She would only have 8 or 7 now. That's what Cane thought when he looked over to the leader. And then he shook his head, maybe even less if she'd lost more he didn't know about. "Cinnamonpaw could you go get Charcoalpaw and Finchblossom?" He said, though his voice was flat and calm. No emotion. Don't let them feel the fear. But when he looked up she was gone and he quickly turned his gaze to Bisonpaw. "Sorry, could you?" The rest of the clan would start freaking out until Juniperthorn said something. Cane could control the situation, but he could put an Eaglestar twist on it until Heronstar decided if she wanted to tell them. He felt it now, that fear when he saw Lavenderstar dead on the floor. If he was calm, there wasn't a problem. Now, he was trying to make sure that they knew there wasn't. She was alive and well. She was fully ready for anything, especially Bloodclan and Riverclan.

    // finchblossom.   charcoalsmudge.

    When Poppystar was leader, a kitten named Hurricanekit was born. When Minnowstar was leader, an apprentice named Hurricanepaw retired to the elders den. But then, they created mediator. And Cane had a future again. When Lavenderstar was leader, a mediator named Hurricanepaw was given his warrior name. And now, after 6 months of serving his clan where they needed him, they were calling for another position. He would give up whatever they needed to make Skyclan safe. "Of course. Where ever you need me Heronstar." And like that, the first mediator stepped down to join the hundreds of senior warriors. But it wasn't a downgrade, because that's what mediators do. They help. And that's what Hurricanegaze would do.

    Gray eyes settle on the younger male, who seems like he’s about to freak out and burst. “Sure, bud.” The words rolled out easily. He couldn’t help but wonder why he was so beat up about going to the border on a patrol. However, he wasn’t one to judge or make assumptions. The male tipped his head, running a paw alongside the grounds before making his way towards the apprentice. “We’ll wait for a few more and then we can go to whichever border you’d like.”

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    From a top a tree, the younger male sat watching. First he observed as a small group of cats emerged from the city line — an audible scoff floated through the thin air as he saw one of them was Creature. He jumped down from the tree after noticing they were approaching the border, and slunk forward until coming to a stop around six tail lengths away. The first was a handsome male, despite the gnarly scars that were on his body. The second was Creature. Honestly, the leader needed no description or adjectives. The other was a Bloodclanner that Hurricanegaze had no recollection of meeting, so he didn't really mind their presence. He looked at the capturing male, tilting his head for a moment. "What do you go by these days? It's hard to keep up when you move clans faster than flies drop dead." Though he hadn't really had an opinion on the striped male, Bune had clearly seen that something was off with him and that was enough. He was kinda cute though. Devilishly handsome as they say. He looked over his shoulder, no doubt that Mothshine and Juniperthorn would soon be here to throw in a few comments. Last time, Lavenderstar had grown tired of them and had just moved on. He'd make sure that the Skyclanner's did the same this time, but it was always nice to make sure that the Bloodies knew they were watching. He tilted his head quickly towards Creature, even if she was a Bloodclan leader, she was still a leader. It was his short display of respect, even if she didn't deserve it.


    Character Name: Hurricanegaze

    Character Description:

    Accessories: none

    Scars: Nick in right ear, scar on left side of chin, cut up left hind leg

    References if available:

    Until the day he died, Hurricanegaze would still give the Bloodclanner's the benefit of the doubt. While friendly was an understatement while also being an overstatement, he no longer had any connections to Bloodclan. He followed up behind the group of cats, falling into place by Mothshine. This male seemed familiar, and Cane remembered that he'd been here before. "If you follow the river more that way," he pointed in the direction where the river would eventually be seen through the city, "you can look across it. If your nose is strong enough, you'll catch the scent of Riverclan." He gave a sigh to the others. "Mothshine is correct though, that's as much as we're going to give you. It's easy to follow the borders all around the clans without trespassing but no we won't be able to escort you around."

    poetry !

    I. A violent wind that has a circular movement.

    II. A steady intent look.

    III. Wonder lover dressed in clouds and stars, ever dancing and twirling without a care. Even does Mother Nature spin with him, her breezes holding his delicate body as her trees sway their arms to shower him with love that comes in emeralds to bronzes to golds. Father Time watches from the in between of the butterflies’ flutters and plants’ shakes. Soon, the ground, blessed by his ethereal movements, will rise and lift him higher and higher to kiss the sky. The two forces of life and death trusts him that he can paint it in the meaning of love, and he simply does by pouring only pieces of himself across the endless canvas. Sacrifices in softest whites and brightest ambers. This is how heaven is made. This is where anyone can call it a home, a place dearly made by the dreamy boy, bearer of storm who can take everything and everyone so gently and lovingly despite the title. He laughs, and he cries, and there are people who will make a constellation with his sounds and place it in the sky. Know that his kindness will never be forgotten. He will never be forgotten.


    Lost gray eyes were swirling around camp from the bridge. There were a few stragglers in the camp below, however the most contrasting one was the newcomer. Cane was still a stranger to him, however slightly familiar. It was a strange feeling, most likely because Dustdevil reminded him of both Bune and Rulindil. He carried the same ego and personality as Rul with the same fur as Bune. However, Dust bore no stripes and had that distinct mop on his head. Not to say it wasn't a beautiful mop, but for lack of a better word it was a mop. "Whatcha looking for Dustdevil?" He asked from above the warrior.