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    Every step feels like murder, her muscles ache and her paws though wrapped in gauze to protect her chipped slowly recovering claws still feel alight with pain. There is no excuse passing from her, she has none to give if they want to take hr injuries as one than she will argue even if it'd make things easier. She's moving through the crowd when her own name is called and she casts her gaze up to the man and nods feeling a deep guilt seed into her, she's never truly been warned before so it was just a reminder to get her ass in gear.

    She just hopes nothing is said, she comes firstly to her child; Merlot as she heard their name called out by Jace, they'd been promoted and her heart swelled with pride and despite the pain lancing in her mouth she would bend down to attempt to gently rasp her tongue over their head. ”If you ever need some cheats or tricks come find me kid, you're going to do great but don't be afraid to ask for help from your old woman okay?” she whispers to them before sitting down to their side, looking up to Jace and (mostly) Nadine.


    // pre-injury

    The shepherd would stand tall in the entrance hall of the castle head raising to let out a bellow; her signature howl which rattled off the stone as it was sent out echoing through the hallways and calling all who were nearby. ”Rogues! We are going out to avenge Apollo and fuck up the Iron Hull finally when they least expect it! No strategies, no deceit lets go mess things up!” the best way to do things in her eyes, the more that was planned the more likely it would all go to shit and be left in ruins.

    With that said she would begin to move through the hallways to search out the kitchen, they would need to gather food and supplies for the trip over and perhaps even think of grabbing things to set up a temporary camp in case they needed to rest up before heading into the heart of the Hull.


    The days were getting hotter and her body hurt more and more lately, both due to her wounds both the self inflicted and ones received in raids, she knew she had to take it easy to be easier on herself but she hadn't been at all. She had been insistent on flying and keeping an eye on her clans, it was her duty and she'd rather die than leave them to rot. But this one moment of clarity, of peace and relaxation in the still pool of the lake was soley a selfish need. She had come here without knowing and dipped herself below, holding her breath for as long as possible and letting go of her stress and the memories of fun that had happened her before. She came alone not with the loud voices of Rogues or the comfort of any of them, she came to be alone but she knew it wouldn't last. And perhaps that's why she surges up instead of letting herself stay under water to see if she can develop gills or not.

    She bobs upwards eyes reopening to look at the darkened walls of the cave as she doggy paddles her way to the shallows the lay down on the shore, eyes half lidded and tired as she stares towards the exit trying to see if anyone would come.


    Ver had once been quite an adept weapon bearer had fashioned her own and created styles with tremendous work and impatience that made her stubborn enough to never give up. Knives and swords were childs play in the life of a mercenary if you didn't know how to use those than you'd never figure out how to stab with a tree branch or use whatever was nearby to your advantage when you were without anything but your brain and your teeth.

    Seeing Fallenking using a knife is strange to her, he has no real use for one when he's so immense and his size made most weapons and even his teeth and claws useless when all he had to do was sit on people to kill them. Lupurcas were something else, were a pain in the ass to fight, she had avoided them when she first came here had turned down a fight with Rockfox and Trashboat in their forms but now she had experience on her side had scars raking her features from opponents who were either Fallen's size or bigger. Fighting was improvised, anything was fair in the battlefield from pulling weapons to shocking someone to high hell.

    A lupurca with a knife out there tearing bastards apart was one frightening sight. She lumbers herself over to watch leaning against another tree as she sits to observe, one brow raising at his movements. ”What'd that tree ever do to you?” she calls out jokingly towards him.


    The smell of flowers wasn't to welcome so early after her little... disaster but she'd managed. She would plop herself down wincing as her front paws pressed against the ground, she would lower herself to sit down pulling a basket towards herself before speaking to Fallen. ”You know Tyrant you sure have grown up a lot” she muses with a grin doing her best to not grimace as her words vibrate in her healing throat ”I still remember when you used to tear everything apart and piss off Helios but now look at you, getting into arts and crafts and having a good ole time. You sure have softened up” so had she it wasn't an insult, far from it. This life was better than living in the Exiles or living out on your own by the whims of others and the income they gave you for crimes and debauchery you caused.

    She begins to pull things to her as she waits for him to speak flattening a blanket and pressing it gently inside the basket careful to not snag or tear it.


    It'd slipped her mind that she should've been the one to host these if no one else did, seeing Fallenking step up to the pitch again filled her with guilt but she would say no sorries as she limped her way over just would smile sheepishly and woof her request ”I'll take two please”


    When she was little she always liked to watch the fireflies filter around in the sky, so free so aimless and pristine yet so soft and dainty easy to crush, easy to kill. She reckoned she to was a firefly. Mean't to die young, to light up and blaze through life in a pale ghastly spectacle before being nothing more than a stain in the earth by the end of her days. It was a morbid thought for a young girl, but Ver had always been knowledgeable on things she shouldn't be aware of, always was ahead of her game not through choice or want but out of necessity and a will to survive.

    These days fireflies are just pretty, just simple little bugs going about their business not these things that are born to die, everyone is born to die but that definition of life is threadbare and not worth buying into. She remembers the last time she watched them, back when everything was right when Saturnstar was still Saturnrings and Narcissus and Saoirse were still around. Before her children, before even her lovers when things were simple and easy. The memories are bittersweet, she doesn't want to go back but there's still hanging nostalgia to returning to this activity.

    She comes up besides Saturnstar laying down besides the younger woman as she watches the bugs buzz around, looking to Chasing who she hasn't seen to much around other than in passing. ”I don't think i've ever introduced myself to you, names Ver” she tells him lowly keeping her voice little more than a whisper to not intrude on the atmosphere. She'es half tempted to go on to play into Cherrybomb's words and tell her own stories but she knows most of them aren't funny there is no bar stories or tales of her kids or of her one night lovers to tell. It's all sad so best left away from this moment. Her ear twitches as she hears Fallen speak and she would respond ”Maybe they go up south for vacation or something” she says with a shrug and a chuckle.


    If it weren't for her brief time being brainwashed she would hold no interest in cartography, the identity she wore was that of a traveling cartographer named "Cicada Casanova from the arcane Mountains with a brother who died of pneumonia at a young age" that mantra of a false story still hung in her brain written deeply though the web Trash had laid in there was discredited and broken. But the skillset remained and she still found herself trying to sketch landscapes and maps whenever there was nothing to do, however rare times like that were for her.

    Seeing another do the same, sketch out their own map was surprising to her it was an interest very few had and she'd only seen Amatus who'd shared the interest in collecting information and seeing the world and territories (even if his map was exclusively for Solaris territory). She looks over the child's shoulder as she comes up from behind them eyes scanning the imprints and ink of the quill seeing monuments and areas that were ingrained heavily into her memory and indented into the callouses f her paws. ”It looks good, certainly better than the one's I've tried to make” she says with a gentle smile, sitting down and being careful to not rip her bandages as she does. ”There's still a few things missing but i'd be happy to show you them... We have the church over” she would attempt to hover her paw over one area of the pines before moving it roughly to where she thought the next was ”and we have an entrance to the underground lake around here” she draws her paw back before speaking again ”I could take all three of you over there if you'd all like. Been meaning to stretch my legs, would be fun to get out of this castle”


    There's a sappy warmness that fills her heart to see both sides of the pines together to see people she loves for very different reasons here. It's part of the reason she can't regret or feel completely bad for her alliances, it's the reason that keeps her going and working her ass off. She comes with a smile, paws light and tail for once not sluggish or burdened by the weight of her life it's fast and she feels genuine excitement, feels that warmth of seeing them all. She brushes gently against her apprentice as she passes him dipping down to try and ruffle the fur on his head before she moves on, head ducking so he can hear her ”Looks fan-fricking-tastic Fox, you look very dashing” she compliments before moving to Leesha laying a quick affectionate nuzzle on the small vulpines head

    "I wish I knew you guys were coming, would've looked a little better for the occasion. Hell I would've brought you some treats to take home Leesha” she draws back before moving to Charlotte who's greeting is much less subtle or cute. she'd lean her muzzle down to attempt to nip just below her girlfriends chin teeth lightly drawing over to nibble for a split moment before she would separate if she was allowed. ”It's good to have you here babe” she doesn't say much more no talk of tours or unhidden beckoning to follow her alone into the eastern pines. She looks up towards Riptide finally noticing he was here and remembering herself ”It's uh! Good to have you here as well”



    ✧ INTRO

    (from 8/18-9/18)

    With permission granted by Foxglove and Draevyn i've decided to make this to heavily encourage outerclan interactions, and whilst the ruins has a heavy focus on enemies and tearing into them they always have a ton of allies and it would be unfair to them and the more peaceful members of the clan to forget about them! So for this contest there will be two ways to earn points! Either by attacking/spying/or harming enemies or by being an ambassador/interacting/hosting parties with allies! This is run in a point system which the participant will keep track of! Prizes will be shown off below and offered according to the tier your character is in, both ic and ooc benefits can be had!


    (point requirements subject to change)

    TIER 1

    those who earn a minimum of 50 points in this contest will receive this badge/contest title: Watchful

    TIER 2

    Those who earn a minimum of 150 Points in either category (ally or enemy) this contest will recieve this Badge/Contest title pertaining to the category/this can be earned for both: Butcherer + Emmisary

    TIER 3

    Those who earn a minimum of 300 Points either category (ally or enemy) will receive this badge/Contest Title pertaining to the category/this can be earned for both: Brutalist + Divine


    The top three ranked (overall) contest participants will receive a shaded full body + Headshot from Kedamono (Other prizes can be discussed/offered as well!)


    VIOLENT ROUTE (Cartel, Exiles, HELLRAISERS, any neutral aside from sk)

    Prank/mess with an enemy: 3 Points

    Hold a enemy discussion: 5 Points

    Make a connection/plot with an enemy: 5 Points

    Capture a non NPC enemy: 10 Points

    Torture a non NPC enemy: 15 Points

    Kill a non NPC enemy: 30 Points

    Do any of the following to an HP: +10 Points

    Do any of the following to a leader/deputy: +20 Points

    Host a raid: 25 Points

    get a thread up to 10+ Replies: Add 5 more points

    PEACEFUL ROUTE (Painted Brigade, Shadow Veil, Blackheart Rogues, Tribe of Unbound Skies, Volary Flights)

    Interact with a ally: 7 Points

    Make a thread in ally territory: 10 Points

    Make a connection/plot with an ally: 10 Points

    Make a private thread with an ally: 15 Points:

    Host an ally party: 25 Points

    Help in an ally raid: 5 Points

    Get a thread to 10+ Replies: Add 5 more points


    Post in any thread relating to ally or enemy: 1 Point per post

    Draw art for a ruiner: 10 Points

    Get a post to 500 words: 5 Points

    Get a post to 1000 words: 15 Points


    1. Character:
    2. Total Points:
    3. Ally points:
    4. Enemy points:
    5. Proof:

    Blackheart Babes. Now that could certainly apply, either you were a 'babe' or you were a baby there was no in between and she felt she at this point could tell who was who. Foxpaw and Cosmospaw certainly fell into the obvious category of baby and their mother... She dispels that thought, licking her lips as she comes to the group tail wagging sluggishly a friendly but relaxed look upon the woman's face as she stands besides her apprentice and his brother. Head dipping to Crim as she glanced to her and then the woman of the hour, the new joiner on the block; Cherrybomb. She talks in quite a different accent, her inflections odd and for a moment she's reminded of Nadine if she spoke much more vulgarity instead of the picture of seductive femininity that she did.

    She has a bias for a clear reason but it doesn't stop her from being mildly interested at seeing what this woman is about or listening to her speak her tirade of fucks. She eyes her lazily up and down before responding to her teeth gleaming and maw upturned in amusement. ”You should be more careful with your words before someone 'gobbles' you right up” it wasn't a threat, it was spoken with that clear suave perverseness she had to be known for at this point. ”I'm not one for virtue either” clearly ”But please don't cuss so much in front of the kids.” she'd done her best to hold her tongue and had done a damn good job since the days she first started when Seamus and Diarmuid were still tumbling little kittens; they were the first babies she'd ever been around for more than a moment and she'd come a long way from explicitly inciting later activities in front of them with mysterious pretty strangers.

    ”Names Ver by the way. One of the leaders here, Overseer if you want the whole rank” maybe Saturnstar would show up to give her welcome, or maybe it was best she didn't. Either way Ver didn't mind. She began to pad away wing gesturing for her and the others to follow ”We still have some kills left at camp if you want something fresh and bloody. Just stick close to me and i'll lead the way” her cheeky smirk wasn't hidden in the slightest.


    Ver's aptitude with children like all her skills was learned through trial and error, kids were easy and they were entertaining just give them praise and the respect they wanted and they were quite the little powerhouses. Full of energy and idealism, heart and souls still young and buzzing with potential (Foxpaw was unannounced to her an exception) he was her third Rogue apprentice, her godson and quite a chip off the old block. He was a nice kid and was doing well recently, better than possibly even her even if she'd done her best to keep her outside duties a secret from him and the rest of the rogues. Even to his mother she was careful with what to say not wanting to worry her, stress was bad for children she was told even if they caused stress. She wasn't entirely sure if the woman was pregnant yet but she was careful anyway.

    She'd done her best to be around when she was needed for her apprentice, had always made it clear that he could always send a letter and she would come and help him out (after getting someone to read it to her, but she was careful to not let her dear apprentice in on that little fact) he wasn't Narcissus of course, he would likely not even playful tease her but she still felt it was embarrassing that most children held literacy over her head while she trained them about the world and how to properly "beat the poop" as she once said out of someone. She had however been needing to take a good look at his skills and see what difficult challenges he could handle. It was time for a quick little assessment on his battle techniques, in the form of impromptu strategies and thinking on his feet. She wouldn't order him around or fix his movements, it was all him and she'd give him his rating later.

    She would come in her feline form, demon like tail twitching from side to side as she smiled towards the young boy, red eyes lax. ”Ready to take on the world today, Foxpaw?” she inquires jovially as she comes up to his side motioning for him to follow her as she lightly jogs towards the pines to get to one of the few clearings of the pines to train. ”Afraid you're stuck with me to take on. I'm going to need you to try and kick my butt today kiddo, but in a brand new way. I'll explain when we get there” she tells him over her shoulder.


    A meager crowd but a decent one, full of faces she'd seen around from that of her daughter to those she'd known for weeks now. She stands back up holding her head high even as the pain shoots down her forepaws at her position. She's tender with her claws standing on her heels as much as she can not wanting to feel the stingy shock of pain of dragging them against the stone, they were still so soft to short and sensitive to the touch. Even snagging on her lovers fur was a painful thing to be subjugated to.

    ”Its been a while since we hosted a meeting, I am sorry for that.” she starts off with, things would slow down surely in her life eventually. She would do her best to reform herself to her old ways, to the leader who was eager to hold her meetings and did them with a grin and a boundless enthusiasm to lead and to be listened to. ”Firstly we have many new faces to welcome in, a grand welcome goes to ruffian.   TESCO   donny boy   sweetmelody   ANDUIN WRYNN   ANDRAS.   HAYLIEL ARCANIUM   zenon g.d.   HINATA;   birdsong   WN100 and finally Leonidas” most of which were creatures she hadn't met yet, she would fix that in time. She would look over the crowd searching for a specific face, that of her once-youngest daughter ”In order to accommodate them and welcome them into the Kingdom i'd like for SANGRIA . and the commune to hold a welcoming party! Show them the ropes and make them feel at home” the best way to do that was with festivities and events where they all could bond.

    ”On top of that little party we also will be hosting a-” her voice wheezes and she takes a moment to compose it, letting out a series of coughs with one wing held out to hide her face as she did before she reverts back to how she stood before. ”mass ally party in order to become closer with our allies and show them our traditions and who we are, i'll handle the invitations but I hope you all look your best and try to take it easy for just a night” she can't look her best like this but she supposes a tie and a crown would help hide the bandages a little better than her bare fur. ”Lets have one last night of fun before we go mess with the Exiles okay? On that note i'd highly recommend you all seek out Sven to state your interest about joining the raid party or shoot some strategies, long as you're old enough. I don't want anyone below seven months going and apprentices should stick with their mentors at all times while fighting, got it” she remembers she's forgetting to do something and quickly amends that.

    CARMENERE from this day on you will begin training under Claes G.D. you both went through a heck of an ordeal together so apprentice training should be nothing. Claes please teach her everything you know, teach her about honor and how to serve the Kingdom to her fullest potential just as you do” the first pair was easy to set in stone, she'd gone with her gut. She trusted Claes immensely and he stood as the one true honest to Helios good person she'd ever met, she prayed he would teach Carmenere the best he could. She didn't need another daughter growing up angry.

    Lorelai Million you will be training under lemonlaw if he accepts, you're a bright kid and you have a ton of energy you'll do great! Lemonlaw I have no doubts in my mind you'll make for a great mentor, teach her everything you know!” she adds in with a woof, other apprentices would be elected soon she'd have to solidify the mentorship program first however.

    ”Onto promotions” she began with a croak "First someone very important has recently rejoined us from death, he was never stripped of rank or title and I feel even with weeks passed that you; NINE-S are still capable and worthy of your role as Suncircle Knight. You died to protect the Kingdom, so if you will i'd appreciate if you live for the Kingdom as well” she would wheeze a chuckle at what wasn't truly a funny joke. Just because he was back didn't make the guilt any less revolting or sharp in her gut. ”If you need help readjusting to your duties just come bother me or your fellow knights” she adds in with a woof ”we only have three promotions this week, it's been slow but you four have proven that you have what it takes. Lets hope for many more. Lorelai Million   MELANTHIOS and CARMENERE i'd like you all to be on the Sunguard team, you're all young so I don't expect you to take on the full weight of duties so i'd like the Sunchasers to all lend a paw to help you guys get started. Lastly Charlotte i'd like for you to step up as Trailblazer!” she takes a breath feeling exhaustion seep through her with every word spoken. ”Warning go out to IRENE ARCANIUM and WERIFESTERIA . i'd like to see you both around more” she frowns before going onwards.

    ”As for events we've been invited to Sanctuary's fire festival! And Charlotte is holding a Stargazing session! I'd like to see more events going on in the Kingdom this week so get a move on and make this place thrive!” it was grating on her slowly to be speaking so loud to be putting in this enthusiasm but she had to do it, it's what she'd always done. She settles down on her paws before hitting perhaps the most major note of the meeting in her eyes. The thing that needed to be said following the healer meeting and the addressed idea of crossing territories and communicating with their enemies. She won't keep it private, they all must be reminded not just those in the healing guild. ”On the back of raids and conflicts I want to announce that no longer will we tolerate Exilers or Hellraisers near our territory, any member of theirs that's not a healer will be chased off the border on sight, we have no use for discussing things with them. They are our enemies before anything else, if they come talking about peace or give you any troubles seek out me, Meenah or the Knights” she licks her lips ”Lastly; I have to order a complete ceasefire on the Cartel, they will be dropped from our enemies and we will work to together to fuck- mess up the Hellraisers.” she won't say his name in Sangria's earshot, she won't even say where he is. She can't risk her running off to find him or stake her revenge

    ”With all that said Meeting dismissed”.


    Ver wasn't a crafty person, she wasn't good with delicate things the only exception being her now destroyed garden in the veil which in a way further illustrated her inability to be careful. But on the other paw of things she was strong and could handle tasks that dealt exclusively with using her stamina and strength, carrying debris or leading raids was something that came naturally to the Mercenary. If money or benefut was added onto the work than she always had a habit of working a little harder, the benefit here was simple getting to know Marigold better.

    She would wave one wing at him in greeting before heading over to him, looking to his shack and tilting her head. ”I don't mind helping out” she said her voice dry and wrought but spoken loud enough to be heard. ”Do you just need me to throw stuff out of there or do you need me to rearange things for you?”


    It was good to see a familiar face around in times like these, every paw was needed and Aether had proven himself an immeasurable amount of times both as a member and as a healer. He could handle himself, she had expected he'd just been taking a leave of absence whilst everything was going on. She couldn't blame him for that, not with what exactly had been going on it had taken a toll on all of them.

    She comes up to the smaller Solarian smiling gently at him only grimacing for a second as her lips perk, feeling the tears in her mouth and along her muzzle aching with every twitch of her muscles. ”If you call the Exiles giving us problems exciting, I guess” she says with a huffy chuckle ”More of a mild agitation than anything exciting though” she wonders if he'd caught up with Claes about everything yet or even learned exactly what had befallen the Kingdom in recent times. The injuries of Claes and poisoning of Carmenere wasn't hidden knowledge here, all the work that went into fixing things was out in the open. The only thing that wasn't was the "secret" of what was done to get Lemonlaw back.

    ”Have you checked up on Claes lately? he was looking for you before” crying out for him was different than looking for him.


    Ver didn't look to hard into Solaris' past she'd learned of the names and certainly Sugaredsun had been brought up a variety of times both here and the other places she lived, the man had clearly made some sort of impact in the world. She fed into bad reputations in a way, no past leader had to do that for her. She'd done her best to make Solaris thrive, had stuck with them and campaigned for change and to cultivate the power and worth they'd lacked under the previous reigns.

    This woman was unfamiliar, and whilst she would know her children (quite well at this point) she couldn't be able to guess who she was related to. For all she knew she could be staring dead in the eye of one of her adopted children's mother. She would come besides Lorelai regarding the woman with an easy smirk of a smile as she sat, tail gently wrapping around her adoptive daughter as she begins to speak. She takes a moment to look her over mildly curiously with a tad bit to much interest, not caring to hide herself whatsoever. ”Would you like to head to our camp to catch up with them? It's hot as fu- frick out here. Would be a shame to let a lady melt out here alone right?” she's mostly just saying things impulsively, most of the Kingdom was men and the ones that weren't were typically children. She didn't have anyone to truly mess around with other than Nadine whenever she dropped by (which sadly she hadn't been doing lately).


    The silence hung in the air causing a murmur of trepidation and tightness to wrap around her throat, the ebbs of time clutching delicately against her. She watches and waits head bowed respectfully and posture low, he should've been given a true send off weeks ago when his body didn't smell of tightly wound herbs and decay. Before his body could rot. She could practically see the frown, hear the scathing comments of disappointment and deep seeded betrayal. "what's this?" indeed, what was this what was this mess what was the point of all this trouble of all this waiting. For what? For silence, for a kingdom recovering from attacks and preparing for endless others, for a Queen who'd been to wrapped up in other binding strings to pay attention to the one that was severed from her.

    Her teeth grit and she distinctly wants to leave, to get the fuck out of here and save herself from this. She'd done it the morning he died, had left his side to mourn in her own silent way as she should, the worst possible ending for him. Wouldn't most queens decor him even in death with praise and honor, this was nothing this was just a false funeral that would just become another event she'd scrub from her mind.

    The falseness is ironic, and when she realizes the words aren't in her head that they are spoken by the tongue of a dead man. Her eyes widen hackles raising in perturbed shock, his body is done with his body is gone yet he stands pale in the crowd a ghost unmistakable and impossible to not notice. Her names leaves him and she blinks maw parting a choked sound resonating out of it her tongue heavy. It was going to be his name going to be a question but no the words that she does manage aren't covered in joy or grief. They are of shock, of dryness and confusion What the fuck

    She leaves the wine tables. Steps slow and precise, the silence is impenetrable she doesn't hear much of anything not the gossip or words from the faceless in the crowd. He looks taken from memory, as if lapsed from the beliefs and painful hope that he like so many others would return. He had. She fumbles again with her words but decides on something else, her eyes crease in sympathy guilt lidden in them. She attempts to clasp one paw on one of the Knights shoulders ”Nine... I... It's good to have you home there was a apology somewhere in there but it remains forgotten as she swallows it down with her spit. She looks to the crowd, to the white lilies dotting the gravesite before she tells him. ”This is your funeral. I didn't know you'd be coming back like this” she follows it with a forced chuckle, uncomfortably rolling her "heels" as she does.