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    a voice from the past screaming there is no end ! a slave to my fight, am i doomed to repeat this? again and again and again and again. now im falling too fast but the fall will not break me, a voice from past echoes on like a drum. now there's no more goodbyes and my heart is still aching, i'll open my eyes one more time






    Get ready to sumbit.

    Ah, that does make her chuckle. She supposes that sort of confidence is fun to have til someone knocks your teeth in for the first time. Or maybe the second, third, fourth... She was an insufferable child, wasn't she? Her musings are cut short by the sound of something whipping towards her face, ears twitching in that direction. Without a solid reference of how long the appendage is, she slides back but the tail still connects and whips across her face.

    The second and third may not be so lucky. Instead of backing off, she lunges forward to aim to snap the tails up in her jaws, pushing herself forward to get closer to the base of the tails to give her a decent grip. If she manages to make contact and connect her attacks, she aims to use her strength and his momentum to topple him. If she can get him on the ground, she can make quick work of things.

    hides this in a spoiler for whenever you get free time :tm:

    It has been a while since she went to a meeting. To hear her own name called, even if she volunteered herself for a position to give herself some kind of purpose and some kind of direction to help, her ears flick back and she is still mildly surprised. A condor, more bird names. Makes her miss her own flock of irritating avian friends.



    I didn't realise that work emails are to be used to discuss people's conduct in the break room. Please don't include me in any emails that don't directly concern me or my duties.


    Anima Blair | she/her | animablair@volaryltd,com


    The information in this email is confidential and may not be reproduced or distributed.

    You should go and pay your respects to the Phoenix, maybe then you'll get your sight back.

    It is that thought that brings her to the Ashen Shrine, half through pestering and half-through curiosity. There seems to be no one else here but her, left alone in front of what she assumes must look like some kind of temple. Or perhaps it is one of those shrines that she had once met the priestess of, dressed in white and red and offering talismans that would protect her against harm. Of course, she had taken it a long time ago and never thought much on it since, but the envelope was opened and the blessing was scattered to the wind.

    She can hear the birds too. They're not quiet, after all this is their home. Birds are sacred to the Flights, but she misses her collection of magpies that would bicker and caw amongst themselves. Always mithering, always complaining; you make us do too much work, you don't feed us enough, where is our payment? The questions would go on and on, and she would give everything they wanted but they always wanted more. Her favourite was Seven, who knew he was her favourite and would often ask why a Goddess needs so many birds in her service, yet she can't be bothered to give them all her blessings.

    She'd laughed. They didn't need her blessings. After they died, she looked after every single one of them. That was her blessing after all, a choice of rebirth or a peaceful death. For those that wanted to serve her even in death, she granted them the ability to fight for her as eidolons.

    So what did this Phoenix offer his devotees? The only divine firebird that she is familiar with is her brother, Andras, and even then his companion was the Phoenix Alexander, a great mage that broke time itself to try and save his beloved from the grasps of death. The Goddess pitied him, and took him into her service and reunited him with his lover. A compromise, weighed heavily in the Goddess' favour of course, but one nonetheless. Etro was merciful, a Goddess of death who adored her human children knowing that they would one day die. Each one of them a little shard of chaos with the ability to be good and evil, the ability to grow and evolve. Not stagnant, not still, capable of true miracles.

    Why is that when she stands to give an offering to another God, all that she thinks of is her own? All she can think of is her own tattered divinity.

    "Fuck off." Is the only thing she offers, staring at the outside of the temple in a moment of reflection. She huffs, sniffing in the faint stink of offering incense and then begins the treck back to her new home.

    Legrandite R.K.H.

    character name: anima

    rank desired: sparrowhawk

    back-up rank: any non-medical rank

    character experience/qualifications: anima has led in the rift, held high positions in SR, SV and several pre-agrelos clans. as for character traits, she is a single minded individual and has lots of experience with raids, defending territories, hunting and tracking. she's basically a one-woman murder machine, but she's blind in this body and that severely undermines her ability to preform

    other: i hope to stay active enough but yknow

    throws an app

    That’d be hella interesting! Although Grand is going to take her comments as a literal insult to his existence and absolutely despise her after the interaction- though this being just a guess as who knows how the interaction will go

    But yeah I’m absolutely down for them to meet and interact! So far he’s come to greatly admire and instantly believe anyone who’s toldhim they’re a god So to have a actual God laugh in his face will be soul-crushing

    Who makes?

    i can make it !
    it may take a while but bear with us

    Hunger is not an uncommon thing for the kitsune either. Usually, she hasn't been too bad off - in times of famine, good hunters are usually able to find at least something to keep them going. However, without her sight she is a poor excuse for hunter. Usually, someone like her would rely on the clan stockpile of prey but that was... Non-existent. Not to mention that her pride forbade it, she would rather starve than let others look after her.

    Her stomach growls at the piles of food. She can smell it, much nicer than the rotten meat that she swallowed down before rather than admit that she needs the assistance. Her teeth grits as she forces out a response, "Thanks..." She mutters, taking a little bit of the food that has been aside for her. The fact that something has been set aside is odd to her too, she is a new member who went through their herb supplies - what good is giving her food?

    A blind cripple.


    "children trained to be killers of both gods and monsters"


    Over her very long lives, Anima has made a bit of a reputation for herself. She is known to be a monster hunter, telling everyone she meets that for the right price she can and will kill anything. She has also been a figure in the clan lands both before and the time-skip, taking different names from time to time but always with the same message. The Blair family are hunters. Recently, she suffered severe injuries at the hands of an Exiler and lost both of her eyes and her sight completely, leaving her stranded in Volary Flights without her powers.

    That is when she is found by two apprentices that want to train underneath her. Perhaps they have heard rumours that a warrior goddess now resides in the Flights, or they hear of a monster hunter who is able to slay monsters and their homes have been attacked by monsters. Whatever the reasoning may be, these two strangers both find her at the same time and ask for Anima to teach them even though she's in a bad condition. Whilst initially she refuses, she says that she'll train them on the provision that they take her name and continue on the traditions of her House. If they succeed, she'll give them "blessed" weapons and she'll let them follow their own paths.

    If they fail, they'll likely be killed by monsters. The two accept, and she takes them underneath her wing to train and teach them about the traditions of her tribe and people.


    These children will be NPC x NPC children, but they will be adopted by Haerii Blair Anima. Currently, she is a member of the Volary Flights but she has held positions in Arcadianclan, The Rift, Windclan, Sanguine Ruins and Shadow Veil. She herself is the daughter of two NPCs, but she is related to Haerii Blair Elizabeth as a blood sister who was previously the leader of Arcadianclan and the Morningstar of Solaris Kingdom. Through adoption, they are related to Andras Fekete Paddra who has held high positions in Solaris Kingdom and Hawkclan ( Volary Flights ) and the Alae family through Winterbones and Rainbowveins. She is also related to the Caddo line through her engagement and children with Toast Caddo, who were Birdcage [former Arcadianclan leader] and Tidalwave [former Arcadianclan medic]. She is also related to Vincent Clemens through children, a former leader of Arcadianclan.


    • these children are loosely based off the legend of Scathach training Cú Chulainn and Ferdiad. in the legend, these two are trained by scathach and the two end up going back to their respective countries, which are at war and Cu killing Ferdiad. i would love for that to be the case, but if there was a rivalry between the two which led to one being murdered... yknow.

    • loner names only

    • they must take the Blair family name

    • i would prefer if these characters were not pacifists or adverse to violence as they may have a hard time with the training and logically probably wouldn't accept her offer to begin with, nor seek her out

    • they must stay with Anima for at least the duration of their training ( 1 - 2 months ), but they can also have dual-alliances wherever.


    Genetics are free for all! Go wild. It's a basket litter and the two apprentices won't be related so just, go off.]

    A note that this will likely be somewhat first-come first-serve, but I have the right to refuse a character etc. etc.

    if you're looking for a mentor and someone with very personal experience in dealing with gods and being a goddess herself, i could offer anima to you

    she's going to laugh at him for thinking he wants to become a god, for thinking that a god cares about him, and basically absolutely tear into the structure of the flights religion in the process because she feels that her own goddess tricked her and her brothers into murdering each other ( when it was really their own flaws and they kinda got a really rough deal that they didn't consent to ). she's just kinda... a bad influence in general, but in the opposite direction of what you asked for???

    i just think there are Parallels that might be interesting, seen as Grand wants to be a God, whereas Annie is a goddess who lost all her powers and is now a broken soul bc of it.

    She can't see her opponent.

    Somehow, that should unnerve her more than it does. The kitsune simply gets to her feet, staring at where she assumes Luci must be from the direction of his voice. It's a rough estimate, but a good enough estimate in her books. There is no sword for her to take up, no knives to throw, nothing but her own claws and fangs. That's fine, she has won battles with less. And this is just a spar, it's not even serious.

    She won't lose. She won't fucking lose even if she's blind, she can't fucking lose. She's not weak.

    "The rules are simple, we go until one of us submits. Any lethal blows and we stop. I trust you take no offence to a little blood, no?" Her tails lash behind as she grins, dropping herself into a firm stance as her ears flick back. "And whatever damage I take, I won't need healing." She won't make them waste anymore herbs on her in this condition, not if they don't want to.

    She owes them a debt. She isn't going to add to it either.

    The person they find will likely to be of any use. The kitsune is the first to stumble upon the pairs of Thunderclanners, staring vaguely in their direction. The blackened pits of her eyes are enough of a giveaway to the fact that she can't see, if nothing else the way that she steps so tentatively through the forest even though the smell of Volary clings to her enough to distinguish her as a member.

    "Why are you here today? I haven't seen Thunderclanners in a while." She doesn't give her name, it's not necessary to disclose to these strangers. The deer smells good, she will give them that. She wonders where it came from, their territory or the Flights. And it smells good, especially to a hungry woman who can no longer hunt for herself.

    "Sparring." She calls out the word to the open air, stood in the shade of a tree. Her wounds have begun to heal, knitting flesh and skin back together. Medics had told her the verdict - shattered ribs, torn out eyes, heavy internal bleeding. Likely, she would never seen again. She would spend the rest of her days in this form blinded. The nagging thought remained that she should simply throw this body off of a cliff and then start again, see what she possesses and go from there. Whatever she returned as, she could do more good to repay the Flights for their aid than she could do in this one as heavily damaged as it.

    But then there is the matter of her powers. And the matter is that they aren't there. She has commanded ice, lightning, the winds themselves, called storms forth through her actions in the past. But now when she tries to conjure them to her paws, when she calls for her spirits, when she tries to do anything she comes up empty pawed, staring off into the distance that she can't see. Her reincarnation may be over, and this is the only life that she has left.

    What a terrible life if this is to be her last.


    pre-clan life : —— ♡ ˎˊ˗

    born to parents outside of clans and grew up as a huntress

    was forced to flee her home after a disaster which turned the hunters into mutated monsters

    travelled with two other survivors, andras and calian, whom she regarded as her brothers

    both were murdered during a raid gone wrong, and anima ended up roaming around full of self-loathing

    takes the name cyanidepills as an alibi

    mountainclan : —— ♡ ˎˊ˗

    on a whim, joins mountainclan under her new alias

    makes friends with rainbowveins and winterbones during her time there, who begin to draw her out of her self-destructive tendencies

    experiences her first death during this time, dying in a harsh blizzard and discovering reincarnation through inhabiting the body of a lynx

    goes up and down in the rankings, but begins to settle more into clan life even though she is at odds due to her time spent as a mercenary

    the group disbands, and anima dies once again to unknown causes

    arcadianclan : —— ♡ ˎˊ˗

    — anima reincarnates into a young tom named whiskeypaw and is taught by casinoroyale

    — eventually recollects her old memories due to spending time with figures she knew from mountainclan

    — works as an ardent defender and protector of arcadianclan, advocating constantly for retaliation against anticlans

    — comes to have a hatred for the exiles and bloodclan

    — becomes the mentor to toast caddo, and once his apprenticeship is over, the two fall in love and have children : birdcage and tidalwave

    — anima is blessed by the Goddess of her people, Etro, and takes her full name of Haerii Blair Anima back

    — toast commits suicide and anima spirals quickly into depression

    — anima loses control of her new powers, and harms her friends

    — anima falls in love with vincent clemens, the two confess and get together after she breaks down in his arms and they spend the night together

    — anima goes public with her new relationship, much to the disapproval of her children who think she got over toast too quickly, and to her sisters as vincent is also dating their child

    — the other two people blessed with Etro's divinity decide to kill anima and take her divinity, this fails and begins a long and bitter conflict between anima and her brothers

    — arcadianclan is taken over under vincent's leadership, and with her lover and friends and children absent, anima leaves

    the rift : —— ♡ ˎˊ˗

    — after wandering and losing her memories due to glitches in her divinity, anima arrives on the shores of the rift

    — she makes friends with talia pendragon, coming to regard the valkyrie of her new best friend

    — slowly regains her memories

    — reunites with her older brother, calian, and the two patch up their broken relationship. the two vow to end andras' life and split his fragment of etro's divinity between the two

    — works her way to up leader, but abdicates her command

    — leaves the rift without warning to avoid judgement

    windclan : —— ♡ ˎˊ˗

    — arrives on windclan territory looking for a new home to stay and keep low

    — feels out of place in windclan, but still endeavours to be a good member and pull her weight

    — reunites with vincent and begs him to leave her alone, as she doesn't want to hurt him by being in a relationship with him. the two do not get back together, but the feelings are still there and strong

    — reaches the rank of advisor, and takes the discipline of sabotage at her own suggestion as warfare and defence are taken by someone else

    — steps down from her role to hunt down her brother, who resurfaces in the ext. world

    — anima kills andras for "good", taking his fragment of etro's divinity and inheriting the aspect of time, gaining the ability to time travel and see both the past and future

    — calian also gives his shard of divinity to anima. with all fragments of the goddess restored, the goddess awakens and immediately burns through anima's soul, killing both her and the goddess in the process


    sanguine ruins : —— ♡ ˎˊ˗
    — wakes up in agrelos, lacking her divinity but still alive and unable to die. she realises that she is cursed by the death of her goddess, and begins to wander

    — moves to the sanguine ruins

    She knows the lands around the Shadow Veil. Even without her sight, she knows the lay of the land well enough by familiar scents that it proves no real issue to the fox. Her pawsteps remain the same, sure and fast as she moves through the nearby area that skirts just outside the territory. After all, there is no reason for Anima to return, and the only reason she hangs around the Flights like the spectre of decay that she is is really just to pay back her debt. They saved this girl, a girl who would have been fine, destined for a normal life if not for the fact that Annie awoke in her body.

    By another name, she would be termed as a curse. She hasn't come to regard herself as such, more of an inevitable force that lurks on the edge of reality. Some days, she feels unreal and as if she isn't here. On others, she could not be more grounded as blood roars in her ears and she tastes the blood of another. She lives for fights, the moments that remind her that she is real - she can feel pain and she can deal it, more importantly. Power is still at her paws, even though her powers are greatly diminished, mere spectres of what they used to be.

    After all, when she called to her servants there was not a single answer. Her knights, her watchers, her protectors; not a single one. The world was happy to just let her die, as she had done many times before, only to be shoved into another form to repeat the cycle wholesale. What good has she done with the power? Nothing. No one would care about her.

    She begins to think, as she stares up at the sky that she can't see, that it is a good thing. She knows how the sky looks, filtered through the thick overgrowth of the Shadow Veil's signature forests. The stars barely make their way through, a soft light that fails to fully penetrate the dark. But because she refused to take charge of her vessel, she now has no sight to see them with. She can't even see another figure nearby, one that she can smell and hear, but she doesn't react to more than a flick of her.

    "I'm not trespassing. I know the borders."