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    The journey to the moonstone had been a quiet one, neither mother nor son wanting to talk much. In truth, Heronswoop doubted that even without the lingering air of grief around there would have been much talk anyways. She felt so nervous it was as though her tongue was tied up. When they reached the entrance to the moonstone, Heronswoop held back, afraid to step any further. She didn't feel as though she was ready, as though she was an impostor and shouldn't have been here. All her life she had spoken of doing everything she could for her clan; it had never mattered to her whether that was through her duties as a warrior or as something more. When she had been named deputy, it had been a surprise, but it readied her for her impending duties as future leader. She had hoped she might have had longer in the role, but StarClan had other ideas. With a steadying breath, she looked towards her son Charcoalpaw, who waited in front of her. She gave him a a small nod to show she was okay. This was her destiny now. Her fate was to lead SkyClan, to follow in the pawsteps of the leaders before her, and guide her clanmates to a bright future.

    Again, she was silent as the pair made their way through the tunnels, ever mindful of where she was walking. When the large cavern that housed the moonstone appeared before them, Heronswoop exhaled softly in awe. This was sight she wanted to remember. If you were lucky, you only came to the moonstone once in your life, so this was a sight and moment she did not want to forget in a hurry. The sereneness of the cavern put her at ease slightly, and relieved some of the nerves she held in her body. It also helped she was not alone in this venture. Although this was his first experience as well, she was glad to have Charcoalpaw by her side, finding his presence comforting among the silence. "It's time," She mewed, looking at her son briefly, before returning her attention to the moonstone. "I pray this goes well."

    The lilac calico lowered herself to the floor, tucking her paws underneath her before leaning forward to touch her nose to the cool stone. There was a a sudden sharp sensation rushing through her body, before the room became dark and her breath slowed.

    When she awoke, she found herself in a starlit meadow and not within the cavern. So, this was StarClan. She was in awe of how it looked, and how it felt to be stood here. Although she had felt calm as she had leaned against the moonstone, she felt her nerves returning to her now, her stomach churning with anxiety. She was all alone here, and although she felt safe, she didn't now what to expect next. Her tail curled around her paws as she waited nervously for something to happen, or for someone to appear.

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    It was a sad day for SkyClan. Today they gathered to mourn and bury their beloved leader. The sun that shone above had long since been covered by grey clouds in the hours following her death, as if those above were also mourning the loss. After her passing, Heronswoop had allowed everyone - including herself - to linger with the body a little longer, before finally stepping in to move cats away and allow Charcoalpaw to help ready her for tomorrow's burial. Cats that were closest to her had sat vigil in the night that followed, and now with the turn of morning, it was time to say goodbye.

    As per Lavenderstar's wishes, Heronswoop had instructed the burial to take place on the southern border. One of the leader's children had found Wheatbell's collar, and as Lavenderstar had requested, they buried her with it. After overseeing the burial, Heronswoop would turn to the SkyClan cats who had gathered to say their final farewell to their former leader. "SkyClan," She called out, her voice shaky with emotions. "I think I speak for all of us when I say this is a sad day. And one which I hoped would not come so suddenly." Lavenderstar had been an older cat it was true, but Heronswoop had hoped she still had several moons left in her. It was a wishful thought, one which prevented her from seeing how much of a decline her friend had taken in recent weeks. It should have been obvious that her health was failing her, but Heronswoop, like so many others simply did not want to see it.

    "Today we gather to say our final farewell to Lavenderstar," She pressed on. "She was a brave and honourable cat who led our clan well and put the needs of SkyClan above all else. She had a sharp tongue at times, but she also had the most caring and loving heart, as evidenced by her many children and the numerous friendships she forged within the clan. I can never thank her enough for helping me settle into the clan, and for essentially welcoming me into her family," Heronswoop paused to blink away tears. They were not related by blood, but she would always see her as family now. No matter how much time would pass. "I don't think I could ever muster up enough gratitude to thank her for everything she has done for us. She walks with StarClan now, but I am certain she is looking down on all of us and will continue to do so for many moons to come. Please, join me in saying farewell one last time."

    The deputy had said her piece for now, and would step aside for now, giving room for other cats to step forward and say goodbye.

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    The past few hours Heronswoop had been a bundle of emotions. She knew this moment would come, but it didn't make it easier. If she could have had her way, she would have waited longer, but with matters like this StarClan would not wait. However, she would not leave until Lavenderstar was properly tended to, until everyone had said their final farewells and they had buried her in accordance to her final wishes. After the burial, Heronswoop lingered by the leaders grave for some time, not saying anything but sitting there reflectively. She was nervous for what was to come for the responsibility she would suddenly find placed upon her shoulders. She worried that she wouldn't do a good job, that she would unintentionally ruin everything Lavenderstar had worked for with her own fears, but she felt comforted knowing that Lavenderstar wouldn't have chosen her if she didn't believe her to be the right choice.

    After saying a quiet farewell, Heronswoop would return to camp, considering eating something before she left, before someone reminded her she was not supposed to eat or drink during the journey. Instead, she sat quietly by herself, waiting for the day to pass, before seeking out Charcoalpaw. She had considered seeking out Minksplash, as she was more experienced, but this was a SkyClan ceremony after all, and the possible future medicine cat needed to be present. Heronswoop went in search of her son, finding him in the medicine den. She wondered how he was dealing with the loss of Lavenderstar - the she-cat had been the closest thing he had to a grandmother after all. Once she returned, she made a quiet not to herself that she would reach out an speak to all of her children once she had the chance. "Are you ready, Charcoalpaw?" She asked quietly. "It's time to go."

    The deputy would leave her son shortly after, giving him chance to make his final preparations, before she padded out into the centre of camp. Amber eyes glancing around, looking at all of her clanmates who were visible to her. Many of them were still in mourning, and rightly so, they had lost and buried a leader today. But Lavenderstar was much more to that to so many in the clan. When I return, we will hold a memorial to celebrate her life, just as she wanted, the lilac calico would vow to herself. And Lav, if you're listening - I'll do my best to make you proud.

    With a shaky breath, she readied herself to make her announcement to the clan. "SkyClan, it is time that I go to the Moonstone and receive my nine lives. While I am gone our senior warriors will be in charge," There was a brief pause as she scanned the gathered cats, hoping to pick out Mothshine, Juniperthorn, and Kestrelswoop among those assembled. "I trust you will all keep the clan safe while I am gone." A faint wisp of laughter followed her words, but it felt wrong to her, especially while they still mourned Lavenderstar. With a flick of her tail she looked towards Charcoalpaw and gave him a small nod, indicating she was ready to go.


    Although they had had limited interactions, Heronswoop liked Hurricanegaze well enough. She didn't always agree with what he did - such as his friendship with Bune - but she respected his opinion as both a mediator and a friend. She hoped that mutual respect would continue when the time would come for her to rise as leader of the clan.

    The deputy had a small blackbird in her mouth as she approached. He had seemed a little distant today, so she decided to reach out to him, and see what was on his mind. "Hello," She greeted with a warm purr. There was a brief pause, as Heronswoop set the bird down in front of him. "How are you today?"

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    To her surprise - and relief - the DarkClan tom was quite open in his reasoning for why he had chosen now to reach to her. A part of her almost expected him to give her some snide comment, so his honesty was quite refreshing to her.

    His talk of DarkClan's losses and their supposed fear of potentially being dragged in to two wars if they broke an alliance with BloodClan was interesting to her. How different that had been to the situation with SkyClan when they had allied with BloodClan. Even though their long since dropped alliance had been forged with the intention of peace and protection, she knew from what she had heard from those who had lived there at the time, that it had done little to stop the city clan to flaunt the alliance between them and continue to harass them. She wondered quietly whether DarkClan had ever experienced such things themselves. Though based on what she knew of the mountainous clan, and what Hawkmask opted to tell her, it wasn't overly apparent. So perhaps there was something else that had kept them in good graces with BloodClan.

    As Hawkmask continued to speak, that answer seemed to come in the reveal of shared family between the clans. Only it wasn't much of a reveal, more like confirming and expanding on something Heronswoop already knew. She knew of one ex-BloodClan cat who lived in the clan, Natahanos - though she had heard he went by a different name now.

    As the brown tabby finished his explanation, he turned to the deputy and asked whether she understood now. Again, she hesitated before giving an answer. "I can't say I agree with some of the actions of DarkClan, but I can at least admit to understanding why you did it," She answered, scuffing her paw nervously. "I recall hearing of your tensions with ShadowClan, so I can understand why you would have wanted to avoid another potential with BloodClan. Being at war with one clan is bad enough...and going to war with two isn't something I'd wish on anyone." She thought back to when she still lived in RiverClan, when they had joined ThunderClan and ShadowClan in warring against BlloodClan and WindClan. Heronswoop had been too young to fight in that battle, but she recalled how tense things had been afterwards never knowing for certain whether there would be retaliation soon to follow. BloodClan she might have expected, especially given RiverClan's hostilities with them at the time. WindClan was the only unknown entity. So, on that level Heronswoop could understand why Hawkmask and DarkClan were unwilling to do something that might have caused a similar event. "SkyClan was once allied with BloodClan too. It was a time before I joined, so the details are a little hazy to me, but I've been told the story enough times to understand. Much like DarkClan we had reasons for allying ourselves with them, and much like DarkClan we were admonished for it by the other clans," Heronswoop mewed. "I was still living in RiverClan at the time, but I remember how much Nightstar and Twistedtail disapproved of the alliance, and how it fractured relations between us. We weren't enemies, but the neutrality was tense. So I can understand why you want to rectify your situation in DarkClan by separating yourself from them. Even when allying with them for peaceful reasons, we still receive the backlash."

    Things went silent for several minutes after that, both cats seemingly reflective on what had been said so far, before Heronswoop spoke again. "As you know, I did not approve of what was said at the gathering," Heronswoop mewed, inclining her head as she turned to look at him. "I understand that it was an emotional moment and I can't fault you for that. But I hope you can understand why we reacted so defensively, when everyone seemed to turn on us for merely stating an opinion - one that I know is shared by other clans. And then to be blamed for Eaglestar fainting when we were not the only ones yelling that night? Can you really blame SkyClan for feeling wounded by your wounds after all we have suffered?"

    It didn't take long for her isolation to be interrupted. Ears pricked at the sound of movement nearby, before the form of a BloodClan cat appeared from the opposite territory. She recognised the cat immediately. Creature. Seeing the BloodClan feline made her tense ever so slightly, but as she had been cordial so far she would afford her some respect in turn. "Hello," She greeted in return, amber eyes watching as the other she-cat purposefully marked their border. "I'm not here to cause you any trouble, I'm merely here to patrol the border."

    So the time has come for Heron to receive her nine lives and become leader of SkyClan. The death of her friend and leader was a big shock for her, and whilst she is unsure she is ready, she knows her clan will turn to her for guidance and support in this difficult time.

    In regards to lives, this open for anyone though I'm going to have a slight preference for former RiverClan and SkyClan cats.

    1. Sunwish - Life of Hope

    2. Thistlekit - Life of Kindness

    3. Lavenderstar - Life of Loyalty

    4. Horizongaze - Life of Bravery

    5. Kestrelsong - Life of Love

    6. Mistpaw - Life of Curiosity

    7. Minnowkit - Life of ??



    Heronswoop knew the leader had been in decline in recent days, the cold settling into her bones, causing aches and stiffness. She also hadn't been eating as much, according to an NPC who nervously came to tell her about Lavenderstar's condition. It had worried Heronswoop seeing her that way, especially given her age, but with several of her nine lives remaining she had remained hopeful the leader would recover.

    That was until today. The deputy was watching over a small group of apprentices practicing their climbing, joking with them about how she was not much better at climbing, before the soft voice of Lavenderstar reached her ears. She turned instantly to see the grey molly stumbling into the centre of camp, wobbling with every step she took. One last time? What did she mean by that? No...she couldn't be dying could she?

    The deputy was quick to hurry over and offer her body for the leader to lean on. "I'm here, Lav," she breathed, her voice shaky with emotion. As they eased to the floor, Heronswoop was suddenly overcome with emotion. The thought of Lavenderstar no longer being around hurt her deeply. Lavenderstar who had welcomed into the clan and her family, and rewarded her hardwork with promotions to senior warrior and deputy. They hadn't always been eye-to-eye, but she counted the grey molly as one of her closest friends. Someone who she respected and admired, someone she loved and cared for. There was a bitter laugh, as Heronswoop bumped her head against Lavenderstar. "I don't want you to go... I'll miss you too much."

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    When word had reached her that Hawkmask had wanted to speak with her, Heronswoop was unsure what to think. On one hand, she was eager to have the chance to talk to him again, having not had many interactions with the deputies of other clans before, besides Tempestwing. But on another hand she was hesitant, unable to forget what had happened at the previous gathering.

    It took the lilac calico a few days to come a decision, finding herself going back and forth between whether she wanted to attend or not. Eventually, her desire to meet with him won out, and she decided to attend When she left SkyClan, she did not tell anyone of her secret meeting, deciding she would wait until all was said and done, before potentially telling anyone. She definitely wanted to keep the meeting a secret from Lavenderstar for now, knowing that the older molly likely wouldn't have approved.

    As she made her way to fourtrees, her mind wandered to that night in question, and all that had transpired. It had certainly been a tense occasion. At the start of the night she had been excited to attend, her first gathering in many moons, but by the end of the night she was glad to leave, glad to get away from the harsh judgement of the other clans. As she approached the meeting place, she caught the faint scent of DarkClan and knew Hawkmask was not far. When the tom came into view, she gave him a polite nod, settling into a seated position before listening to what she had to say. Her amber eyes studied him intently as he spoke, trying to determine whether he was genuine in his apology. As far as she could tell it seemed as though he was; she reflected that he had been the one to call this meeting after all.

    When he finished speaking, Heronswoop took several minutes before responding. "I won't lie to you, I was upset with what transpired at the gathering and I still am," She admitted, looking him directly in the eyes "However, I am glad that you decided to reach out to me. But I must ask why now of all times? And why were you so against speaking out of BloodClan back then?"

    For not the first time, the deputy of SkyClan found herself patrolling near the BloodClan border. However, it made a change for her to be patrolling to concern, rather than to patrol due the threat of an attack. After Arcticwind had returned, injured and bloodied after trespassing into BloodClan territory, Heronswoop's concern had grown. The warrior had wandered into the territory of her own accord, and had been punished in retaliation. Heronswoop wouldn't have gone about it that way herself - unless a trespasser was being difficult - but for once, the city clan did at least have some justification for lashing out.

    Despite it being an isolated event, the incident had worried the deputy greatly, especially so soon after they had announced a treaty with BloodClan. That Arcticwind would be so reckless as to jeopardise that in an effort to sate her curiosity annoyed the deputy a great deal quietly. She had expressed such when Arcticwind had returned.

    Her current patrolling of their shared border stemmed from Arcticwind's actions. Heronswoop wouldn't have put it past certain members of BloodClan to use it as the chance to retaliate. Not that a treaty had stopped them before.

    The lilac calico made her way along the border quietly, not straying too close to what would be deemed BloodClan territory, but glancing over every so often, ever watchful for potential trouble.

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    The snide remark directed to his son after she approached did not go unnoticed by Heronswoop, but she did her best not to show any reaction, despite not approving of his treatment of Cobracry. Not that the younger tom needed her to defend him, as he quickly responded with just as sharp a response.

    The deputy would not respond to his following comment until they had begun to walk away. "Well I am the deputy. I think I can opt to go on patrol with whoever I please," She quipped, with a faint chuckle. "Regardless of what my personal feelings are to the other cat or cats." That wasn't to say she didn't like Cobracry for that matter. As far she was concerned, he was a fine warrior and hunter, a credit to the clan. The only issue she had with him was his abrasive personality at times. "Besides, I don't really know you that well," Heronswoop admitted, as they made their way out of camp. "So perhaps we can use the opportunity to get to know each other better as well as get you away from your father's condescension for a while."

    The deputy was slightly reassured to hear that Ryland - the tom Arcticwind had been escorting - hadn't been the one to injure her. However, her fur bristled at the mention of Creature's name. Heronswoop was not fond of BloodClan it was true, but at least had the decency to not tar every cat from that clan with the same brush and insinuate they were all evil and undeserving of empathy. Keaton - or was it Diesel now? - had proved that to her in their raid. But Creature...most of what she heard about that cat was negative. And Heronswoop could not forget how that beast of a cat had so easily stolen one of Lavenderstar's lives, something which Juniperthorn would no doubt recall as well.

    "You found something together?" Heronswoop repeated, not bothering to hide the contempt that echoed in her voice. The deputy would shake her head disapprovingly. "I can't believe you were foolish enough to trespass into BloodClan territory, so soon after we came to a truce with them! I hope to StarClan this won't have any repercussions for the clan." She said with a low growl. The deputy's amber eyes narrowed. "I trust you won't be so foolish again, Arcticwind? If I catch word that you've been trespassing in their territory again, there will be a due punishment waiting for you."

    Seeing the silver form of Arcticwind return to camp, bloodied and scarred, Heronswoop was instantly on her paws. She knew the younger molly had offered to escort a trespassing BloodClan cat home, so knew the injuries she returned with could have only stemmed from that. Had the young tom abused her trust? Had a group of BloodClan cats jumped her perhaps?

    "Fetch charcoalpaw. or MINKSPLASH ," Heronswoop would instruct to the nearest NPC apprentice, before coming over to get a better look at Arcticwind. Juniperthorn was also here, and judging by his reaction, was not pleased at what he saw. "Arcticwind, what happened to you?" The deputy asked, speaking with a firm voice. "Who did this to you?"

    Heronswoop had something of an odd relationship with dogs. Despite an awful encounter with one some moons ago, an encounter that left her scarred and with a lingering limp for months, she wouldn't say she was afraid of them. Wary, perhaps. But certainly not afraid.

    Regardless, the scent of dog on their territory, still put an uneasy feeling in her gut. You could never be too certain what you were going to get with a dog - they could either be harmless or brutal. Thankfully, this time round it seemed to be a more harmless dog, but that still didn't stop the surprised expression dawning on her features, when it appeared as though Lavenderstar was speaking to it.

    "You can talk to dogs?"

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    - romance/crushes (one-sided crushes are okay though!)

    - capture (unless there was a good plot behind it!)

    - maiming (see above ^)

    - death

    I'm open to pretty much anything else! So throw those ideas at me!!

    It was proving to be another chilly day. That morning was so cold that you could see your breath.

    Heronswoop knew not everyone was a fan of snow, least of all when it arrived earlier than expected. Still, a little snow wasn't going to stop Heronswoop; not when there were duties still to be met. Thankfully, what snow fall they had, hadn't been particularly thick, or else there might have been some issues with finding prey. The deputy had just finished assigning her last patrol for that morning, when she could hear faint chatter from nearby. Though chatter wasn't the right word for it. She recognised one of the voices as Cobracry, a younger warrior she knew vaguely. The other belonged to his grouchier father, Bluespit, who from best Heron could tell, never seemed to have a good word to say about her son. Or at least that was the impression she got from whenever she had overheard them.

    Padding over to the pair, she was courteous enough to give the elder a polite nod in greeting, before she shifted her focus to Cobracry. "Cobracry, I would like you to come on patrol with me," She said swiftly. "Unless you are too busy at the moment?"

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