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    Geckofoot paced his den, coming up with things he could say, things he could do, and what he could do to appease Nightstar without anyone catching on.

    Cloudfall just nodded in agreement, it wastrue that they didn't really know each other much. As Cloudfall had already had their fair share of water, the feline simply waited silently for Prickletail to be ready for their journey to go hunting. They looked up, staring out to where the possible places they could go would be and considering them all. None in particular stood out, however. They did want to find some prey... but honestly they mostly wanted to just leave the Clan's camp.

    Geckofoot nodded, "I will be sure to. For now, I think I have it under control," He told her. Or more accurately, he thought to himself, he wanted to at least make sure he seemed like he did to everyone else. He couldn't afford to sit around doing nothing. "Alright, I'm going to try to figure this out! I'll talk to you later," Geckofoot told his former apprentice before scurrying off towards his den. He wanted the quietness of it to figure it out a little more. Maybe even plan his speech?

    Cloudfall paused as soon as Prickletail asked him and stared intently at him for a moment, thinking. He couldn't recall many times they'd ever hung out nor anyone saying anything memorable about him but surely that was also a good sign? The only thing he could remember was how he had a curiosity that led to leaving groups when they travelled that seemed many were either worried or fed up with. "I don't believe so," Cloudfall finally told him, genuine. "I don't really know you a lot," He pointed out, "but there's nothing bad or 'weird' enough to give me a reason not to."

    "That is a really good way to phrase it," Geckofoot praises, "it's the perfect ceremony to have. I'll make the announcement later tonight and try to prepare for having it tomorrow." He nods mostly to himself, trying to think of whether it should be similar to the one they often did for their own explorers to have safe travels?

    Cloudfall paused ever so slightly as he waited to see if Prickletail was coming, before returning to keeping on his path. His need for a drink was far too strong to have a lot of patience, even if he felt he was being a tad impolite. He carefully stepped up to the edge of the Water-Circle's stones, pawing the small stick that brought up the Circle. He carefully began taking a few gulps of it down, thankful for how cool it was since the sun was so hot.

    Geckofoot nods. "I'm just not sure what to do for it, it's not like he's..." He paused, panic in his eyes as he realized he wasn't really sure what he should even say. Everyone knew Tumblepelt had disappeared though, right? That he didn't just die? "He's not dead. I imagine it'd be bad luck to do a ceremony like he is," Geckofoot finally finished. In reality, he was worried it might just invite whatever had fallen upon their leader to them as well.

    Cloudfall took more time to eat his, enjoying the fillingness of it. Afterward he also cleaned up a little bit, before looking over at his new temporary travelling companion to estimate how he was doing. Seeing he'd already finished made Cloudfall feel just a little bad that he'd taken slightly longer to eat, but he didn't say much beyond flicking his ears backwards in guilt. Cloudfall instead got up, asking "drink?" and looking back as he began to pad towards the Water-Circle.

    Geckofoot looks around as well, his ears and tail drooping ever slightly. He really wished he knew what to do right now... but the most he could do was just freak them out about how the leader disappeared. Honestly, no one else but the Sheriff even knew. He sighed after a moment, remembering their leader and how Tumblepelt would've known what to do... "We should hold a ceremony for him," He thought outloud to his former apprentice.

    Cloudfall nodded, accepting his offer. "Okay," He finally says, and pads off towards the fresh-kill. He walks slowly, observing the Clan as he walks, and then stops to study the fresh-kill pile. He picks out a lizard after a moment, one that looks perfectly filling enough, and begins to eat.

    Geckofoot sympathized with her. "Well, I am sure we will all figure things out," He said a moment later, although you could tell from his wavering voice that he wasn't really so sure. "For now, let's just... take a few days to adjust." He advised.

    Cloudfall blinks, a little surprised by his excitement. He didn't think many liked to do much with him because he was a rather quiet cat at times... Ah well, Cloudfall gave Prickletail a small smile rather than a real response. "I'm going to eat and head to the Water-Circle first," He announced after a second later.

    Geckofoot nodded, letting out a small sigh. "I understand, no worries... I'll still be here," He offered, giving her a small nudge. Then he frowned as she mentioned the sudden change. "I know," He said, the worry lacing his voice. "I'm not sure what to make of it, or what to say to the rest of the Clan," He paused there as he realizing just how stressed he was already starting to get at mentioning it. Geckofoot shuffled his paws awkwardly as he focused his attention on them instead of the worry... He didn't want to incite panic about Nightstar, but how else could Tumblepelt have gone missing without a scent of his leaving the Clan's base?

    Cloudfall's gaze turned to movement from the den to find Prickletail leaving and heading out for some prey. They thought for a moment before slowly getting up with one last stretch before they trotted over to him. He wasn't sure that, despite feeling overly crowded and wanting to get out, that he actually wanted to be alone entirely... Cloudfall stepped into the same gait as Prickletail as he finally spoke. "I'm going to go hunting after bit," Cloudfall started to offer, he paused for a second, "if you would like to as well?"

    Geckofoot returns her smile, albeit his ears twitched and you could see the nervousness in it. "How are you doing? With the, ah.. New position?" He asked, his wording unsure. He wanted to check how she was handling the transition. She'd finished the training even if she hadn't had the extra experience she should've had he was sure she would do fine... but he also knew how it felt to be unsure about that.

    Cloudfall rolled onto their side, stretching out farther as they slowly began preparing themself to get ready to go get breakfast and a drink before heading out to get some fresh-kill for the Clan. They didn't want food to run out, even if they were doing rather okay for the second. Besides, they did want to get out of the base for a while... It was nice out there, being in the quiet expanse, even if it was rather hot out... and dusty. They wrinkled their nose up at the memory of how awful it is cleaning up after a really long trek out there, even if they were somewhat used to it it still took a good while sometimes and the taste is still awful.

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    Geckofoot's gaze immediately caught sight of both Cloudfall already having been off in their corner of the shade and a moment later his previous apprentice stepped into view. He glanced around for a second, checking for the deputy and sheriff since he still felt like he should be going over things with them, before he headed towards the former rookie. "Daypetal," He greeted her. His second glance he met eyes with Cloudfall, and since they were still too far apart to hear each other without yelling, he dipped his head in greetings.

    Cloudfall watched Daypetal walking out of her den, returning Geckofoot's nod, before settling their head back down on their paws, swishing their tail around lazily. The air was still rather hot out and they knew they were going to need a drink soon... and to go try to find some prey eventually. Luckily, however, since the Clan had enough prey, it wasn't as much of a necessity since today was more of a "take a second and let the news soak in" sort of day. They still wanted to go out and hunt, though. Their paws twitched at the idea of staying in the camp all day long doing nothing but laying around even if right at that second they were enjoying it.


    pizza_chan0412 hello friendy!!! if pricklepaw is an explorer then he's already gone through the ceremony to get a second part to his name, he wouldn't keep "paw" as his suffix afterward. also as a note it seems unlikely that anyone would actually call any cat anything other than their names because they trained very heard to get them and they're sort of personal, i imagine? just as a note ;0;

    y'know i forgot abt the fact med cats generally need herbs.. i suppose the explorers could be in charge of goin out to find 'em since i imagine there isn't many in the dry land, unless the abandoned town was growing them??? idk which sounds more fun though!! ??? bc then the medicine cats have to garden? but more excuses to send out explorers?

    but i've jotted down your chars!! and we could probably get away with starting this now and just be sneaky abt avoiding the fact we don't yet have sheriff and deputy pft.


    Geckofoot shifted as he woke up, the fogginess of sleep lifting as his mind began filling up with thoughts that soon churned quickly. Tumblepelt had disappeared... He'd been their Diviner for so long.Geckofoot rolled over to get sucked deeper into his thoughts but in a much more comfortable position. Now he was leader, and he wasn't even sure he was ready. Was he supposed to do something to explain how he'd vanished? That was nearly impossible though! There was no evidence of an attack and not even a fresh scent of him leaving the Clan's camp It was suspicious, and for those who were already scared of Nightstar... Well, it just wasn't good. He'd kept quiet about the lack of evidence that Tumblepelt had just abandoned them, even if it meant the whole Clan was probably blaming Tumblepelt for leaving them when it wasn't true... Geckofoot startled as he heard other cats beginning to wake up and he shuffled around for a moment, trying to calm and distract himself. It was no good to spend so long on this when he now led the Clan and was responsible for them. The tom nodded to himself, confirming that he could manage just fine, and headed towards the hole in the side of his den. The the feline padded outside and looked along the dusty path between the different dens, gazing around to take note of who was awake so far.

    Cloudfall was slow to wake up, opting instead to sleep in for a bit. After they woke up they yawned, stretched, and headed outside. The heat was awful with their thicker fur, so Cloudfall often preferred staying indoors, but it felt too crowded inside today. Instead the openness of the outside was preferable, so they headed towards a shadow near the middle of the camp from one of the tall square ancient dens to stretch out and finish waking up under.

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    ♦ i'm winging all of this and it's just a basic idea to get used to rping group rps again. if you've got suggestions for how to run it or just general ideas for plot/ceremonies/territory, i'd love to hear it :0

    ♦ post the filled out form and after the first person joins i'll start the rp and you can hop on in whenever after i've noted you down? you can take any empty positions!)



    This is a Clan that lives within an old abandoned town where most of the buildings are falling apart and far far from modern. They live within a crevice of the Earth that hides them from the heat of the sun. These Clan cats don't remember anything beyond living in this dusty place, but they do remember a few things that leave them searching for a way to reach their long lost ancestors and knowledge of their past... Traditions tend to be important here, as often they're seen as related to keeping their Clan safe and comfortable.

    Diviner: Geckofoot

    Medicine Cat: Daypetal,

    Rookie Medicine Cat: 1 available

    Sheriff: 1 Available

    Deputy: 1 Available

    Elders: -- unlimited --

    Explorers: Cloudfall, Prickletail, -- unlimited --

    Patrol-Guards: -- unlimited --

    Rookie: -- unlimited --
    Caretakers: -- unlimited --

    Kits: -- unlimited --


    Diviner - They're in charge of the spiritual ceremonies and is the leader of the Clan. Trusted to read how the Clans Above feel about what the Clan is doing through symbols and signs, as they can't have prophetic dreams without a moonstone equivalent.

    Sheriff - Supports the Diviner and is the second highest in the command. They can never become the Diviner, though they are in charge of disciplining and making sure it's followed through and making sure everything is going well for the Clan. They often go through the Clan and check up on everything. Reports back to the Diviner to let them know what is up and they work together to figure out what to do next.

    Medicine Cat / Rookie Medicine Cat - They're a Diviner-In-Training, or waiting to take over as Diviner. Their connection and ability to understand the Clans Above is generally considered untested and they're usually to talk to the Diviner, who will then filter everything for them to the Clan even if they've completed their training as a rookie. Typically they also have a Rookie to train but it's not an immediate requirement. They wait until it seems necessary or a rookie offers. If they've completed their training, they're capable of running the Clan as Temporary Diviner when needed or requested.

    Deputy - Helps to make sure everyone knows what they're doing and also checks up on the Clan as well. Not in charge of punishments but typically reports them to the Sheriff. Supports the Sheriff and becomes the next Sheriff. Cats are promoted to Deputy when they prove themself, generally the Sheriff picks out who is the next Deputy.

    Elders - They typically aren't required to do any work, although some may choose to do so. Usually sought after for advice quite often and passes down stories and knowledge of the Old Ways of the Clan. This is how some cats can be named after things that aren't usually existing within hot dry places, but the meaning might've gotten twisted.

    Explorers - In charge of exploring the Outer Reaches for possible places to hunt and for their way to contact the Clans Above. Sent on expeditions sometimes but normally takes up the work of hunting nearby when they aren't.

    Patrol-Guards - They're usually just chilling at the base to protect the camp, sent out to patrol the edge of clan territory and the Outer Reaches as body guards of sorts.

    Rookie - Young Explorers and Patrol-Guards, usually one is a Rookie Medicine Cat though!

    Caretakers - Pregnant cats or those who permanently watch over the kits.

    Kits - Lil babies.


    SunClan - Worshiped due to how the Sun influences their life more than how they're related to their ancestors, they believe the Sunstar, the leader of SunClan, is a harsh and strict cat with good intentions.

    CloudClan - Worshiped due to how the Clouds influences their life more than how they're related to their ancestors, they believe the Cloudstar, the leader of CloudClan, is a patient and mysterious cat that can be bargained with for fresh water and cooler weather.

    NightClan - Worshiped due to how the Night influences their life more than how they're related to their ancestors, they believe the Nightstar, the leader of NightClan, is a cold and cruel cat that stalks the Clan at night for victims.

    As they don't have a current connection or knowledge of their past and ancestors, they've not an idea who or what "StarClan" is but a few of the older cats may still use the phrase. The leader, also, doesn't have a way to get Nine Lives and therefor doesn't have the suffix "star".


    (temporary names, i'm uncreative rn. suggestions for ideas are highly welcome!!)

    the RAIN CEREMONY - A small flower is placed in the Clan Offering-Pile. It is supposed to plead Cloudstar to bless them with rain.

    the NIGHTLY CEREMONY - The Diviner says a small prayer and the Clan exchange headbumps to friends and family to protect them from the cold of night.

    the EXPEDITION CEREMONY - The Clan gathers to wish them a safe journey, and for the Explorers to get blessed by the Diviner with the juice from a Bloodfruit with a safe travel and fruitful finds.

    the HEATWAVE CEREMONY - A cactus or a, hopefully, good enough alternative is set in the middle of the Clan that the Explorers can find from the Outer Reaches.

    the SUNSTONE CEREMONY - Every cat has their own Sunstone, given it upon becoming an Explorer or Patrol-Guard with the Diviner. Afterwards, these stones are usually set somewhere outside to "be blessed by Sunstar's gaze" and taken in by their owner each night.

    the OFFERING-PILE - Cats can usually offer whatever they want to whomever and whenever to any of the Clans Above, but this is also used by the Diviner for the ceremonies.

    the MEETINGS - They gather only if there's big issues to figure out. It can be called as needed. They take votes amongst themselves and discuss what things they could do. Generally the Diviner is like three votes while the others who partake in the voting (ending at Elders,) all count more as one. If they can't agree, they ask the Clan to vote as well.


    (feel free to suggest ideas. i'm super tired when i wrote this x'D)

    Base Camp - Their base camp is within an abandoned town. Each den is within a "Formation" (or building) and there are other ones as well that are unused.

    The Outer Reaches - This is a common place for explorers to travel to. It's generally any area that is outside the general territory, which isn't super big.


    NAME - doubleclick

    GENDER/PRONOUNS - doubleclick
    ORIENTATIONS - doubleclick

    AGE - doubleclick

    RANK - doubleclick

    LOOKS - doubleclick

    PERSONALITY - doubleclick (optional)


    NAME - Geckofoot

    GENDER/PRONOUNS - Male , he/him

    ORIENTATIONS - To be determined

    AGE - 36 Moons

    RANK - Diviner

    LOOKS - Tan with brown spots and bright golden eyes, he has a bit of white on his paws and a scar across his leg.

    PERSONALITY - A little bit jumpy and scatter-brained, as well as occasionally unconfident, he is probably not extremely well suited to be leader... However, he means well and is trying his best.

    NAME - Cloudfall

    GENDER/PRONOUNS - Non-binary , he/him or they/them

    ORIENTATIONS - Demi-Bi/Pan

    AGE - 25 Moons

    RANK - Explorer

    LOOKS - Light grey with darker points with pale blue eyes and thick fluffy fur.

    PERSONALITY - Quiet and curious, generally kind-hearted.