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    "Well, that was a nice run, wouldn't you say?" His easy voice rolled into the open air, faintly muffled by the bunch of fur he had secured between his powerful jaws. The Commander seemed amused for whatever reason but said reason would become clear rather soon as two familiar figures strode into camp side by side. Ivorybones and Tiziano both respectively carried apprentices along with them with himself having secured the paler of the two brothers. The take-down of the two had been easy enough with him and his partner-in-crime having far more experience than either of the twerps. Neither of them had been troubled much and whatever minor injuries the two canines might have gotten, they walked off with relative ease.

    "Would you like to have them spend some quality time together, Tiziano?" His words carry a far more sinister tone than his words let on. A small smile curls onto his dark lips as they stepped into a large enough clearing to put on one of those "prized" shows the Exiles were rather well-known for. Ivory was rather set on beating down the mouthier of the two brothers, his insults and vulgar words reminding him almost painfully of the Volarian he'd captured the previous week. He wondered if he beat him enough that this one would end up crying too? It was a question worth finding the answer for, so long as Tiziano was on board, he supposed. Nevertheless, he'd drop Akira onto the ground unceremoniously, quick to attempt to place a firm paw on the back of the savannah's neck to keep him in place beneath him.

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    Ivory typically did not bother with going door to door and introducing himself to every single member of the Exiles - most of them would know of him at some point due to him being one of the higher ranking members of the clan - but he knows that he has to keep a "friendly face" in the clan of which he resided in. The handsome Anatolian Shepherd would find his way over after Ket called out for a "meet-and-greet" and had to refrain from recoiling. These things were so, ah, what was the word? - outdated. Not to mention they were rarely productive and this was why he was not in charge of social affairs or anything of that sort. He'd never liked social interaction, preferring to keep to himself a majority of the time.

    "Hey," The Leonidas greeted in a cool voice, oceanic blue eyes flickering briefly across the trio that consisted of his roommate, Breakdance, and a newer gal he did not know the name of just yet. "I'm Ivorybones Leonidas, but everyone else here calls me Ivory. That one calls me Ivy, though." He is smiling lopsidedly as he gestures towards Naomi when he closes his brief introduction and settles his lean-muscled frame by the smaller three-tailed kitsune. "I'm the Commander of Strategy around here - that means I usually help plan raids and such, so you'll be seeing me around a lot just based on that." The Exiles got into a lot of fights and his existence was crucial if they wanted to get some good planning done. He was probably not the best Commander of Strategy there was but he was a damn good one at least - he was confident in that.

    This would be the first raid he would participate in since being injured by Solaris Kingdom and he was more than ready for it. As ecstatic as he was to be able to get back onto the battlefield, he kept his head rightfully and firmly placed upon his shoulders. He moves with calculated movement as he enters the field, azure eyes narrowed upon the desert-dwelling clan as its residents trickle out into the open to defend their home. His tongue curved over deadly, pearly white incisors, muscles rippling under that pale pelt of his.

    His gaze falls upon the woman that was brazenly defending a young molly, her caterwaul having garnered his attention. The Leonidas would rush at her from the side, hoping that she was too busy with fending off Nyria to see him coming. His paws slamming forcefully into the ground, he would launch himself into the air and attempt to land square on LUCENT. 's shoulders and use his powerful jaws to clamp down over the back of her neck. Hoping his sudden weight would throw her off balance, Ivory would jerk his head this way and that to get her to tumble over, remaining mindful if she fell he would have to move quickly for his next attack.

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    The shepherd approached quietly after Barghest called for the meeting, his oceanic gaze lifted up towards the angelhound as he chose his seat nearby. There were few newcomers this time around, but the real interesting thing was hearing that Cyrus stepped down. It was unfortunate, but the Leonidas was not fazed. He hardly knew the guy and he was certainly not friends with him. However, he would not mind it if he stuck around with them - it was probably for the better anyhow. Ivorybones did not know how the Exiles took to desertion yet. The mention of forming neutrality pacts with clans they've recently targeted was a bit odd to the pale canid. To him, it didn't make much sense but, once more, he cared far too little to say anything against it. He merely blinked, his indifferent expression more than enough to convey his thoughts of: "I don't really care." As long as it didn't get in the way of him targeting Solaris Kingdom, then he was fine with it.

    It has been a week since he had been attacked by one of Solaris Kingdom's members, their very own vengeful Knight 9S, and had been left to die upon his own land. Unfortunately for the caracal ( and fortunately for himself ), he had missed his mark when he plunged that sword through his back. How the male had managed to survive such an horrific injury, who knew - maybe he was the new god of this world or some sort of demonic entity that was indomitable. Or maybe he was just lucky. As likely as the latter was, Ivory found it amusing that he could be some sort of supernatural entity that can't die in battle - how fun would that be?

    However, his thoughts does not remain on such for long, as he has grown rather impatient. He had been forced to sit around and do nothing because of his wounds, but he figured now was as good of a time as any to remove the bandages that were wrapped firmly around him. He hadn't bothered to go see if Barghest and his new apprentice approved of the removal - he felt fine, and so he began removing them. He would rip away the fabric of the bandages with his own jaws and claws until nothing remained, until one could see the scar it left behind. It was blaring red but clearly scarred over, prominent across his right breast and lower. A matching albeit larger scar is nestled between his shoulders as well.

    He put the ripped up bandages away, figuring there was no more use for them in the time being, and exited from the prison. Ivory felt invigorated and particularly angry. There was a violent storm brewing in those oceanic eyes of his, tumultuous and ever wild, and yet his expression remained as neutral as ever, the only hint of his displeasure being the slight downturn of his dark lips. "Would someone like to spar with me? You'll have to sign a waiver before fighting me, though." Was that a joke that fell from the lips of the Commander or a warning to not take him lightly? There wasn't any way to truly distinguish that from his even voice and detached expression alone - but one was free to assume either way.

    "I'm available for one." Ivorybones would call as he came sauntering over, tumultuous ocean blue gaze flickering to Cory. Whatever he was getting for a task, it'd better be worthwhile and fitting for someone of his stature. He would not spend his time decorating hallways like a certain someone had suggested to him a while back.

    "Mm," Came Ivory's rumble as he arrived on scene. It seemed like it was his nature to participate in these raid rallies since he was their Commander of Strategy. He would naturally be the one to best one to consult on such matters. "We could always do something a bit more inconspicuous," The alabaster canine would remark as he approached the group, a slight limp to his step. He would be participating in this raid no matter what anyone said. He could care less about his injuries - those Ruiners wouldn't be able to do a thing to him.

    "By that, I mean making those gift baskets as if they'd came from an ally of theirs. It could comprise of food and we could poison it. However, instead of doing it during the raid, we could put it down just afterward so it could be viewed as merely their own ally trying to reach out and lend a helping hand." Oceanic blue eyes flickered across those who were present before officially sitting himself down, a deep hum rising in the back of his throat.

    "I also suggest making an attempt to push them towards their beloved Blood Nile. I've heard it has the consistency of blood because of how many bodies they've dumped into it. It would be difficult for them to fight effectively if we made them fight in it." The landmark was rather renown - it a part of what made the Sanguine Ruins the Sanguine Ruins. The Leonidas thought it'd be quite amusing to see them flail about in their man-made landmark as the Exiles held them underwater.

    Ivorybones slowly lifted his gaze from Haruka to Pyrr as he arrived and questioned him, his oceanic blue gaze flickering over the unfamiliar male's face. He smelled ever so faintly of his home, but he does not ever remember seeing him around - perhaps it has been because the Leonidas himself had been almost entirely confined to the infirmary as of lately. "Mm, the group this member is from is an enemy of us. We tend to make trouble for them in the most convenient way possible for us." The Commander explained while he kept the writhing brat under his paw, mindful of the boy's venomous fangs.

    "Hey, hey you ugly-ass motherfucker - I'm talking to you!" The vulgar ghoul spat at him. Even though Haruka could not twist to look up at him, he could still feel the want to tear his throat out resonate from the small Baskerville. "If you unhand me right now, I'll forget about all of you acting like a bunch of puckered assholes and won't rain heaven and hell upon you all." Ivory lifts a brow and does not respond, instead shifting his gaze to Tiziano and Barghest, who both posed a very interested inquiry. What was he going to do? "I'm going to torture him. Maybe he'll give us some good information while I'm at it."

    "Fat chance, snowy." Haruka snorted, a shit-eating smirk curling deviously upon his lips. The Commander remained indifferent at the name-calling and the sass-talk. The male had the perfect way to silence the boy, as he wordlessly sunk his teeth around the hybrid's neck and picked him up and off of the ground. He was straining his wound, the piercing pain shooting through his muscular body - but he ignored it, the pain failing to show on his face as he curled his lips back into a dark snarl.

    His teeth pierced skin and flesh before Ivory would slam the brat back down onto the hard earth beneath them. He could hear the Flight's brat choke on saliva, gasping for the air that was quickly pushed out of his lungs. A pathetic wheezing noise escaped the apprentice, and the male perked his notched ear. "Ah, what was that? I couldn't hear you." His indifferent voice was mocking despite there being little emotion portrayed in it, oceanic blue eyes glimmering slightly. "A-Asshole..." Ivory squeezed his powerful jaws together, blood flowing more easily from between his teeth as he crunched down. All the struggling in the world wouldn't convince the hellion to release Haruka, but he did so on his own accord.

    Parting his jaws, the scarlet hybrid gasped loudly for air, spitting out blood onto the ground. Ivorybones watched with an inclined head as he pressed his paw against the prince's head, fictive brows lifting ever so slightly. "Oh, what are those you have there? Are you some kind of vampire?" He inquired as he leaned down to his capture's eye-level, where he bared his interesting looking fangs at him. They were unnaturally long and thin, something slightly yellowish dripping down the sides of them. Hm. "Hey, you got any friends at home? A guy with a personality as colorful as yours is bound to have some people pining for your favor." He pressed, but Haruka only responded to him with sarcasm dripping from his voice. Taking a nearby rock, the Commander forcefully shoved the sizable thing in between the flapping jaws of the vulgar brat, shutting him up effectively and allowing him to get a better look at those pretty little fangs of his. "Mind if I take one?" Vermilion colored eyes flit up fearfully to Ivory. Now that was the tune he was wanting to listen to. A easy smile curls upon the lips of the ruthless Commander, the action itself cruel and cold despite the meaning behind of which a smile like his is supposed to hold. There was little warmth in his gaze, unspoken cruelty reflecting within their oceanic depths instead.

    So Ivory once again picked up the kitsune hybrid by the nape of his neck, rock remaining perfectly lodged in his muzzle, and repeated the same process of slamming the boy back down onto the ground multiple times. He kept doing so until he heard something snap. A collection of teeth had fallen out of Haruka's jaws due to the force Ivorybones had applied that made the hybrid bite down harshly onto the rock, one of those teeth being one of the thin fangs that the Baskerville had. Oh - and now he was crying. Pained sobs and muffled screaming could be heard and Ivory suddenly wondered whatever happened to this ballsy kid's resolve. Was he not just cursing him out earlier? What a weak boy.

    Ivory made an audible snort when he was blatantly skipped over but apart from that, there wasn't much reaction from him - if Naomi wanted to teach him a lesson of all things, it did not do much good. He sat patiently and waited until she turned back to him and the task he received, well, he was less than happy with it. Decorating the hallways? What did he look like, an interior designer? Not only that, but Ivorybones didn't appreciate how she spoke down to him. "No thank you." The Commander mumbled indifferently and lifted himself to his paws, dissatisfied. If he was getting useless tasks like that because of his injuries, then he'd rather not do them at all - after all, it wasn't like these things were mandatory. With that, he turned and padded away.

    The Commander would arrive at the sound of Cyrus' voice reaching out to them, limping forward slightly. The bandages wrapped about his chest were ever so slightly dirty from him jarring them earlier but he'll get them fixed later - he'd sit in on this meeting for now. The Anatolian Shepherd lowers himself into a seat up front, shifting oceanic blue eyes up towards the Deputy Warden as he spoke.

    Ivorybones decided that he quite liked how it went with Ashe, so he went and caught another one - this one being of some sort of prestige. This person was not a nobody as the boy had so colorfully expressed when he'd pinned him down in his own home. He wasn't a high ranking position of the clan, but he definitely was someone of importance to several powerful families and, as such, Ivorybones found it worthwhile to drag him back from the jungle.

    Because the kitsune had raved and talked the whole time he was struggling with him, Ivory had quickly gotten annoyed and instead of just carrying him back home, he'd threw him into a tree head-first and knocked him unconscious. The brat was already a pain in his ass and he hadn't even done anything to him yet. This had better be worth it, the Commander told himself as he limped forth into the prison with the vermilion colored hybrid swinging from his jaws.

    The alabaster canine drops the Baskerville onto the ground, shoulders rolling as he craned his neck to look down at him. It seemed even after all this time, he still hadn't woken up. Azure eyes narrowed ever so faintly as he wordlessly leaned down and clamped his jaws around the scaled tail of the kitsune-basilisk hybrid, enticing him to wake up in a world of pain.

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    Ivory knew he probably shouldn't be out and about because of his injuries but, frankly, he didn't care. He knew that the Exiles wouldn't let someone as important as him die. Azure eyes flicker to Naomi, his ears flicking slightly as he settles down nearby. "Give me one." The Commander did not request this, no, he demanded. He wanted one whether or not Naomi wanted to.

    Ivory hardly remembered taking the foreigner to the Exiles. Quite frankly, he'd forgotten about him - maybe it was because the boy was insignificant as a whole - but, unfortunately for Ashe, the Commander did remember that he had a little prisoner to his name here. It was the first person he had bothered to capture since he's been here as he didn't see much use in taking someone and pushing them around a bit. For experience's sake, he figured he could do this once and see if he liked it. Ashe would be the Leonidas' "experiment" in other words.

    "Rise and shine, boy." Easy smile curls upon the lips of the alabaster canine as he picks up the youth by the nape of his neck and would drop him onto the ground unceremoniously before using a heavy paw to slam it upon Ashe's head to keep him laying still and vulnerable beneath him. He then cranes his neck, parting his jaws and leaning down to secure them around the back of the tom before adding pressure, hoping the feeling of his sharp fangs piercing his sensitive flank and the feeling of bones being near their breaking point would be enough for Ashe to wake up screaming.

    Because of that Solarian swordsman, Ivory would be missing out on this raid. The Leonidas narrowed his eyes as he settled down, his tail swishing in broad strokes behind his gargantuan frame. The male huffs, turning his gaze elsewhere. "I'll watch over the kids." Ivorybones would state mostly to himself, though it was loud and clear enough for others to hear him as they would go off to fight Shadow Veil. He was on the next raid for sure, though.

    Truthfully, he could hardly feel the pain.

    Ivory had been beaten far worse than this before, believe it or not, on the daily. Broken bones, black and blue bruises, and flayed skin was no stranger to him when he lived with his whorish mother. The Leonidas bet that she was laughing at him from the depths of hell, crooning for him to come and "visit" her. Ivory could feel the blood leak out of the heavily dealt wound upon his back, hearing it trickle down and onto the earth below him. He could taste blood on his tongue, that sharp, coppery smell that he hated yet loved so much. The Commander looks dead from first glance, the movement of his sides being so little, it was hardly noticeable. But then the mountain of a dog begins moving. He begins moving as soon as Angelkisses put her paws onto him, a broken growl reverberating from his pierced chest as he forces himself onto his paws.


    Dark lips twist downwards and he is clearly displeased with all that had happened, azure eyes flashing dangerously as he turns to glance down at the other Exilers present. Thick globs of blood plopped onto the ground, making the pool of blood beneath him grow larger and larger. He must look like the devil with how much blood was staining his pristine coat. "I'm fine," How bold he was to say this with a hole in his back and chest, but he's rather confident for a good reason. 9S had not hit his mark as he wanted to. Vital organs and arteries had been missed and whether or not Ivorybones was just lucky or had some sick sixth sense, only the saints knew. But he was alive. "Don't talk as if I'm dead."

    The Commander of Strategy would stare off into where 9S had disappeared off to, silently swearing his revenge on the troublesome swordsman. Standing tall despite his injuries, he turns wordlessly to Nyria, his voice an monotonous and husky drawl. "Just help me get to Barghest."

    The border patrol he and Ira had been assigned didn't seem all that simple when Mulder had given it to them. The alabaster canine knew bloodlust when he saw it - and the man knew that Mulder wanted him - someone, anyone - to go and find the clan that had hurt Barghest. The Leonidas personally hoped for someone idiotic enough to come along and try to confront them but just hoping for trouble didn't mean it was going to happen. Ivorybones felt like actively looking for something to get into today, a certain want curling up within the confines of his chest. The large canine stands besides Ira, his azure gaze looking pointedly into the distance as he figured which route they could take whilst his partner for the day made the announcement that they were going out. His gaze shifted towards Kai as he approached, ears flicking at the newly appointed Hellraiser. "Remember to stay close. We can't have anyone getting taken at a time like this." They couldn't guarantee an immediate rescue party to be sent out either, what with being involved in two separate raids recently and Barghest being hurt and out of commission for a bit.

    Angelkisses had been taken - oh, yes, what a shame. Ivory did not know the femme personally at all, apart from knowing she seemed rather close to Shocktherapy in some regards. The alabaster canine would arrive soon enough, having taken some time to make his presence known to the gathering high positions. Azure eyes simmer dully as they settle on Barghest, the Commander's ears twitching slightly. The male was eerily calm at the prospect of another roguemate having been whisked away but, surely, the cogs in his mind were already turning, an meticulous plan forming within the intelligent mind of the Anatolian Shepherd.

    The sound of someone's voice pressing into his mind, uninvited, was the first thing that ticked him off that day. It was unwarranted, intrusive, and the Leonidas did not like hearing someone's voice that wasn't his own bounce about in his head. However, what that message comprised of made that brief and quick anger fade away almost instantly, instead coming back full force with the violence of an rogue wave. Barghest injured, come.

    The Commander was there as fast as he could get there, his long and powerful legs taking his muscled form forward in swift, long strides. His muzzle was bunched in an slight snarl, reasonably angry because that was his leader, but, no, it wasn't ever that simple was it? An unfamiliar emotion grasped and clawed at his chest, making everything sear with white-hot pain. Ivory did not know much about healing outside of tending to broken bones and scrapes and bruises - so he was not of any help in personally tending to Barghest. He would begrudgingly let Naomi, Mulder, and Ro deal with the Warden's injuries meanwhile he'd look over to Ira, nodding his agreement with her statement. "I'll go with you. I'll be damned if I let anything or anyone slips past." He had to keep his mind and heart cool, his tone betraying little of the irritation he felt pricking underneath his skin.

    As Ivory saw LEMON! lashing outwards with his paw in his direction, the male would make the obvious attempt to move out of the way, his movement swift for a big canine such as himself. Instead of backing away like the other would have likely preferred, however, the Leonidas takes two quick steps forward, his head lowering as he aimed to slam his cranium into the serval's exposed and vulnerable chest to make him stumble backwards and to rob him of his breath. In addition to that, regardless if his attack had missed or if he succeeded, Ivorybones would attempt to swing downward with his heavy paw, aiming to slam it down upon Lemon's head to create gashes on the forehead.

    Ivorybones was there, of course. The male was never quite late for a meeting and he's never missed one either. His gaze lifts to Nyria as he sits back, shoulders rolling as the first part of the announcements are made public. It's the same thing, greet the joiners, mention a victory, and talk about the various things that has been happening around camp - it was how he'd done it the last time and, thus, much more effective. The Anatolian Shepherd would wait for the second half of the meeting to be completed by Barghest, his gaze shifting towards the Warden.