Ahh, he should've known if anyone was going to fire complaints at him about going it'd be Bunny. Though of course, Bunny wasn't exactly upset at the fact the tribe would begin to attend gatherings but probably at the fact he was expected to join them. "Yeah, sorry that this is going to do some serious damage to your sleep schedule today Bunny. I'm not going to make an effort to make it up to you though." He begins to muse as he watches the tom approach the scene. Then he rolled his eyes.

    "Oh shut up, beetle-brain." He jokes, attempting to give the tom a playful shove with his shoulder. "If Comet or I had you take the lead on anything to do with socializing with cats the tribe would probably burn down in minutes." He continues to joke around with a purr.


    Um... uh did he? Was he supposed to? No no he didn't think he was... "No... I don't feel anything yet." He murmurs anxiously, "Maybe you have to give it a few moments- but I'll probably be close to being a corpse by then." He says, partially joking and trying to lighten up the dark mood. It was most likely failing though.

    "Well... now that you say that... kinda?" It did itch a bit... but he was doing his best not to scratch at it. He didn't want to make it worse or anything... "So uh... do you think I'm dying or no?"


    He... well he couldn't help but agree. Bumble as a child had been so care-free and relaxed, he was the unusual kit in the nursery who'd get excited about becoming a to-be but not to the point where he was jumping up and down with excitement and screaming about how he couldn't wait to get a mentor and leave camp. No, Bumble had always been content within the walls of the kit-mothers den and the cave, chilling and telling stories... It amazed him how quickly a single moon of leadership and expectations could begin to make him grow up oh so fast.

    It had been a long while since he had told kits his over exaggerated tale of taking down a sharptooth... Been awhile since he playfully dared someone to go into that bat cave he found. "I feel that..." He murmurs sadly, allowing his paws to shuffle slightly against the cool surface of the cave. "We've had to grow up fast. I know there is three of us so its not nearly as stressful as just one, but... knowing that the TOEH called for us to lead. Three random children, two siblings and a rando half-clan tribe thingy," He snorts at his own comment about his origins before continuing, "Sometimes... it just feels unfair. I think we've done a good job so far though." He says, trying to end on a semi-positive note.

    An amuse chuckle slips from his maw, "True. Slushy snow is disgusting and I hate it." He says as he shifts his gaze down at Bunny as he rests his head against him. A small smile tugs at his lips. "Hm... okay fine." He murmurs, before trying to quickly think of something witty to say. "But if you adding on extra weight causes me to get clumsy and I trip over a rock, that coincidentally sends us tumbling down the mountain... er- I'm going to make sure to land on you so you break my fall. So just know that you'll be agreeing to that if it happens." He says jokingly.


    Anxiously Bumble would continue to stand on the sidelines, he'd glance briefly back at his tribe-mates and gave a small motion of his head for them to be dismissed and chat with the clans if they desired. Before he did anything, or approached the rock where the leaders sat he wanted to be sure the tribe would for sure be welcomed here. He was kind of regretting not going on a patrol and asking his allies if they'd be fine with them attending.

    When he caught a glimpse of Lizardstar walking his way, Bumble couldn't help but anxiously gulp. Oh dear, confrontation. However his ears perked up a bit more at the ebony tom's words... he didn't mind? He didn't find it rude that the tribe showed up here uninvited? Well maybe that wasn't untrue but... hey as long as they didn't get kicked out that was a plus. Geesh he probably looked like a fool.

    "Hey Lizardstar. Its good to see you as well." He purrs, "I do apologize though for showing without notice. I had gotten the idea to attend nearly a moon ago, though time flies and I never did get around to going to WindClan and our other allies to ask about attending. I'm glad we're not stepping on any toes though, its an honor to be here." He says gratefully.

    "Its been awhile since we've spoken. How are you and WindClan doing?"

    // Lizardbounce


    The tribe had decided to show up to this gathering. He hadn't exactly gotten permission... but Bumble of Bee believed that the tribe had a right to show up to the gatherings now more then ever. They recently had become allies with WindClan and ShadowClan, and were still allies with their old friends, DarkClan and SkyClan. The tribe had always been in the background for moons, and Bumble was hoping to change that. So with sore paw pads Bumble arrives at the scene, anxiety weighing heavily in his chest. Should he have come here? Would they clans allow the tribe to be here? The Tribe knew that the clans gathered here under StarClan, a group of cats he didn't believe in but Bumble and the rest of the tribe would respect their customs while they were on their land. The last thing he wanted though was for it to appear disrespectful, he didn't wish to cause problems for the tribe.

    Awkwardly, the young stoneteller forces himself to pad into the clearing and he tries his best to avoid eye contact with cats. They had showed up unannounced so surely there would be some shock, surely some anger, and perhaps their allies would be pleased to see them here. He wasn't sure how this thing worked exactly though... or what the purpose of gatherings were. So for now he stood off to the side, awaiting for someone to maybe greet tribe... and explain to him what the hell he was supposed to do.

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    I have some time so I can set it up or something. I don't want to be a hog though when it comes to handling then event so if anyone else wants to just let me knowww.

    How long do we want this to go on for? And what do we all want to happen? (or at least the main stuff we want to happen). :0

    Last moon he and the tribe had a discussion about the gathering and whether or not the tribe would attend. The stoneteller thought since they were getting more involved and were allies with four of the forest clans now they should be there and had every right to attend. No one had seemed to disagree with the idea, so it had been settled that they'd attend this moons gathering. He wasn't sure if the other two stoneteller's were coming with him or not... but he desperately hoped he was not going alone. He wanted to bring a few cats with, not many for the first time but considering how small the tribe currently was it most likely wouldn't be a problem. He still wanted to get a count for who was coming and how many.

    "Tribe-mates! A full moon is approaching and as you all know the tribe will be attending the gathering with the clans. I want to see who is all going as we will be leaving soon to go. Its a long walk... so I hope you all have some energy to burn off." He announces from where he stands in the center of the cave. Bright yellow eyes glancing around to see who would all join him. He wondered... would anyone have changed their mind yet? Would anyone speak out against them going? He doubted it but there was always the possibility.


    Sure I'd be down for it! If you don't mind though I'd prefer to try and develop it ic? As of right now I have it that Bumble's dad came from skc and his mom was a loner, but he ended up getting left at the tribe when he was born and he is convinced that he hadn't been wanted. He was but mom couldn't keep em. And he isn't too interested in having any type of parent figure or even finding his dad in the clans. But I could see him coming around after awhile if the two of them get along nicely. c:

    If you'd like an interaction thread let me know.

    Hey! I'm really interested in getting some plots rolling for this boy. c: About a month ago he was recently promoted to Stoneteller alongside two others and he's fairly young so he's superrr stressed and new to the whole leading thing. I'm looking for possible plots to have with him out side of the Tribe! He's open to anything besides maiming and litters. Romance is a little iffy because he kinda has a romance plot going, but if theres a good plot to it and are characters are compatible I'd be willing to give it a go as long as its short-term. He's bi, so really anyone would work.

    But yeah! He's open to anything so just throw what you have at me! Even if its just interactions.



    The tribe's header has been broken for ages now, I was thinking about replacing it and adding a new one up. Does anyone here want to maybe make a header? :0 I'd do it myself but unless it'd be something real simple and bad lol.

    If anyone wants to I can maybe offer up a head shot of your character in return, my art is not that great by all means but I wanted to offer something dhbfhvxsvs.

    Also gentle reminder that the tribe has a discord if anyone is interested in joining it. c:

    Bumble of Bee was currently roaming around the tribe's cave, looking around and seeing what everyone was up to out of curiosity. He was thinking about maybe hosting a game... or a chill out session. As a kit he had always found the most joy in sitting back and relaxing with a friend or a tribe-mate, though now that he was a stoneteller he was strangely too stressed out all the time to rewind.

    He wasn't sure why he worried so much when he had help, Comet and Bunny. Other Stonetellers led alone. Plus the tribe was usually quiet and peaceful, there was nothing specific to worry about but yet the large brown tom worried.

    Anyways enough about Bumble's worrying problems, a small amused chuckle would escape him when he spotted Stone pounce at a feather from within the kit-mother's den. Curiously he moves over to the scene, casting the younger tom a soft smile. "Hey kiddo. Nice find." He purrs gently. "You'll be sleeping extra comfortable in your nest now." Well... one feather probably wouldn't make much of a difference but still. Bumble himself was a fan of adding feathers and what not to his nest, it made it more... cozy.


    With the lack of older and more experienced cats within the tribe, Bumble of Bee had decided that today he'd host a mass training session. Ideally this would be for to-bes to practice their skills and improve them, also a way for Bumble to figure out where everyone was at and what the tribe needed to improve on. However he was more then welcomed to more experienced members joining in, if anything he preferred that he did. Bumble might be a stoneteller but he was eight moons old, he had only trained as a to-be for a moon before getting called upon by toeh to step up. By all means he was probably just as experienced with hunting and fighting as the average to-be.

    "Tribe-mates! I am hosting a mass training session for the tribe. I think it'd be good for all of us to get some practice in, whether we're a to-be, prey-hunter, or cave-guard. We'll be touching up on both hunting and fighting." He wanted everyone to practice both hunting and fighting, though the tribe split their ranks up into specializations it was still important in his opinion to receive some practice in the other skill every now and then. He'd try to get some practice in too. So with that he sits down and curls his tail around his paws, watching to see if anyone would approach.


    He was... fairly confused. As he had semi-expected Merlot wouldn't speak, it was near impossible for Bumble to understand exactly what she wanted from him so he gives her a small shake of his head. "I'm not too sure what you're in need of Merlot." He begins with a calm voice, "I'm not sure why you choose not to speak, but just know that you don't have to be afraid of speaking to me. Or anyone within the tribe for that matter. We are all family here." However Bumble knew that the feline was overdue for a new name change, perhaps that was what she was here for? He wasn't to sure but he decided he'd offer to give her one. "On that note, you've been in the tribe for awhile now. Its not required and the tribe will completely respect your choice if you wish to keep your loner name, but I feel inclined to offer you a name change. A tribe name. Is that something you'd want?"

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    Yooo my muse is finally back for my boy so I’ll be posting today. How do we all feel then about maybe doing the flood plot? I feel like getting a plot rolling would be fun c: I was thinking about maybe if we do badges could be handed out to those who participated?

    Also if anyone wants a thread hmu