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    Ever since his mother had stepped down and... well, left, Dart had been mainly keeping to his own devices. Hunting, scrabbling around twolegplace, finding trouble to get into, and generally being a nuisance. He had had fun, but now it was time to re-integrate himself into his home Clan. He was older now, a little more experienced. Not exactly a warrior by any means, but he was much farther along than he had been before. Was Cora still here? Cata? Wildseas? Gosh, he really needed to catch up around here. "Hello?" He asked, stepping a lanky black foot into the Bloodhouse. His green eyes peered around, almost glowing in the evening light.


    D'Artagnan had been close enough to hear Bianca shout for help the first time. With harried steps, the black-furred tom made his way over to see what was up. The alleyway stank more than usual, like blood and trash and death. His eyes rapidly adjusted and he saw why. Dead rats were everywhere, alongside an almost-dead Wildseas. Bianca and Rulindil were trying to carry him. "I'll get Aurora and Ruth!" He exclaimed, having no idea someone had already run off to grab the healer. He just knew he couldn't do anything else to help at the moment.

    // WILLOWKIT-  


    The black-furred tom had gone to the twoleg playground that day, exploring around as best he could while also avoiding the twolegs and their kits gathered there. One had nearly snatched him up, but a quick hiss and swipe from his claws had made them back up. Eventually, though, there were too many and he had to hide in the nearby trees. After another hour or so, thunder rumbled overhead and the twolegs all cleared out. It wasn't raining, but the shift in the air announced it would be soon.

    D'Artagnan ignored the rumbling and headed right towards something he'd had his eye on for awhile. Metal bars that stretched up, like a ladder, but then had another ladder flat on top. The twolegs would hang off by their paws and carry themselves across. He wanted to try, as best he could with his non-twoleg paws. Dart scampered up to the structure and stared at it a moment. Then, with a short leap, he managed to land on top of the first ladder. It was easy from there to climb onto the very top and stand, precariously balanced, on one of the rungs. He stepped forward once, then again, then again, until he had made it the entire way. Haha! He was king of the playground now.


    This wasn't good. Poisoned rats? Dart's stomach turned, thinking of the juicy one he'd eaten earlier. While that one hadn't smelled sweet or anything, he was still concerned. He didn't want to die before he achieved his destiny. It was too soon! Dart bounded over to where Ruth was, eyes wide. "Can I go to SkyClan?" He asked eagerly. Despite the situation, seeing a new Clan would be awesome.


    The tyro had approahced quietly behind his mother and had taken a seat beside her, listening as the rogue continued to speak. Ruth had obviously dismissed him, yet he was still here. But then, suddenly, he turned to leave. Dart didn't like the look on his face, like the rogue was eager to get revenge on Ruth for denying him. Frowning, the black-furred tom glanced up at Ruth. "Why did he think that would ever work?" He asked, tipping his head to the side. The forest Clans were already at odds with each other; throwing BloodClan in there would only make it worse. They were hated. But maybe the rogue didn't really know the Clans that well or whatever.


    Dart knew he already had the 'sweetest moves' of anyone around, but did admire the way Keaton flipped so effortlessly off the buildings. The black-furred tyro padded forward, green eyes wide. He was smaller than Keaton, but supposed he could do the same things easily. Right? With a determined grin, Dart raised his head. "I will compete!" He exclaimed. With that, he raced towards a nearby car, leaping onto the front bumper before jumping the rest of the way onto the hood. With a triumphant smile, Dart finished the trek to the very top of the car. Then, he turned towards the edge and jumped off. He tried to flip, as he'd seen Keaton do, but ended up simply twisting randomly and landing hard on the ground. On his paws, but still hard. "Ah... ta-da!"


    The kitten bounded over, knowing this had to be the meeting he and his siblings became apprentices. He listened with an anticipation, bored by all the talk of politics. At some point he'd need to know that- for when he became leader, of course- but for now he didn't really care. He just wanted to start training! Finally, Ruth mentioned his and his sibling's names, and announced they had reached the age of becoming tyros. He puffed out his fluffy black chest, head held high. And to his great excitement, his mom announced she would be teaching him herself! Wow! His smile was about to burst. Ruth moved on quickly, but he didn't mind. "Yeah!" He exclaimed to no one in particular. His path to greatness had begun.

    He was happy for Wheatbell though, as the she-cat he considered a friend was named Guard. However, it just wasn't as exciting as his own promotion to tyro. Under Ruth. The best team-up ever.


    Dart had been wandering around the Bloodhouse for a little while now, looking for any of his siblings to see if they wanted to try hunting near the twoleg park. Of course, he had yet to be assigned a mentor and learn how to hunt, but it wouldn't hurt to try. He was six moons old and could take care of himself. As he wandered around the side of the Bloodhouse, he turned his greenish eyes up to the sky. Hmm, that cloud looked suspiciously like a rabbit. He'd only ever seen one before, in a twoleg's house. Poor thing was trapped, all fat and juicy. As Dart's eyes were on the sky and not where he was walking, his paws trampled right over the flowers Johanna, Wildseas, and Rulindil were staring at.


    He hadn't gone, but he knew Cora did. Honestly, he would have, were it not for the fact he'd taken a nap that lasted the whole night. Oh well. Padding up to stand beside Wheatbell, he listened with eager ears. Had something gone wrong? From what Bast said, it sounded like RiverClan hadn't been happy about it. But what did they know? They had fish for brains anyways. Dart glanced around for Cora, wondering if she was nearby and could tell him the details.


    Dart had always liked Wheatpaw. She was happy, kind, optimistic. She seemed to like him as well. The only bad thing he had to say about her was that she still seemed very soft, like she carried her forest Clan heart with her. Maybe that would change over time. Dart would protect her in the meantime!

    As she announced her new name, the young tom barreled over with a grin. Wheatbell? Not the coolest name, but it fit her. He was still pretty jealous of her collar as well. "I like that! But it's a forest Clan name still," He told her, a hint of worry in his tone. Was she thinking of going back?


    Dart had completely forgotten about the whole 'nine lives' thing. How cool would it be to die and come back to life? Three times! Being leader would be so cool. "That's a long way off, but I like the idea!" He exclaimed, aiming to squish a paw into Cata's face if his previous attack had worked. Although he was down for competition and rivalry, he didn't see it as hardcore as his siblings did. He just thought it was fun to be the best.


    Dart beamed up at his mother, not at all sensing the sadness behind her tone. He assumed she was as happy as he was, ready to go out and begin his path to being a great warrior. Although, after Cora mentioned leader, that wouldn't be too bad either. It would be awesome to take his mother's place someday, although that would mean she would have to leave, and he would be sad about that. He already missed Aleksei.

    But there was no time now to be sad! Cora and Cata chattered on, debating over who would be leader. Like his sister, Dart was also excited for who his mentor would be. Knowing his mom, she would give all of them the best mentors ever! The strongest, fastest, and smartest! Just like them. He laughed at Cata's words, aiming to leap onto his brother in a playful tackle. "I want a mentor so I can learn secret moves! You can't learn secret moves by yourself, Cata," The black-furred tom announced, tone teasing, "I think, when it's time for us to be leader, we could all be leader at the same time! That would be really fun. Who could fight three BloodClan leaders at once?"


    // Ah so sorry for this being so late!

    D'Artagnan swiveled his head around as a voice came from behind, his greenish eyes landing on the form of Wheatpaw. She had formerly been a forest cat, as far as he knew- she made the right choice coming here- and was very kind. Although he believed that would eventually get her hurt, he was still grateful for the respite amongst the rest of the Clan. No one here was particularly, well, nice. Wheatpaw was. He offered a small smile, wondering why she would want to talk to him, of all people. "Hi Wheatpaw! I was actually just about to set out to explore. Hopefully I'll find something." He did it everyday, but everyday he was finding new things to see and do. Twolegplace was dangerous and exciting all at once. The black tom tipped his head to the side, an idea popping into his brain. Maybe Wheatpaw could be his friend? "Want to come?"


    The black tom woke with more of a start than he ever had in his entire life. Dart knew something was important today, but... what? He had gone to sleep excited, dreamt about fighting off a fox, then running into a lake and breathing underwater, and now he was awake! The sun was just peeking in through a broken window in the BloodHouse, illuminating a patch on the floor. "Guys! Guys! Something important is today! It's... we're..." His still sleep-addled brain struggled with finding the right words, his green eyes narrowing in concentration. Ugh! Then it hit him like a monster on the Thunderpath. "We're six moons old today! Tyros!" His voice rose to a cheer, his paws dancing underneath him. Although he was as free as any other cat in BloodClan, now he could seriously start working on being the best fighter ever!



    Name: D'Artagnan

    Training style preferences: A tough and creative mentor, one who's willing to go on lots of adventures and be a friend, but also to train hard and be a great warrior. A tough or mean one would really push him to his limits, but one that's too soft he might get bored with.

    Other: :)