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    concept #: 8

    name: elysian aranyani "ara"

    gender: female

    appearance: thin, petite white wolf with hazel eyes

    she is very simple looking but incredibly beautiful. angelic, even. anyone who sees her is caught up in the absolute warmth of her demeanor. she's ethereal, many people think she was sent from the heavens. her fur is silky smooth and rather thin, with a light curl to it. her eyes, very pale hazel in color, hold gold flecks within them and shine as brightly as her personality.

    personality: basically the softest, most gentle individual you could ever meet. she puts everyone before herself, and can see the good in everyone. her mission on earth is to bring light and happiness to everyone she possibly can, showing them love and compassion to the point of changing their lives for the better. she's very artistic and creative, and enjoys making things for people. she's humble and very kind, and does everything in her power to ensure the safety and happiness of everyone she meets.however she is also very intelligent, and is gullible, but not gullible enough to let people make a fool out of her. she's absolute hell if you cross her or someone she loves.

    other: i'll have her show up as a new joiner!

    Litter: npc x npc adopted by asimov

    Name: gothamcity (gotham)

    Brief Appearance: pitch black dire wolf (will get up to 6 feet tall) with blood red eyes, red spit, and black blood. has a silver septum piercing.

    Brief Personality: seductive, confident, hot tempered, cold hearted, fiercely loyal and protective of the few people she cares about, trust issues, good at lying and manipulating, incredibly clever.

    Other/Misc: vampirism, reincarnated half demon, female, 9 moons


    the giant wolfdog came over next, her bright golden eyes locked on her brother and the birds. Hey, bub. she offered, her voice low and neutral. she then offered a glance to her father, giving him a small nod as if to say 'what's up.' before sliding into a laying position. she wasn't at all interested in the creatures, like everyone else was. in fact, she really couldn't care less. maybe that would change at some point, but right now, she'd stay apathetic. though, if her brother liked them, she'd at least offer her support and company.


    litter : corrupt x twisted (10 moons)

    name : arizona "ari" rayan erebus adeodatus fallout

    gender : female

    appearance : looks very wolfish. she has a light tan undercoat and the top of her coat is covered in browns and greys. she has bright golden eyes, and her fangs are overgrown and hang slightly out of her mouth.

    personality : fiery, sarcastic, blunt, competitive, protective, really just a huge teddy bear, loyal, "soldier" mentality.

    other : maybe a really strong bond with one sibling?

    huge major track omg


    scream about it? yes that sounded about right. the savannah began to yowl pathetically, before her tongue was ripped out by the much larger coywolf. she sat there, shocked, before he continued to lash out and slam his large paw against her skull. she was dazed and confused haha old movie and before she knew it, the canine was on her again, this time slowly dragging his blunt claws across her stomach and basically gutting her like a fish. organs began to spill out as her small body hit the cave floor with a small thud, and the light faded from her rose colored eyes. she lay there, lifeless, ready to be eaten or further tortured by the others.

    // use of power play was granted by kiba's role-player



    well, she was never going out for a solo patrol ever again. the little savannah had been caught so easily, so quickly, that she had barely recognized what had even happened. this giant coywolf was carrying her who knows where, and of course, she had to make a scene, so she now had tape over her mouth. as she was dropped on the rough cave floor and tied up, she began to tear up. this wasn't right, she knew it. she was absolutely terrified at what might happen to her. she couldn't even begin to think of what torture they might put her through. as the tape from her mouth was removed, she immediately began to screech. LET ME GO YOU SON OF A- she was cut off by a harsh blow to the face from the canine, and she shut up almost immediately. though, she did continue to glare at him.


    is bel open for romance plots because i have a boy named kiba (coywolf) that could totally be it! he could join the hell raisers and everything. he's extroverted, sly, manipulative, clever, hot tempered, sarcastic, and blunt. really loyal and protective over people he cares about though.


    as she was offered a tour, she blinked at him with hot pink eyes as if questioning if he was kidding around with her. he was going to be rude, then offer a tour? oh no. she shook her head finally, before turning to the next two people to show up. two completely different characters, she gave each of them a halfway curious look before seating herself again. she might as well get cozy if she was going to answer questions. Cool name. she offered freya rather bluntly, but a compliment was a compliment, and it was rare to get one out of the savannah anyway. she then turned to the one who had asked something that she quite honestly didn't want to answer. sighing, she went back to examining her claws so she didn't have to make eye contact while explaining herself. I was born in the ruins. But I got the hell out of there and joined the thunderlands, and now I'm here I guess. she grunted, realizing that her little introduction was actually quite simple. time for her to ask the questions around here. And you are? she inquired the boy, letting her gaze settle on him as she blinked her uninterested eyes.


    hi! I have 3 little characters that I love and cherish with all my heart, and BOY do they need art.

    I think the most important to get art is camara, who is a blonde savannah cat with no spots and hot pink eyes. the most important things about her are her piercings (which can be found in the tags in my signature) and her flirty/playful expression. color scheme is pink, for sure

    next is wildyouth, a regular amur leopard with hazel eyes. pretty basic. color scheme is yellow.

    third is retrobloom, an albino timber wolf with torn up ears and a bob tail. she wears a pastel pink bandana.

    I prefer avatars/headshots, but full bodies would be nice too!

    really this is for anyone who just wants to have a little fun and do this just to be nice