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    ah but des ain't his family , is he ? ;^)))

    besides even if cane hates him des won't ever fight back and he'll still be nice

    he's used to getting abused at this point and thinks he deserves it so :shrug: hurt him at your own discretion , I have mastered the art of angst

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    :ok_hand: gimme plots with des he’s just sad and lonely and wants to love but doesn’t want others to love him bc he thinks he’s a bad man and technically he is but he’s trying to be good now

    He’s v. Complicated

    I brought him over from his agrelos counterpart so he’s had years of development // wheezes

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    [ just as a side note he’s not visiting his sister here, he just returned from a month long visit to his sister in the city ;0 he’s been living here apart from that time since he was a child ]

    it was nice to see friendly faces stalking out of the trees to greet him . the gray walls of the cities were dotted with unfamiliar cats who , more often than not , wanted your head on a platter . they always left , replaced by some other stranger to replace them through mysterious circumstances , and only his sister seemed to be a constant among them . her and skyclan of course . almost nothing changed here , and it was comforting to him .

    azurepetal’s words brought a soft , bittersweet smile onto his features , but he greeted her nevertheless , accepting her invitation by gently bumping his own nose with hers then stepped back to reply . ” I know ... my visit turned out longer than I expected , “ a tepid sigh escaped his lips , eyes lifting up to stare pensively towards the distance in though . “ it’s getting colder but even two years alone in the wilderness ain’t enough to convince her to join us . “ stubborn as a mule , that one . stubborn and , frankly , stupid , but there was nothing he could do short of dragging her here by force or simply leaving for his monthly visits . one of these days it’d get them both killed , but he’d patiently wait until then . once you had death nipping at your heals once , it didn’t scare you that much anymore .

    before he could reply to azurepetal’s next statement , the soft patter of paws in the foliage soon gave way to a small , only vaguely familiar face , though the name remained confidently upon his tongue . copperkit , likely paw by now , in what appeared to be his whole , curious glory . a grin broke out through his melancholy sadness , briefly embracing some of that contagious excitement .

    “ hey , come on now , I wasn’t gone that long , “ he mused with a wry grin , eyes shimmering with undisguised mirth . “ I’d think you’d remember me , though you had been a kitten the last time I saw you , “ a deep chuckle reverbated through his chest , and with a flick of his tail and only a brief , unreadable glance spared towards juniperthorn he continued . “ but yup , that’s me . in the flesh and with very tired bones . “ a cursive nod was spared towards azurepetal at those words , an acceptance of her previous offering .

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    it had been moons since the earth here had touched his calloused , scarred paws , but he could not forget it even if he tried . the soil was more gentle here , soft against tired pads rubbed raw from use and misuse alike . perhaps it was just his imagination , though . the same dirt dotted skyclan as it did darkclan , as it did windclan . only the concrete jungles of the twolegs really differed drastically from mother nature's gift . bias urged him to believe it , though . as impossible as it really was , the air and water tasted sweeter here , for this was home ; home no matter how fragile or temporary it could sometimes prove to be .

    a low purr reverberated through the male's chest as he pushed past the initial border line , the scent still as off putting as it had been the first time he had caught wind of it as it . nostalgia's string plucked at the tired tendrils of his heart , murmuring a tune of despondence and reminding him of all things he had lost , but the feeling was short lived . fresh scents mingled within his nostrils soon after , and his ears could pick up the subtle noises of life that brought long - needed adrenaline to his limbs . visiting his sister always drained him , the state she was in never failed to cause his heart to ache . it wasn't any easier to be a clan cat than it was a loner , but at least here the suffering was shared among many , and after a while it proved to be easier to bare . she was lonely , out there . lonely and struggling to live , yet still stubbornly sticking to the same life that had abandoned them in the first place . there was little he could do to convince her , and though he knew this it still dampened his mood each time . he could only spare so much time before he had a home to return to , even if she didn't understand the sentiment .

    the soft wind carried his limbs forward , paws grazing over fruitful earth but seemingly floating over the short grasses that dotted the sun - dappled leaves starting to fall from dying trees . leaf-bare was fast approaching , and though the frigid chills of the season were yet to rear their ugly head , the whispering promise of such weather was enough to send involuntary shivers down his spine . it was hard enough as it was even in during newleaf , with prey seemingly as sporadic as some elders' moods on occasion , but it would inevitably only get harder as time went on . he had seen two in his lifetime already , one of them a season he barely survived , and a grimace found it's way onto his features at the memory . there were too many of them attached to him , now . some didn't survive past their first year , and sometimes he wondered if it would have been better if he had died .

    not even returning home seemed to be able to relieve him of his struggles . they were quick to latch back onto him like burrs , shadows that overtook his mind and function , and he could only shake them for minutes on end before they inevitably returned . he was used to it by now , though . that was his life , his memories , his home . where else could he ever be ?

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    it had been moons since the earth here had touched his calloused , scarred paws , but he could not forget it even if he tried . the soil was more gentle here , soft against tired pads rubbed raw from use and misuse alike . perhaps it was just his imagination , though . the same dirt dotted skyclan as it did darkclan , as it did windclan . only the concrete jungles of the twolegs really differed drastically from mother nature's gift . bias urged him to believe it , though . the air and water tasted sweeter here , for this was home ; home no matter how fragile or temporary it could sometimes prove to be .

    the soft wind carried his limbs forward , paws grazing over fruitful earth but seemingly floating over the short grasses that dotted the sun - dappled leaves starting to fall from dying trees .


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    * i . general information − ♱ : I had him bless these hands just to run you out , give me strength when you run your mouth

    — natsukashii / known as ' whitedove ' / cisgender male [ masculine pronouns ( he / him ); masculine presentation ]

    ⤷ born to two rogues but found and adopted into clan life in youth ; uses name ' whitedove ' to better fit among clans

    — npc xx npc ; one full sibling , unnamed and mostly unmentioned but alive / not particularly interested in a partner

    — riverclan warrior ; rogue / most comfortable in combat , but prefers diplomacy ; knows some basic road medicine

    — neutral good , loyal to those he trusts / born 6 - 15 - 2015 / 58 months physically and mentally / ages real time

    * ii . important information − ♱ : ❪ I have a bone to pick ; somebody showed you all of the horror , you weren't born with it

    no important information as of 4/21/20

    * iii . visuals / aesthetics − ♱ : I had this idlewild feeling in this house ; give me truth , give me a way out . I've got a home to break , somebody showed you all of the horror you weren't born with it

    purebred white japanese bobtail ; 9lbs [ main ] / reference one , two / vc - hozier ; faceclaim - tony thornburg

    * iv . mentals / personality − ♱ : ❪  you're a silver tongued jackboot thug with white skiin , but you're no white dove

    — positive : trait , trait , trait . negative : trait , trait , trait . / there is an obvious ethereal grace to the feline, his disposition almost otherworldly in it's sophistication. very little stands between him and starclan, so much so that it isn't hard to imagine him among them, a sentiment only proved by the fact that his name seems to be nothing more than an alias for others to use to address him. much like the star creatures, natsukashii is filled with an overwhelming aura of eloquence that is hard for any mortal being to possess naturally. he carries himself with poise, seemingly floating everywhere he steps as if wading through the waters he calls his sanctuary, and while he does not appear nor sound egotistical, there is still an overwhelming sense of otherness he carries that is easy to mistake for self righteousness. in truth, the man is nothing if not kind, though he has a strange way of showing his dedication. while he seems almost unnervingly emotionally lacking, his mask of poised calm is simply his outward disposition. while he appears emotionless, there is a heart of silver nestled between his ribs, and it beats just as humanely as it does in others even if it is buried under layers of calm. much like the ocean he is a fan of, however, there are stormy waters brewing under his usual demeanor. while not quick to jump to conclusions or violent tendencies, it is possible to anger the man in a way that not many foresee. like the saying 'calm before the storm, natsukashii's rage is slow to build but long to fade, with vengeance taking over most of his priorities in an unhealthy, obsessive way. he clings to revenge like it is his last dying breath, and can be difficult to pull out of. while he already suffers from outward shows of emotion and can appear falsely frigid at times, this aspect is only multiplied when the feline is in a particularly foul, obsessive mood, and can be just as dangerous as the hurricanes which plague his homeland. most of the time, however, he is a calm, composed individual who still cares greatly for those who he deems companions, and as much as he longs for his individuality and freedom, he always ends up inexplicably tied to those he has befriended and is more than willing to offer up much of his resources and time to them. .

    yee ty !! I was toying with either this one or islandbird/birds but in the end whitedove won out because of two reasons: one , it's based off of the great song by koda , and 2 bc it's supposed to be ironic because he's pretty much the exact opposite of the stereotype you'd expect upon hearing that name

    I'm also toying with the idea of making him a daylight warrior bc that's what drew me in to skyclan // eyes

    He liked this chick a lot more when she hadn't been talking, her fighting prowess impeccable but both her words and manner of speech grating on his already thin nerves. So it wasn't an initiation? These people were just blind, ignorant, or didn't care? He found that hard to believe, and he elected not to, if only to give them a way to keep their own pride. "See, I’m going to pretend you didn’t say that and that this was an initiation so I don’t lose whatever meager amount of respect I still have for this place," he started, then snorted at her apparent idea that he should be thanking her. He was about to, and frankly sort of had in the form of his rough prayer, but it wasn't enough. What did he need to do now? Write a letter of his dearest thanks and express his entire love in it, signing it 'your's truly?' Maybe he'd have been inclined to do it at first if only to humor anyone who wanted to see it, but now he was far more than just disgruntled. His irritation was very close to nearing being full on pissed. "Hey, it isn't my fault you're too blind to pick up on the dogs because they're around. You should be thanking me for dispatching them, seeing as no one else was able to the job thus far..." his gaze shifted briefly towards Lemonlaw with a huff before returning to Meenah as he continued. "Though I guess I have you to thank more than him. Least you decided to help a fucker out instead of letting him be turned into dog food."

    A bitter laugh escaped his jaws as he turned his attention back towards the other male, puffing his chest out in an obvious facade, eyes fuming with a low, dangerous fire. "Was the show entertaining? I even gave you a front row seat, see?" he waved a wing in the direction of the impaled body, a sneer forming on his features as the man chose to respond. "Pardon me for thinking you couldn't do a thing if it slapped you in the face, With how brave you were in dealing with those mutts you didn't strike me as the type to dodge a flying body, and, given that you're still standing there instead of ten feet away from it at this point, I feel inclined to say that my suspicions were proven correct."

    Rabid? Very likely. He wasn't sure if he cared much if he did turn rabid, though that would make for an interesting death. Maybe he'd come back rabid again and it'd start the cycle all over again. How many could he murder then? Hundreds? Thousands? There would be no stop to his reign... fuck if he cared about that, though. After a while his body would rot away and become some disease-infested flea-ridden walking corpse, and while he wasn't pretty to begin with, he'd become even less so. He didn't have enough of a personality to try his luck; the only reason anyone could tolerate him was because he brought good whiskey. Other than that, everything had a reason to tear him into shreds. Too bad for these people that they hadn't let them. "Oh, honey, everyone has a reason to tear my ass apart. If you want to do it as well, get in line," Dismas muttered in return, pointedly ignoring his statement about rabies, rolling his eyes at the idea of getting treated by him. "The only fucker who could handle me is probably long dead at this point... though, to be fair, he never stays dead. He reminds me of you, actually." With that statement he peered over at Meenah, eyes narrowed.

    "Same voice. Different demeanor, of course, but you both love your ya'll'v'I'dve's. Fucking... slurring words together, this shit ain't the west." Too bad he couldn't keep talking to her (well, he could, he just had another more interesting guest to bicker with.) His gaze turned towards Aether, his statement causing Dismas to snort again. Sure, put the blame on the man who happened across the border without even knowing what had happened. These fuckers didn't even smell like the loner lands, though to be fair all they smelled like now was blood and death. "No, actually. Came strolling straight out of your territory; too bad you're too ignorant to admit that the problem started with you," he retorted. "Don't stick your opinions in when you just think you have the full story. Take a good, strong whiff of that? Smell that? Beneath the blood and decay? Your scent, not mine. Learn to deal with your problems before shoving them onto someone else. I have every right to be pissed off in this situation when I come expecting some damn peace and quiet and get a faceful of teeth. Possibly rabid teeth." Shit, maybe he was rabid now.

    Somehow the question and offer sounded more like a thinly veiled threat than a genuine worry, and Dismas couldn't help but sneer at the statement. The wink didn't help matters at all, and he swore he could feel some kind of sarcasm permeating the very air he breathed. "Oh, I'm all about asking nicely. Somehow I doubt that whatever you can do is enough, though, unless you feel inclined to put a bullet through my head - a man's been thirsting for one for a while now. Make it count though; I don't feel like coming back, Aether.."

    Thankfully help did come, though it's arrival could have been better timed. It could have been worse too, though, so he supposed he'd let it slide. It wasn't everyday that a stranger helped him dislodge a wild dog off of his back. It gave him enough time to writhe out of the way, though it caused him to let go of the other canine that had fallen to his previous attack. Two against two; this was doable, he supposed. Could have been worse. He could have still been stuck between two dogs and on the verge of death.

    "Thank the void, hell, and everything in between," he called out before returning his attention to the canine he was fighting, ducking past the attack the mutt attempted to send his way. It was much easier dealing with them with help on his side, though he wasn't sure how much the lass could feasibly help anyways. Two against two was always better than two against one, though, and he wasn't about to complain and chase his help away. "Someone finally decided to show up. Was starting to think I'd become a perfect welcoming gift at the border, if you're into bloody fucking pulps." With a snarl he dove forward and under the canine, it's jaws just narrowly missing his throat, and at the last minute he swerved to slam into it's side, sending the beast toppling over just in time for another person to approach. This one, though, seemed more intent on watching then fighting. Just what he needed; fucker could have just stayed hiding where he was instead of giving the dogs new bait.

    "Oh yeah, no, real -" he was interrupted by snapping jaws as the dog stood back up to lunge at him, a frustrated snarl leaving his jaws as he swung around and dug his claws straight into the canine's eyes, blood and ooze leaking out. It was disgusting, and the gruesome scene would have made any with a weak stomach sick, but all it did was cause Dismas' nose to curl in disgust as he pushed the screeching dog away. "Real fucking dandy, me and the lass over here. Here - fetch," with a final snarl he slammed into the last remaining canine, sending the bloodied thing toppling in the man's direction, then with a flick of his wings he sent a spike of earth directly through it's head, the spike just barely stopping near Lemon's face.

    Two down. One to go. His gaze snapped towards the dog Meenah was wrestling to the ground, watching the struggle silently for a few seconds before deciding it was better not to have another head on his shoulders. With a deep, warning growl, Dismas leaped forward and over the girl, swerving around and slamming a paw into it's throat, With a bitter laugh he moved his other paw upwards, watching the dog writhe and struggle before sending another spike through it's head. It struggled a bit more, but the blood pooling around it's body was a sure signal of it's death, and when it stopped twitching entirely the man stepped back with a disgusted grunt.

    A moment of charged silence passed as he analyzed the scene, gaze flickering between one corpse to another before finally settling on Meenah and then back on the newest visitor. Late. Sloppy. He was starting to wonder if this was a place he wanted to bother with, if feral dogs and cowards were what he should be expecting. "Hell of a welcome crew. Is that what all newcomers have to deal with? Was this some sort of initiation to weed out the weak, or are you people just inattentive enough to let wild mongrels that carry god knows what kinds of diseases roam around?" A snort escaped his jaws, eyes moving to the sky as he muttered something that resembled a prayer. "Lirim help me if this is what has become of these clans. I wonder how many possible joiners you people have already lost because they couldn't fight off the dogs for you."