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Check out the Court of Halcyon, holy knights of the Bleak Wilds and a growing unboarded proclan who aim to bring peace and order to Agrelos!

    Check-ups held an odd space of fondness within the medic's heart. If not for the fact that the activity made sure that all his clanmates were okay, then for the fact that many of his budding friendships had taken place while he was holding such activities. He remembered the first check-ups that he held was the spark of his and Lemonlaw's relationship. It'd been a while since the Healinghand had done anything of the sort himself, however.

    As the call sounded, the vulpine couldn't help but pause - bittersweet smile coming across his face. Was it bad that each time he thought of these he thought of the tender touches between him and coywolf? The thoughts draw him back into reality, eyes widening before blinking away what had come to mind. It'd been so long since he'd last seen Lemon - was he okay? It wasn't wrong to hope that, was it? No, No - they were just friends, now, and he hoped the canine was well, was all. The last time he spoke he'd said something of having trouble with family. He hoped all was well for him, after all these months.

    The Andean fox would make his way not long after he paused to think, and paws would lead him across soft grass towards the gathering place. It was such an odd feeling, compared to the desert sand he'd been living in for years. But he didn't let his mind wander too far, and instead he'd watch as others wandered up to say that they didn't have anything wrong, but were just there to watch or help out of needed. Face would crease slightly in focus, heart rate rising just barely as he thought of which of his ailments were worth mentioning.

    He would pause, looking to his leg momentarily. It was no long paralyzed or useless, as it had been in his feline body. His only issues with it being figuring out how to properly use it again. But there had been one raging nuisance - and that was his persistent headache. He'd been trying to drink plenty of water, so he wasn't quite sure it was that. But maybe it was all the mental and physical stress of what happened? He wasn't so sure.

    Stepping forward slowly and feeling a bit sheepish due to the fact that he was the only among many near-strangers, the vulpine would give her a gentle smile and a dip of his head in greeting. "I've had this headache for a couple days," the tan-hued fox would begin. He parted his mouth for a moment - nearly asking for the herbs he knew might help - before he would close it swiftly. This was her check-up session, and likely a learning experience for her as it always was for him. So, instead ears would perk and he'd sit down, gaze lingering on her with a curious look. "What do you think would help?" He would ask after a moment, tones soft and non-pushing. Smiling over at her, he would give her a reassuring nod. It was likely she'd know just what to do to help - but he'd offer his support in what way he could, anyways.

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    There had been many moments that Claes had panicked, and cried, and broke down - but the feelings swirling within him now were nothing like he had experienced before. This wasn't a fight with an enemy, and this wasn't a fight with his brother. It wasn't getting hurt in battle of having his own clanmates plotting against him (though he'd forgiven that, he'd admit). This wasn't the fear of having his friends and family taken from him - this was a fear of something.. something else. Something he couldn't quite put a paw on - but something that felt awfully similar to a fear of losing to himself.

    His lacking in memory was starting to worry him, even as he sat there with his mind racing a million miles a minute. This was.. this was the second time, that he ended up somewhere strange, alone, and with little to go off of what happened. Did he keep dying? Was that what death felt like? No - no he didn't think so. It wouldn't make sense, at least. Why am I forgetting? Not knowing why this was happening was perhaps more frightening than the fact that it was. I never remembered being dead before being with Immy, either. Oh-


    The sound of his name from a familiar voice causes him to look up and snap out of his thoughts. Wide honeyed gaze would land upon the feline - and a hard look of focus would swiftly melt into a soft expression of relief. He wants nothing more than to run up to the familiar man and give him a hug, even if they weren't entirely close. But the vulpine senses the other's hesitation and can see his own emotions stack up in overwhelming amounts even to the Elysian leader. But even so his disorientation leaves him needing to cling on to whatever he can. "Thank Helios," the words fall out of his mouth before he can stop them, and he leans over to take the man in a shaky grasp turned into a slight hug. He let go soon after - but the momentarily touched help right him, and his rapid breathing would slow down just slightly so he could catch his breath.

    The Andean fox takes a half-slipped step back, ears pinning against his head as the male offered him a stay debt-free and to be check out by one of their own medics. The late king's mouth parts and closes - at first unable to find both the air and the ability to speak, before eventually he's able to get what he wants to say out. "Thank.. thank you, Eras-" he didn't know of the name change "-but I.." words come and fall upon his tongue, and the fox has to grit his teeth and swallow the continuous lump of worry in his throat. He looks down again, chest still rising and falling visibly as he shifted to thought once more - it was much easier that way, when his friend would understand. I don't know what's wrong with me. It wasn't physical, he didn't think, as much as it was purely mental. He paused, growing still as he fought with his thoughts from earlier. I think... another hesitation, almost a flinch at the thought, I think I died... There was no cure for that, was there?

    As soon as the thought were directed towards the other, the approach and speaking of Aphrodite pulled him from them. He took in a sharp breath to try and right his thoughts and bring them away from his frantic answer-seeking. Worn and weary gaze would look towards the familiar girl who he was certain he'd seen a few times on his ambassador trips here, and despite the aches of his body and the heaviness he felt he offered her a smile. It was kind, and if he weren't so stressed it would have been much more genuine, but it was something nonetheless. "Thank you," he speaks quietly as he takes the bottle slowly from her paws - his own trembling as he takes a sip of the water. It does wonders to center him for a moment - it gives him something to focus on, and after a few moments it relieves the headache that'd taken hold. It had been a long time since this body had anything to keep it properly alive. Where had he been all that time? "It's nice to see you again, Aphrodite. I'm sorry it's like this," the fox would add. Was he alright? He wasn't sure how to answer, and in turn he simply tried to give her a tired smile and a reassuring nod - even if 'okay' wasn't quite how he was feeling.

    Taking another sip of the much-needed water, the canid would hand the canteen back over to the girl with an unsteady paw - though his attention then shifted as the movement of someone else caught his eye. The next to approach comes over quietly, at first - soft-stepping paws not dissimilar to his own. The shaken medic's lips would press into a tight-lipped smile as he looked to the other fox. The male looks caring - if not concerned and curious for his situation. It looks almost for a moment that he was going to offer up more like the others - and part of him is grateful and part of him wishes for them to save their resources until he gets his bearings. The Kingdom had been rationing supplies for a while now with all the flooding - so maybe that was just out of habit.

    Berries slip out of the fox's scarf, and honeyed gaze would light up in a form of surprise, a soft and hardly audible chittering leaving his lips as he looked to the berries being nosed towards him. He blinks, at first - and his exhaustion nearly makes him hesitate on taking up the food offered to him. But the slight tremble to his limbs and the weight of his own body reminded him enough of why he needed to eat something. And so the former king gives a gentle dip of his head in his thanks, and he takes a few of the berries into his mouth from the ground and eats them each. He eats slowly in an attempt to both calm himself and steady his shaking, and he soon enough finishes them.

    Another look is casted towards Mulder, honeyed gaze shining with the gratefulness that he couldn't fully express, but would be sure to show later. What ally was he from? That was easy enough. "The-uh... the Kingdom," he answers finally - voice wobbly but not as bad as before. Solaris Kingdom, as it was called formally by other clans but he'd called it home for so long that it was hard to say it anything but casually. Take a breather, chill out. A small laugh bubbled from his lips, and he'd give a series of small nods. Helios knows he needed to.

    Ears would perk at the sound of yet another creature, and the vulpine would let out a shaky breath as his gaze moved to the next to come. He certainly had drawn a crowd with all his panic, hadn't he? He wasn't as panicked now - but the concerned look on all of their faces showed it certainly hadn't gotten much better in their eyes, either. But nevertheless he would offer a small and unsteady smile in the direction of the dark-furred fox as he tried to settle down. But the other's question made him pause for a moment - head trying to wrap around what was a seemingly simple question.

    His ears would flick back in his hesitance, and instinctively he would shift his weight upon his back leg - the leg that, in his other body, had been paralyzed for nearly months. His jaw would tighten and he would glance back to it momentarily, tail giving an uneasy sway behind him. "No, not anymore-" not anymore? Helios, that wouldn't make sense to them. He gives a quick shake of his head in a dismissive manner to his words. "No. I'm not hurt." Aside from old scars, there wasn't anything wrong other than those dreadful feelings and the heaviness that weighed upon him. "Sorry.." the apology tumbles from him before he has the chance to consider what he's really apologizing for. Running here all panicked and not having a reason or any evidence to support his worries? For worrying them? He supposed it was a multitude of things.

    Worry swells more within his heart - though this time for a different worry than the ones he came here with. The medic would gulp down the feelings gnawing at his throat, and his gaze would cast to the ground in a concentrated squint as he tried to find his words, his reason - anything other than the stuttering words and silence that he'd brought with him. "I'm.. I'm sorry for worrying you all. I'm fine, I think. Just.. confused," the vulpine would venture. How does he explain that he's confused on if he's died or not? Confusion wasn't the whole of it, anyways - but still he's not sure he can bare to try to say it aloud. He brings his gaze up for a moment - looking to each of them with an attempted smile as his front paws shuffle almost anxiously upon the ground beneath him. "I just need some time to rest-" was that all he needed? "-I'll try to help out as much as I can while I'm here." There was no way he'd let their help go without proper payment back, ally or not - even if it was in subtle ways. Whether that was in the form of cleaning up or using his medical knowledge or anything in between. But for now, he was just glad to be offered to rest here until he righted himself enough to return home properly.

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    The soft sounds of bird's chirps came and went - gentle floral scents and the sound of distant waters lapping at the shore. Light trickled in just barely through the trees of where the former king lay, and a small smile lingered on his face as he continued with what he found to be a peaceful slumber among times where sleep seemed to come very little. Soft breaths left him - calm and slow. But despite the beauty he was sure his surroundings held with the sun shining and the rustling of trees, his mind was lulling back to sleep. He was comfortable here, he thought - he was safe. The cold breezes that tugged on his fur, the contrast of the warmth of the sun, and the blades of grass that held him were all too nice to want to get to duties and work so soon. And so, to sleep he tried to go back to.

    Another breeze tugged upon him - this one more windy, chilly, and grabbing his attention rather quickly. Honeyed gaze would flick open quite quickly, confusion entering them as he looked at his surroundings again. Grass. Grass and trees. The kingdom didn't have grass like that, trees like those - and this certainly wasn't the near-tropical flora of the Oasis. Grogginess blinked from his gaze, and the healer would swiftly pull himself up into a sitting position with a small gasp as worry and realization began to set in.

    Panic set in momentarily, and the Go Deo would climb to his paws as cold winds blew into his fur - bringing him to wake as much as his realization that he was not at home did. But even as he stood he was met with worn desert paws and a familiar but old form, instead of the one that he'd been in for months now. His breaths rose and fell quickly, fur ruffling uneasily as he looked to the tree cover. Why am I here? Did he wander from home, again? No - no, he didn't remember leaving. Why am I back in this body? The one he spent the majority of his life in - the one that endured the longest of his troubles in - back as an Andean fox. Where are my kids? Marigold?

    The little fox spun around on his heel, shoulders shrugging up to his neck as he circled the unfamiliar lands in search of what happened. But there was nothing, nothing, nothing. There was just the distant sound of birds, and the breeze blowing the grass and wildflowers and trees, and water, and- water.

    Despite his fear of it, the gentle lapping of the sea brought him nearer - paws pushing into the ground as he bound over to the sounds - heart racing in his chest. Nose would tilt to the air and drink in the scents - and upon the wind pushing towards him he caught scent of the floating island-dwelling clan he'd visited times before. Partial relief flooded through him, and his fear would subside slightly despite how disoriented he was. The sight of the boats upon the water did more to help soothe his worries - he was still somewhere safe. But what had happened? Oh, he wasn't so sure he wanted to find out.

    It wasn't long before the vulpine hopped from the boat - limbs trembling from the fear-driven adrenaline as he arrived upon the main island. Shaky breaths came from the man as he took uneven and weak steps forward, head low as he tried to find strength somewhere. How long had it been since this body had food? Oh, this did not feel good. His steps were awkward - it'd been months since he'd been able to use all of his legs, but despite how hard to use it it was, now, it carried him closer to where others had gathered. Not far from the entrance, but not close to the camp, either.

    "Excuse... excuse me," soft-spoken words are filled with a sense of urgency as he approached, "I'm Claes.. Claes Go Deo, and I-" words came to a stumbling halt as he forces his eyes shut, trying to slow his rapid breaths, rapid thoughts. How do I explain how I got here? How do I explain why I am here? A small cough sputters out from him trying to hold his breath, and the former king would swallow down what worries that were stopping his words. Calm down. Calm down."Can I... Can I stay a while?" He didn't wish to intrude - didn't wish to show up in such a disoriented and helpless state. But he needed to get his wits about him - he needed to figure out how he was here, and why he was in this body, and why he felt so awful and scared despite everything being peaceful before. He could only hope they would let him, so he could get back to his family in the Kingdom or send someone to let them know where he was, at least. I'll make sure I repay you, he wanted to add. But his body felt far too heavy and weak to even utter the words - and instead the promise was kept in his small plea from before.

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    Truly, if there was one thing that Claes regretted most, it was leaving them. And not just for the selfish fact that he wouldn't be as hurt as he was, either. No - after he'd regained orientation after weeks of being hurt and lost, he took one look at his kids who had grown so much in such little time, and he'd learned what true regret was. That feeling of lost time - and that undeniably awful feeling of guilt, even if it wasn't entirely his fault - had been eating him up for some time, now. Admittedly, he didn't feel that all the time. Mostly just because he was busy now taking care of his kids and training the apprentices of the medicine guild, and he was trying to focus on the present, instead of everything he'd lost. But he'd be a liar if he didn't say that when the reminders came that it was hard to deal with. He was thankful most of his kids had forgiven him or forgotten about it entirely.

    Not that he necessarily deserved it after being away, but he was so very grateful for it nonetheless.

    A fond smile would come over the late-king as he sat within the comfort (and shelter from the rain) of his hut. It'd been a while since he'd resided in it - most of his days had been spent within the Dawningcrown's quarters for the long months that he'd led. And of course, with he and Marigold's kids and engagement he hadn't really ventured outside of it since he'd stepped down, either. But, it felt good to go back to his first home, once in a while. Not only did he have a good view of the camp and everything else, but he also was close to what truly felt like home when he first came to the Kingdom.

    The soft pitter-patter of paws going by as well as the sight of familiar creamy fur caused Claes to snap out of his thoughts, head tilting curiously as he peered over towards his son as he ducked his head into each hut he passed. A fond smile would come upon his features, and he would let out a quiet purr as he watched him go back and forth, tail tip twitching in anticipation for his son as he neared his hut.

    "Hey Heph-" Claes would begin suddenly, before his son would even peek his head into the hut. The injured feline would gather himself to his paws and pad towards the door - peeking his head out "-playing hide and seek?" the father would call after a moment, an amused glint in his eyes as he looked to the youth. That was his first guess, honestly - the kids were all lively and he wouldn't be surprised if they were playing games and keeping each other occupied despite the threat of the weather. They all seemed so resilient and optimistic in that way, for the most part.

    Though, as his gaze lingered on the cream tabby, his honeyed gaze would eventually take note of the book, which was tucked between his teeth. From where he was and the angle, he couldn't quite see the title of it - though it was peculiar that if he was playing hide and seek that he'd be taking a book along with him. However, instead of commenting on it, he would only smile down to his son as he beckoned him over - both to talk to him, and in the case of playing the game, tell him some of the most common hiding spots his siblings would be in.

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    The fact that many of his friends came and went was one that Claes had gotten used to some time ago, but never had the heart to truly accept or be fine with it. From Joshua to Oceanbeats to Tea and Lemonlaw and many others, watching close friends fade away without a word was something that was equally confusing as it was painful. And though he didn't particularly think about it all the time (Helios, he'd be a mess if he did), there were certain times when those figures that he'd lost came to mind, and he was flooded with both fond memories and an undeniable - albeit subtle - grief that they were gone.

    While he, admittedly, had never been all-too-close with Thea, there had always been an utmost respect and fondness. She had re-joined around the same time Marigold and Lemonlaw had, and ever since then she had been a consistent force within the Kingdom - always happy smiles and optimistic views. But she had a good head on her, too - and despite her optimism she always used a great deal of logic, which he'd come to admire. How she managed to always be so cheery and helpful as the Kingdom went through the worst of its days was a mystery to him.

    The late king would wander over when she first raised her paw to beckon them over, and as she began to speak Claes would quick to settle in beside Merlot, taking a seat that would favor his leg while the announcement was made. But what she followed up with was something he hadn't been expecting - I'm leaving, she said. He would blink in surprise, straightening up in curiosity at her announcement.

    He would shuffle his weight upon his paws for a moment, taking in the news. Though as he looked upon the now-feline form of the late-queen, he couldn't help but make his observations; her rounded belly coming to attention. Oh - is that why? Certainly that would be something to prioritize, though if that was the reason he was only concern if she would be safer on her own than she was with them. But of course, he would only smile - happy for her and her kids, but deciding it wasn't his place to say something (if anything at all). Instead, he opted for something that focused more on her actual departure which was saddening but it was comforting, at least, that she was letting them know.

    "Stay safe, Thea," the late king would coo shortly after Sangria spoke - tail tip twitching behind him before coming to settle by his side. He would give a gentle hum, smile brightening, "If you ever need anything, you know we're right here for you," the medic would add. It was true, whether it was with what he believed to be her pregnancy or anything else. She'd always be a welcome figure in the Kingdom, no matter how many years would pass. "We'll miss you." While it was true she hadn't been around much as of late, that would never erase all of what she'd done for the Kingdom, and how much they'd been through at each other's side.

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    Happy had been sick for far too long - and the amount of time he's seen blood trickle from the tiger's nose was getting to be more and more. Claes had his suspicions from the beginning, when Ev first showed the signs of the ailments that plagued him. The air is dry, he could remember him saying - or something along those lines. He hadn't believed it from the start, if he were being honest - but with recent events going on he couldn't help but know that there was, of course, something far more serious at play. It was moist and it had been raining for nearly a week, now - so it wasn't that. He knew it couldn't be.

    Claes worried for him - he had when he first noted the nosebleeds and the coughing. However, each time he even tried to help or show his concern (even in a subtle way, he'd note), Happy was quick to change the subject or shout out that he was perfectly fine, and that it was nothing to worry about. Of course, that only concerned the Healinghand more, given the other's nature to push serious issues off. However, the tiger was always just far too charming for his own good. He had a talent at distracting Claes from the issue and making him forget all about it. By the time Eve would get a single word out, he never had a chance to push back against it and get to the bottom of everything going on. Ev was tricky, and Claes was helpless.

    Quiet paw steps would lead the former leader towards the gathering group of friends. Meenah was the first to arrive, and the Hades, who showed the concern that he knew Happy would be quick to dismiss. And then lastly Sangria, who spoke about a date.

    His eyes would widen for a moment as he, much slower than the others, made his way towards the group. He would pause, however - honeyed gaze looking at the set-up, and he wondered, for a moment, if this was for a date. Not that he'd be surprised, really - though he'd admit it would feel.. odd, to have stepped in on something like that. Jealous? Oh, Helios. No. Not like that, he didn't think..

    Giving a shake to clear his mind, the medic would take in a deep breath and his wide gaze would soften as Ev made his last statement. Who in their right mind would date a big idiot like me? Claes would roll his eyes playfully - smile growing fonder. Of course he'd say something like that. Would that make him crazy, then? Or was such a thought off-limits? He really didn't know.

    "Here you go, Ev," Claes would chime as he wandered up beside the tiger - a rather large bottle filled with tea presented to the male. Claes had originally brought it to be distributed into cups if others had any, though he figured Ev could probably use it a bit more. Especially considering bread had the tendency to dry mouths a bit. With a bright smile towards him, Claes would then settle down rather close and laying upon one of the throws. He wasn't particularly hungry, but he could easily enjoy the company while others ate.

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    What had happened at the family meeting had gone completely over his head. He knew that some sort of argument happened about the passing of Marigold's sister - but what exactly happened was something carefully tucked away from him. Solkatt had been rather distraught when he came home, and at the time he thought it'd be a good idea to let him take it all in at first. And then Marigold.. Helios, he'd returned a sad mess, and in such a state Claes didn't want to pry. Rosemary came back, too - quieter and more solemn than she had ever seemed before. And Witch... he didn't seem well after the gathering, either - and he bore an anger (or anguish?) that Claes had never really seen from the typical calm and quiet hellcat.

    So what did happen? He wasn't sure, and he wasn't truly sure he'd ever find out what had torn the family up so much unless he pried it out of them. But what he was sure of, however, was the fact that it was affecting them all. Some more than others, though he would admit that Sully seemed to be taking it the hardest out of all of them.

    Admittedly, Claes had been keeping a gentle eye on him as he went about his days - peeking in while he was doing crafts, and making sure he was well. Today didn't happen to be any different, as when Claes had been on his way through the soggy grounds and to the garden to get some supplies the sight of his dear son caught his attention. His steps would slow and honeyed gaze would turn to look towards him automatically, small smile gracing his features as he began to turn to chat with him. However, the determination that flashed almost harshly in his son's gaze told him to just watch for a moment.

    Solkatt-Amadeus begins to speak, but the wind drowns it out, even from where he is standing. His ears would push back and he would aim to step forward, and he would look towards his son to encourage him to go on. Instead, however - he doesn't even seem to need it as he straightens up and tries again to get whatever he wanted to share out.

    Amadeus? The former king's gaze would narrow in confusion, and his head would tilt curiously at his son's introduction. Sully had always used his full name when introducing himself to others, and now.. now he was dropping the Solkatt part when announcing himself to the whole clan? Is there something more going on? Maybe the troubles that plagued his dear son were far more serious than he had realized..

    Creamy paws would carry Claes over slowly, and though there was confusion still within his honeyed gaze, as he looked to Amadeus they were still bright and encouraging - accepting, always. Moving closer towards him, Claes would let out a gentle purr and aim to embrace him in a quick hug - nothing too suffocating, given the mild agitation that seemed to come from him before. "Well, Amadeus," Claes put a little emphasis on the name, smile broadening as he looked to his son to make sure that was what he wanted to be called, instead Solkatt or Solkatt-Amadeus, "Welcome to the commune guild." Being part of the commune guild was certainly a task in itself, keeping up with it all - but he knew all of his kids could handle it. They seemed quite good at things like that. "I can show you and Achilles all the coolest parts of the Atrium, if you want," he would offer hopefully, looking between his two kids and beckoning Chillie closer, before adding, "Maybe you two can set up an event together, hmm?" he would add after a moment. Maybe a sleepover event? Helios, he didn't know. But maybe giving them an event to do together would help to cheer Amadeus up a bit more.

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    Oh, the expectations of the crowned and formerly crowned. It was funny how that worked - the expectation to rise to great heights like those closest to you. Though if Claes were to be honest, such pressure for his children didn't reside in his heart. Maybe it was the fact that he had been raised with no true expectation by his mother (he didn't know of her grand positions at that time, admittedly), or maybe it was because he had never cared for positions all-too much, but he simply wished for his kids to be, rather to live in any image. As cliche as it sounded, he'd much rather them find their way and what made them happy, rather than have them strive to the said expectations of royalty. Helios knows he would have never liked to live by such pressures.

    But trying to fit the role was understandable, and in a way he felt sympathy for them. Being born royal-blooded had its consequences, just as it had its perks. Others handled it much better than others - such as Sonata. And others, on the other hand, didn't thrive so much in the high-pressure political arena. But if there was one thing that they all seemed to have in common, it was their ambition. In some cases for power, others for acceptance, and of course, others for peace. Each one equally important to the other, each one equally respectable. It seemed the drive for certain things ran in the family.

    A fond smile danced upon the late-king's maw as he sat back within the coverage of the cave, leaning gently against the wall. Honey-sweet gaze would watch over his son as he watched the rain - and he was content just there, watching from afar (though being up there with him would have been just as swell). Though, Claes blinked, and his dear son disappeared through the entrance with a distant splash, and soon following him was Hephaestus. His eyes would widen considerably, though no worry plagued his heart at the accident. It was entertaining, in an endearing way. Oh, how he adored them.

    Turning upon his heel with amusement within his gaze, the Healinghand would pad into one of the closer storage enclosures, reaching for a stack of cloths and wipes that were typically used for medical emergencies when other things weren't available. And though this was no emergency, he figured losing one or two to the grasps of mud wouldn't hurt.

    Padding up, the injured male would arrive just as Heph finished pulling Achilles out and requested that of a towel. Though he would pause for a moment, smile growing fonder, more adoring as he watched one son help the other out of the mud. He and Marigold certainly had a good lot, didn't they? How lucky they were, to have such great kids. Tail tip twitching with both delight and content, the male would stride closer - aiming to give Hephaestus an affectionate lick on the head. "I have some right here," the father would chime gently as he moved to Hephe's side, tail curling around his son as he laid the cloth and 'towels' down onto dry ground inside the cave. Though, at the notion of tossing Achilles out into the rain to get even more wet, Claes would laugh and give a small shake of his head. "I don't think we need to drench your brother, though," he would laugh gently, "The mud's fresh," the late king would point out hopefully, smile remaining encouraging.

    "Illy-" Claes would begin with a smile, patting the ground in front of him to beckon his son forward. "Let's get you cleaned up, darling," gentle and reassuring words were said as he grabbed a towel within a paw - ready to rub his son clean. Motioning for Hephaestus to join him, he would prepare to get to the task of cleaning done alongside him. "We could find more lizards in the garden to be friends with - I've heard the birds there are quite nice companions, too," Claes would hum with a smile, purr beginning in his throat. Looking between them - he would pull them both closer momentarily in a (mostly) involuntary hug on their part, before releasing them briefly and aiming to resume said cleaning. Maybe in the gardens - where it was hopefully much drier - they'd find more luck in keeping lizards as friends. If not.. well, they could always make friends with the crickets or moths, though that likely wasn't going to be as favorable as the cute lizards that scurried about.

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    Home could be nearly anything, Claes thought - and it was because of that that home to him had become almost everything to him. It was the familiar sandy lands and the dry-earth smell (though lately that was covered up by the rain). It was the sight of his friends and his family, and it was the gentle waking comforts of being able to be by their sides. But home to him was also the smell of lavender and honey - that old, old meadow he and his siblings grew up so much in. It was the way plants grew and gentle laughter, and it was the way the spring sun spoke life into the world surrounding. Home was a sense of comfort - a reminder of comfort - no matter where he was or what he was doing.

    And if he were honest, nothing felt quite so much as home than here. But that wasn't surprising, was it?

    Light paws would step upon the damp sand, each taking him slowly towards their surrounding borders. His paws didn't wander far from the infirmary, lately -- especially not after what happened when he last went out -- but he was finding that even the slightest of trips would do him well. Typically, he would have avoided their sea-side border - his apprehension around water being the main deterrent. But with all the rain coming from the ocean's direction it felt natural to be wary, and want to check the area often. Were water levels rising? How much time they had until the brute of the storm hit? Was there a shift in the winds? And while Claes had always been an optimist in the way that he would always hope for the best, he wouldn't let such things go un-noted in a situation like this. Who knew what kind of damage would ensue with a torrential rain here in the desert? He certainly didn't know. It was best to be prepared, right?

    Nose turned up to the wind, the feline's honeyed gaze would widen just a bit as his observations were cut short by a vaguely familiar sea-ridden scent of a long lost member. He would blink, head turning in the direction to see his fellow late-queen Meenah -- who he hadn't talked to in an equal amount of time but had heard she returned -- and then the man he recognized, even if only vaguely. Padding over, the late king would press gently against Meenah's leg, before returning his attention to the man before them. Desperado, Meenah said. He certainly did look like how Claes remembered.

    "Despe," Claes would call out softly after a moment, smile brightening as he looked towards the hybrid, tail tip curling around his leg as he took a seat. The two hadn't been close, really - and certainly not nick-name close - but there was always something more relaxing, and perhaps even opening, about seeing someone again after so much time. He only had fond memories of the fellow, after all, even if he had wandered in at a time of challenge and hardship. "It's great to see you again. Is there anything you need?" the Healinghand would ask promptly, curious gaze landing on the male with a relaxed interest. With the male returning after so many moons he didn't know if there was a need of assistance, or perhaps just a home to stay in once more. Either - Claes was convinced - the Kingdom was willing to offer.

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    these are my favorite things EVER okay,,

    ria has absolutely been my baby since day one. claes and i have seen her grow through every hardship and every set back and i have this,,, very sweet, kind of odd attachment to her. like i absolutely adore how baby she is, but at the same time i know that she's grown and matured so much and could also rip anyone a new one if they pushed her far enough. she's gone from an adorable girl to a badass queen and i love her so much for it!

    rae,,,,, i know i've said this like,,, 4 bajillion times,, but i am so so thankful for you. not only is the way you write ria amazing, but you're just.. you're such a positive, funny person, and you bring this light to the kingdom in every aspect. everything about you is special and love-worthy, and i'm so glad to have gotten closer to you over the last few months. you're amazing, never forget that! ty for being you! <3


    it has been wayy to long since they've interacted and i absolutely adore meenah <3

    maybe they could have a thread where they joke around and catch up about things?? :0

    if,, you wish to sketch the boy,,,

    If there was one thing the couldn't be further from the truth in her sentiment, then it was the saying that she wasn't necessary, all this time. Maybe it was because Claes had always been so fond of her -- or maybe it was just because their bond never faded no matter how many months passed -- that is was nearly impossible for him to think of her as just someone that was replaceable, or anything of the like. Because the truth was, she wasn't any of those things that she said she was. Not unhelpful, or useless, or a bad friend or unwanted or anything. She was the opposite - she was steady, she was strong, she was kind. She was understanding and open and she was his friend. And if it meant anything to her, he would want to let her know that if there was someone that he would always run back to if he had the chance, it would be her. It would always be her.

    It was crazy to think with all the time that passed, that she had been the first to greet him on the border that fateful day when he decided to make Solaris home. It had been over a year since he'd wandered up, wide-eyed and hopeful with a delicate, intricate view of the world. It had been over a year since she walked him through the sunny, bright sands. It had been over a year since she walked with him through the gardens and the cave and the oasis. It'd been over a year... that thought made him want to take a step back and breath. So much had happened in that time. From captures and death and leading and ceremonies and everything else. It had been so long... but she was here, now. And though he would have loved to have her with him through every bit of it, there was no better time for her to be back than now.

    "Excuse me, do you know where can I find Claes?"

    The former king was tucked away, not far from where she called. He lifts his head from his paws, eras perking as he recognized the voice - recognized it instantly. Where can I find Claes? That was her. That most certainly was her. A delighted smile came across his face and he would clamber to his paws, practically stumbling over himself and his lame leg to find her among the village buildings that blocked his view. She was here, again, and she was looking for him, of all people. And in those moments he felt equally relieved and honored and excited that she was thinking of him at all.

    As he stumbles his way over, he can hear parts of the conversation. There's some No and something about the medic's den. There's Mari's cheery voice with a welcome back followed by a Clacey, which causes his smile to only grow fonder as he rounded a the last remaining corners to where the gathering group was. There's a bit of silence, and then he can here Hades's energetic words about calling him Clacey as well. He couldn't help but laugh at that. And then.. I'm just as hot. Oh - what a strange comment. But he didn't get the chance to really think about it much as he finally found his growing group of friends.

    "I'm here! I'm right here," Claes would call from behind the group, paws working quickly to push his way to the front, and to where his long-lost friend stood. As soon as he saw her familiar face he would pause involuntarily, mouth parting and smile growing. Without a second moment of hesitation Claes would throw his fore-arms around her, pulling her close and into a hug. "Oh Irene-" he let out a breath, shoulders falling and body relaxing in her grasp "-It's so good to see you again." he would purr, holding her tight and not letting go until a few moments later, when he would step back just barely to look at her and give her space.

    "Is everything okay?" he would ask after a moment, honeyed gaze trailing her form just to make sure she wasn't injured. It was an automatic reaction to say such a thing, given she was looking for him and it might constitute the need for his actual help. But she looks... she looks fine. She looks better, even. He brings his gaze back up to her, eyes eager and shining with the kindness of the sun, smiling not willing to drop due to excitement even if he was concerned about there being trouble. "I've missed you," he would add quickly, perhaps a bit out of place. But as he curls his tail around him and idly kneads the ground with his paws, he can't help but say it, because he really, really meant it. It'd been far too long.

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    The first person Claes officially made eye contact with was Marigold. Instinctively, even while he was speaking, he began to smile. How lovely it was, to see him now, while he made such a life-changing decision for the both of them (but life changing in a good way, he'd hoped). But just as he was comforted to see the male, as he went on to deliver the news he kept checking back to his lover's gaze. He was anxious, just a little bit, now. Helios, he was so relieved to be stepping down - but as he looked towards the feline he couldn't quite read his expression. And so when he finished, he looked there, first - hopeful gaze landing upon him for some sort of.. of reaction. Confirmation, happiness, anger, or anything else. Instead, he was met with a mostly blank stare. He supposed that wasn't bad, right? No, Marigold had always been quite keen on letting him know when he didn't like something. He guessed that his decision was completely abhorrent to the male as of right now.

    As his son wandered up, Claes couldn't help but feel instantly joyed. Not only to see his dear Solkatt, but because he knew that in doing this, that he'd be able to spend much more time with him. With all of his family, truly - and he could only hope that he would want that too. The boy's smile fell, and a contemplative look crossed him as well. And similarly, Claes would lean forward to peer towards him just a bit, honeyed eyes trying to read his expression about the change.

    The tabby's toes would tap idly, hopeful smile still lingering towards his boy. Helios, Claes hadn;t considered how much he would worry about what his family would think of it all until now. But even if he was sound in his decision, if his family wasn't he wouldn't know what to do. Surely, he'd try to make it up - he'd make sure they knew he was still there for them. And maybe.. maybe there would be a bit of guilt and discord between them, but he would try to hoped for the best. But then Sully perked back up and came towards him. Without a second thought, Claes would extend his arms and pull him closer, purr rumbling gently into his throat as he pressed his nose gently into the fur on his son's head.

    "I don't think I could ever leave you, Solkatt," he murmured to the little prince. Not purposefully, at least. Having to leave them so long ago hadn't been planned. But this was. Solaris was his home, and even if he was stepping back from the political side of it, he'd never willingly drop it - especially not if his darling kids were here. Stroking his son's back with a comforting touch, he would pull his face away from the little kiss, and smile towards Solkatt, beaming as he answered. "And I'll teach you anything you want, Sully! Anything and everything," he answered cheerfully, tail curling around him, "Maybe we could even start right after this, how does that sound?" he'd chime. Of course, if he wanted to wait that would be just as fine. Claes was only just excited because he knew he would have more time to spend like that with him.

    The former Dawningcrown would then look to Sangria as she drew near, bright gaze focusing upon her, gauging her reaction to her promotion and the news. She seemed a tad worried, almost - her ears drawn back and eyes wide. But within a moment she practically threw herself over to him, and he was quick to extend an arm (the other one still holding Sully), and meet her in the hug.

    Her grip was tight and nearly constricting his breathing, but the security and the comfort that it held was worth more than the quelling of his breath. His paws would wrap around her, gentle and not so strong, but firm and reassuring as they always were. I'll make you proud, she said. And Claes would let a small huff of amusement escape him as she pulled away. "I know you will," he began lightly, smile brightening, "You always do." It was the truth, and he had always hoped that she knew that. That he was proud of her for overcoming, for continuing on, for not letting everything that tore her down get in her way. She was strong - stronger than he ever was - and sensible. She would do great as a leader, as a Queen, and there was no doubt about that within his heart.

    Marigold said something, and Claes's attention would shift to him. Though Sangria was also finishing saying about the apprentices, and the words overlapped, just barely. But he caught it what was said, and though he felt bad for his attention being so ripped away from his fellow Healinghand (and now Queen), he couldn't help his words, his surprise, his.. everything. "I- wh-what?" he sputtered, eyes wide as he peered towards the king. Marry me, he said. He heard it, he was sure he did. But the sheer suddenness and the randomness of its placement caused him to doubt if he truly heard anything at all.

    But Mari was staring over at him, earnest and pressing for an answer to his question. Claes was dumbfounded, golden gaze wide and mouth parted in an expression of shock. He blinks, breath caught in his throat. Marry me, the words repeat. His mind races, and his heart thumps loudly within his chest. But his mind is absent of the panic that usually accompanied that. No, no - he was.. he was happy. He was so, so happy. If not for knowing that Marigold did truly love him despite his mishaps, then for the fact that that they would really be together now, and then for the rest of their lives. Is there anything better? No. No, most certainly not. This was the best thing, he swore, that could have happened at this moment.

    His shocked expression turned to one of pure joy, and just as Sangria gently tugged Solkatt away Claes would make a short hop - the best he could offer with his leg - and practically land on Marigold with a tight, tight hug. "Yes!" he would exclaim, hug only lightening with his grip as he pulled himself back to place a quick, excited peck upon his lover's cheek. "Yes I will marry you, Marigold! I will I will I will!" Oh, it had been so long since he had been this happy, this excited. It felt like pure ecstasy, and nothing in that moment could have made it any less so. His smile was comically big, as he held Marigold in his arms. But it was pure, it was genuine. He was certain that this was the man he would spend the rest of his life with, and knowing Marigold shared the same sentiment only confirmed it and made it that much better.

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    Today was the day.

    It marked the final transition after his announcement, and it marked the day that his sister and his lover were to be rightfully, officially crowned. It was the passage of one generation of leader to the next in the form of a grandios party: one of the things the Kingdom did best. And to say he was beyond equally excited, eager, relieved it was happening now was an understatement. He was beyond ecstatic, and he was beyond happy for everything that was to take place today. From the confirmation of new Kings and Queens for the sun-dwelling Kingdom, to the arrival and participation of Ver, to being able to officially place down the crown and say that he was done. Oh, what a hopeful day this was for all of them; for the prospective rulers, for the members, for him. It was the end of a long and tedious era, and thus it was the crafting and birth of a greater one. Nothing got quite as exciting as that, did it? There was very little that could rival it, in his eyes.

    Slow and uneven gait would take Claes leisurely around camp, honeyed gaze soft and holding endless adoration for the decoration and the effort put into the event. Claes himself is decorated in the best way that he'd known, ever since he had his ceremony as a Knight. His pelt is painted and decorated in shiny, metallic gold paint which glimmered in the light. Lines traverse his face and his ears, dots placed in areas they fit in a by-now expertly practiced manner. It'd been a while since he's worn these prideful paints - it'd been a while since such an occasion warranted them. But as he walks -- taking in the last moments before it was all official -- he finds that he's grown to miss his unique pattern. But he'd get to wear them for today, at least - and he was certain the experience in them would be one that would satisfy him for a long while.

    It's not long before he circles around the crowd and towards the front of their gathering place. Ver is already there, and she tilts her head back to offer a lyrical howl - one so, so much different than the ones he heard so long ago. He smiles to himself and he pauses in his steps, looking up to his friend and former leader with amusement and admiration all the same. And as the sun paints light from behind her, he can't help but remember the day she had crowned him. And now, it seems to have come full circle. As just as she had crowned him, they would work together to crown others - and soon share the same title as late-royalty of the Kingdom. There's something so warming in knowing that his leadership would get to end like this. With her here by his side, like it had started.

    After the howl he resumes his motion, and is quick to climb up (though the climbing was difficult, given his leg) to Ver's side as she began. He settles, first - though as she gets halfway through her first sentence his eyes widen surprise, and he looks over at her with a slight sense of light-hearted confusion. Honoring his legacy? He smiles, and he shakes his head almost playfully. Helios - his 'legacy' was hardly something to be celebrated. He was here to toss it away, if he were honest. But anyways - business.

    She finishes her introduction, and as she looks towards him he looks right back at her - with his gentle smile beaming and his gaze holding a certain readiness - perhaps a sense of finality - within them. He holds eye contact for a moment, before giving a small nod in signal that he was ready. And before he knew it, she was beckoning them up to the stand.

    The Go Deo smiles down towards Sangria and Marigold - and as he looks upon them he can practically feel an equal amount of butterflies rising in his stomach. Both in part because he was excited, and in part that he wanted to do this all correctly, so that the ceremony would go as planned and they'd get honored as the new rulers. However, despite the nerves that danced like old friends within him as they always did when facing a crowd, Claes allows his smile to flourish even more.

    He looks to Sangria first, eyes grower softer and emotions fonder, as he watched the girl grow up from a princess to now, fully, a Queen. And he hopes to catch her gaze, even if just for a moment, just to let her know that he was proud. Proud of everything she'd crafted herself into, proud of everything she had become. And, his tail gives a delighted flick around him as he spoke -- well, mouthed -- something to her. "You're gonna do great," he says. He hopes his discreet mouthing would be enough for her to understand him until he has the chance to say it out loud.

    And then next, Marigold. As soon as he looks upon the newly-appointed king, he can't help the fondness that comes over his heart as he does so. The healinghand shuffles forward just barely - front toes close to hanging off the edge of the stone. He's anxious and excited, really, to be able to dote on him as the newly-crowned king alongside Sangria. And consequentially, he finds himself locking eager eyes onto him for perhaps a few moments longer than usual; supplying his endless and boundless amounts of reassurance and support through his gaze alone. He knows Mari understands that, at the least - more than just hellos and simple things had been conveyed through their glances before.

    He takes in a breath - filling his lungs with the breath of air that felt too much like fulfillment. He releases it was a content sigh, nerves waning as he pulls his gaze away from his closest companion and friends, and instead looks to Ver once more as they prepared for the crowning. "Ready?" he asks her quietly, smile never waning as the official (and perhaps most exciting) part of the ceremony would be soon to begin.

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    That part of life was always a constant, yes - there was always a loss, and always something missing. Claes had learned that fairly quickly, just as most did. It started with Josh, who adored and hated him at the same time. And then Irene (though she was keen on returning at times, and he was always grateful for that). And then it happened to Oceanbeats, and Lemonlaw, Amatus, and some of his siblings. Through all of that, though - despite the pain their absence brought - he had always painted it in a hopeful and optimistic light. If not for the hope that they would one day come back and it would be just like it was, then for the fact that the memories they cherished would remain just the same, no matter how much time would elapse.

    But even he had his limits on his hope and his outlooks - though he would admit said limits had only been reached recently with the actions of his oldest brother. Maybe Aether had been meaning to teach that lesson so harshly, or maybe it was just now that his naivety was fading. But he knew, now, that it was best to be careful with how far he let his faith in others wander.

    But he didn't have to be careful with that with Ver.

    It wasn't just because he knew that she'd stick around until the world forced her to bid adieu, but it was because he knew that no matter what happened he knew that she'd be his friend. No matter which way the tide pulled or the wind blew, Ver was steadily, persistently, stubbornly herself - and that alone commanded his heart and attention, even if she felt that doing so was unlucky. Oh, it was comical, really, how their opinions and images of each other differed so much from the other. Claes, who viewed himself as nothing more than a broken man and helper for those in need - and Ver, who viewed herself as a curse to her friends and family, and yet still held on just the same. Helios - how funny and helpless their arguments would be, were they to read each other's thoughts and try to counter the other's opinion.

    Thundering paws would catch his attention, ears pushed forwards and gaze widening as he searched the foliage for the familiar canine. And almost as soon as he saw her, he felt his shoulders relax and a relieved smile would cross his face. "Ver!" the gleeful call comes from the feline, and his smile brightens even more than it had been before. Leaning back on his hind legs, he would outstretch his front paws as she came barreling forwards - eager and willing to be pulled into the hugs he had begin to miss. However, as she neared, he reached forward to give her a tight hug, and soon enough she gave him a slobbery, long lick upon his head.

    Now that was a new greeting he hadn't been expecting - the lick leaving his head damp and him confused but as elated as he was before. But he didn't mind at all - if anything, he quite was fond of the new-found affection. But he was so entirely happy to see her that focusing on it seemed impossible. It had been so long, and there were so many other things to talk about and think about.

    Soon enough the brief hug separates, and with an excited plop she became eye-level with him, and his mouth parted to speak. She was quick to continue, however - with a happy and rather relieved statement to hear that he was okay. Oh - she had heard about the incident, it seemed. And at that, he gives a sheepish laugh, head shaking with amusement. "Well - mostly, at least," he'd venture, with a small shrug - gaze falling to look at his lame leg which lay awkwardly at his side. However, despite the words that would have otherwise caused some concern other worry, he is smiling, and quick to move on - not wishing to draw attention to it. That's not why he's here, after all.

    A content sigh leaves him, and he is even more relieved that she said that she had much more time, than something brief. And, a little awkwardly, he uses a paw to pull the bottle closer and perhaps to her attention with a fond smile as he prepared for what he wished to say and let her know. "I thought we could have a little while we talked - and to celebrate, maybe," he explained brightly. Was stepping down something to be celebrated? Honestly, he didn't know. But maybe hearing of Ria's stepping up might be something for Ver to get excited about. But for now, he'd hold off on his news to focus on her. "But first-" he paused with a grin, "-I want to know how you've doing. Not knowing what you've been up to has got me worried," he joked, tail flicking playfully behind him. Well, it wasn't entirely a joke, but a light-hearted statement more like it. She'd always been keen on getting herself into rough situations, after all - and knowing her she probably was doing the bare minimum to take care of herself in the midst of it - she'd always been selfless in that way. So there was truth in the statement, really. But, while he waited for her to answer, he would begin to try to open up the bottle of alcohol; still listening to her as he struggled with it with his inexperience.

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