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    This was quickly getting out of hand, he'd decided, as the fighting and yelling continued. The Leonidas never understood why someone would ever risk themselves coming to the Exiles when they had family outside of it. Ivory's family had already been in the Exiles when he'd joined, so he hadn't such a conflicting problem like Ghoulian did at this very moment. It was idiotic to even do so, especially when the Saluki knew that everyone outside of the Exiles would eventually be a target of their hatred.

    The crackling of electricity allowed him to catch onto the quickly spiraling situation as it took a turn for the worse, thin fingers of lightning snapping outwards with the intent to shock. In the next moment he was poised in front of Nyria, jaws clenched as he prepared himself for the impact. Ivorybones had never been electrocuted before -- didn't want to imagine how it felt to have electricity coursing through his body -- but he reckoned it was a pretty shitty feeling. It was a quick touch, but it was powerful enough to send the Leonidas stumbling backwards and onto the ground. His limbs shook as the electricity took its course, a low growl rumbling from the depths of his chest. After a couple of excruciating moments on the ground, the Anatolian Shepherd raises his gaze to Ghoulian and the two dragonic creatures looking to tear the Cartelian sympathizer apart.

    A heated glare being sent the Saluki's way, a promise of death in his eyes, Ivorybones stubbornly lifted himself to his paws. His nerves were screaming in pain, telling him to sit down and rest, but he would remain upright and rigid. His hackles rose as he took shuddering breaths, his voice a raspy grumble as he turned towards Nyria. "Are you alright?"

    Ivorybones would have to admit -- this was rather fancy for a raid rally. Were the Exiles celebrating their victory before they even got to the Cartel? It was rather arrogant of them to throw a party before anything really happened, but the Leonidas wouldn't comment much on it. Ivorybones looked over the decorations with vague interest, quirking his brow at the colors chosen and the war paint set up for the Exilers who intended on attending this raid - takeover. It was certainly some exciting stuff, and it was something that the newly appointed Initiate was prepared to delve into. It'd be his first raid upon returning -- and he didn't wish to squander that opportunity by sitting out.

    The Anatolian Shepherd would turn his head as he heard Ghoulian's caterwaul, his tail giving a light lash as he witnesses the Surgeon launching himself at the Warden. Now, that was something he's never seen anyone do. Insubordination? He was surprised that Corrupttimelines even let this dog become one of their own, much less be in charge of the herbs and supplies if he was so inclined to being so traitorous. "If you're so up in arms about your " family " getting attacked, perhaps you made a poor decision in joining the clan that's enemies with everyone." Ivorybones would comment with a slight smile, though he didn't make any move to prevent Ghoulian from attacking Cory again. After all, the wyvern had all the power he needed to crush the traitorous Saluki if he wanted.

    "You're a mean old dog, aren't you?"

    An casual voice rumbled from a far more familiar figure, a dog with pale creamy fur and chocolate mask. The blue eyes are ever the same, a tumultuous blue that glittered dully even as the sun shined into them. It was a body most Exilers were familiar with if they were around consistently throughout Barghest's and Damion's reigns, covered in the scars of the countless battles he'd won and the body that has still yet to fail him. Blood rolled down new wounds inflicted upon him, though Ivorybones doesn't seem particularly worried about them. He was far better off than the man he'd dragged in behind him, whom he threw to the cold ground of the courtyard with a quiet chuckle rolling off of his tongue.

    The Anatolian Shepherd looms over an grayish - blue Cane Corso, whose frame was littered with claw and bite marks made from his claws and teeth. Molten gold eyes stared up at him, and all Ivory could see was an aloofness that could challenge even the most frigid of winters. This dog didn't care about the situation he was in right now, for he believed fully that he could still fight his way out of the dangerous circumstances he was in. Ivorybones found this decently amusing to say the least, but a welcomed challenge nonetheless. The Cane Corso doesn't respond to him, merely picking himself up off the ground like the strong dog he was, rolling shoulders back as his peach tongue lolled out of the side of his mouth. "Listen boy," The battle - hardened man would rumble, his voice gruff and rough, sounding as if he'd smoked packs of cigarettes for a hobby, "I've beaten down out - of - line mutts like you for years now... You aren't much."

    Ivory regards the dog through half - lidded eyes, an easy smile curling licorice lips upwards. "I wouldn't be talking if I were you, but I'll tell you what." The former Commander' smile turns into an sickly amiable grin, the kindness shown in the smile never reaching his cold eyes. "If you can beat me here, I'll let you go. I think that'd be more fun than torturing some lonely old man." By now, Exiles NPCs had smelled the blood in the air and had begun to come forth to investigate, poking their noses into business that didn't concern them. Still, Ivory accepted their nosiness, figuring a crowd of those alike himself would unnerve the Cane Corso. However, even as he gazed steadily at the man, he seemed unperturbed, unflappable -- aloof. "This'll be interesting."

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    Ivorybones had a distaste for Solarians. It wasn't because of anything personal, per se, but the disliking more or less formed while he performed as the Exiles' Commander of Strategy. He had been forced to deal with them rather often, planning raids and such to reap them of their supplies and to weaken them enough so that one day the Exiles could overcome them and take their territory for their own. Obviously, his hard work had fallen through even after he'd done all he could to make sure the Exiles won every single scuffle they got into with the kingdom given that the desert - dwelling royals were still living. It was quite the disappointment for the lack of better terms.

    "Is no one going to ask if he's actually left Solaris Kingdom? He still reeks of them." Comes the tiger's remark as he sauntered closer to the group, his glittering blue eyes settling on the polar bear. He's surprised that no one had asked the only question that was more important than asking for the other's name. Even more so with the leader of the damned group standing right there. Had they grown careless in the months he was gone? "Or are we just letting whoever into the Exiles without making sure they won't betray us?" The Leonidas knew that policies changed every once in a while -- Damion had made it a tradition to hold discussions regarding policies almost monthly -- but as far as he knew, no one's done such a thing and it's only been a week since he's returned. He regards the Solarian with a cold, neutral expression, clear distrust in his eyes.

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    Ivorybones prided himself on rising early for the weekly meetings held by the Warden, and he was pleased to see that he still had it in him to wake up after sleeping in for hours as a loner. Corrupttimelines' voice was grinding against his ears, but it was much similar to the tones of former Exiler leaders like that of Barghest and Damion. It reminded him of the days of where the Exiles was much more brutal, more " edgy, " he supposed. He sits among the front of the growing crowd, his oceanic blue visionaries lifted up towards the wyvern.


    ▸ varick " ivorybones " leonidas

    — male | he / him pronouns

    — 2 years 10 months / 34 months | ages at the roleplayer's discretion

    — devout catholic | has psychopathic tendencies / cursed with an ravaging blood-lust

    — former exiles commander [ of strategy ] | marauder, champion, slaver, tormentor titles


    — information tba.


    ▸ maltese tiger [main/current] | smells of clove

    — description here.

    ▸ anatolian shepherd [side]

    — an dashingly handsome young canine with sharply defined features that exude genuineness. his fur is painted mostly cream colored with the shepherd's signature smokey black " mask " sitting upon his face. the same dark coloring is found on his ears but lightens the closer you get to the base. a distinguishing dark " beauty mark " can be found on the right side of his face, just below the jawline. sky blue eyes are set evenly apart on his head and are always so clear, so brilliant— they are breath-taking. old scars find themselves on his muscular body, the most prominent one cutting across his right brow in a jagged motion. a more recent and equally as distinguishing scar is found cutting across the left side of his flank, indicating a sharp weapon had been used to wound him.


    ▸ ISTJ " the logistician " / ravenclaw / neutral evil / the challenger / choleric temperament

    — cold and calculated, observant of his surroundings and of others; not easily persuaded by the opinions of others, strong-minded, individualistic

    — arrogant, self-reliant, narcissistic, and egocentric; prideful in his own way, assertive and domineering, manipulative

    — does not go out of his way to make enemies but will act quickly when he has to, prefers to nip problems in the bud in as efficient as a manner as possible; easy-going in this regard but definitely not lazy.

    — holds mostly polite mannerisms although quick to drop the act whenever necessary, apathetic & unsympathetic to an stranger's suffering; loyal to his adoptive family, however.


    ▸ NPC x NPC / adopted by henri | brother to naranel, cousin to aleister

    — panromantic, typically doesn't involve self in romantic relationships

    — no current crushes or romantic interests [dm main account if interested]

    ▸ physically and mentally extreme | excels in close quarters & traditional combat

    — will instigate fights and is extremely unlikely to back down

    one opponent at a time [RPer gets overwhelmed easily when multiple characters attack]

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    — peaceful powerplay [healing, hugging, etc.] is allowed

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    The stench of Shadow Veil and its pine needles brings an distasteful memory to mind, and he wonders for a moment if it would be worth much to investigate its source. His last interaction with the clan that lived their lives in the shadows of the pines that loomed over them had been anything but pleasant. He couldn't believe that at some point in his life he had wanted to remove himself from the scene he had set up for himself, to just slip into the previous life he had lived that had originally just left him unfulfilled and bored. He remembers Ver's claws pressing against his throat when she'd shoved him into the ground, Mercy screaming at him to die, the embarrassment he had been forced to endure, and the overall chaos of the situation as it unfolded. It had been an complete and utter waste of his time, though he had gotten to see their true colors and what they all stood for. He had sincerely hoped they had a good laugh, because his grudges would last as long as he lived on this cursed planet.

    The blue - silver tiger comes up behind the other Exilers present, and seeing as neither of them were attacking their longstanding enemy, he had suspicions that this was some sort of peaceful interaction ( which, needless to say, he wasn't very pleased about ). He steps around Yueliang and Ixsu'chel, tumultuous ocean blue eyes falling upon the Shadow Veil apprentice and pauses, his expression shifting from its neutral state to one of very mild surprise and then quickly into one of irritation. "What are you doing here, Midi?" He doesn't snap at the girl -- for a reason, he doesn't quite have it in him -- as he rapidly steps closer, his ears flickering flat against his head. Exasperation appears to be the primary emotion the former Commander exudes as he stares pointedly at the apprentice. He sits, quietly expecting an explanation, his jaw set and his tail lashing behind him. Did Ver never tell her how the Exiles and Shadow Veil were enemies, and how they had always been at each others throat? If someone decided to pluck her up and keep her for themselves to do whatever the hell they wanted, he wouldn't be able to do much of anything about it ( not that he would, as he has no desire in being marked for exile ).

    the voice of someone else he's yet to meet drags his attention away from the room he's in, his gaze falling upon the cipher. a nicked brow raises at his blunt statement. he doesn't ever remember anyone telling him that he was even remotely attractive, and especially not in the way that leviathan had expressed to him. it doesn't make him flustered, or flattered as a matter of fact, as such things hardly mattered to him in the first place, but at least he acknowledged it. he might have just left it at that, if it hadn't been for the other's request. "ugh," a noise of disgust makes it past his lips without his filtering, his lips lifting upwards just slightly to expose teeth as he visibly cringed. he almost felt insulted that the guy would think he'd casually agree to sleeping with him as if he thought so little of his own self - worth. he might have considered it if the man had a little more tact, or made an effort to get to know him first beforehand - but he'd effectively flubbed his chance. "not interested." he rejects leviathan without so much as a pause or wavering hesitance. furthermore, yueliang's response to leviathan's attempt to make a partner out of him made the leonidas snort slightly.

    his head turns with the next new arrival, someone whose scent was newer than even that of his own. ivorybones assumes that he must have arrived in the prison at a later time than himself, and his thoughts are confirmed as the enshrouded figure speaks to him. "i see," he wonders what sort of place the stranger comes from -- certainly not from any other clan, he thinks. maybe he had been a loner all his life like ivory had been for the longest time? "sure. i don't mind showing you around." there was no real harm in it, and it was a good way to get re - familiarized with the prison's inside. he was certain that some things must have changed in the months he wasn't in the exiles.

    the pleasantness of the side conversation he was having was rather short - lived, however, as kukiko opened her foul mouth once more. her words were meaningless to him, almost as digestible as wax. she only further cemented his negative opinion of her: a lazy, unintelligent, crude woman who had nothing better to do than vomit whatever she thought sounded good to her. her words weren't worth a response in the eyes of the leonidas, who watched through bored eyes as she blindly whipped her tail around to create a mess that wasn't much of one. she only really succeeded in lifting dust into the air and pushing his mattress around. "if you're done making a fool of yourself, i'd like for you to get out of my cell." he responds evenly. he wasn't itching for a fight now, especially not right after rejoining.

    ivorybones remains silent as they respond to him, his rounded ears flicking forwards at the intonation their words carried. this one was a little spitfire, that was for sure, the exact opposite of the suaveness he exuded with his indifferent attitude. his tail lashes in thought as more exilers arrive on scene and the blue - eyed maltese tiger had to shake his head at nyria's teasing statement. alabaster was quick to respond and the leonidas returns with, "i didn't intend to." seeing as alabaster was blind, there was already a great advantage that he held over their head. in his mind, he'd already won, and this sparring match wouldn't take long for him to win. the only reason he was entertaining this was because he was curious if this child had any potential despite their obvious disadvantage.

    ivorybones watched as alabaster dashed forward towards him and, like aile, he found it predictable. such a move wouldn't confound someone like him, who had a rather simple counter for a simple attack. as allie launched upwards to secure a holding onto his arm, he would lash out with a heavy paw to swat them out of the air.

    ivorybones would click his tongue against the roof of his mouth when nyria responded to him. it was expected that she wouldn't recognize him even while his mannerisms and his voice remained rather consistent. he wouldn't hold it against her -- she wasn't some sort of world - class detective with impeccable intuition, just a regular person like everyone else he's met in his life. "former commander of strategy and your co - worker, ivorybones. we've worked closely together, considering our professions as commanders -- you really couldn't remember me?" although the notes of his tone indicated a tease, the corners of his lips didn't seem to move and his critical gaze seemed to narrow by a slight margin, almost as if he were ( playfully ) offended. at some point ghoulian turns to wander away, taking the stink of alcohol with him, and ivory's left alone with the femme for the moment. "i don't need to show you around, do i?"

    the way ivorybones had grown up had been rough, and one thought that living within a clan was pretty rough. it had additional factors like politics and varying mindsets that allowed plenty of people to have constant fights with each other, sure, but living out there in the wilderness, where no one was on your side and no one could back you up even if you called for it? ivory was certain to admit that sort of life was leagues rougher than living in a group like the exiles.

    this place was not where he had bore witness to violence, funnily enough. it was when he was with his mother, when he was just as small as alabaster was herself. he had to learn the hard way to defend himself from others because he had no one to learn from. his mother taught him by being reckless and a drunk, she broke his bones when she threw a tantrum, and each time he grew stronger until he could fight her off. he could understand allie's want to be strong and useful, though he wonders for what reason they wanted to be those things. to protect their clan or to protect themselves?

    the former commander of strategy tilts his head down towards the far smaller white feline that had called out to the clan, demanding that someone fought with them. he couldn't shake off the smirk that slipped onto his face. they were tiny, probably not even at their sixth month, and they were itching to dig their claws into someone and start learning how to fight? he could respect that sort of tenacity. "you're eager, aren't you?" the maltese tiger would rumble, oceanic blue eyes tumultuous and unreadable. he decides he'd entertain this -- it was probably about time he got involved in stuff like this anyhow. "i'll spar with you."

    "corrupttimelines is the head warden here." as the words were uttered, the former commander would make his presence known to the two on the border. tumultuous oceanic blue eyes settle on the snow colored dire wolf, his face showing little of what he internally felt from within. a soft smile instead turns up onto his handsome face, a brow rising as he settles into place beside ghoulian. "it's been a while, nyria. apparently we've missed a lot." he fully addresses his former co - worker, though he knew that it was likely that she wouldn't recognize who he was in the current body he sported. his reason for being in the exiles, and hers had been completely different. it was only natural, considering she was far more in tune with her emotions than himself. she was capable of caring for things, for people, for groups, whereas he only saw them as platforms for him to step up and do as he saw fit. nyria missed the prison and its people. ivory missed the power he had while he had been here.

    "no," ivory's response is quick and flat, cold denial seeping into his tone as he turns to formally address the feline that leaned against the wall opposite to his cell. he didn't have much to reminisce about, really. he never had any actual friends in the exiles, though he knew a few that might have thought otherwise. a majority of the group were treated as co - workers all pining for the same thing, and making friends had not been his priority -- and probably never will be. "just mildly annoyed that someone threw away my belongings." he didn't have much, but that was the reason they mattered to him. if he found out about the oh - so wise person who took them, they'd likely get an earful from him.

    a part of him hoped that yueliang would move on or, if not, just chill around and not bother him as he reorganized what he could in the cell. luckily for him, neither were too keen on keeping up the conversation. however, someone else was perfectly willing to poke their head into his cell, a blindfolded woman who had all of the attitude of an angry hive of africanized honey bees. a vulgar woman she was, but her attitude didn't quite put him off as some might. he had lived in the exiles for months, and has come into contact with his fair share of crude personalities. he wasn't always a big fan of cursing simply due to the religion he heavily followed, but he understood that some people had severely limited vocabulary and couldn't help but utter those swears like they were the only words they knew.

    his conclusion? this woman was an idiot. she reminded him too much of his mother ( he hoped she rotted in hell ), but such immediate distaste for kukiko didn't rise to the very surface of his face. his lip quirked downward, barely fighting a roll of his eyes ( as if she could she it anyways ). "ivorybones leonidas. i'm surprised you can even smell properly with the gutter sewage you spew." he deadpans with a chuckle rumbling in the back of his throat.

    the prison seemed to not have changed much, but ivorybones had noticed some alters to the canyon's overall territory. passing along through the land on his way to the prison, he'd noted a forest made completely of what he believed to be mushrooms. he hadn't inquired about it, figuring an investigation could be done on his own when he settled down, but it would be a place of interest for him when he found his bearings. apart from that, it seemed like not much has changed -- though he had noticed the moment he had stepped into the confines of the prison's courtyard, that it didn't seem as busy as it had been all of the months ago. a few bodies lingered here and there, entangled in the throngs of conversation, some lounging about, and others stepping into the courtyard along with him after returning from a patrol. it seems like the exiles' numbers had dwindled since he left. he wonders in the back of his mind what had happened in his absence.

    he did not forget what cory had said at his joining, though. "you've missed hell." he supposed the wyvern must have meant it. it did look similar to that of a ghost town around here, not at all like how it used to be. drawing his salmon pink tongue across his teeth, the maltese tiger would move silently through the yard and up to the steps that led into the prison. his claws picked along the cool concrete floor, his tumultuous ocean blue eyes taking in the dreary halls. nothing changed still. same ole' gray walls and gray atmosphere. how depressing.

    he moves on though, towards where the exiles made their homes in the cells. he remembers his number as if he had been here all along, stopping beside it. he and naomi used to share this old cell, and now it was empty. ivorybones stares into it, a light frown flicking across his face. did he ...miss how things used to be? no, no, of course not. he wouldn't ever desire for the past. it was the past for a reason: to be left behind and forgotten. he pushes the doors open and walks in, sitting among its empty center with a quiet huff. everything was gone, but it wasn't like he had a lot of his own belongings in the first place. he'd have to start over from the start again, wouldn't he?

    of course, the first to approach him would be a hot - tempered arse who he could easily fit inside of his own mouth. had ivorybones had such little faith in self - control, he would have clamped his jaws around the exiler's head and squeezed until he felt the skull cave in around his teeth. but he did. he had impeccable self - control, a composure most unshakable, which is why the leonidas merely huffed in muffled laughter as the smaller creature snapped at him. "you ought to," he responds, a sliver of arrogance slithering into the open amidst the smile that turned upwards upon his lip. "after all i've done for the exiles, i would expect as such. is that wrong?" he responds simply. the exiles raids wouldn't have gone far without his ideas as their commander of strategy. he was arguably among one of the best -- even barghest had seen the worth in him and the greatness he could bring to the exiles, and had made him commander within a couple of months into his stay. the man was proud, obviously, but at least he was within his right to be. people who were arrogant and an ego the size of a jumbo jet when they've done nothing of note were the sorts of assholes that pissed him off.

    at the mentioning of his brand, ivorybones would shrug his shoulders. it was pretty old, but he'd done it so he could get the trust of those in the clan at the time. needless to say, it worked like a charm. it was easy to be recognized as an exiler that the rest of the group could trust with their lives. it made everything he wanted to do so much more easier, and he found that more people were willing to listen to the man who bore their mark and held a position of power. what a shame that he would be starting over from the bottom. he could practically guarantee that he would be among the stars soon enough though.

    "ivorybones leonidas, former commander of strategy, returning after an unplanned trip." he responds upon being prompted, his tail lashing lackadaisically behind himself.

    ivorybones has always been a man that had been out for only himself. to not have that self-preserving nature built one's head was a surefire way of dying quickly and stupidly. it wasn't exactly a selfish thing to put yourself before the welfare of others in his eyes if it meant ensuring your survival. the hypocrisy of the people of the clans was astoundingly hilarious to him; all of them were expecting for the people who lived among them to pledge their lives and bodies to a cause that mattered little in the grand scheme of things, and those who had that nature about them, the want to live, were called selfish for not giving up everything they owed to their idiotic cause.

    it had been a while since he had bothered to come close to another clan's territory. how long has it been - a few months? it hasn't even been that long since he's left the exiles and he already had a loose grasp of time. perhaps that was simply what happened when you seldom cared for anything in the world except for yourself. the world steadily slipped away when your stuck in your own little paradise, and the loneliness he felt from it was something he was more than content with. however, after joining a group like the exiles for the first time, originally in search for his brother, and getting a taste of clan-life, he would have to admit that he performed better under those circumstances than that of a rogue. the infamy he had in place there had been borderline intoxicating. but one question begs for an answer: if he liked his stature in the exiles so much, why had he left it all behind? it was simple, truly; perhaps it wasn't. emotions were far too complex for him to truly understand them, and thus he never really bothered looking, but there was undoubtedly something that made his thoughts drift.

    quietly he wonders how much the rogue-like group had changed and altered in his absence, for better or for worse? the names of those he had come to know as groupmates briefly came to mind: barghest, mulder, naomi, cyrus, roseus, and the rest of them. it wasn't that he particularly missed them. no, of course not, such worthless feelings were never acknowledged by the unfeeling leonidas. he could not help but wonder if they would welcome him back with open arms and warm smiles, or turn upon him despite all he had done to serve them with his strategic intelligence and his strength with prickled fur and bared fangs. they knew not of why he left, only that he had " disappeared. " for all they knew, he had been grabbed up by an enemy and forced to lay helpless in someplace ( as much as he would hate to tell such a tale; he didn't think his pride would permit it ).

    broad shoulders roll in their sockets, lean muscles rippling under a pelt of silver - blue spattered haphazardly with white. tumultuous oceanic blue eyes stared ahead, ever unpredictable, but scarily calm; the look of a man whose appearance looked simple, yet screamed abnormality. he was not who he was under the mask he expertly wore upon his face, the cool neutrality that he oozed with the soft smile that curled handsomely upon licorice lips. despite the clear fact that he was in a different body, the brand embedded into the skin on his shoulder was present and obvious. those who knew it to be the exiles own would no doubt figure it odd that he, a supposed " stranger " wore it. he made no attempt to hide it - why would he? exhaling outwards, a sigh dancing upon his tongue, he leans back into a seat, perfectly silent, his head angled upwards just slightly. he would wait to be approached. after all, there was no use in hollering into nothingness.

    ivorybones doesn't respond when anna made her flustered clarification, only huffing as he watched her turn her gaze onto her paws, suddenly bashful. what was with her? the leonidas didn't really bother with asking if she was feeling alright or whatever, as someone else's voice broke into whatever half-decent conversation he and the pirate were having.

    cassiopeia someone he couldn't say whether he liked or not. by default, she was an annoyance like the rest of the heaveners and his expectations of her were shallow ( not that he thought she gave a damn - she probably didn't care what an former exiler would think ). like everyone else, he would prefer to not talk to her unless he absolutely needed to. her brash voice was grating on his ears, his lips pressing into a thinner line as teeth wanted to ground against each other. her further comment only made him raise a brow and pulled no reaction from the stoic male other than vague amusement, if it even could be called that.

    he decided his best bet was to just ignore her presence, but annalysia took the bait. he sighed at her invitation for the leader to join them. he would rather the woman just go away, though he supposed in the end that he didn't care all that much. he merely stared icily at the one-eyed molly, remaining silent.