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    Saleos knew in her heart taking this invitation wasn’t smart, she needed not to reform that familial bond. Mother would be here and so would her siblings, most which she hadn’t seen in a very long time, she’d left long ago seeking out her study only to find a home Months later within the tribe. A peaceful place to study, one most wouldn’t look for her in. But Abbi had found her, ruining the separation in the blink of an eye and he had sought her out a second time for this event. She frowned, life always had to ruin her plans didn’t they? But Saleos had come here on her own violation despite knowing what could occur. She wouldn’t admit it was because a part of her missed them.

    The large panther would approach, tail swinging as she eyed her littermates before looking away to see who else was here. Mother had to be, but had she remarried (if she had Saleos would be disgusted, till death do them part meant more to her than most, to the point of extension). She would let out her voice finally, announcing herself so they’d know it was her ”It is I” she wasn’t intentionally trying to be dramatic but she always winded up going for theatrics ”Saleos”


    Saleos found this dog to be so normal, almost strangely so. There was no mutations nor deformities as if he was formed out of golden brown sand forged from the gods to be the perfect average specimen. He was just a dog, one who she was meant to follow religiously just as she would follow her cause but she wasn’t to keen on doing so. Her attachments to him just like anyone else were strictly business and far apart from her own motives. As long as he didn’t try to intercept her she’d find him quite dashing and bearable. She’d have to make him like her though, how else would she ensure she’d get his body to test out post morteoum?

    As he spoke she’d listen with the same dull gaze, tail twitching and head titling and her own name was called out. Promotion? How peculiar, she had no esteem she was just a member. Did he see something great in her, something worth rising through the ranks. She didn’t know, perhaps he saw what greatness she was trying to follow. Her loyalty to her cause. Would a promotion make her more targeted, would it get a bounty on her head. The thought was intrusive and sudden and it made her smile derangedly. ”Yes. I shall except you’re offer of this grandeur rank.” she bows her head.

    For the rest she is silent, to busy thinking of other situations where this promotion would benefit her.


    Her stay in Blizzardclan hadn’t truly sat right for her, the people as interesting as they were didn’t quite give her what she wanted. Though her one regret was never seeing how far the drop off from of the island would take her to fall from. Well she always had time to return to that another day when she had a more useless body than what she currently bore.

    This body was a fine specimen, it wasn’t her own by any means just a husk with the distant crying and screeching of the soul that once inhabited it being the only price to pay for taking it. She felt it fit well on her, like the snapping of fresh new clothes or bones as she preferred. It represented what she was far better than her birth body had, it was large covered in swathes of pitch black and given the natural gift of claws which just made slicing cadavers and herself much much more easier. But this body was expendable and in time it too would fall victim to her study, she didn’t see it as murder if the body and soul were always under her control. Besides she’d happily go with them to face the afterlife, but her soul never allowed her that relief.

    With the knowledge her curiosity would get the better of her health one day she figured she’d have to make this last in some eternal way. And what better way than to make a doll, sown from leather and string which she weaves through it so easily to form the body and head of the small panther. Laying within its open guy lay feathers and a droplet of blood from a slice on her forearm dribbled close to its “heart”. A memento that it was her, that it was the representation of this body. It’d be beautiful once it was finished.


    There are things in this word she understands, that death was impermanent yet always inevitable and that creatures could never be fully understood. The brain was a complex thing, emotions even more so no matter how much she wanted to she couldn't ever reach out to somebody and understand where they came from or why they were the way they were. She knew herself well, yes more than anything else even more so than the release of death or the bodies her soul inhabited. She knew what made her tic and was the "controller" of her entire life, or so she foolishly believed. She was still much to young to realize that even she couldn't be explained through rationality and stone cold logical. That's just the way creatures were, she kept a safe distance because of that. Afraid of getting to close and afraid of finding something more important than her study. She was a friendless girl but that was purposely so, she didn't wish to be vulnerable.

    But sometimes her desires got the better of her, she would say it was out of a desire to learn about other things but at the end of the day she craved whatever this whole "Friendship" thing was about. She'd been sitting alone, tail wrapped around herself as she watched the crowd of Blizzardclanners mull around a poignant frown upon her face.

    // ~VALE~


    Saleos can recall a time when she'd played many a game with her siblings when they were just wee little things. She remembers when she used to be a vastly different girl, one who smiled and laughed without the knowledge of lifes greatest certainty. She finds the memory bittersweet, she never wished to be that girl all innocent and dumb. She's smarter now, has a purpose in life or death as she claims. But just this once she wants to be a kid and she gives in because a game of "Truth and Dare" is like a sirens song for her. A succubus' taunt in her ear that demands her to play and act her age for once.

    She approaches confidentially yet with the same constant unimpressed look on her stoic face. ”Beware, I am the best at truths.” she says simply.


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    Xx_DARKNESINCARNATE_xX: Going to the beach sounds most interesting

    Xx_DARKNESINCARNATE_xX: The beach is a place by the ocean where some of the worlds most dangerous creatures dwell. It is very warm yes and the water is nice...

    Xx_DARKNESINCARNATE_xX: Would anyone like to hear about some shark attack stories i have?

    She see's no appeal of owning a pet, she prefers being the lowest in the chain but that neither here or there. Her tail would twitch as the words flew from the Dragoness' mouth until they directed at her. Saying something most invigorating to the young girl, a deranged look would spring on her and she'd hastily nod. What was mean't to be an obvious threat was lost on her, to Saleos such an opportunity was a miracle. What a shame didn't approach her earlier.. She'd meet the gaze looking unphased if anything else despite the joy that coursed through her veins.

    ”I'd quite like that” she says bluntly voice cold as it usually is, if this leads to her murder than that's exactly what she wants if she comes back than she could beg this beast for her experience and the cadaver itself. As deeply intrigued by the pet she was she was now more keenly drawn to the woman who hatched it. She never knew there was another interested in dissecting the dead or living as she was. She took things literally. ”Should i prepare myself Miss?” it was a truthful question, she awaited her orders patiently.


    The only keeper to her was death itself, the figment that held the final string in the end. He did not discriminate and he was impeccable, benevolent even, he in the end was the first and only master she’d obey. The one who decided when her or anyone else’s time was up. She yearned to meet this said master done all she could to understand his flows and choices. Only to be met with a soul that never obeyed, they screamed for freedom and life while her brain tugged for the opposite.

    The panther would come up besides Laureat her tail swaying and her eyes honed in on this mysterious stranger. Lasping over the note in his mouth curious as to what it said. ”What’re you holding” it may have been a parent but what if there was some mystical curse inscribed in it or a premonition of horrible things to come. She’d smile, a deranged but genuine one ”Is it dangerous?”


    She’d arrived on the scene the scent of new-birth carrying on the wind bringing her over like a vulture to carrion or in this case a Saleos to a vulture thing. Her maw would open in a gape her eyes sparkling with amazement, it was beautiful the perfect unique combination. If only it’d been hers. She would stare up at the group before looking expectantly up at Leif. Not minding how large the size different was or how easily the woman could crush her under her talons. But it was likely she knew in the back of her mind and craved that result. ”This thing... this beautiful beautiful thing I must have it’s body when it departs. When it dies please allow me to dissect it” she’d drop to a groveling bow ears flattening.

    ”Tall woman of immeasurable might I beg of you...” she’d speak lowly.


    She never had the bodies she inhabited long enough to acquire scars, even this form was immaculate the only scar tissue within it being on the ears where the piercings it came with lay. Gold loops looking as if forged from the melting sunset, the thing that put them in hadn’t done them right so those the pale gray skin was ragged around the holes that encased them. These scars were nothing compared to long bisecting cut underneath the Break’s neck.

    Her eyes would glimmer with wonder and she briefly wanted to jut forward and purse her claw against it just to feel the deepness of the brutal gash. ”That is a... beautiful scar” she says not realizing how awkward she sounds. She’s practically drooling, she can’t lift her ghostly gaze from it. ”Please tell me how bad did it hurt? Did you almost die? How’d it happen?” her questions came easily a gentle neediness to them. Lucas’ words and presence were hidden to her, she was much to distracted by the Scar and the beast it belonged to.


    Teeny little brothers and sisters, that’s alls he would remember them as. She never chose to grow close or form a bond with any of them, she remembered there names yes even some of their faces but couldn’t recall who they were and if she’d ever cared about them more than conditionally. Saleos chose to try and forget about her family, not out of Ilk or hatred but because she had a new duty in life and didn’t want to be held down by the bonds of family. She was an Aeternum only by blood not by loyalty, or so she told herself. When it came down to it she would never forsake the women who’d first welded her body, who’d met and forged her and her brothers from blood and flesh. That body was long dead, torn apart and undid by her own doing but the soul that had been put into that husk remained. Constantly drifting from body to body in her mad chase for truth and knowledge.

    The large panther hadn’t thought of visiting the Veil. Not even once, they were close in a way it’d only take her a few days to get from the islands to the dark pines but nothing motivated her to go. This journey wasn’t made to meet any of siblings or reunify with Mother Lastbastion it was a trek home to the Bound Meadow to the home she’d made and quickly quit showing up in.

    But in her way stood a thing, a boy close to her real age. Her head would tilt and she’d approach, not yet noticing the scent that drifted from him ”Beast of pale fur and long ears what are you doing out here alone?” she’d question her head titling to the side. ”You are in the presence of Saleos Aeternum, I am no loner I am of Blizzardclan and I am merely traveling to answer any questions you may have. But as for you little beast, tell me your answer”

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    She’d make her way over to to the crowd, taking a seat towards the middle of the crowd not choosing to sit next to anyone in particular quite yet. Her tail would curl around her paw and her eyes would be pointed at the skull-headed leader dubbed Alkesei. A figure she was most curious about, she’d kill for an intimidating visage like his.


    What was a moon festival? What did it entail, were they going to offer a sacrifice to some moon god? All and all it seemed to vague for her but as she approached she’d sigh in disappointment, there was no sacrifice or bonfires instead there were people dressed in pretty outfits and dancing on stage. Oh what a fool she was for wearing her traditional cow skull over her mug, this wasn’t a traditional event at all. Instead of taking it off however Saleos refuses, she’d stick to her look and honor the dead tonight just as she believed she wasn’t here for even onstage with so many people staring at her. She had no shame, nor did she have an idea for her act. She’d decided on a whim to approach the line and to wedge her way in after Olivia stepped off stage.

    She thought briefly about what she could do and what was allowed before throwing all restraint away and taking a step forward onto stage as soon as Olivia finished she’d stand tall puffing of her chest out pridefully. Clearly not ashamed or embarrassed by the eyes pointed at her. She was a shameless girl. ”I AM SALEOS AETERNUM! MEMBER OF BLIZZARDCLAN!” a little too loud but she’d go on ”I WILL BE PERFORMING A TRADITIONAL STEP DANCE! PREPARE TO BE AMAZED!” she’d wait a second for her words to sink in before going with it.

    Her steps were intense, forced down with intensity as she went through her katas and twirls. The dance itself once long, though would be if she had fire to twirl but she didn’t. It was to much of a hazard. As she made her last moved she posed, claws unsheathing and the cowskull on her face wobbling loosely as she took a moment to catch her breath before making a running leap off the platform with no forethought to where she’d land or if she’d break something.

    Luckily (or sadly in her opinion) she’d landed unscathed on her paws in one of the empty spots close to the crowd.


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