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    The fur on her shoulders prickled as she watched one of them pop put of existence. An almost master of the pokerface, she settled back just the same, seemingly unphased by the missing Exiler. Her ears twitched when she heard an unfamiliar voice behind her, and she tilted her head slightly while they were speaking, catching a better glimpse at Hebi before he disappeared. It was meant to get beneath her skin - maybe that was this whole patrol's purpose - but she would use her soul as payment to not give them any form of satisfaction. As far as they saw, she didn't care for their claims. Favorite. Friends. They were just words to these people. They got bored in their canyon, or they heard about the booming society beside the mountain, and wanted a piece of the action. Simple minded fools.

    "I'll pass," again the cyclops kept her words short with the Exilers, her gaze indifferent towards them. She used her tail to tap Loey closer behind her, just as a precaution since one was cocky enough to teleport into the territory. Then again, Hebi teleported right back out before she could fully see him; he was a coward in every sense of the word. They each seemed to be. Roy was the only one thus far who's cheeriness seem uninhibited, and at least Barghest wasn't faking it like these two. She clicked her tongue and swiped it over one of her paws for a few moments, whether that be in silence or as someone spoke would be up to the crowd, though she pushed that she was truly uncaring to their presence on the border.

    For once, anxiety prickled her pelt, mixing with the sadness and grief that didn't usually settle there, either. There were so many faces, ones she looked over in turn, ones that were hit with shock, disbelief, and as one walked away she could almost say happiness. Her nose wrinkled in Elian's direction though she chose to ignore him alongside everyone else. This wasn't her battle to fight, these weren't her people to console. She watched Nadine and Ver coddle their son aimlessly, zoning out for a few moments, only to come to when Ninthkit expressed himself.

    "You're -" her voice came out startled, choked almost. Was she going to have to walk more brats over to Wind Haven? Especially this one, who looked too damn much like his brother? She looked towards Lucent and shook her head. Not her rodeo. Not her crowd to boss around. Cass looked back to the others, lifting her paw and sliding the letter towards the Ruiners. They could keep it, if they wanted, though she wanted to frame it for the kids if anything. She sat in silence for a few moments, everything still lagging behind for her.

    "No. I - I want to head back today. There's enough daylight for me to make the trip," she mused, looking towards Ver. She looked down at Ninthkit, who supposedly wanted to truck back a few more kids, however, and ultimately left the decision up to the bossy child, "If he wants to stay the night, maybe to collect some of her things for his siblings in Wind Haven, then I'll stay to walk him back," she paused, "Lucent and I are here to arrange the funeral, once everyone is ready to. I figured both Clans should be involved, as she always maintained that both Wind Haven and Sanguine Ruins were her homes," she tried to keep herself civil, though her tone was a bit biting at some points.

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    "Yes. It was," Cass leaned back as Annalysia apologized. She was distantly related to Ver, but only through Mercy - and, last she checked, neither shared children or married, so the woman vaguely wondered if she could even call herself related. In the end, though, she did tell that kid that they were sisters - ah, anyways, she didn't move to accept the tigress' apology, ignoring it oh so bluntly. She wasn't one to watch her tongue, but most (if not all) Veilers should know her ugly mug by now. She visited their pines enough.

    Ivory offered his piece and Anna adding on only shortly after. Lavender eye narrowed at Ivory, more annoyed than skeptical, "Was? As in, no longer? You don't go to the canyon and watched tortures on the daily? You don't follow other Exilers into dumb, meaningless raids and wars?" her words were curt, though the Exiles had done nothing but give thinly veiled threats to her Haveners recently. She clicked her tongue when he exposed his branding, "Oof. That's rough shit, Ivory. Ever thought of carving it out?" her voice tilted towards a bit of a joking tone, though no smirk graced her face. Her tail twitched and she looked over the two. With the Clan's rules that were in place, Cass had no reason to deny either of them. They didn't show malice towards the Haveners that arrived, one apologized for her words (though Cass hadn't accepted it,) and the other used the word 'refuge.' Seemed to be enough to her.

    "Hmmm," she hummed uselessly, "You're both allowed to stay. Though, given that you have that branding on your shoulder, I feel you're better fit for the Ward Program. It's the 'refuge' you seek. Same freedoms as a Havener - just a reminder that you're kind of..." Cass squinted her eye, "sensitive. We can talk about this more later. I'm tired," her stomach was just barely rounding out, signifying that she was indeed pregnant. She pushed herself to her paws and let out a yawn, "Just make sure your little girlfriend holds her tongue and that you don't unleash hell on the rest of us. Deal?"

    Cass had been in a surprising amount of Clans in her life. HawkClan, the Cartel, Blackheart Rogues, HawkClan again (though under the dumb name of 'Volary Flights,') and now Wind Haven. So, undoubtedly in her time she had heard of BoneClan - if she could recall correctly, her mother was connected to the place, somehow. One of the very few pieces of information that Cass let slip her mind.

    Nonetheless, the pregnant woman ambled forward, ears turned back as she found the note. It was ominous but straight forward. Her tail twitched as she looked around for someone else, wondering what the general consensus was of 'BoneClan' from this. She didn't care too much about it, if she was honest.

    Cass kept what she could call a respectful distance while traveling with Ninthkit. She spoke no words to the troubled child, figuring silence would be better for him to process the unfortunate discovery. She wasn't his mother (and, in some sick twisted sense, she was glad to have not been, especially considering the circumstances,) so she had no need to coddle him and treat him like the baby he clearly despised being. So, her paws were heavy, her eye pointed at the desert, and her mouth was shut.

    She sat herself down beside Ninthkit, still leaving ample enough room between herself and the boy. Sorrow settled in her gaze and fatigue wore on her pregnant body, but she still sat tall. There wasn't anything to prove here, but she didn't like the idea of being accused, should the conversation veer that way. Wilhelmina's letter, several paragraphs long but still somehow unfinished due to her untimely demise, sat neatly beneath her paw. Ruiners came forward and their scents tickled her nose uncomfortably, but she made no move to announce anything.

    "Go ahead, kid," she muttered to the child beside her, "It's your responsibility," she reminded him of his very words. She was only hear to give proof, memories and letter combined, that no foul play was involved. She also wished to help organize the funeral, as Billie had stated to many before that she felt both places were her home.

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    Cass remained stoic despite the hulking forces on either side of her, twitching her ears to welcome them each in turn. Roy was peppy, in great contrast to Barghest who wandered down the border. She watched the mostly white canine for a few moments, "Watch him," she murmured towards Lemon and the others. She brought her eye back to Roy, her tail twitching. She did nothing to match his enthusiasm, "We have a native fairy boy. If he shows up, you can ask him," she offered halfheartedly. Corruptedtimelines spoke afterwards, sitting happily at the border. She simply blinked at him, "Oh," was all she offered. She was intentionally short with him, apathetic towards whatever cause he had.

    Loey's silence offered her nothing, his actions clearly not meant for her that day. It wasn't at all comforting, though she was beginning to wonder if comfort was what she wanted, what she needed. Her mind raced, hardly recognizing Annalysia as she spoke, nor the boy as he rushed in. She stared numbly at him, her claws hooked into the ground. Eventually he turned to her, his words pained and unsure. She didn't have the energy to argue, if she was honest - but she knew better than to let the child go alone. Plus, the idea that Billie's death would be pegged on Wind Haven still rung in her mind. She looked forlornly back at Billie's body before standing once again. She reached for the letter she had previously put down and moved to follow Ninthkit.

    "I have to go too, kid," she murmured, her tone shaky though she tried to keep it no-nonsense, "There's a funeral to plan. It's the responsibility of both Clans, now," and she didn't want that to fall on the child's shoulders. She kept a healthy distance behind him, only looking over her shoulder just before leaving the door at the two that still accompanied the dead body, "Keep the bugs away from her," she ordered curtly before moving off.

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    Cass was wandering around in the night, her tail waving low as she quietly patrolled the border. She hadn't expected much to come of her late night walk, however she found the scent of one of Billie's sons lingering on the scent marker. Confusion laced her face, and for a moment she looked around, sniffing the air and trying to find other mingling scents. Agitation flicked her tail and she shook her head.

    "Dammit," she breathed out, "He better know where the fuck he's going," it was far too late in the night to wake Billie, and she'd rather not have Ninthkit on her ass for ratting him out. There was a sick bit of her, too, almost grateful that he had left. She shook her head and sat down, flinging the idea far away.

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    Cassiopeia was nesting. She didn't know why - her stomach was only just now rounding out but the urge was becoming steadily stronger day by day. She wanted to clean, to sort, to yell at almost anyone who got in her way. It was frustrating, the urges that tugged and pulled at her limbs. Eventually she decided to put the nesting urges to good use - earlier in the week she went around telling her Haveners that she would be designating a cottage to be a small library for the Clan. Many of them had books, and it was a frequent enough gift it seemed from allies. Today was the deemed day that they could drop off their book donations, should they have any.

    Cass had pulled the cabinet doors off their hinges, creating several simple book shelves. She started the collection easily, placing picture books and child puzzles in the cabinets beneath the sink so that the younger creatures had easy access. More adult books were hidden in the highest shelves, and young adult fiction, non fiction, and so on was scattered among the actual real book shelves that littered the cottage. She pulled together pillows and blankets to make little nests to rest in and called that enough to start it off.

    She leaned in the doorway, clearly tired with all the moving around she did but nodding to her Haveners as they passed through, dropping off their own donations.

    "Oh ho ho," she faked laughter at Juba's joke, though a light smile did settle on her face for the few moments that she allowed it, "You're a real hoot Juba. Truly," she continued. Her tail flicked as they slipped into another moment of silence, unsure on how to continue the conversation. After a few seconds she pushed herself to her paws, "Alright. Do you need help bringing those back to your cottage, or anything?" she pointed her nose towards the water herbs.

    Cassiopeia was still trying to bend herself to fit the image of a Wind Haven leader. While she knew she would never be as passive as Englishivy, as jovial as Duskstar or Jericho, she could only hope that her efforts kept her from being a fuck up like Algernon. Four men before her, four men with (questionable) strengths, and then her. A one eyed monster trying to play the role. Sometimes it was comedic, watching her fumble over her words around children or watching her sit and be damn-near passive with some enemies. Other times it was frustrating - like now, as she approached the recent runaway and Eldoris.

    "Is he dead?" she asked with her tail twitching, knowing the answer, "Exiles better not get on my ass for you, kid," she continued to speak as if Caesar could hear her, though it seemed that Eldoris' efforts had yet to wake him up. She turned to her Honorguard, distaste clear in her eyes, "Do you have anything stronger?"

    Cassiopeia never visited Wilhelmina in her personal cottage. It wasn't her's, first and foremost, and she didn't believe herself to be that close to the new mother. She kept her at arm's length, envious of all that she had and fearful of the tragedy she could bring. Maybe it was instinct to check on her as soon as morning broke, or maybe something else tugged her this way. Whatever the case, Cass' paw knocked on the door a few times. And then a few more times. Her lips would pull into a thin line, unsure of what to do. It wasn't like whatever matter she cooked up in her head was all too important that she would barge in.

    She stood to her paws and moved to walk away, only to peak at the window and see a slumped over mass of fur. Her eye looked over all she could see quickly, unsure, before panic started to fill her form. Perhaps the only good thing that would happen that day was that she tried the doorknob first, instead of simply ramming it down, "Billie!" she called as the door swung open, hanging a right and moving quickly towards her body. She pressed a paw to the other's cheek, immediately drawing it away. She was cold. So cold. Fuck, why was she so cold?

    Cassiopeia had experienced death of many forms, of throats being slit and bodies turned to ribbons, but Billie seemed too peaceful. Aside from her missing leg, she was free of clawmarks, free of the struggle. She was just... laying there. Sleeping the morning away, never to wake up again. Cass pressed her lips together and paced the room, obviously shaken from the find and unsure how to properly react. She had thrown Olivia's body right back over the border with ease, blood cascading her own form. But, she couldn't do that for Billie. She wouldn't.

    She paused to look back at the other, noting the pad of paper and the pen that had rolled far off. She shakily snaked the note out from beneath the dead woman and skimmed it. She skimmed it once, twice, read the full thing over again and again. She was sick, but she didn't know. She was thanking them all for the ride in a final essay, dotting her i's and crossing her t's as if death wasn't singing her silent songs, "What the fuck, Billie," her voice shivered and her eye glistened with tears that wouldn't fall. What was she to do? Run this to the Ruin's border and declare that she had nothing to do with it? Wait for someone to want to talk with her then drop the news?

    For a moment, Cass wondered what angered her more. The fact that Wilhelmina's untimely death would potentially bring war to their borders, or the fact that she hadn't grown as close as she wanted to with the woman she was so deathly jealous of. She swallowed the lump in her throat and placed the note back upon the desk, taking the extra moment to bring the pen up and lean it against the pad. She came back around to look a the body, the soft snores of the children peacefully sleeping on the other side of the cottage only now coming to her mind.

    Her limbs itched. Her eye threatened to cry and her throat wanted to sob, her mind raced and raced and raced with things and she couldn't decipher what was the true source of her sorrows right there and then. Cass moved towards the door, looking pitiful in the doorway as she looked out for any early birds to help her. She didn't know what to do. She didn't know what to do.

    "Hey! Hey, I need some help here - fuck, come on," she called, her voice struggling to grasp her usual tones, her teeth chattering together.

    Maybe it was Breakout's lucky day. Cassiopeia, way back in the time of half-Clanners, was considered one herself. One of her mothers was, at the time, a HawkClanner, and her other one of the Cartel. The Godmother at the time, too. Cass didn't have to many fond memories of Twilightzone (granted, she didn't have any not-so-fond ones,) but the scent of her former Clan did make her heart ache. Twilightzone committed suicide recently, and from that was born a whole lot of regret and self hatred.

    Not that Breakout should care - maybe it'd be a surprise enough for the Vicar General to walk over towards him, curious but not outwardly aggressive. She sat on her side of the border, "Do you need something?" she asked, her tone abrupt. She didn't mind the Cartel, but in the moment it only served to hurt her more.


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    Cass hadn't said it before but she'll say it again anyways - she didn't like the rain. It was okay in small quantities, like a drizzle or a sprinkle, but not this. Not the downpour, not the thunder claps and lightning strikes. And certainly not the screaming kids. Aquila stood on her horns, wings outstretched as if that would protect her from the rain, and the woman slowly made her way to the cottage the kids found themselves in. She wrinkled her nose and shook her fur out gently, looking outside for a few moments. Her gaze flickered between the kids, to the outdoors, to the kids again, and out again.

    "Billie!" she eventually called out into the storm, "Two of your kits are in here!" she hoped the queen would hear her just fine despite the obnoxious rain. Grasskit's mantras caused the Vicar General's nose to wrinkle once again as she turn towards the two. Desert living must be harsh, "Hey, hey, no - shut - fuck, don't yell?" the words 'shut up' tickled her tongue but she felt that wasn't the best thing to say to kids. Then again, cussing in their faces likely didn't help either, "It's rain, guys. It helps all those plants that your mom grows and uses to make people... uh, feel better. And shit," she seated herself, Aquila hopping off of her to settle down on the ground as well, "It's water. That's all it is."

    As Captain turned to her, worry becoming evident in his eyes, she couldn't help but roll her own. He was lost. Maybe he didn't know it yet, or it was hard to admit it himself, but he was. And now a mom was without a child, just as he was without his mom. He looked between Billie and Ninja for a moment, unsure of what to do, before turning back to the canine child, "What's your name, kid? Is your mom a dog too?" she may as well give him the fighting chance to reunite with his family. Though if the sun set before then, they would have no choice but give him a home.

    Cass was never one to fret about her physical appearance. She was grungy, with torn ears and a single eye. Scars littered her pelt and she hardly wore a smile. And when she did, her mouth would tilt awkwardly, as if her cheeks weren't fashioned for the expression. The young she-cat knew she was built for being brash, for being harsh. She knew since day one that she wasn't destined for suitors to line up at her door (though the idea hurt her recently more than ever.) So when Eldoris asked to host this event, she greenlit it without much thought, only now letting the minor paranoia tickle her nose.

    Her mask was one like a few others, a skull of a long dead creature. Though she hadn't opted for one larger than herself so that it fit comfortably over her head - instead, the bird skull was tucked neatly at her ear, feathers and bones sprawling out to create the rest of the mask. It wasn't beautifully done by any means, but at least she made the effort. Now was time for the offering - something she knew she couldn't skip. She waited until the path cleared up and walked through, tail low. A flower crown and a prey item hung limply from her mouth, both being added to the mass amounts of offerings.

    She eased herself into a seated position in front of the makeshift shrine, shoulders held back slightly, "Nalaren, if you're real and you're listening, please tell us what went wrong. We're a peaceful group. We're trying our best, and this bad luck is absolute bullshit -" she caught herself, wrinkling her nose up and shaking her head, "No - fuck, I'm sorry. I hope you're appeased by the end of the night," she finished her prayers and returned to the main 'hall'. She didn't say anything to anyone, everyone seeming content with their conversational partners (or, in Prince's case, sipping wine alone,) so she instead opted to sit on the outskirts and quietly watch.