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    6IfyX26.gif She was up to see if there was any extra prey left in the pile. She was hungry, probably like the rest of the clan. That was when she noticed the healer and a warrior. Wondering what they were up to and having nothing better to do. The she-cat makes her way over, "What are you guys doing? Stargazing?" she asked, wondering if they were also thinking about empty stomachs.

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    6IfyX26.gif "I can also tag along." the young warrior says as she makes her way over. A patrol sounded rather nice at the moment. Even with her stomach growling. Velvetpelt looks at the cats who were also coming along. Wondering if they would see anything interesting while out of camp.

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    6IfyX26.gif Velvetpelt had decided to go hunting. She was hungry and a little angry in the moment that she had to feed kits and queens before herself. That was the clan rule or whatever. So the she-cat was going to try and catch whatever she could till she could eat. Because, Starclan, she was going to eat tonight. The warrior pads through the territory, sniffing the air for any signs of prey. That was when she caught onto a nearby rabbit. Her stomach rumbled and her mouth watered. Velvet was going to catch this thing or start eating herself.

    Getting close to the ground, she follows the scent trail. Spotting the rabbit munching on some grass near by. She was waiting for the right moment. Unaware that there was a clan mate hunting down the same rabbit. Her eyes focused on the prey, inching closer and closer. Then, it was time to dash. Leaping off to try and land on the creature. Only to bump into another cat mid air. Fox-dung! Velvetpelt quickly scrambled to her paws, not even checking to see if they were a clan mate or not. "If we hurry we can still catch it! I'll even split it with you! Lets just hurry!" .

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    6IfyX26.gif The molly looks up at the tom who comes to bother her. At least something somewhat interesting was happening. Was she having fun? "No." she answers, about to continue with her reply when another clan mate comes over. Velvet had been wasting time but what was wrong with that? She shrugs it off and thinks over their offer. Maybe something would come of this little walk. "A walk could be interesting. Somewhere we don't patrol? Now that would be interesting."

    windclan § warrior § 15 moons § girl § luna x rulindil § tags

    Another meeting is rolling in and Velvetpelt joins to sit and watch. Her large ears up and ready to listen. She wonders what Duckstar would bring up this time around. Probably the normal stuff and how everyone is hungry. "" .

    The large ear she-cat makes her way over. A task sounded just about right. Something to distract her from the growls in her belly. Velvetpelt guessed just about anything would be better than laying around. Though, laying around was also nice. But today she was gonna do something. "I'll take a task.

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    Velvetpelt was taking a chance as the sun begins to set to groom out her fur. She wasn't dirty or in need of grooming but she was just trying to pass the time. She was a warrior now, which meant she could pretty much do whatever she wanted. No longer needing Duckstar to watch over her every move. Though, she was sure the leader still did so. Since he was the leader now and everything. The molly sighed, missing their small walks they use to have. She supposed she needed to find someone else who wasn't busy running a clan. Someone to go and have fun with. That was allowed in a clan right? Days to just goof off or was every day just straight to work. Velvetpelt gave her shoulder a lick. She had been here for moons and clan life was still an awe to her. Maybe it was something she would never get use to. "" .

    There were a lot of new things Velvetpelt saw when first joining a clan. Such as new kinds of bugs. It was interesting. Velvet remembered her days of hanging around two-leg dens and seeing roaches. She never thought these glowing bugs could be so... magical looking. Her eyes watch as her clan mate tries to slay them. Finding it oddly amusing to see. It even brought a soft giggle out of her, thinking it would be so easy for them to kill prey but not these tiny insects. Probably because of their size. Her ear twitches as one tries to land on her, not really minding with the show going on in front of her. "" .

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    Night time seemed to be the coolest hours now. Velvetpelt left the warriors den to step into the night air. Still holding on to some warmth but it was much better. The warrior sat down on the cooling ground, eyes casting upwards. The stars were always brighter out here compared to the two-leg nests. She had never lived with a two-leg but she had lived near their dens for a while. Pretty much grew up as a loner. She had came here for her dad who up and left. Though, she really shouldn't have been surpised.

    Now she was here. Focused herself to know the code and traditions, even if some of them were silly to here. But that was clan life. Velvetpelt watched the stary night as a cool breeze provides some comfort. She was tired but wanted to enjoy this moment for a bit. Before it was back to trying to sleep and get up to the hot morning. Then try to find something to eat, which, if she did it would go to the kits and queens. Ugh. "" .

    Velvet stepped back to let the medicine cat do what they had to. Watching as the warrior goes to get some moss. Her eyes looking to the apprentice. What had caused the tunnel to collasp in the first place. She stayed silent, waiting to here what Birdbones had to say. In case there was anything she could do, the warrior stays where she's at. "" .

    "Test or not, we are dying." Velvetpelt said as she padded on over. Herself was now a skinny little thing from lack of prey. Her throat hurt from the lack of water. Starclan was nothing to her. The she-cat sure they were real in some way but it was up to the living to take their lives into their own paws. Would Windclan cats really be so stubborn as to stay here and die because of this Starclan. That was just sad.

    "There's nothing here for us besides history. But that will mean nothing if we are all dead. I think we should send a patrol to look past our borders for new lands that have water and prey." she suggested.