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    So after a lot of thinking I've decided that I'm going to have Latenight step down from his position and I'm quitting extended. I don't have a lot of muse for him and I've got the feeling that people don't really like me or my characters for a little while and it's kind of depressing. Oof, teenage depression ;p. Not to mention with his whole Blizzardclan ordeal I actually felt like I had to kill him just because of it so that's another factor. But yea I'm quitting extended and that's basically it. I may pop in sometimes on the discord but probably not. Thanks for the fun that I did have while I was here and I love all of you <333 Ahhh see you all later :3

    Allowing his head to lazily loll to the side he stared blankly at Zach with a lift of his brow. Did this guy really think he was just calling him a jackass? Was he a fucking idiot? Sighing loudly he grumbled out, "It was a general term, I was calling everyone in the vicinity a jackass, you're not special don't even think you are." It came out lazy and careless. Which is what he was. And depressed. Super sad and depressed and lonely. But that was besides the point. "Besides, I don't give people nicknames. I was just referring to all of you as a horde." Because that's what you are, a horde of jackasses.

    Slinking forward on wobbly legs came the nurse, his hollow crimson eyes flashing across the shapes of the two members of the Sanctuary before him. They seemed to be coming off a bit blurry in his eyes but maybe that was his awful vision or the sleep crud in the corners of his eyes. Or maybe that's just what he wanted to tell himself in a weak attempt to remind himself that he was only a bit drunk right now. Nevertheless he would help as he usually, most of the time, always had nothing to do. Taking in the sight of the bleary gift baskets he nodded slowly, "I'll go anywhere, I know where everything is," he spoke quickly, surprisingly so for someone who was on the precipice of being blackout shitfaced.

    Latenight used to care about what the Exiles did once upon a time when they relentlessly raided the many clans he used to reside in. Then he realized that it was fucking stupid and had stopped giving a shit. He had never wasted his time on raids. He rarely cared about who showed up at the borders to spit insults instead of getting down to business and just kicking each others asses. He just didn't care too much anymore, but that might've been the depression talking alongside his slowly diminishing memory space no thanks to all the drugs. But Latenight himself used to be a war guy. He used to barricade camps and set up traps and call strats for the Flights actually. And he liked to think he wasn't too bad at it, but that was up for debate. Still, he was here and had nothing else to do. So he would help. "Just say the word," he grunted with a shrug.

    Latenight was there in a lazy stumble as he arrived. His empty red stare seeming to be glazed over almost as if he hadn't processed a word that Chica said. On the contrary he had heard each word she spoke from her gunfire loud lungs and her barbed tongue as she skipped the beginnings or endings of some words. Truthfully, he wanted nothing to do with the Flights or the Kingdom, the Cartel was a maybe for him. But the other two, they could eat their own asses in his opinions. The Exiles he really didn't care for either. But they weren't nearly as obnoxious for him as Ver and her squadron of sun-sluts or Kira and his own group of bird fuckers. Well, actually that Damion bastard was pretty bad with his jailbird fuckheads. But, per usual, that was all besides the point as Latenight was a brutally hostile child.

    Slinking up came the wobbly form of the seal point, his hollow red eyes flickering across the shape of Chica. She looked different since he had last seen her. But what was it? He couldn't seem to process that she had gotten a whole new body since he had offed himself. Nevertheless he nodded his head in her direction as a clear indication that he would take a task.

    Here he was, back in a familiar place. He had actually quite liked it here unlike many of the other clans he had once inhabited. He hardly missed them. But this place, he had liked it, and he had liked the company he kept here with the exception of Lavendercrown who in his eyes seemed a bit like a bitch. Like, chill out, your kids died it's not a big deal. Take a fucking chill pill. Like shit, all of Latenight's kids were either dead, missing, or had died upon birth. He didn't know. But he did miss them each, he'd just gotten over it a bit too quickly for anyone to be comfortable with. But that was besides the point because he wasn't the father of those kids anymore. Not as he was now. But again, besides the point.

    Stumbling up with the rank scent of alcohol and a mixture of many known and unknown drugs emanated off the lean frame of the tall seal point. His hollow red eyes staring ahead blankly before closing in a rapid session of blinking. Right, he was here to join. He would have to remember that or risk standing here looking like an idiot.

    //ehg8e this is lame & all ic opinions of course he's just a bitter bitch

    Latenight, as always, had nothing to do and was there standing lazily beside Abbi and Baldr, offering them both a sideways glance and a nod of his head in silent greeting. He'd never received a serious gift before aside from the one he had been given by his mother before she abandoned him and Selene. He still had the necklace too. Then there was also that scarf he had gotten from a turkey. He had been fond of it but now it was in tatters and singed around the edges no thanks to his adoptive mother who had irreparably burnt him and the scarf. So the thought of getting a gift was a strange one for him, but he was there nonetheless.

    Latenight himself had never gotten sand in his eyes even when he had first joined. Maybe he had gotten sand in them but maybe he was used to his red eyes being dry and blank like an empty stare. Maybe he had sand in his eyes now and he didn't even feel it. Or maybe he was tripping balls and overthinking it. Stepping up alongside Stone he offered a his usual narrow, blank stare towards Headlights. He didn't really have anything to say as Stone had already asked the obligatory this and that question.

    With a roll of his eyes he began. "You, Baldr, you're cool," it was spoken in a lame tone as he waved his paws wildly as if trying to get the point across. Then turning to Ver he lifted a brow. There was nothing about her that he really liked. I mean fuck, she was basically a stranger. "I don't really know you so.. too bad?" He spoke with a shrug as he gave her a onceover with his hellish eyes. Then next was Nadine. He really didn't know her. But he was sure he could scrounge up a compliment or two. "Your horns are cool I guess."

    Patrol this, patrol that. That's all anyone ever did. But with nothing else to do Latenight stepped up, glancing down at the bandages wrapping Nami. Bloody as they always were. But he couldn't remember having ever seen her show up in the physician's den. Perhaps Abbi had treated her in the privacy of her own room or elsewhere, but he would've preferred to have been there. A learning experience and all that jazz. But that was besides the point as he stepped up alongside the other Ruiners around him, offering them both a nod in greeting. "I'll come too."

    Personally, he didn't like compliments. They seemed so unappealing to him. Mainly because the only ones he had ever heard were usually from disingenuous bastards. They were also for suck ups that weren't attractive enough to fuck their way into power. He hated the damn things. But nevertheless, the world wanted to fuck him again and Nadine had thought it was such a brilliant idea to order him to have a "compliment booth" of sorts. What a stupid fucking idea. Not to mention he'd already done that and the last time he did it he had tossed out some very backhanded remarks. It wasn't like anyone actually deserved a compliment from him. He didn't respect any of them, shit he hardly knew any of their names save for Abbi and Baldr as they seemed to be practically everywhere at once.

    Still, he made himself as comfortable as he could on a sand dune, the chilly air buffeting his thick, short coat of seal point fur. Wasn't this going to be like a fucking party. "Alright, jackasses, I'm giving out free compliments to really boost your egos so get your asses over here," he barked loudly into the wind with a furrowed brow. Now this was a good a time as any to get a cigarette out.

    Sometimes he wondered why his eyes were red. It wasn't natural and he had no known mutations to his name. Sure, they'd turned red in his past life in the midst of his crisis, but it was mainly from his now inability to sleep and how he often cried silently to himself in his alone time. Not to mention he had started doing drugs to satiate the pain in his stomach that ripped it's way into the back of his mind reminding him everyday that he wasn't worth jack shit. He had left everyone and everything he had once cared about. No. Left was the wrong word. He had been forced out of his home, forced to leave his daughter, forced to leave the love of his life without a clue as to what to do. He had been so lost and scared and in his time of fear he had grown a dependency on so many horrible, disdainful substances.

    But in this moment, being psychoanalyzed by a stranger was the least of his problems. Rolling over he stared blankly at her, she certainly looked uncomfortable. "If she loved me we could've worked this out together," he trailed off with a loud, choked heave as he shoved himself to his paws to face Declan. His head throbbing in absolute pain as he had forced himself to sit. "If she loved me, we could've worked it out like adults!"

    Latenight had never been much of a hunter. He had never been much of a fighter either. Or a spy. He had really never been much of anything. And while he could easily spy, hunt, and fight he never really felt like it. It was just so much bullshit that he didn't want to get himself involved in. He wouldn't waste his time getting involved in "big ordeals" like the rest of his clanmates. He wasn't in the mood to make unnecessary enemies or getting idiots on his tail again. But, as it should've already been known, he wasn't doing anything. Stepping up before Jace he shrugged. "I'll go," he said simply.

    Eyes widened in panic, his breath catching in his throat as he tossed down the plate of food he had been nabbing back onto the table to whirl to face Glittering. Choking on his breath for a few more seconds he hissed out, "My name is Latenightpaw." Oversized ears pinned back with displeasure and faux confusion. He had thought that the old feline knew what being discreet meant but it seemed he had overestimated his former tribemates intelligence. Looking over his shoulder he sighed as he hoped none of those egotistical, big-headed Blizzardclan fucks hadn't heard his loud-mouthed idiot of a tribemate. "I don't know anyone named Laureat," he answered with a shrug as he noticeably calmed down. "And I don't know anything about Blizzardclan. I was just asking how you are. But.. you seem to have me mistaken for a friend?" He spoke with a slight tilt of his head in confusion.

    Latenightpaw himself hadn't been quite ready for this shitty, half-assed attempt at a raid, but it hardly mattered when there was a maximum of four or five actually active members within the Ruins. It was entirely possible that this would be a curb stomp to their ranks and their few healthy members. Still, he figured that as their nurse he had to show up and make sure nobody died while Abbi seemed to be involving himself into the actual fight. Making himself comfortable on the edge of the battlefield he carefully plopped his satchel down beside him. It had everything he could carry should he need it when this was done. Crouching carefully as not to leave any open spots on his body in case someone decided to be a jackass and drag him into the fight he unsheathed his claws. Reaching into his bag he grabbed out a cigarette, lighting it up and popping it between his lips he sighed around it. His anxiety was really gonna fucking spike now that he was sitting her carefully watching to see he would need to be dragged out of the fight. "Kick some ass," he muttered to himself softly as he took a drag of his cigarette.