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    Stepping forward with a small limp in his step the male would go forth with his thoughts. It had been for a long while he had to admit, something he struggled to understand but he also knew dangerous. The large somali would pause upon the step of the church, not bothering to actually enter the place because he was sure that with the comings and goings that his message would be heard one way or the other. Lifting his voice up he would call out. "Bloodclan, I have something to say!" With that the monster would sit, eyes gleaming in the fading light of dusk. His jaw was clenched as he curled his tail around his body, chest rising and falling gently. The fading sun cast his body in such deep red that it looked as if his form was coated in blood. His maw parted as he curled his muzzle, eyes narrowing with many different thoughts before he moved on as he watched figures emerge from around him. "For a while now we have been without a healer. I know these times are rough and I'm sorry but Aurora is no longer fit to be our Healer. From today forward we will be looking for someone to take her place. Who will dedicate themselves to teaching Viperpaw and helping our sick and injured."

    His eyes looked to both Wick and Nova as they both spoke up on the circumstances and he gave a light nod for he was marginally in agreement with the both of them. What as an alliance worth if there was no trust? Yet, this statement also had him thinking on Thunderclan and his friendship with Moonstar, so recent that his mind didn't allow for him to forget it. His jaw became tense before he released the breath he was holding. Things were tricky enough and he flicked his tail almost thoughtfully. "To me it's sudden...I don't remember who she is really. But I've been told that her behavior has been going on like this for some time, during my early moons of deputyship. And if Minnowstar doesn't know by now then she's blind to what her deputy has been doing against her. But if you want I will go there and speak to Minnowstar in private and see if she wishes to do anything about it.

    His eyes opened up and he allowed them to travel over where he saw the large black shadow of bloodclan. The kit that often seemed to keep to himself then to allow anyone to really get to know him. He...didn't remember his name and that just seemed to make him feel worse than he did. His jaws parted as if he was about to say something but he stopped there and snapped it shout, looking apologetic before he beckoned with his tail for the other to come closer and sit with him and if he did he would give a soft sigh, a tired breath. "I'm sorry..." He was sorry for everything, for forgetting his name. For not being the leader that could protect he and his family. He was trying but he didn't think it was going to be enough. "Things are tough right now...and I'll do what I can to make things better." His ear angled back though as footsteps approached and he turned to look at Nova, another face that he was struggling to remember but he took in her words. Be the leaf. Survive, and float. He felt as if he was indeed suffocating, thrashing to hold himself up and he gave a small chuckle. "Everything is usually easier said than done but I appreciate the words. I'll take that advice going forward."

    His eyes widened suddenly as he listened to the next individual that came forth to speak and he knew very well that those were lies. His eyes shifted to Moonstar who didn't seem to be changing her mind and still would like to help his clan but he couldn't believe that Thunderclan would speak such lies out in public like this to slander his own clan. His trial curled against his own body as he watched Moonstar walk to him, heard her apology and he felt almost as broken as he did when the home that he couldn't even remember properly had fallen on him. "But she's speaking lies about me. I never gave permission for any one of them to do anything of the sort. If she isn't coming to help those in need of it then she shouldn't come at all. I won't have the death of someone on my paws because she decided they weren't worth her effort." If he had to help and struggle through his own pains and wounds to make sure that Viperpaw had all the help that he could get then so be it. But he wouldn't allow someone who was able to tell lies so confidently to come to his clan and pass judgement over those who were injured. "I'm ready to go when you are but she stays here."

    He had no idea that she had lost her kits. But that still didn't mean she had the right to condemn his whole clan for the reckless actions of a single individual. His jaw was firm though and he realized that she didn't care about anything he had said. Whoever this molly was he supposed he would keep her in mind but there was nothing that he could do for her. What was done was done. Turning away from her he looked to another stranger, eyes searching over the young tom as he awaited for the verdict that he would give and relief funneled through his pain filled body as he lowered himself to lay upon the ground. Just that shock of relief had made him tired and he dipped his head in gratitude. "Thank you...."

    "You blame us still for the crimes of cats that have long since passed from Bloodclan's threshold. Why?" He had no idea who this molly was that he was addressing, eyes squinted not because he was angered or upset over her words but because he was starting to have a strong headache marring his cranium. His wounds still bled freely and he struggled to even think about what she was going on about. His chest swelled as he tried to maintain a sitting up position despite the pain that ripped through his head and body. But he tried his best as he looked down to his own paws, closing his eyes for a short moment. "There is nothing I can do about the past and what those cats did to your clan. I wasn't even present during those times when your forest was burned or when your former leader was taken. And I doubt that most of the cats there would know personally those experiences and stories. But there are innocent cats there besides kits that are dying, cats that have broken limbs and we can not get to our greenhouse to help them because of the twolegs that broke our home over our own heads." He knew from experience that not every cat was a murderer, that not every cat wished to harm another unless it was the enemies that plagued Bloodclan. He knew this. He wished they did too.

    Days were slowly trickling by and things seemed okay. Seemed. But under the surface he felt like things were slowly cracking and breaking a part. He wasn't sure how he was going to fix it. How he was going to make things better and with what had happened with Artemis he was becoming more and more aware that perhaps he wasn't fit anymore to lead Bloodclan. A broken feline with a broken mind leading cats who needed a strong leader was something he saw in himself. A hindrance to what was necessary. He had long since left the church in a strange stupor, despite his wounds that were healing rather well now. He felt lost and out of touch and so much so that he just had to get away from camp. So he walked, a dusty path that led him closer to the Twolegplace before it curved off and he heard the soft trickling of water. His ears pulled forward slowly as he listened to it and he allowed his maw to take in the scent of the area. It was in fact water and he continued down the path till he saw it. Bright green leaves floated along the surface if the liquid and he drifted from the path to the water's edge, eyes of dull forest green shifting over it as he saw the fleeting movements of fish. His maw parted on a tired breath and he lifted a paw to his skull, feeling the throbbing against his head. "What can I do? I don't know how to make things better." Even his voice sounded hollow and he sat down there, still and withdrawn into his own mind.

    As they stepped forward he looked upon all of them and his gaze became heavy lidded as if he was about to pass out or something of the sort. But he was contemplating the weight of the situation, the idea of it all. That this was a step they were taking which they could not walk back from or face death. Flicking his tail the injured demon got to his paws and made his way over to them, missing one currently but this would have to do for now. He would get to the other individual if he showed up. "You all know that this is an important step within Bloodclan as a whole. This is where you stand your ground, you do not falter and you show that you have the utmost loyalty to those that you have come to call your family. You will not betray them, nor harm them and you will die here within the folds of Bloodclan. In taking this oath you pledge your life and everything you have to this life and those that grow with you. Breaking this oath can mean death upon your head and you will not be able to return." His voice was low but moved with power as he stopped at Kronos, lifting the other's paw and carving an 'x' into the now member's pad. He moved on from Kronos to Lavendersouls and did the same before his large bulk came to stand in front of Nathanos. He was clearly troubled, there was a lot to be troubled by but he shifted his paw and moved to mark the other's pad with his claws. After this he stepped back and then turned to Bloodclan, lifting up his voice. "Welcome our newest members into the fold!" The echo and shouts that sprouted up made the leader feel something. But he was almost in a stupor as he moved on and perhaps it was because of his waning strength, the need to rest his injured body growing.

    Swallowing he stormed forward, because he had other things he needed to go ahead and speak of. "For a moon we have been without a deputy but I have found in one particular cat who I think is worthy for such a rank. He has....been by my side for a long time." Hesitance. "Now I say this before all of Bloodclan that Bune will be the new deputy." His forested green eyes searched for the lilac tom for a moment as he released a breath and then shifted himself. Things were troubling but they were to get better he was sure and he curled his tail against his form as he slowly sat down. He had one other promotion to give as he searched for the persian among the crowd of cats. "Bianca you have proven that you have the skills to take charge and to help those before yourself. Thoughtful planning is what we need and thus I am promoting you to Head Guard along side Artemis. This leaves us without any guards and so that means that I will be watching with my deputy and head guards to see who is fitting for the position. This meeting is dismissed unless anyone has anything to say."

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    The male glanced down at the kit once more before he looked back to the stranger named Lowlife. What an interesting name that was. And he gave a light chuckle at his words as well. Work and fun should be together shouldn't they. But it didn't always end up like that. Clearing his throat to catch attention the leader would dip his head. "You are welcomed to stay, Lowlife. Take in the sights if you want. I'm sure you can find someone to fill you in on the place and what has been happening. Then I can see if we can't fit you into some patrols." His voice was smooth as he beckoned with a paw to lead the other back to where they called their home, eyes searching the area for a short moment as he smelled the looming monsters and twolegs that roamed the area.

    -- this takes place in their new home of the church

    so you can all begin posting in the new territory

    The morning crawled forward with little resistance, the sun pushing forth into stained glass windows of the altar room. The male had been up for much of the night, thinking and contemplating what he needed to do. What wrongs needed to be corrected and how things needed to progress for him. They were all still healing and still reeling from the events that had taken place not too long ago. Some had nightmares of the twoleg monsters that crashed down upon their home, raining wood and debris over their heads. Wails broke the night of the injured and he had to wonder at why this had happened to them. Now he sat, a king still, but one with no memories that made sense to him anymore. Faces of those he was supposed to trust were just strangers in his gaze and he flinched back from them. But he needed to trust someone and so he threw his trust at Bune and he threw his trust at Nathanos and Ruth. He didn't know why but he felt as if that was what he should do. Moving forward he allowed his head to be held up high as he took in the quietness of the dawn that he was about to shatter. It was early yes, but most if not many of the members were already walking around and showing themselves for the day. It seemed that it was now that he would begin a meeting and to make announcements. Even if he was tired from his trip back from Thunderclan he was going to be fine, they were going to be fine.

    "Bloodclan, gather before me for a meeting!" His voice though tired was strong and echoed in the room as he sat down upon the carpeted steps. The pews were dusty and hold but they would do for a meeting place. Curling his tail against his body his eyes glimmered with thoughts. Taking a deep breath he would then tilt his head a little bit as he listened to paws begin to trickle in slowly. Cats of all ages and backgrounds surviving together, those that were bloodthirsty and those that were not living together. "It's been a trying time for all of us. I know that. We lost the Bloodhouse and...much more. But we've found a new home and hopefully this one will not succumb to a twoleg invasion like the last. If you wish to explore you may, however, I ask that you be careful in doing so. We will still claim what parts of the territory that the twolegs didn't take. But for now see what is to be gained from what is around us." Licking his maw the wounded creature would try and settle himself before he allowed his ears to angle forward because he had a lot of announcements to make but bloodoaths would be done first as well as getting rid of a certain rank that meant little, especially when captures were already considered lesser. "Today I will be getting rid of the inferior rank, it's redundant when captures are expected to be playthings anyway. So with that said step forward Kronos, Lavendersouls, Agraes, and Nathanos for your Blood Oath Ceremony."

    kronos   Ravenwatcher   AGRAES.   Nathanos

    Should he tell her about Skyclan? The notion was there and very clearly in his mind. To tell her how hateful that they were and in his own mind for no reason that he could think of. How some of them didn't care that kits had died in that rubble, that his warriors laid injured. Minnowstar cared that much was certain but the way in which the other's acted made him question everything. But he didn't make this journey to start up a conversation about Skyclan. No. He had come because of his memories that seemed like liquid that rushed over his paws amd was too fluid to catch. He couldn't make them stay but Moonstar was consistent. A sharp breath left him as she walked around his figure, more healing wounds littering his body from what had happened. "We lost our home. The twolegs came with monsters the size I have never seen before and they ate the walls. Everything caved in. I have members and kits who are hurt. Right now we are living pn the streets. Searching for a new home. But I want to know....will you ally with Bloodclan? I don't think we will be friends with Skyclan for much longer...."

    Perhaps he wasn't well enough to travel yet. His wounds were self evident on that but he had no reason to wait because as he did so his clan was suffering more and more. They days were dragging on with no roof over their heads and no semblance of order beyond the cats that were trying to make things be okay. His guards were doing the best that they could while his head guard seemed to be in a state of shock. So he had left to do business, to do the only thing that he could right now. Seek solace in and advice from someone else. His memories were messed up that much he understood because the faces around him didn't hold weight. They were just there, creatures that moved through life. Nathanos told him that he was well loved, that he had a mate and it was the tortoiseshell that had come to get him. Ruth. But he didn't know if he could handle everything at once. A sigh left his throat as he stepped a paw onto thunderclan territory with ease, jaws parted as he allowed his gaze to linger on the vibrant color of the trees. His maw tightened a bit as he felt the blood slip down from the major wound on his skull, it was scabbed over but sometimes it broke open. Something he didn't care much about. But his injuries would heal and he wanted to push for something else as well. "Moonstar? Are you around? I'd like to speak to you about the alliance and also...ask for some advice..."


    Confusion swelled in his gaze. Confused on the words that Viperpaw sought to use. His ears pulled back against his skull as his eyes narrowed against the pain throbbing against his temple as he took a deep breath. "I haven't made up my mind. It is why I called for a discussion." It was everyone's call on what they wanted to do with Skyclan right now and not just his own. It was why he was asking after all. He closed his eyes against the pain, jaws clenching for a moment as he debated on who they would strive for to replace Skyclan. His mind to foggy to think of a reply so he skipped it for now. Turning to Bune he gave a light nod of his head to his friend. He remembered when the large male had joined Bloodclan. It had been a while ago but he had been present and he took in his words. "I wouldn't say totally useless but things have gotten worse over the moons. Lavenderskies sudden dislike is...strange. She feels no obligation to be civil anymore and says what she pleases and even oversteps Minnowstar. I'm not sure about things but it is up to the members if we keep it or not."

    Recovery was hard and it was made more difficult with the lack of home that they had. The lack of herbs that they had and the dangerous trips they had to take back to the greenhouse in order to live and to get herbs. A frown was on his maw as he moved his head delicately in order to not reopen the large wound on his head. It was healing but slowly and so was the strength of his body. So much so that he had been walking around more lately, watching and observing the going ons of Bloodclan as they sought out a new home. These days he felt keyed up, marred and jagged from his short lived stay in Skyclan and after some words that had been spoken to him to jog his memory even though it barely helped he had to wonder why they had them at all. Yes they had helped him but begrudgingly so. He remembered having to plead to them to help him and that grey molly didn't even want to take him to their camp. Faded conversations still lingered in his skull and he felt bitter towards it. Did she want to see him dead. From what his friend had told him that was Lavenderskies and she hated Bloodclan but he couldn't fathom why an ally would hate another ally. A sigh left his throat as he lifted a paw to press it against the headache that was beginning to form in his own skull. He didn't understand anything anymore and that made him almost volatile. He took everything word of mouth because he trusted the Bloodclanners around him but he also knew he had to be a bit skeptical about things. "Bloodclan, gather for a bit of a discussion before we have our meeting. I've been given some...details and I want an opinion from all of you. Should we continue to indulge Skyclan with our alliance, even if they continue to insult us to our face and hold disgust and distrust towards us?"

    Stepping forth on limping steps came the flaming leviathan, eyes of miasma searching the twoleg place. Ruth and Nathanos had come and taken him home at least that was what he was told. From what he understood of what he remembered of them they were loyal Bloodclanners. What he remembered anyway. He didn't say anything for much of the trip back home from Skyclan but he had to wonder where was home exactly? Where were they going to go now? Skyclan didn't care about what had happened to them, he could tell in the way that they acted. All they cared about was themselves and he was not thrilled about anything that they had said or acted. Allies were supposed to help each other but the only one that seemed to actually care were a couple of apprentices and that one smaller cat that he couldn't remember the name of or any interactions. It was disheartening to think that they would be so cruel, that group of cats. That Skyclan. His wounds had already broken open from the walking, blood trickling down his face and his legs but he continued on as if nothing else mattered but getting home. Even confused and disjointed he was the king he wanted to be, he had to be for Bloodclan. Perhaps he wasn't demented, he didn't remember if he was or not but he would be what they wanted him to be. Clearing his throat as he came toward the area where most of Bloodclan had formed their temporary home for now. "What's the situation? I've been..gone for a while."

    Quiet he had been, taking his time to observe the two cats that had seemingly come to these lands of bitter cats. He could feel their disgust since he had been here which made him more confused on his own circumstances. He knew none of these cats and the names they gave out were lost on him. Even the smaller cat who talked to him as if she knew him was lost on him. He knew nothing of them and yet they eyed his body with such contempt and something akin to hatred that it spooked him a bit. The grey molly he knew from her words alone that she was not sorry about what had happened in that house. She didn't care about the dead kits, hurting queens and wounded members. It was clear in her tone that she didn't and it made him shiver in something akin to fear and wariness. He wasn't sure if he should come out but after a moment he figured that he should because they were sending someone to get him and he had long since started leaving this place to try and....understand what was going on. The wounded male pulled himself from thick foliage, wounds already beginning to drip heavily with blood. The crimson fluid slipping down his face as he limped forward. Hurting was exhausting and he merely looked at the two Bloodclanners with muted understanding in his gaze. "I'm ready to go. I don't like it here...."

    He would never find himself turning away a kit, that wasn't something he was capable of doing. When he had come across a kit whose mother had been killed by a monster he had taken her in as his own. This was no different than that and he allowed his large form to come forward and stand right beside that of Ruth's. Tilting his head a bit the monster himself would look down upon the form of the young child before dipping his head and flicking one of his tails for her to come forth and over the border. "It is fine that you join Bloodclan. But remember only the strong survive, so don't get left behind. We will care for you till you are a tyro and then you have to put in the work." He spoke with a more welcoming tone to his voice as he turned slightly.

    -- retro to bloodhouse event

    He could deal with this pain, this massive ache in his body that threatened to put him under again. If anything he was sicker just because of the pain itself. Blood threatened to sleep through the cobwebs of his covered wounds, the largest being the one that was on his head. It was a dominant would that much was for sure and demanded the most attention from the medicine cat as a whole. So he was heavily covered and he could feel herbs as they pulled at his flesh when he moved his cranium. Though even moving his head a few centimeters sent staggering aches through his skull and he kept his eyes closed as he dragged in breathes to remind himself that he was in fact alive. But who knew if he was going to die again. Yet he didn't have time to figure out what was going on and what was happening because there were voices all around him. Suffocating him. His head jerked up suddenly causing a hiss to leave his throat at the sudden action. A kit. Speaking to him, asking him questions and then another who was asking him if he needed someone by the name of Brookfur. Another who he found much too comfortable with getting close to him and he recoiled from the touch of the Skyclanner. Who were these cats? What did they want? Why were they here? Where was he even? Wildseas. They had called him and yes, that was who he was and he was...leader of Bloodclan. Yes. He had become leader because of...something. The throbbing in his head was causing him to have difficulty thinking and he lowered his head a bit as he shook his skull carefully and ever so slowly. " Brookfur? Where am...I? I don't......the Bloodhouse caved in. Kits...screaming, mothers dying....members fighting to save lives..." Flashes of those twoleg monsters passed through his thoughts and he closed his emerald green eyes before shivering a bit. Was he safe? He didn't feel like he was safe. He felt like the bridge was about to crumble underneath his paws.