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    saturnrings approached, sitting on the edges of the group. her first few days here she seemed to revert back to the way she was as a child - soft and shy, too uneasy to do very much. it wasn't easy to push herself out of the comfort zone she'd known for so long, but she had promised herself to do it for her own sanity. "i'll take one." her voice rang out amongst the others, expression neutral.

    ( i'll take an ooc prompt too! )

    ambrosiapaw's question throws her for a loop, and for a moment fear and uncertainty flashes in her amber eyes. but no, her composure would be remained so she breathed slowly through her nose, recovering quickly. why was she here? should she lie, and say it was for ambitions sake? perhaps she was attempting to be like ver - something like a conqueror of sorts. in ways yes; saturnrings had always been ambitious. but no. today she was here for the sole reason that her loneliness weighed down her soul heavily. but that was far too intimate and embarrassing for the feline to admit to anyone, even herself.

    "you can never be busy enough." her response was quick and cordial, a small laugh uttered at the teasing on ambrosiapaw's part, but she moved on from the matter too quick for anyone to question it any further. "thank you two. if everyone's as inviting as you guys i must stick around." rising to dainty white paws, her tail flicked idly behind her as her amber optics studied the west side of the pines.

    "thank you ver, that'd be great but perhaps another time? i was wondering if i could speak with last- nightstar, is it now? we've got a lot of catching up to do."

    cue me making probably my third plotting thread in this subsection

    aNyWaYs! i need some plots for this girly! friends, family, enemies, fights, you name it. she's gonna be a little reluctant to love because the guy who fathered her kits disappeared off the face of the earth, but i'm super down for a good romance plot as long as it would align with her personality!

    saturnrings is a member of the shadow veil and the deputy of the blackheart rogues. she's got a bunch of layers because i've had her for like ten months now, but she used to be a really shy little kitten who blossomed into an ambitious, loving member of the rogues. she's all about family and works really hard, but now that shes about 16 moons old, she's beginning to realize that she should slow down and smell the roses a little. she's über hardworking though and has relied on her responsibilities for so long that it'll be hard for her to learn how not to. with strangers she comes off a little cold and calculating. she relies on formalities a lot and it's a bit hard to break down all the walls she's built up. but when you do, it's worth it. she would give her life for any one of her friends and family members, she cares deeply about each individual important to her and will go the greatest lengths to help them.

    if you watch GoT her interactions right now are based on sansa (with strangers) and young dany with (friends/family).

    would love to do something with these two!! saturnrings is the deputy of the blackheart rogues and a member of the shadow veil ( blizzardclan's enemies, i believe? ) and despite that shes been around wayyy before i began GoT, i've now roughly started to develop her into a sansa-like character with strangers and a young dany-like character with her friends/family. shes about 16 moons and is very motherly, i'd love to plot with these two if you're interested!

    ver appeared, and the enforcer quietly cleared her throat, trying to ignore the pounding of her heart in her chest. was she making the wrong decision? was this betrayal? no, definitely not. her ears swiveled slightly as if brushing the thoughts from her mind, a soft calm coming to her cold but gentle features, which grew warmer with the appearance of ambrosiapaw. momentarily she wondered if the other had seen or heard from helios, if she was an apprentice still and-

    she stopped herself. those who were gone were gone, and there was no point in searching to uncover truths that would only hurt those around her. attentively, she turned to ver as she spoke. the two before her were clearly unaware of what she was about to do. "actually..." the tortoiseshell blinked up at the two, her dainty form shifting slightly to reveal the unease in which she proposed the idea. but it was quickly hidden again in her clear cut, confident tone.

    "i wanted to join the veil under a dual-alliance. as long as that's a viable option for me?" she tilted her head slightly, a placid smile quirking the edges of her maw.

    the sight of her son was familiar as the castle she'd grown up in, despite his recent absence. she too had been doing a little soul searching for herself, and had come back a colder woman. but this being said, she loved her family. she loved her life and her home, and only wanted to improve it more. and how more could it be improved by making sure her little legacies were alive and well.

    the sight of neptuniankit- or rather, neptunianpaw when the next meeting happened- was familiar to her, yes. though he was bigger now - much like milkywaypaw, his personality was more developed as well as his physical features. nevertheless, he would always be her baby boy.

    "nep," the enforcer purred, approaching him with a joyous gleam in her amber eyes. the new hardness of her features seemed to melt as she padded closer, then reaching down slightly to tap his head with her muzzle. "it's good to see you again. where'd you gone off to?" had she been worried? of course. but she knew she'd raised her children to be capable felines, and damn great ones at that.

    never in a million years had she seen this coming, but as she walked along the border between the veil and the rogues - or rather, paced - she knew it was only right. her life had been becoming incredibly dull lately. most of her children had left the nest, with only a resounding three left in the east whispering pines. her friends and family dead. her lover, gone. the last two she was connected with were ver and saoirse, save a few others that she wasn't very close to.

    leaving home was never her style. her roots were embedded into the bedrock layers under the rogues' castle, and her heart would never leave. but it was time to branch out. explore her comfort zone, explore her life - which seemed to seep away from her day by day. the enforcer had been robbed slightly of her childhood. she was always ambitious - not to be confused with power hungry - and strived to make changes everywhere she went. so she quickly climbed the rogues' rankings and... well... here she was. fifteen moons old, a deputy rank on her belt, a couple friends, two of her eight children and... sad.

    it was sad she was sad. she shouldn't be sad, right? there were worse times in her life, times where she had nothing to lose. and yet... a part of her wanted to go back. because now that she felt what loss was like, she wondered what it would be like to avoid it her whole life. to not feel the sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach when she awoke without nico and her children, or the pang of grief when she visited the graves of her friends. yes, she was young - but boy did she feel old.

    teaching an old dog new tricks would not be easy, but she would try. she would try to be as loyal to the veil as she was to the rogues, despite the difficulty she felt in her heart. but this was no betrayal - only the start of a new chapter and a broader future. a dual-alliance. so she stopped pacing and sat, tail curled neatly around her paws. chin up, posture straight, staring straight ahead into the territory in which she vaguely knew.

    someone would surely come soon to save her from her thoughts, no?

    "as you should." her proud voice rang out as she approached with a broad smile across her pretty features.

    the enforcer padded forth, dropping her formalities, and attempting to rasp a tongue over her daughter's head. "and what a good apprentice you'll make. i'll speak with saoirse about a ceremony - it wouldn't be right if you didn't have one." saturnrings purred, beaming down at her cheerful daughter and then stepping back amongst the others.

    "only if you want to, lampetia." she nodded, tail curling around her paws as she looked up at ver, amused. "though i have to agree with ver, you have a beautiful name."

    the dreadful feeling of unease crept from her heart to the rest of her body as she padded closer to the border, ears pinning back as bright amber eyes scanned the east whispering pines attentively. she'd walked to the border plenty of times in her time as a rogue, but this bizarre feeling had never consumed her. the only time she remembered such a feeling was the day she found her mother dead on the border. but that was long ago now.

    the tortoiseshell approached curiously, attempting to mask her slight inner turmoil. chin up, tail waving, posture straight - it was the key to a good introduction. her wary gaze found the stranger and she dipped her head in greeting, stopping a few paces away and tilting her head. "name and business, please." she mewed, ear flicking as curiosity crossed her features.

    "not at all!" the enforcer purred as she approached, bright amber eyes focusing on the hellhound, who towered above her petite feline form. "my name is saturnrings, it's a pleasure to meet you. if you've got any questions, i've got answers. would you like a tour? food? water?" saturnrings smiled kindly, resting back on her haunches and pulling her tail around her paws neatly.

    the young enforcer fought the shiver that went down her back at the bird's unsettling grin, masking her unease by licking down the fur on her chest. but as the other began to speak, she studied esther curiously. blinked a few times, then nodded. seeing as the other's intentions seemed nothing but friendly, the tortoiseshell feline stood to her paws and let a warm smile wash over her features. "welcome to the blackheart rogues then, esther. can i get you anything - food, water, a tour?" she paused, then quickly spoke again. "i'm saturnrings, by the way."

    the last gryffin she had met was her sister, so it was safe to say that the enforcer was a bit startled at the sight of one sitting at the border. that, and because they were much larger than the small feline. amber optics shining she padded forward, posture straight and tail flicking at her paws. "name and business, please." she was a simple girl who respected formalities, so she sat a few paces away from the other and smiled in a friendly manner.

    saturnring's life was entirely mundane recently, apart from te few bizarre joiners and spats on the border with the exiles. most of her time was spent sparring in the castle or hunting around it, or spending time with the few children left of her litter. a part of her felt she'd failed them, but she knew one day they'd return - fate told her such things.

    at the sound of a knock at her door, the enforcer would finish arranging the skewed bedsheets and turn, expecting to find pluto with some new information he learned to share or milkywaykit wishing to act older than her age. instead, she found saoirse, and her timid kindness shifted a confused but friendly expression onto the tortoiseshell's face.

    "of course, saoirse." she mewed, padding closer then sitting with her tail neatly around her paws. "what's up?"

    she arrived at the back of the group of rogues, gazing at the members of the solaris kingdom with mild curiosity. she'd always loved the kingdom; she'd made many friends there over time through her heartkeeper visits. but seeing the male who she'd heard the worst of the worst about was... hard to stomach. so she sat silently, watching the discussion take its course and holding her opinions to herself for the moment. they were allies, of course, even if she didn't approve of the appointed leader.

    the terrible stench of blood wafted through her senses as she approached, struck to see her son standing near the corpse, her heart practically missing a beat. with great sadness for the loss of his innocence, she slid up beside him, pressing her slightly larger body to his own. the tortoiseshell would stare down at the corpse, even more heartbroken to hear it was one of lastbastion's children. oh, heavens.

    "god, poor bast." her heart ached for the leader who never seemed to catch a break. "i can come with you to return the body."

    curiously she eyed damien, not exactly suspicious by his somewhat curt attitude but thrown off by it. usually people around here were either entirely unfriendly or entirely friendly, but it seemed damien fell in the few inbetweeners.

    nodding, she smiled and spoke after crownpaw and ver, thankful as always to have the two of them around. "welcome to the rogues. if you've got any questions feel free to ask 'em, i'm saturnrings."

    saturnrings had always been small for a domestic feline, but that hardly took away from her demanding personality. a young, single mother of about nine outgoing children, she found that she couldn't afford to be the small presence she was as a child. it'd been hard, growing up quick, but she had aged well and was proud of all her accomplishments in life, even if the pain of it all was too much to bear on occasions. but in all her meetings at the border and diplomatic events, she'd never once met someone who looked like rabbit.

    maybe it was just the sight of him in the dark forest, like a shadow of the trees surrounding him, or the surprise to realize that she was the first one greeting someone at the border in a long time, but she stepped back as her amber eyes found his form. the enforcer hesitated a moment, then weaved forward, ears swiveled forward and paws treading carefully to avoid the prickly pine needles arranged along the floor of the forest.

    "name and business, please." always one for formalities, she nodded in a friendly and respectful manner as she approached, standing a few paces across from the larger feline and fixing him with a friendly stare and soft smile.

    she slipped up behind crownpaw, jaw hanging agape at the sight of diarmuid. it'd been many moons since she'd seen him, and he was much bigger now. resembled mikoto more. she thought back to the days where she and mikoto were friends, the infuriating way he bounced around without a care in the world. it felt hard to breathe for a moment, but she caught herself, blinking a few times to make sure she wasn't imagining it.

    and then she smiled. small at first but growing. saturnrings had always been closer to seamus, as diarmuid kept mostly to himself, but she still loved him. the son of sweet saoirse was back, and the subtle guilt that settled over her heart for having present children was relieved. "welcome home, diarmuid." saturnrings purred, glad to watch to the two reunite.