Alcibiades could empathize heavily with Breakout with the ungodly amounts of paperwork that came with leading a clan. There were many things to keep track of which included not only the welfare of the group but of allies and enemies as well. There were so many small things to know about, yet so little time to get all of it under lock and key. He could understand that it would be hard for someone who wasn't raised the way he had been raised. A part of him was happy that Breakout hadn't lived the kind of life he had growing up, oh so grateful. Maybe things would have been different if it had - and if so, by how much?

    "Ah, most of the credit goes to my father," He says without missing a beat. Despite hating the old bastard, his heart still ached at his sudden death. His poor mother had been a mess. She foolishly loved that man with every part of her heart. "He was very serious in raising me to be the best among the best. The best fighter, the best politician, the best... lover." His voice turns light and joking towards the end though, in his own opinion, he probably was the best at being a good partner. He's only been with Breakout and, so far, he hadn't heard any complaints from the man, nor did he think he ever will. "I'm kidding," He clarifies after a moment, a snort leaving him, "But I'm sure you'll do good, babe." He'd leaned up to place a ginger kiss on his boyfriend's cheek before he had went to settle down.

    Feeling his presence at his side prompted the hellhound to lean against Breakout almost subconsciously. It was always a thing he did no matter where they were or what they were doing. Everyone else probably gagged behind their back at their constant public displays of affection, but Alcibiades couldn't care less. It'd grown into such a habit, it'd be hell trying to break it if someone felt uncomfortable with it. Alci's brow quirked slightly at Breakout's sly grin, almost knowing exactly what the dirty-minded hound was thinking before he even said what he had to say. He aimed to playfully smack him on the chest, laughter bubbling forth from his pale lips at Breakout's impersonation of 'royalty.' "Hmph, you better feel pleased, or else I'd have to punish you, my King." He returns, the corners of his lips turning upwards as his voice turns sweet and sultry. He couldn't keep the facade up for long, as an grin appeared on his face a second later, mirth glittering in his eyes as Breakout lays an arm across his back.

    The embrace was accepted without a second thought, his head pressed against Breakout's broad chest. The tease that came afterward had Alcibiades exhaling sharply with an faux annoyed huff. "What? You want me to say it?" He gingerly rubbed his nose against Breakout's then, sweet smile returning to him. "You have to say please." Alcibiades had always wanted to banter with someone like this, whether it be a friend or someone he knew intimately like Breakout. It brought him boundless joy, so much happiness. He wonders often how he'd ever gotten this lucky. What would he have done if it hadn't been for Breakout coming to him in his dire time of need? This thought got the small cogs turning in his head as he'd finally managed to pop off the top of the wine bottle. He hadn't moved to take a drink of it though, instead allowing its sweet smell to fill the air around them.

    "Breakout," His voice, albeit soft and gentle as it had been before, held a note of sobriety about it. He let the name of his amazing boyfriend hang in the air for a moment, Alci collecting his thoughts in his mind, before he spoke once more. "Do you remember... when you asked me if I was happy?" As he directed that question to him, Alcibiades turned his rose - tinted gaze up to the love of his life. A bit of that anxiety from earlier flared up in his heart, making it go pitter-patter in its ivory chambers.

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    Oh?? Please shoot me that DM whenever you get the chance! I would love to hear about what angst-filled plot you have cooking up for these two boys <3

    Alright then! This sounds very... interesting, so I'm down for something substantial to go down between Alci and Fall. I'm immensely interested in how this could alter their relationship since it's on pretty uneven ground right now. If you'd like I can make the thread with Alcibiades since I think it'd make sense from an IC prospective for him to go and attempt to seek out Fallengrace for the whole thing?

    okay so I was thinking that these siblings need to interact >:0c

    It almost seems as if they've swapped personalities and, honestly, I kind of like that dynamic for them! Their last interaction was full of betrayal and possible angst with unexplored potential and I really want them to bond more, whether it's in the bad way or the good way.

    I think it's about time that Alcibiades explains the real reason he wanted to be the crowned heir of the Hamrik family. This could probably come about in an particularly nasty fight between them, and whether or not Fallengrace believes his explanation or not is totally up to you!

    Alcibiades would attempt to invite them back into the family, likely promising that they can start something new with just the two of them at each other's backs, and that can go however :0

    Alcibiades had been hard at work recently. He had taken on the job of tending to the little girl that Breakout had brought from the Exiles' border. It was still unclear to him whether or not the poor thing would survive, but he was trying his best. Because of this he had gotten little rest, but the hellhound had found that he didn't mind that as much if it meant he was saving someone's life. However, he figured he could afford to take a break every once in a while. It wouldn't help anyone if he worked himself right into the ground, now would it?

    The pale hound had found an easy enough recipe for making all sorts of candy. Sweet, rich chocolate and taffy - things of that sort. Alcibiades liked sweet things as much as the other person, though to say he had a sweet tooth was something considerable. He liked sweet tasting fruits and wines and things of that sort, but he had never indulged in sugary candies even while he had lived in the kingdom in his youth. He always gave them away to other people to eat when he had been gifted them, having little interest in fattening himself up with the candy's gross calories but now... Hm.

    Alcibiades spent a considerable amount of time in the kitchen for a a few hours now, marching back and forth between their supplies. A mix of cocoa and vanilla produced sweet smelling chocolate. He's tried other combinations of things, such as adding peanuts and caramel, and it all seemed to work out deliciously! The Hamrik eventually made a batch of square shaped candies, all of them seemingly appearing the same, though their insides were mixed and matched with caramel, strawberry filling, and more. Alcibiades felt proud over this relatively small accomplishment as he looked across the tray. After all, it wasn't often that he baked candied sweets like these.

    Unfortunately, Alcibiades had been out and about during that time. He had been returning from picking herbs just outside of their own territory, having miraculously missed Breakout on his way in. The whole situation could have been dealt with right then and there, and yet they'd missed each other just barely. However, upon hearing his name be called while he neared the mansion had most definitely caught his attention. He had never heard Breakout call his name like that, his voice layered with choking worry and fear. Alarm made the fur along his back bristle as he quickly spread his powerful wings to leap into the air.

    When he'd landed in the courtyard, an NPC immediately ran up to him. They seemed quite frazzled, and stuttered out frantically that Breakout needed him in the infirmary. There was something about a little girl...? Confusion momentarily crossed his expression before he pushed into the mansion, his long legs carrying him swiftly and easily towards the infirmary's location. He emerges in the doorway and he sees Breakout and mentally thanked whatever god presided over him that his boyfriend didn't seem hurt. However, the same couldn't be said for the unresponsive girl at his paws.

    He rushed forward to settle beside his boyfriend and the girl, his gaze sweeping across the femme's broken and bruised body. So tiny, so thin, so broken. Who would do this to such a young girl? He pushes aside his anger for now as he turns, dropping his bundle of herbs at his paws since it seemed like he would be needing to use them soon enough and looked expectantly at Juzo. "Yes, go get some water for the girl. Dip a wad of moss in it and press it against her head. We need to bring down that fever the best we can for now." He speaks swiftly and without awaiting a response, turned back towards the girl and her horrendous injuries. Alcibiades took apart the bundle of herbs they had with him, using a combination of horsetail and marigold in the form of a salve and applied them to the girl's open wounds. They reeked of infection but hopefully the herbs would eradicate them in due time.

    He moved next to the other infected parts of her body, applying poultices here and there as well but her paws - oh, there was no saving them. Her mangled claws hung on just barely and Alcibiades winces quietly to himself as he moved to gingerly inspect them with swiftness and precision. "Her claws will have to go. They'll cause an infection if there isn't already one present." He lets Breakout know this, but his gaze did not stray to his boyfriend. He was completely and totally in the mindset of an doctor, serious yet level-headed. Each removal of her claw would be done carefully and briskly as to keep the amount of pain the youth felt to an minimum. Afterward, he would apply the same poultice to her paws before wrapping them up in gauze.

    Alcibiades leaned back with a weary sigh. "This is all I can do for now. We shouldn't jostle her too much. I'll have to look at her back closely later but it looks bad, Breakout. I don't think she'll ever regain the ability to walk with an injury like that to her back." Sad news, this was, but it was the truth of the matter. "Can you get her in a bed for now and prepare a small meal for her? She'll be needing plenty of food and fluids - but we must give it to her at small quantities. She could go into shock if we give her too much too soon, alright?" The other nurses might be around soon enough, he hoped. Taking care of this girl would no doubt be a challenge, but it wasn't one he or the others wouldn't be able to handle.

    Hm, another week has passed. It seemed like the days were going by much more quicker than usual now that Autumn was in full swing - shorter days, longer nights and all things like that. Alcibiades would arrive in the meeting area at Breakout's call, his pierced ears sliding forth upon his head. He claims a seat beside the leader's podium, shooting a wink up to the other hellhound as he sat, straight and tall, offering a practiced smile towards everyone trickling into the conference room.

    The meeting went over as it usually did, some announcements, promotions, demotions, and such like that. It was rather typical, but Alcibiades remained attentive while his boyfriend spoke. He had been a bit surprised to hear that Breakout was going to be taking his own tests. For what reason, he didn't know, but perhaps he could ask later... Would telepathy count as talking, he wonders? "I'll miss your voice, hun." Alcibiades comments with a slight grin. After being dismissed, the Consigliere would lift himself onto his paws and began to move away with the crowd.

    Sauntering forth on slim legs, the hellhound tilts his head towards Hebe, the slightest of an smile curling up upon his dainty features. The Consigliere would settle himself besides Markus, his pointed tail tip resting at his side comfortably. "I would like one as well, hun." Comes his request, rose - gold eyes glimmering slightly. He hoped whatever task he would get, it'd be a good one. He wouldn't be doing anything that was beneath him.

    The burst of flames had initially surprised him as it reached forward like how one would snatch up something greedily, the fingers of flame eager to set fire upon the two Exilers' supplies and, for a moment, he was ready to tear into the person who'd done it, when he recognized Breakout's voice booming over theirs. The catsune took a step back, naturally, wanting to not get burned and to also make way for the hellhound.

    Rose colored eyes flicker towards Breakout, a smidgen of confusion crossing his pretty expression rather briefly before it cleared up in less than half of a second when the truth had been revealed. Exilers. These two gentlemanly people were Exilers. The catsune narrowed his eyes immediately, turning to glare at the others, expression melding into one of betrayal and hatred oh so quickly. The elegant beauty, although pretty to look at, looked downright dangerous to look upon with that severe glare of his.

    "How dare you." Alcibiades would mutter scornfully, his lips curling back ever so slightly to reveal pearly white fangs. How dare they lie to them? They knew they weren't associates, and went so far as to mask their scents like cowards? They were the Exiles, and he expected that if they wanted their supplies so badly, they would send a raid their way. That was how they worked, right? "If you wanted to remain trading partners, maybe your leader shouldn't have broke it off with us." The assassin would swallow thickly, their nine tails lashing behind them. "You heard Breakout. Leave."

    - sorry for this uber late reply, it's been hella hectic on my end recently ;w;

    If Alcibiades had known that Breakout thought that he was going to leave him, he probably would have set the record straight himself. However, he did not know of what the man thought of every hour of the day ( mostly because he never got the chance to, funnily enough ), and so he remained rather unaware of Breakout's inner turmoil. He would have thought that his consistent presence in the Cartel was more than an sufficient answer, as he's always done, not ever thinking that saying anything was any better than one's actions.

    The hellhound wore an practiced smile on his face to wipe any worry that might have creased his pretty features just before Breakout opened the door, falling back ever so slightly into his old habits of being a mere prince of the Korin Empire. Alcibiades chuckles at his boyfriend's words as they left his mouth, talking about how much he loved him and how much he needed the alcohol. He tilts his head just slightly to the side. "I know all of that paperwork must be absolutely dreadful to go through, so I figured you'd be much happier if I brought you some of your favorite stuff." He responds as he steps inside with the basket held gingerly in his maw, moving to place it down nearby. He'd settle himself down near the basket, wordlessly inviting Breakout to settle beside him with a gesture of an wing. "I also figured we could have our own private celebration of your ascent to leadership." He begins to take out a bottle of rose colored wine. It was infused with strawberries, and it was just so, so sweet to him. Frankly, he liked this sort of wine better than any other wine he's had on Agrelos thus far.

    He doesn't drink it yet though, instead placing it between his paws and focusing his gaze on the Godfather once more. "And, y'know, it's been a while since we've talked outside of business and stuff." He smiles innocently, his cheeks glowing with the faintest of blushes. "I guess I missed you."

    Well, things were certainly picking up around the Cartel, wasn't there? Their ranks were growing in number and more people were determined to be around and actually put in effort. It was a nice turn of events, certainly, but Alcibiades wanted to put in his own two cents in. Since he was the Godfather's most trusted adviser, he wanted to set an example for those residing in the Cartel. Work ethic and camaraderie were two important things that kept their little business blossoming and without either of those, well, from what he understood, it simply wouldn't ever hope to work out.

    Alcibiades had put up a couple of notices on their announcements board in the main room of the mansion, written up in neat handwriting on a piece of paper. It read: 'Nurse Division Meeting will be held today - come by if you're interested in sitting in!' In the meanwhile, he had been busy cleaning up some space in the conference room so that they'd have enough room to sit and talk as they might. Comfortable pillows sat here and there, and drinks sat on an nearby table ( mostly water and juice because he would rather not have anyone get drunk during what was supposed to be an important meeting ). After some preparation, Alcibiades stood at the entrance of the conference room, a satisfied smile plastered onto his face.

    "Hey everyone, I'm hosting the Nurse division meeting over here! Remember, anyone can sit in on the meetings if you just want to know what's going on, alright?" With that, the hellhound turned to disappear into the room once more, settling in on his spot.

    "You better have something fun that I can do, Markus." He'd call with a smile to his face. Alcibiades wasn't the sort of person to do dumb labor and perhaps his elegance and amazing beauty contributed to that obvious fact, but he could definitely pull his own weight if he felt like it. With a slight dip of his head towards the others that were present, he'd pause nearby and waited to be given an task.

    "It isn't anything that I already know, that's for sure." Comes the Hamrik's tease as he comes sauntering forward, rose colored eyes glimmering with faint amusement. The assassin flickered his gaze over Breakout as he comes to settle among the other Cartelians, his tail lashing lightly behind his slim frame. He takes his place beside the other hellhound, paws crossing over the other in an ever so elegant pose. "For those that don't know me, the name's Alcibiades Hamrik. I'm a king of a faraway kingdom, here to do nothing but support our Godfather." The Consigliere would allow a slight smile to form across his maw as he lightly bumped Breakout on the shoulder with his muzzle.

    The Exiles. It used to be a place he'd lived in, a place he had served up until he'd gotten irritated with their needlessly violent ways and the fact that one of their former leaders had betrayed his trust. He didn't like them, not at all, but it probably wasn't for the reasons many others disliked them.

    The man had jumped into his catsune body since he figured he could do with working the body a bit and had went off on a walk when he came upon the scene. A wyvern and an feline of sorts greets them, wanting to trade with them for supplies. "If you're just here to trade, you wouldn't need to talk to my boyfriend about that. He's a busy man, you know?" Comes Alcibiades' hum as he arrives. Luckily for the two standing before them, he couldn't smell the stench of the canyon on them - otherwise, this would have turned out very differently since he and Breakout both just about despised the Exiles for their own personal reasons.

    "I'm a Nurse here, I can probably trade you for whatever it is you want, hun." The pale and golden marked catsune offers a pretty smile in Cory's and Roy's direction, his lips curling upwards ever so slightly.

    Well, this was a nicely sized crowd, wasn't it? Alcibiades flicked his gaze across the three members, his ears flicking in amusement at Breakout's comment. "Well, since you're already up here," Alcibiades turned his head down onto the other hellhound, "You might as well by my guinea pig." The man looked a little more serious as he says this, although the small smile he wore on his face might state otherwise, but he most certainly was serious. Breakout had efficiently spared him wasting time in picking out an potentially unwilling volunteer and for that, he was a tad bit grateful. Looking out towards the two that sat before him, Alcibiades would begin speaking.

    "So let's pretend Breakout is pretty hurt. He's got a couple of nasty scratches on him that are bleeding, and a part of his leg that is swollen badly and he cannot move it. What can you do to treat some of his wounds?" Now, Alcibiades turns towards the basket he had brought out before him and nudged it forward with a paw. "I have all of what you need in here. When you pick out your herbs, tell me they're names and their uses if you can and then tell me how you'd use them on Breakout."

    Heeding, his boyfriends call, Alcibiades would make his way into the conference room to see his Breakout already standing upon the podium. It looked natural that the man would stand up there on his own 'throne,' looking powerful and ready to get just about anything done. It made his heart soar with pride and love for the hellhound, finding quickly that he also didn't mind seeing Breakout in a position of power like this. "Ah, dirty thoughts - save those for later when we're not in a public setting." A slight smile slipping across his features, the assassin would settle himself among the front of the gathering crowd so that not only he could be up close and be able to hear Breakout, but also because he just wanted to let his boyfriend know that he was there for him. He would always be there to support him, no matter what. Or, at least he'd try to the best of his ability.

    The meeting began with a mention of the activity. Breakout was right: things had gotten better over the past week, though he was surprised that he was mentioned by name alongside Markus. The angelic king's ears perked at Breakout's gratitude, and the ugly little gremlin called arrogance reared its head up for just a moment as he nodded his head. And ah - a promotion and a title for him, too? "You're spoiling me rotten, hun." He'd say with a brief huff of laughter. He'd turn to Markus then, wherever he was, and flash the younger boy a small smile. "Good job."

    Alcibiades is silent through the rest of the meeting, nodding slightly at the mentions of parties and new associates and such. He lived part-time in Wind Haven ( although he hasn't been around there in quite a while now ) but he was glad that they were now associates. It would make things a whole lot easier on him now, wouldn't it? "If you need an ambassador there, you can sign me up for it." Alcibiades would volunteer after a moment, his tail swishing in broad strokes behind him. The talk of weekly tasks, discussions, and division meetings made Alcibiades blink slightly in consideration. Well, honestly, he could head just about any of those if he wanted to, hm? Perhaps he'd see what he could do a bit later after the meeting and see if he could sign himself up for these small 'tasks' Breakout had announced to them.

    Where he had been expecting a dismissal, Alcibiades would be taken a bit by surprise when Breakout continued on. He was sent further into shock when he called his name, wanting him to be his Consigliere. Him. He suddenly feels eyes on him and Alcibiades straightens his back as he looked up to his boyfriend and leader. "Of course, boss. I'll do my best to support you always. It's an honor." Consigliere Alcibiades - that had sort of a ring to it, didn't it? He liked it. A smile curling easily upon his lips, the newly appointed Cugine would dip his head graciously to the other hound.

    It seemed like things were changing around here, huh? A little variation from the typical humdrum life of another was something that was needed every once in a while, and it was that something that Alcibiades found himself not minding. He remembered being asked once upon a time about whether or not he was happy. He hadn't given much of a response then, but perhaps the answer was obvious in his actions. He had never been as good as words as he proclaimed himself to be, all silver-tongued and shrewd as he had been brought up to be— father had not bothered to educate him in how to actually talk to people outside of an political environment. Even now he sometimes stumbled over his own words, the uncertainty rearing its ugly head in the back of his mind, wondering if he ever says the wrong things. It was such a simple question back then: "Are you happy?"

    "Ugh, for fuck's sake..." His words are muttered quietly under his breath, where his teeth bites down gently upon his underlip. Worry wraps its thick little fingers around his throat, squeezing, an nauseating feeling washing over him. Perhaps he had not thought more about this— maybe he should take it easy but, ah, since when has an Hamrik backed down from what they wanted? A sigh rolls off of his tongue, rose colored eyes dashed gold rolling at his own idiocy. When Alcibiades had something on his mind, it was a little obvious, he couldn't deny that part of his personality. Breakout probably knew that better than he did at this point, with how intense his gaze could get the longer one held it, or the firmness of his voice and tone; how commanding it could get the longer they spent on a topic that wasn't the one he wanted to talk about. It was a bit of a quirk, and he couldn't really help it at all, and so he was going to be as forthright as possible... "Mhm, good luck with that."

    Alcibiades leaves the lounging area a bit later that evening, clasping a small basket in between his jaws firmly. Nestled just under the white cloth of the basket laid an assortment of drinks he'd picked out. It varied from fine wines to burning golden liquor he knew Breakout liked to drink as if it were the last bottle on earth. The pale beauty that was the hellhound started up towards his and Breakout's room with this and something more, pierced ears flicking forwards upon his cranium. Upon reaching their room, Alci pauses only for a second. Just a second, before he reached upwards with a paw to knock upon the door's wood thrice. "Hey love, it's me." He called gently around the handle of the straw colored basket, his tail wagging slightly behind him in small, quick, anxious strokes.

    - BREAKOUT , sorry for the suddenness of the thread but I saw a prime opportunity with Break's ascension to leadership owo

    Alcibiades knew that the sudden shifting in leadership would no doubt make Breakout into a man that would be busy with just about everything. He'd known it himself when he had led the Dynasty, where he found himself busier and more stressed than he had been as he juggled politics and war early into his leadership in addition to the bullshit the Exiles commonly found themselves tangled up in. Alcibiades wasn't sure what to think of Breakout being the leader of the Cartel now. He was happy for him, of course, and he wanted to support him every step of the way, but leadership was frankly exhausting. His thoughts were mostly made up of well-meaning concern that lingered in the back of his mind.

    As his thoughts drifted to his boyfriend the devil himself announced his return, his voice echoing through the expansive halls of the stately home of the Cartel. He lifts himself onto his paws, abandoning the fluffy pillow he had lounged across on for an rest in favor of greeting Breakout. Golden claws tap-tap-tapping across the cool floor of the mansion told of his approach, the next being the faint scent of spice and sugar spilling into the room he stepped into. "Back already, Cadillac?" Comes his voice, a light tease upon his tongue as he moves forward until he pauses at Breakout's side, his fur just barely brushing against the other.

    "Mm... I have no food for you, but I bet someone brought in something nice for you to fill that stomach of yours." Alcibiades personally preferred healthier foods like that of berries, nuts, certain types of meat, and on rare occasions, sweets— though he wondered quietly to himself what sort of things Breakout might like to eat for no particular reason. Hm. "How was it, traveling around like that? Exhausting wasn't it?" He wouldn't blame him if so. The first thing Alcibiades did after going about and visiting allies and neutrals alike was eat a light meal and collapse into his bed of pillows and blankets. Even with wings such as his, the stress of travel and keeping up appearances around other political leaders was downright tiring.

    Something that struck him was the fact that they had few people around to act as nurses for the Cartel. There was Benjamin whom he had taken under his wing at some point ( had it not been the very beginning with his own, maternal and overly protective nature? ) and maybe some person else. Most of all, they lacked a Capo now that Liquidgold didn't seem to be around a whole lot nowadays. That meant someone had to teach what they could to the clan, and Alcibiades was that someone who was more than willing to extend some knowledge. He had learned quite a bit from his mother in their kingdom, where his father had been particularly rough on him during their days of training and sparring. She would always patch his wounds, make his bruises, cuts, and broken bones all better, and Alcibiades had naturally picked up on quite a few of those techniques she used to treat him.

    "Hey everyone," Alcibiades called into the stately home with a basket full of herbs among other accessories at his paws. A couple of other things, such as sticks and such, were beside him as well. "For anyone who's interested, I'm hosting a herb training session. I'm going to go over the basics and then we'll delve into how to make an emergency kit." It was a short and concise introduction to what he would be going over today without spoiling too much. It should be an easy lesson and should anyone be interested in furthering their lessons beyond basic first aid and preparing emergency kits, he would be more than glad to educate them.