I wish to see that smile once again. Gardner? Has something been broken? Have you lost the flower that is dearest to you? I can only watch afar as you continue to poison what flowers remain. Your soul is dim, but I do not fear it will cease. For there is one flower you dare not hurt. It is the flower with numerous thorns. This flower is precious. There is no denying that. You need not worry of the thorns this flower bears, as they come undone at your grasp. The thorns scattered at your feet... It is love. Shared between you and he. Gardner? Is that a smile I see?"

    "What happened? Who did this to you?"Never before she had heard such rade, so much so she flinched. When she came to find who questioned her. It was none other than Juniperthorn. She couldn't say that she was particularly fond of this moment, as she was particularly numb. She was on her way to the medicine cat den when he practically attacked her with words. She couldn't even muster some sort of response. "Tell me!" It was terrifying. Just seeing him this way. She couldn't understand why he was this way. Wasn't he cross with me before? He was upset. By something she had said during Ryland's arrival. She didn't blame him for it. Not at all. Nor would she be upset at him for scoffing at her. They just had differing opinions is all.

    "C-c-calm down. I'm still here. A little beaten, but I'm still in decent shape. It wasn't Ryland, if that's what you were thinking. He was actually nice. I got him home safe and sound," she nervously answered. Juniperthorn wasn't in the best state right now. A ticking time bomb. She was playing a dangerous game. One wrong move and it was all over. There was one thing she promised him, and it was going to remain true. She wasn't going to die on him. She promised him that. No matter how battered she was, she was going to return. Even now she returned. He was going to come and scream her head off in StarClan, if she broke her promise.

    Then came Heronswoop, their ever so vigilant deputy. They had already sent another warrior to fetch the medicine cats. She was thankful for that, but it was a little strange to be inspected by the deputy. She couldn't help herself from creating some distance between them. It was out of fear. She was afraid of them. Both Heronswoop and Juniperthorn wanted to know what happened, but she knew that they held rage. They hated bloodclan more than anything, and so she feared for them. The city cats. They were not monsters. Misunderstood cats they were, really. Very few gave them the chance to simply be. However, she couldn't lie. Even if she wanted to, she was absolutely the worst. "It's not their fault. They did what was right. I got curious and trespassed their territory. If anyone's to blame, it's me. Okay? What really matters is that I'm here."

    A name. They wanted a name. The name of the cat who did this to her. She knew if she didn't say it they would blame Ryland. The next time he came to visit he would be accused of something that he didn't do. None of them knew what she went through, as she went alone. All they had as a suspect was Ryland, because she had escorted him back home. He was the only cat they could blame and have reason to blame. She didn't want that for him. They were going to continue meeting each other. Exchanging stories of the forest and the city. While the cat who attacked her would be exchanging song. The song meant only for them. She could not bear to lose either, but she was more concerned for Ryland. He was not as powerful as the beautiful molly. Will you forgive me? Knowing that I do this to protect Ryland?

    She had remained silent for quite some time. The answer to who had done this didn't come quickly. Glancing at both Juniperthorn and Heronswoop, a glint of sadness could be found. "Creature. That's the one who did this to me. I'm not afraid. She could have killed me if she really wanted, considering I didn't even try to fight back. We found something together. She let me go. I don't blame her. The thing we found together I will never regret." They could argue that her mind had been warped by the Bloodclanner, but it wasn't. It wasn't distorted in the way they wanted to believe. No, the way Creature gave her was of freedom. It was the utterly beautiful struggle of life and death, and the means of survival. Exhilarating. It was far more beautiful than she imagined.

    Whether or not they became cross to her didn't matter anymore. She was going to seek that lovely tune. The alluring bloodclanners that would exchange their stories and sound. Would the sounds in Darkclan be as lovely as Bloodclan's? That was an answer that would come in due time. She had already began formulating a trip of some kind to those lands. A traitor? No, she wasn't. She was simply learning how to live.

    @/cloverpaw Poor babey uwu Hound will definitely bond with her first and then sprinkle in his subtle manipulation!! I'm totally down for that, who makes their first thread??

    @/arcticwind Yes please!! I've been meaning to get Hound into some trouble, maybe they could explore twoleg territory?? Who makes c:

    @/cedarpaw Rei <3 I luv Cedar yes please!! Who makes?? c:

    I'm down for them exploring twoleg territory and getting into some trouble. Would they have known each other a little bit? Just the basics? Either way, she practically agreed when Hound mentioned that they would be trying something thrilling. Would you mind if you could make it? I'm currently in the process of replying to other threads, so I won't be able to get to it that fast.

    Another presence was here. They were a bit difficult to make out with how their pelt blended with the snow, but she could eventually make them out. Ethereal was the experience. Seeing them saunter to her. No harsh words either. Not like her own clan had done to Ryland. There is much meaning to your words. There are no claws within them."I wanted to see her again. Creature. She's the one these flowers are for, but they are also for those she gives them to. She's shown me beauty and that lovely tune," came her voice with fondness. The other was captivating in their own right, which was why she was drawn to them. Romantically? No, she wasn't interested in that sense. She was simply interested in getting to know them. The stories their scars told. The things that made up Creature in all their awe. Perhaps she should have held her tongue when explaining, but it was too late. There was nothing remotely bad about what she said in the first place.

    However, she had a habit of saying odd things. Then she began to take notice of the male. Taking in his features. Studying him with everything she had. There was no disgust traced on her features. You're handsome too. Both of you are simply breath taking. She had to will herself not to touch his face. Just seeing all those imperfections was overwhelming. He just had to had wonderful stories. A labyrinth of them sealed behind those disfigured lips. Gums and teeth exposed, but refusing to allow any sort of secret escape them. "If only I'd known you too. I would have given you flowers as well. You're handsome. You are just as breath taking as Creature. I wonder... Would you let me hear that tune? Would you teach me what is beautiful as well?" Was she making any sense? That was for Diesel to decide. At the very least, she was being completely honest with him.

    Why is it the forbidden is the most alluring? I can not resist this world. A world where the normal is the abnormal. Abstract thoughts. Abstract feelings. Abstract laws. Abstract beings. For what is an illusion? Is it I or them? Or perhaps, it is neither.

    "Yes, sounds. A song is full of sounds. Did you know that some creatures find mates by sound? A bird sings to find a mate. Then that song is passed down to their little ones and they alter the song a bit to make it a new one. The song changes with each generation," she explained with a smile. She had fond memories of seeing it happen. A male would chirp his heart out and another bird would come to judge his song. Sometimes she would deem him worth, but there were times when she saw a male rejected. How down-heartened they looked. Her heart bled for them, but she was not a bird. They would fly away once she neared. Still, it was interesting to watch them. She couldn't imagine how a bird chose a mate by song. In a sense she was glad that cats didn't sing songs to court another. She couldn't pick a mate from song alone.

    The ma'am he addressed her as was confusing. She didn't know what that meant and it was evident from her puzzled expression. Nevertheless, she merely nodded. That was the best she could offer. "If it doesn't work out, that's okay. I hope you'll be able to find your way, Milkpaw." Speaking of awake, how much longer before the sun rises? I don't want to rest if I'm only going to wake up in a few moments. I suppose if it is willed as such, I am to be awake. The land of dreams is beyond my grasp now.

    Her trip to bloodclan was life changing. It was, really. She could not deny that it had opened her eyes. Dropping off Ryland was a good memory. They seemed to be interested in getting to see each other more often. The exchange of stories was promising. Stories of the city and the forest would be exchanged. Meeting with them again she longed for. If only they could spend hours conversing. They couldn't, no matter how much she wanted to. They both belonged to different clans. While he wanted to know about the forest, his heart belonged to the city. Even if he didn't really have strong opinions for the city. The world of the city was his. He would only give it up when everything turned sour. Just as her heart belonged to the forest. She wouldn't leave this place no matter what. In the end Skyclan was her home. Even if things were tense around here.

    What was the number one rule when visiting clans? Respecting the border. What did she do? She crossed it. She couldn't help it. The city had so many new scents, which was overwhelming. It attacked her left and right. The stench of monsters and twolegs ever present. Along the way she met Creature. Their meeting was not an ideal situation. With the other molly injuring them. However, their meeting was life changing. Both of them got something out of it. Mutual interest. They would be seeing each other soon. Creature had introduced her to something she never experienced before. Once she got a taste of it she wanted more, but sadly she had to return. The other molly had made her mark, literally. The claws marks on her chest and the one running down her left eye was proof of that. It was done on purpose. The injuries on her chest was from trespassing. The one on her eye was done with the intent of making her beautiful.

    And so, the silver molly could be found returning to camp rather late. The stench of blood and from the city clung to her. Thankfully she didn't get too hurt, but it still stung. She was sure that the clan would have questions. With her returning in a bloody state. Despite the strange stares she received she was more than content. The blood didn't concern her. All she had to do was go to the medicine cat den, which she was doing. "Is Charcoal or Minksplash around?" The question wasn't directed to anyone to particular. Anyone could answer or choose to ignore her. I should go see Creature after this. Ryland too. I wonder if they'll let me visit their clan. Even if it's just for a little while.

    // in short arctic has returned to skyclan camp with injuries that need tending to. her injuries are the gashes to the chest and one running down her left eye. it isn't life threatening, so she isn't concerned too much about it. however, she's rather lax to the situation. feel free to question her about it or not.

    Bloodclan and Skyclan were neutrals last she heard, but the tensions between the clans were still present. Ryland coming to visit sky further proved how fragile this truce was. He seemed in all to be an all around decent cat. She couldn't put a label on him. He was curious just as her to know the other world. A world that they were not allowed to venture in, yet they still decided to do so anyways. No matter how much it burned they still wanted to reach out and experience it. She was foolish coming to this city. Expecting that the everything would be okay. In a sense... It did turn out alright. She began to crave it. Ever since her encounter with a rather beautiful molly. Creature was her name. The molly who opened her eyes and ears to a tune meant for them.

    Creature was simply nothing more than beautiful. Those scars that littered her body. The stories they told. Whether it be of sorrow or joy, she wouldn't be able to tear her eyes away. Even as the other hurt them. She just wanted to hear more of that tune. A tune she couldn't live without. Was it creature's fault? No. It wasn't. She would never regret meeting them the way they did. The scar on their face was a welcome reminder. It was their sign of friendship. Of mutual interest in one another. It was not of love. It was not of hatred. What it was? There were no words that could define their relationship.

    And so, she found herself at the border. This time she would abide by them. She wouldn't want to start another issue with the city dwellers. Maybe it was strange for her to be here in the first place. Even stranger for her to bring flowers. Purple Gladiolus. She had picked some along the way. The trek to the city wasn't so bad, but she hoped that she wouldn't have to wait for long. At the very least she could drop them off and go. Oh, but it would be nice to stay here and listen more to that tune. I want to hear more of it. Will you allow me that? Whatever the case, she would remain by the border with flowers.

    // Arctic is here to give flowers to creature, but feel free to question her as much as you like. She's interested in bloodclan, so she may be coming more often.

    It was safe to say that Ryland's arrival to the clan was not taken well. She was no fool. However, she didn't want to make it seem like his was his fault. He genuinely didn't seem to know anything that was going on. He didn't know his own leader of all things. She didn't blame him for what happened. Even if he did wait at the border and ask... They would turn him away just as harshly. Anyhow, the ordeal was over. She was escorting him home to the city, which interested her to no end. What beauty surrounds that place? What treasures can be found within, if at all. Their trek back to the city was rather silent, but that was because she didn't know what to say. He was sick as well. She didn't want to trouble him too much. The sun was going down, which meant the cold would greet them. It had already started snowing in Skyclan, so who knew if it was going to snow again?

    If he thought she was troubled by him, he was wrong. She had been walking alongside him the entire time, as if they were clanmates. There was no reason for either of them to fear the other. Then something came to mind. He's curious about the forest, right? Maybe we should start from there? It's not like I'm going to tell him our major secrets or anything. Glancing at the other tom, she offered him a small smile. "Sorry about what happened. Everyone's still hurt from what Bloodclan did. It's not your fault. It's just the way things are right now. My name's Arcticwind. You wanted to learn about the forest, right? I can tell you a little bit about it, while we're on the way to Bloodclan."


    She tossed and turned in her sleep in her vain attempt to keep the chatter out. Sleep could be difficult for some. She was aware of that. Juniperthorn had told her that he had frequent nightmares and wouldn't be able to sleep. For him, sleep was something to fear. For her it wasn't fearful, but she that was granted. She didn't have the same troubles as Juniperthorn. Never would she be able to fully understand either. Those dreams were only reserved to him and if he shared them, it was meant only for her. She would try her best to support him, even sharing the same nest for the night when it was particularly horrid. She didn't mind. Sometimes a little comfort was all you needed. SOmething to remind you things would be okay. That the world wasn't going to swallow you whole.

    They had been too loud. A groan escaped her when heavy lids refused to return to the land of dreams. She would be up without a doubt despite how tired she was. The commotion was overbearing to her. Why was it things were much louder at night than the day? Anyhow, she slowly lifted herself from her next with a stretch. Bones cracked and she made her way to the source of all the commotion. It was Lavenderstar, Milkpaw, and Juniperthorn. She had made it in time to listen to Milkpaw's dilema. They couldn't sleep. Juniperthorn's advice wasn't wrong, but sometimes that method didn't work.

    "You know... When I have trouble sleeping I listen to the song," she called out with a yawn. Bringing a paw to her face, she rubbed her eyes to keep sleep away. A lazy flick of all tail was all she could offer as a greeting. It was apparent that she had been sleeping herself not too long ago. "The sound of the tree branches rustling, the scraping of wood and claws as a warrior goes to bed, the chirping of crickets, the sound of cats breathing, and your own heart. It's a lovely song that lulls you to sleep. All you have to do is focus on the sounds."

    Here it was again. Bloodclan. She didn't hate them. No, she just couldn't bring herself to hate them. She didn't experience Bloodclan's wrath herself, but she could feel it from her clanmates rage. Rage that she understood. She could not deny that their rage was justified in some manner, but it wasn't justified to hold onto these feelings for long. The more we think, the more we are consumed. Will we all become the consumed? When she looked at Ryland she felt for him. How confusing and frustrating it all must be. She couldn't even imagine if she made a mistake due to an illness, something she couldn't control only to be bad mouthed. What shocked her even more was Mothshine adding to the already boiling pot. Mothshine to her had always been someone she respected. A molly that was open to everyone and willing to listen, but... The illusion was shattered. Mothshine was not the molly she thought they were. What illusions will remain? Or is this all merely an illusion?

    Ryland was being true. She always did enjoy it when one was being their truest self, even if was beyond flawed. Ryland was in deep waters and their answer would only cause anger. Many would refuse to allow them for even thinking of coming here after Bloodclan kicked them out. Giving information to him now was suspicious. There was no guarantee that Ryland wouldn't tell Bloodclan what they were doing. The state their clan was in and the possible weaknesses it held. To be even called a cack up plan was a blow to their pride. It was showing that they were inferior to Bloodclan. Words needed to be calculated here, which Ryland had failed splendidly.

    She cared not if she was a fool. Making her way to the bloodclanner, by his side. She knew that she coudln't provide much, but at the very least he knew that someone didn't completely despise him. Was she a Bloodclan sympathizer? She wasn't exactly certain of that, but he was just like her. They were both cats who were trying to survive the best way they could. "I think... We should stop here. He's sick. We would be worse than Bloodclan if we continue bothering this tom. The only crime he's committed is trespassing, but he couldn't even smell our borders due to his sickness. I'm not saying he's completely innocent. I just think... We shouldn't let our anger out on him. I'll even bring him home, accept any punishment when I return."

    Honeywillow and Minksplash were cats she scarcely conversed with. With Minksplash it was understandable, as the molly was a Windclan medic coming whenever they could to help their clan. It was appreciated, considering how often the medic came. The travel distance wasn't exactly near either. Thankfully Windclan was okay with letting one of their medics come help them. Maybe we should do something official for them? When our medic situation is all settled? No, that isn't my call. That is the call of Lavenderstar and if the clan deems it necessary. She didn't have a reason to be in the medicine cat den, but the scent of the den is what calmed her. Dealing with everything else was a bit much and she needed some time alone.

    What surprised her was to see Honeywillow getting around. The warrior hadn't been in the warrior's den as of late. It was none of her business, but it was something she noticed. Even if they didn't know each other that well it was nice to see them fairing better than before. "Don't force yourself too much. Straining yourself will only end in hurting yourself even more."

    The molly was just returning from a patrol. She had finished reporting the findings to another patrol that would follow theirs, but it seemed that nothing really was going on. Bloodclan hadn't attacked them in a while, which she was glad for. No longer would she hear the every day complaints of her clanmates about the city dwelling cats. It bothered her to no end when they continued speaking ill of them. They were cats just as them, right? Anyhow, just as she was going to rest a voice pierced her ears. Curiosity took her as she approached them, but then she noticed Wolfshade. It didn't take a genius to understand that Wolfshade was hurt. "I'll go get help," she interrupted before taking off to the medicine cats den.

    Charcoalpaw had to be there or at least some medic. She didn't know what exactly happened, but it was obvious that Wolfshade needed some attention. Entering the den she felt a little uncomfortable being inside, for she never directly asked a medic for help before. Even though this wasn't for her the feeling was still odd. "Wolfshade's been hurt, we need a medicine cat now. He isn't waking up. Cobracry and Heronswoop are at the scene."

    Snow? It is Leaf-fall isn't it? Unless Leaf-bare has decided to make an early appearance. She didn't hate the snow. It was alright. Whenever she was bored she played around in it, which meant most of the time back then. However, one gets tired of waiting and doing the same thing. Snow could be rather cruel reminding her of what she didn't have. The warmth it took away from her and replaced with cold... It made her feel empty. No, she was empty. Just a cat roaming around a clan that was supposed to be her home and doing the warrior duties all the same. She couldn't look at the real skyclanners out of anything other than fear. Thankfully the snow helped her blend in and make it harder to spot her.

    Regardless of the snow that fell... She was content. This would be her first Leaf-bare (?) within Skyclan. The place that was supposed to be her home. A place where she was still having trouble calling her home. She would do her best here. Things would be alright. In due time, she will be okay. Everything will be okay. With Lavenderstar's complaint, she could see why. The elders normally complained about the cold bothering their old bones. That was not to say anything bad towards their leader, but she was indeed old. "M-maybe it's just for today?" That was all she could offer as comfort to their leader. She couldn't predict the weather after all. Nor could she ask Starclan to prevent the snow from falling. Snow was natural. Snow would always remain.