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    TAGS ☆彡i can come. did she want to go? no, but she wouldn't say as much, even as she stood as far away from cloud as she politely could. being alone with an outsider would certainly test her patience at least, wouldn't it? idly, her gaze would stray to sootsoul, gaze unreadable as she unconsciously looked at him.

    TAGS ☆彡her feelings for maisy would only grow mixed, over time. the she-cat had fought well for thunderclan... but she was a kittypet after all, and although cherrypaw didn't know about the other's relationship with grizzlyfang, she still didn't trust the other. pausing, just a slight pause, would make the red molly reconsider; she wasn't good at the comforting thing, and she doubted it'd even be wanted from her. she was glad, if only for a moment, that someone else had to deal with this. sparring maisy only a single glance, an unreadable one, she'd slink off into the apprentice's den, out as soon as she had appeared.

    TAGS ☆彡why does it matter? the curious remark would cut through the silence, as the red molly would approach the group, sitting on the outskirts of it. there was no harshness in her voice, or anger; if anything, she's resentfully accepted the fact that her group was going down, and would only continue to do so. harboring a calm before the storm attitude, she'd place curious eyes upon cloud. regardless, her question was genuine enough; did a name mean that much to those gathered?

    TAGS ☆彡another one...? there was almost disbelief in her voice, as she stood towards the back. why did thunderclan attract loners, and good for nothing kittypets? almost unconsciously, her gaze would linger pointedly upon maisy, although she didn't say anything about her. frowning, almost naturally, she'd fall silent, already knowing how this was going to pan out.

    TAGS ☆彡do you feel better? it was unclear of what exactly she meant, and to whom she was partially asking. the words rang out curtly, but she wasn't looking at the group. instead, she was looking down, towards the ground, a natural scowl lightening her features. how could anybody act... peaceful, after what had just happened? especially with mollypaw gone... perhaps her annoyance was only amplified, with the fact that the last thing she had done to the medicine cat apprentice was to yell at him.

    TAGS ☆彡what use is it, talking to him? the demand was curt, furious orbs darting between the others of the growing group coldly. if they weren't going to do anything to the bloodclanner, what was the point in trying to befriend him? grizzlyface, or whatever his name was, wasn't a good cat. that had to be obvious enough, right? why did these mouse for brains insistent on making small-talk, then? they had to get mollypaw back, as soon as they could, and he was there only bargaining chip, whether she liked that or not. jaw clenching slightly, she'd exhale shortly. she may not have liked mollypaw, but for whatever reason, they were /partially/, slightly, for some forsaken reason, kin. (not to her, but the others would object that, she knew). and it's stupid, allowing her to watch over him. her jaw would jut slightly out, gesturing towards dualeyes. she was a bloodclanner through and through, wasn't she? had she expected nobody to see that stunt she had pulled, in the middle of battle? sitting there, and allowing them to take mollypaw like that... perhaps cherrypaw should have pushed olivepaw out, to let the dogs take ahold of him. maybe then, the bloodclanner that pretended to be a part of them would learn.

    TAGS ☆彡there were way too many commotions that cut through thunderclan in the past few days, and it just kept continuing. amber orbs would blink open, gazing flickering over to lavenderkit. how good would it be, to be young and oblivious? jaw tightening slightly, the red molly would remain silent, only watching from a distance.

    TAGS ☆彡with all these strays being brought in, there will only be more mouths to feed. the comment comes in an unabashed manner, as she's only saying something she thinks is true. there wasn't a lot she wasted her precious breath on, but pointing out the obvious. and, okay, maybe she was just annoyed to see another outsider in their camp, picking through the fresh kill pile when she had just gotten back from hunting. tail flagging, she'd close her eyes, and try to envision a sense of peace that forever escaped her, least her body decided to react in a more physical manner.

    TAGS ☆彡what was all of this commotion out in the forest? another dim-witted bloodclanner, or another one of her less then intelligent clanmates? either of the options would only leave her annoyed, but she couldn't focus on hunting with all the prey in the forest being scared off. huffing softly to herself, the red molly would stand up properly from her crouch, following the noise, and intermingled scents. she was interested to note her brother was apart of them, and upon fully spotting the crowd, she understood why. serpentpaw was back, was he? she was sure that shadepaw would be happy about that, and as far as she could see, he was. she, frankly, didn't have an opinion on it; the kits they had grown up with had always seemed so far away from her. she wasn't close to any of them, and didn't need to be, as long as her family was fine. (an ironic thing to think, wasn't it?) welcome back, she'd blink lightly.

    TAGS ☆彡the wails were unmistakable, and her eyes certainly didn't deceive. why did she have to deal with all of this, on top of her already aching heart? and where was their fox faced leader, flamestar? mind racing, the red molly would abruptly halt beside heatherpaw, lips curled. come on, let's help rosepaw, she'd murmur in a half snarl, oculars locked onto the on-slaughter that was to befall their clan. along the way, she'd have to keep her eyes out for shadepaw as well (there was no way she'd call the other by that cursed name).

    TAGS ☆彡cherrypaw didn't view mollypaw as kin. if he wasn't her mother, her father, or one of her siblings, he didn't exist in her eyes. the majority of thunderclan got this treatment, even if she was loyal to her clan. however, she didn't exactly hold that same statement to those that she didn't know, but claimed to be related to her. she couldn't change the blood in her veins, but she could define her own relationships well enough. no matter what the medicine cat apprentice would've said, would have made her pause, and listen. instead, her immediately rebuttal would have perhaps been, oh, now that he's gone, you want to claim some familial tie to us? as it was, the red molly was oblivious- to both the other's feelings, and to the growing crowd that was now following after her.

    she focused on retracing the other's scent, instead. not far from camp... the words echoed in her head, as though she had reverted back to a time of being on autopilot. she didn't feel as though she actually existed, and was merely walking along the path of a dream that had suddenly become a nightmare. her cranium would snap, suddenly, to the side- rocks, there were so many... she stopped so quickly that her claws unconsciously would come out, flexing with sudden anxiety. dad...? this was stupid. so stupid! how could her father be under there- of all that mess? and why was nobody trying to help him... he had to be alive... he just had to. jaw locking in a familiar rage, she'd barrel closer, paws scratching at whatever rock she could touch. they were too heavy for her to move on her own, obviously, but she didn't appear to care. she just... kept on, with no intention to stop.

    i do too!

    it's like they're both unwilling to verbally admit that the other is at least semi-alright to be around lol

    a friendship/role model would work well right now considering cherry is losing her mind since her dad is 'dead'/missing at the moment

    since she's probably going to be more temperamental then usual, briar could become that older figure she looks up to that isn't in her immediate family :0

    TAGS ☆彡cherrypaw didn't mind being left behind, if it gave her siblings a chance to shine. unfortunately, this wasn't exactly how she expected things to work out. they were suppose to become warriors together- or, if one was going to be left behind, it should've been her. with her temper, she didn't doubt being punished, especially when it was in her nature. perhaps that's why her father was now gone- was that her fault, too? in her thoughts, she almost ran head first into her sister; honestly, she was surprised she hadn't ran into the stream herself. scowling, and angry, (although at herself for once), she'd halt beside heatherpaw, aiming to wordlessly bury her head into the other's shoulder. the recent days had been rough, and she didn't see a silver-lining in all of this.

    TAGS ☆彡how is your apprenticeship? the rumble would come, after an internal pause. cherrypaw didn't often make small talk, but that was mostly because she had nothing creative to say. she still had nothing interesting to comment upon, but at least it was someone she didn't have an opinion on. rosepaw was too young to particularly hate- or have a lot of interest in, just yet. still, seeing the other grow was sure to be interesting (wasn't it usually?) absentmindedly, the red molly would continue to clean herself, licking passively at the fur atop her paw. she'd only pause to blink up at briarheart, acknowledging the she-cat with a slight dip of her cranium. perhaps one of the only cats she could stand, that wasn't apart of her immediate family.


    press f to pay respects

    TAGS ☆彡cherrypaw is the daughter of crimsoncry and featherlight, and located in thunderclan. like her fire-hued fur, she's very hot tempered, and aggressively loyal to thunderclan. she doesn't take well to outsiders, but she can be polite, as long as the same amount of respect is given back. she won't get along with bloodclanners (usually) and has a hard time holding her tongue against those not aligned to a clan. she's always down to fight, although she tries not to look for them. now that her dad is currently missing/'dead', she's kind out of it, and will be more annoying and snappish then usual.

    open to:

    -- friends, best friends, simple acquaintances, interactions, etc (kinda hard to befriend her if not in thunderclan)

    -- rivals, friend-enemies, down-right enemies (easy to do (':)

    -- open to anything else potentially (gimme gimme plots)

    -- unrequited crushes (y/c on her; won't end well for outsiders; prolly won't notice them until confessed to)

    iffy on:

    -- romance (preferably long term over short term ; has to develop icly ; it's more likely to happen with someone in thunderclan)

    closed to:

    -- death, maiming, capture, torture, etc

    TAGS ☆彡her lips curl outright at dualeyes, and it takes a lot of self control to not physically lunge at the other. it was easy to feel frustration swell up inside of her, but, as always, she had to beat it down. she wouldn't win against the older female anyways, but it'd feel so good to do something about the annoying she-cat. manners are reserved to those that matter. and last time i checked, i'm perfectly capable of introducing myself. she probably wouldn't have given ribs her name anyway, if she had it her way, but she didn't mention that. she didn't bother to answer, or acknowledge ribs either, until maisy had to open her ugly maw and say something. some of us aren't. it was clear with her curt tone what she exactly thought about maisy- even shane, and dualeyes could be thrown onto that list if she was in a bad mood (which she was). for the rest of it, she fell silent for; there was nothing she could say that hadn't already been said. still, even with the clear result, she felt bad for briarheart. turning to the other beside her, she'd aim to gently nuzzle the older she-cat's shoulder with her cheek on her way out. no way was she sticking around to see another bloodclanner waltz onto their land, scott-free.

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