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    She had been gone for too long. Others had been instantly nervous at the smell of smoke, clearly associating it with the fire that had burnt most of their territory and the old camp. She'd been gone for seven months though and she'd missed the fire and the fear it must have brought with it. She felt guilty that the smell of smoke didn't worry her the way it did the others. She had missed too much.

    At Feliks' call about a bonfire the Thunderguard/Cloudwatcher apprentice had made her way over quickly. Heidi was never one to miss a social event and although people would likely tell her she didn't have to, she felt the need to prove herself to the Thunderlanders and prove that she wasn't going anywhere. Not this time. So she'd popped up by the others, offering a bright smile of greeting as she slid into place. She'd arrived just in time to hear Laika's story.

    Sitting and nestling back on her haunches, the tabby's brown tail curled itself neatly over her white paws as she listened, chocolate gaze on the canine and ears pricked. The story the other girl told was one of war, but mostly one of companionship, pride and spirit. Those fighting their battle fought together and fought for something they believed in - their home, each other, their clan. It was, Heidi supposed, no different to the way that she would fight for the Thunderlands if she had to.

    For a moment it sounded like the warriors were going to triumph over the rogues despite being fiercely outnumbered. Yet right where Laika should've been delivering good news, the tension left her voice and her words were almost deadpan. Blinking slightly, the feline's face showed mild surprise and a little confusion. Was that it?

    Her head tilted to the side, a little curiosity evident. "Where did you hear that story, Laika?" Her question came with a small smile. She was impressed at the girl's ability to remember the story if it was one she'd heard from someone else. Or maybe she'd made the story up, in which case Heidi would perhaps be impressed even more so.

    Sparring? Well it didn't take a genius to work out that fighting wasn't exactly the tabby's forte. She was tall, but skinny with a narrow build that held very little on it in the way of muscle. Her self-defense skills were pitiful and she didn't plan on putting them on display in front of everyone. Besides, she was not trained as a fighter, she was being trained to heal.

    Making her way over the tabby girl stuck to the sidelines as a small smile worked its way onto her maw. "I'll take care of any injuries." That sounded like a far better idea than sparring did...

    Gabriel. Heidi had, despite not necessarily wanting to admit it, been eagerly awaiting his visit. It had been a little while now since she'd visited and delivered Feliks' request that he make time to speak, and since then the young lady had been wondering when he'd appear. Apparently today was the day.

    Having heard the voices the skinny tabby cat had made her way over, chocolate brown eyes flickering over the two before her. She knew Gabriel of course and she recognised the tiger beside him. He'd been the one to find her at their borders when she'd visited, although she hadn't managed to catch his name. Staying quiet Heidi had slid into place beside Deutsch, casting a friendly smile of greeting to the visitors before offering her mentor a friendly flick of her tail.

    She had been endlessly curious about what Feliks had done to be exiled from the Hyperian Isles. Yet she hadn't asked - it would have been rude and it wasn't in her nature to ask anything invasive. But standing beside the german shepherd her brown eyes were full of her curiosity as she listened to the leader's recount of events, ears pricked. The names in the story were unfamiliar to her and a thousand questions were burning the tip of her tongue but she kept her mouth shut, eyes shifting instead to Gabriel to await the lions' reaction. Would he consider allowing Feliks to visit them?

    Usually the tabby girl kept her curious thoughts to herself. That wasn't to say she didn't have them though, for she certainly did. Although she didn't voice them, Heidi was often thinking - observing others, thinking about what was happening around her, a few handfuls of questions running through her mind. She was often too concerned about offending others or invading their privacy to ask the questions that puzzled her. But today was different. A Q&A was for questions.

    Making her way over the tabby girl came to a stop by Feliks with a small smile, her chocolate gaze flickering over the creature. She hadn't yet met Amaya and she was an interesting sight indeed, rather large and long with three wings and startling pink eyes. Before she spoke the girl's head tilted to the side, eyes wandering over the other once more. "Sorry to intrude," an apologetic smile. "but is flying a little difficult with three wings?" She couldn't help but feel that the uneven number would throw something off.

    "Hi Katrina," the friendly words came from the girl as she approached. A pleasant smile was woven on her maw and she flicked her tail in greeting. She recognised the large black feline before her from her recent visit to the Hyperian Isles when Feliks had sent her to ask Gabriel to pay a visit. Of course she hadn't caught the others name at the time but she recognised her all the same.

    "I'm Heidi - I saw you a few days ago, I didn't get the pleasure of meeting you, though." Her soft words came with a friendly smile, polite as ever as she came to a halt before the other. So Katrina was their new ambassador? Well this was funny timing indeed. Slight amusement showing in her eyes the tabby girl spoke again. "Funny timing - I just got appointed to be the new ambassador to the Hyperian. I was planning to stop by, but this works, too. How are things back home?" Her gentle question came with a small raise of her brows as she looked up at the far larger creature. Things had seem fine when she'd been there, but she hadn't exactly stuck around long to chat and ask about how they were faring.

    The tabby cat had been quick to make her way over when Feliks had announced the meeting. She'd been back for a little while now but she still felt a strong desire to prove herself and make up for her absence, and to Heidi part of making up for it was being prompt and there whenever she may be needed. Her long legs had carried her over and she'd quietly taken a seat by the others gathered, her brown eyes turned up to the male.

    Feliks' first meeting as leader. Well... this time anyway. She was aware he'd led before.

    She'd listened slightly absentmindedly until he'd gotten to the real changes - things she should take note of, like who was stepping up in the ranks and who was being pushed back down. The demotion was handed down to someone Heidi was yet to even meet so it didn't surprise her that the absentee member had been demoted. Then came the news that Deutsch's apprentice had left. Another one. The brown-furred girl couldn't help but feel a little guilty. She'd been one of many apprentices to fade away from the Thunderlands under Deutsch's mentorship. And now this one, too.

    Heidi barely had a moment to feel guilty though for Feliks was calling


    name. Ears pricking the fifteen moon old girl had sat up a little straighter? Her? A Thunderguard? Chocolate eyes blinked in surprise but an amused smile spread across her face at Feliks' joke. It did not take a genius to realise that the softly spoken feline would take up the Thunderguard position rather than Squalltamer (she was far far from ruthless). With a thankful glow in her brown eyes she'd been about to speak up when someone beat her to it.



    Hearing his words the girl's breath caught in her throat. He was offering her the position back? Even after she'd left...? Immediately her chocolate eyes had flickered to Feliks, for she knew that it would be his word that would be final. She was expecting to be told to make the choice between the two, so when the wolf spoke she had to do a slight double take. She could be both?

    For a moment she didn't know what to say but as her chocolate eyes sort out the familiar shape of Deutsch in the crowd she offered forth a warm smile. "I would love that, thank you." Her thanks came with a small nod of her head in gratitude to both Deutschland and Feliks. Thunderguard and Deutsch's apprentice again. Perhaps a big load, but one the feline was keen to carry. She was dead set on proving herself.

    Eyes flickering over the group the corners of her mouth had turned up in wry amusement as Feliks blatantly forgot that Avilius was already a Thunderguard. "Congratulations to everyone else." Her warmly purred words came as her dark eyes sought for Koday in the crowd, hoping he'd be happy with some acknowledgement.

    The tabby cat had, in classic Heidi fashion, completely managed to miss the fact that someone had followed her over towards Koday. It wasn't until Kosaku's voice rang through the air that she even realised they had company. Her ears had pricked and her chocolate eyes had left Koday to land upon yet another person far larger than herself. Another canine. There'd been a lot of them the last time Heidi had been here, but this time around it seemed rare to meet someone that wasn't one.

    A gentle smile lifted up the corners of her mouth as the male introduced himself. Kosaku. Heidi couldn't tell how long he'd been in the Thunderlands for but he wasn't a face she recognised. Dipping her head politely to the large shepherd her soft voice followed his words. "I'm Heidi, and it's lovely to meet you, Kosaku." The girl's words came as a light purr as her head tilted slightly to the side, eyes flickering over the stranger. "Have you been in the Thunderlands long?" She was curious of course and couldn't refrain from asking. That was one thing that had changed slightly as she'd matured - she was a little more willing to ask the curious thoughts she had - as long as they weren't rude of course.

    The male was a stranger to her. Kira was a name she would've recognised instantly and for the young girl at least, one she would've delighted over hearing. The light coloured cat she'd known had been a little strange but she'd liked him. And Sky. And upon her return she had discovered that they weren't around anymore. If she had known she was talking to Kira then perhaps her attention would have lingered with the male longer, but as Koday came her way and wrapped her in a friendly hug a grin appeared on her maw and her focus shifted back to the crown-wearing wolf.

    Where had she ran off to? Well, she was trying to formulate a reasonable answer to that one when Koday's words about 'medical world domination' brought a light laugh from her lips. Amusement showing in her chocolate brown eyes she gave a nod of her head. "That's exactly what I've been up to," she joked, her words a friendly purr. She'd gone to say something about her height when the male had deposited the incredibly large crown upon her head. It was clearly far too big for the tabby and she kept herself still to prevent knocking it off the top of her head for if she moved too much it would certainly end up around her neck as a necklace. She'd been meaning to comment on it when a familiar voice joined the mix.


    Hearing his words the girl's chocolate eyes had widened in something akin to shock. If she'd been drinking then this time it would've been her turn to spit it out in shock. He'd been exiled from the Thunderlands twice? Heck, Heidi had been surprised enough to learn he'd been exiled from the Hyperia, let alone finding out that he'd been exiled more than once from the group he now led. It appeared Feliks certainly was a rather unusual character indeed. And she was curious of course, but a part of her told her she didn't want to know what he'd done...

    A slightly bemused smile replacing the shocked look on her maw she managed to give a nod of her head to Felix in greeting before her dark eyes shifted back to Koday. "Well, I definitely can't top that." Her words came with a small raise of her brows, eyes flickering back to Feliks to suggest that he certainly had beaten her when it come to weird occurrences. "Can either of you beat that?" Her gaze flickered between Koday and Kosaku and her head tilted slightly to the side, something she quickly learnt was a mistake as the crown upon her head wobbled and then toppled, falling over her head to become a necklace around her neck.


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    The approaching figure of Feliks caught her eye as the apologies flew from her lips and for a moment she felt the sting of embarrassment at having been spotted doing something so careless and clumsy. It wasn't in the girl's nature to go around walking into people and pushing them into glowing lakes. For a moment she found herself waiting for a judgmental comment but instead she was greeted by the wolf's joking words as he reached the scene.

    A slightly embarrassed but still cheerful smile spread across the tabby's maw at his words. The joke almost prompted a laugh from Heidi but she was still slightly concerned about the reaction of the dog she'd shoved into the water. It had been an accident but that wasn't going to stop her from feeling bad about it. She was about to formulate some kind of response to the male's words when the sound of familiar laughter reached her ears. She didn't even need to look to recognise Koday as he made his way over, his voice ringing out in it's familiar joking tone.

    The young feline kept her happy but still rather embarrassed grin on her maw as the direwolf gave her a well meant nudge.
    "Haven't you heard, Koday? After you and Feliks I'm the fiercest one around this place."
    The tabby's smile broadened as she gave a joking role of her eyes, wrinkling her nose in the male's direction before the voice of the poor girl she'd pushed into the lake got her attention.

    Although Heidi would have loved to have understood the foreign and humorous words of the canine, she couldn't. Something the other seemed to realise quickly. Sadly, Heidi noted, the words she did understand didn't quite have the same softness as the ones she did understand. She didn't take it to heart though and simply flashed the canine a grateful smile, relief flooding into her chocolate eyes at the other girl's lack of concern over her brief dip. "Thank you, I'm not usually so clu-" The tabby was cut off as a wave of water came at her from the lake, hitting her and prompting a surprised sharp intake of air from the now rather wet girl.

    A well meant roll of the eyes and a joking frown was all Koday received from the girl as her attention instead shifted back to the canine she'd 'assaulted'. Stillepaw. It had been a while since Heidi had heard such a traditional name but she loved them. They were far more interesting than names like her own.

    "Well it's a pleasure," a small smile came form the girl. "I'm Heidi." She introduced herself with one last apologetic look.

    The call of the canine had split through the quiet midday air and yanked the girl from her daydreams. She'd found herself wandering to the old camp quite a lot. It was a dismal sight, burnt down and ruined, and yet she couldn't help but be drawn back to it occasionally. It was surely just nostalgia working its magic on the tabby cat, but she could of course be seen wandering by the old camp. She'd been so caught up in her own thoughts and memories that - for the second time in one day - she'd completely lost touch of her surroundings. Thus she hadn't even spotted the canine up ahead when the voice hit her.

    "Hello? Is anyone here?"

    The words had the girl's chocolate eyes blinking and her brown ears pricking up. Instantly her gaze fell upon the figure of the canine who appeared around her own age. The call of the other was tentative, perhaps even fearful, and Heidi couldn't see herself having anything to fear with the stranger before her. Making her way over, the skinny cat let a polite smile turn up the corners of her maw. "Hi, I'm Heidi. Can I help you with something?" Her question came as she reached the other, stopping near her and offering her a polite dip of her head in greeting.

    If one thing could be said about the Hyperians, it could definitely be that they were incredibly prompt. The first of them appeared nearly as soon as she'd spoken, her brown eyes falling upon a rather massive tiger - if it hadn't been for the smile that lit up his face then he sure would've been intimidating to the tabby cat. At fifteen moons she was tall for a cat her age, but clearly minuscule when put before a tiger.

    Matching the male's own smile the Thunderlander gave a small nod of her head for she supposed everything was alright. "Sorry to bother you," an apologetic smile fell upon her face. "but I was hoping Gabriel would be available?" That was the leader's name, right? She'd met him but briefly and barely spoken to him but his visit had been recent enough for the feline to remember his name at the least. Plus she hadn't met an awfully high number of lions - or tigers for that matter - so he was somewhat memorable. "Julian has stepped down from leadership. The deputy Feliks has stepped up and he asked me to come to speak to Gabriel." Well, he hadn't exactly asked, it had been more of an order for someone to go and she'd simply offered.

    The explanation had just left her lips when movement pulled her gaze away from the tiger and she found herself looking at the lion she was searching for. Perfect timing. A friendly smile stretched across her maw as she bowed her head, a display of respect to the leader before she spoke. "Sorry for the intrusion, Gabriel," did bringing a message from an ally count as an intrusion? "Feliks sent me with a request." Heidi would assume the lion had heard her explain that Feliks now led the Thunderlands. "He'd like to know if you could please come to the Thunderlands to speak to him, as he is... unable to attend here himself." Well... that was a nice way to put it considering Feliks being 'unable to attend' meant that he'd been exiled and completely banned from their borders.

    Two others arrived as she spoke and her warm chocolate eyes swept over them, taking in the black tiger (how many big cats did the Hyperia have?) and the smaller white serval. A friendly smile was directed their way by the tabby and she dipped her head to them in greeting but her attention stayed on Gabriel. Hopefully this would be easy and he'd simply agree to find time to see Feliks at some point.

    Heidi hadn't meant to do it. The tabby cat had been so lost in thought that she hadn't even noticed she'd made her way to lake. She was so shut off to her surroundings that she wasn't taking in anything around her - not even what was right in front of her eyes. It was no wonder really that she didn't see the canine until she literally hit her.

    As the tabby's slender frame collided with the canine a shocked gasp came from the girl as her eyes widened and she stumbled, barely managing to remain on her own paws. Wide chocolate eyes blinked a few times before taking in what had happened right as the voice of the younger girl reached her. "I didn't mean I wanted to cool off that way." Her brown gaze landed on the canine in the lake, for a moment only confusion hitting her before she realised what had happen. She'd walked right intoher and in she'd gone.

    Jaw dropping a slightly horrified look took over her face. "Shivers! Gosh, I'm so sorry!" Immediately apologies came flying from her mouth. "I wasn't paying attention at all I'm so sorry! Are you alright?"


    The slightly disbelieving but unmistakably overjoyed words came from the feline as she stopped still in her tracks. Chocolate eyes wide and a shocked but clearly happy grin lifting the corners of her mouth up, the tabby stood with her gaze locked on the direwolf. She hadn't been up to much in particular, not quite sure of what her place in the Thunderlands was just yet, when she'd stumbled upon the male. The sight of the quite familiar figure had brought the long-legged girl to a standstill. She'd had to look him over twice to ensure that she wasn't totally losing the plot. She'd been back for a week but no one had mentioned the fact that Koday was here still. But then again she hadn't asked because she had been almost certain he wouldn't be around.

    It had been seven months since she'd last seen the male and at the time she'd rather liked him. He'd been a nuisance of course - Deutsch had been trying to heal his wounds and he never followed a single order. She really didn't have the shepherd's authority and Koday had certainly never listened to her. But she'd liked him nonetheless - his cheery attitude and sense of humour had made it hard for the youngster not to like him. Heidi had reunited with her former mentor immediately upon returning but she hadn't seen Koday yet, but now here he was.

    Initial wave of shock fading away the tabby cat moved to approach the male, legs that were far longer than they were seven months ago carrying her over. "You look... better." It was a miracle really considering he hadn't followed a single order to rest.

    Feliks had asked for this to be done and so she'd volunteered. It was in her nature to help out others without hesitation, but she'd been even quicker to offer to visit Hyperia as she had a lot to make up for. She'd disappeared for seven months - this was probably the least she could do. Her determination to make up for her absence was why one could spot the tabby cat visiting the floating archipelago.

    The skinny brown and white girl could be seen leaping from the boat that had taken her up through the sky to land upon the forested floor of the main island. Although she usually appeared fairly calm the cat looked a little rattled, chocolate eyes wide as her paws hit solid ground again. The ride up in the boat had certainly been... new to the feline to say the least. Taking a second to regain her composure the Thunderlander took a deep breath or two before letting her chocolate eyes take in the island she'd arrived on. It was a forested place, one that ever so slightly reminded her of the jungle back home. Honestly she had to admit it was quite pretty. In fact her mind had wandered while admiring the place before she remembered she had a distinct reason for being here.

    Clearing her throat, the usually soft-spoken young lady forced her voice to rise loud enough to be heard by anyone who may be nearby but outside of sight. "Excuse me, I'm sorry for the intrusion." Apologising was the right thing to do, right? "I'm Heidi, and I've come with a request from the Thunderlands." The tabby cat pushed a friendly smile onto her maw as she spoke, hoping her words would be enough to attract someone who could deal with the request she had from Feliks. Heidi tried not to think too much about the fact that the leader couldn't come himself and the reason why that was. She honestly didn't want to know what he had done to Hyperia to end up exiled and not even allowed near their borders.

    Well, it seemed that Feliks was certainly up to the task. The tabby's brown eyes had fallen upon the canine as he'd approached and he was wasting no time in getting things sorted. Friday meeting, discussions about customs... the feline kept a mental list in her head as he spoke of the things she should remember. It was the wolf's request that someone go to Hyperia that caught her attention. She'd been bake for a week and was keen to make up for her seven month disappearance.

    "I'll go to Hyperia." The feline put forward her services with a small smile and a polite bow of her head to the male. She'd briefly met the new leader from the Hyperia the other day so going to visit them now wouldn't be of any bother to her. Plus it would make her feel a little less guilty about the fact that she didn't have much else to offer the Thunderlands. She may as well be a little useful.

    Of course the young feline had made her way over at Julian's call. She hadn't been back for long now, but she'd been back long enough to have finally worked out that Julian wasn't a cannibal. So she'd come at his call just like every other Thunderlander, her mind wandering with what this meeting could possibly be about. After all, the last meeting had not been that long ago and the bi-coloured tabby couldn't think of anything they had to discuss so urgently.

    Alas all became clear as she took a seat by the others gathered, listening with attentively pricked ears. Julian was stepping down. Honestly the young girl wasn't quite sure what to think of the situation. She hadn't been back long enough to have experienced any more than a week of the ginger cat's reign, but she'd liked him. Feliks didn't seem awful though - Heidi just knew him even less than she knew Julian.

    At a slight loss for words, the former medic-apprentice offered forth a small smile in the direction of the male. "Thank you for your leadership, you've done an amazing job, Julian." That bit she did mean. After all, he'd re-established the Thunderlands when their camp had burnt down and he'd been working hard at establishing stronger connections with their allies. And he'd welcomed her back with open arms. Heidi honestly didn't have a single bad word to say about the male and the little she'd seen of his reign.

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    The poor creature nearly jumped out of her skin when Heidi spoken and as an apology the rather concerned tabby offered the other girl a comforting smile. The ash covered cat looked terrified - even of Heidi - and her heavy breathing and hoarse voice displayed that she was indeed in rough shape. Plus she apparently knew nothing of the Thunderlands - did she know any of the groups at all?

    Her brown eyes left the stranger for a moment to land on an approaching sabre-toothed tiger. Heidi was yet to meet him, but his scent marked him a Thunderlander and so she offered forth a small smile before her gaze returned to the girl. If someone were to be chasing her than the whole defending her thing would definitely have to be the tiger's job. Heidi had once been a medic apprentice and despite having given up her position when she disappeared seven months ago, she still had not learnt a shred of self-defense.

    "You're safe here," the feline's questions came without a second thought. "and you can sit. You don't need to stand for us. You look like you've been around a fire.. Are you hurt? Burnt anywhere?" She remembered the most basic of Deutschland's trainings but for now just sussing out how she could help the girl would be a start. Heidi didn't even think of asking the girl's name. Perhaps someone else who thought a little more logically would, but the sweet tabby's first instinct was to care for this terrified stranger.

    Was it Feliks' place to bring up a complaint such as that? And what on earth had he done to get himself exiled from the Hyperia? Both were questions floating around the brown and white tabby girl's mind as she made her way over, curiosity showing in her chocolate eyes. In the past few days she'd had more to do with their allies than she'd expected and today there was, of course, another one by their border. Falling into place beside the others the she-cat kept her mouth shut. Feliks hadn't exactly brought up the issue in the politest manner and it didn't seem right for the girl to offer her congratulations to the other now. She'd simply have to wait the slightly tense moment out. Heidi did at least offer the lion a friendly smile as she awaited his response to Feliks' concerns.