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    "Danke," the man says quietly as he comes over to sit, blue eyes heavy as his gaze lingered upon Partypoison. Have I met him before? he thinks, though its a thought of uncertainty as he squints, shaking his head idly. Perhaps, but it seems my memory is failing me. "Congratulations to ... everyone else." He seems a bit preoccupied at the moment, but is pleased nonetheless that he's able to practice medicine again.

    His lips are drawn into a frown as she approaches, and for a moment he's taken aback. She looks familiar, alzhough I am not sure vhy. Maybe I've only heard of her zhrough zhe grapevine. "Magi," he says simply, not caring to rattle off any last names. There wasn't any point in doing so. "I'm here to return to zhe Sanctuary," he says afterwards. "I used to ... be deputy here, along vith Val? Is he still here?" He wanted to be able to apologize to the other man, say he was sorry for stealing his thunder in that moment, when they all took over. It was an unjust action, but it needed it dearly. I'm afraid it vould have been stagnant hadn't ve done somezhing. "And you?" he asks in return, hoping for the other's name. Zhere's a lot I must get done.

    It's been a vhile since I've set foot onto zhis territory. It pained him, too. She died here. At least I zhought she did, anyvay. Mein Liebling. A frown creases his lips as he lands gently beside the border, flapping his massive ashen wings with a sorrowful, soft chuckle. I still feel awful for even trying to take zhis place over. I had too much on my plate vith zhe Copse at zhe time, I never- I never should have. But he wouldn't have met her, and she was all he cared for these days. Well, and his children too, of course.

    "Hello?" he calls out into the territory, absentmindedly dragging a paw along the imaginary line of the border, luminescent blue eyes unfocused as he looked distantly into the ground. "Anyone around here, or did zhe Sanctuary die off entirely?" It's a joke mostly, but there's a presence of anger lurking in his voice when he says this, a hard ball lodged in his throat as he tried to think of other, more pleasant things. Positive thoughts. Even though my friends are long gone. He wanted to try again, and hopefully they'd let him.

    The journey was long and weary, and sometimes the man oft thought that he should lay himself to rest, retire for a while. But he wasn't sure. "I vasn't ready to take up a high position again," he thinks on the travel to his new home. "Zhough my time in zhe Tribe vas peaceful and a vell deserved time off from zhe life I had before - to vhich the inhabitants vere more zhan velcoming - I zhink I still miss ... zhe ... zhe politics of var, and etcetera." He'd left a note for his wife and for Lethe to find, telling them he'd moved to Colouredclan - or now known as the Painted Brigade. There was a certain ... individual here he wanted to reconcile with. After having already met Lethe, and most regrettably, Champagne, he still wanted to talk to Dancer. Though they were not the best of friends during their time in the Copse, and did not see eye to eye on most things, he respected him nonetheless, as he was his colleague regardless. "Hello?" the doctor inquires politely as he stands upon their borders, luminescent blue eyes gleaming with a new influx of life. "Anyone out here?"

    Though religious in a sense, the man didn't quite believe in the Tribe's own religion - which he supposed was a conflict with him living here, but, he couldn't exactly change beliefs at the flip of switch. The shepherd came to sit beside Glitteringgold, eyes lifted upwards to the sky in awe as he focused on each individual star. "I'm not one to believe in miracles, per-say, but it seems ve have been blessed vith zhe sort," his tone is one of surprise as he continues to stare into the sunlit heavens, the dark blue specks shimmering brightly even though night was far from now. But he was empty of questions, and decided to go with the flow with their newfound placed traditions, of which Englishivy seemed deliriously high of opinion in. "Is zhis permanent, zhough?" Was something that had come up in thought, brows creased whilst he continued to stare onward.

    As the doctor arrived, a brow quirks in intrigue. "What significance do they have on this world?" It seemed like a rude question, but it was not an unlikely one either. What use did they have? "Ve live here and zhrive on zhe land as ozher groups do, too," he says, bemused as to what he should answer the other's question with. His luminescent blue eyes narrow, miffed at the situation. "I am Magdemi Ludwig-Xerxes Arcanium, but for zhe sake of your simple mind, you may simply call me 'Magi'," he echoes the dragon's own statement, his laced with sarcasm. "I am also a Legate here, zhird in command. Vhat is your business being here, if not just to insult our existence or our knowledge."

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    "Oh so now you show up," the doctor says, a visceral feeling of pettiness arising in the man's tone. "I like talking shit, hm? You seem to be up quite high on your horse for someone who has unsuccessfully lead in zhe Exiles, and unsuccessfully lead again in zhis shit-hole you call a 'clan'. Vhat makes you zhink you deserve zhe land zhat belonged to zhe peaceful Copsers before? It's simple: you don't. You take vhat you vant and zhrow a fit vhen somezhing doesn't go your vay. You're a child." Before he's able to even try to sink his teeth into Roman, another figure barrels towards him, sending him collapsing over as the mass of whatever it was pressed him into the ground. Magi spat in Champagne's face, a scowl overcoming his expression. But then it flickered, and changed, as the scent of this attacking individual became suddenly familiar to him. "Champagne?" he questions, his brows creasing in mild concern. "Is zhat you? Might I say you're looking quite vorse for vear lately. You've gotten fatter!" While the sheer weight of his former friend crushed him, he let out a string of deranged laughter. "Oh! And I zhought seeing zhis dick of a leader was humorous enough!" The man could barely breath the longer he laughed. "Did you know zhat Lethe is alive? You know... our friend? Former fellow Bard? She's vith me, all safe and sound, and look at you... pathetic. All alone in a clan ve all once zhought home, slinking back to your former vays and your former murderous intent," he snorts rather abruptly. "I know you vere never like zhis before, and it's all because of your stupid BITCH SISTER!" The last few words of his statement were spat in a fit of rage, his luminescent blue eyes gleaming with a fire of hatred, despise, and desperation. With a kick of his hind legs, the shepherd attempted to use all the strength he had in his body to throw Champagne off of him, hoping that the man would budge so he was able to stand again. "So... eh heh heh, how are you zhen? Still a useless var banner no one ever vanted to utilize? Shame I'm much more important now zhan you'd ever be in a lifetime. Failed kids, failed love life, failed friends, and failed family; you're a failure."

    For the man, the thought of a tradition like this enthused him beyond belief. As the shepherd came over to listen to Englishivy's words, a smile encroached upon his lips, and he took a seat eagerly. "To name a constellation myself?" he thinks, gaze focused on the ground below. "I zhink... hm - no, I know - I know vhat it should be. Vhat means dearest to me." While he continues to ponder the thought further, he listens only absentmindedly to the rest of what his leader had to say, eyes squinting as the words escape him. He supposed he should head out now to the Planetarium, but some part of him urged him just to stay and sit a while until some other Tribers had arrived.

    The shepherd snorts as he hears Feliks's comment towards him, his lips upturning into a smile. "Magi, it's good to meet you," however he pauses upon hearing of The Order, and his smile consequently turns into a frown. "Vhat about zhe Order?" he asks, voice suddenly possessing a rather hostile undertone. He hated everything to do with them, everything. First it was the Exiles that took everything he loved, and then next it was the Order, who - in his opinion - were no better than the anti-clan that they spat upon. "No vonder zhis Roman man was kicked from his leadership." "Is zhere anyzhing ve can do to help you, in advance?" And at the wolf's next words of a dual-event, his ears perked in interest. "Hm," he hums in contemplation. "Parties are easy to do, simply nice events for allies," he suggests. "Perhaps somezhing themed, in a sense? I hate parties with all my heart, but somezhing like ah..." maybe he was a little too lost on what to plan exactly. "Shit, vell... costume parties? Masquerade ball? A movie night? Vhat do you zhink ve should do? For me, anyzhing vorks as long as ve all don't kill each other, and ve have somevhat of a good time. If not a party, if zhose are too mundane and boring for you, maybe ve can arrange a friendly competition of sorts? A race, or somezhing involving a point system?"

    "I suppose I'll just head back to zhe castle for zhe night," he says, a yawn promptly emerging from himself. "I believe I remember zhe territory quite vell, even zhough it's been a vhile. I've alvays managed and done better on my own, I guess." He gives Ver a much smaller smile than before, almost signaling his exhaustion. "I zhink tomorrow I might do some 'exploring' to ah... just look at some herbs I suppose," he shrugged. "I'm veird like zhat."

    Ah, so this was the leader of the Tribe, no? He couldn't recall ever seeing the man upon his joining, and though he was only here for about almost a week now, he had to say it was the first time he'd met him. As the shepherd sat down, ears perking slightly, he listened to the announcements, the corner of his mouth twitching a bit. "Ah, so vhat is zhis? Agrelos religion? I have never heard of such a zhing before. I have my own god to believe in, zhough I suppose I should listen up if zhis is supposed to be... important in regards to zhe Tribe." As he further listened to Englishivy explaining the basis of the religion, his blue eyes squinted in both confusion and amusement. "I still have such a funny feeling about religion, despite it guiding me zhrough my last living years. Cults bother me, and extremists give me zhe vill to slaughter zhem on zhe spot. But zhis? Does not seem extremist so far, as he's so clearly stated; no forcing religion upon others. Good." "Sounds alright to me," he says, rather bitterly in a sense. "So zhat vas it? Interesting man."

    The doctor jumps slightly, frightened at the flickering use of the other's invisibility. "Mein Gott, you terrified me dearly," he says, rather calmly as he smiles towards the one who identified herself as 'Lampetia'. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Lampetia. Zhere's no need to be so vorried zhough! I swear I have no bad intentions!" His brows raise as Ver Million arrives, and his smile widens a bit further, happy to see someone he knew, even if it was only vaguely. "I'm here to request a dual alliance from zhe Blackheart Rogues. My main residence is zhe Tribe of Unbounded Sky, and seeing from zhe political sides of zhings, it seems zhere shouldn't be too much an issue vith it, no? If zhere is, I do excuse myself."

    As the man arrived, he offered a gentle smile to his seemingly nervous fellow Triber. "Hello," he greets politely, giving a small nod of his head. "Ah, my name is Magdemi Ludwig-Xerxes Arcanium, but Magi for short. I um... my story, ah..." he pauses to think about it for a bit, wondering what his story really was. "I was born into a small family vith one brozher, ah, my mozher and fazher died very... unexpectedly..." he says this part rather guiltily, as he knows at least one of their deaths was entirely his fault. "Mary Xerxes vas zhe one to raise me, and from her I acquired a taste for medicine and everyzhing to do vith its field. I grew up to become a doctor, made many mistakes along zhe vay, and zhen I joined vhat vas once known as zhe Kinship Circle. I've made many friends zhere, and many enemies, too, and it vas vhere I had my first set of children. Zhen I became assistant deputy, head of medicine, and it was promptly changed to zhe 'Serein Copse' after zhe disappearance of Blackroses, zhe Circle's former leader," he pauses once more, flinching at her name. "Some stranger named Rapier came in and took charge in our time of crisis, and vhile he vas avay for some time, Lethe - someone who also joined recently - and I co-lead zhe Copse vhile he was gone. Vhen he came back, nozhing vas zhe same, and I left immediately to vander zhe vorld on my own. And now, I'm here." He supposed it was all he had to offer. "A fun fact about me, ah...? Vell, zhese vings here," he flutters his massive, ashen-grey wings. "Are not natural. Zhey vere a very painful mutation I acquired from a rather deadly incident. Ooh, and also, I've died almost four times in my life time! I zhink zhat's... very interesting. It's a pleasure to meet you and get to know you more, Tadpole!"

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    At Akuma's words, the doctor lets out a snort of amusement. "Tear me apart? Zhey can try. Vhat cocky, privileged children decided to come into our home and take it avay from us?" He pauses a moment, a twinge of guilt in his heart. "Even zhough I left right after mine and Lethe's temp-leader reign." "Tch, acting like zhey have it all, vhen I haven't zhe slightest clue of who zhese Order bastards are." Shaking his head, his expression shifts as he hears word of his children. "Jotaro, yes," he says, almost wistfully. "I met him briefly in Blizzardclan, zhank Gott. And Lincoln is alive too? Oh I..." Though after hearing the part in which he got in trouble with the leader, he chuckles out of panic and somewhat pride. "Like father like son, unfortunately. I remember doing zhe same vith your previous leader, Blackroses. It almost got me killed in zhe end, eh heh." The man sighs rather sharply, brows scrunched in irritation. "If zhere anyzhing I can do to help you and any remaining Copsers, please let me know. I vouldn't vant zhis to happen again, as if our home is just a var zone for people who like to eat shit for a living."

    Despite staying with the Tribe for some time now, he decided he should branch out to other clans. Perhaps start a dual-alliance up again as he'd had during his time in the Copse; and so, the Blackheart Rogues was a prime locale, at least in his opinion. "I at least know some of zhe members here to begin vith. Even zhough I vas zheir ambassador for zhe longest time, I fear it's been quite a vhile since my duties vere... cut short... vith zhe sudden drop of alliances and zhe latter." The winged shepherd lands gently by the Rogues' border, blue eyes calm and kind as he surveyed the territory around him. "It is just as I remember it." The Tribe and the Rogues were on neutral territory as far as he was concerned, so he believed there was nothing to be worried about in terms of hostility. "Ah, hallo?" he calls out into the area, ears perked as he awaited anyone's arrival.

    Feeling the other's embrace, a stinging sensation begun to rise in his eyes. "Verdammt," he thinks as tears spill down his face, brows creased as the latter matted his fur, redness seeping around the brims of his eyes. "Lethe..." he says, his voice rather hoarse. "I'm so glad you're alive... I zhought, I zhought everyone else, like you, I zhought zhey vere dead..." He doesn't want to let go. "I'm okay. Better now zhan ever."

    As the winged shepherd caught sight of the wolf, a delicate smile eased upon his lips. "Hello," he greets kindly, a brow raised casually as he inquired a simple question. "Ah, may I have your name? I'm afraid I haven't caught it." Before things got awkward, he decided to ask another question, "And how are you and zhe Zhunderlands doing? I miss being able to go zhere myself for ambassador duties."