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     Pearl flinched back when she felt a lump of frost hit her side. She glared at the tom with a narrowed gaze, "Your so childish!" She teased, quickly stepping up and backing away. But it didn't take her long before she gathered a lump of her own, and flung it at Hawk. She managed to land it right on his face, once it did so, she started laughing hysterically. "Haha, I got you!" She purred before tucking down into a playful crouch, getting ready for his next attack.


     "Alright then." Pearlgaze responded, she sat up and took a glance into the toms hues. "So, what is the first thing you do when hunting?" She asked the boy wanting to see what he would respond with.

    (Sorry for the short response)


     "I'm sure you are doing amazing with being senior cave-guard." She reassured him, touching his shoulder with the tip of her tail. She was a little surprised when he nuzzled her shoulder, but she enjoyed it. She could tell when he pulled back that he was embarrassed or something, but she didn't want him to feel awkward. "Your fine!" She laughed, "It's not like we are strangers." She added smiling, still chuckling a bit.


     "Wow, your sister is the Stoneteller?" She echoed, "How long has she held her position?" She asked, wanting to know more about him. She laughed at his words, and her smile still hadn't left her face. "Just out of curiosity, would you ever want to be Stoneteller?" she added, wondering what his views were on the fact. "I know I would love to be leader, and, or deputy of Riverclan. Could you imagine?" She said, slightly dazing off into the sky.


     "Good, I wouldn't want you to wait." She smiled, a moment of silence was there before Hawk continued to speak. "Um yeah, I'm doing really well actually. Just a little distracted." She responded happily. "How have you been?" She asked, hoping he would respond with a happy answer. "Has your new position been treating you well?" She asked, pointing out his 'promotion' to senior cave guard


     It was still day, the sun wouldn't be setting for a hour or two, and she was making her way to four trees. She didn't see anyone and her heart dropped, until she could make out a figure by the roots of one of the trees. She felt her pace quicken in excitement, as she got closer she could tell it was Hawk. She could feel her heart beating faster with joy. "Hi, Hawk." She said with a smile, "Have you been waiting her long?" She said, with a apologetic tone. "Sorry I didn't come earlier." She added. She took a seat next to him and combed down some of her messy fur from the journey.


     "No, no. I'm fine." She insisted, shaking out her pelt again she stretched out her limbs. "I'm not hurt." She added. She looked back to try and find what she tripped over but couldn't find anything through the mess she made. You could see her skid marks, and where she tumbled and flipped. "Want to get going to the dens?" She asked.


     Pearlgaze heard what he said, she felt awkward she could tell he did to. She didn't know why, but she felt her face get hot, and she could tell it was starting to blush. When he sat up, she felt a little empty when he wasn't there next to her. She was partly glad so then he wouldn't see her blush. "Oh, um yeah. I should probably get going..." She agreed, she didn't want to leave, but he was right. Riverclan would be wondering where she was. She gave a small smile before turning around and starting to leave, but she wanted to see him again. So before she lost her chance she turned back around to speak her mind. "Hey, um... Did you maybe want to meet again?" She asked, their eyes connecting while she spoke.


     Pearlgaze tried to go faster, letting out joyful laughter as she raced the tom. But it shortly ended when she tripped on some lump in the snow, starting to tumble, she rolled and quickly lost speed as she felt the air knocked out of her. Coughing a few times, she stood up shaking out her pelt, she checked if there was any sign of injury on herself, but thank Starclan she was perfectly fine. Looking forward at Gyre to check if he stopped, she didn't want him to be worried.


     Pearl felt her eyelids slowly getting heavier, until the comfort and heat of Hawk drug her into a slumber... Time passed and she opened her eyes, seeing a pale sky. The stars have left, and the moon was still there, but pale and transparent. She blinked in surprise when she noticed where she was. She had fallen asleep at four trees, next to this tom. She was surprised he stuck around and didn't get up and leave back to his home. "Oh, um. Your still here?" She mumbled in a slightly raspy morning voice, a yawn followed shortly after.


     Pearlgaze flinched when she heard Gyre screech out to her, before sprinting off. But she caught on with the game, and there she was sprinting right behind him -slowly gaining- she was soon next to the toms side, with a smug grin on her face, feeling confident that she would win.


     "I hope so..." She whispered partly to herself. She looked at him for a quick second, watching him return his gaze back to the beautiful night sky, she decided to do the same before she caught herself staring. What's happening? She asked herself, coming conscious that she was squeezed in next to a complete stranger, with both their tails resting on each other. This was ridiculous, but when she thought about it, She really didn't care. Her whole life had just been depressing with nothing ever new. Finally she found something that was new, and was very pleasant. Shocker. She looked back at him, sinking into him for extra warmth.


     Pearl nodded at his answer, he just needed to get to know his apprentices better. So did she. As the conversation continued, Pearl could feel more light speckles of snow floating down from the sky, she took a look up to the heavens and could see a whole lot more of it. "Hey, Gyre? I think we should be getting back to the dens, it looks like it's about to snow rather hard. I don't have nice long fur like the rest of us" She pointed out, adding a small laugh at the end.


     "Today we will be hunting, you could use the practice." She told the young tom, watching him squeeze to her side. "Did you need me to give an example first? Or do you know the steps?" She asked, perfectly fine with either choice he made. She waited patiently for a response, sitting her rump down, and tucking in her tail neatly, sticking out her chest slightly to have a straight back.


     She could see in her corner vision the tom staring at her, lingering his eyes upon her. A small smile formed, but she didn't let him see it, pretending like she didn't notice anything. She agreed with him about the Starclan cats, that they were all up there together. But then she thought, What about rogues and kitty-pets? What about my family? She looked down at her paws, what if none of her family was in Starclan once her time was up? Would she be all alone, without anyone she knew? She asked herself these questions, until she decided to ask Hawk about them. "Hawk? Do you think rogues or kitty-pets go to Starclan with the rest of us?" She asked, her voice holding a small hint of fear.


     This was a first. Pearl had never really had anyone by her side to keep her warm or comfortable like this. It felt reassuring and pleasant though, she enjoyed it. Plus she could already feel herself starting to warm up with his fur next to hers. "Yeah, you do." She said with a light laugh, not minding all his apologies. She looked up to the sky with him. It was one of her favorite things to do, it was the reason she was always out at night anyway. It was just so perfect, so utterly beautiful. It was fully night, the moon and its children the stars were the only light for the skies now. "isn't it just gorgeous?" She asked Hawk. "The night sky just looks like it never ends. I wonder what it's like for the Starclan cats..." She whispered gently. Her tanzanite eyes had a black glare, becoming a mirror for the sky. Millions of stars crowded into her hues.


     Pearlgaze felt uneasy when he mentioned the water. But he was right, it would be fun and beneficial for the apprentices, she would be willing to do it, just not participate. "As crazy as this might sound, I'm not a big fan of water -even though this is Riverclan- I just have problems with it. So just don't expect me to jump in." She pointed out, but still accepting the idea.

    // Same, Gyre is such a sweetheart <3