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    Funnily enough she feels her tail has felt so sore the past few days and while the immediate assumption would be she laid on it wrong she knows it's because she's been wagging it more then she has in the past and the woman in front of her; her girlfriend is one half of the blame. She meets the smile with one of her own and a rapidly wagging tail behind her. ”Hey babe. Why don't you hold a history lesson about the Veil for everyone here, I think some of the younger members would get a kick out of hearing about another group” even as an adult when she first joined she had always been involved in learning about the other clans through both her own experiences and through lessons others gave. She'd learned about each of the clans in natural way and still was learning, even here she was still learning all the ins and outs of the Havens culture.

    Her tail doesn't slow down when Showstopper comes up and she resists the urge to ruffle the fur on his head like she was so prone to doing whenever she saw him or any of his siblings. ”Alright Show, I want you to build a animal pen of some kind could be for something like chickens or even pigs, you can make it for someone else or yourself” seemed more and more Haveners were picking up livestock of their own. She for right now looked over her two birds and a cow he himself had brought to her cabin not long after he joined. She technically could say she owned quails as well since Charlotte did but she avoided them like the devil, they just looked way to much like food to her.

    Next comes one of the cubs S had dragged in little Fidelity if she can recall correctly, she didn't know the cubs well and somewhat worried for them but they all seemed to be such good kids so far. She somewhat leans down not really aware of it at this point, it became natural for her to lower herself to draw in her wings and fold back her ears around her own children when they were little and at some point it'd become second nature. It was harder for her to look as gentle and friendly as she had somewhat looked like when she had her first litter as she'd gained so many scars and had even grown a few inches since then but she still tried. ”How about you lead a patrol, just make sure you have an adult with you before you head out"


    The idea of cutting the Haven to it's knees was one she couldn't stomach, but one she didn't believe she ever had to worry about. Things were rough right now yes - very rough in comparison to weeks of silence and peace but she knows better then to whine and stomp her paws at the muzzle wrapped around her lips as well as there being any issues at all. She knows from experience that things will get worse if she does that, they always do. She will fight for their peace again but do it by terms not spitting on the trust S and Juba had given her, not pissing on the happiness away from warfare and tribulations she was building with her lovers. The retirement she didn'[t deserve but the retirement they oh so desperately deserved in her stead.

    Her teeth grit at the mention of Windwaker at the presence ripped away leaving only her to pick up the slack left behind by way to delicate paws. The beastial part of her mind isn't surprised, Windwaker was a rarity a rabbit with a sentient mind but still a rabbit in the eyes of those who didn't know the boy enough to like him. At the end of the day he was prey no matter which way he presented himself, the world was cruel. She sees no point in chasing down loose ends and going to the flights, he's dead only birdfood and she wishes she could be more emotional about it wishes she could for Charlotte's sake but all she feels is acceptance for something she hated to accept.

    She pushes past it the best she can moving towards Showstopper as his promotion is called out, paw falling onto his head to ruffle his fur as she grins down at him. ”Congrats kiddo, i'm proud of you” she wishes all her family was here, she's happy with her lovers him and the babies but she misses her other children and grandchildren. She'd lean down to lay a dog kiss on his head before moving to sit close to Mercy and likely Charlotte (if she was there she'd quickly lay a kiss against her cheek) before settling down besides the both of them.

    To S' request she'd roll her eyes but would raise her voice to be heard ”I'll go with both groups” she'd bark simply, one would be far less aggravating then the other for sure, hopefully Arya and the rest would be there.


    It'd been a while since she handled these and right now seemed like as good of a time as ever, it'd been silent the past few days and she's sure all the Haveners needs something to do other then live their daily lives and garden and relax in the sunshine. The Haveners that weren't kidnaped that was. The wolfdog would pad her way to the midst of camp taking a breath before letting out her howl, it's no longer burdened by something indescribable no longer drawn down by her own emotions, it was still haunting but in a different way then it was before. She lets it carry out like a song that's all her own doesn't cut her howl short until her lungs simply can't handle the exertion. Her head falls and she takes a break and she's certain she caught the attention of likely everyone rather they were out hunting or relaxing in the meadows or around the camp.

    ”I'm handing out weekly tasks!” Ver would announce simply.


    Ver always needed tips on her practice, she'd been a healer in a few groups and even the ones she wasn't a healer in she'd helped with from time to time. Having such a skillset felt like a necessity, creatures got injured all the time it was impossible to avoid and the more people who knew how to patch someone up the better, she'd gotten used to those who didn't know how to heal panicking and struggling with what to do when they were the ones to find injured clanmates first. That didn't seem to be a problem in the Haven, between how little attacks they had compiled with the fact every other Havener seemed to have some skill in the arts of medicine herself of course included. However with her she'd always struggled with it since the very first lesson she had with Olivia, she wasn't as gentle as others with her paws and had no patience when it came to adults who kicked up shit when someone tried to put so much as a wad of cobwebs on their wounds. It just wasn't something she was meant to be great at, she'd always be subpar never a great healer like her Girlfriend or long deceased mentor. She'd always be more a fighter.

    Didn't mean she was going to stop trying to improve. ”If none of the kiddos take your offer I wouldn't mind being mentored again” she shrugs her shoulder and flashes a casual grin ”I'm technically fully trained but I'm rusty, haven't practiced at all since I first limped into the Haven” she admits with a woof.


    To Ver this wasn't retirement, she didn't deserve such a thing and truly it'd been terrible of her to slip into such a feeling of bliss and comfort here. She loved the Haven in a different way then she loved any clan she'd been in before and she knew that could be attributed tom many things; for the way they welcomed her in and patched her up, to how beautiful the surroundings were and how fertile the soil was to grow her flowers and of course the people were great they'd treated her well regardless of her flaws and she'd been entrusted a rank she didn't feel quite so fit for but accepted with no argument. Most importantly her lovers were here and having them back in her arms had been like returning home for the very first time in her life, they hadn't left her hadn't disappeared into the big black void of time nor had they run off they were here, they were safe. That's all she ever wanted. What she screamed and howled at the moon and sun for.

    She still found it hard to leave their sides at times especially Mercy's so scared that one day she'd wake up and a spot on their shared bed would forever go cold like it had. Charlotte had always been around one way or the other, never had been hurt but her being here is just as important. She'd follow them both like a obedient hound if she didn't know better enough to give them the space they needed from time to time. Funny to think after everything her history and attitude that she'd turn into a clingy girlfriend. Wasn't a bad thing at all. She doesn't come over with as much grace as Charlie does instead favoring the idea of practically running Charlotte over teeth gently tugging at one of her ears playfully attempting to pull down her head. ”Hogging all the attention I see, that's mean” she huffs with a smirk on her face letting go of Charlotte's ear and ducking down her head to lay a slobbery kiss on the top of Mercy's head.

    She'd straighten herself out quickly enough practically sitting on top of Charlotte finding a way to wedge herself between them wings spreading out in a manner where one wing would lay on both their backs. She'd listen in forcing her attention away from them and focus on Lemy who she'd grin at ”Sounds interesting, that's writing stuff and all.” she comments before going on ”Names Ver I'm an advisor here and I don't know how to write but I do have a ton of experience in other fields!” she'd shoulder Charlotte suggestively but was careful enough to make it subtle.


    While her lover and Lemy were unfamiliar with the feline on the border Ver could say she was slightly less so. The woman was their ambassador and Ver always did her best to value them, it was a rough job coming all the way down from the bamboo forest to here especially for someone as old as the weathered Dynastinian. She would make her way over tail slowly wagging behind her and her tongue lolling out of her mouth as she fell into place right besides (really above) Mercy one foreleg resting and bumping gently against her girlfriends side. ”Blackweed! Good to see you again” she'd yip casually seeing no point in holding formalities that never truly mattered enough to exist in the first place.

    ”How the Dynasty doing? Is the the Ruins still giving you trouble?” the last time she'd truly interacted with the Dynasty was when she'd fought shoulder to shoulder with them but after that she doesn't recall hearing anything else.


    Her fur would birstle as she appreoached the scene teeth just barely showing out of her lips, she wasn't sure who they were aimed for but supposed it was best to say the situation at hand and the fact Juba had been taken by a group she'd only met once or twice upon a time. A renegade group, small and weak in the grand scheme of things and truly it could almost be a relief in a way that Juba had been picked up by a clan like that rather then the Ruins or Exiles who he wouldn't have lasted a day with even if he still bore his former body and not the one of a child he bore now. Which raised many questions... Should she treat this just the same as she did for any of the apprentices and kids she'd thrown herself into battle and arguments for in the past?

    She shakes her head eyes flicking and narrowing on S for a minute before she sighs. She'd never be a fan of whimpering to anybody, never be a fan of bribes and laying low but it's what the Haven does and oh how she fucking hates it and she'd almost ruined the last patrol sent out. She'd be going again regardless of that, she'd never forgive herself if she let Charlotte go out there alone without backup - without someone to fight back to back with her if shit got rough. She knows it's secondary to getting Juba back but she finds herself caring far more for being besides Charlotte then the mission at hand. She pads over to her lover passing a dip of her head Fidelity's way in a way of showing approval ”I'll come with” she woofs, no jokes or promises but it wouldn't be the end of her words ”I won't start shit but I'll be ready to fight if they throw the first punch” she assures.


    Ver had been born without powers had faced the world with only her teeth and fangs, having no aid by the elements or any other power thrumming through her body from her core. The power that'd developed within her came later on in her life but those powers were nothing like the advantage of immortality. Many craved it, the chance to live forever was one countless would fight and die for - it was a blessing but the idea in Ver's mind sounded like a curse even if immortality could be as much as a body forever remaining the same. Ver was not old by any means but looking down at the newcomer who seemed to be stretching and looking ever so spotless in a peculiarly normal way. There is no abnormalities nor scars lancing up her body like there is on herself, she's simply a feline one she'd never met. She feels she's fallen out of touch with the clan as of late growing distracted with other matters and drawing in on herself only caring to leave her cabin when she needed to hunt or patrol with her lovers.

    She needs to fix that, needs to stop living like such a hermit. It's never been who she was. She flashes a grin ”Mind if I join this "yoga" session?” she woofs tilting her head to the side, she's heard the term before may have even seen it done but has never participated. ”Names Ver by the way I don't think we've met yet” she'd add in amicably.


    She'd slept for what felt like a solid few weeks tuning the entire world out in favor or simply relaxing with only her lovers and youngest kids to keep her company and she'd be lying if she didn't say she was at bliss - but would also be a damned liar if she claimed she didn't feel a smidgen of guilt about it. She knew better then to relax and let her guard down that was always when disaster struck - and she's sure she'd hear about some calamity going on outside of the haven whenever she stepped paw out of it either it'd happen out on a patrol or when she got her family together to celebrate birthdays and hash out warnings. She didn't want to worry about any of that right now, not when it was this early. She'd make her way out onto the porch of her shared cabin sitting herself down and leaning against one of the railings near the stairs a blissful yet sleepy look on her face.

    She'd get back to work soon enough, return to going to countless raids and handling diplomatic missions here and there but for now she was at peace. She didn't expect to be bothered so for now she'd just rest and watch as the sun rose into the sky over the meadows.


    Ver could still recall the day when Calina and Freya's pups were first dragged back to the Veil covered in blood and screaming for the taste of a mother who was growing colder and colder. She'd heard the story later though it was all hastily said, details were spared and all she knew was that her sister and law and her unknown nephew lay dead one at the others hands and one at the hands of the new Volarian emperor. It's a tragedy and yet Ver hadn't mourned in the same way as her friends and family hadn't shed a tear and just watched with almost cold looking eyes. The situation was to much for her, it still was and she didn't like thinking of it but occasionally when she caught the pelt of Kirusha among the crowd of Solarians she remembered the woman who'd died before she ever knew her. Remembered the woman who bore eyes so damn similar to her wife's - two women who'd met the same fate in the end.

    She holds no bitterness towards him or his siblings, she'd never blame him never blame a child or let the prickling of discomfort in her gut show on her face. She smiles as mirthfully as she always did when she smiled down at her own children even doing as much as slowly wagging her tail to match the expression. He certainly was a confident boy, it reminded her of her own children actually - she remembers watching so many of them either come to her and yapping about how they went out and got the mentors they wanted or seeing them demand/ask the mentors in question herself. It's quite the different feeling to be put in one of those mentors shoes. Her ears perk and for a moment she thinks - of both the apprentices she'd seen pass all their trials and become great and of apprentices like Greygarden who had turned mopey and aggressive after he lost himself to bloodlust and of course Littleflame who damned her and everything she'd done and ever stood for. Even now when mostly everything was turning around ever so slowly she still finds herself mulling over her words, they still held their sharpness each word like a dagger never dulled by time. Her nephew however wasn't like her, she just hoped she wouldn't fail him in a different way.

    She'd chuckle and then nod her head ”Of course kiddo, why not?” she'd grin her tail wagging just a bit faster ”So, want to get starter i'll show you the best way to chase and catch camels” there was no best way for her, she sucked at hunting in general she relied mostly on dumb luck.


    Ver would be the next one to make her way over flashing a grin Magnolia's way as she sat next to Perses paw gently stepping to rest near the young boys own in greeting. She'd pass him a reassuring almost proud look, she doubted he'd fully gotten over what Magnolia did but him even just approaching her was a big step forward and she hoped in time he'd fully learn she wasn't at fault and their relationship would mend. She could really only hope though and do her best to push him in her own way towards that goal. She'd switch her gaze over the Magnolia and open her maw to woof ”I'll take a task too kiddo”


    Ver thankfully had been spared the fate of being a single mother, not that she wasn't up for the task but having Charlotte and Mercy around to help her dote over and take care of kids that'd quickly grow to be far larger then her was something she truly needed and was boundlessly happy for. She hadn't doubted they'd deny these children but she had been anxious carrying them in as anyone would when she was as frayed as she was that day. She'd quickly adjusted however and soon the pups would heal from the day they'd never remember and so would she in a way, even if at time she was reminded of Xia words and declarations during brif moments where she caught traits of the womans face within the features of their - Ver's children. Pip out of the three of them looked the most like her and she couldn't deny that but thankfully she wasn't exactly like her drawing from her own traits as well.

    She can't help but smile brightly as she watches her young daughter digging in the soil outside their cabin, she'd picked a spot away from the stalks of sunflowers thankfully. She'd make her way over tail wagging even when she found her way to her side kneeling over to be on her level. ”What are you going to plant huh? Anything special in mind?” she had collected plenty of seeds, some that she'd held onto for well almost a year now and others were simply ones she'd gotten from her travels recently.