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    This was all surreal. She knew that when they got back it wasn't going to be the same, but she could never imagine it would turn out this way. For one, the random hay bale in the middle of camp certainly wasn't there before. The nursery was completely wrecked, which meant that they would have to fix that up. How are we going to fix this all up for when we get back? Wait... We're here to look for others, right? Blossompool and Chillybreeze...With all the litter around, it was going to be tough. She couldn't find their scent in this mess. Minkpaw and Lizardstar's comments didn't go unnoticed. She just had nothing to add in regards to the situation. Bringing up how to fix it now wasn't exactly the right time. Maybe in private? At least mention it on the way back?

    "How look for Chilly and Blossom? Each one side? Together?" Perhaps she killed the mood asking a question regarding an entirely different topic. However, the longer they stood here... Who knows what happened to the two warriors, and who knows if they were injured. Splitting up would cover more areas, but the question was how stable their territory now was after that.

    hmmm, I could throw in this girl as a choice. here's her tags if you want to take a look as well.

    smokehaze is part of windclan, which is bloodclan's enemy. Although she has no major feelings for bloodclan, as she's never actually spoken to one before. windclan keeps mostly to themselves, but they are aware of what's going on. her stance in bloodclan is that they're alright. they haven't done anything to her or windclan, so she has no reason to hate a bloodclanner. trying to hate them requires needed effort, which makes no sense to her. if she were to meet keaton, she wouldn't mind how he looks, sure it'll throw her off, but it's not something that will disgust her. looks aren't everything.

    here's the thing: romance isn't on her to do list. she believes that she is unworthy of it and there's simply no way someone would like her romantically. she doesn't have very high opinions of herself, but she's not seeking validation from someone. the poor girl is constantly having trouble sleeping to her weird dreams that she's exhausted most of the time, but it's not like she could tell anyone. if she does, she's worried that they'll think she's some kind of freak. even more then she already may seem with her stoic expression and scarce conversation (she just overthinks what to say).

    currently windclan has experienced a tornado and are temporarily at darkclan, while they assess the damage done to windclan territory. smokehaze is more than likely to be going on a patrol to assess the damage, and possibly get hurt in the process? she'll try to play it off, as she doesn't want to be a burden to her clan. the border has a weak windclan scent and it's obvious something big happened in the territory.

    It may be true that they were guests, but it felt better to ask them if it was okay. "Smokehaze," she answered. She saw no reason to keep this information secret, as they were going to see each other daily. Temporarily of course, but it wouldn't be bad to know each other's names. Besides, she knew the other molly's name. It was only fair to tell them her own. At the mention of help she really wasn't sure. On one hand she wanted to at least get some pointers, but on the other hand she didn't want to trouble the darkclanner. I don't want to seem rude. What if she thinks I'm rude, if I don't ask? Maybe she'll think I'm annoying if I ask? Why is this so hard? Despite the inner turmoil she was experiencing that the other would not know, she appeared to be staring at them.

    While her expression said nothing, her voice held a certain nervousness to it. "...Watch? Comment hunt?" What she was really trying to say was that she wanted Eagleblossom's tips and suggestions after watching her hunt. From there she could alter her style to fit the territory. Opening her maw she traced the scent of a rodent. Without any warning she crouched, body as low to the ground as possible. Thankfully, the grass was tall enough to hide her presence. Just barely however.

    The creature was completely oblivious to its fate. When the creature began to groom itself she took off, catching the rodent off guard. It didn't even have the time to run before she had scooped it up. It began to squirm in her maw, but all it took was her clamping her mouth shut harder for it to come to a stop. Turning, she returned to Eagleblossom. Dropping the now dead rodent to the ground, she continued to look at the darkclanner.

    Really, there was nothing special about the hunt. Perhaps, her speed and how quickly it ended. However, windclanners were known for being fast. Their prey was naturally fast, and so they had to become faster.

    Truth be told, she would rather go back then be here. It wasn't that she hated this place per say, but it just felt strange being here. Even if it was temporary. She didn't have any problem here with the darkclanners, as she stood mostly with the windclanners. If she did converse with any it was only brief, and it was mostly about where each party would hunt. Hunting wasn't too hard, but this land wasn't one she was raised and grew up in. The atmosphere here was a bit strange with the sudden increase of cats. Or maybe I'm thinking too much about it. "I'll go," she answered.

    With Windclan staying within Darkclan for a short while, it was more than a little unusual. For one they shared the same territory with darkclanners, and there was some tension here and there. After all, with Windclan staying there were mouths to feed. The question was how much prey should the windclanners take, which she so desperately sought out. It felt wrong to be hunting here. Guilt wracked her just catching a mouse. It wasn't like she could stop hunting. The clan needed to be fed as well. However, she wasn't accustomed to this land. Her home was vastly different from this one. She went out to hunt, but... This simply wasn't what she was used to. Windclan was a moor, there was no cover. It was the matter of being able to sneak up on prey and chasing them down. They had tall grass, but that was it.

    Looking around she spotted Eagleblossom, a cat she had seen twice now. It seemed like they were hunting too, or maybe they were doing a border patrol.She wasn't sure, but now she felt more than a little nervous to hunt in the darkclanner's presence. We're staying her for a little bit, but I don't want to make darkclanners upset. This is their home. Nervously she approached the warrior, her stony visage ever present. "Is okay hunt? This place different." To her, it was a bit startling how much more additional cover she had. Jarring really. Emphasizing what she meant she flicked her tail to point at the trees and rocks.


    She sounded tired because she WAS tired. She couldn't control her voice as her facial expressions, nor did she find the reason to. She scarcely spoke more than a few words, as she found herself nervous. Conversing with others was extremely difficult. It was more that she had overthought what to say and in her attempt in trying to keep one, many would feel uncomfortable. Speaking less was her solution to the situation. However, it seemed that the riverclan molly was genuinely worried about them. I don't understand. Why would you? I'm not... I'm not anyone special. "Always tired. It's okay," was all she could offer. It was her attempt in trying to say that it was just one of those things that couldn't be helped. She couldn't be helped.

    Rosevenom? That was a cat no one had seen for a long time. The clan mainly relied on Hawpaw and Minkpaw for any medical assistance. That in itself was pretty bad, as the clan technically didn't have a medicine cat. They had medicine cat apprentices, but no actual medicine cat. Although... Lizardstar thought to remedy the situation by having the other apprentices train with medicine cats from other clans. What the molly had suggested, get rest... Was easier said then done in her situation. The strange dreams that plagued her never ceased. She couldn't understand why Starclan couldn't grace her with dreamless nights, but she simply had to endure it. Although, something caught her attention. This person knew Rosevenom. Maybe they're a medicine cat? No one here has mentioned Rose before, and Rose didn't go here before. I think...

    "Rose gone. Rest hard, don't think anything for sleep. Don't want bother clan" Considering the other molly knew Rose, she figured it was okay for them to know about their friend(?). It wouldn't do too much harm. It's not like she told them that they only had medicine cat apprentices. That simply wasn't her business to tell the other clan.

    She was no medic, so she trusted the apprentices judgement more than her own. It's not like she had any special training prior to this, so her words weren't as accurate. Even though Minkpaw was only an apprentice, she had more medical knowledge than her. Hearing her explanation of why it was better for the kits and her to stay she simply nodded. There was no need to talk about it. The time was ticking and they needed to tend to Stormfeather and her kits pronto. The next words the medicine cat apprentice spoke were of utmost importance. She stood tall, ears perked, she was merely the messenger. When her orders were given, she nodded before taking off.

    It didn't matter if she was tired, what mattered right now was that the kits and Stormfeather would be alright. When she made it to camp she rushed into the medicine cats den, hoping that Hawkpaw was inside. Luckily the apprentice was. Approaching them, she put a paw on his shoulder. How... How do I start this. Oh no, he's staring at me. I gotta say something! "Stormfeather's in critical condition, has large gash in stomach and few minor wounds. Lizard, Storm, and Mink at the border. Stormfeather had kits, but gash caused kits to fall out. Two moving, two not moving."

    Smokehaze would appreciate the help and be thankful for it, but she still feels weird about it. Technically she isn't stealing prey, but now there's an increase in the mouths to feed. The: I don't know if I should hunt as much mentality.

    I can make the thread if you want

    Maybe an interaction thread? With Windclan staying at Darkclan for a bit, it'll be strange for the two clans. Smokehaze sure isn't used to the teritory, even though she's been here before. When Lizardstar came to ask for an alliance and Stormfeather stating she was expecting.

    The girl doesn't talk much, as she's actually nervous talking with others. She isn't the best conversationalist (she believes), but she wouldn't shy away from interacting with other cats. Although this situation is strange and she feels bad hunting here, because this isn't Windclan territory.

    Maybe they bond through hunting? As in seeing the differences between clan styles? Considering Windclan cats are pretty fast. What throws Smoke off is that she actually has some cover when hunting.

    Smokehaze was never good at these sort of things. She was numb to the situation. She was aware that there was indeed a pool of blood surrounding Stormfeather, the scent of her attacker lingering in the air, the two mewling kits, and the other two that remained still. For some reason it did not bother her. Perhaps it's the dreams. Nothing makes sense, but that's alright. There's nothing I could do. Maybe my mind's warped. Maybe something's is wrong with me. That's why dad got rid of me. I came out wrong. Her eyes had never left the kits. She was amazed by the small bundles. She had never seen another give birth, but then again this was no birthing. Still, it was amazing how these four managed to fit within Stormfeather. The body is mysterious...

    It was only when Minkpaw began asking Stormfeather if they could make it back to camp was she able to pry her gaze away from the kits. She doubted Stormfeather would make it in time along with the kits. Well... That was not to say that the queen was not strong, it's just the injuries they sustained. The health of the kits were also in danger as well. They could end up losing them both. Turning to look at Minkpaw, she waited for them to finish. "I can go back, get Hawk. Get herbs. What about kits? Take to Hawk?"

    She wasn't sure how she had done it, but she managed to do it. Keep the silent promise between her and Lizardstar. To say she was exhausted was an understatement. She wanted to pass out more than anything, but she couldn't do that just yet. She wasn't injured, but she had kits with her. They weren't hers, but she couldn't find Stormfeather in the crowd. She could only trust that the mother was safe and sound, considering Lizardstar was here. Gently she set the kits down, checking up on them. The journey wasn't exactly easy for them. She was a bit worried when they weren't moving, but eventually they began to squirm. Perhaps, it was simply the shock of the situation. The kits didn't exactly have time to interact with the world around them.

    Relief washed over her, as the kits squirmed. Still, she had to be attentive. If anything were to happen to them she was to blame. Laying down next to them, she moved so she was encircling them. Their mewls brought a small smile to her face for a moment before it returned to it's usual stony visage. All she could do was watch, as they squirmed about.

    Without any warning Lizardstar had rushed into the nursery and for a moment she thought he was going to scold them for attempting to stay a little longer. She had almost forgotten that Stormfeather had recently given birth to kits. What a horrible time for this to happen. What can we do? What can I do? I don't know... I just don't know. It's either we lose Stormfeather and the kits, or another mother and kits. The decision was more than a little difficult to make, as she didn't want to leave Fluxpaw and Duckpaw by their lonesome. She trusted that they would be okay, but in this disaster? She wouldn't forgive herself if they didn't make it. Lizardstar did yell at them to leave, which she had expected. She was going to explain, but a decision had been made for her. Two small kits had been pushed towards her.

    "Take them."

    The breath that she had been holding all this time had left her. His words held a certain power over her. Wordlessly she neared the kits, and gazed upon them for a moment. They certainly took after their father. I'll protect you. I'm your... Friend. She was more than a little nervous, as she was given a very important task. However, there was no time to tell LizardStar she had a mistake. In reality, with one look... She grew attached to the kits, as she had known of their existence at the very beginning.

    Carefully she bent down to pick them up by the scruff. Looking at Lizardstar one final time she took off. No matter what happens, I'll make sure you're alright. Even if I get hurt. That's okay. Exiting the den, the storm had certainly gotten worse. The wind blowing harshly along with a loud noise. She had to get moving. Claws unsheathed, she did her best to catch up with the group. Digging into the dirt each step in order to ensure the wind didn't take her and the kits.

    Don't die. Please. Don't die...

    She was about to enter slumber when everything went wrong. She didn't want to go, but it's not like she had a choice. Well... She did, but that option was to die. She didn't want that. The past nights the storms had not allowed her to rest. The rain wasn't bad. She rather enjoyed it, falling asleep easily to it. The melodious tune it held was more than enough to allow her to rest. At least, for a short while. Run he says, but I don't think we're going to make it. I can try, but it's hard. How do you run away from this thing?! Panic was spreading around camp, and she was panicking too. Although it wasn't evident on her face.

    In the panic of it all she saw Fluxpaw and Duckpaw still in camp. Lizardstar said everyone run, make sure everyone is out. She could run and pretend that she didn't hear the tom's cries, but that was shameful. She had a duty as a warrior, even if it cost her life. Quickly approaching them, ignoring the yowls in the background she looked around. I don't see them. We... We might have to leave them behind."Can't stay long. Have run soon. I help look," was all she could offer to the toms.

    Sometimes... Sometimes cats didn't make it. They would have to endure the lives that were lost and mourn for them. She knew that so well.

    Perhaps she should have been more specific, but it was too late for that. The confusion laced on the riverclanner's face was enough tell, that the other molly didn't know what she was referring about. Although, all the other molly would be met with is silence. A stony visage. Smokehaze started to feel the affects from the little rest she had. All she wanted to do was collapse, but doing that here would only tarnish the image of Windclan. She didn't want to disgrace her clan, nor did she want riverclanners to be alarmed at her sudden collapse. The answer of the riverclan molly did not register completely. She merely turned her attention to their maw opening and closing. It was the only tell that the other was speaking to her.

    Pollution, she knew about that already. Windclan had gotten countless reminders of that fact. She only gave a faint nod, noting that she managed to take in such information. However, the question of what state Windclan was in... There was a moment of pause. Many things had happened. Their deputy had gotten sick from eating infected prey, she was obligated to keep a secret for their leader, their leader losing a life, the discovery of tunnels, more cats falling ill, the trip to the tribe and darkclan for alliances, there was simply too much. Too much that Riverclan not need know. "Seen better days. Few sick, generally okay." The exhaustion laced within those words was apparent, even though she did not appear tired.

    She was not sick in the same manner as Wolfbite, but she didn't have proper rest. Proper rest was ideal for the health of any cat. A requirement that she couldn't fulfill.

    A task? Well she managed to get some rest in, so she was okay for it. She needed to do something within the clan, with her apprentice gone. Maybe I just wasn't good enough.She had to shake those thoughts away. What done is what is dine. Nothing can change that. Wolfbite was still recovering, so she supposed that Lizardstar assigning these tasks was not unusual. "I take one."

    throws this warrior over. she's clueless at love, so any conversation about it she's lost. smoke has never thought about it. she'll be uncomfortable if hare asks about it. otherwise smoke's okay with digging hole with her and getting dirty just fine.

    The sky was violet, with few clouds. She stood in the center of it all, the plains. However, the clan was gone. All that there was the farm the twolegs lived in. However, it was a farm that she had never seen before. It kissed the sky and was silver, it seemed to absorb the color of the sunset. She couldn't understand, as there was no sun. In the violet sky there was something hurtling across, a black ball with long tails. The center of the ball was white along with tints of yellow, but within that ball there was an eye. The bluest eye she had ever seen. Floating in the air seemed to be a twoleg contraption. At the farm she had seen this before. Where twolegs and twoleg kits would play. They would have an orange ball of some sort and they would throw it into a hole, which the orange ball would come out of. They would scream in anger or joy. She didn't understand the world of twolegs, so she did her best not to be seen. The strange ink ball with the bluest eye she had ever seen, seemed to be hurtling towards the twoleg contraption. Dreams like these only served to make her confused. She felt numb to it all. She was the victim of the dreamworld, at least... It's not something bad. The last dream she had involved her drowning(?) by Riverclan's ink water, and then numerous monsters destroyed windclan territory.

    It was so strange, but she could do nothing. She was subjected to withstand these dreams. However, it was more than a little odd this dream. It was hauntingly peaceful, in an abnormal world. She was all alone. In this strange world. Maybe it's best to be alone. No one would understand. They'd only think of me as crazy. Its happened before. Now she was laying on the grass, watching as the violet sky became the darkest blue. When she turned to her side, she saw herself. When she had been a kit. "But are you crazy?"

    And with that she awoke. Looking around she was surrounded by the clan, all going on with their lives. The question remained in her head. Am I crazy? She shook her head, she shouldn't be thinking about that. The sun, the real one would be going down soon. She decided to take a walk and clear her mind of the strange dream, but she found herself at Riverclan's border. Near it at least. When she looked down at the water that separated their clans, she remembered how it dragged her to its deepest depths. How, in those depths she saw two cats. Why were Swanfeather and Pearlpaw there? Am I really crazy or was I never sane at all?

    She saw another at the border. An apprentice she assumed. A she-cat. Funny how she found herself in the presence of Riverclanners more often. Then again there had been a story passed down that told of Windclan's and Riverclan's relationship with one another. The exhaustion had never left her and she could only offer the she-cat a faint flick of her tail. The last thing she heard was that the water was polluted. Wolfbite, deputy of their clan had been poisoned by prey. She wouldn't dream of entering the body of water. "Things better?" The question was meant to address the polluted the water. From all those she knew in Riverclan, they told her of the stress that came from the polluted water. She didn't even know why she asked, it simply escaped her lips before she could stop herself from doing so.

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