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    So this was what it had come to.

    He paid no mind to territory, paid no mind to the changes that had occurred here. He had been dead, after all, because of the things he'd so precisely predicted in his past life. Because of mistakes left over-looked and promises once forgotten. He had said it, he knew ... "You're still blind after all". A pure white lupurca, brighter than snow shimmering in broad daylight, stood tall barely inches from what was considered their "border". It had been ... all too long. Though his murder happened barely months ago, he felt as though an entire century passed without his knowledge. Who knows vhat old friends still live even today. It seems zhat ve die by the hundreds each hour. The man was ever patient as his luminescent, blue eyes surveyed the lands spanning before his gaze, his claws tapping rhythmically against the ground as he hummed to himself. Once I had stayed here - not to long ago too, and it vas - vell it vas delightful, yes indeed. But my son ... my own, I had to find somevhere else, didn't I? And then he, because he cared for his children, paid a blood price so brutal it would make the strongest figure vomit upon sight. Ryad was truly a horrifying creature, less than a man ... and more of the hellish greed he indulged in. Though he wanted to stray from what his brother had become, and so Magi was reborn anew.

    He kept his silence as he waited.

    "Summer means zhe peak of zhe current age, and a vay to celebrate zhe gorgeous sickly sveet of zhe air - only for autumn to end it so soon aftervards!" Perhaps he got a little too into it. As the winged shepherd made his way over, pushing his glasses further upon his snout, he raised a brow. "Vhat a curious question you had for us!" Zhis vouldn't be a trap, vould it? I should hope not! He seems very dear. At least the rest of his clanmates were into it, and that was all that mattered in the end.

    "Hello," his greeting is calm as he strides over to the border, luminescent blue gaze resting upon the stranger. "Vhat can zhe Painted Brigade do for you, sir?" Studying the other man's features, his black lips pull into a frown. "Do you need anyzhing to eat? Some vater? I vould hate for you to die before you even begin speaking." Though the comment in itself was a joke, the shepherd did not laugh, and kept his face oddly expressionless. Let's just hope he's joining.

    Oh, quite the crowd had shown. He was about to nod in response to Ver's statement, only until the angel herself had shown up among the others, and he felt his heart skip a beat. "Joe!" He embraced the hug openly, almost squeezing her as he returned the action. "Oh mein Gott, oh I - How are you? Is everyzhing alright for you here? A-Are zhey treating you vell?" I highly doubt zhey vould treat her horribly, especially considering Ver leads here, there vould be no way ... "Ah - Ah, I'm sorry, I'm sorry I'm so sorry for being gone ... I saw your mother recently too! She vas ... she vas in zhe Tribe vhere I'd last seen her - but unfortunately I do not, I don't zhink she's ... zhe same." He bit his lip, brows furrowed as he thought about the differences he'd seen in Silver when he looked at her, when he felt like he was meeting her for the very first time. It makes me sick. "How about your other siblings, mm? Have zhey shown up, too?"

    This moment was one he had long awaited. Though he was really travelling to Solaris to "check up" on the Kingdom, he had an ulterior motive. In some ... bizarre chain of events, mostly from a Sanctuarian's own mouth, he caught word that a certain individual resided here in the desert now. Someone ... dear to him. "Hello?" he calls aloud into the territory, landing gently by the border as his massive grey wings tore through the wind. "Is ... Is Joe here?" Biting his lip in worry, blue eyes rapidly scanned the area around him, looking for - for some sign of her, for some sign of his child. Though a horrible father he thought he was, with tears stinging his hollow eyes, he could feel nothing but violent anger towards himself for being so ... absent. For coming too late. At least, I hope I'm not.


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    username: Magi

    character name: Magdemi

    rank wanted: Harbinger of War

    backup rank: Harbinger of Healing

    other: Magi is currently a Physician (HP, medic) of the Painted Brigade and was formerly the Bard of Medicine (Assist. dep, head healer) and temporary leader of the Serein Copse, Legate (assist deputy) of ToUS, and Newt (Deputy) of the Sanctuary :DD!

    "Chica's home alright," he says with a blank stare as he arrived beside Burningwick, luminescent blue eyes burning holes into the lion that stood before them. "Aurum." His voice is not bitter, but rather flat in its tone, the only grace of emotion coming from his heavy accent that still coiled around his tongue like a venomous snake. I remember you, from zhe old Kingdom, before Tea became leader, and zhen Fourth, and now Ver Million. He made a simple 'tch' sound in thought. Now you're here. In my previous home. Perhaps he was being a little too prideful for no reason, he did - after all - let the Sanctuary fall into Val's hands after he and Silver were presumed missing, to which Val was doing an exceptional job no less. A peaceful place. Mine. Greed was a consequence of starvation ... and lately he was rather hungry.

    He'd been gone for quite awhile, and he had been promoted to a physician too despite this, both things he was equally ashamed of himself in - so the shepherd padded over with a quirked brow, lips thinned as he said, "Ah I - I vould join, but it seems I might not fit inside zhe pool."


    Blizzardclan, hn? The winged shepherd padded up to the other male, blue eyes opalescent in the light of the day. "Name and business vith zhe Brigade?" His accent - already making his voice gruff - adds a further edge of irritation as he taps a paw along the ground idly. I haven't heard from Blizzardclan since I'd left. I hear Aleksei doesn't lead zhere anymore, how unfortunate. Yet he had not seen this individual in my time staying there, though he doubted the other was new. Perhaps he just had to wait and see.

    "Danke," the man says quietly as he comes over to sit, blue eyes heavy as his gaze lingered upon Partypoison. Have I met him before? he thinks, though its a thought of uncertainty as he squints, shaking his head idly. Perhaps, but it seems my memory is failing me. "Congratulations to ... everyone else." He seems a bit preoccupied at the moment, but is pleased nonetheless that he's able to practice medicine again.

    His lips are drawn into a frown as she approaches, and for a moment he's taken aback. She looks familiar, alzhough I am not sure vhy. Maybe I've only heard of her zhrough zhe grapevine. "Magi," he says simply, not caring to rattle off any last names. There wasn't any point in doing so. "I'm here to return to zhe Sanctuary," he says afterwards. "I used to ... be deputy here, along vith Val? Is he still here?" He wanted to be able to apologize to the other man, say he was sorry for stealing his thunder in that moment, when they all took over. It was an unjust action, but it needed it dearly. I'm afraid it vould have been stagnant hadn't ve done somezhing. "And you?" he asks in return, hoping for the other's name. Zhere's a lot I must get done.

    It's been a vhile since I've set foot onto zhis territory. It pained him, too. She died here. At least I zhought she did, anyvay. Mein Liebling. A frown creases his lips as he lands gently beside the border, flapping his massive ashen wings with a sorrowful, soft chuckle. I still feel awful for even trying to take zhis place over. I had too much on my plate vith zhe Copse at zhe time, I never- I never should have. But he wouldn't have met her, and she was all he cared for these days. Well, and his children too, of course.

    "Hello?" he calls out into the territory, absentmindedly dragging a paw along the imaginary line of the border, luminescent blue eyes unfocused as he looked distantly into the ground. "Anyone around here, or did zhe Sanctuary die off entirely?" It's a joke mostly, but there's a presence of anger lurking in his voice when he says this, a hard ball lodged in his throat as he tried to think of other, more pleasant things. Positive thoughts. Even though my friends are long gone. He wanted to try again, and hopefully they'd let him.

    The journey was long and weary, and sometimes the man oft thought that he should lay himself to rest, retire for a while. But he wasn't sure. "I vasn't ready to take up a high position again," he thinks on the travel to his new home. "Zhough my time in zhe Tribe vas peaceful and a vell deserved time off from zhe life I had before - to vhich the inhabitants vere more zhan velcoming - I zhink I still miss ... zhe ... zhe politics of var, and etcetera." He'd left a note for his wife and for Lethe to find, telling them he'd moved to Colouredclan - or now known as the Painted Brigade. There was a certain ... individual here he wanted to reconcile with. After having already met Lethe, and most regrettably, Champagne, he still wanted to talk to Dancer. Though they were not the best of friends during their time in the Copse, and did not see eye to eye on most things, he respected him nonetheless, as he was his colleague regardless. "Hello?" the doctor inquires politely as he stands upon their borders, luminescent blue eyes gleaming with a new influx of life. "Anyone out here?"

    Though religious in a sense, the man didn't quite believe in the Tribe's own religion - which he supposed was a conflict with him living here, but, he couldn't exactly change beliefs at the flip of switch. The shepherd came to sit beside Glitteringgold, eyes lifted upwards to the sky in awe as he focused on each individual star. "I'm not one to believe in miracles, per-say, but it seems ve have been blessed vith zhe sort," his tone is one of surprise as he continues to stare into the sunlit heavens, the dark blue specks shimmering brightly even though night was far from now. But he was empty of questions, and decided to go with the flow with their newfound placed traditions, of which Englishivy seemed deliriously high of opinion in. "Is zhis permanent, zhough?" Was something that had come up in thought, brows creased whilst he continued to stare onward.