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    "No worries...."Mie muttered partially annoyed. Mie offered a smile towards Shiro flashing a bit of her fangs. Not to worried, Mie turned and sat in her seat as the teacher walked in yawning like crazy. Mie, being the good student she is, sat in the front and answered the majority of questions that the teacher asked. Before getting to deep into her thoughts, the blonde haired vampire suddenly had this overflowing feeling of hunger but not for just any blood, but a certain student's blood. Mie glanced back at Shiro before rushing out of the room hoping the hunger will leave.

    Here is one of my forms I have one more coming up.

    I am interested in a fantasy roleplay with a long plot base for adventure and developing romance with forbidden edges to it through the plot. I am interested with bxg and we can do both have a female and male character to make the plot a little interesting. Send me a pm if you are interested and we can set something up there.

    I am interested in doing a fantasy with bxb. I have a lot in mind I can tell you over pm if interested. Just send me a pm and I will send the plot idea back if you are interested.


    I have lived a normal life...well a normal one for a vampire. Being born into a vampire family was a blessing. Being one that can wonder through the night and cause a bit of panic was always fun. It wasn't until I turned fifteen that my parents told me I must mark someone. It was a tradition for vampires to mark one at a young age to keep the population alive and well. There is no age limit to which we must mark, but it is looked down on for choice over the age of 30.

    Anyways, I had just started to get ready for school when my little sister came running into my room. "Mie Mie...look what I caught!" screamed my little sister. "What did you catch, Kira?" I asked already knowing it was an animal we had roaming our grounds. "I caught a bunny!!" Kira cheered before running back out of my room. I giggled at the childish girl before slipping on my hair pins and walking downstairs. "Mother!! Father!! I am heading off to school" I yelled out before slipping on my shoes and escaping the holds of my mansion of a house.

    In this neighborhood, I live in the creepy house at the end of a long driveway. If you hear rumors about murders or even kidnappings, it was always based around my house. Because of this and my vampire lifestyle is why I attend school I night. My skin isn't as pale as my families and also the lightness of eyes are even different than my parents. I didn't think much of it but the vampire community always thought I was different in a way. This however didn't change the way I treated others or even how hard I tried at school. I am an honor student and also the president of class 3 of the night classes.

    Enough about my life, I thought before walking into the classroom full of night time students. I known about three other vampire students who are also in this class. The rest included poorer students who had to work during the day and take classes at night. "President was your day?" a small framed female asked who wore big rimmed glasses and short brown hair. "It was okay. I slept most of the day but I feel rejuvenated..who about yo..."I was about to ask before.....


    Esther closed her eyes as her feet moved to the music. She was in training for the day. Slipping up onto her toes, she twirled around many times before slipping into a swift leap. Flowing through the air, Esther landed gracefully on the ground. As she kicked her leg up and twisted into her ending position. "That was wonderful!" a male voiced echoed throughout the room. This caused Esther to look in the direction of the male voice. "What on earth are you doing here (your character)?" Esther questioned. Esther wondered her way over to the male and gave him a grimacing look.

    OOC: I understand that the beginning isn't very big but I was hoping to let the story take its own path. Below is the basic plot and from there we can discuss how it will go. This is a BxG roleplay but if you rather play a girl than it can be GxG.

    Again I am sorry that the plot and form are all small. I have not wrote a plot in a long time. I am willing to work to get this to be a fun roleplay.

    I know these are very empty for information but I am currently working on more information for them. I also have to figure out why the pictures aren't working.

    This is currently a work in progress...

    Hello!! I have read through all of your ocs since I am not fully interested in any non oc roleplays. I love the thought plan you have for Kit. He is rather very interesting and I would love to roleplay with that oc. If it is okay with you we can move or plotting to a private conversation and then see where it goes. Thank you.

    "Well let me cut it for you" Alva stated as he walked over to the workbench in the corner. He grabbed a pair of scissors and the sharpener. He ran the blades across his sharpener a couple of time to make sure it would cut through the hair cleanly. The older man walked back over to his victim and grabbed a couple of the golden locks before he cut it. The hair fell onto the floor of the woodsy basement. It took him a little while to clean the boys hair up and make it shorter. "There you go my pet" he said as he twirled the scissors on a finger.

    Alva took the blade of the scissors and pressed it against the neck of his victim. "If you don't stop trying to get lose I will end it very soon" he muttered a bit of anger laced in his voice. He pressed the blade in more where it just barely made a drop of blood fall. He backed away and walked back to his workbench. "Tell me pet, what should I do to you first?" he asked picking up different tools and examining them closely as if he was making sure they all fit his standard again.

    "Unfortunetly for you I do not let my prey go. As for the bar, yes I did say I was going to bring you home and you fell into the hands of my charm but you were easy." Alva chuckled and walked around the blond boy admiring the golden locks he had. "Tell me. Why did you decide to have longer hair and not clean shaved like most gentlemen your age?" The killer had now reached the back of the younger boy and was untying the blindfold. Before he let the blindfold fall to the ground, Alva made sure he grazed the neck of the victim he had sitting in a metal car.

    The room that the two were in was old and rustic looking. The walls looked like the interior of a cabin besides one small wall that held a giant silver looking door. Besides this the room was pretty bare. A workbench was in the corner and it held tools of any average man who looked like he did DIYs on his free time. "Welcome to Hell, love"

    Alva looked at the younger male he had trapped in his basement. As he ran his figures through the boys hair he chuckled at the males pleas to be let go. "Mmm, no. I don't believe you" he said not hiding the amusement in his voice. This wasn't his first kill and nor would it be his last but this one seemed a little special. Alva normally had ended this fun within a couple of days but Alva felt that if he kept him longer than it would also help confuse the police that were after him.

    Alva snapped out of his thoughts quickly as he realized that the man was still blindfolded. "Tell me. Do you recognize my voice?" Alva asked wondering if he would recognize that he in fact is a well known person who has a dark secret. Alva is a CEO of a high company and has been on the news recently. This is in fact more interesting as the police would never suspect him for how well known he is and the fact that he doesn't show many traits of a killer.

    ooc: the next post will be more inclusive with the roleplay. This is more a starter for my character to be introduced along with yours and the way his mind thinks and the police who will be talked about with progress.