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    Abbi would never compare mothers. Noredimir was of her own league, far from the others as she both died and came back with intent to kill, but Mercy and Charlotte transcended what motherhood usually required. Neither were perfect, he knew he couldn't claim so much, but their efforts were as clear as day. Especially as Mercy soothed him through his tears and apologies, he could only see her as the mother he truthfully wished birthed him instead of Nore. Whatever the case, the woman before him, shadows and all, would be one of his true mothers. And he would've told her that, too, if not for the sobs that still remained and only just began to subside. Did Mercy even know of his birth mother? The wonder was fleeting, escaping him as soon as it arrived.

    I just want you to be safe and happy.

    His chest hurt in a different way. He pulled from their hug partially, just enough room to press a paw to his cheeks in an effort to discard his tears and stall for time. He was safe now. Happiness was a butterfly he could only truly marvel at, but any attempts at catching it seemed to damage it. He was content in watching the chance at happiness grow and get little joys out of seeing it, but he was afraid of capturing it for himself and mangling it beyond repair. Especially after everything. Especially - after him.

    Mercy's words registered late and Abbi tensed his shoulders some. He really left his notes vague, hadn't he? Another apology sat on his tongue, comfortably, waiting to be released, but he held it back. Repetition was a monster he didn't wish to try and conquer. In truth, he didn't wish to tell her about his troubles in the north. It was a story he couldn't get through verbally, and he had left his book back home, so he couldn't sit here and make her read it either. But that wasn't what she asked, now was it?

    "The - um, the tundra," he hummed, "I started a little chicken farm up there. It can be surprisingly warm during the day. I - ah, I even got a bird egg. A bird like... yours, almost," the breed of avian was lost on him, but the lack of her's wasn't quite. He looked around the dawn skies for sights of her bird before slowly continuing, figuring he at least owed her one clear answer, "I... Hmm, the shade hour wasn't... it wasn't kind to me, Mom," he whispered the name softly, leaning his forehead into her shoulder, "I saw them - my... my kids. I... I honestly can't remember much aside from that, but... It was a lot, and I'm guessing troubling enough to send me running," he recalled enough but the boy didn't want to make this so heavy. It was a reunion, not a therapy session.

    "What about you?" he tried to swiftly turn the tables on her, ears pinned back as he tried to hide in trauma, "You don't smell a bit like the Veil anymore. Ver didn't chase you out, did she?" he doubted it, but he also knew if she did, Nadine wouldn't say a thing if being silent kept him on her side.

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    There was a moment wherein the tom almost hoped that he would be able to get by without speaking. Despite his book being left on her bedside table, despite leaving a note for her to read it, then for her to read it to Ver too, he wanted nothing to do with it. For a minute he wished they were all illiterate, that the new children they were recently bombarded with took away their attention and they simply forgot. He knew there was no time like the present to speak on things, to clear the air, but it was so damn terrifying to speak about it.

    After all - he had done that to himself. He ran away and got with a man that was clearly no good. Perhaps this was his punishment for being so stupid?

    He had his teeth grasped around the scruff of the antelope, turned away from them simply because he didn't wish to gauge their first reactions. He tried to play it off, almost, tried to ignore something that he so desperately needed. But Nadine spoke - he would never damn her for doing so - and instinctively the tom turned to see her. His cloak was a nice touch, though he hadn't seen it in weeks, months even. He blinked at her following words, jaw tensing up uncomfortably as he tried to find the words he needed. It was all too much - he should've waited, should've cut the journal up and fed it to them in bite sized pieces.

    "He -" the tom tried to speak but faltered, and it seemed then that Ver took initiative to pull him into a hug. Tears streamed from the tom's eyes almost immediately, though no sobs wracked his body in defiance. It was pure shock, though this wasn't the first time Ver embraced him. He was just - so in his own head, that things were moving too fast, and he needed a moment to think. So he took this moment, tucking his nose into Ver's fur and shuddering softly. He hated every bit of this. The pity, the past, the fact that he had to go through with it. But he knew he needed to. If not for the confidence and closure, instead for if the mysterious man was still alive.

    "The - the bird, ah," he pulled from Ver, slightly, turning his gaze back to Nadine to respectfully answer her question, "He's mauled at best. I - I ran as soon as I could. Packed my things and booked it. I... I hope she's still alive," and in some sick way, he hoped the man was, too. He either hoped that the man learned his lesson and would be a better boyfriend, or that he would be able to see the man torn to shreds by some Ruiners looking for fun. The latter wasn't like him, and the idea was fleeting, but it existed for a moment, and a moment was all it took to return to thoughts for days to come.

    "I'm... I'm sorry, I didn't mean to ruin your day," he assumed he did, with how distressed and emotionless Ver was, not to mention how Nadine clung to a cloak that screamed of better days, "I just - I just wanted to talk, but I wasn't... sure..." he trailed off, ears pinned to his head.

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    Before Abbi ran off, whomever above entrusted him with a small child. Rhea. Only a few months old and wandering far from her home to escape the trauma - only to lead him back days later for him to see the decaying corpses of her family. He had adopted the young child then, took care of her as well as he could before the troubles of the world tore him away. He missed her, vaguely, but it wasn't a surprise when he seemed to miss everyone. They were all so quick to leave.

    "They're hungry," though he wasn't sure if they were sentient. The tom remained at a distance, simply watching, waiting to see if the fawn would speak to them.

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    Falling and hitting one's head was surprisingly not a common injury, despite how easy it seemed to obtain. Maybe he could offer some credit to Ko, after all - he brought something new to the table (there were a lot of limb loss, drugs, and drowning as of late,) and he made something mundane interesting. Points to the boy in the purple. In any case, Abbi drew close, figuring he could help in Rentarou needed the extra paws. He knew the odd creature was more than capable, but Ambedo appreciated being needed and would linger nearby just in case.

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    Abner was always in a weird place when it came to formal events. Due to his general aptitude to appear androgynous (not to mention his dysphoria triggering more often than he'd like,) he didn't entirely know if he should show up in a dress or in a suit. Neither seemed to fit him as well as it fit the Darling family. Aeternums were known as a homey crew, big sweaters and backyard picnics with the family. Showing off was never truthfully a thing they did. So, as he arrived (on foot, the young man had no car,) he hoped that Bellona wouldn't turn him away because of his attire.

    He was still dressed in black pants and nice shoes, however instead of a jacket and a button up, the young man opted for a sweater that a blind grandmother could've picked out. He felt odd stepping into the high class restaurant and, figuring he was offsetting the whole vibe, stepped over towards Bellona, "Hey, look - I can leave, if this isn't..." he motioned to his close, "Up to standard. I don't have much else."

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    Ambedo had long since grown desensitized to the borders and tortures that occurred within the Ruins. He didn't necessarily agree with them, but he assumed that was what separated him from Elian and Jace. He didn't see life as the black-and-white they seemed to picture it as. Someone didn't have to be brutal to live in the desert happily - though that was a point he hadn't the time to express. Instead, the tom approached the group, soft and amiable as he could be, "I can help with the herbs," he chirped, "I'm sure I still have some of that knowledge around here somewhere," he stopped carrying his satchel around ages ago, so he figured he could help in discerning one rare desert plant from the other.

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    shiningpaw. yes!! brother sister thread needed. they can trade silly stories about their shared parents then Cry

    ARIZONA - sounds like a fun idea! he doesn't have a fond memory of graves and is a little apprehensive on exploring them, but i'm willing to put him through a bit of torture!

    'Simply' wasn't the way that Jace was acting. If he truly understood there would be an uproar, then he should've been prepared to handle it like a leader would. It was a quick reminder to Abbi that Jace was far from the leader he acted to be, and for him to treat his Clanmates the way he was, was atocious, "Sanguine Ruins isn't BloodClan, Solaris Kingdom isn't SunClan. Those names belong to the past and to a whole other world. Just like with the old definitions of anti-Clans and pro-Clans, things change. To have your personal beliefs cloud what you see now shows both your age and how much you lost touch," the catsune kept his tone relatively level, though unlike the lion, who's composure was far from matching his words and made the tall tom hardly believe a word he said, he allowed himself to show some emotion, "You can't tell your hurting Clanmates to stop hurting just because it goes against your agenda. That is insensitive and a leader of any Clan wouldn't even bother," a pause, ears drawn back, "Your words, Jace, will fade just like my own. Your actions will be forgotten in time and your name will be a blip in the system. But if you're so determined to keep yourself on the charts, then keep it up. No one will forget about the leader who refused to let his Clanmates speak of their opinions and pain, the leader who sides with the past that no one aside from two people remember. No one will forget about the leader who made a non negotiable truce, but forgot that his own leadership is as negotiable as it gets," his tail lashed to punctuate his words. The tom stood again, taking a step back.

    "I'm going to go hunting and maybe build an alter or two, because your God will look down upon these lands in anger and displeasure once he sees how you've bent us each over for the Exiles to fuck," and with that, the tom was gone, not wishing to deal with Jace's nonsensical words.

    It felt like taloned paws gripped around his heart as she stilled her steps but lingered for moments longer. He almost hoped that she was an apparition, a signal of his grief manifesting around him and not letting him move on. He felt such was just - after all, such a woman shouldn't wish to associate with him again, not after the trips he pulled. The possible alliance with her uncle, the secretive litter he held, yelling at their new medic and scaring him off. He was an awful co-leader, an awful son - an awful friend.

    But his paws remained stuck to the shifting sands, his yellow gaze almost glowing in the diminishing moonlight and growing sunlight. And he just watched her. He waited, shoulders tense and head dipped some. He was submissive, ready for the lashing he earned long ago. He felt small, despite being taller than the fem. He felt like a child again - for a moment he wanted to shift back into his old body, soft tortoiseshell fur, scars, and all, just to appear less threatening to her. Just to gain her pity, if there was any left of that.

    She turned to see him and time slowed. He wasn't sure at what point did tears well up in his own eyes, falling in thin streams down his long face, but they did. He watched as she took him in, scales, spikes, and all - and cried too, her own tears dripping from the shadows. The sun's new rays finally reached them and, if the tom weren't any more emotional, he would've thought it fitting. A dawn of a new time, two old friends reuniting and crying at the mere sight of one another. A tail came to curl around his torso as she spoke his name, confirmed that she was more than a ghost of the night. She was more than just some wisps in the wind.

    Abbi choked out a sob.

    There was something different about this reunion. With Nadine, there was insurmountable warmth, almost as if the sun had consumed him through and through and pulled a smile onto his face. Her new additions, spikes and swollen stomach, did nothing to put a damper on him. It felt like the first grin he wore in ages and while it hurt to hold, it felt so right to keep. They picked up right where they left off and it was so irrevocably wonderful. He had seen Ver there, too, but he could only recall their meeting at the graves of his children to be the first true one. She apologized for something out of her control, but he knew that there was more to it. An apology for not being there, for being the unknowing cause of all of his early life stress and worry. An apology for letting him slip through her fingers. He had cried then, too, though the encounter was more endearing than anything; like the moon keeping a watchful eye and a subtly cold and solemn grasp.

    If Nadine was the sun, and Ver could be equated to the moon - day and night that fit together at their edges - he wished to place Mercy as the change of times. Dawn and twilight, the shift between day and night. Slow sometimes, drastic others. Some saw happiness in sunrises and sunsets, others felt sadness in watching a day or night end. Upon seeing Mercy, he could very well feel both. Warmth surged into his pained heart but tears sprung from his eyes with ease. She said his name with such care, her voice shook as if she thought he was the ghost of her past. She came closer, closer, closer, and every step earned a new sob, a few new tears, and his limbs buckling.

    By the time Mercy reached him, he was knelt upon the ground, nose tucked into her neck fluff and long limbs wrapped around her, too. His voice betrayed him for longer than he wished, as any phrase he tried to say was lost in it all. He didn't know if he would consider this him breaking down finally, after all that happened, happened. He wasn't sure if he wanted to - but he left that for later Abbi to deal with.

    "I'm so sorry," he eventually got out, pulling her closer and pinning his ears to the back of his head. His tails curled around his torso and squeezed him, almost with minds of their own trying to comfort the tom. His sobs let up some, but he almost neglected to allow them to leave, "I'm sorry, Mercy, I - I really am," he stammered, vaguely noticing the lack of the Veil that lingered on her pelt, but not having the brain capacity to mention it right then.

    Well, this was quite the show.

    Abbi was nearly ran over by Elian was the wolf staggered off, likely bested but never to agree with such. The tom was nearly confused on what was going on and had to ask a few NPCs, along with general context clues, to grab a hold of what occurred. And - well, suffice it to say that the almost-father seethed in anger almost immediately, sunflower yellow eyes narrowing upon Jace, Calloway, and anyone else who happened to agree with the matter. Perhaps Calloway was the smart one to leave the group before eruption occurred - perhaps Elian had enough brains in his thick head to leave before he was beaten.

    But Jace was still here. And, visitor or not, Abbi was a Ruiner, a family man without his children to show for it, a trauma survivor - he wouldn't let his night terrors and PTSD be swept under the rug for some truce.

    "Jace," he addressed the man, lean muscles rippling beneath his pelt, ears folding back onto his head. Ambedo was always quick to talk, quick to anger, but this time, he felt justified, "Enough of your Ruiners, family and friends, have been tortured and killed because of those bastards. I was taken as a child, I was beaten when I was pregnant and lost my children as a result - my sister was murdered and my brothers captured and tortured several times over -" he shook his head, talon like claws digging into the sand, "They captured Petra when she was pregnant! She was forced to give birth in their canyon instead of the safety of her home, Jace!" and who other to save her than Ver? Jace had done nothing, the tom figured. Nothing but sit back and take credit for things that he had no hand in. Or, better yet, take credit in something that would lead to his downfall.

    "I haven't led as long as you have - but I would never trade the dignity of my Clanmates who had long exhausted themselves in defense of their home and family, just for a few weeks of quiet from a pitiful Clan like them. And I didn't, not when Barghest was knocking on my door directly after a raid. You have no excuse," a beat as he heaved his breath off of his chest, "Your job as King is to train and prepare your Clan for whatever, and throughout your reign, I have seen none of that," he stopped and fell back in line with Ver and Nadine - his true Queen, who was nothing like this traitor before him. To submit to his nephew of all people - ridiculous. His tails lashed for a moment, his fight or flight tugging on him to choose but he remained still. Instead of speaking on it anymore, the young tom cat left it alone, silently vowing his allegiance to Nadine as his sole leader in the Ruins. Jace wanted to risk his role as leader by doing something without the consultation of his Clan, then so be it.

    After all, one less follower shouldn't be damaging to the man's large ego, right?

    Ambedo had his teeth gripped around a particularly stubborn weed. He pulled and pulled, and it never seemed to jiggle loose like the others did. He thought for a moment if this was supposed to be some symbolic bullshit. How he had to let go to move forward. He grit his teeth and hardly realized the frustrated tears that arose in his eyes. Wings pulled from his back - a visual trick mostly pulled off with shapeshifting - and within seconds his new draconic limbs gave a hearty flap, pulling the tom from the ground and yanking the stubborn weed with him. He was back on the ground moments after, weed spat on the floor and wings consumed right back into his body.

    He wished to move on and make peace - but he also wished he wasn't as big of a fuck up as before.

    Ver's voice brought him out of his almost-tantrum, ears pinned to his head as he looked upon her shocked face. He was always a reactive boy, always spiteful and always ready to go for the throat. Such was visible in his eyes and even in the way he began to bear his teeth - It wasn't her apology that quickly put an end to the biting words that rose like bile in his throat, however. It was the lack of, the admittance of no excuse and the fact that she took almost full responsibility. His shoulders drooped and his expression morphed into shock, then a pout, like a child in the wrong rather than a mourning father. A wing came around to hold him, and though he wanted to cry, he couldn't. He had cried too much in the past few months to do so so easily now. The tears lingered in his sunflower yellow eyes instead, being patient.

    He answered her question with a slight shake of his head. He didn't entirely trust his voice at the moment, and though he figured Ver wouldn't beat him while he was down, he didn't want to take the chance. Ewan's voice arose before his scent alerted them and - perhaps out of habit - the tom pulled from Ver's partial embrace. He looked towards the younger man with general surprise before brushing a taloned paw across his eyes and testing his voice anyways, "Ah - sorry, just... an emotional spot for me, um," he shook his head and looked back to the pitiful graves and the weed he so angrily pulled out, "But - um, no, Ewan. Thank you, I appreciate your offer," a tight lipped smile was welcomed onto his otherwise thin and drawn out face.

    hey everyone! this is ambedo aeternum, a former leader of sv! he's about a year and some change and has gone through a lot so i would love some wholesome activities with him before i throw him back into the thralls of sad or angry development!

    he's open to romance but not capture or torture! because of the fact that he can't physically have kids, he's very likely to have flings and mess around but i'm also a-okay with him catching feelings and not having them returned c:

    thread ideas;

    - chatting about the past

    - rearranging herbs

    - teaching herbs

    - hunting patrol

    - exploring

    - he takes u for a flying trip

    - sparring

    - visiting graves

    - shade hour prevention

    and anything else! don't be afraid to ask<33

    [ also if u see this twice... shhh i copy pasted for the most part ]

    hey everyone! this is ambedo aeternum, a former physician and warlord of sr! i think he was also the head of warlords, too, before the position was demolished, but i have to fact check that sdgflsjkgl. he's about a year and some change and has gone through a lot so - while ik this is sr - i would love some wholesome activities with him before i throw him back into the thralls of sad or angry development!

    he's open to romance but not capture or torture! because of the fact that he can't physically have kids, he's very likely to have flings and mess around but i'm also a-okay with him catching feelings and not having them returned c:

    thread ideas;

    - chatting about the past

    - rearranging herbs

    - teaching herbs

    - hunting patrol

    - exploring

    - he takes u for a flying trip

    - go to the beach

    - sparring

    - expanding the border (he is really interested about this)

    and anything else! don't be afraid to ask<33

    Abbi had always found the worst in others before he could scramble for the best. There was a time in his life where it was the opposite, that he was trusting to a fault and gave away all he could to make others happy. That time conceived his relationship with Nadine, a relationship that never fumbled or fell, that remained just as strong as its makers - and maybe even moreso, with the dedication that was born within it. But after that, he had troubles seeing the good in others. He spiraled after Ver seemingly took over his life, was troubled with adopted son after adopted son became the apple of Charlotte's eye, as if he was a broken child to be replaced.

    But, then there was Mercy.

    Mercy wasn't perfect by any means. Physically, she was a pudgy (or fluffy) woman, short in stature and with ghostly shadows that clung to her eyes. She was on edge more than he when she arrived in the Veil, but aside from that, she borne no ill will into the boy. Even as she entered his life, slowly at first by mothering his adopted siblings, then gaining speed as she fell for his mother's wiles and even went as far as to marry her - he never could see her in a negative light. Aside from a simple scandal including Barghest and a tantrum-Abbi, the boy pictured Mercy as high as he possibly could. She couldn't dethrone Nadine, of course, but she was up there. She was treasured.

    In truth, however, he wondered if she ever thought the same of him.

    He was a stupid and impulsive teenage boy. He held his secrets to his chest and hid everything he could from her, despite officiating her wedding to his mother and leading alongside her for months. They were agreeable, and he even went as far as to call her 'mom' on a few occasions. But after his abrupt leaving, after abandoning her to lead the Veil on her own with only a few scrawled words on a scrap piece of paper, did she still care for him like she did before? In truth, if she didn't, he wouldn't blame her. He would be mad, too.

    The young male was stalking across the desert after a rather unsuccessful night hunt. Despite hunting being one of the very few things he was good at, he caught nothing, the Red God not liking his attempts while the sun was down. He had intended to bring home a sizable meal for Nadine, since the woman was getting closer and closer to her breaking point, but obviously didn't come out the winner. He hoped she wouldn't be too upset about it - though, if she was, he would return back out at the first light of dawn and try again. Maybe his dedication to the Queen was a bit hazardous to him, but it wasn't like he could stop himself. He existed to be useful, and he liked being useful to her the most.

    A scent crossed his nose, vaguely of Shadow Veil though not enough to flag any alarms in the catsune's mind. He simply looked over, expecting Ewan to be passing by, but instead catching sight of the short, cream colored she-cat that he hadn't seen in months. His limbs locked as vague uncertainty clawed at his chest. Cream points weren't too uncommon - and fluffy cats were all the fad. He hoped for a few moments that it was just a mirage, or a cat that looked eerily similar to Mercy. But her head swung side to side, seemingly fearful of being followed, and he caught a glimpse of the unending shadows that captured her eyes. They seemed to fluctuate and pulse, a sign that she woman was in distress, though Abbi could only think, likewise, as he looked upon her.

    Mouth parting and claws digging into the sand, he took a chance, "Mom," he called to her, like a child in the night, awoken by a nightmare and asking for come comfort. In truth it wasn't too far off from what was happening - his life the past few months were horrible, and it was still taking time for him to realize such. He needed a mother's touch, though he couldn't help but wonder how much she just needed someone.

    The tom took a tentative step forward, long limbs locking each time he moved them. He wanted to get closer, but he feared scaring her off (for whatever reason.) He stood still for a moment and pinned his tall ears back, "Mercy -" it sounded almost like he corrected himself, almost like his right to refer to her as anything else was taken away when he ran, "Can you tell me it's you? I'm... I'm fine if you're just a piece of my imagination, the heat does that sometimes. But -" a shaky breath, "If not, can you turn around? Can I see you again?" he swallowed a lump in his throat as he stood meters behind the hurrying woman, head pulled downwards, waiting to see if she would scurry off or listen to his pleas. He wanted to add the truth - that he missed her, that he was sorry for being so careless. But he didn't wish to guilt trip her and force her to stay around. She was a grown woman and deserved to make the choices she wanted.

    Speak of the devil - or, rather, Angel, though Abbi wasn't entirely aware of the child's name. His ears pinned back as the child skirted around them and roughly in front of his mother, spouting about how he'd protect her. If Abbi didn't know better, he would fawn over the child and quickly fall into a rut over how he wondered his would turn out. Instead, he quelled his thoughts by simply smiling and waving his tail in front of the puppy's nose in hopes he would get mildly distracted, "No need to steal the rabbits. I can give one right to you, if you're willing to share," he hummed, gentle with the child and likely the direct opposite of what Elian viewed was right, "There's not enough food for everyone, after all."

    Just as he finished speaking, the true devil of the hour approached, though his title seemed to warp a bit. Abbi was quickly learning that Elian's balls were tightly locked in Bellona's pocket book, and this was how he preferred the older man, "Nadine is like a sister to me," he hummed, "And Ver... unsurprisingly, dated my mother. Their kids are my nephews and nieces, though none by blood. I... don't have any of those," Strat died while giving birth and her children passed with her. Fuck was that hard to go through, "I also have some siblings in the Veil. I plan to see them in a few days."

    Abbi was almost grateful that they didn't have to try and exchange pleasantries, be it now or... ever, really. The tom wasn't sure how he treated Johnny before - or, in truth, how he was treated by Johnny - but he could remember how he blindly followed Nadine in her endeavors and thought of him as a grown brat, if anything. He couldn't say he differed despite the past few months of being gone, but he knew he could try and forge his own opinions, in the least. And his opinion right now of Johnny; What an unlucky guy.

    He laid Johnny down as soon as he was out of and away from the water, at first unsure of what to do. A child approached, apprehensive, scared, then determined to help, but Abbi offered him nothing at first. If anything, he looked to the child's older brother for help with Brennan - clumsy child paws shouldn't be near open wounds. He opened his mouth to suggest the child go and find Rentarou, only for the blind creature to stumble forth with a cuss. His only out being taken abruptly, his ears pinned against his head and he turned back to the matter at hand, hoping King would worry over his brother.

    "Ren -" he smothered his glee in not having to greet Ren in any sort of cordial fashion, either. Nothing against the man, just that there was a lot of finding old companions recently that he relished in the moments that they wouldn't have to trade stories about times apart, "He could still have water in his lungs," the former Physician offered as the current one hurried around with herbs and poultices, rubbing them in. Ever the gentlemen, also ever too scared to take someone's job from them, he tilted his head downwards as if Ren could see the action, "If you need any help, I'm right here. I can carry him, if anything," he offered, hoping Rentarou could make use of him.


    Abbi could recall the tom, how brash and cocky he was, how determined to find the Red God's corpse and help them out of the last storm that plagued them. Was this how the boy wish to be found? To be remembered? Ambedo almost wished to turn heel and leave King to saving the paralyzed man - until he remembered that Johnny was paralyzed. Abbi pushed aside his worry as he trotted over to the two. At first, he didn't know what to do, or what to say. He lingered, quiet, looking up at King before looking back at Johnny.

    "Hah," he breathed out his panic in a hurry, "Long time no see - come on, let's get you out of the water," he would nudge his nose beneath Johnny's chest, attempting to heave the tom onto his back and pull him away from the shoreline.

    Her words were so gentle and easy, and if he had known any better he could pin them for an automated response. But he tried to be positive rather than pessimistic. She meant what she said - and even if her following words of her children were only to better her own ego, he would take it. Sentiment value had gone so low for him that even while he was unsure of her true intentions, he decided to overlook them. To continue to smile, to nod, "You look like you haven't aged a day," he mused, perhaps jokingly considering her body change.

    "They already sound lovely, Bellona," he complimented them, figuring that was most of what she was fishing for, "Are they good kids? Causing any trouble yet?" his siblings, all... ten? Eleven? Of them, plenty of them were troublemakers from the get go, though he seemed to been left with the trouble portion alone. It was a slight surprise that she was with Elian, considering what he remembered of the man, but he said nothing - he couldn't speak on relationships, not considering how bloody his last one ended.

    NADINE --   Ver Million

    [ JOURNAL ]

    What had he done?

    Abbi departed in the early morning without a word to his friend, but leaving his journal by her bedside with a little note on it. Please read, it said, the scrawling so delicate and painstakingly careful. He figured she would take the liberty and read it to Ver, too, since the woman was illiterate. Just below it he wrote, I'll be back tonight; going hunting. And that was that. Abbi knew that he had to air out his dirty laundry somehow, to talk to someone who would be gentle with him and his experiences, but he didn't want to witness her going through the motions of reading his sometimes incoherent letters to home. Honestly, the minute he stepped out of the pyramid, he wasn't sure if he even wished to go back. He wanted to run again - the urge was so sudden, so eager to simply up and leave once more - but he knew better than to follow his instincts. At least, the ones that aimed to trash him.

    And so, he was out for the day. He caught pigeons and sparrows at the edge of the territories, rabbits that tried to find their food in the sands and more lonesome antelope that were abandoned by their herds. He was tempted to move the border into the grass, if just a slight bit, before simply going on with his original efforts. Before long he returned home, the sun setting and his haul monumental. It would only last a day in a hungry Clan such as this, but it was the most he could do as a thank you.

    He stood outside the pyramid that Nadine and her family slept in, taking in a deep breath and grasping the neck of the antelope that he caught. He pushed the door open and tried to act as if nothing happened, though his nerves were shot - "Can one of you help me out here?" he hummed, "I'm not even sure how I dragged it this far."

    A visitor taking a break from his vacation - which, earlier that week he clarified was just a break from his break - cleaning up some headstones. In truth, anyone who didn't know the man would consider it an odd sight. But those who did would find it saddening. The headstones, still blank aside for the Aeternum crest resting in the middle of them, were filthy and overgrown, and despite dreading to come here for the past week or two, he found much more distress in the states the headstones were in. His children - his babies, six feet under and no one cared.

    Anger flared in his chest for less than a moment before he got to cleaning up, ears pinned to his head as he pulled weeds from the ground.