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    Cedarkit stuck close to her mother, as she was unsure of what to think about all the cats around. But then the cat they were here to see showed up. She was much bigger than she was. She at first had no idea who she was. But then Ruth spoke toward her and her littermates. So she was their cousin? How could this cat be their cousin? "Hi! I'm Cedarkit!" She felt a little lame, but it was alright.


    — ★ —

    Looking up to Rootlegs, Cedarkit couldn't help but smile. The tom had been there since they were born. She had wondered what the relationship between her mother and him. They were friends, by what she could tell. But she also knew that her mother cared about him. Maybe Rootlegs was family to her mother. Maybe one of these days, she would ask me mother about it. After thinking about it, it seemed that Rootlegs was like a father figure to Spring's kits. She purred as he nuzzled her face quickly.


    — ★ —

    Cedarkit kept close to her mother, looking up toward her. It appeared that her brother was already out and about. She was glad that her brother showed no fear, but not Cedarkit. Sure, majority of the time she was very bubbly. She wanted to bounce around, and play with everyone. But this was not her home, this was not riverclan. She looked at everyone confused. She'd wait to see how this played out.


    — ★ —

    As rootlegs came over, Cedarkit's eyes grew big. This was the medicine cat wh was friends with her mother. "Woah! Hi! Your momma's friend? You are really big. I can't wait til im your height! Im gonna be big." of course, Cedarkit had no idea that her own grandfather and grandmother were both big cats. Not only because they were really fluffy. But it was also due to the fact that they had giantism in their genetics. "I don't know about Ratkit. But i wanna tour!!"


    — ★ —

    Cedarkit had no idea where their other brother was. She thought about how he was much different he was from her. He spent more time with their mother. Unlike their brother, Cedarkit was just the bubbly type of kit. She was ready to adventure out in the real world. She was ready to become a warrior. She turned to look at the two other kits that showed up. Finchkit and Dreamkit. They were new to her, and they smelled like the medicine den. Cedarkit knew that her mother was friends with at least one of the cats, but she had no idea that there were two medicine cats. "Hi there Finchkit and Dreamkit. I'm Ratkit's sister, Cedarkit. Our momma is Springhawk! Momma told me she's friends with one of your dads. But I don't remember which one."


    — ★ —

    Cedarkit was focused on Berylpaw for a moment. At least until her brother came over. She turned her head and a smile grew across her face. "Ratkit!" she aimed to tackle her brother. She had no idea where Crowkit was. "what're you doing out here? Did you ask momma if you could come out here? " But the she turned her attention toward Twistedtail. She looked at him curiously. "Hi there! "

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    — ★ —

    Cedarkit had no idea anyone was, except for her mother and two brothers. She had no idea who Berylpaw was. But she was surprised when he came up behind her. "Woah!" The she-kit fell down as she was suprised by him. "Berylpaw? What kinda name is that? Who am i? I am..." She was distracted for a moment, by the snow on the ground. But then she remembered someone asked her name. "I'm Cedarkit, and my mommy is Springhawk. She's the best warrior ever!" She believed the best about her mom. She thought her brother, Ratkit, was interesting. She wondered if she could grow closer to her brother Ratkit.


    — ★ —

    Cedarkit had found it very boring being stuck in the nursery since she was at least a moon old. So now that she was four moons old, she had decided to ask her mother if she could leave the nursery. "Momma! Can i go out and play with the others?" Springhawk had been relaxing in the nursery den. She had given her daughter a nod as Cedarkit had jumped up and down. Without a second to wait, she left the nursery. She looked around at the unknown cats. She had no idea who was going to spot her.


    — ★ —

    Cedarkit had been comfortable in her mother's womb. Sure, she had to share it with two brothers. But she was used to the warmth that she had been provided by her mother. However, everything had changed when she had been practically pushed out of the warmth. All she felt was the cold air, and she felt her mintue older brother pushing her around. But then she felt her mother's touch. Her mother pushed her toward her stomach, where she started to nurse.


    — ★ —


    NAME:Cedarkit - Cedarpaw - Cedar____

    name meaning:'Cedar' for the tree that she was born next to;

    TITLES:The Stripe Princess

    SEX/GENDER:female (♀ ), feminine — she/her pronouns

    SEXUALITY:heterosexual, aromantic

    AGE/RATIO: 4 moons / ages 1 moon on the 27/28 of every month

    DATE OF BIRTH:2.28.2019

    DATE OF CREATION:2.18.2019

    DATE OF DEATH: To be determined — status: alive


    reasons for lives lost: none yet


    past ranks:kit

    HERITAGE: ¾ RiverClan,¼ Bloodclan

    REFERENCES:ref #1

    BREED:Brown Tabby Maine Coon

    SHORT DESCRIPTION:A long haired Brown tabby Maine Coon with vibrant green eyes.

    accessories: none

    scars: none

    inventory: none

    LONG DESCRIPTION:There really isn't much to say about Cedarkit's appearance. She is a light brown tabby maine coon cat with vibrant green eyes. She earned her eye color from her mother. At a brief glance, Cedarkit looks like her mother. The only difference is the fact that she has longer fur. Her fur pattern is marbled and the colored is a bit darker than her own fur color. She has light grey nose. She has short whiskers.

    POSITIVE TRAITS: Honest, smart, very loyal, independent, leader and observant

    NEGATIVE TRAITS:Picky, distrustful, Jealous, inpatient

    MBTI TYPE: ???? / 'Title'

    strengths: strong warrior, believes in everyone, strong leader, believes in starclan

    weaknesses: water, spiders,

    likes:starclan, sunbathing, playing with other kits

    dislikes:bloodclan, spiders


    MORAL ALLIGNMENT:Lawfully Neutral

    LONG DESCRIPTION:Cedarkit is a very genuine and honest cat. She is also very smart and loyal. She believes that she should be loyal to Riverclan. She believes in Starclan, as they are the higher beings. She believes that they control all the stars above. She also believes that when she passes she will be part of Starclan. The downside of Cedarkit is that she is very distrustful. She doesn't trust anyone outside of her family. And along with the whole clan of Riverclan. She is also jealous of those around. She is found easily jealous of those who know and are around their father. She only wishes to know her father. She is very picky about who her friends are.

    PARENTS:Springhawk xx Amos

    SIBLINGS: Crowkit & Ratkit, Adonis, Gage & Coyote (Half-siblings mother's side)Tempestwing, Galewhisper, Raingaze, Cyclonebluster and Hailcloud (half-siblings father-side)

    OFFSPRING: none


    CRUSHING ON: no one

    MATES WITH:no one

    MENTORED BY: none




    injuries None.

    illnesses: None.


    mental disorders: None.

    other issues: None.

    INTERACTION: Cannot maim, kill, or capture / Can powerplay nonviolent actions.

    STATISTICS: Physically difficult / Mentally very difficult | ATTACK IN underlined.

    strength: ★☆☆☆☆☆

    stamina: ★☆☆☆☆☆

    agility: ★☆☆☆☆☆

    hunting: ★☆☆☆☆☆

    swimming: ★☆☆☆☆☆

    climbing: ★☆☆☆☆☆

    medicine: ★☆☆☆☆☆

    intelligence: ★☆☆☆☆☆

    charisma: ★☆☆☆☆☆

    perception: ★☆☆☆☆☆

    VOICED BY:Scarlett Johansson

    FACECLAIM:Scarlett Johansson

    INSPIRED BY:Scarlett Johansson, Black Widow

    SCENT: water, riverclan, trees


    Most of the time, blake kept to herself or she was mostly hanging with her bat, Anubis. She spotted Sekhmet, as she had never met the female before. She wasn't sure what it was, but she didn't feel comfortable around the woman. But then again, she never felt comfortable around anyone, except her bat. The bat eyed the next one that came up, and that was Ironkiss. "Yes. My name is Blake. Blake Cipher Xerses Bonaparte Praelium is my full name. My mother is Katherine Xerses Bonaparte Praelium. Thou, from what I've heard she goes by just Katherine Praelium now. I don't talk to my mother anymore. Since she left the exiles when i was only 10 months old. My step mother used to be leader of the exiles. And this is my companion, Anubis. He doesn't speak to anyone, except for myself." Anubis kept eyeing Ironkiss, but spoke to Blake. 'Can you trust these people, Nep? I don't trust them.' Flicking her tail, she turned her attention to him.



    Anubis, her companion wasn't that far from her. The bat never strayed that far from the savannah feline. As he flew down to her shoulder, the female turned to look at the exiles leader. He was much different than her step mother. "Hello Belial. I am not really doing much. Just realxing really. How are you?" She had no idea what the leader would be doing here. But then again, what exactly was she doing. As Anubis had joined her on her shoulder, he placed his nose on her ear. 'Do you trust him, love?' he wasn't sure if she should trust him or anyone for that matter.



    For whatever reason, Blake hadn't been as active as she wanted to be. But then again, she wasn't really the social person. She liked to keep to herself, especially after what she had experienced when she was much younger. But that was also because she had a bad time the first time she had lived in the exiles. She had her mother to thank for that. But she couldn't exactly be mad at her mother anymore. She had no idea where her mother was these days. But of course, she wouldn't expect her mother to come here. From what she heard, her mother left the exiles almost a few years prior to blake coming back.



    It had been forever since Blake had left The exiles. Hell, the savannah cat never really left the exiles. It was mostly due to the fact that she didn't trust anyone nor did she like anyone. Sure, she was cool with Breakout, but that was it. She didn't like anyone after what happened with her mother. She blamed it on the fact that her mother,Katherine, never loved her enough. She knew that Kat showed more attention to Jupiter. She couldn't blame her sister, as she was the golden child to their mother.

    Blake had wondered what would happen if she bumped into her sister. Would she be happy or mad? There was not telling what would happen if she spotted Jupiter. One thing was for sure, was that she had wished that she had an easier life. But that was never going to happen.


    sorry for making this so late.