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    When the ruler of sky bled her first life,
    The first chance of her starry reign,
    Blessed by the stars and moons,
    Did her blood made a constellation?

    Yes, it did
    And it is beautiful,
    And it is terrible.

    It bears nothing but a dead tale
    That is born with the beasts’
    Snapping, wet jaws and grim grins,
    And a spoiled Milky Way.

    Last night, Canis Minor and Canis Major
    Had been lapping up her stardusts,
    The aftermath of her first death,
    As their hellfire howls echo across the galaxy.

    Their wickedness had sung the queen to sleep.
    The song robbed her bones and organs,
    Mercilessly and carelessly and horribly.

    There is no denial in the fact
    That if a star is born to burn,
    So will us, and so will her
    Eight more times.

    This is the queen’s first constellation,
    Soon to be faded behind the sunlight,
    Yet always to be remembered through the moonlight.
    And now, the sun is rising.

    Wake up, little eighth star soul.

    -- by cc

    Disbelief shone in the eyes of her son, before a joyous reaction overcame, a sight that warmed Heronstar's heart. Oh, how she missed her babies so much. True, she missed all of her clan, but her heart ached for her children most of all. "I am doing well, all things considering," She answered softly. Life in StarClan, despite the troubles that had faced it in recent moons, was, for the most part a peaceful and contented existence. Since she had joined the starry ranks, her main concern had been the gradual fading away of the spirits that lived there; even Heronstar, who was a fairly recent member of StarClan, no longer glowed as brightly as when she had first appeared there. "How are you Applepaw? Are you enjoying training under Sedgeroot? Are your siblings treating you well?"

    When Applepaw would wake, he would find himself in a hazy clearing, unable to distinguish where he was, but a calm sense washing over him. It would be unclear why he was there or who brought him there for some time, until a starry figure appeared through the mist, and the form of his mother approached him.

    Heronstar had not visited many cats since she had joined the ranks of StarClan; other than Juniperstar, she had only spoken with her adoptive father Rootlegs, and appeared when her father passed on to StarClan himself, leading him to his place among the stars and reuniting him with the cats he had loved and lost in the past. Some words had also been spoken to her eldest daughter, Kestrelflight, when it became apparent she might have been the reincarnation of her mother. She quietly wondered if her daughter had spoken about the revelation to anyone else, or whether she had kept it to herself to ponder over? An interesting question, but not one to be asked at that time. As she stepped closer, she looked at her son, amber eyes taking note of his appearance. He had gotten bigger since she had last seen him, but that was to be expected. How handsome he seemed now! Or was she biased in thinking that seeing as though he was her son. "Applepaw," She said softly, her voice a bittersweet memory. "How good it is to see you again. I have missed you so much, my love."


    She knew this would happen eventually. That was the way life played out, an endless cycle of life a death, death and life. Still, that did not prepare for the notion that her father was dead. She wished in her last month's alive, and by extension his, she had made more of an effort to see him or at the very least check in with how he was. Borders and her role as leadership had prevented that, but now she would see him off one final time, being the first StarClan cat to greet him.

    Though StarClan was weakened, there was pale glow to her still silhouette. Her eyes glimmered with warmth and sadness; happy to see her father again, but sad it would be now of all moments. "Hello dad. It's been a while hasn't it?" She greeted, a faint laugh succeeding her words. Too long she would add silently to herself. Amber eyes studied him intently, noting the youthful appearance and healthy glow StarClan had bestowed upon him, as they had her and many before her. "I'm sorry it had to be now if all times when we saw each other. My time as leader kept me away, but know I thought if you and the rest of my family in RiverClan always, you were never far from my thoughts." The lilac calico took a step forward, brushing herself affectionately against her father, breathing in the familiar scent that reminded her of her youth and happier times. "Are you ready to leave? There are so many cats waiting to see you again."

    As her daughter spoke, the former leader was already bracing herself for something unexpected to come from this. By the way she spoke, clearly whatever she had seen, had rattled her deeply.

    As she recalled some of the memories she had experience, Heronstar would not along, visibly confused herself when her daughter claimed to have seen Heronstar herself. When she listed off the appearances of the cats in the memories, Heronstar couldn't help her mind wandering to the cats in RiverClan she had known. There was no way Kestrelflight would have known them though, it just wasn't possible....was it? Rootlegs and Ryecatcher were feasible, since she and Charcoalsmudge had met them long ago, but she had been young then, and the journey had been brief. Heronstar doubted she would remember them so clearly. When she bought up the kits, the former leader felt a pang in her heart. It had been a long time since she had thought of her siblings. She hadn't even known Parrotsong was dead, until a StarCaln cat had explained why she had been unable to find her down below. She wondered how Honeywhisper and Waveheart were doing. Was Honeywhisper safe in DarkClan still, her son a warrior by now? Was Waveheart, the sister she was undoubtedly closest to, still safe and contented in RiverClan.

    The more her daughter went on, the more the pieces seemed to fit into place. Heronstar wasn't sure she was ready to reveal that to her daughter just yet, but as Kestrelflight continued, speaking of a similar drowning to her own, and the loss of losing a child, she knew she couldn't hold it in. "Kes, this is going to sound strange to you, but I'm going to say something to you, and I hope it doesn't distress you too much," Heronstar began, already feeling bad for what she was about to drop on her eldest daughter. "I'm not sure how this is possible, but everything you described to me just now happened to my mother, your namesake. I don't know, or why, but you have her memories..."

    His words made her feel a dull ache in her heart. As Rootlegs bought up her previous encounter with the dog, she closed her eyes briefly. That moment had troubled her for moons afterwards, least of all helped by the fact she was growing increasingly stir crazy having to stay in the medicine den to recover. Still, that experience paled in comparison to when she lost her first life in that dog attack.

    "You didn't fail me, Rootlegs," She said soothingly, in an attempt to ease the toms pain. "Though we were kept far apart, I know deep down in my heart, you did not neglect to visit me willfully, nor did I you or the rest of my family in RiverClan. Sometimes life works in mysterious ways like that. Whilst I may not physically be able to see you anymore, whilst StarClan still remains - weak as it is - I can still see you, and visit you, and speak with you. Oh, Rootlegs, we both suffered so much in our lives, didn't we?" The former SkyClan leader lets out a small sigh. "You know, I have never blamed you for what happened on the WindClan border, Rootlegs. You were simply reading the signs as what you believed was correct. You did not mean for me to get hurt that day, and how could I ever blame you for that, when I was the one who jumped in front of that dog to save you."

    She was visiting her grave? The thought was quite touching to the deceased leader, and she would give a somber nod as she listened. Hearing about how she had actually fallen into the river was quite troubling though, and the concern was evident in the look she gave her daughter. Heronstar could remember nearly drowning with her own sister, and how traumatising that had been for her, how for moons afterwards she was plagued with the same jolting nightmare where she drowned over and over again.

    As Kestrelflight mentioned having strange memories, Heronstar would arch a brow, wondering what she meant by that. For a moment she was confused, unsure what the issue was, until she noted that the way she said it made it seem as though the memories weren't hers. But that couldn't be right? How could you have memories that weren't yours.

    "I hope the experience hasn't shaken you too much, love," Heronstar mewed. "When I was a little younger than yourself, I also had quite the experience in the river, and nearly drowned because of it. Though I eventually got over the trauma of what happened, I remember being plagued by such horrible dreams in the weeks that followed. As though forced to relive the event by some unforeseen force." She shook her head at the memory of that. Of her own stupidity and recklessness that had lead her into trouble in the first place. "You mentioned seeing strange memories?" Heronstar pressed on, looking at her daughter intently, ready to absorb what information she would relay. "Do you want to tell me about what you saw? I might be able to clear things up for you."

    From the moment she had been born, there had been a close connection between Heronstar and her eldest daughter, in a way that only mothers and daughters could. Heronstar had been so nervous when she had her first litter, especially as she had only recently came to SkyClan before they were born, and had barely any friends. To think that she would not be giving birth without her sisters, or mother, or her numerous friends in RiverClan was a great source of grief, but her heart was soothed when she looked at her perfect kits.

    Coming from quite a large and loving family herself, Heronstar tried her best to be as doting of a mother as she could, trying to emulate her mother in some way. Her duties as deputy and eventually leader had kept her away at times, but she always made time for her children when they needed it. Perhaps the hardest thing about coming to terms with her own death was knowing that she would not see her children reach the milestones in their life. She had been lucky enough to witness Charcoalsmudge raised to a full medicine cat, but had just missed Kestrelpaw - Kestrelflight now - having her warrior ceremony, and would miss the eventual ceremonies of her younger children too. At least she could watch the ceremony from StarClan. It wasn't quite the same as being there herself, and perhaps even having gave Kestrelflight her warrior name herself, but she was proud of her daughter nevertheless.

    When Kestrelflight had nearly drowned in the days following her ceremony, Heronstar had not watched the scene unfold, but had certainly known about it afterwards. Whilst relieved not to see her daughter amongst the starry ranks of StarClan so soon, the former leader was still beside herself with worry, and found herself pacing around nervously, desperate to speak with her. She waited for her daughter to be asleep, before entering her dream to speak with her, completely unaware of the odd flashes of memories she had seen. "Kestrelflight," Her voice would call out across a starry clearing. Heronstar's voice preceded her actual appearance. When the lilac calico appeared, her gaze lingered upon the form of her daughter for a long moment, relieved to see her alive an unhurt. "What happened today?"


    It took a moment, but she got her greeting out of him. It was good to hear his voice again, as brusque as he could sometimes be, she missed his more direct comments and his the way he carried himself around the clan. He might have questioned why she had chosen him of all the candidates she had in mind for deputy at one point, and perhaps even she had at one point had the same questions, but she was glad she had made her choice in the end. And she hoped he was too, despite the rough road that had led to them standing face-to-face from each other like this.

    At his teasing comment, she shook her head. It was not a gesture of annoyance, but one that lacked any seriousness. "Honestly, this is the first time we have spoken since you received your lives, and the first thing you manage to say is a joke?" Heronstar chided in a playful tone. "It is good to see you again though, Juni. I am sorry it took so long for me to appear to you. Believe me, I have wanted to for some time now, but I was never sure what to say to you, or whether I was even ready to do so." She looked down at her paws following that, seemingly embarrassed by this admittance. "But I am here now, so I think that should suffice to tell you my spirits have improved," Heronstar told him. "You know, I've been watching you lead since I've been gone. You've done a fine job so far, though I can guess you were probably nervous that first meeting after coming back from the moonstone, I know was. How are you finding settling into your new role so far?"

    She was reassured at least that he did not want her to leave. Though she had offered him the choice, she knew it would have hurt her if he had pushed her away. Heronstar turned to him with a warm, kind look in her eyes, and listened quietly to what he had to say.

    At his comments, she ducks her head in embarassment, touched by his words. "I suppose I am glowing literally now?" Heronstar mused, trying to look down at herself. It was a near impossible task, but she couldn't help but instinctively try. She didn't know whether she had a faint glow to her appearance now, but she had been around enough StarClan cats now to know most of them had a glow to them. As he trailed off, she looked at her step-father with a look of concern, taking a step forward. Had she been able to, she might have gently nudged his shoulder to see if he was alright. "What troubles you, Rootlegs? I can sense that something is on your mind..."

    His reaction to seeing her again, nearly broke her heart. The confusion in his eyes, not understanding why or how she could be here, before things fell into place and he began to understand. By his reaction, she assumed the news of her passing had not yet reached him before she appeared to him, and that alone seemed to hurt her even more.

    When he crashed onto his chest in front of her, Heronstar so longed to be more solid at that moment, so she could reach out and stand him back on his paws. She wanted to bury her head against his shoulder and breathe in his familiar scent that reminded her of her youth and home. "Rootlegs, look at me," She pleaded, staring down at him with wide amber eyes. When he would eventually raise his head to look at her, there was a sad, regretful look in her eyes. "I wish we were meeting again under better circumstances, but unfortunately fate had other plans," She let out a small sigh, indirectly referencing her recent passing from the world below. "I hope you don't mind me coming to see you. I don't know if you even want me here, but I wanted to see you again. If you'd prefer me to leave though, I can understand. Seeing me like this - I imagine it must be difficult."

    When they had last seen each other, it had been in the days following Heronstar's death, when she had come before him to bestow a life to him. Her visit today was on a much more personal note, and she hoped it wouldn't upset him or surprise him to see her amongst his dream.

    She had been meaning on coming to visit him sooner, but had been struggling to find the words she wanted to say. Well, it wasn't so much that she couldn't it was just she struggled to find it in herself to reach out to him. Heronstar felt that part of her reasoning for keeping away so soon after was that she wanted to give him time to grieve, to get used to his position as leader of the clan now. Heronstar remembered how odd it had felt for her, and wondered if Juniperstar felt the same. Recalling his reaction to her naming him as her deputy, she was certain there must have been some doubts in his mind.

    "Juniperstar," She would greet him, when they finally found each other in his dream. Her amber eyes gave him an appraising look. Leadership hadn't changed him much, but there was a certain bearing to him that hadn't been there before. "I hope this little visit isn't too much of a surprise for you."


    Compared to many StarClan cats, Heronstar was still something of a recent joiner. Although she was sued to life among the stars now, there were still moments she felt strange and uneasy, not helped by the presence of fading StarClan warriors. Not that they could help their predicament of course. The situation had been bad enough down below, but it really bought things into perspective up here.

    Among some of the things she had yet to do, Heronstar was yet to visit anyone in their dreams. It wasn't through any lack of want to do so, but everytime she thought about it, she chickened out. She had wanted to speak with her children, with Juniperstar, with her medicine cats, to reach out and tell them everything was okay, and not to blame themselves for what happened. But even she knew the grief they held over her death was too strong, too fresh in their memories. She remembered how it had been with Lavenderstar, with all the little reminders around the camp, that stirred up wave after wave of sadness in the weeks following her death.

    Of all the catsshe could have first chosen to visit, that of her step-father was perhaps an odd choice, considering they had not seen each other in so long. Such was the life when you were seperated by borders. Heronstar had not heard much about Rootlegs in a fair while, in her last moons of life she could not recall seeing him at gatherings or on patrol, and had not gained any messages from the RiverClan patrols who passed by. She assumed he must've been keeping quiet, perhaps looking after his children with her father, or watching out for his fellow RiverClan cats. He always had a kind heart.

    Heronstar would enter his dreams carefully, appearing before him in all of her StarClan glory, her scars long gone and replaced with the faint glow of stardust. "Rootlegs," She said softly. Seeing the tonkinese tom again, made her heart ache. Not just because she would never see him face to face again, but because she had forgotten how much she loved him, how much she appreciated what he had done for her and her siblings. "It is good to see you again."

    Rootlegs   Dia'kendi

    The presence of Lavenderstar was a reassuring one among StarClan. Although, every time the lilac calico laid her eyes on the former leader, her heart ached to see her so faded, so lost. A true victim to the plague that had struck StarClan. It pained her to see the molly like that, knowing full well that there were so many down below who carried her in their hearts still, and thought of her often.

    "It's a little strange, but I think I'm managing," Heronstar answered after a moment. The first few days had been rough to say the least, but with the help of her friends and family who awaited her among the stars, she was able to deal with the situation. "The only thing which truly pains me is knowing that my children are still hurting and suffering down below," She added quietly. Her amber eyes flickered to Lavenderstar for a moment, sensing that the former leader perhaps felt the same, what with her numerous relatives who still resided in the clan. "To be reunited with Minnowkit was a joy, but to be so far away from my other just breaks my heart. I wish there was more I could do for them."

    Death was a strange experience. It hurt less to die, than it had ever did to remain down below dealing with the loss of a friend or family member.

    Heronstar was a recent joiner to the ranks of StarClan, and was still getting used to what that entailed, what her life now was. It pained her to see her children struggling with her death, to see her friends and clanmates trying their best to move on but unable to fully shake the dark cloud of grief that loomed over them. It pained her even more knowing that whilst she was relatively safe up here among the stars, they were still suffering down below with the heat and starvation. When will it end? She asked to the void, receiving no answer in return. Have we not suffered enough?

    Although life was easier here in StarClan, there were moments when she found herself unsettled at edge being here. Heronstar was vaguely aware of what was happening with the StarClan cats from the warnings they had received. And yet, nothing could prepare her for the sheer dread that filled her when she would stumble across a cat fading away, being forgotten and lost. It was silly of her to think, but she couldn't but worry if that would ever happen to her. Would she disappear into nothingness even though there were cats still alive to remember her by?

    The first of many cats to appear on this night, was one heartrendingly familiar, a face who had only departed the mortal world just days earlier. The lilac calico would chuckle faintly at his first words to them, before stepping forward to bestow his first life.

    Her death had not been a pleasant experience for anyone involved, but there could be no hiding the peace and contentment on her face, as she approached. Heronstar had never been a heavily scarred cat, but what few she had, including her neck scar and nicked ear, were no longer present. The touch of StarClan had been bestowed upon her, and she was beautiful.

    "Hello again, Juniperthorn," She greeted, amber eyes shining with warmth as she addressed him. "It is good to see you again." Looking at him, Heronstar wondered what was going through his mind right now. She was certain that this all must have been quite overwhelming for him. She could still recall how she felt, how afraid, nervous, and in awe she had felt at being here, at being in the presence of the cats who had come and gone in her life, and those she had never met before. She wondered if Juniperthorn felt that way too. Savour this moment, Juniperthorn, She thought silently to herself. Never forget what you will experience here on this night.

    "It falls to me give you your first life, and I could not be more honoured to do so, my deputy," Her voice quivered as she said that, truly meaning everything she said to him in that moment. Heronstar took a step forward and pressed her nose against the other's forehead. "With this life, I give you compassion. As leader it falls you to pass judgement in the clan, to decide the fate of others. It is not always an easy task, believe me I know, but it is one we must do. Use this life to know when the situation calls for you to show compassion. Your mercy. Not every mistake is a bad one." Though the experience of gaining lives could be painful, the sensation that would course through Juniperthorn's body, would be surprisingly bearable. A sharp pain to begin with, gradually easing into a warm sensation that flowed all around him.

    As she moved away, she gave him one last glance, and a small nod. "I know you'll lead them well, Juni," She reassured him, as though perhaps sensing he'd need such words. "I always believed in you, and I still do."

    And with that, the previous SkyClan leader departed, rejoining the ranks of her starry brethren, waiting to watch the rest of the ceremony unfold.

    Pain wracked her body with every movement, but Heronstar pushed through, doing her best to ignore the worsening pain. She refused to show weakness around the rogues, these killers - not while her clan still needed her. Grappling with the rogue she had pulled of Bisonpaw, Heronstar was trying her best to hold the other she-cat off. They were both skinny and underfed, though her opponent was not unencumbered by a number of wounds, wounds that had stolen one of Heronstar's lives, and thus had the upper hand.

    As Heronstar dealt with her own opponent, elsewhere the battle seemed to be shifting in favour of SkyClan. Daisy had managed to shrug off the attacks of Juniperthorn and Mothshine, though she had a notable limp to her walk now. She paced around clearly agitated and annoyed, her mood worsening when she saw one of rogues killed by Tawnypaw. Rage clouded her mind and she looked around for her next target. She couldn't challenge Juniperthorn again, not after how badly he had caught her off guard, making her all too aware of her own lack of skills. As her eyes searched the clearing, she settled on the form of Mottlewish, and decided to make the older queen her target. The rogue leader managed to land a blow on Mottlwish, scratching above her left eye. She might have caused more damage had it not been for Sedgeroot coming to Mottlewish's rescue, pulling the black and white female off of her and successfully managing to throw her to the ground. Though it did not knock her out as he might have intended, it succeeded in winding her, and for a long moment she lay on the floor, struggling to catch her breath. When she did recover, she looked around to see just how the rest of the rogues were faring. Daisy cursed under her breath, and pulling herself to her feet she turned tail and ran, her voice calling out for the rest of her surviving rogues to retreat.

    At the sound of Daisy's voice, the skinny she-cat Heronstar was grappling with stopped for a moment, allowing the SkyClan leader to get the upper hand. Heronstar turned with as much speed as her wounded body would allow, and sank her teeth into the scruff of the rogue, hoping to drag toe rogue to the ground with her wihich she succeeded in doing. The rogue yowled in pain, but Heronstar ignored her pleas for mercy. She held the rogue down, putting her front paws on the females shoulder to keep her on the ground. "You'll regret the day you chose to attack, SkyClan!" Heronstar hissed into the rogue's ear. And then she did something she never imagined she would do, she killed the rogue. She clamped her jaw around the rogues neck and bit down hard until she drew blood, not relenting in her grasp until the rogue had stopped moving.

    With the deed done, Heronstar lifted her head, not wanting to look at the body anymore than necessary, and moved away. As she looked around at what remained she was disheartened to see that two of the rogues had managed to escape - Daisy and one of the males - but one was still alive, just too injured to move from camp. She supposed with one of them alive, she could open up the discussion of what to do with him once the clan had time to recover.

    "SkyClan," She began, her voice barely strong enough to carry around camp. "The rogues have been defeated for now. Once we are recovered I will organise a patrol to seek out Daisy and the other survivor, but for now, I can proudly say we have - ugh." What words she had been beginning to say about their victory were soon caught short, the pain she had been ignoring for the battle, suddenly rushing back, demanding to be known. To all those close enough, it was clear that she was in a a great deal of pain, her breathing was sharp and ragged, and was wincing with her movement. Heronstar moved to take a step forward, but she stumbled. "Char...Tawny...Bison...I need you." Came her pleading voice, before she lowered herself to the floor, unable to find the strength to stand anymore.

    As she lay on the ground, she was aware of the shapes of her clanmates surrounding her, her amber gaze looking out for her children in particular. Though to many it might have seemed as though she was just losing another one of her lives, Heronstar had a feeling that this was it, when she close her eyes for one last time she would not be waking back up. A part of that concept was frightening to her. She did not want to die, did not want to go, and leave her children and clanmates she loved so much. But another part of her already felt at peace with the notion. She had so many beloved friends and family waiting for there up in the starry sky above. Mother, Berylbreeze, Shellpaw, Minnowkit, Parrotsong, Salmonpaw, Lavenderstar...wait for me my friends, I'll be there soon.

    "Juni..." She mumbled, attempting to call out for her deputy. It took her a moment to fight through the pain to be able to form any coherent sentence. Her amber eyes moved around wildly, desperately, searching for the cinnamon tom among the crowd. "Juniperthorn," She mewed, this time with more conviction in her voice. "Please, come closer." Heronstar would wait a moment, giving the tom time to approach her, when he was close enough to her, she pressed her nose against him. "I fear you will not like to hear this Juniperthorn, but I believe this will be the last time I speak with you as deputy, and me as leader," Heronstar told him, an oddly timed chuckle following her words. "You must be brave Juniperthorn. Brave and strong like I know you to be. SkyClan needs you now. I know you once questioned why I chose you to be deputy, wondering if I made the right choice, but seeing you now, how you've grown I know I did, and you should know that too. I am so proud of you and the fine young deputy you have been to me. You will make a fine leader, and I know you will guide SkyClan well. Just promise me one thing, alright?"She leaned closer to his ear. "Promise me you'll look after them for me and that you'll keep them safe."

    With her final words said to Juniperthorn, she looked out among the crowd, at the sad, distraught faces who were by now realising there was not long left for the SkyClan leader. "Cats of SkyClan...I am so proud to have known and lead you. I thank you for opening your hearts to me and taking me in as one of your own," Her voice was growing faint now, these next few words would likely be her last. "When this is all over, I have one request - bury me along the border between RiverClan and SkyClan, my two homes." With that said she gave an affirmative little nod. "Farewell SkyClan, I shall miss each and every one of you. Be kind to one another and know that I will watch over you always, and should you ever need to find me, just look to the stars."

    Her eyes moved away from her gathered clanmates, and she appeared to focus on some undefined point ahead of her. Heronstar let out a contented sigh and closed her eyes. "I'm coming, my love, I'm coming..." Were the last words she whispered. Her breathing grew slow and even, before finally she drew her last breath and world grew quiet and still.

    ooc - skyclan it has been an honour leading you <3

    The leader was admittedly intrigued when Mottlewish responded that it was the other way round. Heronstar gave a little nod for the she-cat to continue, and waited silently to see what Mottlewish would do. As she set down the jewels on the floor, she did find herself agreeing with Mottlewish that they were very pretty. Such things were not easy to come by however, and Heronstar couldn't help but wonder where, or how she got her paws on them. She saw no sense in ruining the moment by prying too much into things.

    When she removed the beryls from the string, she was aware of a dull ache in her chest, a feeling that was only magnified by Mottlewish's words. "Thank you, Mottlwish," She said, voice quivering with a surprising amount of emotion. "This is a lovely gesture, and I appreciate it greatly. I'm sure when the time comes the kits will too."

    A long moment passed between them, before the leader rose to her paws. She moved further into the den for a moment, searching for something. When she returned, she had Berylbreeze's old necklace in her maw. After he had passed, she had taken it as a reminder of him and kept it in her den, almost as a way to keep him close to her always. "I'll keep it with his," She told Mottlewish. "And treasure it for the rest of my days."

    And so it began. Daisy couldn't help but chuckle seeing the clan cats get so riled up. She knew asking them leave peacefully was a pointless request, even as she said it she knew the words were meaningless and hollow.

    The tom who Sedgeroot attacks is slow to react, but seeing the older tom coming towards him he releases his captive for a moment, to meet Sedgeroot in battle. He managed to avoid the full brunt of Sedgeroot's attack, but was still hit, causing him to stumble. He let out an annoyed hiss, and would aim to land a sharp blow on Sedgeroot, by lashing out at his face with an unsheathed paw.

    Seeing the attack in full swing, the other rogue who had taken a captive, released them as well, and prepared themselves to battle any oncoming warrior or apprentice who wished to battle them. Tawnypaw had wound up challenging the last tom of the group, a notably more bulky cat than Daisy was. Though not able to knock him to the ground, his slash at the tom's face made it's mark, and he recoiled in pain as Tawnypaw's claws raked the side of his face, drawing blood. Blinded by pain and rag he lashed out without much thought to wear he was aiming, trying his hardest to grab the medicine apprentice by the scruff of his neck and throw him to the ground.

    As Juniperthorn approached, Daisy eyed him carefully. Oh, how her words had riled him up! She wondered privately if he had any close relation to the fallen she-cat. Admittedly, his attack caught her off guard, seeing him look as though he would pounce she had readied herself for such a move, so was surprised when he kicked out with his hind legs, which threw off her balance considerably. "Hmm, that was a good move," She told him, giving him an admirable look. As he spoke to Juniperthorn, she was again surprised by Mothshine's following attack, showing off the fact that she wasn't much of a fighter in truth. Though Mothshine didn't knock her about as much, she had definitely caught her somewhere with her extended claws, at Daisy felt the familiar sting of a cut somewhere on her body. With two opponents to deal with, she knew she would have to focus on one or the other. Deeming Juniperthron to be the bigger threat, her eyes narrowed at him, attempting to rush him off his feet, by practically throwing her whole body weight at him.


    A sharp gasp escaped the maw of the lilac calico as she stirred from losing her third life. Her body ached with pain, and even taking a breath seemed painful to the badly wounded leader. It took a moment for her to remember where she was, pain distorting her train of thoughts. As she slowly pulled herself to her feet, every small movement making her wince with effort, the memories leading up to the loss of her life flooded back to her. She hadn't been walking far from camp when three of the rogues had jumped her and dragged her to the clearing where they took her life. She had tried to fight them off as best she could, but fatigued from lack of food and the heat, she was easily overpowered. Taking a moment to steady herself, Heronstar looked around, half-expecting to see the rogues still around her, ready to snatch away another one of her lives. To her surprise they were nowhere to be seen. Before she even had chance to think the question, she could hear the yowling in the distance, the cries and shouts of SkyClan cats, her cats. How dare these rogues come into SkyClan land and take what was theirs! Heronstar would not allow it! She took a step forward, moving too fast, and the stabbing pain that wracked her body was not pleasant at all. In fact it was rather troubling if she was being truthful. She knew she had to see off these rogues and protect her clan, but StarClan, at what cost? She was already weakened and wounded, still bleeding from some of the smaller injuries, there was no telling what other injuries she might wind up with...


    Just as Daisy moved to attack Juniperthorn, a voice rang out from behind her, which stopped the rogue in her tracks.


    From behind her, the battered form of Heronstar practically dragged herself into camp. She lacked the usual poise and grace she carried, but there was a look of determination in her gaze, despite the obvious pain she was going through. Meeting Daisy's gaze, she lifted her head once more, offering some final words of advice to her clanmates in this battle. "Don't hold back."

    And with what little reserve of energy she had left, she raced forward, not after Daisy as some might have expected, but at the skinny she-cat currently tussling with Bisonpaw.

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