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    Patchhowl hadn't seen them coming until they were right in front of him. They looked like monsters, only bare. Twoleg kits were perched on their backs. They didn't seem to notice anything, and they were fast. Patchhowl took off as fast as he could, but the monsters seemed to be following him. Using a last minute escape attempt, he lunged straight at the monster. The twoleg kit let out a scream, and the monster darted to the side. Patchhowl went the opposite way. Then he heard a groan. "Eh...? Lizardstar?" The calico tom asked, seeing the huddled shape of his leader. Slowly, Patchhowl crept over, before wincing. "Yikes. That's not good. Let's see..." Patchhowl looked around. There was a bush off to the side, but a pile of logs seemed safer. Unfortunately, that was farther. With a deep breath, Patchhowl gently grabbed his leader's scruff and began limped to the log pile. He made careful so as not to bump or jostle his delicate leader, and upon reaching the logs, he slipped in easily. Patchhowl stepped over Lizardstar's body, before hesitating. Should he stay with his leader and wait for a patrol, or go and find a medicine cat?

    Shatter flinched. "No, stop... I'm not done..." He rasped, swaying. A newborn kit could probably push him down and sit on him. Shatter stared at the pile of claws and the lake of blood, and he gagged again. It took all of his willpower to not vomit. Shatter blinked once, then twice. Then he collapsed.

    Okay, so, I hope nobody ACTUALLY hates Shatter. I'd like him to be fully accepted one day, and I'm not quite sure how. So let's start with this.))

    Shatter knew he probably wasn't welcome in the RiverClan camp. He'd impregnated a shecat against her will, even though Shatter wasn't quite sure how. He'd been playing tag, and suddenly everything went black. When he regained consciousness, it had been too late.

    Back when he was a BloodClanner, he'd murdered. He'd killed innocent kits. He'd tortured others, showing no mercy. Shatter remembered none of this. It was always the same thing; a cat would do something wrong and Shatter would black out.

    Shatter hid himself in a corner of the RiverClan camp, near the nursery. Slowly, he unsheathed his long, bloodstained claws. They created a small glint in the sun, shining pale red light on the ground. He would use these claws once more.

    Shatter raised a paw to his face, examining what he had to work with. This shouldn't be too hard, just a few quick rips. Right? That didn't matter anymore. All that mattered was his clan. Shatter took a deep breath, then bit down on his claw.

    Shatter had to be careful. He could easily kill himself like this, which he didn't want to do. Shatter held on tightly, before pulling with a sharp tug. Shatter couldn't help but let out a help as the claw was ripped from his paw. Great StarClan, how would he endure this?!

    Blood began to flow from his paw. Shatter licked it up as quickly as he could, but the blood just stained his muzzle. Shatter shook his paw, trying to get rid of some of the pain. Once it filled, Shatter gripped another claw and ripped. This pain was worse on his already sore pad. Shatter whimpered in pain, dropping this claw next to the first.

    Shatter began to breath heavily. He'd never enjoyed blood. It just had a tendency to stick to his fur. He hated it, no matter what creature it came from. The sight made him nauseous. Shatter gripped a third claw, before letting out a choked sob. No. He was doing this for his clan.

    Shatter repeated the process, letting out a small wail. This was the worst pain he'd ever experienced, besides losing his eye. Shatter hated pain. Call him unmanly, but pain was often enough to send him running. This time, he wouldn't run. As Shatter dropped the third claw, he almost gagged. Blood was pooling beneath him. Oh. He wasn't expecting this.

    Three down, fifteen to go. Shatter kept at his work. Four down, five down, six... Shatter had finished one paw already, and was considering ripping it off. At least it would stop the pain. Shatter gripped his seventh claw, trembling. No, no! It was too much! Shatter's chest began to heave, and a strange sensation flooded through him. Oh. He was having a panic attack, wasn't he?

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    Thought you'd wanna see this. Poor Shatter.))

    Shatter looked up, his eye sad and determined. "I can't leave. I made a promise to atone for my sins. I will do that, even if it means I die trying. I will make it to where you all will be proud to call me your clanmate. Even if it means I have to sleep outside camp." And with that, he turned to leave.


    Lynxkit, Lynxpaw, Lynxberry

    ✿ female [she/her]

    ✿ Heterosexual, heterochromatic

    ✿ eight months

    ✿ darkclan — apprentice

    ✿ Faceclaim --

    ✿ Voice claim — name of voiceclaim



    ✿ Lynxpaw has long, soft fur with tan, brown, and white patches. Her ears are large and lynx tipped, hence her name. Her eye is a lemon yellow, with the other scratched out and scarred up. She has a very long, fluffy brown tail, and a white star on her forehead.

    injuries: n/a



    ✿ Cheerful, loving, happy, quiet, loves kits



    ✿ sibling to stagpaw,

    ✿ 1/2 of nothing

    ✿ [ 0 ] crushes

    trusts... sunsparks, stagpaw,

    distrusts... nathanos



    ✿ physically easy, hates fighting

    ✿ attack in italics


    Redid Lynxpaw