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    Well, this was an odd change of pace, wasn't it? Seeing Cyrus up there instead of Damion giving the beef of the announcements was something he hadn't been expecting. He didn't particularly care either, just as long as he got his weekly dose of recaps and such. The Anatolian Shepherd sits among the growing crowd, blinking oceanic blue eyes up at the cat as he rolls through his announcements easily. He was fine with paying attention for an indeterminable amount of time unlike a few others - they really didn't look like they wanted to be there or just kept zoning out unintentionally - and merely tapped his paw across the ground to keep his own mind from departing from his body.

    Moonshiners - was that what their medics were called here? Ivorybones remembered when he had tried to help Oaklee that there was hardly anyone near to call for. It seemed like Barghest was the only one qualified enough to be a Moonshiner whilst everyone else, well, he didn't know about everyone else. Ivory had little experience being an doctor of any sort and only knew the basics as far as broken bones, bruises, and gaping wounds went but seldom anything else, so his knowledge was minimum at best. At least he knew a thing or two. He shrugs in Damion's direction. "Barghest seems like a good fit for a Moonshiner. I don't mind learning medicine to help the Exiles out either - we'd be dead without a medic if we're going to be getting into lots of fights." Seemed reasonable, right?

    Seems like Penny had them all figured out, huh? A light chuckle rumbled in the back of the Leonidas' throat as he arrived, eyeing the slave that Barghest had supposedly brought himself. Ivory liked to keep his part of his cell cleaned so that he could find everything he needed ( that and allergies were hard to deal with ), so he could at least appreciate that the girl was getting down and scrubbing the dirt off of their floors. It also let Ivory know that not a lot of people seemed to care about cleaning the prison either. So the Anatolian Shepherd pauses nearby, oceanic gaze watching Maiden scrub at the floor with her tattered cloth before he turned to Barghest. "Where'd you get her from?" He wondered aloud, his tail swishing in broad strokes behind him. Ivory himself would probably never go so far as to take someone from their home and force them into slavery. He much preferred the classical tactic of manipulation.

    Much to his surprise, the snake actually spoke. It seemed like it was sentient after all. That would just mean he would have to watch where he stepped if the reptile intended on staying for a long while. With that, the shepherd steps closer and settles properly near Klara and blinking down at the rattlesnake. He understood that this was an venomous type of snake and if one was bitten, well, they didn't happen to have anything to help out with it. It would just be a pathetic and stupidly painful death. He nods at Klara's question, saying, "Yeah, we have an auto-acceptance policy. He's more than welcome to join us." Then, to Servin, he flashes a slight smile. "I'm Ivorybones, but everyone calls me Ivory usually. Nice to meet you."

    Oh, great, fantastic this guy thought he had one half of a functioning brain cell. It was hard to not roll his eyes - and to think this guy was his roomate, goodness gracious. "You're fast to insult someone, aren't you?" The Leonidas responds with raise of his brows and an faintly amused tone added to his smooth voice whilst he spoke, not quite taken to being called dumb in front of everyone else. He was quite offended, frankly. "I never said I was supporting them and I never said that it was unnecessary to attack them. I said that the tactic proposed by the madam beside me was unnecessary. I agree that they should be dealt with, but in the most effective way possible so that we can deal with our other enemies. Christ." Ivory breathes out a sigh and shook his head, letting a foot reach up to his ear so that he could scratch behind it casually. He hated it whenever people forced words into his mouth - where had Barghest gotten that bogus idea that he was supporting them from? "Oh, and by the way, that isn't their leader. It's that green doberman, Survivalinstinct." Being a part of the Dynasty, an ally of the Sanctuary, came with some fantastic intelligence to be utilized, apparently. Intel that the Exiles seemingly didn't have for whatever reason.

    The next to approach was Ivorybones, whose initial impression of the snake wasn't much. It was just sort of laying there, not causing anyone any sort of harm. Just crowding it could make it lash out, as he was fairly certain most feral creatures usually wanted to be left alone and not be bothered. For that reason did Ivory hang back from Klara and Penny, his fictive brows raising ever so slightly at the scene before them. If the snake turned out to not be sentient, well... someone could just make it into their lunch, hm? It wouldn't be him though, he much preferred quails over any other prey item in existence.

    Ivory chose to sit on his "sore ass" because he didn't care about all of the fighting the Exiles was doing. It all seemed stupid in his eyes but he played the role anyways because it was expected of him - he played by his own rules though, and he decided that he wouldn't throw himself into every raid that was proposed or launched unto them. He found more use making sure their infirmary didn't get sacked or something similar.

    But the shepherd comes forth anyways, blinking tumultuous blue eyes at Barghest with cool neutrality placed upon his features. He wouldn't be attending, he hoped that was obvious, but he could pitch an idea or two. He flicked his ear at Klara's suggestion, his fictive brows raising. "I don't really think that's necessary. We would just be wasting resources on a clan that doesn't really matter to us - aren't we supposed to be putting our main focus on the Shadow Veil, Solaris Kingdom, and the Sanguine Ruins anyways?" The Peacekeeper states idly, shrugging his broad shoulders. They would be wasting their damn time with a small clan like the Sanctuary - or maybe they wanted to compensate for the horrible loss they faced in the combined Sanctuary-Solaris raid? Either way, he suggests his own plan a beat later.

    "Let's lure them into a hostage situation. Sneak into their camp and pick off their leader or something, hold them captive or whatever. We can get whatever we want out of them if we simply did that."

    Goodness, this girl was acting like his mother and that was an borderline instant way for Ivorybones to dislike anyone. But, at the same time, he found her oddly entranced by her. He'd only ever hated his mother because she drove his father away but she'd loved him deeply, he felt, even with all of the hurtful things she'd done towards him. This was why Ivory approached in a surprisingly cautious fashion, his oceanic blue eyes swimming with something indiscernible and troubling. This haughty woman looked nothing like his mother but... He blinked and forced a sigh to fall from his lips, fictive brows drawing together on his forehead. "Welcome to the Exiles," The Leonidas murmured towards Maelstrom, "My name is Ivorybones, but everyone calls me Ivory. Good to meet you." He says this in a flat voice, a weak smile pulled towards his lips. He doesn't like how this one was making him feel, all of the conflicting emotions that she brought up within him making emotions stir within his chest cavity. He huffs, turning his gaze elsewhere for the time being.

    Did Ivory truly care about the happenings here? No, he really didn't. He simply found it interesting to watch this all play out before him, to watch as the Exilers bickered about what to do with a man who had committed crimes while he was young and entering adulthood. The Leonidas surprisingly found himself relating to Balthazar in more ways than one. Murdering and testing his limits and boundaries for the sake of curiosity, sacrificing his own humanity to figure out just what he could do and in doing so, he doesn't realize what he is doing was wrong. He supposed that was where the similarities ended. Ivory was not sorry for the things that he had done and he seldom thought Balthazar was either, but he keeps his mouth shut about his own doubts because the Anatolian Shepherd was morbidly curious.

    Then, as Damion instructed them to ask questions and whatnot, it didn't take long for Barghest to jump to wanting the boy dead. The Leonidas didn't really care, frankly, about what the hell Balthazar did. Maybe they'd deserved it and Balthazar was simply a vessel for karmaic revenge. All of such was real and practical, were they not? Thus, a smile crawled upon the lips of the Peacekeeper though it is shallow and slight. "He was clearly young when he committed these, ah, crimes against the Exiles right? For that reason alone, I think we should take into careful consideration that any number of things could have happened within that time where his mind was vulnerable and impressionable." He allows his own opinions to meet the air, his voice neutral yet firm, "Illness could have definitely been one of those contributing factors. I do not think we should throw him out for something he couldn't have controlled - given if the former is true, of course." Ivory flickers his gaze over Balthazar and then Damion, blinking tumultuous blue eyes slowly. He wonders what was going through the father's mind right about now.

    What, Nyria thought he was being rash? He felt like scoffing but, surely, the glare that caught in his eyes would portray how he felt about her irritating comment. Ivory could be rash if he wanted to and how he treated the demanding Thunderlander wasn't that at all. "You must be tone deaf." And you ought to watch your mouth around me, girl. I will tear you to shreds. He remarked to her with a sigh falling past his lips, not a shred of evidence of his much more violent thoughts appearing on his features. Nyria was putting a stain on their "fearsome" nature by even giving this man the time of day. Damned child. The older Peacekeeper kept his wits about himself though, showing little to no aggression in voice nor posture as shoulders rolled back to release whatever tension had acquired in his shoulders.

    Others came along as well and Ivory merely ignored whatever else Feliks said and waited until Damion arrived. Great, decision made, so now he could be "rash" all he wanted. The Anatolian Shepherd waited for the Thunderlander to either get going or to sign his death wish by being adamant and further demanding of them. It surely wouldn't get him anywhere and he hoped that he realized that all of them could quite literally tear him apart limb from limb. All Ivory waited for was a chance, really.

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    "I don't think that's what a favor is, buddy." Comes Ivory's drawl as he steps over beside Penny, Nyria, and Aldritch. The Peacekeeper narrows his eyes at the Thunderlandic deputy, some distaste rolling about in his stomach as he got a grasp on the situation. So it seems like one of their own had went and caused trouble again. It was no big problem, considered they were the Exiles and they commonly targeted people who did not much of anything to them in any way, shape, or form apart from just existing in general. If Feliks thought they were just going to hand over one of their own because he attacked them unwarranted when it was all the Exiles pretty much existed for, then he was rather stupid and that was putting it lightly in Ivory's terms.

    And seeing as he was the highest position present, being an Peacekeeper, the Anatolian Shepherd would step forward towards the Eurasian wolf, his lips curled ever so slightly. Most got the impression that he was the even-tempered man in the Exiles, the one who probably wouldn't do much unless provoked. Well, he was provoked, plain and simple. He hated when people didn't say "please" or "thank you" and he certainly didn't like it when people thought they could offer them an decision and then back-peddle and say that they only had two options. "You must have known that this wouldn't be easy, right?" Ivory hums for the moment, firmly believing that his opinion would probably be backed up by the other Exilers ( of whom were present, he glares at momentarily ). "One of you go and get Damion, now." He barks to the other three present, ocean blue eyes cold like that of glacial ice. Then, returning his gaze to Feliks, he utters smoothly, "I don't think the Exiles particularly believes in "unwarranted attacks" because everyone are our enemies technically, but okay bud. We're not deciding on anything until Damion gets here, get it?"

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    Next was Dio, who seemed unsure how these things worked. Ivory hadn't known what a "Weekly task" was until he asked around. It was rather self explanatory, he realized. They were sort of like chores except they were customized, he guessed. "I think the infirmary might need some looking through. As far as I know, we don't have a medic so maybe it'd be good to have someone keep on top of things there this week. Do whatever you think would help, I guess."

    Ivorybones shifted his attention to Balthazar as he spoke up for his task, though his nose wrinkled when the male called him "cutie." God, please stop. He pushed a sigh through his mouth before he pondered on what task he'd give to the Lannister. "I'm starting to realize that some of us don't really know each other. How about you gather everyone up and host a game of some sorts that involves everyone getting to know each other, hm?" That was fine, yes?

    He turns to glance at Aldritch, tilting his head towards the lion. One more task for now then. "I believe a party is in order," Ivory allows a smile to cross his lips, "Not for any particular reason, maybe one to just relax and have a little fun at. We've been too busy messing with our enemies - I think we deserve to have some time to ourselves. Make it themed though, that's your challenge." A themed party would be interesting to see.

    The only person he could see being disappointed in him for joining a group such as the Exiles would be his father. The man was peaceful and loving and compassionate, a strong and religious figure who only ever wanted to help those unfortunate and in need. Unfortunately, he had made the poor decision in remaining with his mother when his father split from her because of her gross and toxic behaviors. If father saw him now, he wondered what he would say?

    "Hey," The Peacekeeper would greet as he steps over, tumultuous ocean blue eyes settling on the girl before him. She had gone and introduced herself and explained away her intentions with the Exiles, which saved Ivorybones a bit of breath. "Welcome to the Exiles, Aegis." The Anatolian Shepherd allows broad and compact shoulders to roll whilst he offers her an amicable smile, his tail wagging in broad strokes behind his gargantuan frame. "I'm Ivorybones but I usually go by Ivory - nice to meet you."

    This group of criminals and villains held trials for those that had committed alike felonies against their group? He found irony in it but he was genuinely curious as to how Damion would execute this trial against his own son. It wasn't exactly hard to see the semblance between the two lions but he didn't want to carelessly assume either. Crystal blue eyes glimmering with something curious, his expression calm and solemn to play the part of an mere bystander in the crowd that was beginning to gather at Damion's call, the Peacekeeper settles near the back of the congregation.

    Ivory flicks his ear a acknowledgement of Avarice's statement. A spar with the winner, hm? Ivory didn't mean for it to turn into a contest or anything, just merely to get in some practice and nothing more, but he supposed he should have known better with this crowd of rough-and-tumble misfits and criminals. His attention remains on Tywin though as the youth seems to take on his invitation to strike at him first.

    Seeing the apprentice lunge forth at him in what was indeed a basic maneuver to the Leonidas, Ivory did little to move out of the way. At the last moment did the canine move and shift, his actions explosive as he went to grapple at the male's neck with his paws and then kick out with his hind legs to knock the other's front leg out from underneath him. Then, using Tywin's own momentum against him in his initial attack, Ivorybones would twist his body in an attempt to throw the liger into the ground beneath his paws.

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    Ivory's gaze settles on Giorno as he arrives and the Leonidas realizes that he hasn't met this Exiler yet. Shame. This simply means he would have to be around more, didn't it? Ah, but socialization always put a damper on his overall mood ( not that his was pleasant in any way in the first place ). "Alright then, how about you host a friendly competition of some sort? It can be about anything, the goal of the contest as outrageous as you want it to be. Should be a fun challenge, hm? Whatever it is, make sure the prize is worthwhile." The Peacekeeper was satisfied with what he gave Giorno though if the other wanted something else then he guessed he could just pass the task onto someone else and give him a different one.

    Moving on, his blue gaze falls on Penny. Ah. This was the one child that threw a huge party not too long ago that involved like, what, half of Agrelos? Obviously, she wasn't like any other Exiler he's met so far so maybe something more "mild" would be alright for her. "Maybe everyone would appreciate some heartfelt gifts?"

    Then, to Batcavepaw he says whilst aiming a claw at her, "Go and prank someone, anyone. Could be someone within our clan or one of our many enemies - pick your poison, but be careful." If you get caught, it won't be my fault if you get torn into by your victim. His tail flicking, he then turns to Cody. Cody was probably one of the only Exilers he recognized for the moment which was certainly saying something.

    "Cody," he calls to the Commander, a grin turning up onto his maw, "Maybe you can teach us about one of your favorite hobbies or about a skill that's unique to you. Bonus points if you take on something you don't know about yourself and then teach it to the rest of us."

    [ DAMION LANNISTER , Has Damion ever done anything that he has regretted or knew was wrong? If so, how does he feel about it? Would he ever want to atone for it? If you don't like this prompt, let me know! I'll try to come up with a better one <3 ]

    Today was his week to host this week's tasks wasn't it? Ivorybones was feeling particularly inspired to give everyone worthwhile tasks to get things going around the Exiles and pump a little energy into everyone's veins. The Peacekeeper settles down near where announcements and such are usually held normally and barks out, "Weekly tasks everyone - come around if you're interested in receiving one!" The Anatolian Shepherd leans back afterward, waiting for his roguemates to gather around him to receive their personally tailored tasks. How fun.

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    Movies weren't Ivory's thing. He could sit down for a bit and watch something on the off chance that he might find some amusement in it but sitting still for an hour or two watching some screen flash a couple of pretty pictures didn't seem all that appealing to him. But here he was anyways. He'd accidentally stumbled upon the scene just as Penny began to announce her movie night thing and figured "to hell with it." He wasn't doing anything of importance anyways ( and figured he needed a bit of a change from endlessly patrolling through the territory ) and he stepped closer towards everyone present, settling by Roseus. "I've never watched any of them," The Leonidas admits to those present, laying down across his stomach with a shrug of his broad shoulders. "So, I guess it doesn't matter what we watch. I'm not too picky, now."