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    It was funny how fast one could go from center of stage to peering out of the shadows occasionally one could get. After he had stepped down a switch had flipped and he was gone, filled with nothing but guilt in shame. But to this day the brown feline didn't much regret it, he had been far too young and needed time to grow. But the only reason he had done it was because the tribe of endless hunting had beckoned him... or thats what he had been told. To this day he doubted his dream, it was stupid and childish... He had been such a dreamer when he was younger.

    But he put all this past him awhile ago now, now he stayed within the tribe as a cave-guard lurking in the shadows. Rarely speaking, and most cats were nothing but a stranger to him.

    But today he decides to stop sulking, the air was... warmer around the mountains. Warmer than usual, and he had full intent on enjoying it. The large tom ambles over to the exit of the cave before plopping down right outside of it and sprawling his limbs out lazily. Maybe someone would take note of his presence, that he was actually out and about... or perhaps not. If someone did approach him what would there even be to talk about? The sharptooth? Uh... what else?

    He was so out of touch with his group, but maybe he'd put an end to that and make a change.

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    Oh boy, here they go. It wouldn't take long for the recently returned cave-guard to spot the white flakes falling from the sky from inside the walls of camp, and immediately he let out a low growl. The winds were already cold, and now not only would would they have to deal with that but soon every time they walked out of camp they'd have to freeze their paws off. Getting up from where he sat he sulks over to the exit of camp nearby where Night stood to look into the sky to watch as snowflakes began to sprinkle the land. And his muzzle. His nose wrinkles in disgust at the touch of the cold, no doubt he wouldn't even have to try to signal to the hard of hearing feline he was not pleased with the weather. He couldn't believe some of his tribe-mates actually enjoyed the snow... just wait till they were mid winter and they had grumbling bellies and they could hardly feel their paws.


    His gaze would drift over to Pipit as the tom approached the scene, yet another cat he was unfamiliar with but considering he had been away from the tribe for... a considerable amount of time that was a given. He didn't truly know anyone here anymore, he hoped with time it would change and once again he'd feel like a true tribe cat. He shrugs, "Nothin' really. Nothing exactly going on however at the moment to be smiling about. We'll be getting even more snow soon and the chills of time of frozen water will be upon us soon. I'm not looking forward to it." Besides... even when time of freed water came upon them who was to say when the snow began to melt away they wouldn't get any flooding? Or that they wouldn't get any rain that did it for them? Last year hadn't been too pleasant... you couldn't even get out of the damn camp without going for a swim. He then glances over to Feather stating he didn't have to worry about her. She was right about that, but he did. "Is the family doing alright?"


    He turns a side-eye to Rumble as the feline told him to listen to Whisper and at first he only replies with a grunt. He wasn't trying to insult her, if anything it was more less an insult to the tribe if they really lacked so much common sense they didn't even know that you should simply just avoid elk. If you were near them even if they weren't angry they could always accidentally kick or step on you, which would be enough to kill you... At which point it was best to stay clear of the large beasts, if you allowed a huge thing like an elk to charge after you or approach you without seeing it the harsh life in the mountains probably wasn't for you anyways. "I'll listen... but I was simply just making a statement. Carry on Whisper, don't listen to me." The tom would mutter out before sitting down. A small sigh would escape him, if he kept this up he probably wouldn't have the prettiest reputation in the tribe now would he? His reputation should already be smoothered considering he abandoned them, but really who hasn't abandoned the tribe? All high rankings current and former do at one point. Veil had, he heard Whisper had, he had... hmm.


    He was adjusting back into life here... fairly easily. It was a bit different from what he had remembered but nonetheless it was still the tribe. His terrible social skills had gotten him into a bit of trouble but he had always been quick to... apologize for his blunt words. Perhaps in time he'd be back to the same old jolly Bumble who was quick to crack jokes and the one who would always approach others who were down in hopes of cheering them up. It wasn't like Bumble was sad, no, he truly was happy to be back home. He just... still didn't know what his purpose in this world was, but he knew he'd find it within the tribe now.

    Dim yellow eyes would land on Feather, a molly he did not know well but he believed she had most likely been here during his time right? His memory was quick to fade him, but she looked... tense. Perhaps he could strike up a conversation with her? So he slowly pads over to the scene, dipping his head to the feline in greetings as he nears her. "Feather, its good to see you.| He begins simply, his tone didn't carry much for emotions but his eyes shone with genuine happiness to be talking to an old tribe-mate. "You look a little stressed, something the matter?" The brown cave-guard asks with a gentle tilt of his head.


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    The recently returned tribe member approached the scene with a small grunt, elk...? How in the world would you get yourself in such a situation where elk were a danger to you he didn't know. Sure the large beasts could run, and they could shatter a cats spine and put an end to them in no doubt a single kick. But all one had to do to avoid such a situation was stay clear of them, it wasn't that hard to spot the beasts anyways. They traveled in herds. "Its simple really. Just stay away from them... Unless this lesson is supposed to be for idiotic to-bes fresh from their mothers I don't exactly see how it isn't common sense." Blunt Bumble had become, though he didn't exactly mean to come off... that harsh. Going moons without socializing with anyone did something to a cat, but either way he found truth in his words. Its not like elk were like sharp-tooths and they prayed on cats.


    Alas the first feline was someone he indeed did not know, a small sigh escaped his maw. How much had change since he was away? He hoped not much, he didn't want to return back home and find it wasn't really... home anymore. Part of him wondered if Comet or Bunny was still around but he'd find out soon, he had no doubt they may both be disappointed in him, much of the tribe probably was. But he couldn't just sit in a place that constantly reminded him of his failures, that constantly reminded him that he had failed as a leader. A small shiver ran down his spine, maybe he'd be able to make up for that now. Perhaps not as a leader- no, never again... but as a cave-guard.

    He had learned some damn good moves while fending for himself as a loner, and some from DarkClan.

    "Ahh... greetings. I'm aware, I'm Bumble of Bee. I've come to join my home again if you will all have me back." He said simply with a small flick of his tail, he assumed Veil was still stoneteller hmm? He hoped so. If someone else had rose to power he wasn't sure if he'd be too interested in coming back, it already seemed like there was an influx of new faces. He wondered if the tribe had just... grown bigger or if they had replaced the old ones.

    All he knew is he no longer wished to live a life of solitude anymore. He had always been a tribe cat.


    He had the tribe in search of his own path in life, and he had only strayed further away from his true path.

    Ever since he had received that stupid dream his life had been turned upside down, he had been crowned stoneteller at such an early age... How old had he been... six moons? Five? Far too young.

    The brown coated tom had to grow up quickly, become an adult quickly, and now he had grown into a big grump. The shell of what he had been as an excited, adventurous child.

    He had joined DarkClan briefly, but the place hadn't felt like home. Go figure.

    So he left and lived as a loner for a few good moons, maybe four? Living life in solitude had taught him some things... like what it was like to go full moons with no social interactions aside from disputes with other loners.

    But with snow soon to be on its way... prey would get scarce and he doubted he really had the survival abilities to keep himself alive. Plus there had always been a longing in his heart to come back to the place he called home, no doubt he'd have to earn their trust again but whatever. He could do it over time, not like he had intentions on leaving again.

    Arriving upon the border he decides to stand there and wait, while wondering if there were any cats from his time in the tribe who would still be here today.

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    Sneaking of for walks? Oh! Rebellious. Amused, he lets out a low chuckle. He would have never dared trying to leave camp when he was injured back within the tribe, especially under Bunny's watchful eye? He'd get an earful if he was caught, and even if he didn't he'd get one he arrived back. Tribe was a small place, didn't take much to realize when someone was missing or not around. He had tried to make the place grow as a stoneteller... but looking back at it, he felt it had been foolish to try. He was a child back then, who in the world would want to be led by a damn child? He sure wouldn't now that he was an adult... Veil must have felt like he was babysitting a bunch of kits pretending to play make believe leader or something.

    At least he could say he tried, but he liked to keep his memories as a stoneteller out of his mind. Some days... if he had the power to forget it he would. Then again, he'd probably be a much different cat then he was today if he had never received the title.

    "Sneaking out? Oh gee Briarpaw... I can't believe you've been doing such a thing. I'll have to tell Drifting- ugh I mean Eaglestar about this you know right?" He jokes around playfully, attempting to give her a gentle light nudge with his paw while doing so before shaking his head. "Nah nah, but hey if you sneak out again... at least let me go with? I just- worry about the bear situation, and I'm sure the rest of your clan doesn't want you getting hurt by it again either. Besides, I'm sure you'd like some company while you're out strolling the territory right?" He had never really had time for rebelliousness in the tribe, perhaps he could get a taste of some now by not only keeping Briarpaw's secret but tagging alone with her while she ignored the leader and medicine cat's concerns. It would give him a chance to get to know her better anyways too, maybe he could continue sharing information about the tribe and in return she taught him a bit more clan vocabulary? Might be fun.

    "Well... ow... That had to of hurt, I'm glad you're alright. But congratulations on fishing your- er, trials! You must have worked really hard to get to where you are today, I have no doubt you'll make an amazing warrior." He purrs, before... he freezes in place and his eyes dilate wide. Wait? Was... was that a joke? He almost allows a laugh to escape his maw, but he realizes Briarpaw is saying all of this with a completely... serious voice. As if it was nothing.

    She wasn't joking.

    He wanted to look at her as if she was crazy- but maybe she had been... she had probably thought she was about to die, he certainly would be going a bit crazy soon. She probably just hallucinated or... or something... He wouldn't ask about it though, sounded like it might be a bit of a touchy subject so he just awkwardly nods along to her words. "Well I'm glad you made it out okay, and that all you have to worry about is your leg for a bit." Could have been way worse.

    "Its going to be a bit weird calling you something besides Briarpaw... thats all I've known you as." He comments, "So don't be upset if I mess up for the first moon." Once again the broad shouldered tom would muse, before listening to her speak about potential names and what she was looking for. "Perhaps, or maybe Eaglestar has something else in mind... like Briar...leg?" A mischievous smile plops up on his face, he was not aware both her parents were well... gone- otherwise he wouldn't have made the joke. But he just assumed that perhaps her parents were still wondering about camp out and about, and that they would be at her ceremony and everything. Nope far from that.

    Bumble didn't even really know what it was like to have parents, he was an orphan all his life, never would he know the bond a father and son had, or a mother and son had. "Nah I tease, I'm sure it'll be something really cool though. I haven't heard Eaglestar hand out names yet but I'm sure she already has something nice in mind for you."

    Oh dear, him getting a clan name? "To be honest though I'm sure many cats would like me to, as of right now no. Bumble of Bee has always been who I've been, not sure if I'm comfortable with changing it... it would just feel wrong to me if that makes sense. I didn't even request cats call me Stoneteller when I stepped up." He was Bumble, Bumble of Bee. That was it. Though he had to admit... if he ever took on a clan name Bumblebee would probably be his preferred name to go, it wasn't too different from his first. Just didn't have 'of' in it. "But... I like Bumblebee. I'll keep it in mind in case I change my mind."


    Really the life style of clans were not much different then what a life style had been within the tribe, you wake up, go on patrols, yadayda. Only thing different was some aspects of their daily life like their tradition, and their ranks. Really, that was it. It was more hard for Bumble to feel like... he was fitting in, of course he had only been here for a few days so obviously he didn't yet... but it was hard for him to get himself out there sometimes. In the tribe he knew everyone, it hadn't been hard, after all there was only a pawful of cats in the tribe. But here? DarkClan was much bigger, many more cats, and it seemed they even had many more problems. The whole bear situation being one of them...

    But, he figured he'd be used to it all maybe at the end of the moon. Maybe he'd even have a friend or two by then as well...

    He lets out a yawn before sitting down near the entrance of the warriors den, before the voice of a younger feline catches his attention. Flicking his ears and quickly turning his head to face her, Bumble recognizes the cat. Caper right? Never had they properly spoke before, but he supposed that would end today. "I suppose so, probably one of the last really nice ones we'll have with... you guys call it... leaf-bare? Where the cold white stuff falls from the snow? Well- yeah, until that stuff comes." Damn, he needed someone to catch him up on clan vocabulary. "Bumble of Bee, you can just call me Bumble though." He would introduce himself in return with a small smile. "Aren't you new around here too? I just got here a few days ago, think we might have arrived here around the same time."


            "Violetfields, right?" The well muscled tom asks with a tilt of his head as he makes his way over to the scene, not exactly sure what was going on or what had all been said... but the feline... didn't look alright. Something was off, something had upset her perhaps? He didn't know, unless it was blatantly obvious he was terrible at reading facial features. "Don't think we've properly met, I'm Bumble of Bee, a bit new around here but I've seen you around from time to time. Figured it was about time we properly met." He muses as a purr rumbles loudly in his throat, while it was nice to finally meet her, one of the other reasons he was here was because she looked a bit panicked from afar. Though the two were strangers, Bumble had always found joy in helping others. Maybe the she-cat didn't need help, but it didn't hurt checking. "Something the matter though? You look a bit nervous." Murmurs the feline before sitting down, awaiting for an answer while briefly glancing over at Caper and Nathanos.


            "Er... can I tag along?" The rather large feline meows as he makes his way over to the scene, trying to get himself around and about DarkClan a bit more. His activity wasn't terrible, but he wanted to try and get into the game more so cats would earn his trust. Besides, the place they were heading he hadn't been before and he'd like to explore it. Though he hoped they would be mostly herb hunting rather then hunting... not that he had interest in herbs but because he was insecure about his hunting abilities. Perhaps if he was more open cats could understand, but in the tribe he was a fully trained cave-guard. Taught little hunting skills, mostly fighting skills and how to protect his group. But... he did pick up some herbal knowledge form Bunny and Comet, not enough to him to be considered a professional but some. "If we look for herbs I have a decent history with them, I can help spot some useful ones out." If they wanted him to he supposed, really he just wanted to make himself useful around here.


    It didn't take too long after he had said his... "joke" to regret it a tad bit in fear of how the molly would take it. Especially since it seemed he might have caught her in an off mood, curse him for not being cautious, mentally he couldn't help but prepare himself for a hiss telling him to get lost or something but instead Briarpaw gave a playful shake of her head before pawing her piece of prey closer to him in an offering. Hmm, how polite. Admittedly he wasn't all that hungry, but he felt it would be polite to at least take a small bite... since he had been offered and all. So he pushes it closer to him, grabs a quick bite, before pawing it back towards Briarpaw all while giving her a thankful look. "Thank you," He murmurs back quietly, the prey within DarkClan tasted a bit... different then that within the Tribe. He was used to eating large hawks and what not, he was sure DarkClan got some here too sometimes considering they were still within the mountains but most likely not as much as the tribe did? Maybe when they laid eyes on one he could help them take one down- or well, since he wasn't the best at hunting protect them and helped them out while they did the work of taking it down.

    "I'm glad to hear that its getting better, I heard you're pretty much there when it comes to becoming a warrior. I'm sure your anxious for it to heal so you can get back out there and everything too huh? I couldn't imagine being confined to camp..." He always had enjoyed exploring and aimlessly wondering around, staying confined to one area for days on end sounded terrible. It was probably one of the reasons he was constantly out looking for allies as a stoneteller, he got to travel while doing good for the tribe at the same time. "Well I hope it heals soon and it can be taken off, for your sake and everyone else in DarkClan. Judging by your expression mere minutes ago if you're stuck in here for much longer you'll probably go crazy. Uh- anyways, I heard you got it from a bear? Or was it something else? I'm not too caught up yet..." Which was sad considering he had been here for a few days, but he had been mostly busy just trying to prove himself around DarkClan anyways.

    DarkClan? He was adjusting well he supposed. "I... like it. Obviously its a lot to get use to, I lived in the tribe all my life but I'm adjusting with time. Just... a bit nervous for getting called on hunting patrols. You see, I was a cave-guard so I'm not too amazing at hunting. When you get that splint off you'll have to teach me and give me some tips sometime."


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    It was odd waking up everyday within DarkClan's warriors den- instead of back home within the mountains in the cave-guards den. Odd waking up to be surrounded by unfamiliar faces instead of the cats he had known all his life, odd to not see Comet and Bunny around, odd to not see Frog or hear Veil giving orders. It was weird... but so far he didn't regret coming to DarkClan, he didn't feel at peace with himself yet but he hadn't expected for all his problems in his life to have been fixed only days after joining. It would take time to finally feel like he fit into the clan, time to get used to their codes and customs, time to truly feel like a DarkClanner. Though as he awakes from a nap within the warriors den, a small sigh escapes him... he couldn't help but doubt sometimes that joining had been the right thing to do. That he'd regret it and want to go back to the tribe, but even within the tribe he had thought and thought about this for moons. It had been so clear that he wasn't happy there- especially when during his cave-guard ceremony he hadn't felt an inch of emotion or pride for crying out loud.

    DarkClan was his only hope at feeling a sense of belonging and finding happiness, he just hoped he could find it here.

    Finally he decides to get his lazy tail in gear, slowly he gets up onto his paws and allows a loud yawn to escape from his maw. He arches his back in a stretch, and then slips out of the den and into camp. He supposed he'd look for something to do... when was the next border patrol going out? He could place himself there... or maybe even try to lead one if someone would let him. He was hesitant about getting himself on a hunting patrol however, he could barely hunt. In the tribe he hard learned mainly how to fight and protect those around him, hunting was a bit foreign to him. The brown tom cat figured eventually he'd have to ask someone to teach him- unless he wanted to be an embarrassing excuse of a warrior within the clan he supposed.

    Though the sight of Briarpaw catches his gaze before any chores or tasks around the clan needing to be done. The ebony molly wore a scowl on her maw as she chewed at the prey placed at her paws- it looked... a bit amusing? Kind of even looked like she was upset at it, but for any cat who had a brain it was easy to realize it wasn't her prey she was upset with- but rather her leg. Couldn't blame her... she did look uncomfortable and he had no doubt in his mind she was probably in a decent amount of pain.

    Hmm... maybe she could use some company.

    The broad tom begins to amble over, a faint smile on his maw. "Hey." He greets simply as he seats himself a few good paw-steps away from her, as if he sat too close she'd bite her or something... "Your prey say something mean to you or something? You don't look very happy with it." He would muse gently as he tucked his tail around his paws. But nah, enough joking, "Heh... uh- anyways, how are you doing? With your leg and everything? You know how much longer you have to have it in a splint?"


    Coming forward, Bumble would make his way into the already gathered group of cats who had come to receive a task and nods. "I'll take one too please." He wanted to show DarkClan he planned on proving his loyalty around here instead of just sitting around, taking a weekly task wouldn't be a bad start.