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    full name: brennan mortala harbringer darling

    nickname: "bre, ren"

    titles: n/a

    pet name/s: tbd

    signature: writes in comic sans ms

    gender: cis male

    gender role: masculine

    sexuality: pan romantic, asexual

    age: a year old, born jan 2nd (but took 4 month skip)

    - capricorn



    siblings: mary-ann, angel, gwendolyn, janus, eira, and kyoko


    their grandparents through elian are masanori (ex-cartel semi-position) and always dead (ex-sanguine ruins leader). additionally, elian grew up believing yuuki (ex-sanguine ruins deputy) was his real father, making akuma (painted brigade leader) these pup's adopted great-grandfather. their grandparents through bellona are bravo (ex-shadow veil ass. deputy) and acantha (ex-sanguine ruins semi-position). their great-grandparents through elian are deathstroke (ex-thunderclan leader, among many other group ranks) and crimsonsong (ex-cartel hp), gunstar (ex-riverclan leader) and rushpaw(riverclan hp?). their great-grandparents through lola are grim (ex-sanguine ruins hp), amour (ex-sanguine ruins leader, among many other group ranks) and hathor.

    their aunts and uncles include toni (ex-sanguine ruins leader), piratecrown(ex-sanguine ruins ass. deputy), garrus (ex-sanguine ruins deputy), and billie jean/wilhelmina (ex-sanguine ruins healer + hp and ex-wind haven healer). their connection to billie jean makes grasstuft (wind haven prior), ninthhour(ex-wind have prior), tobi (ex-sanguine ruins hp), communionwine (ex-wind haven healer), and wintryrealm (ex-boneclan ass. deputy) their cousins.

    friends: will e searching through old threads to see.

    neutral with: n/a

    enemies: n/a


    CURRENT body: northwestern wolf

    facial features: strong jawline, long snout, high cheekbones

    eye color: a deep silvery color, but can look pale cloudy blue in direct sunlight

    fur color: dark grey (with tan markings throughout his face and along his back)

    fur type: thick, messy, medium to short in length

    build: tall, lanky, thin, very long legged

    height: 3 feet at the shoulder

    weight: 120lbs

    birthmarks/scars: n/a

    distinguishing features: black ram horns, black spit, black blood.


    accessories: tbd

    grooming: slightly messy, not dirty but tangled.

    posture: slouched, head lowered and body somewhat rigid (due to inner stress)

    gait: decently slow paced

    coordination: physically somewhat fit, quick reflexes

    habits/mannerisms: flexing his jaw, spacing out

    scent: smells of pine and spearmint

    "ravenclaw aesthetics + eren jaeger aesthetics + rebellious teen aesthetics"


    aloof - passionate - protective - easygoing - perfectionist - inflexible - reactive

    lawful neutral - ravenclaw - ISFJ

    notes: beats self up, insecure, judgmental, not a lone wolf even tho he pretends to be, protective of mary-ann, looks up to elian, fond of lola, actually intuitive of others, comes off as apathetic but cares deeply, has good intentions but is logical and blunt.

    mood: usually neutral

    attitude: passive aggressive

    stability: not emotionally stable, but sure as hell acts like it

    expressiveness: emotions can be easily seen on his face, though he does try and hide them

    when happy: small smiles, eyes are bright

    when depressed: isolates himself, sleeps a lot, irritable as hell, crying by himself

    when angry: very cold and unforgiving, keeps a decently cool composure but gaze looks as if he's going to rip you apart.

    note: these are generalizations. different situations will create different reactions.


    current residence:

    community: (idk if the ruins are neutral or anti)

    friends: n/a

    enemies: n/a

    relates to: n/a

    room: tbd


    past lovers: none

    marital status: single, not looking

    non s*xual turn-ons: somewhat optimistic (but not annoying about it), prefers feminine, smaller than him, protective of him, trustworthy, can make him laugh, someone who isn't TOO clingy, someone who listens to him, usually polar opposites

    non s*xual turn offs: abusive, unkind to children, doesn't get along with his family (unless there are obvious reasons), negative, lots of PDA

    position: surprisingly a top


    work ethic: interested in spying and relations more than anything

    rank: member

    organization/clan: sanguine ruins


    main goal: make his family proud

    minor goals/ambitions: get a high rank

    dream career: leader

    desires: to be respected, to be remembered, to be loved, to be appreciated

    wishlist: cool weapons, plants, books, journals, paint, and things like blankets/teddy bears (bc he's low-key a baby)

    accomplishments: n/a

    greatest achievement: n/a

    biggest failure: n/a

    secrets: is actually a really genuinely good person, is incredibly insecure, compares himself to people way too often

    regrets: n/a

    worries: that he will end up a failure

    best dream: n/a

    worst nightmare: being forgotten, ending up alone forever, his own powers

    best memories: n/a

    worst memories: n/a


    hobbies/interests: clan relations, spying, hunting, spars, plants/gardening, possibly healing, art

    skills/talents: anything social, spying, hiding, hunting, painting

    likes: plants, art, stargazing, work, his family, figuring things out, daydreaming, solving puzzles or problems

    dislikes: being yelled at, having to admit when he's wrong, naps, meat, maybe torture(?)

    sense of humor: has a dry, sarcastic sense of humor

    pet peeves: smacking while eating, lazy ahh people

    superstitions/beliefs: believes in no god, just believes in reincarnation

    dreams/nightmares: never remembers them

    quirks: n/a

    savvy: people

    can’t understand: why people don't work for what they want, laziness, people who are actually apathetic

    closet hobby: baking, painting, gardening, decorating, meditating


    strengths: fast, social, flexible, great at hiding, battle strategy, manipulation

    flaws: fighting, physical strength, weapons, comes off as standoffish so some people don't even give him a chance

    perception: is rather judgmental

    conflicts: n/a

    instincts: puts whoever he is closest to first

    lures: drawn to those who are carefree, warm, and outgoing

    soft spot: younger children or gentle/shy people

    cruel streak: can seem very cold and uncaring, but isn't actually unless you really mess with him or his family/friends


    powers/abilities: ice elemental, shapeshifting

    source: anywhere in his body

    ability: not skilled

    weaknesses: fire elementals

    immunities: n/a

    restrictions: too scared to use own powers (so his mindset)

    alternate forms: tbd

    extra anatomy: n/a


    languages: english

    accent: n/a

    voice: sounds like daniel caesar

    face claim: tbd

    speech impediments: n/a

    greetings and farewells: "hey" "see ya"

    state of mind: usually answers "how are you?" with "alright"

    compliment: tbd, rarely compliments people

    insult: tbd

    expletive: doesn't cuss much

    laughter: soft and light

    tag line: tbd

    signature quote: n/a


    this is kalika aka kali, reincarnated goddess kali. kali is the hindu goddess of creation, destruction, power, and time. her tags are in my signature!

    OPEN TO:

    - friends (they must respect her, it's a little difficult to gain her trust and have her like you)

    - adopted children!

    - litters

    - one night stands

    - spars or fights


    - maiming, torturing, capturing, or killing y/c if they are an enemy (will not harm children)

    - a best friend (either someone who really looks up to her and respects her and asks for her help and protection, or someone who matches her violence and ego and power.)

    - relationships or crushes (decently hard to create, the character cannot be weak. she values power and war so.)

    - adopted younger siblings

    - interaction threads

    - reading y/c future

    - helping y/c out somehow by using the sight

    - scaring someone for y/c

    - acting as y/c personal bodyguard


    - death

    - being captured


    this girl is extremely arrogant, but about being a goddess and not a monarch. though I could see her taking a liking to ulla, maybe ulla could see her spirit (since she is a reincarnated goddess in a mortal body) and they could develop a weird friendship or mutual respect? perhaps ulla could even teach Kalika something like painting or baking just because it'd be a bit funny


    kali: goddess of time, creation, power, and destruction. demon slayer, feared war hero, embodiment of absolute rage and fury. it had been centuries since she had heard any of that. she reminisced over these days, when she was worshipped by many. now, she was merely an unseen canine within the veil. but she knew that one day her time would come once again. a day would come where she slaughtered enemies without mercy and struck terror into the lives of many. she was intimidating enough now, sure. being a six-foot-at-the-shoulder creature with a pupiless ivory stare. she scared others, yes. however, that was not enough for her. they didn't understand the power she held within.

    the large beast peeked out of her dim cave, eyes glowing within the darkness of it. perhaps she should introduce herself, it had been such a long time since she had come out of solitude. she almost longed for company. so one paw after the other, the being strode out into the open. shadows followed her, covering her feet and the ground she walked on as she traveled across the landscape. she kept her posture confident and tall, making sure she felt superior over as many people as she could. she had always felt this way, knowing she was not only The Creator, but The Destroyer as well. it was something she most likely needed to work on, living in a group of individuals that did not know about her origins. they only knew of her body. the daughter of celestialchart aka celestine ecuador.

    she knew she must keep a level head and act "normal" around these beings. she knew their ways of speaking and acting. so she must disguise herself as one of them in hopes of making real and genuine connections with others. this had become easier over the past several years, since every year she lived she learned more about the social conduct of these creatures. she halted in the middle of their camp, her ominous presence filling the air with a silent intimidation. adjusting the large weapon on her back, she seated herself and waited for other animals to come to her. she wanted conversation. she wanted to observe and figure them out.

    // basically this arrogant reincarnated goddess has finally stepped out of her cave in the territory and decided to meet people.


    LITTER: celestialchart x npc

    NAME: kalika "kali"

    GENDER: female

    AGE: 3 years

    SPECIES: lupurca x hellhound hybrid (originally a melanistic tiger)

    BRIEF APPEARANCE: 6 foot at the shoulder, 200 pound lupurca x hellhound. pitch black in color, glowy and pupiless white eyes. long fangs that hang from her mouth. looks like a very overgrown demon-like wolfdog. however, is very feminine looking and beautiful in a very dark and powerful sort of way. highly intimidating.

    BRIEF PERSONALITY: aggressive, chaotic, powerful, intimidating, charismatic, reckless, destructive. when she's loyal, she's loyal until death. very protective. extremely dangerous. cold and calculating, but easily angered. EXTREMELY intelligent.

    OTHER: reincarnated goddess of time, creation, power, and destruction. (aka hindu goddess kali)

    litter: loxley x npc

    character name: nike grimsbane

    personality: much like her father, she loves to steal. however, she is less corrupt and more like robin hood in the fact that she gives to the less fortunate. she is somewhat quiet, and is shy around people she is unfamiliar with but warms up VERY quickly. she's incredibly charismatic, and draws people in like a magnetic pull but she has no idea why since she isn't very extroverted or bubbly. she goes unnoticed by many, but those who know her, has an incredible respect and appreciation towards her. she's genuinely a good person, just very chaotic and her morals are often shifting because like her father, she has trouble deciphering right from wrong. she is honest, but not to the point of being blunt. she is also very loyal to people she forms close bonds with, and incredibly protective. sure, she's sensitive, but she can hold her own and get very aggressive and violent if it comes down to it. nike is also VERY intelligent and artistically inclined. she's all around a great friend to have.

    appearance: a dark chocolate, chestnut, and cream colored lupurca that will grow to be about 5 feet tall with glow turquoise eyes. she is very beautiful in the face, but due to her stockiness and muscle, often goes unnoticed. she also has a bobbed tail.

    other: her blood is the same color as her eyes & she's an ice elemental!

    concept #: 8

    name: elysian aranyani "ara"

    gender: female

    appearance: thin, petite white wolf with hazel eyes

    she is very simple looking but incredibly beautiful. angelic, even. anyone who sees her is caught up in the absolute warmth of her demeanor. she's ethereal, many people think she was sent from the heavens. her fur is silky smooth and rather thin, with a light curl to it. her eyes, very pale hazel in color, hold gold flecks within them and shine as brightly as her personality.

    personality: basically the softest, most gentle individual you could ever meet. she puts everyone before herself, and can see the good in everyone. her mission on earth is to bring light and happiness to everyone she possibly can, showing them love and compassion to the point of changing their lives for the better. she's very artistic and creative, and enjoys making things for people. she's humble and very kind, and does everything in her power to ensure the safety and happiness of everyone she meets.however she is also very intelligent, and is gullible, but not gullible enough to let people make a fool out of her. she's absolute hell if you cross her or someone she loves.

    other: i'll have her show up as a new joiner!

    Litter: npc x npc adopted by asimov

    Name: gothamcity (gotham)

    Brief Appearance: pitch black dire wolf (will get up to 6 feet tall) with blood red eyes, red spit, and black blood. has a silver septum piercing.

    Brief Personality: seductive, confident, hot tempered, cold hearted, fiercely loyal and protective of the few people she cares about, trust issues, good at lying and manipulating, incredibly clever.

    Other/Misc: vampirism, reincarnated half demon, female, 9 moons


    the giant wolfdog came over next, her bright golden eyes locked on her brother and the birds. Hey, bub. she offered, her voice low and neutral. she then offered a glance to her father, giving him a small nod as if to say 'what's up.' before sliding into a laying position. she wasn't at all interested in the creatures, like everyone else was. in fact, she really couldn't care less. maybe that would change at some point, but right now, she'd stay apathetic. though, if her brother liked them, she'd at least offer her support and company.


    litter : corrupt x twisted (10 moons)

    name : arizona "ari" rayan erebus adeodatus fallout

    gender : female

    appearance : looks very wolfish. she has a light tan undercoat and the top of her coat is covered in browns and greys. she has bright golden eyes, and her fangs are overgrown and hang slightly out of her mouth.

    personality : fiery, sarcastic, blunt, competitive, protective, really just a huge teddy bear, loyal, "soldier" mentality.

    other : maybe a really strong bond with one sibling?