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    XAVyxoV.gif She thought she was fine. Nothing happened when the previous leader found her at the scene. She told her story and nothing happened. So, she thought she was in the clear. Then her mentor calls her forward. Velvetpaw moves up and looks up at Duckstar. It was honestly a little embarssing to be called forward like this.

    "The feline attacked me, I defended myself, and she died." she said, plain and simple. That was true. Of course, she knew the feline but that wasn't important. Deep down, she knew she didn't have to kill the feline but in a way she had to. They probably would have come back or killed her as soon as her back was turn. This was just how things were. Should she really be sorry? They tried to kill her after all. "I- I did what I had to."

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    XAVyxoV.gif Her name was spoken and she was reminded of the code. Yes, she knew the code. Velvetpaw had been learning the code since she was first brought into camp. Rules, rules, and more rules. There was nothing wrong with rules but sometimes things had to be broken. Like this time. She killed the cat because they attacked her. If she had simply scared them away, brought them onto their back- no, Velvet would have never been allowed to bring this cat down. They would have fought to the death and killed her. For this cat that now laid dead had no code of honor.

    "I..." the apprentice took a moment to gather herself, she didn't feel guilty for killing but more for getting caught. If she had more time maybe she would have hid the body and forgot about it over time. Maybe. What ifs. Those ideals were not going to help her now as she stands before the leader. Would they understand her? "They attacked me. I had to- I had to! If I didn't kill them they would have killed me." she says, strong in that belief. But would it be enough?

    Her eyes look right at Mistralstar, wondering if they had ever killed before. Did they understand her? "Please understand, I only did what was necessary."

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    XAVyxoV.gif "Don't worry! I'll save you!" she called out in amusement, aiming to swoop some mud and throw it at Larkkit. Velvetpaw giggled, wondering if clan cat often took times like this to mess around. She quite liked it compared to her normal apprentice stuff.

    windclan apprentice 12 moons girl luna x rulindil tags

    // warning for death, blood, and a bit of gore

    // summary: a rouge comes back into Velvets life and she kills her. she is currently at the border standing over the dead rouge. the rouge did attack first

    XAVyxoV.gif Clan life. She had been unsure about it at first. Velvetpaw came here for her father who up and left. Figures. She worked hard to find him and learn his way of life for nothing. The molly didn't always understand the warrior code but she did her best to live by it. Since, this was her home. Where else would she go? The apprentice was happy to be here with Duckthroat and well, er, she guessed she didn't really have a lot of friends. But she still liked it here and having the chance to make more friends. It was something the she-cat never really had.

    Her eyes drift over the territory in front of her, on the hunt. She tasted the air that was filled with the scent of rain. Her paws were covered in a layer of mud. Velvetpaw was hoping that since the rain lifted something would come out of hiding. And it did. The apprentice was at the border soon enough that backed the farm area. A familiar she-cat stood before her. The kind of familiar that made her skin crawl, stomach twist, and eyes narrow. "Abby." she spoke up, her yellow eyes meet with rage riddled green ones. Velvetpaw knew why they were here. The brown molly lunged at her and the apprentice gracefully moved away. They were here to kill her for something she did long ago. Something she wasn't even sure if she regretted. Stuff happens kind of situation.

    Now, Velvet knows the warrior code says not to kill unless necessary. She knows. But this was Velvet from the past dealing with the past. A past that had no rules and back then everything was free game. The apprentice knew this molly wouldn't stop till one of them was dead. That was just how some cats are. How things are out there. Would they understand? Velvetpaw stood over the dead she-cat who was fatally wounded from a deep cut on the throat. Both cats had small cuts but Velvetpaw was basically unhurt. Was she suppose to be good at killing?

    She breathed in and out, eyes looking over the soft brown fur. Paws thick with mud and blood, the only dirty part of her. For her heart was clean and thoughts clear of gilt. "Poor poor Abby." she tisk, taking a moment to understand the situation she just entered.

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    XAVyxoV.gif She remembered hanging out on a twoleg porch when it down poured. Now she was in a clan that barely had trees to take cover. Velvetpaw's paws were already covered in mud as she pads back into the camp. Her eyes spot the kit who was playing in mud. Something about playing but they would clean themselves later. Ew. The very thought of licking mud off made her want to throw up. She makes her way over, "Maybe we can find out some stream to help get the mud off." she offered, "After you're done playing of course."

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    Velvetpaw had never heard of a warrior being able to lose their rank before. It was some kind of punishment. She was use to the idea of a punishment being physical. Like a good claw to the face. Her eyes look to Duckthroat then back to the warrior who just got their name back. Their name. Taking someone’s name almost seemed to harsh but she guessed that was about of clan life. "" .

    Velvetpaw was quick to make her way over. Wondering what in the world was happening. The apprentice looked at the kit, her mentor, and other warrior. She wondered if this cat was trying to steal a kit or something. Velvet was ready to help in any way she could. If help was even needed. "" .

    Velvetpaw had heard of the moonstone before. But she had never been there. The molly padded towards her friend- er, well, she guessed mentor as well. Her eyes looking towards the healer and wondered why they were going on this trip. "Duckthroat, what exactly is the moonstone?" she asked quietly, still looking forward at the pair that was about to take their leave.

    She liked Duckthroat to say the least. He was a nice tom and she felt like they could really get along together. Her eyes were trained to see those who may attack. Don’t trust anyone kind of gal. Velvetpaw swiftly back tracked so he swiped at the space in front of her. Aiming to quickly side step then try to swipe at his own paws to make him trip up. Her heart was pounding and growing to the feeling of excitement. "" .

    The apprentice made her way over to look at the mouse. It sure was different to say the least. Velvetpaw has never seen something like this before. It was strange. She wondered if there was something nearby that were causing the mice to be like this. "Too bad. It probably would have been tasty." .

    The apprentice nodded and soon followed after her mentor. She loved a one on one match. Velvetpaw had gone up against more than one cat before. But there was something about a one on one that really set her soul on fire. The feeling of life or death was great. Mostly because she was never on deaths side.

    Her attention was drawn from her thoughts at the mention of a ceremony. She knew her skills in fighting and hunting were good. But she sometimes struggles with the warrior code. "You think I’m ready?" .

    She missed her dad to say the least. Velvetpaw came here for him and now this was where she was at. It wasn’t all that bad. She had a pretty great mentor after all. The apprentice made her way over and sat down. Looking to the newest leader and ready to hear what else they had to say."" .

    XAVyxoV.gif The she-cat had been too young to remember last leaf-bare. But she could recall a time where she saw small pointy ice sticks clinging to the top of a two-leg den. Velvetpaw had always managed to sneak her way into said dens or find some warm abandon den to stay in. But these cold days she was kicking it with Windclan. The molly was still learning their ways and often had a lot of questions that pertained to 'why'.

    Velvetpaw padded on over to the pair, finding herself looking to the moving water. It must be freezing and she would surely feel bad for any creature at falls in this time around. The apprentice looked to the leader, her heart ached a little bit. As she missed her father dearly. "" .

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    "Let’s spar!" the apprentice said with no hesitation. She liked messing around with kits as well but her mind was focus on something else. The need to fight, even if sparring meant no claws. It had been so long since she matched with another feline. Being a loner left her with lots of cats to fight. But it seemed clans didn’t fight amongst each other as much as she thought.


    XAVyxoV.gif Velvetpaw had been here for some time now and still questioned this warrior code they had going. But she supposed she would just roll with it for now. Maybe a little later she would question stuff out loud. For now, she was set on finding this mentor of hers. She was itching to do something today. Her mind set on sparring or at least finding some other cat to spar. "Duckthroat!" she called out, looking around for the tom.

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    XAVyxoV.gif "You sure you don't want some company?" the she-cat asked, sad to think her father would be gone for a while. But maybe that was just a clan leadership thing. Velvetpaw still offered to go with even if he ended up turning her down.

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    Velvetpaw would be interested but probably not the best mca but she would be willing to try it would, she is 11 moons, knows the basics from being a loner, tough love kind of gal and probably be interested in poisons