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    It was a shadow in the night, a form of a young wolf doing nothing but strolling through camp. His dark fur shifted uncomfortably with his skin, the less agile form doing nothing for him but all he had for the moment. A letter was clamped in his jaws, the writing inside messy but clear enough to be read. He slipped into the pyramids and found Nadine's room with ease. He hoped for her to be sleeping, and banked on that hope by slipping the letter beneath her door. He then turned, exiting the pyramids and the desert entirely.


    You mean so much to me. I want you to know that. However, I can't stay in the Clans, not with how I am. I'm sorry for leaving so abruptly and not giving you your proper goodbyes, but to be fair I didn't give anyone else the chance either. Stay safe. Don't drink to heavily.

    I love you.


    [ NADINE -- </3 ]

    A chilling darkness swept over the western pines, any light that filtered through the dense nettles ceasing to exist almost immediately. The winds seemed to whisper louder, to call out names that were belonging to those who lived in the Clan. Ghostly bodies became apparent and brushed against those of the living, some malicious, some just aching for a touch. This was a Shade Hour, many had experienced one before, but surely this one wouldn't scare off any newcomers.

    Unfortunately, it would scare off one of the two leaders. Ambedo was walking through the quiet territory when the shadows fell silent and thick upon the grounds. He heaved a sigh and waited for the wandering and confused, to direct them back to camp and save them from the harsher souls that wanted to play awful tricks. But moments passed, seconds in silence, and striking yellow eyes fell upon two small, ghostly bodies. His eyes widened as he took in the two forms of his stillborn children, and though they possessed the deformities they were born with, they still shared smiles with their father. Smiles of understanding, smiles of unknown pain. Tears would pitter-patter on the ground, as despite a happy sight it was, it proved to be devastating to the young Shadowkeeper.

    He turned abruptly, swiping the image of the two kittens out of his memory and acting on instinct. He made his way home and tore a page out of an old book. With shaky paws and an old feather pen, he scrawled words into the tear-stained page.


    I'm sorry. I have to go. Don't come find me, I don't want to be found. Good luck.


    The letter was slipped beneath the other's door, and just as he passed through, he turned to leave. Haste quickened his paws and his body left the territory into unclaimed land, shifting into a nobody, someone who wouldn't be recognized once again. By the time he left, the Shade Hour would be lifted, as if acting only to torture the poor man.

    [ Mercy Reaver since it directly affects her hhh ]

    [ anyways! thank you for the experience i was given with abbi, he was (and still is) definitely one of my favorite characters to write out. i adored the relationships he was able to make and the roadbumps he was forced to conquer. unfortunately, however, i've hit a roadblock. and instead of clogging up the works, i've decided to take a leave from the leadership position. again, thank you so much! i love shadow veil to bits and pieces and will likely be back with another character, should i have the time. i love you all <3 ]

    Abbi knew of the quest - after all, him and Mercy had directed her upon it - however the details always grew fuzzy after a certain point. They sent Sear to become stronger with a fire elementalist, and instead he came home with two kids in tow, brothering them instead. Stratocumulus was sent to give gifts to Nalaren, but returned with stories of ghosts haunting her from the past. His heart ached at the memory of his sister, now dead and her children being nursed by a queen he handpicked. He could only wonder what sort of hardship Ver encountered on her trip.

    He approached shortly after his siblings, saying nothing and only waiting for Ver to speak up. After all - all he truly needed was her to remain the deputy. Time was running short, and for her to skip out on them all wouldn't fair the Veil well.

    Lotus were flowers of purity, of rebirth. To him, seeing them being handed off as gifts felt like an awful joke. Sure, Eldoris likely didn't know of the tragedies that befell the younger Shadowkeeper, but suffice it to say that his 'purity' was long gone and rebirth was... well, virtually unheard of. Still, he came up beside Mercy and took a look at the Havener's gifts, yellow eyes squinting at them before nodding gently. Gifts were gifts, efforts would be appreciated no matter the unknowing malice that lay within them.

    "Any tips on growing lotus?" he asked, his tails flicking to settle by his paws.

    With his mouth full, he hadn't the time to properly introduce himself to Sylvan. By the time he was able to swallow, Ver had arrived; then Annalysia, then Junepaw. Everyone was a welcome face, truthfully, however he couldn't help but feel a bit agitated that he hadn't the time. He stretched out his paws, careful of the bodies that lingered around and to not hook his overgrown paws into them, before nodding to Anna, "Maybe clean up after this is all done - but until then, just relax and enjoy yourself," he finally murmured before turning to the newcomer.

    "I'm Ambedo. Abbi, if it's any easier," he hummed, "Like Junepaw said, it's nice to have a new face around. Where are you from, Sylvan?"

    "I'll play, too," Ambedo murmured as he approached. While Sylvan was the newer of the two before him, he couldn't say he knew much about Hyperion to justify him as a friend. They were still both newcomers to him - which was a tragedy in itself, considering he was supposed to lead them. His teeth grit together uncomfortably and he leaned back, settling onto his haunches and seating himself. The catsune looked between the two before humming, "Who'll start?"

    It was a short turnout, and even then he could only manage a short, unsure smile towards his mother. Each of the others got stiff nods and soft welcomes, though none of them were the creatures he spoke of. There had been Hyperion, Riptide, Adara - and so many more of whom he only knew the names of and blindly promoted. It was bothersome, though he tried to not let that be outwardly known. Instead, the young draconic feline opened his mouth once again, "Does anyone have some hobbies that they like to do?" he asked. May as well push some conversation if they were going to linger about.

    "I just want some french fries."

    A sharp and unhappy tone came from the tall man standing just under the concession stand canopy. His hand was outstretched, a bill trying to be handed off to the cashier. They, however, continued to try to up-charge him. A drink is only a dollar more, he could get a candy with the fries and make it a combo. He was stubborn, however, and continued to push just for his fries. And eventually, he was given the food he wanted. Only with ketchup pre-plastered all over them. He clenched his fist and left the stand, looking over at the people mulling around, trying to get something to snack on while the game continued on, "Does anyone want some fries?" he called out, holding the fries in the air above the small crowd.

    Maybe it was luck that was on Sylvan's side that Abbi had been hunting moments before hearing a child shout at a stranger. A duck hung loosely in his jaws as he came over, a bit startled by the dragon but hiding it fairly easily. He dropped the duck by Sylvan's face - food would become scarce soon, but they had enough to pass around in the moment, "Here. Eat up," he muttered, nudging it closer to her, "I'm Ambedo, one of the leaders here. You're welcome to stay to get your strength up - longer if you need to," heavens know they need more bodies to populate the area.

    Abbi felt almost as if he had betrayed Nadine in his little stint. He asked so much of her, wanted so much from her, and then just... left the way he did. Following her scent to the border made him sick, almost, and guilt fell blatantly into his eyes as he considered skipping this border event. Fortunately (but unfortunately for him,) he continued on, ears drawn back and striking yellow eyes doing all but settling on Nadine. He felt he left on amicable terms, but still felt as if he hurt her too much to even look in her direction.

    "We'll be right on over, of course," he mused first, "What's the event?"

    Abbi hadn't been around as much as he wanted to lately - as much as evident. However he felt with the times he was... he wasn't in any right, he wasn't justified in his inactivity, but maybe soon would be his time to step back. The idea was unsettling considering how much he wanted to help and improve the Clan, but he couldn't just sit where he was and actively do nothing. Still, in the time that he had, he decided to give himself one last shot.

    Blankets were strewn about, baskets with both fresh meat and produce cluttering the insides. He had even provided wine for the older folks; and hopefully only them. He didn't say much as others filtered in, ears flicked back and cheek full of a rabbit he had been eating.

    hey everyone! the other high positions and i have decided to open this up to the community; what sort of month long event should we hold next? we've had long-as-heck shade hours and post events, but what's next? what does the community want to see? want to experience? we are each here with open ears for any and all ideas! here's a few to start the conversation.

    > tradition au event - we would still roleplay and keep tabs on everything normally, but in the trad au, everyone would be deigning from the original clans from the books. everyone who participates will be summoned upon by starclan to fix some problem (to be worked out) and hence why so many members from different clans are interacting so often!

    > another activity event, perhaps this one based on a central idea or plot.

    > a raid/capture central event

    > end of summer/beginning of fall event

    > another really long or sporadic shade hour that influences the veilers to enforce more luxum beliefs in hopes it would help them

    remember these are just a few suggestions! please, feel free to add your own or build upon these ones!<3

    Abbi didn't take well to Feliks' tone, one of his tails flicking to lay against Yamajit, "Nope. You're the first," he answered briefly. His expression simmered down from its former anger now that the mutated fox lay beside him, though again, the new Thunderlands' leader's words didn't sit well with him. Feliks hadn't even given him the chance to apologize for one of their newer... 'member's' antics. He mulled over the idea of just letting it pass, not offering the man something he so desperately needed, before shaking his head, "She's new to us as are we to her. She's protecting what she believes is her land and it'll take longer than the few days that she's lived here to teach her that some scents are not ones to challenge. I hope you're able to understand that, and I'm sorry for the scare," that seemed about it.

    He remained stoic once he was seated, though his attention was easily more consumed by the antics of Yamajit than the words that Feliks was feeding him. He took a moment to digest them, nodding slightly, "I assure you that the Thunderlands does have an ambassador, however I'm sure with the current lull he hasn't been as attentive to his duties. I'll check on him personally and assign someone else to the position in the meanwhile," he hummed, "As for the events, take as long as you need. I understand settling in as a new leader and cleaning up after your former can take up time. We're ready whenever you are," he turned to Mercy, waiting for his co-Shadowkeeper to offer some words of her own before Feliks took his leave.

    "Hey!" the younger Shadowkeeper approached, his limbs stiff as he watched the mutated fox appear behind Feliks. His strikingly yellow gaze remained sharp, his expression betraying him as he displayed blatant anger, "Out from behind him, now," he ordered of Yamajit, remaining off to the side in case the partial feral creature decided to lash out instead. He looked over at Feliks, his news unsurprising as leadership turnovers happened far too often. He mulled over an answer before looking back to the black vulpine, deciding to watch her for the time being, "The alliance is new, however I do feel like there isn't much participation on either half. Though, all Clans slow down during this time of year, so I don't think either of us are to blame," he hummed, wrinkling up his nose, "Are you interested in an event, or something? To try to encourage more interaction between Clans?"

    "I was just going to point her in a direction and be done with it," Ambedo muttered as he came closer to the group, settling in beside Libra. Amnesia or whatever - the first name she came up with was the Exiles. She knew not of the Veil and struggled with her name, sure, but she knew the enemy's first and foremost. That was dangerous on its own. His tails twitched as he shook his head, "There's water out in unclaimed territory - shelter and food too. I refuse to have someone with the enemy's name in her mouth so close to my borders, Ver," he didn't care to offend his second in command, anymore. He had authority, and especially with the group that caused his children to die - among other reasons - he wouldn't play nice. He was done with that, "Bring her far away and point her in the direction of the Canyon, if you must," he added finally, nose wrinkled up.

    The Glitterati. He wanted to laugh at the name, as it was definitely something that sounded out of a storybook. Superstar only added to the affect. However, given that the serval had two metal arms and brought a second - Ambedo had to compose himself (which wouldn't be hard.) It was Clan business, and there was no point in asking if the 'Glitterati' was a serious name or just a working title. Face calm and neutral as ever, the young man approached, "I'm a Shadowkeeper. Ambedo," he introduced himself briefly, "What do you need?"