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    V E N U S


    NAME: Venus Diabolus

    SIGNIFICANCE: Named for the planet and the goddess respectively.

    ALIASES: Rose


    GENDER: Female

    ORIENTATION: Bisexual

    SPECIES/BREED: Dire Wolf

    AGE: 37 years

    DAY OF BIRTH: January 1st

    DAY OF CREATION: Feb 10th, 2019

    AGING RATE: Ages on the 1st of the year

    ALLEGIANCE: Hellraisers

    RANK: Judge

    LOYALTY: Luke

    BIRTHPLACE: Unknown


    REFS: base color ref, body ref, second color ref, silver flecks ref, back stripe ref, eye ref, dragon body ref

    OVERVIEW: A galaxy colored dire wolf with burning eyes.

    BODY TYPE: Slender


    EYES: Venus colored

    SCENT: Roses

    VOICE: Esmeralda

    SCARS: None

    AESTHETICS: Roses, stars, snow, purples


    ACCESSORIES: Necklace with two rings on it from past lovers

    IN DEPTH: Venus is a beautiful sight to behold. While being large, as is to be expected of her breed, she is very delicate looking. Her soft pink fur clinging to slender frame. She looks like a rose come to life, or the faint hues of a faded sunset. Though her pelt is not a solid color by any means. Down her legs, starting at the middle, her fur changes into a soft purple, ending at her toes. Flecks of silver litter her slender frame, like the dew on a rose, or stars in a night sky. Along her back runs a strip of white flecks in a swirl of misty silver. This appears to be the milky way in all its glory. Her eyes are a fiery orange with swirls in them. Looking like the planet her name comes from. Over all, she is a sight to be seen, but her looks may fool you. She is not as delicate as one would think.


    MORALITY: Chaotic Good

    AMBITIONS: Raise her kids properly, rule the clans

    METHODS: Working hard

    CHARA ARC: Evil feral dragon taking the marshes for her own currently


    OVERVIEW: A motherly flirt with a heart of gold and her own agenda.

    WITH STRANGERS: Profesional

    WITH FRIENDS: Flirty

    WITH ENEMIES: Aggressive, but political

    STRENGTHS: Singing, thinking, cooking

    WEAKNESSES: Fighting, temper

    FEARS: Losing her kids

    INSECURITIES: Her looks

    INTERESTS: Loves herbs

    SKILLS: Ice skating

    IN DEPTH: Venus is a sharp-witted woman and often thinks on her feet. Trying to stay one step ahead of the trouble she may find herself in. She is determined, and hardly gives up on anything she starts. She will work towards a goal until she ether collapses from exhaustion or gets what she wants. She is brave by nature. She will leap into the fray to save her family or friends without a second thought. She is ready to face the world at every turn. She is honest. Brutally so, actually. She will not sugar coat anything she has to say. She has a strong sense of loyalty to her family, though she is not above throwing her weight around, she would die before she would betray them.

    She is naughty, though her lovers never seem to mind it. She is always looking for that one night stand, or revisiting those she has toyed with for another go. She is a rebellious soul, and refuses to bend her will to anyone. She will do things on her terms at her own pace. She is adventurous and can not be tied to one clan for long. Though she will always have a clan she returns to, she will not stay still. Venus is fun-loving and loves to play games or toy with people, depending on the day. She is highly devoted. Once she claims someone as her toy, she will not share it with anyone. Not because of love, but possession. When she grows bored, she will let them go and act like she has no clue who they are.

    Like everyone, she has her weaknesses. Hers being her insecurity. If one can play to her belief that she is far less attractive then her sisters or daughters, then they can easily get the better of her. Though she hides this with an air of grace and confidence.



    SIBLINGS + RELATION: Jupiter, Svetlana, Mercury, Hermes - Not close to any of her siblings now

    MATES + RELATION: Mithras [lusts after], Sunsight[loves deeply, but knows is gone], Luke[would died for]

    CHILDREN + RELATION: To many to list - Loves them all dearly

    FRIENDS + RELATION: Twistedtongue [best friend]

    ENEMIES + RELATION: Ver [wants dead]

    EXTENDED FAMILY + RELATION: To many to list - Not close to most

    SOCIAL CIRCLE + RELATION: To many to list - Moderately close



    - What luck we share ;; Mithras

    - A shall grave dug ;; development


    - The girl next door // Solaris Leader on the border

    - A New Beginning | Recruitment

    - YOU COME INTO MY HOUSE ;; murder, rage, dragon?

    - LET IT SNOW, LET IS SNOW ;; plot hub ;; OCC


    PARENT'S STORY: Unknown

    BIRTH: Was born to former royalty.

    CHILDHOOD: Grew up being groomed to marry off to a young prince she never met. Never got to be a real child.

    IMPORTANT EVENT + IMPACT: Married off to Mithras, started her spiral into chaos

    IMPORTANT EVENT + IMPACT: Lost her child, caused her to loose herself for a while as a dragon.


    FUTURE PLOTS: Will eventually regain herself and leave for a short time to find who she truly is.

    code by xredxpepperx

    don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

    The dragon hated how warm things had been. So, she was putting off more and more cold. Causing snow and ice. Driving the prey to week to dwell in cold weather out. Solidifying all the waters she touched. Herbs were crushed or frozen over. Snow was now blanketing the open land, while mud was now solid and dangerously slippery. Wicked thing, cold could be.

    It was such a shame others did not live like the dragon that has made a cave of ice to the south of the marsh. There, she rested while the weather slowly froze this land over. How would the clan handle it this time?

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    don't cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?

    //This affects Boneclan and Hellraisers.

    Venus has started slowly freezing over the Marsh.

    Feel free to react how you wish, but she is no where near anyone and has her own little marsh cave home now.

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    The woman snapped her jaws shut, but missed by inches. Inches. Anger at this was soon replaced by annoyance with a voice calling her. Head swinging, she felt the tail smack her and she roars. Ice shooting from her mouth as she raced after the basilisk. She wanted to fight this monster. It was on her land, and dragons do not share.

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    don't cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?

    don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

    The sounds of pups. She knew that sound all to well. Moving forward on steady feet, the woman would join the gathered. Eyes flicking over the babies and ears perking slightly. They were beautiful. All of them. They are beautiful. Like you, Twisty.

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    don't cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?

    /retro to the big plot going on

    don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

    Icy's voice got her attention and she roared at fore her. Lurching forward after the woman as she ran away. Heavy thudding steps and a chill in the air. The dragon was steadily closing the gap until another voice caused her to turn her head. Luckily, she was unaware that the pups were near. She snarled as Lucy ran and her predatory instinct made her race after her.


    Oh gods did she want to kill her. To eat her. To kill all that she could see. The woman would throw her head back and roar. Ice shooting into the sky and raining down about her as she lunged towards Lucy, but out of the camp in one motion.

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    don't cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?

    don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

    Something was wrong. Venus felt odd. Weak. She almost felt sick, if she were honest. So, she left her den and entered her camp. Ears twitching as she went to lay in the sun nearby. He pups were likely still sleeping. She would reach her spot, and stumble. Coughing slightly and letting out a soft groan. W..What is happening?

    It's my turn.

    The voice in her head seemed to echo like thunder in a cavern. Wha.. She blinked with a shiver as she tried to figure out who that voice came from. My turn? What did that mean? Who is there? She asked with a sharp bark.

    I will be free.

    The voice was chanting something in her head. It was then that she knew what it was. Panic filled her body as she turned to run from the camp. Alas, she would never make it. Collapsing and writhing in pain as her body contorted. No.. She choked out as fur ripped away to reveal scales.

    The woman shifted without warning. Shoved inside her own mind. Don't hurt them. She pleaded, but the roar that left the dragon was her answer. It was going to do what it wanted to.

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    don't cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?

    Welcome to the Hellraisers/Boneclan plot!

    This will come in a series of threads.

    At the end of the event, those that were involved will get a badge.

    Feel free to tag Venus in any threads you want to have her show up and attack, cause storms, or just be a big issue.

    PART 1 - PAST

    This thread can be found HERE.

    Venus loses control of her dragon side. The Hellraisers must drive her from their home before she kills someone.


    This thread can be found HERE.

    Venus causes snow storms and the water to freeze over.

    PART 4

    This thread can be found HERE.

    Prey becomes scarce, there is no water, and the herbs are not growing. Hellraisers and Boneclan have both been suffering and will now band together to solve this problem.

    PART 5

    This thread can be found HERE.

    The clans find out about Silverstone and that it can help solve this problem. They send out a team to get some.

    PART 6

    This thread can be found HERE.

    The two clans must work together to capture Venus and then use the stone to turn her back into her normal self.

    When all is said and done, will Venus be able to live with herself? Will the two clans allow her to stay among them?

    Time will tell.

    don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

    Voices. Water. She would take a sip of the water and then feel another pain. Yelping in surprise as a forth pup was born. She would weakly lift her head to look at the new pup. Taking in everything as she tiredly groomed this child. Moving it to join the rest. She would let her eyes flick over the babies. Taking in the different looks.

    What do you think of the name Freyja for this one? She asked in tired form as she motioned to the pup. Galaxy pelt of inky navy blues, deep purples, and streaks of more delicate mauve. White spots like stars oddly-placed across her fur. The first born daughter.

    Then, with worn out eyes, she would turn her head to the second born. Taking in his thick black fur with white undertones. Ah.. Loki for this one here? She asked the gathered with curious tone. She would look up at Luke. Waiting to see what he thought before letting her gaze drift back down. Why don't you name the last two?

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    don't cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?

    don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

    The afternoon light trickled down through the trees of her marsh home. The soft chirps of birds flying south for the winter would echo above the Galaxy Goddess. Life still seemed to thrive here, despite how cold the North had become. Fawns were still born in this place and could often be seen frolicking with their family. Bears had cubs as did foxes. The air did not get that crisp feeling that most lands would have. Over the past few months, Venus had been going through a change herself.

    New life grew within the woman and would soon join the world. The litter was getting more and more restless as each day passed. They almost seemed anxious in their constant movements. She had been mostly confined to her den, thanks to this. But, she missed her freedom and was not one to enjoy being caged like this. Despite this, she did it for the pups she already loved.

    It would not e to much longer before these pups crashed into the world she dwelled within. Today they were beyond restless. She was nervous about this litter, as she wanted healthy pups. She was worried about birthing complications and loss of her pups. Luke was her support and her rock, as were the others of her home. They all had her back and she was happy about that.

    She was currently settled under the roots of a mangrove tree, on a smooth moss covered stone. Inside her, the pups squirmed restless as always. Soon, little stars. Soon you will see this world and all its beauty. Her voice was soothing and held a hint of desire. She was sure she would be able to make it back to the den after a relaxing outing. The den was not that far away from her. So, she was sure this was a safe place to relax.

    Trickling sun would hit her pelt and she would close her eyes. The warmth was comforting, soothing her aching joints. She had no idea what was soon to come. Oh, how she would curse the idea of a relaxing day. The jabbing pain made her jolt out of her dazed state. She almost rolled from her spot with the movement.

    Oh, please no.

    The thought echoed in her mind as she realized what she felt. She waited a moment and felt the pain jabbing at her stomach mercilessly. Screaming with shock, she jerked herself back against the roots. She would shudder a bit with each breath she took. She would take a moment and then rise to her feet. Stumbling towards the den.

    Pain wracking her very form as she made it to the den. Stumbling inside and letting out a scream. Luke! Twisty! She pleaded for the duo as she lay there.


    It took all day, but the pups arrived. Three little angels laying at her stomach as she lay limp in her nest. She felt so weak. So tired. Yet, they were safe. They were all safe.

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    1. Halloween Wedding

    2. Gothic/Halloween Theme

    3. Twistedtongue as Maid of Honor

    4. Married in abandoned church

    5. Maid of Honor dress -

    6. Brides Maids dress -

    7. Wedding Dress -

    8. Bride's Hair -

    9 Brides Makeup -

    10. Cake -

    11. Groomsmen Suits -

    12. Flowers for venue -

    13. Flowers for wedding party -

    14. Flowers for bride -


    1. Pick 2 bridesmaids

    2. Pick bestman

    3. Pick Groomsman

    4. Pick Flower Girl

    5. Pick Ring Bearer

    6. Get officiant

    7. Send Save the Dates/Invites

    8. Plan honeymoon

    9. Wedding Food

    10. Gifts for those that attend



    Gothic Empire



    1. Spa day for ladies

    2. Batch Party [for both parties]

    don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

    Ah, it would seem their gust met one of the marshes normal dwellers. The woman, standing on a rock not to far off, would let out a soft hum. After all, it was not to uncommon for the woman, but it was likely the Exiler had not. You may want to get out of there. They bite hard and can move rather fast on land and in water. She called to him with a soft chuckle. If it attacked him, she would help. Yet, this was still so casual for her.

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    don't cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?

    don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

    The dragon left and the feral ice dragon would roar after it. But, she did not linger. Sure it fled, but she was not letting it escape alive. She was going to make sure it never came after her territory again. Thus, she would leap into the sky. Wings spreading and eyes flashing with murderous intent. She would fly after the beast.

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    don't cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?

    //gonna have her fly out, cause feral her needs to not be Icy or any one elses issue xD