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Check out this announcement about new leadership limits in Agrelos

    PARENTS: Writingsins x Hope (technically through adoption)

    SLOTS: 1

    APPEARANCE: The sibling will most likely be of dark colors and a lupurca

    PLOTS: because radio took this body through possessions he will have inadvertently adopted the sibling. this sibling will know of barghest and only know him as such, not knowing that radio took the body of their brother who was dying and struggling to survive and is using it as a way to have a new life and a new way of doing things (this may be revealed later on and they can either accept it or reject it entirely)

    RULES: please be active in the exiles with this sibling and unless they absolutely have to i'd like for them to remain in the exiles, inactivity will result in being rehomed

    OTHERS: n/a



    This is just some good old mass adopt litters to get the blood pumping in the Reaver family and get plots kicking off. Just create a simple form and state interest in a litter and if it is still open you will most likely have to slot!


    RULES --

    1. Create a simple form with your character and what litter you are adopting out of

    2. please track the Reaver Family Guide once your character has been accepted

    3. all characters must carry the Reaver surname

    4. if characters which to be around family Valkyr is in Volary Flights and Mercy is in Shadow Veil

    -- REAVER

    HISTORY --

    The family itself was created a very long time ago, spawning up in December of 2014 by Casimir and Perevesti. Their goal being this to be a family for those that didn't quite fit in and that still remains true but with old ways falling off and a new generation to take charge of the old and proud family things are beginning to change. With a newer future to uphold the family can be linked back directly to another source where much of them have come from. A name that most know from their own memories: Writingsins, a former leader of Shadowclan who carried the name with strength and who had many spawns himself. Now the family has grown from one generation to another, traits that are classic and characteristic drawing them together. Now the Reaver family has taken on a more mysterious dark side.



    Valkyr - Volary Flights - rped by valkyrie

    Mercy - Shadow Veil - rped by mercurial | Spiritcaller & Midnightbringer (HP)



    Twinflames - Amalfi Heights - rped by mercurial

    Trashboat - BHR - rped by raebaer | reincarnated

    Cassiopeia - Amalfi Heights + Volary Flights - rped by raebaer

    Radioactiveplague - loner - rped by valkyrie | former leader of SV and former deputy of Cartel

    Lavenderlace - Thunderlands + Shadow Veil - rped by pwincessluna | Spiritcaller's Student

    Apple - Shadow Veil - rped by pure | Many former HPs

    Narcissus - BHR - rped by singingmousai | Strategist (HP)

    Sunsetpaw - Sanctuary - rped by Muddymutt

    Candyaddict - Painted Brigade - rped by pwincessluna

    Adara - BHR - rped by mercurial


    Xia - deceased - rped by raebaer | former deputy of BHR and former assistant deputy of SV



    Ceremonies like these are done simple and easy. All someone needs is for the heads to be present for their acceptance into the Reaver family. Two other members can also vouch for their merge into the family as well but the say so must be from the heads of the family. (short and sweet, just create a thread and tag valkyr and mercy for the ceremony to be done)


    This is a celebration that is done almost ever full moon when the family gathers to celebrate who they are. To celebrate the Reaver family and to just lay back and have fun, talk and mingle with one another, compete and have competitions against one another like a family reunion.


    Gatherings like these are doing only during the new moon, when there is no moon to shine light upon their meeting. These gatherings are typically used to reconnect and to share news. Sometimes even interclan news is exchanged here but the loyalties still remain even if the bond of the family is strong.


    The family jewel has become a traditional statement of belonging to something that does not judge their shortcomings and loves them for who they are. They pride themselves on being Reavers and those that wish to show it usually wear a leather collar of either black or dark purple with the family jewel either embedded or hanging off of the collar. The family jewel is the moonstone, a showering of rainbow colors that suggest that all creatures of every walk of life have become unified. ref



    Because of the recent genetics and many traits coming into play here most of the family have inherited shadows upon their body and the trademark glow of different markings upon their pelts. This does not by any means suggest that one that does not possess these traits are not a Reaver. But these traits are seen as the a more immediate mark of one. Yet there will be Reavers who would think and suggest that those with these markings are purer than other Reavers and see themselves as better. (shadow manipulation 10% is required to have the shadows upon the forms of your character, but glowing markings on the pelt is free)

    RULES & LINKS --


    1. A Reaver has the right to defend their clan with all of the loyalty that they have, even against another Reaver

    2. A family member is to not be looked down upon because of the characteristics of the clan they have devoted their life too

    3. Family is to abstain from torturing or killing their own (this means any form of harm)

    4. The Heads are in charge of who is allowed in the family and who is not


    1. please let mercurial and or myself know if a family member has died, been promoted, or has had a litter

    2. activity is not a must but we do ask that your character be around




    1. Username:Character Name:Clan:Rank:Connection to Family (can be adopted and or related to another known Reaver):Other:

    remi for the most part maekar feels more comfortable with the dornish folk since he has spent much of his in Summerhall. though he has no problem with aelinor and considers her to be a kindred spirit perhaps. although he isn't too sure about her personally since the targaryen looks don't necessarily make him trust another with the same looks.

    Bumble Bee , omg yes, Rav would definitely love to spend time with Allyria, especially since they come from the same backgrounds. She's a tease as well and she isn't scared to openly admit such things, she was raised rough and tumble with her father overseeing that she knew how to handle herself in dangerous situations. and yes, rav is a definitely drinker who can handle alcohol pretty well. as for Maekar he feels rather comfortable with the Dornish folk since Summerhall is located in the Dornish Marches and it's where he is primarily unless he has to make frequent appearances in King's Landing. So he might end up being around the Dornish.

    edicts. maekar holds his tully ancestry to his heart, he loves that side of his family despite being a named targaryen. so he'd do what he could to make sure that house tully is protected especially since his mother came from there. i'm sure he would have treated alyssa as family and probably have tried to be close to her??


    The smallest touches of a smile seemed to grace his lips, like that of the Mona Lisa as he observed her curtsy before he waved off her slight apologies as he was not offended if she hadn't jumped up immediately at his presence. After all it was a party and he was sure that her attention would be on other more prominent things. Most did travel to the King's naming day not because they wanted to offer the king their acceptance of his rise to the throne but to fight for power and to see what House could outdo another's. He was all too keen on how these things went and wiser for it. With a gentle wave of his hand, slender fingers shifting before they curled inward and he relaxed them against his leg he beckoned her to take her seat once more so that she may relax in his company. Yes he understood who he was, the Prince of Summerhall. The one whom was slighted and unable to take the throne. Though he had no understanding in himself if he actually wanted the throne for himself or not. After all he had never truly seen himself as a King in the literal sense. The thought was intriguing though and he shifted his lavender hued gaze to look over the crowed of lords and ladies.

    "It's good that you are enjoying yourself." He still spoke with that soft stone despite everything. His gaze narrowing slowly in thought before he gave a wistful smile. "I too find it a bit harder than normal to mingle with the many lords and ladies that have arrived here today." Normally, he spent much of his time at Summerhall, within the Dornish Marches. Feeling comfortable there though he had lived his own number of years within King's Landing. Yet, he was not an heir to the throne. Not Prince of Dragonstone. Folding his hands in his lap he would tilt his head slightly and he guessed it was accountable because of all of the deaths that had happened and the fact that nobles were warring to see if they could still get him on the throne. Still he wished nothing but to see how these things played out. Instead he lowered his head just a bit, those silver strands slipping to hide his face for a moment. "Would you like to dance, Lady Aelinor? Or would you perhaps like to walk the grounds?"

    © Pax

    Bumble Bee omg, they totally should become like close friends perhaps even if they don't get to see each other often? Rav is the type to laugh at most things that nobility does even if she is considered nobility herself and she has a more carefree way of her own lifestyle so she is humored when she sees everyone acting so stiff and uptight, even when it is a party she knows there are still social stigmas at play

    also Maekar is open to plot with as well, the second in line prince is rather mysterious to say the least but there are rumors floating about that he isn't too happy with the fact that he didn't win the throne. yet he seems relaxed and inclined to allow things to go as they are currently


    Eyes of the storm watched the proceedings with a quiet and almost childish disdain. Truly how uptight could these events get? Well, her mind said very but it was still a celebration no less. There was music shifting the tone of the room and many of the lords and ladies were dancing and laughing their little hearts out. How wonderful for them. Her fingers tapped mutedly against the small table that she had settled herself at for a while now. Having arrived here rather early just so she could get partially drunk to have to deal with the coming and goings. She'd been to King's Landing a long time ago, when her father was still around before everyone figured he was lost at sea or had perished on the waves. But that time she had learned a lot about how noble life truly was. A playground. Where one child is tugging at the end of a rope and the other tugging at the opposite end to see just who is stronger and who will cave in. But there was a strategy to it and some she bet would make their power moves very soon. After all wasn't there a Warden position open now? A soft bell tone of laughter left her lips at the thought before she grabbed up her cup and down it with a uncaring motion.

    While Ladies of their Houses wore pretty little frilly dresses, Lady Greyjoy wore nothing of the sort. Instead she was more akin to wearing a man's garbs. Her legs clad in what could pass for something of light armor. The tones of deep pitch black and marring of gold across her form. She leaned back in her chair, pursing her lips a little before her eyes closed on a whim. At least it was a party and she had the idea to be...courteous especially because it was the King's naming day after all. Though partially like her father she had little love for the Targaryens, little love for any of the houses actually but she couldn't stand up alone. But she was happy with where she was currently and that spoke volumes of her own self confidence. Slowly her eyes opened and she watched as Lucerys, King Lucerys walked forward finally to begin speaking to the Tully girl and a low hum left her throat before she shifted her gaze else where. More like the wall really.

    © Pax


    Carefully he moved like that of a silver ghost among the crowds of people, his steps light and almost airy. His movements with poise and purpose as nothing was done without crucial and critical thought. Yet his mind never belied what he was thinking to those around him, always the expression of day dreaming upon his facial features. He always seemed lost in his own thoughts and frankly perhaps that was such a ploy to get those around him to drop their guards around him. There was talk of the oldest perhaps not being too happy that he did not receive the throne but nothing could actually be proven as it was always hard to tell what the strange Targaryen was thinking on a simple glance. No, instead the pale male walked with a slow gaunt, his tall figure shifting through the throngs of lords and the like as the music swelled and allowed himself to get whisked away. Though he was headed for his younger cousin, eyes of violet landing upon Lucerys with an almost sharper clarity before they became fogged up one more as if a thought had entered only to pass by sluggishly. There a smile cracked upon pale pink stained lips as he gave a half bow before them all, taking in account for Prince Matarys, Tyrek, and Maegor. What an interesting bunch they were. "This will be brief as I don't want to be...interrupting. But I do hope your naming day is going well, my King. But I do hope you won't be sitting here all day with that dreary look upon your face." A cheeky smile played over his lips after a moment before he dismissed himself after that note.

    There was no reason to idle about the King like a lost fledgling. Instead he would do what he usually did and allow himself to mingle with those that had come. After all Lords and Ladies did not often travel from far and beyond and he didn't often find himself...traveling either. Perhaps that should change as he had seen all he needed to of King's Landing, and Summerhall. As he passed others that arrived whom nodded at him he gave simple nods back here and there, waving a hand to others. Though one individual caught the attention of his striking purple colored eyes. A Velaryon and sitting all by herself. Her features were distinct and he understood whom she was upon first glance. Carefully he stepped away from the growing members of many different houses and moved the chair to settled himself, pulling his fanciful clothing closer to himself so that he didn't look a mess. Pale colored hair draped over his shoulders as he gave a light look at the woman before deciding to speak up. "Are you enjoying yourself, m'lady?" His words were as soft as a dove's feather, gaze flicking up to look toward the king, hoping that his words had been some what encouraging.

    © Pax