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    Draco seemed to emulate her denial, her anxieties and nervous ticks. Nebula was spiteful and loud, ready to combat whatever came in her way. It was only time that the third, only now named Polaris, would show up with her worst qualities. Defiance, distrusting, anger. The spit to her paws almost caused a lashing to the face, her nose screwing up as, within the same moments, she lifted a paw to shake his saliva back to him. She didn't ask for them to dwell in her stomach months ago, she only carried them because the partner she was with promised to love them. Did they fill her kids' heads with stories? Did they not know her mother was a wolf in tattered sheep's clothes?

    "I haven't tried it. Thanks for the recommendation," she growled in retaliation. He was getting angry, visibly so and while it wasn't startling, the girl feigned surprise by raising her monobrow, "So are you going to stay to tell your siblings hello? Do you want to eat something? Did you want me to say something in particular? I'm feeling giving today, I might be up for it," teasing her son was probably the worst thing to do, but she almost hoped that he would be like the other two, living in the corner of her home and being the disgusting, mashed up family they ended up becoming.

    Cassiopeia was a threat. A vague one, a weak one as she knew she couldn't do well in sudden leadership. But she considered herself a threat just as much as Algernon did. The woman approached slowly, her hawk soaring above as it always did. She watched others bustle around the new vicar, chatting about defense or gardens, or whatever. She was nearly glad that Jericho had taken on bringing her son to see some flower show - she wasn't at all interested.

    "Sign me up for them all," the girl stated blandly, "I'll get them done eventually."

    This was the most she had seen of her Clan - she almost wanted to wait to see if Wash would appear with his family, or her other two insufferable kids would pop up. However, the general public staring at her was an almost unwelcome sight. The guardian decided to, instead, bulldoze through these tasks.

    "Aradia - you cleaned up your mess, right?" she referred to the summoning circle that the other had appeared in, "Personal preference, but try not to do that again. Instead, why don't you use your 'artistic abilities' and paint a mural on someone's cottage. Anyone's. I don't care, surprise someone," her gaze quickly flicked to the loud and proud russian blue, "Find something that smells moderately okay and spread it around the Clan. I have yet to get the death out of my nose -" a pointed look at Aradia once again, though a smile ghosted her features, "As for a second thing, host a game of sorts. A physical one. Make it dirty - we have so many kids running around and I feel like not one knows what mud is."

    And on she went, trying to figure out who was next out of the bundle of people. Her eye landed on her son, however considering she gave a painting task to someone else, she felt she couldn't give him one as well, "Try out a new hobby - nothing artistic, Draco. I'm tired of all the paints you bring home. Find something gritty, something tough on your body maybe," a huff left her mouth. Ninja's use of a 'nickname' was shown to be distasteful, her daunting eye landing on the unicorn, "Why don't you put in the effort to give everyone some cutsie bullshit nickname, okay? No easy shit, no 'Cass' or 'Drake.' Think about it. I expect the best," her gaze flicked to her son as she pulled a nickname out of her ass for him, before turning away.

    "Is 'learning how to take leadership seriously' a viable option?" she hissed in regards to Algernon, ears turning backwards. He was full of uncertainty, of 'I don't knows,' and she was frankly sick of it, "Learn about your Clanmates. Ask them questions, dive into their hobbies. Act like you know what you're doing," she turned away from him without a second thought, eye finally landing on the last victim. It was weird to say, but she didn't mind Viktor. He was dumb in her mind, to fixated on herbs to be a proper fighter like herself or Aradia, "That tree you tripped on a few days ago? Make something of it. Tear down its branches, paint the trunk, make a trap - anything. Make that tree your bitch," it was an odd task, but that was why this was unofficial. She didn't have to give everyone good tasks.

    Her single eyed gaze found its way, surprisingly, to Ver. The monoeyed woman had... appreciated Ver, for lack of any better terms. She was strong, and though she didn't like being reprimanded those few weeks ago, she did like the spunk the german shepard had. However, it was evident that that same spunk would come from the woman's mouth in the form of something disgusting. Cass's ears drew back, the distaste clear as day on her face. An odd, uneven smile fit awkwardly onto her face as she responded.

    "Mom's great, isn't she? She's always picking up lumps of coal in hopes that they'll turn into diamonds," her head tilted slightly, Aquila's shifting to continually fit in her throat. Her single eye flit over the canine's muddled pelt, likely resembling coal in the shadows of the veil, "I didn't get that from her. I'd rather toss coal into the fire, watch it burn in the flames. It's a much quicker process," she hummed, her tone coming out as a hiss at some points in her words. At the question of her Clan, she didn't lighten up, her eye rolling dramatically.

    "We have another new leader, unsurprisingly. Duskstar resigned to be a better dad for his kids and left some dog to lead us," she paused to look over the two there, a smug smile lifting to her face, "Full offense, by the way."

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    Cass arrived on slow paws, head hanging low as she took up a spot, begrudgingly settling in beside her happy-go-lucky son. She had no favorites, however given that both of her other kids were spiteful and would likely laugh at her for trying to resemble a parent. She looked up towards Algernon with distaste but, like the others, didn't say anything.

    "Can 'both' be a sufficient answer?" she huffed, seating herself effortlessly. She heard the subtle flap of wings and listened for the avian, eye only flicking to it once it landed. She held in a smirk for the slight wince of pain the other offered, ear twitching as a signal for her own bird to come down from the heavens. Aquila swooped down and landed, expertly, on Cass's left shoulder, with no reaction from the woman. She then hopped down and took her usual spot between Cass's paws, head locked up against her throat, "You'll get used to it," she hummed, almost triumphantly, before continuing to speak, "I'm the ambassador from Wind Haven. I figured it was time for another visit," she shrugged her shoulders, less interested in the man and more interested in his neat eagle. She wasn't too sure what kind of hawk she had, though she had an inkling of an idea that Aquila descended from red tails, though she was significantly smaller than the rest of the population, much like her companion.

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    He was defensive, spunky - she never liked kids and would further say that she didn't like her own. However, the more spiteful the child, the more she could... tolerate them. Whatever toleration she would have for the kid would be squashed in the coming minutes, his expression and hopefulness causing that maternal need in her gut to churn. She didn't want to hug him or welcome him home, kiss his boo-boos or read him a bedtime story. She wanted to punt him, make him work for the names and the possiblity of being her son.

    Sadly, that's not how the world works.

    "Would you two shut your mouths before I gut you both?" Cass hissed towards both Aradia and Ghiaccio, her eye flicking towards them in turn. She looked back to the malnourished kid, trying to find the words. Draco let himself in the Clan and made a bed in her home, Nebula was angry and determined to fight for her love. Polaris? She almost feared what branch of her personality the soft furred boy would take on, "Well, you don't have to look far, kid. I'm right here," her tone came out tired, though her words were clear she wasn't ready for a third child, "Do you want a medal? I mean, a participation one, at least. Draco made it here first, Nebula just showed up last week," she didn't know the turmoil nor goals the boy went through, or maybe the fact that his siblings found her first in the span of a few weeks; something he couldn't do in two months. No, she didn't know a thing about this kid, and though she had a feral need to, she didn't have the capacity to care beyond setting him up in her small home.

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    As he speaks of the beautiful birds that they take on as companions in the jungle, Cass's own hawk descends from the skies, swooping low before taking her spot between the snowshoe's forepaws. Her avian head was tucked neatly beneath Cass's oversized one, protecting her throat meanwhile glaring daggers at Rohan - well, as close to daggers as a bird can muster. Cassiopeia didn't flinch, her eye watching the Volarian carefully before he finally answered her question. A soft tch left her mouth and her eye rolled, claws pricking the grass and dirt beneath her paws, "Wishful thinking, I guess," she muttered, lifting a paw to scratch at her cheek. If only Kira stepped town and the Clan collapsed over itself. Ah well.

    "What do you want?" she was curt with her words, coming up to stand beside Aradia and glare daggers at Englishivy. A man she once cherished and hoped the best for, a man who promised to not abandon them and then proceeded to do so - a man who gave Duskstar leadership, perhaps knowing that he wouldn't hold it for long. Cassiopeia was beyond paranoid with the appearance of the former leader, seating herself down and waiting for Ivy to speak.

    Why did she stand on this boulder - where so many had stood before in the last few months - and let out a feral call for others to look to her? She didn't aim for leadership, especially not now as Algernon was still fresh within his, but she aimed for activity, for noise. She didn't entirely like unity, especially when it was forced, but the Haven was becoming so slow that she worried others would feel it to be okay to simply take over. She couldn't stand the idea of her home Clan being treated as weak. Things needed to happen, and they needed to happen now.

    "If anyone wants a task, move your ass over here. I'm willing to give more than one, or pair you up with someone for something, just tell me," she was at their whim, just as they were at her's.

    "Hell, you're thin. When was the last time you've eaten, kid?"

    The voice came from the mother herself, lacking in beauty and blue fur. She was monstrous, short with one eye and curled horns - likely nothing his dreams could've composed. Her words, however could be held onto as worrisome, were filled with disbelief. She had that disgusting ache in her stomach, now with Draco and Nebula around, that she had to mother every child around their age. She wasn't any good at it, obviously, and she didn't make any visual efforts to fix her mistakes, "Do you know how to hunt?" she then asked him, nose twitching as she tried to gather his scent. She had an inkling of an idea of where he came from and what his mission was, but a part of her wished dearly that he was just some sickly kid and she was overreacting.

    No gift basket accompanied her on this visit. It was a visit of necessity as well as a pure need to get away from the chaos that was forming out of her life. Her three kids had shown up on the border in varying degrees of anger for her abandonment, some newbies were beyond either capable or bearable, and now they had some dog claiming Duskstar's spot after he retired to be a full time dad. It was a lot, too much in her opinion, and her only option was to come to the Clan she hated and ask them how their day was.

    But, hell, it was hot.

    "Okay, c'mon you lil' assholes. I refuse to sweat my ass off while you all diddle dally away from your borders," she called, her distaste evident in her voice.

    "I'd rather slit my throat three times over than touch you, Ghiaccio," he was just so loud, so jovial and angry all at the same time. It was an odd sight to see and she definitely didn't wish to witness it often. However, the girl happened upon the show in search for Aradia. The kitsune was her fellow Guardian and she, with the tension built up in her muscles, wanted to spar the other. However, it seemed that even the bloody fox was spending time on the ice.

    Cassiopeia sat on the sidelines, simply watching. She snickered when Viktor knocked his jaw against the ice, hiding her chuckled behind her hawk, who took the time on land to preen herself.

    "You have got to be fucking kidding me."

    The voice of the woman sounded, her hawk abruptly ending her quest in the skies and diving down dramatically into the crowd, landing right on Cassiopeia's left shoulder. Her eye was widened with shock, fear, terror - anger, disgust, confusion. She stared hard at the border collie, her small tail wiggling anxiously as she couldn't find the words to cuss him out with. There weren't enough words in the world for her small tantrum, not for Algernon who thought he was doing good, not for Duskstar who figured he was doing them all a favor - and especially not for Jailbreak who, thus far, refused to show up.

    Her paws allowed her to creep forward, a snarl appearing on her face as she came close to the seemingly aloof canine. There was a clear size difference, as she was small as is and he was a full on dog, but that didn't frighten her. The idea of a new leader did, "You're on so many levels of crazy if you seem to think you can chatter up on a stone and win the hearts of the crowd. You're fucking insane," she griped right to his face, claws sinking into the ground. She stared at him for a few hard moments and, without a change of face or stance, stated, "One fuck up and you're out of here, old man. I'm tired of all these damn leader changes."

    She didn't like his attitude. As much should be clear as her ears drew backwards and Aquila sounded off a warning call, feeling the discomfort within her companion even at the height she drifted, "Your name is too long," she huffed, hardly acknowledging that his name was still shorter than her own, "Does Bitchboy fit you well? I think it does. Welcome to Wind Haven, Bitchboy, I'm Cass," she introduced herself with a slightly tilted tone, however her face didn't betray her and remained still and stoic.

    Her hatred of Volary Flights had dimmed over the past few weeks, her mind occupied with kids, changing of leaderships, and her parents. The scent was startling as, initially, she couldn't recognize it, she had been out of their hair for so long. The girl approached behind her son, walking past him abruptly and not giving him so much of a sideways glance. She stared at Rohan, eye narrowed for a few moments, before speaking, "Is Kira still leading you all?" she didn't like the man, even with her own troubles she held onto her distaste for him.

    cass doesn't got none of that neat magic stuff. she sees thru her hawk's eyes and thats abt it

    cass isn't also that great at bonding but maybe? these two find something mildly troubling (maybe a small brush fire?) and argue/panic about what should happen/who should take care of it?

    "I don't think you'll get a question answered by yourself," the young woman approached Declan, her paws less than silent, crushing the grass and smaller flowers beneath them. She didn't really like the dainty feline, especially after being captured and returned so soon after joining. That didn't mean, however, that Cass was all for watching the other limp around and talk to herself. Cass didn't want to like Declan, instead she wanted Declan to hold her own so that they didn't have to rush out and save her.

    The guardian dropped a dead mouse by the other's paws, ears turned back, "Here. I don't like mice," she mumbled.