It took a lot of strength from her coming down here, not nearly as bad as what giving a life had... Still it was a painful reminder that even to someone like her who arguably was still heavily remembered within her clan was fading so quickly. Her pelt didn't shine as bright as it had when she first joined her ancestors, and perhaps it never would. Lav was doing her best with Tawny, her best to teach him the ways of the code and that he needed to remind cats to follow it... Even if he had to preach it like an insane lunatic each and every day to them. But he was still young, still new to the clans, was it fair of him to place so much on his shoulders? To expect him to do the work of many cats? No.

    But she was desperate. She didn't have much of a choice anymore unless StarClan and everyone within it was going to die.

    And... would the clans fall if they were no longer around? Perhaps not right away, but there was no doubt in her mind they would eventually. Leaders would no longer be blessed with lives, medicine cats would receive no visions, and powers that cats like Tawny carried would be useless. Hell, they might even just be stripped away from them.

    But she wasn't here to chew their ears off, thats what she had Tawny for... A small chuckle in amusement escapes her as she slowly ambles through the forest she once called home.

    She still knew it like the back of her paw, every tree, every shrub, every rock.

    How she longed to live again... but the thought of living as someone else that wasn't her? She didn't like it.

    She achieved everything in her life a cat could possibly want, she wouldn't throw her memories away for anything.

    Besides, if StarClan was still yet standing she wanted to be there when her clan-mates still standing on solid ground came to join her. Especially for her kin...

    So many of them already walked within the stars, but some still walked the ground.

    If she wasn't hear to give them a warning, what was she here then for?

    Well... with each day that passed she grew scared. More and more frightened that if she waited any longer she might not ever speak to her clan-mates again.

    Besides... it grew very clear to her some of them needed a reminder she was still here. She was still listening and watching them, trying to guide them when she was able.

    There was no reason to continue to mourn her presence, if they improved on following the code and such they would get to spend an eternity with her once they reached StarClan.

    The uninvited guest slips through the entrance of camp, as she did so memories of her life all came rushing back to her.

    She wished so dearly her age hadn't caught up with her... wished she never had to leave them.

    But at least today she'd have the opportunity to say hello, and hopefully not for the last time.

    "Ah Briarthorn! The last time we seen each other was when ShadowClan came asking for an alliance right? Don't know if we ever got anywhere with it though." A friendly laugh in greeting would erupt from the gray feline as her turn came into play as she padded over, her starry figure seemingly slightly faded away compared to some of the other starry cats. The power of StarClan was still diminishing... cats were still on the threat of vanishing even after the warning she gave to SkyClan and her dear friend in RiverClan enforcing the code a bit more. No doubt would she use the time here tonight to say something about it... but of course that would be in due time. First she had a life to give. "I know we didn't know each other well, but consider this as a thank you to ShadowClan from me. They were one of the only clans aside from RiverClan I could tolerate at all times..." The former SkyClanner jokes around, it seemed even in death she was unaware of what was appropriate to say and what wasn't...

    "But in all seriousness," Lav begins before she moves in closer and attempts to gently place her nose on the younger molly's forehead. "With this life I give you compassion." A trait Lavenderstar had carried strongly with her throughout her life. Not only had she carried it when standing up against BloodClan for all the victims they've created and continue to make to this day, but with each and every loner and rogue that came to SkyClan land seeking entry. Hell, she even felt it for other clans when she heard that misfortune struck them, but of course in the clans especially as a leader you needed to watch the back of your friends and kin first.

    "Having compassion as a leader is important, every day you'll have to cast judgement onto cats. Whether that'd be upon a cat seeking to join, a misbehaving apprentice, or even upon another clan. Judge them with both your heart and mind, remember that all cats have their own stories and go through their own hardships. Everyone has their own reasons." The starry feline trusted the soon to be Briarstar knew what reasons were good reasons and which were bad...

    "And please, keep the warrior code in your thoughts. Enforce it when your members break it, remember what StarClan warned the clans about at the gatherings a few moons back. Everyone is still at threat..." Her facial expressions were serious as she spoke, but once again they'd grow soft once more. "Farewell for now Briarstar. May you use your lives wisely so we don't see you back here any time soon." With one last purr she turns off and walks away for the next cat to take their turn.

    StarClan has continued to be in shambles since her previous meetings with Kestrelswoop and Arcticwind, she didn't believe her warnings had gone... completely unnoticed. But she didn't see a change, but maybe that was because many of the other clans were yet put in their places? Reminded harshly that they needed to restore their faith in the stars unless they wanted everything to be lost? Hmph... it was not her place haunting the dreams of the other clans, warning them to get their acts together, besides if she hadn't seen much among her own clan-mates cats who hardly even knew her wouldn't think about her warning twice before simply forgetting about it. Unbelievable... she sat in StarClan watching her kin and fellow clan-mates begin to fade away and grow weakened and the only threat the clans thought they had was leaf-bare.

    Leaf-bare was nothing compared to what would await them if they allowed StarClan to die. Nothing.

    But in this dream walking session, she would receive a break from handing out stern warnings. Instead this dream would be a joyful one, the dream that would reunite her with her beloved son for the first time since she had passed away. She only hoped her other children would not take this the wrong way, her visiting Juniperthorn before all of them. They'd be fools if they believed she was picking favorites, fools to believe she didn't love them all equally. This was a timely matter, it wouldn't make much sense congratulating the new deputy moons after it had happened right?

    The dream would be set in a small forest clearing, much like a small clearing you just might see within SkyClan's territory. Only this forest was glittered with stars and starry cats would occasionally roam it. Before her most likely stood Juniper, her son where aside from their attitudes at time unless you were told a cat outside of SkyClan would carry no idea they were mother and son. In a way the cinnamon tabby didn't even look much like his father aside from sharing the same color palette, strange how genetics worked.

    The starry feline would scan the cinnamon tom up and down with a small smile plastered upon her face, it hadn't been too long ago since she walked with him among the living, but it felt good to see him again even if it was bittersweet knowing this would only be temporarily. It may be moons until they spoke again, or even until Juniperthorn went to receive his lives.

    "And so it seems the Butterflydawn and Lavenderstar dynasty within SkyClan has ceased to end. Welcome to StarClan my son." Purrs the now scar-less Lavenderstar as she slowly makes her way over to him. "I'm glad Heronstar decided to listen to me. Though I doubt the choice would've been any different if I had not said anything about Mothshine, Kestrelswoop, and you. You've come a long way from Juniperpaw." She would muse, stopping in her tracks as she neared him before attempting to lean over and give him a loving nuzzle, before once again drawing away.

    "It wasn't all that long ago since I stood in the same spot you are now. A new deputy of SkyClan, knowing all too well you deserved to be there yet constantly doubting yourself and your capabilities to be titled such a thing as deputy. And the doubts only get worse when your reminded that this means you are to one day reign SkyClan. How do you feel with your new rank?"

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    Kestrelswoop was technically apart of her family. Not by blood, but through adoption. Berylbreeze whom was her adoptive son was his adoptive uncle, and while they were distant relatives nonetheless Lavenderstar had done her best to watch over the tom. He was kin of Orchardbreeze through his father, and she had vowed to her dear friend when she had passed away she'd do her best to look after her family. But she couldn't do that anymore... now she sat up in the clouds above with her slowly fading away friend, hoping that the clans would decide to save them. That the clans would care enough to start following the code, to restore their faith in the stars.

    She knew Kestrelswoop's faith was dwindling... It disgusted her that she had encouraged and agreed with his and Juniperthorn's angry yelling to the stars. How foolish she had been hmm? She had been apart of the stars demise, and since she had been apart of the problem she was going to do her best to fix it. She'd spark some fear into the hearts of SkyClanner's, and she knew her words could still get to them. Her death was still fresh on their minds, they still grieved, and while it was cruel she could use this to her advantage.

    She wasn't doing it however out of malice, she was doing it for StarClan. For SkyClan's own good as well... she wanted to be reunited with them one day. If StarClan died, she'd never be able to.

    "Yes, its me." She says simply with a small dip of her head as she begins grow nearer to Kestrelswoop. "As lovely as it is to see you Kestrelswoop we must talk about an important matter. StarClan is fading away, because of cats like me, because of cats like you." Her words were sharp and cold, but she knew they needed them to be for the clan to truly listen. "I'm sorry Kestrelswoop for encouraging you to walk down such a destructive path, but you must turn around and walk a different one. If you keep doubting your ancestors like this we will be gone in a matter of moons. If even... I fear some of us may only have a few days left the way it is." She herself was not fading, but that was only because memory of her was strong yet. Give it a moon or two, and you'd be able to see straight through her. Stars would not plaster her pelt, she'd be a transparent ghost waiting for her end.

    She'd die again. StarClan would die again. Did they want that?

    "You and your father were never close, but I advise if you ever wish to be reunited with him so that one day he can make up for his wrong doings and the two of you can have an actual relationship you snap out of it. Do not be so childish and act as if the stars are not watching over you, not watching over SkyClan. I loved SkyClan with my whole heart, if I could have I would have spent every one of my remaining lives dying for this clan. I would never, ever, allow this clan to fall. But StarClan cannot control everything, and it seems the living clans actually have much more control of us then we do ourselves." It was true. While they could sometimes see the future and give prophecies because of the clans they were fading. Faith must be restored.

    "If you want to go somewhere when you die, I suggest you start enforcing the code, and encouraging your clan-mates to believe in us. If you think the clans can truly live without StarClan watching over them? You're wrong. The clans would have died out moons ago if not for our love and protection. The least you could do for me, for the rest of your ancestors is have faith. Can you do that Kestrelswoop? Or are you going to just sit there and allow us to die once more?"

    Grief tended to bring out the worst in cats. Lavenderstar knew that well, during her time on the ground she had grieved for many of cats. She grieved for the loss of friends, family and even her own children. Each and every time she was grief stricken, it sent her into a irritable stage and she hated absolutely anything that reminded her of her lost loved one. While she wasn't exactly sure whether Lavenderkit was named after the beautiful flower or partially after her, or... both, she was touched to share the same prefix as someone. She just hoped the child wouldn't walk down the same rocky path as she once had, she hoped life would be a much smoother ride for him rather then it had been for her.

    But her hopes were getting proven wrong, as grieving clan-mates shot the child strange looks or perhaps even ignore the kid. It didn't help that Virgo was receiving some hostility as well. They didn't deserve what was getting thrown their way, especially innocent Lavenderkit. She understood why her kin and members of the clan who were close to her felt this way, if she was alive and someone else of her own had died and someone was quick to name their child the same name as her fallen loved one, she'd be irritated to. But she thought with a clear mind now and seen how irrational it was, but they didn't. Their minds were riddled with grief, and sadly Lavender knew that no matter what they would have to trudge through their grief themselves, in their own time. Even if she visited them it wouldn't go away, perhaps for some the reminder that she was dead would only make it worse.

    You never did stop grieving for someone, she knew that, but one day things would be better.

    She just hoped they listened to what she told Arcticwind (and presumably Kestrelswoop when myth finally replies jfc) what she had said. They must follow the code, they must enforce if StarClan wasn't to fade away. If they wanted a place to go after life.

    But of course she was not here today to strike fear into the child, no. The gray molly had always been motherly, grandmotherly too in her age, kits were the clans world, their future. And it seems that was truer then ever... as one of her children were now walking in her paw-steps. The next leader of the clan. How proud she was, really any of the deputy choices would have been splendid... Mothshine, Kestrelswoop, but Juniperthorn surely deserved it. His tongue was sharp, but underneath that he was a good cat. The clan could use someone like him in the higher ranks, and when it came time for him to lead she knew he'd do well, and she'd be there beside him every step of the way. Even if he could not see him.

    Or so... she hoped he could be. Like she said, if the code didn't get enforced Juniperthorn may never receive his nine lives and be properly named Juniperstar one day. SkyClan better listen...

    But never mind that and getting off topic. Today she was here for Lavenderkit, maybe seeing a StarClan cat would spark some excitement in his life, some hope even? Either way part of her was a bit selfish and wanted to continue meeting with SkyClan's youth, other StarClanner's told her she should only dream walk or show herself on the ground for important matters... But to hell with them. She was StarClan now, but only because she was dead. She'd forever be a SkyClan warrior at heart.

    Silently she would approach the young child from behind, though in an attempt to not scare the kit she would clear her throat quietly to give off some noise before speaking. "So you're the newest Lavender of SkyClan hmm? It seems the clan will never get a break from this purple flower." She muses gently before sitting down beside the kit, looking at the lavender before them. She had to admit, her father didn't have a bad taste in flowers... She had always thought when she was alive she'd appear to be a bit full of herself for appreciating the flower, but now? She didn't care too much about what cats thought. The flower was damn pretty, and she was proven right by Virgo who named her child after the flower.

    "Us Lavender's gotta stick together kid, I don't think throughout my whole entire time on earth I had met another Lavender. But that changed today. The names Lavenderstar kiddo, just don't go stealing my name completely by going off and making yourself leader you hear?" She muses gently as she turns her starry gaze back onto the child.

    She hadn't been lying when she had been being irrational up in the stars. She hadn't been lying to SkyClan when she had joked with them about coming to haunt them in their dreams. Never did she think she'd be visiting them for something... like this, but alas here she was dream walking in their dreams, and it appeared her first victim of her sharp words would be Arcticwind. A feline she didn't know well at all, a feline she was skeptical of, a feline who she would watch critically... just because she was dead she was not free from her. She'd be here, and she'd watch to make sure she never dared break her son's heart.

    She always had been harsh with her children's mates. She hadn't cared for Fernonia, here she was hesitant with Arcticwind, Heronswoop was the only one who had gotten away from her watchful gaze... she had learned swiftly she could be trusted to be good to Berylbreeze. But she had never learned to trust Fernonia, and perhaps she'd never learn to trust Arcticwind.

    Time would tell... if she wasn't dead for a second time and forgotten by then.

    The starry molly gives her a cold, blank faced look for a few solid moments... Not exactly all too sure what she was sorry about. Lav was aware Arcticwind didn't show up to her final call, didn't show up to her burial, and that was fine... Lavenderstar had much more important things to worry about. "You have nothing to be sorry for, well... almost nothing." The words escape her in a blunt tone, and after saying them she couldn't help but feel a little bad. Shouldn't she greet her former clan-mates with joyful hellos?

    She would... but they needed to be warned. She needed to make them think StarClan was furious, that StarClan would never forgive the clans if they did not change their ways... that StarClan would drag all of them down with them if they didn't start following the code.

    She walks forward in order to move closer to the feline, as she does so she begins to speak again. "If you love SkyClan and if you love my son as much as you say... you'll listen to my warning and you'll make sure other cats get themselves under control to... You've all already been politely warned by more friendly StarClan cats, but I'm not afraid to hand out some tough love. Your little visits with BloodClan, you associating yourself with them must come to an end... StarClan isn't pleased with the clans being so friendly with a group that worships the enemy. That worships the Dark Forest and views StarClan as weak... A group that views the warrior code as dumb and unneeded... The lack of faith the clans themselves have in StarClan, their lack of following the code, and their lack of enforcing it is quite literally killing StarClan. Each and every single one of you will be murderers of the dead if you do not begin to put faith back into your ancestors..."

    She too had been part of this. She too had not enforced the code. But this must end now if StarClan was going to survive.
    If the clans were going to survive...

    "Believe it or not, cats within StarClan are beginning to fade away rapidly. Our code is being forgotten, not being enforced, do you want StarClan to die Arcticwind? If by any chance you do, or simply don't care, I'll inform you that the moment StarClan is gone not a single soul will be protecting the clans anymore. If you all already think you have it rough during leaf-bare... you're wrong. The cold season will be twice as cold, prey will be three times as scarce, more than triple the cats will die. And if you're a lucky soul that makes it out of leaf-bare? Don't worry, green-leaf too as plenty of natural disasters that could easily ruin the clans. The worst thing of all, is when you die? You'll have no where to go. All you'll be is simply a rotting corpse buried in the ground, all Juniperthorn will be is a rotting corpse in the ground, and all of your BloodClan friends too by then will be nothing but a rotting corpse... in the ground." Or maybe not... maybe with there being nothing but the dark forest around the disgusting spirits would show mercy to the clan that worshiped them.

    "Do you understand me? Do you understand my warning? Are you going to let us die Arcticwind? Are you going to let SkyClan die Arcticwind? If you don't intend on allowing that to happen... I most certainly hope I'll see you around camp reminding cats to follow the code. Reminding cats that StarClan is indeed watching over them, or else all will be lost. Everything."

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    Ever since she had joined the starry ranks terrible and scary thoughts plagued her mind, thoughts about her kin and friends potentially vanishing... Thoughts about StarClan altogether fading from existence. It frightened her beyond belief... not only for herself but for her loved ones who were still alive too. If StarClan vanished, where would they go once they died? Would they go anywhere? Or would the walk the skies alone and lost? She didn't know... she didn't... and it seems even in death Lavenderstar couldn't bring herself to just... not do anything. She had to do something, they had to do something. StarClan had come into the clans already, and the clans still haven't gotten the hint that they need to follow the code, that they need to restore their faith in StarClan or all might be lost for their starry ancestors. Not only that, but without StarClan who would guide them? Who would bless leaders with nine lives? No one.

    The clans needed StarClan. StarClan needed the clans.

    She'd go down there herself if she had to... she would. "I can't stand it... just sitting here while I watch the cats I've just been reunited with slip away!" She hisses to anyone nearby, her claws digging into the starry surface below her and the fur on the back of her neck bristling. "We've gotta do something. We've gotta do more, to wake the clans up, to get them to follow the code, to get them to believe in us more like things should be. I was part of the problem at one point in time... but I've changed... so so can everyone else right?" She hadn't even believed in the stars completely until she had gotten lives from StarClan cats... and even before she had died she never had even then been the biggest StarClan follower. How foolish she had been... sure some of the rules she still agreed to this day could be removed, but even some more simple ones were no longer being followed. When was the last time a leader picked a deputy on time? Why was BloodClan and the Tribe attending the gatherings? Why were clans accepting every single face that strolled upon their border, be it former a former BloodClanner or kittypet? She didn't even want to begin to think about all the forbidden relationships and medicine cats having children.

    As much as she disliked those two rules the most, they needed to be followed... for the sake of the clans future.

    "We should go down there again- we should make another appearance at the gathering to warn them, and hey... if they don't listen then every single moon we cover the moon. We send bad omens. We send medicine cat signs. We do everything we possibly can until all the clans are back on track." Yes! She'd do it herself, she hadn't lied at the end of the day when she warned SkyClan she might just haunt them.

    She thought her stay within the stars would be more or less stress free... but she had been wrong.

    Not even moments after she had entered StarClan she was struck with the harsh reality, StarClan and its cats were in grave danger. Felines were feeling weighed down, cats were beginning to vanish, where to was the only thing Lav could ask. Did they go to some other after life? Or did they just cease to exist? The thought... frightened her, not only did not being a thing at all sound scary but the thought of never being able to speak to her family still on the ground or the friends and family she had just been reunited with again scared her.

    She didn't know what she was going to do if the situation got much worse... She had to think of something to do to make the clans snap out of it, get them to follow the damn code more and believe in their anscestors a bit more. SkyClan would be an easy target to get them to do that... right? They just lost her, they were still grieving her, as selfish as it was maybe that could be how StarClan got them all to wake up and enforce the code a bit more. To respect StarClan a bit more...

    Maybe they could lie? Tell them that if they dont shape up not only will StarClan be gone but so will the clans, they'll be facing the brink of extinction as well too if they didn't begin to think.

    Or was that too cruel? Would it be wrong to lie to them, even if lying to them will make them do better in the future? Make them for sure have a place to go to when they pass on? She didn't know... she didn't know...

    She thinks in a small meadow with starry flowers sprouted from the ground. She was glad even when she was dead... she could still enjoy beautiful views.

    I'll have to talk to SkyClan, they'll listen to me right? They wouldn't turn a blind eye to one of my warnings... right? But at the end of the day, even if she succeeded in getting SkyClan to restore their faith in both the code and them, would they be enough to save them? Would the other clans listen? Would they restore faith in the stars too?

    The gray feline had a feeling it would sadly take more than just one clans belief in them to save them.

    But maybe there was hope in RiverClan and WindClan... she knew Mistralstar had faith in the stars, did Gladestar?

    ...Oh god, what did she get herself into by dying?

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    All while she got the gist of what was happening, the gist that there was some danger for StarClan and potentially even the clans she had never been told exactly what it was. She had heard the power of the dark forest and began to grow stronger, once again it was a place she had once not believed in... It was foolish in her opinion to believe that some invisible force would determine whether you were good or bad within your life before sentencing you to some form of heaven or hell. But now she was thankful such a thing was true, she wanted her afterlife to be peaceful... filled with happiness. But perhaps her retirement within the stars wouldn't be what she imagined it to be, perhaps now that she was in the stars she would continue to find herself fighting. Fighting for her new clan-mates, fighting for the ones that didn't have much longer left if the clans did not regain faith... and fast.

    But for now, she'd be unaware of how serious this was. Unaware of the serious problem StarClan faced.

    "Orchardbreeze..." She breathed when she spotted the starry white feline begin to approach, a loud purr would rumble in her throat as she padded a few paw-steps closer to her on friend before attempting to give her a small embrace in greeting. If only she knew what was troubling the feline, what she was facing right now. "Its... strange to be here... I thought I had a lot more moons left in me, and although I'm going to miss SkyClan I know they'll be okay. I'll still get to see them all again. One day." Or not... if she knew there was a chance the existence of StarClan itself might fade away she'd probably freak. The thought of being nothing- not a spirit in the sky, but just simply a dead cat who was sentenced to eternal sleep frightened her. Not being able to see, hear, or even think- the mere thought of just simply ceasing to exist was... terrible.

    But she is frightened by her words... whats left of StarClan? Wheatbell too had been acting strange, so she knew something was up, just not... just not something that was threatening StarClan's existence. "I've been getting worried looks sent my way and vague statements since I've gotten here... what do you mean whats left with StarClan? Is everything alright?"

    "Are we there yet?" The deep voice of a molly questions with a heavy tint of excitement in her tone. A new StarClanner who was eager to soon be reunited with lost kin, friends, and clan-mates. Oh how she would miss her beloved clan that lived below, she knew she'd be united with them again one day. For now though the gray molly was going to take in being pain free, not having aching joints, being rid of her scars and looking a bit younger- while getting caught up with some old friends. She was especially excited to get caught up with her family... Mom, dad, her siblings, her children, oh she wondered how Astral, Dream, and Wish were doing! She was so excited to catch up with those little bundles of joy, Fireflywatcher, Wheatbell, Spiderweb, Calfpaw, and Lambpaw too.

    "Almost mom. A few more fox-lengths and you'll be walking on StarClan's hunting grounds. The family is so excited to see you! But I'm sure there will be some others here too who will be wanting to greet you." The cheery voice of Wheatbell says excitedly, there was a small bounce in her step... God it had been so long since Lav had been with her daughter. It was... so good to see her, especially good to see her happy. She had made mistakes with Wheatbell as a mother when she was alive, but now that the two were reunited within the stars she was ready to make up for it... They could be the mother daughter duo Lavenderstar had wished they could've been upon ground. "I haven't seen most of my family in moons... its going to be... amazing seeing everyone again. I'll have a lot of catching up to do, but Im just glad in the afterlife there isn't no rush anymore you have to worry about." Right? She looks to her daughter briefly but at her comment a concerned expression could be seen briefly on her face, she must have been quick to notice however and was quick to wipe it off with a more neutral one. But it was enough to make Lav remember... that StarClan themselves was at danger.

    There was a risk of them vanishing forever. So her little vacation might not last forever.

    She couldn't lose everyone... not again.

    And she couldn't bare the thought of dying and there just being... nothing after. If there was no StarClan where would she be? What would she be? Just some dead cat in the ground? Probably.

    She shakes her head and decides to do her best not to think about it. She wanted to enjoy herself, at least for a little bit... she deserved that at least right?

    A few moments of silence between the two past, but it doesn't last for long as Wheatbell stops in her tracks as they near the beginning of a lush starry forest. Almost like... SkyClan's...

    "Okay mom! We're here! Welcome home! Doesn't it remind you so much of home- it for sure didn't take long for this place to truly feel like my new home. Maybe now that you don't have your old bones holding you back you can continue to get better at tree climbing! Oh- we can all do lots of things together! Maybe we can have like... a family day soon? Like- obviously it wont be all of us yet but-" The fawn coated girl begins to spill out excitedly, once again letting out a small bounce. Lav couldn't help but let out a small chuckle, and to which Wheatbell responds to with an apologetic look, but the mother merely shakes her head. "That sounds... perfect. I wouldn't mind doing such a thing in the near future." The gray molly purrs, it'd be nice... it'd be a good way to catch up with everyone too. She doubt many of her siblings were much for climbers- many of them carried the same bulky build but maybe some of them were lucky enough to carry a slimmer build like their mother. Ugh she couldn't wait to see them all again!

    "Now, where is everyone? You kinda made it sound like I'd be getting a welcoming committee or something." Muses the new StarClan feline, but- surely though there were cats awaiting to greet her... right?

    For a brief moment she closes her eyes as they all begin to approach her, a sense of peace flooding over her. They must all remember this won't be the last time they meet, one day far into the future she'll be there to greet them when they too passed on and needed someone to guide them into the starry afterlife. Besides... StarClan has proven time and time again that even though you cannot see them they are indeed there, watching over them... To believe at one point in time she did not believe in the sky walking cats, and now here she was preparing to join them and saying her goodbyes.

    A soft smile could be seen on her maw, though it fades away at their please's and begs, and even in death some of Lav's sharp-tongued comments she keeps to herself surface within her mind once more. How foolish they were being, part of her was aware the grief was talking but for StarClan's sake if any of them believed this was even in her slightest control... she couldn't say if she had a choice she'd live forever, but if she had one she for sure would not choose to die now. Though it didn't feel like she had led for such a short time... her reign had only lasted a mere two moons. She had hoped her reign would be one for SkyClan to remember, one that would bring them more glory then ever before, and perhaps it had in a way... but she knew she could've done better.

    But she knew she should be happy for her accomplishments. Lav had dedicated her life to SkyClan upon joining, she wished she could've died protecting them, but alas when age catches up to you, you begin to not have much of a choice.

    "Y-You'll all be fine... all of you... once I'm gone." She says with a small purr, doing her damn best not to get emotional. She didn't want to spend her few last moments sobbing about the inevitable, she wanted to die happy... And so she would. "I would do anything to be young again, anything to keep me on the ground with... you all. But the stars have made my destiny very clear to me from the beginning of my decline... I knew this was coming soon for awhile, the question had just been when exactly. I have my answer now." I'm just glad I was able to spend as much time as I did within SkyClan. I couldn't be more proud of the group I belong to, more proud to die a SkyClanner.And she'd continue to be one even in the stars.

    She shudders a little bit, easily chilled by a gentle breeze that rolled through camp. The gray feline moves to press herself against Juniperthorn for some warmth before going quiet for a few short moments again... listening to them all. Her friends, her children, her clan.

    She looks to Mothshine with a weak smile, "I love you too kid... all of you. And don't worry, I'll make sure this clan doesn't forget me for a second myself... if you think I wont be haunting you in your dreams every night for a second... you're far from correct." She chuckles with a small laugh. Part of her childishly wondered if she'd ever hand out any prophecies? Part of her didn't want to be the barer of bad news- but unlike telling her clan in some vague ass prophecy what was to overcome them she'd be as blunt about it as possible. "You're all going to fucking die if you don't shapen up." ahh... she couldn't wait.

    As Fallenkit approaches the leader smiles again and places a weak paw upon the child to bring her closer, "You continue to be good... ya hear? You'll make a fine apprentice in due time dear, I'm proud of you." A deep purr rumbles in her throat, and another one of her children approach once again begging for her to stay. It pulls at her heart strings, but there was no use crying over something they could not change. She was leaving them... but she knew they'd all be okay. It'd be hard for her children, but they would prevail. Each and everyone of them were strong, it made her happy knowing that such fine cats would continue to be apart of SkyClan...

    And though she hadn't succeeded in completing the threat of BloodClan for them completely like she had promised herself, she hoped she had helped. She hoped that she had helped show those band of rogues SkyClan was not to mess with, she just hoped that they didn't think things would return to how they were before she was head of stage. If it did, SkyClan wasn't the only clan that needed to be worried about a haunting...

    "You four..." She says looking to Suntalon, Juniperthorn, Wolfshade and Cherrypaw... along with any of her other children who would eventually approach the scene as well. "You're all so young yet... you all have so much to look forward to. Don't let this drag you down. I love you all so dearly, you are my world, my pride and joy, don't think that has ever not been the case or will change, even when I'm gone..." Once again she goes quiet for a moment... but after awhile she speaks up again with a playful smile. "Though- whoever beats me in children can claim the title "mom's favorite child", alright? Either way I'm expecting grandchildren from all of you, even when I'm dead." She jokes with them all one last time with a small giggle.

    She then looks to her grandchildren, "Same goes for you all too. I'm expecting great grandchildren." She had to tease them all just one last time.

    She then eyes down Juniperthorn, Mothshine, and Kestrelswoop, "And seriously, if one of you three don't get deputy you can all get dropped down to my top three least favorite SkyClanner's ever. Along with you Heronswoop, because you'll be making a mistake." Okay- last joke she swore, though there were truth to her words. Not exactly in the fact they'd be her least favorite SkyClanner's of course, far from it.

    With a happy sigh, she closes her eyes and just listens to her surroundings, taking every thing she possibly can in. The birds chirping, the wind rolling into camp and the branches of the trees rustling in the wind. Once again she goes a few long moments without saying a word, but eventually she opens her eyes into slits once more. "Do me a favor... bury me near the south border, the one that doesn't face any of our neighbors. Thats where I was accepted into this clan, thats where my journey as a SkyClanner started, and thats where I want it to end. Wheatbell's collar is within my den, someone take it in memory of her... or bury it with me." Thats all she wanted... "And if you're going to mourn after me afterwards, do it in celebration. Celebrate SkyClan, celebrate our victories we've had together these past few moons... I don't want my name these next few moons to be associated with sadness and grief, I don't wish to be a name cats find it difficult to bring up because they don't want to bring back grief. I lived a good life... I'm dying happy... there is nothing to mourn." It was a lot to ask, she knew... but it'd make her happy, and it'd do none of them no good to feel sad for too long about her loss.

    She knew there was no preventing them from being sad at all, they already were, but she just didn't want them to be weighed down by this for too long.

    "And Heronswoop, I'd ask you to lead the clan well but I know you will. I won't waste the little breath I have left on such a pointless request..." Once again a purr spills out of her throat, and still leaning against Juniperthorn she closes her eyes, a smile still present.

    This was it... the final chapter to her story was drawing near. Or was it? Did her story end when she was dead? Or did it end when her name was no longer spoken within the clans? Or would it continue on even in death? It was hard to say, but at the end of the day as much as she hoped her name wouldn't die quickly, she'd just be happy to see SkyClan continue on strong. Even if she was completely forgotten after this, all she wanted was for them to continue to be happy.

    And with steadily slowing breaths, the leader lays there with a smile, her gray fur gently blowing within the breeze.

    Though she didn't even realize it, but she eventually stopped hearing the wind. Stopped hearing the murmurs of her clan-mates. Within the world cats would be able to see her stomach no longer rose and fell as she breathed, her smile most likely had given away as her muscles relaxed them self.

    With out a doubt, it was sad. But Lav died exactly the way she had wanted to, surrounded by those she loved. Surrounded by SkyClanner's.

    Goodbye, SkyClan.

    Absent she had been these past few days... surely the clan has noticed. No longer residing within her den due to arthritis, and on top of that her joints in general just aching she now had a permanent nest within the medicine cats den. Though she had done her best to hide it, and perhaps she had succeeded, she hadn't been feeling all that swell the past few days. Honestly she wasn't even sure what had hit her, but it had brought on so much pain she hadn't even left the medicine cats den for a couple of days. The clan was most likely aware of her state, most likely aware of how weak she was... An npc had decided to check up on her here and there, fetching her prey and what not... though she was grateful for the felines kindness she never could seem to eat much. Let alone... keep it down.

    So the old molly just... laid within the medicine cats den. Either she was sleeping and completely at peace, or awake and feeling miserable.

    It didn't take Lavender long though to realize what this was. To realize that time was ticking, that soon her heart would give its last final beats... and this time her remaining seven lives would not be able to save her.

    But that was okay... Orchardbreeze... Orchardbreeze had warned her, she knew this had been coming. She knew the clock was ticking.

    She... she wish she had done more. She wish she had been around more during her final days... part of her told herself over and over again that she had done plenty. Her leadership had seemingly brought on an influx of members SkyClan had never seen before, under her reign they had won their very first battle against BloodClan, under her reign they ran from twolegs but like the bad ass SkyClan was not even twolegs were enough to keep them away, they returned, found a new camp. They really had come back stronger than ever.

    She should... she should be proud.

    Not a cat in the clans could dare tell her she hadn't given this clan her all.

    But... still she sat on her deathbed, still wishing she could give her clan more.

    "Rest mom... you've earned it."

    Her emerald gaze flies open to find herself laying within a forest glittered with stars... but the fact that shes been taken into the realms of StarClan isn't what grasps her attention. No. Its the fawn oriental molly standing before her with a gentle smile, but within her bright green gaze she saw sadness.

    "Wheatbell- darling." In an instant shes up on her paws, she feels joyful tears threaten to fall from her eyes as she moves forth in an attempt to nuzzle her beloved daughter, but she moves out of the way quickly.

    "Time is ticking... there will be plenty of time to talk to each other soon, after you awake from your life loss you must say goodbye."

    Shes taken aback by her words and for a split second she felt even hurt that she hadn't welcomed her embrace, but her words woke her back into reality.

    Was it really... time?

    The threat of joyful tears are replaced by saddened ones, and this time she cannot prevent them from beginning to slide down her cheeks. It had been so easy for so long to pretend that she wasn't scared, pretend she wasn't fearful to die, but now that she was put right into the face of death it seemed she could no longer pretend. Lavenderstar would be leaving her clan-mates forever... until they to one day joined her within the stars. She'd never get to hang out within the walls of camp again, sharing tongues with her clan-mates. She'd never get to host another clan-meeting. She'd never go on a hunting patrol, she'd never go on a border patrol... no more going to clans in hopes of forming an alliance. No more speaking to her family... her friends... her kids- oh her children.

    It broke her heart.

    "I-I'm... n-not ready..." She manages to stutter out though small sobs she tried so- so hard to not allow escape her.

    She didn't want to leave them- she didn't want to leave her home, the clan she loved so much. She didn't want to leave them... why did she have to leave them?

    She feels a gentle touch and she turns her head to see Wheatbell with her nose lightly touched to her shoulder, "You are mom. You are ready. You've already done so much for SkyClan, so much for the cats within it. You're reign ends here now... but just because its coming to an end doesn't mean it will soon be forgotten. Your name will be carried out throughout the clan for moons... by cats who were lucky to call you a clan-mate, by cats touched by your dedication for your clan, by my siblings who all love you so very much. They'll miss you, but the clan will continue to carry on, they'll continue to thrive even after you're gone."

    Perhaps her words carried some truth...

    She tears her eyes away from her daughter to look ahead of her- only to be even more shocked. Many pairs of eyes looked at her, all of them so familiar...

    Blackbird and Wheat sat by the base of a tree with proud looks upon their faces, then nearby them sat and stood many... many of her siblings. Many still exactly the same way she remembered them... which meant they most likely not lasted long after the blizzard... But some were indeed older like her and carried many scars upon their bodies, they had lived good lives, but it seems she had out lived most of them.

    She notices some where... still missing. Which makes her smile...

    She wondered where they were?

    Her gaze continues to travel, oh- Comet! She spotted the black coated tom from within one of the nearby tree branches, right when her gaze landed upon him he let out a small laugh. Her expression must have said it all, she truly was shocked to see that old kittypet here! Her emerald gaze then lands on a Siamese molly, Celeste. A former lover of hers... a love that resulted in a tradgety when death took her from Lav. Though Lav knew where her heart lied... and where it always would with Butterflydawn, it'd be nice to soon catch up with an old and dear friend.

    Then of course... her children. Oh- her children! All of them! (Or nearly at least...) Fireflywatcher sits with three tiny kits at his paws, Astral, Dream, Wish... She seen Lambpaw and Calfpaw...Spiderweb too. Her heart practically melted to see them all here... soon my loves, soon we'll be united.

    And of course, there were still even more cats within the crowd. She seen Orchardbreeze, she seen Glacewing, she seen Rainpuddle, so many cats who she had known throughout her days... So many cats she wished were still within the clan.

    She'd be able to speak and get to know all the clan-mates who lives within SkyClan before her as well now...

    A few brief moments past, and Wheatbell speaks again. "We'll be waiting for you mom... now go, say goodbye one last time." And before she could even say anything they all began to fade before her eyes, and everything turned to black.


    She awakes with a small jolt, immediately feeling miserable and now even more weak once again. Given by the amount of times she had been gone, she had most likely lost more than one life...

    That was okay though now...

    It was time.

    But she needed to say goodbye.

    Weakly, she slowly brings herself onto her paws and eventually exits the den.

    Wobbly... she slowly makes her way into the middle of camp before finding standing too unbearable, and she lays down.

    "SkyClan... please..." She begins slowly, "Come lay with me... come speak to me one last time. Please..." Perhaps this appeared to be dramatic to some, but so be it. Lavenderstar wanted nothing more than to die surrounded by the cats she loves... to die hearing nothing more than their voices mixed with the gentle breeze.

    //it wouldn't be a post from me without apologizing that its shit, so im sorry lol.

    Honestly, I've had a fucking blast y'all. Really I love this clan and the community so god damn much you have no idea, but after a year of constantly throwing out posts daily my muse for p much all my characters is nonexistent, and most likely not coming back. I really hate killing lav off like this, it doesnt feel right, but she needs to go before I simply just cannot rp anymore because jfc thats the last thing she deserves is to just get left unfinished. I couldn't just throw her away.

    I've thought about maybe bringing a casual character into SkyClan, but for now I just need a break. I'll be more than happy to play lav if anyone wants to interact with her in a dream or something though or if y'all need a ghost to come haunting for a bit.

    Thanks for the ride y'all, and if any of you og SkyClan members happen to read this from back when I first joined thank you especially. Y'all are the reason I stuck within SkyClan, the community was so welcoming to me when I joined as a confused and new member of traditional, really couldn't have picked a better clan to join damn. Thank everyone for giving me the opportunity to have Lav and I lead, I'll never forget my lil gray cat oc and the fun stories I got to create with her and y'all. <3

    I'll still be around oocly, but for now my time on ff is going to be declining as im just... drained lol. If you wish to contact me on discord you are more than free to if you don't have me on there already (myth #8300).

    I'll be finishing this thread though ofc but figured something like this should go in the first post. Thank y'all again. c:

    The mother's emerald gaze would widen briefly when the stranger moved in and pressed his head up against Juniperthorn's in a challenging manner. Sure sure, her son had a sharp-tongue and didn't seem to know how to keep comments to himself, she'd usually scold him when it came to making remarks at his own clan-mates. But this cat was within their territory, a trespasser, and while being rude may be unnecessary she didn't mess around too much when it came to the safety of her children being threatened. Could this furless tom do much for damage? She doubted it... she doubted he'd even go through with anything. But still her motherly instincts flared up inside of her, fur beginning to bristle she almost moves to attempt to push the tom away from her son but before she can go through with said action the tom moves away himself to address a familiar face.

    She goes quiet for a few moments, merely listening to the brief conversation before letting out a huff. Okay she supposed... but if this tom wasn't here within their territory for a reason he'd have to be on his way. "I love seeing friends and kin being reunited, really I do but I'm afraid if you do not have a reason to be within SkyClan territory you'll have to... go. Ebonystrike and you can talk at the border if you both so wish if not however."

    "The one here Arcticwind needs to be afraid of is me, because I don't give second chances to those who put the well being and safety of this clan at risk." The leader muttered as she steps forth, the fur on the back of her neck bristled with frustration. How could she be so idiotic? At first Lav was ready to run over to BloodClan to Bune, threaten that if something wasn't done about one of her warriors being harmed she'd do something. But instead? Arcticwind smeared SkyClan's name, she risked there already thin on ice truce with BloodClan simply because... she was curious?

    "I thought you had more self control then that Arcticwind. If curiosity is what sent you trespassing onto other cats lands, fine, then without someone by your side you are not to go near any borders. RiverClan's, ThunderClan's, and especially BloodClan's. If you have as little self-control as an apprentice not to only break the code but risk the safety of this clan then you can have someone babysitting you near borders until you've proven you can control your ever so strong curiosity. And if I hear word you're at the border without someone or god forbid trespassing then you can be confined to camp like a child next time. Call me extreme but I am done with this clan constantly having trouble, constantly being harmed, I will not allow warriors who prove themselves incapable of thinking before acting ruining our safety..." And without another word, she walks away. She was well aware her punishment was harsh, well aware it put heavy restrictions, but she did not mess around when it came to her clans well being...

    This molly put her son, who she apparently had feelings for at risk.

    This molly encountered the feline who ruthlessly ripped a life from her and went on about how they found something together. Would she become another Hurricanegaze? Making friendships with cats who constantly put harm upon SkyClan? At least she was a bit more open about it...

    //out, ic opinions of course <33

    and Ill probably respond with mink later but i need to focus on lav in skc.

    //this was made for the single purpose of testing her powers out oop xshfsdfg

    White flakes still sprinkled the ground of the forest, though it had stopped falling from the sky by now. More green could still be seen than snow, but either way Lavenderstar wasn't happy with its presence... even if it was barely there. It was a promise of an early and harsh leaf-bare, this leaf-bare would be what... her twelfth? She didn't want to go through one again...

    She couldn't just stay hiding within the elders or medicine cats den avoiding even looking at the white substance, she was still leader of this clan old or not... she needed to be around, she needed to be present for them. So today she left camp for a walk, she'd maybe attempt hunting but as per usual the thought of doing much for activity made her cringe just thinking about the pain it would bring.

    But she'd try... thats the least she could do for the clan that had given her so much right?

    Bright emerald eyes would scan the area around her observantly as she walked and every so often she would stop in her tracks to taste the air to see if there was any prey around. She did this a few times and found nothing... but what she did eventually scent out made her wrinkle back her nose in disgust. Dog. The fur on the back of her neck began to bristle, ever since the dogs she had grown up with at the barn she had never met a mutt as polite to cats as they were. She'd play and run around with the dogs on the farm, talk to them through broken dog tongue. She only ever understood about... a little over half of what they said and she was always awful at communicating back, but she supposed it was better than nothing huh?

    A growl rumbles in her throat as she moves to follow the scent, it was only a single dog but still... any dog could kill a cat. Any dog could maim a cat. If it was going to harm any SkyClanner it would harm Lav, and if Lav could do anything about it she'd prevent it from harming anyone all together.

    Sure enough, eventually the gray feline comes across a mutt sniffing about the territory that is yet to realize her presence. The dog was medium in size but was oddly slim... carried long legs to. She seen dogs like this before... she remembered kittypets calling one a... whippet? Whatever the hell that meant. It was far from the most intimidating looking dog, but no doubt it was still larger than a cat and it carried a powerful maw. It could do some damage if it sure wanted to.

    She lets out a angered hiss to fetch its attention, and immediately its head whipped around to face her.

    "You... leave." The older molly attempts to speak to it in its own tongue, she hadn't tried attempting to communicate with dogs in well... years. No doubt she'd be a little... rough.

    The whippet- is taken aback by the gray felines ability to communicate with it, the dogs head tilts in confusion and a bit dumbfounded it takes awhile to respond. "Leave? Why? Forest is nice... me like it here. Me might even make it home. Cat share?" The dog woofs back, it probably spoke in a much better tongue than Lav could but she found it difficult to make out every word it spoke... let alone remember how to translate every word. She makes out just enough to get the gist of what the mutt is saying, it wishes to stay, it wishes to share land. No. Couldn't this dog just run back to its twolegs? Or did it roam the nearby city alone as a stray? Either way it could go bother BloodClan, SkyClan had no room to share prey... especially with a dog who could just gradually bring more and more dogs in with it. She doubted this dog intended on staying alone and not packing up with others for its whole life, especially with leaf-bare well on its way.

    "No. You go. Cat share no." She would grumble back in response, praying to the stars that the mutt gets the message that it isn't welcome here...

    But of course, with her luck it doesn't.

    "Cat share? Cat and me share?! Thank! Me leave cat alone. Me leave cat lone I swear!" The dog says with a shake of its tail before happily giving off barks, and at this point Lav feels like walking away, digging up a hole, and laying in it. Did the dog not understand no? Did it ignore her no? Could it even speak its own fucking language?! "No! Cat no share! No share with dog. Get! Back home!" But the dog didn't hear her, or at least it acted like it. It continued to let out happy barks and wagging its tail happily before eventually turning around and going back to sniffing. Dear god... it was going to take her awhile to get the dog out of her wasn't it?

    She stayed silent as her clan-mates let out conflicting comments, no one was exactly happy but some decided to remain hopeful while others were negative, and they were negative with good reason... SkyClan had not had much luck with anything to be quite frank these past few moons, constantly they were thrown under the bus with problem after problem. It was light snow now, but snow always led to more snow... The light snow they were receiving now would gradually turn to just snow- then heavy snow, and then before they knew it, it'd be up to their goddamn chests and they'd barely be able to walk in it. Let alone hunt, let alone find herbs, let alone find anything. Though a leader should most likely not be highly negative in front of her clan-mates, she found a growl slip out of her throat once more at the snow. "Hunt while you all can, enjoy having a belly full of food, and enjoy the last warm feelings of the sun. This is going to be a rough leaf-bare..." And with a sharp flick of her tail she walks away from the scene and makes her way to the hollow log they called the elders den. They didn't have many elders... so hopefully she'd be left alone there and she'd be able to close her eyes and ignore the snow. Ignore her problems for just a few moments.

    //choppy post but she out

    Approaching the scene didn't take her too long, she was usually there rather swiftly when there was someone within the territory. She didn't understand it... would SkyClan ever get a break from constant trespassers? Most likely not. With a grunt she stands silently at the scene before giving a small glance to Ebonystrike in confusion, she knew this tom? "How do you know him?" The molly is quick to question the warrior, they hadn't greeted them with hostility so perhaps they weren't a threat.... Either way friends with one of her warriors or not, if this tom had no business within their lands he needed to be escorted out. But she awaits for him to respond to Juniperthorn before saying anything.

    An invisible brow was raised with the feline's comment, of course no clan exactly enjoyed being used as a war device but she was more interested in what she meant in terms of the gathering. What were there plans for...? Telling them to bug off? Interest flashed in her emerald gaze, "Oh? And what is it you're planning?" Because if it had anything to do with getting those rogues out of the gathering so SkyClan could finally attend once more she'd be all for it. She had tried before however merely moons ago and it had failed to work, but she could see how with all the... StarClan stuff happening cats would open their eyes a bit more. But before the gray feline states anything she awaits for confirmation, or to see if she'd get one.

    A small sigh of relief escaped her, finally she got an alliance with the moor runners... and she trusted by merely the short amount of interaction she had with her Mistralhowl was a much more respectable cat then say Lizardstar or... Rulindil. Her ears would then flick at her words about the code, a bit confused on why she was telling her this or what exactly she meant. Never did she really fancy the code admittedly... she never did try to intentionally break it. Last time she had broken it was moons upon moons ago when she had met up with her beloved mate when he was a loner and eventually went on to carry a litter that belonged to him. But now he was apart of the clan, and she hadn't broken it sense.

    Or at least... she didn't recall breaking it recently.

    "Of course." She says, not sure... what else to say. But she was still interested in this molly's plans for the next gathering, especially if BloodClan was involved. She didn't forget their truce, but just because they had a truce didn't mean she'd stop using words to stand up for her clan and her clans rights.

    With her eyes gently closed, the senior aged molly had intended on taking a small nap in a secluded area of camp. Her legs hurt to much today to get into her den after she had gotten out of it, if the pain and stiffness didn't go away in her legs quite frankly she wasn't sure how she'd get up there. Perhaps she'd have to take a nest within the medicine cats den? Or the elders? A shiver went down her spine... how humiliating that would be. She could already hear the teasing comments, but when it came to her age she found it difficult to joke about... especially recently with all the added problems age put upon her physically.

    She was weak. The only thing she'd soon have to offer her clan is her wisdom and thoughts. She wouldn't be able to hunt, she wouldn't be able to fight, really it was just awful.

    But for now she wants to put her thoughts aside, and rest...

    So she does for a few moments, before opening her eyes into slits to quickly view what was all going on around camp. But her emerald gaze opened just in time to see a tiny white dot land on her nose.


    She looks up into the sky to see snowflakes lightly falling down onto the ground, a big storm wasn't ahead of them... but snow was snow. It was here.

    The fur on the back of the molly's neck begins to bristle, outrageous! Slowly she gets up onto her paws and continues to look at the sky, shaking her head in anger and disapproval of the snow. It was far too early... far to early for this shit. "Are you joking?" The silvery leader hisses out loud, claws digging into the soft earth below her. She hated snow. She hated leaf-bare. She hated the cold.