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    Birdkit was very precious to her, but she supposed that was due to the fact that she had carried them to Darkclan. They weren't her kit, but she felt attached nevertheless. One may even confuse them, as they looked alike. In terms of their pelt, but other than that... They were simply cats that resided in the same clan. She had returned from another long day, only to be greeted by Birdkit taking an abundance of freshkill. It wasn't that eating freshkill was bad, yet for Birdkit to grab that much? That wasn't normal in any regard. Curiosity overtaking her, she followed the kit. There was no ill intent behind her actions, she simply wanted to know why the kit needed so much freshkill.

    What greeted her was freshkill on decorated moss. It was a bit strange. They simply made a smaller freshkill pile with moss underneath it. Are we trying to make it pretty? Maybe Birdkit did it for fun? It didn't seem like this was for show, yet she couldn't understand what this was for. Approaching the kit, she offered a small wave of her paw. "Bird do what?"

    Unkempt was her fur when she approached, but she never was the sort to care about her appearance. No matter what she did, she was always the peculiar one. It was simply something she had come to accept. Whatever the case, Stagfire had dealt with most of what was required. She didn't think he was bad, considering Rulindil wasn't all too friendly towards the former Bloodclanner? It didn't matter, Stagfire was a windclanner now. They hadn't done anything that warranted distrust, or reason to kick them out. The new molly didn't alarm her. By the way they were talking, it sounded like Desdemona wanted to join. However... What's a grapevine? What's a grape?

    If Desdemona really wanted to know what the fuss was about, then they better expect to be living in the cave for a bit. The clan was still a wreck, but it was doing much better than before. "You... Join?" She just felt that she had to ask the question to be sure. Maybe it was a little too late to ask such a question? Well... It was already too late. "You work? Need help here."

    There had a been another kit they'd recently taken in. She remembered going on out a mission looking for the kit's parents, however... A whole of week of searching to find nothing. There was absolutely nothing. If they simply had a lead, any really, they could have found their parents. Still, leaving this kit all on their lonesome wasn't right. The clan decided to take them in, despite current circumstances. She wouldn't say she showed the new addition sympathy, considering she wasn't really around to spend time with the kit. The clan was still trying to rebuild themselves, but it was pretty slow. They really needed the extra paws around here. She wasn't sure how it would be like including Riverclan and Darkclan for help, but it was better than being in these tunnels for sure.

    When she made it to the surface, the loud squawks (?) called her attention. Birds, eagles of all things wasn't common around here. They were dangerous, and it was best to stay clear of them. When she went to go investigate the source she found the kit they had taken in. Carrotkit. How'd he get here? Did someone bring him here as a joke? Maybe he just snuck out of the cave? It could be worse. Could have gotten himself lost in the tunnels. Maybe she should have warned them before bringing her paw to stop him from tumbling around. "Go back. Not safe. I take you home."

    Smokehaze normally stood up till the morning, walking around the territory during midnight. She just needed something to get off her mind things. A fresh breather. The caves certainly wouldn't do that for her, as it was so damp. When she was walking around she could have sworn she heard something, but decided not to figure it out. The noise had died down, and she figured it wasn't anything important anyways. There was no one to tell her to work, so she wasn't going to put in the extra effort to scout around and find the source. I'm too tired for that. When's the last time I even had some rest? Those dreams have stopped, but that's only because I've been worked to the bone. My mind can't even produce strange dreams for me right now.

    Whatever had happened, she sat and looked at the sky for a bit. Content, she finally decided to leave. That's when she caught the scent of Minkpaw. Why was she out this early? She should be inside, everyone's probably getting up again. Maybe she wanted to get some herbs at the farm? However, the scent of something strange and a twoleg entered her nostrils. The scent of the twoleg and Minkpaw were combined, which meant... They took her. Was Minkpaw that noise? No, it couldn't be. It can't be. She's... Gone. I should get out of here. With that she rushed back to the camp, where everyone was most likely getting up again.

    Panting from her dash back, she took a few moments to regain her breath. "Mink gone. Twoleg take her. Scent still there. No mink. No mink. Gone. Gone," came her rushed words.

    // It was wonderful having you in Windclan Myth! I wish you luck with the character who's going to step up. It was nice roleplaying with you Myth <3!

    She had decided to tag along, but found herself at a loss. She had been born when this Cloudbounce was nine moons. Of course, she didn't know them. Only Haycloud knows them. Everyone else around here has no idea who this is. Ahh, I'm glad. I won't be the only one who's confused, but I feel bad for Cloudbounce. We can't properly welcome him back. Should I say it's nice to have you back? No, that's weird. What if he keeps talking to me? I'll have to make stuff up! or maybe he'll be frustrated with me! Maybe he's a little overwhelmed by how many cats are here?? I don't know. I should just keep silent.And that's what she did. She kept silent. The only thing she did was raise her paw to wave at this Cloudbounce.

    Though she had no sight, she couldn't help imagining it. There were no dreams, or at least dreams where she could see things. After all, how could she produce images in a dream when she couldn't see them? When she dreamed, she dreamed of the feeling. Some days she felt herself falling into the abyss, other days she was floating. It was strange how life worked. She was indeed a warrior, but she had to rely on her hearing and smell. That was all she had, but on rainy days it was especially difficult. Her sense of smell would fail her. While she may not see Rulindil and Lizardstar they had a certain scent. A scent that she could easily recognize.

    Approaching the pair, stumbling a bit on the way, she flicked her tail in greeting. Not that she could see the response, but it was the thought that they exchanged her gesture was good enough. It seems they were talking about the moon and stars, things that she could only dream of being able to see one day. However, she was already into adulthood and been born blind, so there was no hope that she would be able to see. The way Rulindil was explaining it wasn't helping. "... Moon is Lizardstar? Us the stars?" I didn't know the moon and stars were cats. Look like them that is. Isn't that a little strange?

    They were still stuck in the caves, which was fine for now. She was slowly getting used to being in these caves, but she would forever miss the surface. They still had so much to do, and she was more than exhausted. Her body was numb from exhaustion at this point. She couldn't feel anything. However, she did know that she had to attend this meeting. There was nothing much to say, but she sat next to Stormfeather. Hopefully the other molly didn't mind. She had never done this before after all.

    The caves weren't so bad, but she would always long for the surface. She would do the same old every day, pick up litter. She was actually in the middle of creating more piles or sorting the piles out, when she saw Rulindil in the distance rolling rather large sticks up and down the hills. She really couldn't understand what he was doing, as he was trekking further away from the territory at first. She had just assumed the deputy was having his own fun. The whole situation was bizarre to her that she couldn't stop watching the deputy. However, slowly the deputy was making their way to the edge of camp.

    Curious by it all, she approached Rulindil. When she neared him, she noted him digging a hole. She wasn't sure why he needed large sticks or the need for a hole. "What doing?"

    Flinching at the new voice, she turned to come face to face with Grizzly. A cat that had joined the clan not too long ago, but they weren't a clan cat yet. They weren't a bad cat in any means, but they didn't have a clan name. She really didn't understand it, considering Rulindil was deputy. He didn't even have a clan name and was deputy, so Grizzly could have easily been part of the clan already. Then Stagfire... That was a clan name, but they needed to be shadowed by someone for an entire moon. It really was strange, but she had to abide by whatever Rulindil and Lizardstar say. However, she was more confused by what Grizzly was asking her. The prey running? What does that even mean? "Running fine? Uhhh, dunno you talk about. Talk about freshkill pile?" It was safe to say she was at a complete and utter loss at what Grizzly was trying to say. Hopefully, in time they would get to understand each other a bit.

    Morningstar was next to approach, and her form became more rigid. This was their former leader, the leader who they believed was lost to Starclan. Whatever the case it was nice to have them again. It was at this point in time she realized she still bore her twisted smile, due to the faint ache from holding the expression. Returning to her usual stony visage, she shook her head at the former leader. Nothing was wrong. However, she felt obligated to tell him what she had been doing. This was their former leader after all. "Just try smiling..."

    Words of gratitude was the last thing she ever thought to receieve, as she was unworthy of such kind words. She was quite surprised that Rulindil of all cats would tell her such things, but it was futile to argue. Accepting whatever life threw at her was what she became used to. It was rather amusing in a sense, how Rulindil was also attempting to help. She would never tell him, but... He was making it a little harder to pile all the litter. She knew he was trying, so she would never tell him off. She simply made sure to bring the scattered pieces back with the other trash she brought. Considering it was just the two of them she felt a little more at ease. He couldn't see her either, so it gave her an added sense of comfort. She simply didn't like being the center of attention.

    She had dreams, everyone did. The dream she wanted to achieve now, more than anything, was to restore the old territory. "...Your welcome. I just want a future where they can come back to this place." Yes, she was capable of speaking full sentences, but she rather not to most of the time. Her inner thoughts and opinions were always things she tried to suppress from others. "And, uh. This stuff is twoleg trash, but it's a lot of things that the kits can get sick from. Lots of bad things here for them to eat."

    Spotting Stormfeather, she offered a small flick of her tail in greeting to the other molly. She wasn't sure if they were friends, but she knew Stormfeather. She had been there when the other molly announced her pregnancy, and she was also tasked with taking care of the Queens kits during the tornado. All she knew was that neither of them had any issues with each other, so that was a bonus. Anyhow, Rulindil had the floor again. She was glad that the deputy didn't ask them to chase the loner out of camp. Not that it was a bad thing per say, but she didn't see the reason for it. Stagfire hadn't done anything wrong. However, she was shocked when Rulindil asked her to watch over Stagfire. She wasn't sure why, as there were more qualified members within the camp to watch over the loner. No doubt would it be an awkward experience, as she wasn't much of a talker. She was troubled. She didn't wish to be the one to look after Stag, but she didn't want to disappoint Rulindil or Lizardstar. I wonder if I'll do good enough. Hopefully Stag won't hate me for watching him for a week. "...Okay. I watch."

    Numb. She couldn't shake that feeling. The exhaustion was something she became adjusted to. For better and for worse. The lack of connections towards others as well. There was a time when she wasn't so closed off, but she was still very much the odd one out. When she had been apprentice was the last time she was able to express any emotion. Why? She had been ridiculed and called a good for nothing slacker. It hurt, the cruel words of her clanmates. Her parents did nothing to stop it. No one was there to help her, even just a little bit. How she let her life be ruled by the judgement of others and continue to allow it was no mystery. She had practice in becoming cast to the side. Of being invisible.

    She actually despised how weak and strange she was. How she couldn't manage a conversation, or how she stumbled upon her words. She simply didn't know how to interact with others. No one was really waiting for her. No one came to actively talk to her, or even ask how she was doing. Then again, she wouldn't do anything. What a boring cat she was. Still, it didn't stop her from wanting a connection. I'm really messed up... The thought was enough to cause her to internally smile. A smile was something she had given up, due to all the bullying she received. They had told her she couldn't smile properly, and she believed.

    I wonder how I look. Do I really look that horrible. Normally she would keep her stony visage, but she didn't see anyone around. At least, that's what she believed. It was more than strange, forcing herself to smile. It was more wicked than anything. The more she tried adjusting her smile, the more twisted it became. Why is smiling so hard?

    It really did bother her, the litter in camp. She had come everyday to create piles of trash, but there had to be something done about it. The nursery was wrecked, so they couldn't do anything about that. Of course, that meant they would have to make a new one. Using the tunnels wasn't bad per say, but she really missed the surface. When all of them would sleep under the stars. The cave was alright, but she wasn't accustomed to it. There was something she wanted to ask Rulindil and Lizardstar, but she couldn't bring herself to do so. It wasn't in her place. She didn't have the right to ask them a question. A question of what were they going to do with the litter? They couldn't just dump it in the river, but they couldn't keep it here either.

    For now, she simply continued with her task. Picking up whatever trash made its way in their former camp and putting it in a pile. Tedious, but it had to be done. She was keeping the piles close to each other, so it appeared as one big pile. Normally she wasn't one to go out of her way to do this, but she recalled Birdkit's displeasure when they couldn't do anything. What she wanted was for them to experience life before the tornado. That the kits and apprentices were able to have a future in which windclanners were able to return to the surface and thrive in their former camp.

    Adderki-, no it was adderpaw now. Time really did pass by in a blink of an eye. She recalled the time when he was still a kit. Adder had never liked being in one place, but then again most kits didn't particularly enjoy being in the nursery. Most kits wanted to be warriors as soon as possible and experience the world. Before she could respond to Adder Rulindil had responded to the apprentice. It wasn't anything bad, just teasing. Technically Rulindil was right, Adderpaw wasn't a kit. They could come on the trip if they wanted. Time really flies. He was a kit not too long ago. I guess you can feel a little nervous doing this things for the first time. She couldn't denied she was amused by Rulindil's quips, but it was a shame she couldn't express it. "Adder can come. Adder not kit, right. You is Adderpaw," she answered. Okay, maybe she couldn't help teasing the apprentice. It was harmless though. She didn't mean anything bad towards the apprentice. Hearing Rulindil's comment about hanging back she answered, "That okay." She could nod, but... Rulindil just wouldn't be able to see that.

    Then another cat approached. A cat she had never really talked to. She saw them wandering around, but they weren't exactly a windclanner. Well... In terms of scent. They had a slightly different scent from the rest of the clan, but eventually the scent would become more and more of a windclanner. Although, she did shift slightly when the tom walked right next to her. Hopefully he didn't take it the wrong way. Oh no, he knows my name! I don't even know his! Now i just feel bad. I can't just ask him who are you? Especially right now! That's just going to make things awkward! Uhhh, do something. He's asking you a question. He'll think you're rude if you don't answer him, but you answered Adderpaw.She brought herself to look at the new addition to the clan, assessing him. He was not a warrior, but they needed all the help they could get. Besides, he was willing to do work for the clan.

    "Yes, it Smokehaze. You can come. More cats, More food." With that she continued leading the small party to the farm. It was their best bet for food, but it was also risky due to the twolegs. During this season they would remain indoors whenever they can.

    Bloodclan... She couldn't bear any hatred towards them in the slightest. One even helped her, even though she wasn't sure why they did. That bloodclan medic wasn't obligated to heal her, yet they did it anyways. She had been around to hear the gist of it, but what threw her in a loop was Rulindil's tone. He's never like that. Is today just a bad day for him? Or is it because camp's still a mess? Maybe he's actually upset at us for not getting it fixed sooner? It puzzled her. Their deputy certainly wasn't the same. There wasn't any shock she expressed, but she did glance at the blind deputy briefly.

    Then Smallpool started doing something weird. She was in complete and utter loss at the situation. On one hand their deputy wasn't the welcoming sort. On the other hand, Smallpool had trouble seeing Stagfire? I guess he's pretty big? I son't think you have to raise your head at them. Wait. Ohhh, it's because Smallpool's just... Small... I'm stupid. Still, inspecting Stagfire she didn't see anything wrong with him joining. In a way, them still coming was a sign that they were indeed serious about finding a new home. After all, Windclan wasn't in the best state. Stagfire could've gone to another clan, but they decided to join this clan. Despite all the wreckage.

    Stony visage ever present she faced Rulindil, "Let him? He want join, even if clan mess. Could use more paws. No trust Stag? Uhh, one warrior watch Stag? That good?"

    She had been tasked with putting together a hunting patrol, but the thing was... With the territory being a complete mess, it was going to be difficult to find prey. Or, at least, all the trash would simply get in the way. However, there was one thing that would remain. The twoleg farm. It was dangerous, yet it was going to be the place where they had the highest chance of getting prey. It was a long trip to the farm and then back into the tunnels, but at least the trip wouldn't be worthless. The farm had an abundance of rodents, so the clan would be fed. However, she would be lying to say she wasn't thinking about all the litter in camp. It bothered her how her home had been wrecked. Their home wasn't the same. She was certain the trash was no good for the clan either. The smell was becoming pungent and the kits could digest something they weren't supposed to.

    Yet, that was not what she was tasked with. She had been tasked with providing the clan with food, which she was going to do. Even though she was quite nervous leading a hunting patrol. She scarcely led anything, as she rather remain to the sidelines. No one took her seriously on a daily basis, so why should she lead something. However, today was the day she was going to be pushed out of her comfort zone. Kits were definitely not coming. They needed all the help they could get, but kits weren't allowed. The journey was too far, and it was out of the question to even bring them to the farm. Looking around, she went to the middle of the cave. Where most cats were conversing among each other.

    She sat in silence for a few moments trying to work up the courage to say something. Come on! It's not that hard! What if someone gets hurt? They're staring at you, just say something! HELLLLLLLO OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND SPEAK. "Hunt Patrol!" She internally winced as the other cats stared at her in surprise. There was no build up or introduction to her statement, so it was warranted that they would look at her oddly. Already seeing that she was being judged, she continued, "We go to Farm. No kits allowed. Anyone come, follow me." With that she slowly made her way towards the tunnels leading to the surface, watching if anyone was following her.

    Morningfrost's voice was enough to send a jolt down her spine. She didn't fear the former leader per say, but she feared that she may have said something out of line. The last thing she wanted was to anger the former leader. Thankfully they didn't insult her, or even glare at her for asking a kit such a question. The smile Morningfrost offered only instilled fear within her. There were only one major reason why anyone would give her that look. That look only occurred whenever her tormentors would insult her. Put her down. Remind her again and again how strange and useless she was to the clan. It was always the same with them. All because her family had practically neglected her. Her mother and father leaving her to fend for herself. The love she was shown was only for show. When no one was around, that's when her parents pretended she didn't exist. A mistake she was. All her other siblings had died. She was the unwanted one.

    All she could do in this moment was remain quiet. She couldn't even look at the others, Morningfrost most of all. She was simply invisible in this situation. Whatever Fluxpaw and Sparrowpaw had said didn't register. She was there, but not present. Just doing nothing is better after all.

    Sparring was never her strong suit. She didn't want to fight, nor did she have the will for it. In the times she was required to, she usually avoided her opponent. Her mentor was pleased in that sense. While she didn't have the knack or heart for attacking someone, she was more then skilled in dodging someone. The best defense could be the greatest offence. However, she knew there was going to be a time when she wouldn't be able to avoid someone's attacks. She would have to sink her claws into someone one day. Even if she may not like it, she had to. Survival came first after all.

    "I join," she answered. In reality she didn't want to, but she would look even worse to be sitting there doing nothing. She didn't have an excuse to do nothing, sadly.