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    I would love them to become friends! Maybe they could have a patrol together?

     Pearlgaze stared into the slow running river that glimmered like the sun, she could remember the time when he once saved her from it. She was listening to her good friend speak, and he was right, they were both glad that they weren't alone where they stood. Giving a side smirk, Pearly dipped her paw into the river and gave Blue a splash of it, "Oops." She said sarcastically. She couldn't even remember the last time she felt playful like this. "At least I'm not afraid of the water anymore." She smiled


     "Yes I in fact did catch these," Pearl smiled, nudging Finchpaw on the shoulder playfully. "Thanks. Want one?" She asked, pushing one of the fish over to the girl. Taking another bite, she swallowed and turned her head back to Finch, "I think I like land prey better, but fish is ok." She meowed. It felt nice talking to Finchpaw again, she hadn't done so in quite some time.

    As she continued her conversation with the young medicine cat apprentice, she heard the voice of Tempestwing intrude into it. Sitting up, she wiped her muzzle before turning to the deputy. "Tempestwing, good to see you. We don't mind at all." She answered, dipping her head in respect for the older molly. "Fish?" She asked, tipping her tail over to the third fish.


     Pearlgaze laid in her nest, she had just woken up minutes prior. She wasn't sure what it was, but she felt good today. She felt like an apprentice again. So sitting up, Pearly didn't let her overwhelming thoughts get to her head this time, but rather planned out a few things that she could do today. One, she hadn't done in a while, but was going to do now. So she left camp and made her way down to the river to try and catch some fish.

    Time passed and sure enough she had come back with a successful hunt. Three fish she held tightly in her jaws, their shinny scales glimmered beautifully as they met with the sun. She would probably give the scales to the kits in the nursery, recalling the good times she had with them herself when she was a young kitten. She was proud and a little surprised with herself that she managed to even catch these fish, she had never been very good at it, nor did she enjoy getting her paws wet doing so. Nevertheless she had accomplished it, and was happy she did so. It felt good to do something different. So she took a seat and began to take petite bites out of her kill.


     "Yeah." She meowed. Sitting down at the rivers edge she smiled softly. "So. Was becoming a warrior everything you wanted it to be?" She asked, looking into the river for a brief moment before turning her attention back to him. "I know when I became a warrior, I was expecting something a little more-" She stopped, "Different...?"


     "It will be tolerated this time. Just try not to let it happen again." Pearlgaze stated before following behind Creekpaw out of the apprentice den. "Today we will be hunting," She responded, making her way out of the camp entrance. "Do you think you will be good at it?" She asked her apprentice, interested to see what she would respond with.


     The Siamese molly followed after Bluemask, leaving camp behind. Everything was so much more beautiful when you actually took the time to embrace it. The birds, the flowers, even the little bugs. To feel the bright sunshine soak into her coat, just simply made her feel better. This was nice. And it was even better to have someone at her side. But her mind was called back to everything, after Bluemask had asked how she was. She knew what he meant. Sighing, Pearlgaze nodded her head. "Yeah. I miss him. But I'm alright... I feel like I took him for granted though. Just like so many other things." The girl mumbled.


      Pearlgaze smiled softly at her friend when he accepted, "Well. Maybe we could just take a walk by the river or something? Now that its clean," She suggested, "I just don't want to take this for granted." She added, her words were filled with sorrow and regret now that she had the chance to remember all the things that she had lost and wanted to have back. She shook her head softly to herself, looking down at the earth.


      The young Siamese warrior laid in her nest, it was a beautiful morning with the sun having a heavenly glow. Yet she stayed in her nest, her mind was racing with every thought she had ever thought of. She remembered when she was an apprentice, and how eager she was to become a warrior. Now, she had been a warrior for over two moons, but she still didn't feel content. She felt empty. Like she still needed to search. But she didn't know what she had to search for. Taking in a deep breath, she closed her eyes, then exhaled. She just had to push out the thoughts and start her day, that's all. The funny thing is, she didn't know what to start her day with. Its not like she was a mother, and had kits to take care of. Nor did she have family. And, when she thought of it, She didn't really have any friends. She hadn't talked to Finch or Blue in almost a moon, and now that Cliffpaw was with Starclan. Maybe that's what was making her feel empty? She didn't know for sure, but it was worth a try. Turning over in her nest, she sat up, and made her way over to Bluemask's nest. "Hey... Did you maybe want to do something today?" She asked softly, prepared to be rejected in case he had something better to do.



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