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    — From what he had been told to keep up on the events that had been happening there were sharp tensions between Shadowclan and Darkclan. Although he was not a real member of Shadowclan even if their scent littered his pelt thickly. He hadn't been accepted there and was more of a prisoner than anything else. He had guards watching hin just like right now. They would probably tell Sorrelstar about this but he hardly cared. All he wanted to do was see his sister. Eagleblossom... or from what he had heard she was now Eaglestar. She had grown up so fast and he was intrigued to know that his own family was able to produce leaders of all different minds. Sighing softly, feeling tired from the excess energy he had put forth from walking to the border as well as the injury he was still recuperating from the overly large Somali would pause there. Carefully sitting and waiting. He was still unnaturally thin, eating sparingly because his heart couldn't take being away from her too long. But at least he was still alive, just a walking corpse.

    — The former Bloodclannner had been passing by the scene, meandering so to speak when the voices had cropped up. Hornetsting had allowed him to go and so he ventured forth to see what was going on when he smelled the scent of vomit. The bush of bright berries a little ways from the area and Oliveslip was also among them. A frown was on his maw, his skinny frame that looked withered just standing there as he held the small vole in his jaws. The command for food and water had been given and he carefully made his way over toward them. Deadened gaze lingering on them all before he dropped the vole near some cat. He wasn't sure who would need it after all of this so he merely gave it. "Here..." He murmured before he turned and took measured steps back but he just sat down where he stood. He wanted to make sure that everything was okay and if he could help with anything more then he would surely try.

    — It seemed time moved on without him. Things seemed so final and yet so fleeting at the same time. His pain and his sorrow never seemed to disappear and he felt shut off for it. Yet he still lingered and he still fought despite everything that had happened. Even if day by day he only knew this pain and this heartache he continued to move. To breathe, sometimes even to eat when he felt the need to do so. Hunting allowed him to take his mind off the his own struggle and right now he was doing just that. His thick flaming pelt moved through the undergrowth he had begun to remember and recount. Shadowclan's territory an interesting thing full of many discoveries but he never thought he would discover this while on his way. A careful hobble led him to the scene, back leg still healing from his encounter with the bear where he and a couple of his guards had stood their ground. His nose had smelled the milk scent of a kit. One that was much too young to be without their mother. As his deep emerald eyes landed upon the snow white fur of the kitten a strange sense of connection pulled through him. Though he didn't know why but he just knew that this kit was...his. He would adopt her as his own and gently he began to lick the kitten's fur in the wrong direction. Even as his guard watched him before he turned around. "Can you bring Oliveslip here please."


    — It was odd that someone had approached him. Odder still that they would drop a vole near his paws and care to ask him if he had eaten today. Most of Shadowclan avoided him and perhaps it wasn't because of his legacy that he had left behind but the thousand mile stare he often had on his facial features. He tired to have some feelings, some emotions but everything just felt weak and way too forced to amount to anything. So he stopped trying and instead he sat like a husk, withered and broken. But his attention had been grabbed by a familiar figure. An apprentice he had only seen once before and that was briefly. A name fluttered in his mind and he slowly found his deadened gaze lower to the vole before he sighed a little. Had he eaten today? He couldn't remember but he doubted that the answer would be yes right now. So instead he merely shook his head to answer her question with a silent now. "Thank you... I doubt I have eaten anything.." Oh, he found his voice, dead and listless before he looked away from the food presented to him.

    Her next question made him pause and he debated over it. It wasn't like he expected kindness. He didn't. He'd killed Sorrelstar once before for his clan and he knew that that would cause some harsh feelings. "Shadowclan's...been fine. As welcoming as I expect them to be anyway." Why did this little apprentice care anyway? Slowly he curled his thick tail that used to be longer though a part of it had been ripped off by a tom who was now currently Windclan's deputy, a snake in sheep's clothing and a former Bloodclanner he had little love for. "Did you need something from me...or just some conversation? I don't think I'm the best for that..."

    — that is so cute and sweet! ayyy, cuddle buddy. he'd probably not want to scare her ad make sure that she doesn't spend a lot of time with him so others won't get upset at her. but i'm down for having that interaction

    — After the bear attack and finding one of his adopted children he had seemed to vanish once again. He was told to stay in the medicine cat den so that he would heal properly. But the idea of being away from her hurt too much. Her death was still too fresh on his mind and it felt as if he was abandoning her. He couldn't do that. His very nature couldn't allow him to pull away from the only molly that had held his heart so tightly. So he had soon left after his leg had been wrapped up and poultices had been applied. He'd limped back to her grave underneath the willow tree and laid there, curling himself up beside her. The pain was evident when he woke up from a haggard sleep. His leg aching fiercely, so much so that he couldn't go back to sleep. So much so that he had to get up now and shift his position for fear of damaging the appendage that was trying to heal. Though he soon stopped when his stomach twisted into knots, a aching grumbling for food. Right, he needed to eat again. How long had it been since his last meal? A day or so?

    He never took from Shadowclan and what he did catch he tried to snag over the border so he wasn't stealing from them. His guard watched him do it and he could feel the pity and respect from the other. A sigh left his muzzle as he looked to the guard and he saw that he was going to ask about his leg. The former Bloodclannner shook his head a bit and he slowly pushed himself up. Head turning to look at the grave. He missed her so much and he closed his eyes against the emotions that were running through him before he looked to the forest once more. Hunting..he could try but with his leg as messed up as it was it was going to be rough.


    — The ache still thrummed in his heart, twisting and curling within his figure. But he was grateful for their help, grateful for them bandaging his leg up when that bear came crashing down upon him and his beloved. He couldn't express his thanks in words though, the feeling to muted and far off to make anything feel vivid anymore. But he'd muttered it even if they didn't think that he actually meant what he said. He cared that they had helped to bury her and now he had to protect and watch over her and that sacred plot of land. Even now he was walking, careful not to disturb anything. Not to make any problems for Shadowclan because he just didn't care about doing anything anymore. A guard was still with him which he supposed was nice. He had someone to talk to besides the dirt, the corpse. Yet he still found himself unable to stay near anyone else for too long. He couldn't leave her. It was just too painful to think about and he had told her that their child was here. That he was safe. He was okay, the twolegs didn't have their clutches on him. He knew she was happy to know this...he knew.

    Yet he lifted his head and at the smell of Skyclan he grew...curious. A spark shifting in his gaze before it died out quickly. He'd been so docile and thoughtless this last moon that he didn't even know what was going on anymore. Why was Skyclan here? It was hard to understand for they didn't share a border so it was not a patrol. They crossed Thunderclan to get here? Carefully and hobbling because of the large scar that was slowly forming over his left hind leg the large somali moved, careful and quietly with his guard. Deadened emerald eyes landed on the apprentice first, before he then turned his vision on the two that were at the border. "Lavender...skies?" His voice was rough with disuse...he hardly talked now save for to his love. Or...perhaps it was Lavenderstar now. He didn't know. He was barely conscious of the world around him. She looked in good health...sort of tired but still she looked the part of a Skyclanner as he remembered. Though it seemed something had changed. "You should..go and get Sorrelstar." He finally spoke again to the apprentice.

    The bear had gotten him good, it had sliced his leg open almost to the bone and he had bled a little too freely but thanks to Icefeather he was on the mend. Again he had been told that he couldn't leave on his own but he just couldn't leave her. It broke his heart to be so far away from her even though he knew that he would never get to see her again. The days spent within the camp had almost been torture and so he had sneaked out, emerald gaze tired as he held his leg up from the ground, hobbling. Though when he was about to move on his way he smelled the scent of other Shadowclanners, eyes flicking around to look in the direction of where they were. Then suddenly he saw him, his boy, his child. His paws seemed to stumble over themselves, tears pricking his eyes as he hurriedly made his way over. The former Bloodclan leader would lower his muzzle and attempt to nuzzle his son, tongue dragging against his cheek as he breathed in his scent. "Peter...Peter, how did you get here? How....? Are you alright?" Dear Starclan, what would he say about his mother.

    It had started off as a stand off. three cats against the bear. The Shadowclanners had told him to run, that he was too weak. That because he had been starving that he wouldn't be able to help but he didn't listen. He wouldn't leave them a cat down when facing off against such a monstrosity. And not so close to where he had buried his beloved. His tail was raised high, fluffed out to an alarming degree, with hackles raised and his fur sticking up. His eyes looked demented as the anger flowed through him and gave him the strength that he needed. He would stand his ground with them or so help him he would die from it. It had began so simple, the mother bear moved and they all moved in unison. A war dance that circled and went back and forth, back and forth. The tension was so thick it could be cut with a knife and they all waited for the inevitable and then it seemed like war broke out. There was snarling and hissing, spitting. The sounds of pain and lashing out. Wild calls into the air that vibrated and echoed against the pine trees that surrounded them.

    They had all fought fiercely, they had miraculously not lost a soul in the battle. The mother bear gave up in the end and the former Bloodclanner felt a strange sense of victory pulse through his body. But soon injuries flared to life in reminder and he felt his back leg buckle. Blood spilled upon the ground and he gritted his teeth. There was a long and deep gash from his hip down his leg from the mother bear's assault and he looked back at it, pulling his leg out gingerly. His head began to swim and he breathed out harshly. Worried looks surrounded him, his mind fuzzy. Would they leave him to die? Then slowly they ushered him up and helped him, leaning on one of his guards he was brought forth with the other injured Shadowclanner to their camp. He'd never stepped paw here and he was hesitant to do it now but he was ushered forth, one of them going forward to get Icefeather while he slowly sat down still leaking a good amount of blood upon the ground. ".....makes me want to sleep." He was tired and drained and it sounded so good right now so he closed his eyes.

    He's been out here quite a while and actually he hadn't left. The whole time since he had to put her in the ground he had not left this grave. He couldn't force himself to do it. So he just didn't. Everything else became second nature. The need to eat had long since been subdued and he hardly moved. But now that someone's voice cut through the silence that seemed to stretch on forever the male shifted himself. Stiff limbs shaking as he tried to get them to move but he felt tired, as if he had collapsed in on himself and he just didn't want to go anywhere. But he did. He forced himself to sit up from where he had been laying and he allowed his gaze to turn and focus on the black feline that had approached him. Slowly he narrowed this dulled emeralds of his and he tried to put a name to the face he was seeing. She had helped him with burying Ruth. That much was certain and then he suddenly blurted from his maw. "Thank you..." His voice had taken on a rasp from disuse and he had to clear his throat for a moment before shaking his head a little. He was sorry for the way he appeared he supposed but he didn't try to sugar coat anything. Glancing to one of his guards he was given a light nod before he moved away from the grave. "What brings you all the way out here?"

    Rasping breath, eyes slightly open that peered into nothing set into a face that held nothing but grief within it. He hadn't moved in days it seemed and he wondered if he ever would again. His body was still, curled up on top of the dirt that had been disturbed days before. The grave of his beloved that he had no intention of abandoning. His ears pulled slightly to the side though when he heard approaching pawsteps, the soft brush of steps against moistened grass and he lifted his head up to see who it could possibly be. At first he merely thought it was some type of change in shifts though it had already happened recently. They always monitored him anyway and he didn't find reason to be insulted by it. He found little reason with anything anymore. But the feline that looked upon him now made his head tilt slightly. His ears pulled away then and he turned his head away to rest them back on his paws where he laid. But her words greeted him just the same. He had little energy in which to find to care and his eyes closed as he remained where he was. "Fit in?" He began sluggishly as he tried to convey some type of meaning to his words. "I didn't come to fit in. Not something I expected." Low toned voice was much like that of a ghost's whisper before he turned slightly to look at Tansyface then. "Did you need something? Or...just to make me feel something?"

    Since being here, joining, whatever this state of being was he had been keeping to himself. Hanging more often then not around the willow tree where his beloved had been buried. His heart ached and everyday he was reminded that he would never hear her voice or feel the warmth of her body against his own. The wound felt so raw and some days he didn't even leave the grave at all. Merely watched it with blank eyes and a stare that could go on for miles. He knew that there were warriors watching him. Keeping an eye on him but he never paid them any attention. Because they didn't matter. His world had grown so small now and he sat and he watched. So the things that had been happening in the past few days he knew nothing about and he had yet to even step one paw into Shadowclan's camp. Slowly breath eased from his throat and he pushed himself up from where he had been attempting to semblance if sleep. His stomach had long ago stopped warning him of starvation. But he knew he had to eat something. To hold on to this life he had. Swallowing he stepped away from the grave, hesitation drawing him up for a moment before he looked back. "I'll be back..." His voice was a soft murmur before he moved.

    The scents of others were there and he lifted his dead emerald gaze to see Shadowclan warriors watching him. What did they hope to find he wondered? A withering fool that was slowly wasting away? But his mind was pulled back to hunting, food. The want to eat barely there and he sighed as he lowered his muzzle, pulling in the scents around him. Something was nearby and he dragged himself to go and find what it could possibly be. Maybe a frog, or a lizard.

    There was nothing for him to do. He had to succumb to the fate that he was given. he couldn't reverse time, take back what happened. Nothing, there was no solution for him to go through but move forward. Without her. The idea of it tore him a part, he had always thought they would grow old together, with white hairs growing around their muzzles. That they would have their family and be able to live together peacefully. But all of that was shattered, a future pulling away from him and something he would never had. It hurt like claws digging into his heart and he closed his eyes before he swallowed thickly. Wolfheart would help him bury her, Icefeather said the same but the notion of having to do it at all was torture. But he spoke, after hearing another volunteer to help with the deed. "Al...alright. I, let's take her over there..." It was a different spot, one that he had moved quickly through that he motioned with his tail. A tree billowing with hanging limbs that dragged against the ground. He wanted her buried underneath there near the border. Closing his eyes he turned to look at her body before he gently grabbed her scruff and began to carry Ruth over there and once there he slowly, taxingly began to dig through the mud and muck to put her in the ground.