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    The movement of her wife's tail entwining against hers as the making of a bracelet as she gently presses into the black smoke's body gently. The ivory against the onyx and greys of the Shadowkeeper's coat which brightly represented light and dark; an yin yang to be exact. The tufted ears belonging to the former Shaderunner would flick at Lastbastion's first word which broke the silence as she slowly lifts her head to observe her wife. The warmth of her beloved at happiness that she was back and actually showed a grave gratitude unlike most her children were feeling.

    "I missed you too." Vanna would rasp slowly as the black smoke's muzzle brushes against her cheek and she closed her azure eyes to vanquish the shadows and blood lust which resided in her should but it was only held back temporarily by her light. "I love you so much." The woman would mutter in a whisper and attempts to rasp a gentle kiss against Lastbastion's nose and brush her forehead under her chin as they once did.

    "Maybe I did. The shadows aren't comforting anymore, they remind me of the grasp of death; probably getting to my head." Her gaze shifts momentarily to the shadowy apprentice's paw resting upon hers, staring before turning her paw to make sure the soft paw-pad of the others was real. Not the illusions, hopefully. The physical action with the other had been months since her... development from her former personality into Ambrosia. The mother's eyes rarely blinking and often getting caught on random areas which the shadows consumed her thoughts and words often dragging her out for moments.

    "I don't think it would be good for me to be deputy again. Not with my thoughts." Vanna would state, the words sour on her tongue of her lies: if she was deputy, then it would be easier to destroy the Exiles. Her chin raises for a moment to observe the student's face, the hope in her eyes that all could be reverted to normal again. "I love you. I'm sorry you felt like I betrayed you, I wanted you to grow up with more siblings and to experience having my own children. I'm a shit mother and a horrible person."

    A voice, familiar and one which she bonded with through all the months and possibly even a year; the voice of her wife. Cerulean eyes lightening up from the icy grasp which held them as she rotates her frame to face the direction of the Shadowkeeper, a fictional eyebrow raising momentarily before allowing herself to speak up. "Hello dear," the former Shaderunner would murmur as she rests her head upon the ground as she observes the scarred and injured female before her. Watchkeep, huh? It was sad that she couldn't get her claws on him.

    Hey mom, how's it hanging? Her cerulean gaze slowly drifts from the general directions which the Exiles spewed from their filthy breeding ground and slowly landed on Ambrosiapaw. What was it now, was she here to scold her for capturing apprentices? That her heart ached for the enemy which would lead to her untimely demise, most likely? A distant gaze, almost as if a husk of a body before snapping into reality and rolling her should blades. "I'm just here," her voice would simply state almost as if freezing the atmosphere around her before turning her body fully to face the Spiritcaller student.

    "Once everything you've done for everybody is swept under the rug, what do you care anymore?" It was a rhetorical question, curls belonging to the Turkish Angora drifting in the wind as she rotates her body away slowly to face back into the shadows. Often after her death, the Western Whispering Pines often felt as her demise: where her soul lingered in the abyss of shadows, and now it was still as that, except she was here in skin and bone. "You're children hating you because you end your life because they were scared of the monster which I was cursed and cursed to and eternity as a monster, Agrelos has its way of working. It's determines if you stay dead or alive."

    Erect ears flick as her voice never cracks, the former doll already broken by the inner actions of her clan mates and her death which warped her into another being. Agrelos should've kept me dead. A sour thought, sour indeed.

    Her death was one of relief, to finally be gone of plagued memories which haunted her from past. Each day, week which spilled into months of the crumbled city where she had been part of a group before being exiled for being weak. The gnawing hunger of canine jaws which lunged forth at every wrong turn in ruined streets she took, starvation and highly unkempt without proper meals for months until she stumbled upon the Veil. Her life was a shaky boat ride, friends she made who became protective of her in opposite clans such as the Blackheart Rogues who were enemies at the time become captives of the Veil's clutch and were tortured.

    Was there every anything really which was genuinely good to her besides Lastbastion? Her beloved wife wasn't around as often, all her hard word over a death swept under a rug. But she was here the whole time. But yet, she gets demoted. The deputy of Shadow Veil and a pitiful death causes her to lose everything that she worked so hard. It was laughable, in a manner, the lycanthrope often finding her memories fading and everything red to be stained with blood. It what was what she needed, she needed the blood shed; to watch those cry in anguish beneath her claws.

    The thought causes an stiffed laugh to leave the Turkish Angora's lip, curved claws digging into her thick fur as she is standing at the edge of camp looking in the general direction of the Exiles. They dared to lay a claw upon Ambedo, Azazel and Umbriel; despite no scent for Umbriel, she knew that it was the filth which resided in the plagued and ruins of a prison. Her morals were twisted, turned into one of a blood-crazed brute from her pacifist views: blood being the only way to solve problems.

    The scent of blood, Umbriel and Ambrosia brought forth the former Shaderunner to the scene upon quick paws. The mother of eleven soon arrived at she stares at her son's body which was heaped into a pool of blood and her cerulean gaze is emotionless, unreadable as she glances to the depths of the Western Whispering Pines. Who was she anymore? Was this all a punishment for forsaking the Gods which granted her power to defeat her foes? No, they had forsaken her to be of the Damned: the sweet release of death being one of enjoyment which she idolized.


    That was death.

    Her voice was a polar vortex upon the air, different from the former female who once had been a pacifist and loving now into a creature which was seen as a lycanthrope. Her sight turned red, red to unleash the blood of Exilers which had dare put a hand on Azazel and Umbriel. She didn't need a scent to know, it would always be their fault. Why would she need rules? Just kill the children also, they acted like monster as the adults: themselves. A creeping feeling rushing over the former Shaderunner, one to spill blood across the lands as she lifts a paw to her face.

    The irony.

    The ivory feline made her way through the shadowy depths of the Western Whispering Pines, the former chubby figure of her lilac calico son settled between her shoulders. The wildcat would allow her soul to slip once she's settled and slide into her Turkish Angora body as she weaves through the trees to meet her son once again. Slit-shaped eyes slowly returning to normal before attempting to rest her paws on her son's body and channel her healing power onto any minor wounds which he possibly gained through his capture. "Do you want me to get payback? What did they do to you?"

    Give me more of a reason so they can fuckin' rot.


    "There's nothing to be sorry about. I'll kill anyone who touches a hair on you: Ambedo. Let's go home, we can start training whenever you want." Vanna would murmur softly as she allows Ambedo to get settled between her shoulder blades before slipping out the prison and heading back to their home.

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    One intent was in mind as the wildcat courses back onto the battlefield as the Exiles are being hammered into the dirt. Ambedo. Icy gaze which reflect the Arctic region lock into the prison as she slips inside past bodies which hit against each other, darkened nose twitching for the scent of her baby boy until it gets stronger with each scent. What seems like a maze and lasting hours to arrive to her son was in reality a couple of minutes until she is into the cells and finds the lilac calico curled into the corner.

    Ambedo. Come to mama, we’re going home.” Her voice which was weaved of disgust was softened, motherly as before as she lowers her upper body for Ambedo to crawl into her back.


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    A snort is released from the former Shaderunner’s snout at the annoyance which builds making the former pacifist more infuriated. Six months and older were easy deal for her, it was better to strike fear through their hearts at a young age. A fear which would live with them until they grew older and attempted to get vengeance, but they would be cut down as trees and she was the lumberjack. Did she notice she was different from before? Maybe. It could be the blood rush of her former death which caused her to hate everything. To learn that while she was still here that she was replaced from all the hard work she gave to the Veil?

    If she was to have everything she gave to Shadow Veil swept under the rug, then she gave no folly about “children of ages 6 month and below are against capture”. They were apprentices, they weren’t children anymore. They deserved to rot in the fiery depths of hell as the rest of them, and she would be the cause of that. Icy depths were a void of emotions as she lets out a scoff and raises a paw to her forehead.

    Rats. I’ll just burn the entire prison down and kill them all. Simple.” Her words were a mumble to herself as she takes her paw off of Sasha before glaring her eyes at Nephele. “Take the excuse of an apprentice to the prison. I’m going back in for more Exilers or blood.

    "Seems you discovered a new power," Vanna would muse as her azure gaze observes the plants which bloom though Fayina is a). too absorbed into her book to notice them wrapping around her, b). also blind, c). how was she not suffering from a headache yet? Tufted ears bend and flick as they shuffle along the flowers as Fayina continues to dive deeper into the knowledge of her book, herbs of medical use sprouting and sprouting into a massive garden which had no stop currently. Her arctic gaze shifts to a goldenseal which was beginning to intertwine itself on her tail but removing it from the earth beforehand.

    Crippled ruins of a 'feared' clan, one with a history and memories which those suffered from torment of the Exiles. They were now all talk, garbage in battle and easy to snatch as flies in the air and Vanna was the frog. In the current wildcat's jaws was an leopard which she took into battle, had the delight of making him feel as if he was strong before tossing him to the dogs. The jaws of the Veil was harsh currently, the atmosphere about the former Shaderunner cold with burning hell fires of hatred for the pitiful clan of ruins which resided in the Canyon.

    A harsh shove is the first action given from the ivory beast as she tosses the smaller wildcat onto the ground. Rigid optics are narrowed into slits which the azure reflect onto the harsh coldness of Antarctica. A bloodied paw is clenched for a moment as Vanna accesses her new healing power to mend the more shallower areas of the bite along her paw before attempting to slam it onto Sasha to awaken the leopard. Ivory teeth are bared as she glooms over the male, her words merely a whisper yet cut as a blade through the flesh: "Where is my son, filth?"

    Claws shooting, raking for any attatchment to skin sometimes catching Vanna here and there, also once behind her ear. Her paw is shifted on top on the male under her pure brute force and it seems that once his body falls limp as a noodle that the former Shaderunner impacted a hard enough blow. A snort would release as she bites Sasha’s scuff and begins to drag the Exiler off towards the shadowy jaws of the Western Whispering Pines to drop off her third capture of the Exiles. Once she dropped off the little shit, she was coming back for her baby boy.

    The harsh thud of her skull colliding with the center of his chest did daze the wild cat but with a couple of shakes of her head after her claws succeeded to rip through the soft flesh in the male’s face, helped her stabilize her thoughts. Her icy azure gaze flaming with destruction as she flexes her bloodied paw before attempting to lunge forth and slam Sasha across the ground while he was still blinded. If she did pin him, she would then slam the back of his head on the ground in hopes of knocking the lightbulb out the male.

    Futures known? The former Shaderunner would slowly approach as her icy azure gaze focuses on Fayina before allowing her shoulder blades to roll on their joints and to remove any strain on them. "You can try to read mine." Vanna would mumble as she soon finds herself near the Spiritcaller Apprentice. An ivory paw raises for a moment to rub her eye of restless sleep before allowing herself to her haunches to become comfortable in the small 'event' which Fayina was delivering. Future telling, huh... Her's was probably nothing, besides killing the filth which resided in the Canyon.

    / uhh mayb vanna eventually becoming insane from killing/torturing enemies which drives her into constant blood lust or her insane irritation of being demoted after all her work which is leading her off her path

    Her new appearance was one that Vanna (Noreidimir) hated but also find different compared to her original bodies where they were usually darker in colors or shades. She's had many opponents who often fell for attempting to bite her paw but she would let the little fellow get away with it; so it would just give her more reason to ruin him and the filth which he lived with. As Sasha bites into her paw, she pulls off a facade of pain to distract him before attempting to slam her skull into his chest with brute force. If this succeeded, Vanna would then attempt to rake claws across his face.

    "They're apprentices and over, we're not those scum who scurry in the canyons. I don't have mercy for those who live with the filth who touch my blood-line, my son and your brother." The Turkish Angora flexes her bloodied, curved claws as she nods her head in introduction to the co-Shadowkeeper before glaring at the crying girl. The woman lets out a scuffed laugh at the mention of them coming here to retrieve their members back and there is a burning fire in her eyes at the mention of it. "I want them to come. I want them to rot like the filth they are. They'll never get mercy from me unless they're under six months."

    A barbed tongue rasps across her ivory teeth as she glares at the canyon before letting out a snort. "I'll have their leader's head on a platter to show them fear, they think they can go around and harm us? I'm fed up with it. I have no time with cockroaches who raid us and it's pitiful, but they've passed the lines. I want the entire prison destroyed, I want them fucking dead. How do we not know it was one of them who killed Jade? They're too scared to attack adults so they want children to be hurt."

    Vanna was everywhere, yet, nowhere at the same time. The ivory Turkish Angora found her way across the familiar territory before coming across the French spoken girl who was clueless. The lost girl's eyes were as a lemon yet dulled and a void of no emotion, though Vanna didn't invade into other businesses outside her family's. "Bonsoir," the former Shaderunner would rumble with a purr which echoes from the depth of her stomach. Thanks to memories of Vanna, she had different language knowledge along with some medical which she found quite useful for those who tried to throw trash quietly in a different language.