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    When the Tribe of Endless Hunting had called him forth... Bumble hadn't believed it. When Bunny and Comet shared their dreams with him and explained to them that their dreams must be a sign from their ancestors he didn't believe it. He didn't believe in him. He didn't believe that the TOEH would chose him, a half-clan cat, an average Tribe to-be to help lead. But Comet and Bunny insisted, and so he stepped up with them... and what a journey its been. The tribe had been closer to the clans then they had been in moons recently, attending the gatherings now even. They had improved quite a bit too... and he couldn't help but say he was proud that he was a tribe cat. Even if it wasn't by blood. But the dream had been bothering him again recently. He always had a wild imagination... and to this day he didn't believe that the TOEH had called him forth to lead. Not only that but... he was young. Sure Bunny and Comet were true but their dreams were confirmed and his was not. He didn't feel like he belonged sleeping in the same den as them, he didn't feel like he belonged speaking for them at gatherings, he didn't feel like he belonged making alliance choices for the tribe... He was stepping down.

    It had took him a long while to come to this conclusion, at first he had wanted to carry on to prove to everyone that he could be strong and help the tribe improve and improve. Perhaps if he still had the willpower he could... but... his self-esteem overall had just been shattered recently and he found himself sulking about more then doing anything useful now. Bumble decided this was because he was too young and the pressures a stoneteller had were too much for him. He wasn't ready and he was not worthy.

    He decides to move to the center of camp. He hadn't even discussed this with Bunny and Comet prior... he was too sad to. Too disappointed in himself. He was going to do his best not to make eye contact with the two, he didn't want to see their disappointed and disapproving faces. Everyone would be disappointed in him... everyone. He was letting them down.

    "Tribe..." He says, but not in his usual loud and cheery voice. "I've been thinking about this for awhile now but... I'm stepping down as Stoneteller. I don't believe I was part of the vision the TOEH sent to us. I don't believe I am ready to lead. I don't believe I deserve it. I know I've disappointed you all... but please forgive me." He says with a small shake of his head. "I will go back to being a to-be and train to become a cave-guard like I was meant to be." A to-be... like he was meant to be. Oh what a mess he had made... "Once again I'm sorry for the disappointment I may have caused. I tried... I truly did." With that the large tom doesn't wish to speak to anyone, he doesn't wish for the disappointed gazes to be set on him so with a small frown he begins to amble over to the to-be den. He'd need to make himself a nest, and then he'd hide in there for a few days... yeah...

    That sounded good.

    //ooc; ahh I'm really sorry guys but I think its been rather clear that I'm failing to prioritize posts with my leader, so Bumble is stepping down. This is for my own personal reasons as my main focus has always been on my skc babe and I can't see myself exactly being active enough to help run the tribe, and you all deserve better then that. Plus tbh not to be a sob but I don't exactly think I deserved the role to begin with considering I had hardly been active with Panther and Bumble originally was just going to be a casual character. But I appreciate you all so much for giving me the chance. :0 Bumble will most likely still be found around from time to time as a to-be though <3<3 Who knows maybe one day I'll go back to being active with him! But ily all <3<3


    Bumble of Bee would move to stand behind Bunny as he began to call the tribe together for a meeting. There had been lots going on recently, most of it a bit troublesome to Bumble... especially with the flooding. He was hoping that things would begin to look up soon but there was this strange heavy feeling that flooded his chest... he couldn't help but have some doubts. He tries to clear his mind for the time being, and awaits for Bunny to begin speaking in a lame track post.


    A few days had past since the mountains began to grow warmer, and with each morning he woke up and the snow hadn't settled back in even more anxiety weighed down in his chest. Hunting was difficult in this weather and overall it just made a mess of their territory. A day back puddles even began to start forming, but when he woke up in the middle of the night and went to sit at the mouth of the den... he was shocked. A puddle nearby camp had turned into a small river, he'd reckon it was at least a foot deep... Deep enough to be a problem. The area beyond? Not much better. You'd be pretty close to swimming at this point if you went out... and there was no way you'd be able to catch anything for food. A small frown tugged at his lips as he sat there confused on what to do. He was worried... this was already pretty bad but what if it continued to get worse and worse?

    There was nothing they really could do. Nature would have to run its course. Of course not every single inch of the territory was covered in water, there were small lands of rock you could easily be on. Though a vast majority of their territory, at least nearby their camp, had turned into a puddle. He wouldn't be shocked if the water levels rose enough in certain placed you'd have to actually swim.

    Did anyone here know how to swim? He didn't.

    Anxiously he shuffles his paws, he'd never be able to go back to sleep... The tribe would have to discuss a plan, but not yet... he didn't want to wake them all.

    //midnight post so sorry if it doesnt make any sense but!! the territory is decently flooded now, and in result prey is scarce. There might be some deep spots depending on where you are in the tribes territory but I'd imagine most of it is still safe to walk in for the time being.


    Happily the tom's bright yellow gaze would shift over to the DarkClan leader as he approached, it was nice to have familiar faces greet him and give him someone to talk to. Would've been real awkward if he had... well just stood there awkwardly on the sidelines. Either way, Lizardstar and Driftingstar were both pleasant cats to talk to. "Hey Driftingstar!" He purrs in greeting, usually he tried to put on at least a semi-decent voice when speaking but his to-be vocals couldn't have been more obvious in his loud greeting. Ah whatever, not like his kitten fluff that still remained on him didn't speak it all. "Alright. Stressful... but thats how every leader feels." He meows with a small nod. "Tribe has been getting unusual warm weather recently. The snow up in the mountains have even melted a bit... we're all excited for it to get a bit cooler back home. But I'm sure the clans are happy warm weather has finally arrived?" Warm weather was nice, as long as it didn't melt the snow. It was difficult to hunt in slush, prey could hear the splashing of half melted snow before you could even see them.

    "Anyways, have you and DarkClan been doing well? We seen DarkClan had gotten a bit of rain a week or so ago... I hope that didn't cause you too much trouble."



    // ahh so sorry I meant to reply sooner!! sorry for the lame response.

    Even though he was skilled with navigating the rocky terrain of the tribe, Bumble wasn't sure why he was out during this either... For anyone tribe or not being outside like this were every paw-step counted was dangerous and even foolish. But he had been choking up in camp, panicking, so recklessly he decided to leave. The things being anxious can do to you...

    His long fur danced in the strong winds that pulled against him while he was walking and his bright yellow eyes gave off a soft glow. He needed to turn back soon... get back home. He hadn't told anyone he was leaving and Bunny would probably have a fit when he got back. However... he was not expecting to run into someone. Especially during this weather. Before he knew it a black coated feline stood before him, though with the winds it was hard to get a decent scent but RiverClan... RiverClan's scent had always been very distinct to him. "Ah- hello! Are you lost...? I think I smell RiverClan are you, you from there?" The young tom asks with a small tilt of his head. What was a RiverClan cat doing here anyway? In this weather? It was extremely dangerous to be roaming around on the tribe without rain, even more now. "I'm Bumble of Bee. From the tribe, a stoneteller. If you need help navigating through here and getting to a more safer place I'd be glad to. Theres a few small caves that are safe to rest in until the storm passes... much easier to roam around here once its done."


            "Nice attempt." Bumble of Bee meows as he pads over to the scene, from afar he had seen the kit attempt to pounce for the bird... Now truth be told a small bird probably couldn't do much damage, but they did have talons still. Sharp enough to scratch. The last thing he wanted was for anyone to get hurt and for Petal to get worried. "But you should still be careful kid. Anything that feels threatened can become dangerous, a small bird or not their talons can sting. Just don't want you getting hurt, even if its minor."

    "Are you wanting to be a prey-hunter when you're older? That pounce showed potential." He then purrs as he sits down nearby the scene.


    Bumble would pad over to the scene with a small smile, aw... how cute! They were all so small! Petal must be proud. "Congratulations Petal! They're all beautiful." He purrs gently. "Bunny should take a look at the kits and you though. Just to make sure everything is alright. I'll go and fetch him." He says, before he turns to spot Stone. A small smile tugs at his lips, "Hey kid, you want to play or something for a bit? Just to give em some space? I can play with you if you'd like. I just need to grab Bunny first." He asks with a small tilt of his head. Though he wanted to go and fetch Bunny quickly, so he gave the kit a small look to hold on just a moment to give him an answer before he went to search for the stoneteller.

    Lop Ears of Young Bunny <3<3


    His ear would gently flick at the sound of approaching paw-steps, though his gaze did not shift away from the scene before him. Out of the side of his gaze he could spot darker fur though, Veil. A small chuckle escaped his maw, "With all this slush I have no idea how anyone is going to keep quiet enough to approach something." He comments, "You can't exactly walk in this stuff quietly after all. And I'm sure with the change of weather prey might be more suspicious too... no one within the land is use to this sort of thing. Especially so early on." He had never been alive for a summer before, but he knew for sure that even in the middle of summer their snow didn't just turn to mush like this... it was pretty bad. "How long do you think until we're back to normal?"


            "Lizard." Greeted the young stoneteller as he approached the tom, he hadn't seen the feline around for awhile and had rarely spoken to him if ever but he recalled their name. He kind of... felt bad for not sitting down and chatting with them sooner, but he could change that now. "How have you been doing? Taking a liking at all to the warmer weather the tribe has been getting recently?" He asks with a small purr as he moves to stand beside him. "Its been really difficult for prey-hunters to catch much recently... I just hope the snow freezes back over soon. Anything but slush."


            "That must have been terrible..." He murmurs softly, he couldn't imagine being forced to live with twolegs. A shiver ran down his spine. "I am glad you were able to get yourself back to DarkClan though, Jewelpelt." He tells her with a nod, before getting asked if he was a to-be. Well... technically he was supposed to be... but he wasn't. He supposed she hadn't been home long enough to hear the news. "I am Bumble of Bee. But no, I'm not a to-be. I'm a Stoneteller." He tells the feline with a small nod as he sits down, assuming this conversation might be a little longer. "About a moon ago two of my friends and I stepped up to lead. Current of Steady River is no longer around and we are unsure of where he currently is, so we stepped up when the TOEH told us to."

    "We're all young. But I think we're doing just fine."


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    Large paws carried the young yet large tom across the rocky terrain of the Tribe's territory, he had been out scouting around and exploring. He had managed to get some free time on his paws so why not pretend he was a to-be again and go adventuring like he use to? Sometimes it was... nice to pretend things were the way they used to be. The brown tom had to keep reminding himself that the tribe was better now with Stonetellers taking charge... but still... three young ones? They were doing fine, at least the others but Bumble still doubted his capabilities... and he still believed he had received a false vision.

    Anxiety pricks up in the boy's chest and he decides to stop and stand still for a bit... just to think. Maybe he wasn't cut out for this... Maybe Comet and Bunny would do better without him... maybe maybe maybe. Maybe his parents abandoned him for a reason.

    He still wondered why they had not wanted him.

    He knew his dad was somewhere in one of the clans, he wasn't sure which one but he was out there... but Bumble wanted nothing to do with him. If his dad hadn't wanted him then fine, Bumble didn't want him either.

    He was content with not having any parents. All he needed was Bat and the tribe.

    With a small sigh he finally recollects himself before he begins to continue padding around. He finds himself near the DarkClan border, and his gaze shifts over to see an unfamiliar pelt. He had been to DarkClan many times, and DarkClan has come to the tribe. Never had he seen this feline before, and it wasn't like she was a newly made apprentice or anything. Curiosity sparks in his eyes and he decides to speak. "Hey!" The boy calls over in the she-cats direction before he starts to pad closer. "DarkClan right? Don't believe I've seen you around before. New?"