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    Breezetail — Breeze, Breezekit, Breezepaw

    "Breeze" a small fragile looking feline "tail" for her excellent tree climbing skills

    Female — She/Her — Demipanromantic — Pansexual

    16 moons physically — Aged whenever

    Born on September 16 2018 — Skyclan *

    Traditional Skyclan — Warrior


    Mentor to Lynxpaw

    Apprenticed by Cloudspots (MIA), Berylbreeze

    Mate to no one, crushing on no one

    Friends with no one — Best friends with no one

    Daughter of Rainpuddle x Flick - Sister to Plumbpaw, Peacockkit, Cloudpaw, Mintpaw, Irispaw

    Family tree


    Domestic cat; mixed

    A long hair, grey and white she-cat with green eyes who bares lots of similarities with her mother Rainpuddle

    Important notes: No scars or marks


    Kind, protective, naive

    Brave, active, risk-taker

    Stubborn, temperamental, fighter


    Follows warrior code -- Specializes in tree climbing -- Apprentice

    Hunting ★★★★☆

    Battle technique ★★★☆☆

    Medicine ★☆☆☆☆

    Swimming ★★★★★

    Tree climbing ★★★★★

    Strength ★★★☆☆

    Stamina ★★★★★

    Intelligence ★★★★☆


    Hard physically — Very hard mentally

    Battle moves: Nothing

    Tag when attacking


    Physically - 100%

    Mentally - 100%

    Fighting - 100%

    Injury(ies) - None

    Illness(s) - None

    Overall - 10/10

    roleplayed by Decaying

    Breezetail's Storage

    ToUQPFN.gif Getting use the the snow sounded like fun. Her thick coat provided comfort in the cold but her paws still became numb walking in the snow. It wasn't too bad but it did take some getting use to. So this patrol sounded perfect to her. The warrior made her way over and wondered who else would be joining them. "" .

    skyclan warrior 14 moons girl rainpuddle x flick tags

    ToUQPFN.gif Kits were always suppose to stay in the camp. But now apprentices? How were they suppose to train? How were they suppose to feed the clan with less paws? Breezetail understood the decision but she was still worried about it. The warrior just nodded and wondered what the mentors would do. She hoped times like these would pass soon enough. "" .

    skyclan warrior 14 moons girl rainpuddle x flick tags

    ToUQPFN.gif It was getting colder and colder, sickness was bound to come. But Breezetail was feeling fine. No chills or sickness had touched her so far. The young warrior was in good health but she wanted the medicine cat apprentice to practice. So she made her way over to see if looking over a healthy cat would provide any kind of help. "" .

    skyclan warrior 14 moons girl rainpuddle x flick tags

    ToUQPFN.gif Breezetail made her way over for the meeting. Looking around at everyone before her eyes settle on the leader. There would be a lot to talk about when it came to the dogs. But she was happy to see Skyclan had another apprentice, along with a new member. The young warrior didn't speak as she waited for the next topic to come up. "" .

    skyclan warrior 14 moons girl rainpuddle x flick tags

    Breeze nodded and followed where she was suppose to go. She copied her clan mates actions, doing her best to scare them. And it seemed to work. Her eyes looked back to the other felines and wondered if the dogs would return. She really hoped not. But she had a feeling this wasn’t going to be so easy. If they came back once then they would come back again. Like badgers and foxes did."" .

    ToUQPFN.gif Dogs. She didn't have much experience with them but she had heard stories. Of how these beast could rip a cat apart if they wanted to. It was scary to think back to when Lavendarstar was talking with one. It was scary to think they would have to deal with not just one dog but two. Her eyes looked over her clan mates and wondered if they had any idea of what to do. For she was at a loss here. "" .

    skyclan warrior 14 moons girl rainpuddle x flick tags

    ToUQPFN.gif She was familiar with border patrols and seeing cats from other clans. She was still on guard but she didn't think Thunderclan was going to cause any trouble. Leaf-bare was still fresh and she supposed it would be at least another moon before they had to worry about prey being stolen from hungry cats. So she was happy to see them before the desperation is brought out from the cold. "Hello there." the young she-cat greeted, giving the patrol a friendly nod.

    skyclan warrior 14 moons girl rainpuddle x flick tags

    ToUQPFN.gif "I'll take a task." Breezetail said as she makes her way over. It had been awhile since she did something outside her normal warrior duties. Not that she minded. Things just have been a little slow for her. Going on the normal patrols where nothing interesting happens. Her eyes look to the kit and wondered what kind of task she would be given this time around.

    skyclan warrior 13 moons girl rainpuddle x flick tags


    Breezetail could hardly believe that she had an apprentice of her own. The warrior was so excited to finally start training a feline who would one day also be a fellow warrior. It was all very new and nerve racking. Her eyes looked around as she pads towards the apprentice den. "Lynxpaw?" she called out, hoping her apprentice was awake even if it was very early in the morning.

    The warrior made her way over. Sitting down to listen to the meeting. Breezetail was happy to hear who the new deputy was. She was happy to see Skyclan was adjusting and moving on. Wondering if things would be back to normal soon enough."" .

    Lavenderstar was dead. Long love Heronstar. The warrior was happy to see the leader was back from their trip. She hoped they were okay. Breezetail hoped that they lead this clan for many moons. She hoped. But she doesn’t know. That didn’t matter because no one ever really knows.

    Breezetail joined in the chanting. She wondered how the new leader was feeling now that they had multiple lives. Multiple chances in this life where she only had one. "" .

    ToUQPFN.gif Breezetail couldn't help but giggle a little bit. This kittypet had no fear of the warriors in front of them. Wolfshade's comment hurt a little bit. Since she was half-kittypet herself. But she supposed there wasn't much she could do to change their mind. Her eyes look back to the stranger, wondering if they actually wanted to join or not. Would they just leave if things got hard? "If you joined you would have to promise loyalty, learn our ways, and be able to hold your own and provide for the clan. Are you sure you're up for all of that?" .

    skyclan warrior 13 moons girl rainpuddle x flick tags

    Breezetail didn’t remember much of her two leg home. She had been so young when she left. But she had faint memories of the warmth of a two leg house. The feline never wanted to go back and understood why so many kitty pets wondered in. Breezetail made her way towards the small group. Looking to the stranger and waited for them to respond. "" .

    Breezetail was happy for the new leader but of course was still dealing with the death of Lavenderstar. They had been the leader she grew up with. One that guided the clan through so much. Though, she always felt they disliked her. For having Bloodclan relations and wanting to keep in contact with that kin. It hurt. But she supposed she couldn’t force everyone to like her. The young deputy took note that Heron was heading off to the moonstone. She wished them luck and hoped they would return soon. "" .