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    Merlots pregnancy still felt heavy, still gave her a burst of anxiety whenever she thought of them and how dangerous this time was. Helios forbid if they winded up like Abbi, to young to carry children to full term still so small, still just a child themselves not even to their twelfth moon like their uncle had been. She wants to string the brat who did this to them, wants to rip off their gonads and rip their innards out for even thinking of touching one of her babies like that. They were to young she didn’t want them winding up like her, didn’t want them biting off a world they were to immature to handle. A world she was to immature to handle.

    She’s here for them but for now she’ll stay quiet about it not wanting to reveal them until they came out about it themselves. She can just say she missed them (she did) that she wanted to be closer to her children again (she did) but she can’t forget why she left in the first place and why she’d have to leave again; she put them at risk but her own fears on her existence and it’s impedance on her clans doesn’t outweigh her concern and want to be with Merlot for every step up their pregnancy. She wonders if Nadine would join her, if she’d give them advice that Ver could never give.

    The late queen doesn’t step over the border just sits and waits feeling more like a stranger than ever. She wonders if any of the newer solarians would snarl at her for almost intruding or if they’d tackle her if she had stepped over that border. It would be an awkward situation for sure, for both of them.

    For now she waits.


    Going on the hayride would be a bad idea in her eyes, she had a tendency to leap from moving things and all to enjoyed the wind in her fur to sit perfectly still and inside whichever cart they constructed. She’d said no to that as soon as she saw it alongside the event of offering to the gods once again, she felt she’d done enough justice for that slumbering god by offering a drink to it the last time she’d come here.

    The bonfire however was right up her ally even if it felt like she was walking into a trap as soon as she heard the word twink being repeated by the mouths of children. She looks to Minecraft raising a brow at the man but seeing exactly how he could be described as twinky, it was just what he was but he shouldn’t be called that when there was a bunch of innocent kiddos and Adara around. She sighs before opening her mouth to give an answer ”It’s like the B word- not butt- but for guys” not entirely true there was way more to it but she hopes they take her for what she says and wouldn’t question her, she sighs gritting her teeth and lifting up one wing ”Which means you shouldn’t use it... ever. Not until your older”


    The Shadowkeeper is the first to arrive out of the entire Veil, her tail swaying casually almost carelessly as she makes her way in admiring the decorations as she passes by. Autumn had to be her favorite season though this was only the second she’d seen; the air was crisp yet the chill of winter hadn’t yet come in to freeze her to her core. It was just right not to hot or cold and she was completely content with that.

    She comes up to the small group dipping her head at Minecraft respectfully before opening her maw and looking down towards the youngest and most unfamiliar member of the trio. It wasn’t hard to see who’s child she was, the fur gave it away clear as day. ”You seem excited” she notes with a laugh ”Ready to smash some pumpkins and go wild kid?”


    Ver believes she’s seen this unicorn before; they were hard to forget regardless of personality or how little of a time they stayed. Genieve was the first she met followed by Ambrosia and now Minecraft; whom she nods to politely as she strides over to her pseudo-children. It’s strange to stare up at anyone especially an ally but it’s not horrible, at the very least her shoulders don’t hurt from leaning down for a brief second. ”I’ll definitely let the whole clan know, look forward to going myself sounds like fun” she muses, she badly needed to get out and about again even if her wings weren’t yet ready for flight she was growing tired of going back and fourth between territories and never venturing any further.

    As for Littlekit she leans down towards to whisper in her ear ”Heck yeah you can go and if Mom and mommy say no than I’ll sneak you there myself” she tells her, she’s joking mostly with her on account that she doubts they would say no especially when Littlekit still needed to get to know her sister and nieces and nephews better.


    Ver groans at the lack of action at Adara caring more for questioning her rather than helping her get the medical attention she needed. They weren’t monsters they’d help the injured long as they weren’t the enemy. She doesn’t know this woman what she’s done or the name of her lord; she’d known many religions helped served a couple even if she did not at all believe a word said about them or the existence of one end all be all entity of mystical power and the ability to cart her off to heaven of hell. The only way she used the names of Helios or the Red God was in annoyance.

    She unhooks her medical satchel and gets to work placing a paw on her neck and craning her around so she can see where the wound starts and ends. ”Try not to speak to much, you’re very lucky your jugular didn’t get punctured and I don’t want to fight with time to stem that kind of bleeding if you tear it trying to speak” she woofs to her voice not exactly kind but gentle. It’s a dire warning and she doesn’t want it ignored. ”Can one of you fetch me some water?” she throws her head back to the three hoping they’d move quickly.

    She pulls out a bottle of salve she’d made prior for her own scabby wounds; made from marigold and horsetail. She grabs a glob of it and attempts to smear it around the edge of the wound and if that worked she’d begin to gently try to make her paw into the wound itself to coat the inside with the stuff.


    Her tail always had a habit of wagging whenever she was content, and wag it did slow and in a rhythm as she follows her daughter. Picking flowers was something she’d always loved to do and being able to share it with Littlekit only made it so much better. To the girls words she draws closer widening her eyes in “amazement” at what was shown as if she had not lived in the pines for almost a year now. It was amusing to watch her come across things that long since lost their luster to her and see them with an innocent excited lens. Seeing wonders for what they were and loving them. She sits down tail still thumping slowly on the ground.

    ”Of course Lilly” she woofs opting for a name to fit the theme, she spreads her wings out. ”I have plenty of ‘hands’ to carry home as many shrooms as you want”


    Ver would find it strange that any Veiler would be so close to the castle if it weren’t for the merge, while the stony ruins would always be their camp many enjoyed their privacy and the fortifications the castle gave them. It was safe to those who didn’t live through the time the Exiles surrounded it. She’d been in the area when she heard the light movements of something in the undergrowth, her eyes would glow in the dark of the pines scanning through the area until she moved forward nostrils flaring until she was led towards the girl.

    She hadn’t met Oasis formerly nor any of Mercy’s adoptive Exile kids but had heard about them and while she disapproved of ripping children away without asking if that was what they wanted she knew Mercy had their best interest. Knew that any place was better for a kid to live in than the Exiles. She didn’t expect the girl to come pouncing into the shrubbery. The canine startled backing up and raising out her wings defensively before blinking and realizing it was only a kid. ”You could’ve given me a heart attack kid” she sighs with a amused chuckle ”You’re a dang good stalker, maybe a bit to good didn’t hear you coming” that was a lie she had heard something but she always liked to feed into kids egos.


    Ver was wary of Nico, still remembered his outcry and the opposing sides they sat on but the running similarities they both share. Young, thrusted into positions they both weren’t likely experienced enough for early on, and most importantly they banged and knocked up the same chick. As one does. She felt awkward around him not sure if she should curl her lip, smile or ignore him completely she justness knew she didn’t hate him. Couldn’t, they’d been somewhat friends in the past yet he walked in on her life as well as made her feelings on Saturnstar all the more confusing. She didn’t want to see him as competition, he was a good guy and he’d been dating Saturnstar before and she was certain the woman still loved him.

    She wouldn’t compete with that. Couldn’t even if she wanted to.

    She just hopes for the best wants to make things easier and get to know him more as a clanmate; a veiler like her than as some love rival bur really not a love rival at all. She makes her way over besides her daughter woofing towards Nico in greeting ”Hit me” she requests of him ”But not literally”


    Truth be told she had held onto a singular relic of her past, just one knuckle the special one. Three blades protruded out of it sharp and yet stained with dust and filth from where she’d dug it out from her room in the Rogues castle. It’d been locked in a drawer away from the prying eyes and curious paws of her and Saturnstars children and only now did it see the light of day only to meet its end in the ruins. Just like it’s sisters that’d been melted and forged into Sangria’s blade this one; this last momento of a life she wanted to forever leave behind. She’d instructed the fire elementalist what she wanted and sat idly by listening to the sounds of an anvil until the heat left the air outside the room until it was brought out gold in color bronzed and blazened catching the firelight of a nearby lantern. She takes it in one paw examines the blade and presses her paw pads against the red leather wrappings.

    It’s just a wakizashi something she could find in a shop in the trading center if she looked hard enough. It’s nothing special to anyone else but feeling the curve of the blade, touching on the imprints of the metal that used to be the blades and knuckles. It’s nostalgic powerful; yet different. Different is good.

    ”Wonder if I should give it a name” she’d never bothered in the past with her weapons, it was common to give them a name. Something to mark them as hers, something unique to her and only her.


    A sick part of herself wishes to ignore the yells wishes to let him bang his head open on the dunes; it was one less threat to worry about. He could die and no longer did she have to deal with him threatening those who posed no threats no longer would she have to worry about him hurting her daughter more than he already had. Yet she can’t, she’s not the medic here but she also isn’t going to just let him die or hurt himself more when they desperately need fighters to defend the ruins with clans targeting them more and more. She skids over the dunes over the sand pushing past her Fiancée and Bella who may as well not even be there. She can’t be mad at them; they don’t understand they don’t have the training for this kind of thing. She comes besides Elian laying down and attempt to lay her forepaws beneath his head which she’d turn to the side; hopefully cushioning him well enough to keep him from banging in the sand.

    ”There’s not much we can do for him let him work through it, he’ll snap out of it eventually. Tell the medics to bring some basic herbs, when he stops spasming he needs to be checked for injuries. I don’t have a clue where he fell or how hard his ass hit the ground” he could have a concussion; that or he’d ate something that’d done this to him in the first place. She wouldn’t know until his spasms ceased.


    Lovebirds, she'd find it sickeningly sweet that Jace finally had someone to love if she wasn't more focused on Nadine at the moment and getting better for their wedding. She didn't mind publicly displayed affection in the slightest, had no need for it when she lavished Nadine in public always touching, always making her gifts public never once shying away from letting them all know their bond. Fighting each other wasn't something she wanted to ever do even in just play, arguing with her in the past when their relationship was just that of a "babydaddy" and "babymomma" pair rather than a defined love or when Mercy came into the picture.

    Ver comes up besides her daughter one leg held on one side pushing her closer to one side Jace's side making a decision for her. ”Sorry Lion-Girl but i'll roll with Gramps today, hope your teams ready to get beaten into the ground” she woofs playfully forelegs striking out and front half lowering to the ground and tail going high in the air as she wags.


    Ver pads up behind her family laying a nuzzle on the top of her daughters head and a kiss on Nadine's neck in passing before she turns her lazy content eyes on Chemical. So he was theming him, it's an interesting thing to do and she's glad he was taking the initiative to make them less boring than usual and to cultivate them to be more personal. ”I'll take a warfare related task” she requests simply.


    Drive-by in other words for what she described it as making a mess rather than what she did; killing someone quickly from afar and running the fuck away as soon as the dagger or arrow was thrown. This was more destructive in her opinion more likely to stay with them and be harder to clean away than blood, glass broke easily and just as easily slid between paw pads and slit them apart. Vinegar was strong, putrid and hard to clean off without a thorough washing. It was worse than shit in that regard, because it stuck and it'd only make those glass wounds hurt all the more when it irritated those tiny wounds wherever they walked in their camp.

    She approaches the third of Jace's daughters; the one she knows the least and nods her head giving a grin over to the lioness. ”I'll come with” she woofs ”I'd say we could do a world tour of all our enemies but I think that's way to much vinegar to carry” she offers with a laugh and a shrug of her shoulders before giving an idea to the woman. ”How about we hit the Thunderlands since Hyperia's is taken care of” she recommends, she's itching to get her fangs on Feliks again on her terms when she was more healed. It's only a matter of time before she gets him down to the level he deserves to be at.

    Far far below them all. Underground preferably.