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    Ver hadn't sat down to digest her friends death; Enjolras' death. She should work to try and make a funeral for him, try to send him off with good memories and a hope that maybe he would return but she wasn't sure, all she had was hope and as the days passed it became less and less likely and his casket grew colder and colder. She wished she'd sought out Kira sooner but it didn't feel right, sure they were friends but at the same time there was always distance between them the cold frigidity of when they were just tense clanmates never fully going away even after all this time. They would never be completely close always poked by each others boundaries. She doesn't expect him to come to her either but time has changed the man just as it's changed her, she's not the hot tempered immature medic who'd worked under him and he isn't the calculating bastard of a leader he once was in the jungle.

    She hadn't known he'd left for the Veil to hear the news she was to scared to give him and suddenly hearing his paw wrap against her door as well as his voice calling in towards her asking to see her, asking to talk about their many losses. About what he'd just learned he'd never have again. He doesn't sob against her doorway doesn't beg to see her and she wasn't sure what she would've done if he had. She'd never seen him cry - she'd seen him so brutally injured but never had she seen tears well out of his eye. She leaps off her cot her paws pads thudding against the aged wood floors of her cabin as she makes her way over to the door and opens it up. She forces a smile tries not to state Enjolras' name the minute her gaze falls on his face. She takes a breath ”Yeah of course, come in and make yourself at home” she tells him one wing opening up and gesturing inside. ”You should know i'm not one to turn down a free drink” she laughs but it doesn't perk her lips any higher, perhaps even sounds a bit choked.

    Once he would enter she would sit close to her cot that wistful sad smile still painted over her and without thinking or meaning to she barks out a question that she knows the answer of ”You went to the Veil didn't you?”


    Ver had seen plenty of creatures mostly those who joined the clans she'd been in, she'd once been clanmates with a penguin once and now was clanmates with a whole family of horses which she wouldn't have been able to imagine in the past. She doesn't mind it though it's interesting to meet a whole bunch of different people and to work besides them and to see how they lived and she quite liked the energy the foals brought to the Haven they were a rowdy bunch for sure and she has no clue how Ninja and Lemon do it, she had many many children but their little foals even if there was just a few of them were large and clumsy enough to take the spot of multiple kittens and puppies.

    It's good they have help, and that what Ver was tonight as she spots the young boy trotting in the dark she'd pad her way over ears perking as she hears him greet something on the ground and when she does approach she's met with the little critter. She's never seen anything like it, some creatures were just to elusive for her to have seen before. Her eyes would widen and she'd lower her head to sniff at it ”Be careful kid” she woofs even if her nose was just a few inches away from it ”It could be dangerous”


    Ver had always seen herself in a similar position to Naomi always as another's pawn, the one to serve and bare her fangs in defense of another - she was devoted to those she loved and placed her entire life on the line for their sake. She had been willing to do just about anything for her wife and if she was still here to purr in her ear and rub against her legs then she would've thrown away every change she went through in the past two months in favor of returning to normal of staying by her side and being her champion; well she wouldn't throw everything away but it was all theoretical something that would never be. Nadine was dead and she was still alive.

    She hated it when creatures looked up to her, it unsettled her she wasn't a role model and though she'd been both a leader and mentor she truly despised the idea of anyone throwing their life away for her sake she'd never idealized the crown she'd worn on her head never thought of herself as some higher being blessed with power over those who followed her she'd just been the one to call the shots in war and politics. What Naomi saw her as was different then a way a child idealized her or even an adult saw her no it was warped and forged in the chambers of a prison cell where blood had spilled. Ver regretted many thing but laying her paws on Naomi had been something entirely different she wanted to forget the cries of delight she let out when she cut at her flesh wanted to seal away her begging demands in her nightmares. She never wanted to face her again and seeing her come crying out over the dunes and hurrying over towards her makes her want to flee or drop to her stomach and beg for this all to be some nasty dream. She'd prefer to see anyone over the woman, would gladly face everyone she ever tortured and killed in the same room over being around Naomi.

    The touch - such a gentle small thing earns a yelp intermingled with a snarl that roars out of her as she leaps backwards practically almost falling over in a clumsy heap at the sudden movement. She would give into the questions Naomi didn't even ask she would roar a demand that was tinged with horror ”Stay away from me!” she wasn't a sadist she never wanted to be forced to think so clearly about her actions, she'd done unspeakable things killed and tortured many for the Ruins and before that she'd killed many more all for little pay or recognition but she'd always detached herself, Naomi didn't allow her to do that. She backs up another step wings raising out and her lip curling in warning her eyes momentarily glaring down towards Naomi only looking up when her grandaughter would finally arrive. She can't soothe her fur, can't get rid of the disgust in her gut or the deep unsettlement she was going through.

    Maybe if she hadn't been so unnerved she would've felt a rush of sadness seeing her so close to the man she hated so dearly saying no words towards her looking at her like she was little more then a stray at their border. She takes a breath ”I'm glad to see that you're okay Bloodpoppy” she woofs her voice toned down yet it shakes somewhat, she swallows her spit ”Your mom told me i'd find you here, i'm glad that you're doing well” she's about to go on but another face she never wanted to see again rears around the corner.

    She wonders if he ever ousted her or cried about how she'd almost killed him one fateful day, Johnny pissed her off beyond belief and to see him here again after her wife had died like he'd once implied would happen makes her glare harden towards him her teeth now pointing his direction. She hopes he really see's them, hopes he can feel them digging against his skull like they once did. Motherfucker... ”You're not dead either” she snaps the words harshly back at him, it's meaning not very hidden as much as she regretted acting so impulsively seeing him again makes her regret coming to see him after he was recovered by the shores of the Nile. It makes her wish he'd never surfaced. She says nothing more to him accessing him coldly and moving her gaze away from him when Evangeline speaks again. She'd shake her head at the offer, as much as she wanted to speak with her she wouldn't do it now when they were all on the spot all she wanted was to see her and make sure she hadn't been ripped apart by the Ruiners as well as she wanted to pass along an invite. ”Thanks but it's not needed, I don't want to waste her or your time” she'd state bluntly i don't want to be here any longer either. Her eyes flick torwards Naomi for a second before falling on Bloodpoppy again.

    ”I wanted to let you know that you're still apart of the family kid, I don't give a shit what you do here as long as you don't fuck everything up” she woofs towards her she remembers coming to see Alabaster to do something similar, though she'd been far more harsh with them. ”We'll all be meeting again two days from now you know where to go.. I hope to see you there” she wishes things had been better that she wouldn't have had to worry about any of her family members living in enemy territory - but she'd never expected the Ruins to turn out as their enemies in the end after everything Nadine and her had done in support of them. She moves to leave herself but the voice of Jace makes her growl bitterly. Of course he had to say something and she wonders how she's a traitor now, she hadn't attacked them yet she'd only fought for what was right - and she left when the odds were stacked against her and creatures roared at he rto leave or simply follow like a sheep - like them behind Jace.

    ”Whatever the fuck you say old timer, you promoted me to your deputy lets not forget that. everything I did here was for the good of the Ruins..” she snaps in response but he's already walking away and she shakes her head at that ”what a pussy” she huffs but she isn't in the mood to go after him she wasn't going to fight today. It was inevitable that she would but that day wasn't today, she'd look over her shoulder and bark a final word towards them ”I'll be on my way now” she wants to say more to send them off with a warning to never touch any of her family again lest they want to end up like the man who killed her son but she just wants to get away as soon as she can.

    Finally the wolfdog would rise up into the sky and make her way away from her former clan.

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    It's fateful that her eyes meet Elians, she should've expected he'd be the first one here wasn't he always there constantly competing - they were opposites in every way weren't they. Their ideals never aligned, the way they handled things so starkly different she worked with impulsive and emotion and was befitting of a commander who won using their strength alone Elian was different he was more rational he thought through his decisions with a certain rigid coldness she hated - he treated others foully back then and kept away from others while she did her best to strive among the Ruiners doing her best to always be around to bring some enjoyment to those bloody days before her favor waned. Even their looks opposed each other, they were colors of a different spectrum red and blue and she bets Bellona would be their purple would she not? Her friend in the end would always side with Elian though and can she blame her? As horribly as Ver believed her fiance treated her she was still in love with him - she understood what love mean't to someone. It was worth giving up everything for.

    Instinctively her fur rises up and her maw twitches lips almost pulling up but she straightens them out, her eyes only narrowing in distilled hatred. There would never be anything close to tolerance between them and maybe this tense silence was the best peace they could ever have now that they weren't shackled in by loyalty to the same clan and cause, she knows the next time they meet they wouldn't even bother to stare and those months of tolerance would be thrown to the wayside in favor of destruction for every word spat the others way. All those pulled punches and wants to see the other burn in whatever hell awaited them would be unleashed. What do you want? It's a question with millions of answers, retort upon retort hung on her tongue and how it kills her to not throw them out and desecrate everything she and her wife had worked for here and to finally accept that things would never be okay that this was a nightmare compared to the dreamworld they'd once lived in.

    She opens her maw but stops short when a woman she's only met once approaches. She hand't heard her apology it likely getting lost in the stress her daughter was in and her own mourning at the time. All she remembers is her defense of Jace for almost denying her the right to take home and bury her own wife - she wasn't okay then she knows attacking him had been stupid but she also can't say she regrets it all the way. The only regret she has was not actually hitting him - Helios what a fucking relief it would've been to finally break his damn nose after everything he'd done. She doesn't show the same aggression this time but she's still wary of her, one ear flicking but she does respond. ”I was told my Grandaughter still lived here; Bloodpoppy that is. i'd like to speak with her. It doesn't have to be private” she feels the need to clarify she doubts they'd trust her alone with the apprentice, there was no sanction of safety in being a Veiler anymore and for good reason. But she doesn't really want to be viewed as belonging to any allegiance, she never liked it she was here as an individual not representing a bunch of political bullshit of pro and anti she never cared for. ”If Glitterglitch and Bellona are still here i'd just like to pass the word over that i'm okay if they don't don't show up” she's not as stressed about Glitter (she doesn't know he's not here) he'd already known she was alive and she wasn't going to sell him out for running away either back then.

    A kid shows up as well and she'd pass him a respectful nod, she wonders how it's like for children here now when all morality had been thrown out the window? She hopes their generation isn't entirely fucked in the head... But right after them comes a face she really wasn't in the mood to see - of course he shows up spouting the same annoying rhetoric as usual. She wonders if he's truly lost grip on his sanity, he's older then Methuselah and she believes he's starting to look like it. She huffs at his words ”You told me to not trespass anymore old man? Did you lose the rest of your fucking marbles?” she huffs back patting the ground in front of her ”I will repeat myself, I do not want any trouble. If you want to fight save it for later, I just want to see my grandaughter” he'd almost fucking denied her Nadine's body he hadn't even shown up to her funeral, hadn't respect her or his second leader and there's some sort of fucking poetry in the fact he'd lost his rank in the end.


    There was many thing she needed to talk to her about from everything that happened with the Coven to even the things that happened here - from the Shade Hour all the way back to the minute she'd crawled her way out of the Pines bloody and half dead. As well as of course Xia who she hadn't managed to catch at all yet, she isn't sure why she was so elusive and she did mean to talk to her and apologize for leaving especially her alone as well as she needed to figure out what exactly they were. She'd stated that they were lovers but she isn't sure how she truly feels sure there was the emotional connection sex brought as well as her genuine affection towards her but she'd never been sure of what they were, just brief partners with little to no strings attached or something more? She's perfectly happy with Mercy, she'd be completely fine living the rest of her days with her protecting her and spending as much for the lost time they had with her but her bond with her girlfriend didn't cancel out whatever she and Xia were. She'd ask about her but that wasn't what she was here to do, she wasn't going to pull Calina into it not when they had so much to talk about, so much to bond over.

    She missed talking with her and sadly both their duties had gotten in the way of them meeting up but finally she finds the spare time to approach the larger woman yipping towards her as she pads up besides her ”Calina!” she bumps her shoulder against the Shadowkeeper ”can we talk?”

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    Ver was eternally grateful that Mercy hadn't left the church in time to see Barghest once again, as well as her girlfriend was doing she didn't want him fucking it all up for the two of them like he'd done so many times. He was a shadow of the past one best left in memories and yet he lived on and she could only hope he'd stay away and never learn that she was safe and sound. The shepherd would practically tip toe her way towards her girlfriend holding a platter gently between her two wings which were held out slightly in front of her, on top of that platter sat a small little teacup steaming with freshly made tea. Something she'd never tried to make before and most likely completely fucked up on but she spent to long over the kettle to just throw out, all tea tasted pretty gross to her but Mercy always seemed to like her herbal teas. She remembers her making some up before they'd gotten together back when Junebug had been Junepaw and the world seemed just a little more calm. She'd gently lay it in front of Mercy's resting body before pressing her nose into the woman,s pelt gently nudging her.

    It was early still i the eve of morning around the time most were still rolling in bed while other were just waking up. ”Mercy” she huffs her name against her fur relaxing into it as the rest of her body would flop down to lay besides her lover. ”Good morning, I made you a little something” she adds in.

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    Ver had mean't to come earlier she truly had but she'd been kept up by the turmoil of the Shade Hour in the Veil and had very little time to do much of anything but now she was finally padding her way towards the jungle border for the first time in a very long time, her steps hastened and fear as well as longing to see her daughters once again making her want to rush all the more. Arya had been following her, she'd heard what'd happened had finally heard of the loss of her son and the Exile of her daughters and she thanked Helios or whatever true god there was above that they'd been able to get out of there safe and sound. Finally she arrives, wallowing her breath and shifting on her paws as she stares out into the jungle her tail dropping slightly. She hopes they didn't hate her for being late, she wonders if they even know she's alive. She just wants to see them nothing else matters, they can hate her after this is all over as long as they were safe she'd be fine, truly she would.

    She passes a fleeting glance her daughters way ”I can't believe you've been living here this whole time... I wasn't even 'dead' for that long” a somber laugh perks her maw and she shakes her head before turning back to wait for the first creature to arrive.

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    They'd killed Kirsch but even she isn't sure how to react isn't sure how she wants to feel, it'd been avenged already but nothing would bring back her son or excuse the treatment her daughters were dealt for defending their family. It hurts to think that at one point the Ruins had been a safe place to raise kids, it used to be great in general and she sued to be proud to fight for them beneath Nadine and even at one point Jace's banner but it all went to shit in a quick motion and it'd been impossible to swim out of it. There were days she wished she'd stayed and bowed her head and kept her maw shut for the sake of her family even if they'd be hated regardless of what she did and other days where she felt there was no better choice then what she'd done - maybe it was destiny that she'd left the Ruins and that her children had mentally and physically been torn apart by them. Not all of her family and friends have left though there are still people she loves here - those who still probably think she's long gone buried in an empty grave. Bloodpoppy was one of them her grandaughter had never been close to her born during a time of tension and stress that preceded the death of Nadine and for that reason they'd never been all that close - there was Glitterglitch as well and of course her friends; Bellona being the one that stood out to her the most she knows the woman still has to be there even if she wasn't to sure of the condition of her son nor granddaughter. Elian was king now and while she took solace in the fact Jace had been dethroned she isn't sure if it's better or worse that her former enemy is wearing a crown of bone and blood and commanding a legion of creatures who couldn't look past their own reflections.

    Whatever hatreds she holds need to be put aside, she knows she will fight with them one day that this would not be the end of her strife with the Ruins regardless if she has no intentions of starting shit with any haste with her body still recovering. She wants to avenge the memory of Kirsch, but it also hurts to think she would ever go to war with people she'd once been close with once upon a time - a clan she'd been a deputy in and served to the best of her abilities even if in the end her vision and ideals hadn't aligned with the mob. She takes a breath as she pauses at the border trying her best not to envision her wife walking down the dunes and smiling towards her like she once did. The last time she'd been here was for her...

    She waits to see the first visage of a creature come over the dunes before she calls out ”I'm not here to cause trouble” she states clearly and very begrudgingly.

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    Ver had fought with plenty of bison and bulls in the wild when she'd been desperate for food and they weren't to be fucked with even if their meat was delicious she could never imagine anyone at all taking one in up until she sees Grasstuft pulling in a small little calf behind him on a lead. Her eyes narrow and Phantom who'd been resting on one horn would let out an almost surprised sounds caw as she'd move to stand hurrying her way over to the young man and his new companion as they entered into one of the few barns that dotted the valley. She'd enter and curiously approach her nostrils flaring out as she took in the scent of the young prey animal before her eyes would set on Grasstuft.

    ”How the hell did you manage to get a calf?” the question blurts out of her, she doesn't realize how loud she's speaking and her words that follow are far less loud ”Did you take it away from it's mother?” cows weren't easy to find and any mother animal wasn't to be fucked with, she didn't like eating young unsentient animals anyway but she'd learned that even curiously approaching one was a bad idea and she was a canine who could take a few hits, Grassy was just a young cat.


    Solaris was large and always building and falling in numbers and she'd always done her best to pay attention to her former clan both for the sake of her daughter who was leading and out of her own curiosity. Thankfully many of those who worked with her during the time of her leadership were still there but many more were strangers or people she'd only met once or twice but in general she could always feel a twinge of affection and warmth whenever she met up with a Solarian ambassador it was nostalgic and always so damn relieving to know the kingdom was still going on strong a year later and that her daughter hadn't failed at all nor had she in a way even if her presence had scarred the kingdom bringing many unneeded battles to it.

    The shepherd would come up besides Kira head dipping towards the stranger a light smirk on her lips ”Any news from Solaris?” she asks curiously her head tilting.


    ”An Act of growth?” she repeats the words almost scathingly as she makes her way over head shaking, she hadn't mean't to head over she'd always avoided sticking her nose into covener affairs here knowing that her presence would likely fuck up the alliance but the words she heard and the scent of Barghest here so soon after they'd been to the Veil made her less inclined to keep up her good behavior. She stands above Kira passing a look towards her friend then towards the leader and deputy pair. None of them but she and Kira knew who Barghest was and what he'd done - she didn't think he'd ever attacked Wind Haven in his time as leader but there was many things she didn't know about. She was still learning still adjusting from being just a Ward and now third in command still learning the culture of the clan one small step at a time.

    She doesn't like to hear that their allies are dropping them suddenly, form what she saw the Coven and Haven had been close certainly the coven had visited a lot and invited them to quite a few events. She forces her glare away from Barghest she'd said her piece to him already and there was no point talking to a brick wall nothing she could say would affect him when his head was to far up his own ass to hear anything that came out of her jaws. There wasn't any point in licking ass, sure she could say she was far more gentle on Aphrodite then she was with her father or her deputy but her favor waned and at the end of the day she was a leader completely changed from the victim that'd bled on Ruins sand. ”Are you going to every clan now and trying to completely mix up your neutrals and allies? What is the point of suddenly dropping us? Can you tell me that?” if S or Juba wouldn't speak she would there was no deputy but there was her and Draco to fill the roles of third in command. ”How is dropping us without giving any true reasoning an act of growth?”


    Despite living in Solaris just after she'd left the kingdom she doesn't recognize the man even though they were likely to have crossed paths a few times now. He no longer smells of the desert much rather a very different scent all together making him a complete stranger someone she can't even recognize as someone she'd passed by in the distant past. He says he's here for the court of Halycon and she's never heard of the group before, many came and went and she's met with and even allied with quite a few of them just as she's fought a fair bit of them. They sprang up every now and again and while some lasted and made bonds with the clans she was in many of them were lost to time falling in on themselves before disbanded rather out of necessity or out of inactivity.

    She wonders if they'd see more of Icarus and his clan or if like so many others he and his clan would just sit on the wayside while the clans they spoke with warred with each others or struggled with their own internal issues. The Guardian would make her way over stopping besides Grasstuft head dipping towards Icarus ”It's nice to meet you” she would start ”My names Ver, i'm an assistant deputy here and I guess i'll talk to you until one of our leaders gets here” she would call herself a Guardian but she knows that rank wouldn't be recognized. ”So, tell me about Halycon what are you guys all about and what brought you here?” while Grasstuft seemed more interested in the basket she wanted to know more about the clan itself and just why he was bringing himself here. Really the answer was obvious either an alliance or maybe just maybe a deceleration of war - what other reasons would a clan have for coming to anothers borders.


    Ver knew many chefs and bakers the one that stood out the most to her being Ulla but she supposes she may have to add Juba to that list soon enough when she smells the mixture of sweet and spicy smells wafting in the air around camp beckoning her away from her spot in the sunshine where she'd been relaxing. While she never went out of her way to eat anything cooked or baked and would always be just fine scarfing down whatever prey she could get her paws on there were just certain smells that made her shoot up and made her drool like a rabid beasts every now and again and this mixture well it did set off some sort of bestial hunger within her. The guardian would pad her way over tail wagging behind her and a hum passing from her as she finally arrived in front of Juba her eyes flashing past him to the tray of cookies and chili he presented the clan with.

    ”Don't mind if I do~” she would move to serve herself taking a bowl and scooping out some chili into it. As she did she would turn her head towards Juba ”So? How long did this all take you to cook up?” she'd ask out of curiosity.


    Her tattered ears would perk at Juba's voice and she'd turn in the water to face him, her fur was already soaked up to just before her middle. She'd seen him here before as well back when she hadn't been as healthy - when she was just on the cusp of recovery still being unable to use one paw or walk anywhere without inflicting hot pain onto herself which she always did no matter how much she was stressed to relax. Being back here lazily soaking in the water was a different experience all together from when she'd struggled and floundered to stay afloat back when her body was wound in bandages. She shoots a grin towards him ”Yep! And this time you don't need to worry about me drowning” sure she wasn't at her peak anymore still skinny compared to how she once was but she was strides ahead of what she once was when she arrived here. She hopes Juba can see the same progress, he had taken care of her in a great degree when she arrived here in tatters. ”What brings you down here anyway?” she'd ask curiously, she doubted he'd jump into the water which mean't he was here to do something else entirely.

    Finally she would wade herself into deeper water her wings spreading out so she could float comfortably a hum escaping past her lips. She spots Clementine making his way over and would laugh at the words the young equine says towards her - she definitely wouldn't say she was a good swimmer whatsoever like all dogs she was a master in doggy paddling but it was clumsy and loud and right now she was simply using her wings to keep her afloat and comfy without using to much of her energy. She's about to bark something at him to invite him in but he takes her up on that offer before she can even speak and if her tail wasn't trapped beneath the surface of the water she would've wagged it as another bout of chuckles leaves her. ”You make a dam- dang good fish if I do say so myself kid!” she'd cackle. Grasstuft would be the next to make his way over and she would swim closer back to the shallows ”Nah, it's just right just jump on in you'll get used to it quick” she barks towards him ”Trust me"


    Ver hadn't seen him as whatever phantom form he'd taken the shape of, no she avoided it wanted to let him keep his privacy if that truly was him and if it wasn't she didn't want to feed into the deception of whatever ghost was keeping his body chained and limp. He was back now though she could hear his sputtering breaths and the voices of others hanging over him, truly it's a relief she didn't know what she'd do if he turned out to truly be far far away from them lost in the nether like his sister as well as the grandmother of his children. The Reverend would pad her way towards the group body lumbering and tired gaze falling onto the Siamese boy where he leans. He doesn't look well almost clearly losing weight since the last time she'd seen him. Sear was right he did look like utter shit a farcry from the powerful boy he was before all hell broke lose in the pines.

    She would take a breath and smile towards him ”It's good to see you in the flesh again” she woofs in a half joke, she hadn't seen him as a spirit but she may as well touch on it. There was no point in avoiding the elephant in the room ”Do you remember how to use your paws kiddo?” the question comes out more bluntly then she means it to and she winces slightly. ”You can lean on me if you'd like, i'm sure i'm more comfortable then a wall” she adds.


    A low grumble comes out of her as she spots spittle flying from his lips and towards the soil close to Ulla - she doubts this would've ended well for him if she hadn't vouched for him in her own way. Even still she knows that he will face the consequences for it later, or perhaps not whatever the case she was in no rush to get involved she just hoped his temper would simmer with time and that Ulla and the rest would be patient instead of baring their fangs at him. She passes another glance towards Ulla though whatever apology she wants to give dies in her throat, Sear isn't her son not even her apprentice but he's still someone from a dear time in her life someone she had and does care for. It's truly a blessing to have him back even if she feels a twinge of grief for everyone who didn't return from the over encompassing darkness of time that swallowed the rest of their companion up. It was just her, Mercy, Junebug and him the last members of their time - the only ones who had a paw in both the present and not distant past of the Veil.

    She smirks at his words and chuckles a ”Uh-huh” clicking out of her, she wouldn't make fun of anyone for being afraid of the phantoms in the shade, some truly were malicious and it was smart of Sear to run regardless if his reasoning was cowardly or not. She sombers slightly at Lucina's words and finally she does respond to it ”I'll take care of things from here, i'd be pissed too if I returned home to see it in shambles like this.” it's not a warning just a explanation she tries to give to soothe their own tempers. They didn't need to set off Sear more then he already was, the last thing they needed was a quarter of the pines burning down. She'd turn back to Sear and a frown would point it's way down her maw and she'd sigh at the question - where have you been staying? It's a simple question and one that shouldn't affect her as much but the memory that she hadn't been staying anywhere consistent and safe since Nadine died weighs heavy on her mind. Sure she had the Haven and had Mercy to curl around but that wouldn't ever stop her from mourning in her silent way no matter how much time passed and how much better she got.

    ”In the church with the others I don't really have a choice, it's a pain on my back though. Floors aren't that comfy” she woofs finally.