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    Beauregard hadn't realised how intricate some of the relationships were between the groups of the area. Some her enemies, some allies, and others an odd standstill between peace and war. And, while this odd place displayed more war than he had ever seen (not that he had really seen much!), it also held more kindness. So, although uncertain, the calico male would make his way over, a curious expression upon his speckled maw. Ah. So this one was an ally? Good. Taking a seat a short distance from Soundcheck so that he could observe how these situations were dealt with, Beau would offer a faint smile of greeting to the stranger.


    To expand upon their relationship - mm, maybe a frenemies thing? Or a "I love Nore more", "No, I love Nore more!" kind of thing? x)

    Oooh yes sounds good! I can certainly see them kind of competing, especially on holidays when they kind of try to find Nore the best gift or something?? But like, I also feel like they would defend each other in the long run??

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    A meeting? Right. Places like these had those sort of things. Prowling over, Beauregard would look about with weary gold optics, soon landing upon Nore. He fought the urge to go wedge himself between the two femmes, but instead opted for a seat a short distance away and behind so that he could keep an eye on his sister. It wasn't that he didn't like this girlfriend of hers', but Beau just didn't know her yet.

    So, remaining quiet, the figure would simply lift his muzzle, resting eyes upon the male whom had greeted him at the border.


    Hey! So I just joined with my boy Beaur here and I'm finding that I've really got a ton of muse for him. He's the brother of Nore and his hugely into flowers and herbs and all that jazz because of where he kind of grew up. Personality wise, he's incredibly protective of family and even just people he gets somewhat close to, and he can be somewhat standoffish and give off a "tough boy" vibe but really he's just a softly who liked flowers and stuff even though he's scarred up.

    As far as plotting goes, he's open to pretty much anything except capture (at the moment, but with a good plot I'm a sucker for it) and death so just toss them at me! It can be anything from giving your chara herbs or teaching them or even just hanging out, whatever comes to mind! <3


    As the first individual approached, Beau could feel his fur beginning to bristle, though he pushed it down. These people were not his enemies. They were not going to chase him down for scraps of food or other such small things. No, these were possibly going to be his new people if he could manage to find his sister here. Maybe he would be able to start a garden here, maybe grow some flowers and some herbs for whomever wanted to use them. Hell, Beau had never been good with the actual use of the herbs, so he figured that it would be a nice change for the medical material he grew not to go to waste.

    Shaking himself from his thoughts, Beau would tip his head in a tiny greeting, making sure not to allow his laurel to fall. It was positioned around his ears comfortably, but he still feared that the "girly" thing that gave him confidence would fall. "Call me Beaur if it's easier. Or Beau. Whatever you prefer." the male would note first, knowing well that his name could be a mouthful for sure. To his next question, the feline would pause a moment. Would he even know his sister? What she looked like? He figured not but her scent would be the same. "She'd probably go by Nore but... it's been awhile so she may go by something else."


    Well. It had been awhile.

    It had been awhile since Bea had last had a good solid conversation with a friend, and it had been a while since he had laid his head on a bed that he called his own. He remembered, of course, the soft plushy catbed that he had used as a kitten. He remembered his owner giving him some sort of flowery name and before that, he remembered cuddling up to his siblings and to his mother. And, while he couldn't remember a face, he remembered the names that had been whispered into his tiny ear when his mother had said goodbye, a quiet reminder to never forget their little family.

    For awhile, things had been good. His human had been kind enough, and it was there that the dusty calico had gotten his affinity for plant husbandry. You see, the home that Bea had been raised in was the home of a florist; a beautiful little old home filled with the brightest flowers and the silkiest leaves. It was on many rainy days that it was too cold to go outside that Bea had simply looked upon the beautiful plants in admiration, calmed by the serene world that he was surrounded by. The house was always a touch too warm and humid for his taste, but it didn't matter in Bea, who much preferred the greenhouse-like conditions to the chills of the outside world. At night, when his owner was asleep, the turkish angora would often weave through the potted plants, bringing his fine black nose to sniff at the brightly coloured petals.

    Ah yes, it had always been a pleasant distraction from the insomnia.

    During the day, Bea frequently decorated the lap of an old, frail woman that would pet him with shaky hands. She was kind and somewhat shamelessly, Bea remembered growing a tad round with the food that she would provide for him. On the bad days when the old woman would grow restless, tossing and turning in her bed, Bea would press himself against the crook of her neck, smiling as he felt her breathing synchronise once again with his slow, rhythmic purring. It was her and the flowers that had kept Bea going regardless of the bullying from the two cats next door; the two who would all too frequently accuse him of being feminine.

    But what did liking flowers and being kind have to do with who he chose to love?


    One morning, having returned from a nightly romp of the forest nearby, Bea had returned to find the old woman dead, trapped beneath the fallen timbers of the home. A storm had ripped through while he had been hiding under a set of tree roots, but he had been lucky enough to have picked a high spot, hidden from many of the natural pains. He had cried in that moment, grief-stricken and hurt. However, with nothing left for him, Bea had begun his travels in search of a new home and... he reminded himself, maybe family. In the months after the incident, the young male had searched but ultimately, only one name and one estimated location remained.


    Shadow Veil.

    And so, with more certain paws than before, the dusty calico would wrap his feathery tail about scarred paws, gold optics narrowed as he surveyed the territory. This was his last guess and by god, he was damned ready to give up after this. In the time that he had travelled, Bea had hardened having gone through some less than ideal situations. His ears battered and his nose scarred, the turkish angora was a looming, muscled form, much in contrast to the leafy laurel that still rested upon his head. He had never given up his flowers and even though he had grown into somewhat of a brutish looking gentleman, he had put it upon himself to remember what had gotten him through those tough times.

    "Hello? I'm looking for my sister. Beauregard is the name."

    If she was here, Bea was ready to brother the shit out of her.


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    BASICS ―― masculinity vs. Sensitivity

    beauregard ebonlocke | " beaur, bea"

    just a really long name

    male | he/him | bisexual biromantic

    Shadow Veil | member | no current title

    somewhat embarrassed florist


    Love vs. War

    npc x npc | Nore (sister) Ebonlocke, 2 other siblings

    carries the Ebonlocke name

    single | [0] crushes? | looking | develops attractions/crushes easily

    ½ of ship name here

    APPEARANCE ―― Man vs. Boy

    CURRENT APPEARANCE: beau is dusty calico turkish angora cat with gold eyes and a feather-like tail. He is tall and muscled with numerous scars, particularly covering his ears, fore paws, and nose. He can often be found wearing a laurel or green leaves atop his head, offsetting his somewhat "tough guy" look

    mutations: none atm

    accessories: a laurel or flower crown

    PERSONALITY & QUIRKS ―― fight me softly

    KEYWORDS: put some short words here that describes their basic personality

    extended personality

    mbti & hogwarts houses and why


    AESTHETICS ―― i need to be a man

    smells like: pine tree needles

    feels like: cotton

    colours: pale green, grey

    objects / motifs: flowers, torn shirts, messy hair

    pinterest link / spotify link


    fight for what’s right

    medium difficulty

    flower prints

    open to friendly powerplaying

    trained in herbal and floral tendencies