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    "Let's play some charades!" A soft voice, weaved of innocence and softness much like the nature of the Shaderunner despite that nature hardly being noticeable recently. Noreidimir felt as any day that her heavily rounded stomach would explode and, Lastbastion and her's children would go flying everywhere in the Shadow Veil territory. Though without her knowledge, the kittens would be due exactly two weeks later from this day and it was obvious by how large the she-cat's stomach was that it would be a large litter. Dark lilac ears flick at the sounds outside of her thought as she slowly makes her way forth to Wisteria.

    Charades... she never played this game before. What was charades anyways? Maybe after Wisteria explained the instructions to her, the lilac snowshoe would probably have a better knowledge of now how to play it (that was if her former humans played the game before when she was around). A small hum releases from the expecting feline as she slowly settles upon her rump and soon her long, feathery dark lilac tail drapes across her forelegs; her head tilting slightly. "Hm... what is charades?" An soft inquire would come from the angelic, yet soft voice of the Shaderunner.

    What was something else you didn't do? Oh, steal the pregnant deputy's pillow. The lilac beauty had been out for a walk and when she returned to Lastbastion and her's den, her fluffy pillow was... gone. The usual sweetheart of Shadow Veil, an angelic and motherly figure was grumpy and had been which was obvious by her massive rounded stomach which was an obvious alert that the Shaderunner was expecting sooner or later. Noreidimir was looking up and down, her usually soft eyes furrowed in anger and grumpiness of not having the extra comfort from her fluffy pillow along with her beloved, Lastbastion.

    Just her luck, huh? Hearing the words of her fiancee brought the heavily pregnant woman forth, her gentle rosy pink lips parting momentarily to inquire the Shadowkeeper where her pillow was. Though... out the corner of her eye in the sack which Therion had was an not too large pillow, silky soft and fluffy like hers and it doesn't take long for the female's fur to bristle. "It was you, wasn't it? Can't a fat pregnant woman have her peace and nice rest without someone stealing her pillow? God, I look like an watermelon already and you want to insult me by taking a source of my comfort!"

    Though Noreidimir was speaking from her hormones which made her extra grumpy and the extra weight on her small, thin limbed body which was only suitable for cuddling and beauty: not violence which they had been engaged in for almost a month with the BlizzardClan and Exiles ordeal. Her angelic featured face was soured, bitter to the touch and fictional eyebrows scrunched in anger that clearly stated: 'give me back my pillow and I won't stab you in your sleep'.

    Word of a high position meeting had came forth to the deputy's attention and her body ached with obvious laziness from the heavily pregnant female. Sleep, sleep, sleep. That's all she wanted: she wanted to cuddle Lastbastion in the cold and get all warm and snuggly and stay in bed all day so nothing wrong could happen to her kittens. The lilac snowshoe slowly made herself forth, eyes the size of a full moon glancing about which were filled with grumpiness and sleepiness but in reality... Noreidimir was always sleeping with this pregnancy especially how large she was now.

    Her multicolored coat ruffles momentarily as a breezes whiffs by and she trots beside her beloved, slowly settling down on her side. Though it was supposed to be a formal meeting, Noreidimir was quite close to Lastbastion to suck up the warmth from her fiancee and sprawled out on her side to help relieve the pressure of her heavily rounded stomach.

    A warning towards her wasn't a surprised, she hadn't been around as much besides making an appearance here and there: it wasn't like Noreidimir but the heavily pregnant female was always exhausted and her roleplayer also had things coming up which was making her inactive. Despite those flaws, the Shaderunner slowly settled down and listened inwards on the announcements which were called out by Yuuki. Newcomers, demotions, promotions, raid on the Exiles soon, titles, that bastard- Khan's exile and death. He had threatened to rip out her kittens from her stomach and force her beloved to eat them, and it was obvious that the grumpy female became highly pissed off at the mention of Khan. "Welcome everyone, and congratulations you two."

    Noreidimir was around, but not as much as often as before... It was obvious, the Shaderunner's size larger due to being pregnant and the constant grumpiness of her hormones being out of wack. Though the voice of Rainkit, who hadn't been around as much along with her sister was a sight which pulled the soon-to-be mother but also the step-mother of Rainkit out. A gentle smile laces her features as she soon spots the small form of the kitten who looked so much like her before she somehow got into this new domestic feline body. With that thought, the angelic featured female slowly trots forth.

    "Hey Rain, dear." The lilac snowshoe would respond with a purr, offering a gentle smile as she settles upon her rear end slowly. The time when Noreidimir was mostly found was either sleeping or sitting in Lastbastion's den, as they had moved in together and it felt as the Devil himself was making her grumpy. The poor angelic love of the Veil was often a little grumpy butt and she didn't want to accidentally mean to everybody and she wanted to get all the sleep in the world, cause it seemed that no matter how long she slept: she was just always tired.

    Noreidimir still felt sick to the stomach watching Khan turn to a frozen statue basically, and watching his head roll off: made her puke in her mouth. Though she was sour, as her love always was when that filth threatened to rip her children out and make her fiancee eat them. What kind of sick person what that man? Usually Noreidimir was found in their den she shared with her beloved besides when she went out for walks here and there. Ironically, the Shaderunner was gaining loads of weight on her stomach with every week and she was now looking like a cat-melon.

    "Awe... What's wrong, love?" The lilac snowshoe would murmur as she makes her way into their den, taking an overly exaggerated sigh of tiredness and making her way to Lastbastion's body. Slowly helping herself to lay down besides the Shadowkeeper, the female prompts herself to gentle rest her chin on the other's side with wide oceanic eyes focused on those soft and sweet features of the Shadowkeeper. Soaking up the warmth from the black smoke, her eyes close momentarily before cuddling up closer into Bastion's personal bubble. What? The breeze of the winter easily went through her coat and it was cold as heck.

    "I feel like a watermelon..." Noreidimir would rumble as she comes forth slowly, her words soft and quiet but most likely easy to pick up from the expecting deputy as her oceanic gaze scans for the scent of her beloved. The sight of a night patrol being held, due to not being able to see her fiancee: the once lanky lilac snowshoe, who is starting to look as a watermelon in a cat costume bumps into the back of the Shadowkeeper. Dark red flushes across the female's soft features, using a paw to pat at Lastbastion's body.

    "B-Babe... You're not er here..." Noreidimir would murmur awkwardly, her paws patting at air and attempting to pat some parts of her fiancee to locate the other feline so she could brush against the other for comfort. Due to her short coat which wasn't thick and long like her Turkish Angora body, the chilly breeze easily sliced through her short coat and caused chills to raise up the spine of the Shaderunner.

    As Khan came forth, Noreidimir glances at the direwolf and her soft oceanic gaze hardens. "If you do know our laws, it is obvious that even under Soundcheck's rule: we never accepted the tolerance of harming a child, Khan. A child, someone that could hardly defend themselves." The expecting deputy's coat begin to bristle on the ends, her face becoming stone hard that just because Soundcheck had said: 'any Blizzardclanner' that that meant children. Soundcheck loved children, orphans and his own. So why would he ever want a child to be killed, even one in the shell of warmth?

    "Soundcheck loved children, and even went out his way to adopt orphans without families. Harming anyone six months or older has always been a rule for the Veil, Khan. While we do know that the leader's word is law, there is also other rules."

    Yeah, Nore? What is it?

    This is so awkward, how do I say it?

    Oh stop being a wussy, just tell him so he knows to make sure everything goes right.

    O-Okay, okay...

    Noreidimir shuffles awkwardly, her actions clear with nervousness as when she returns her drifting gaze back: the Shadowkeeper and Spiritcaller was staring her fully in the face and her cheeks flush. "Hey, um... I'm er expecting... I want to let you know, so you can tell me if anything looks wrong that I'll know... You know? I want a healthy litter and not to break Last's heart with stillborns."

    The Shaderunner takes a deep breath upon expressing her worries, her oceanic eyes curious to what Yuuki would say with her notice. It did seem good enough to visit him, right? It was important because they would be new members and, her and Lastbastion's children which was simply important to her because it was a big leap in their relationship. The engagement, now her having Lastbastion's children and she doesn't want Last to suffer anymore stillborns as the other Shadowkeeper did from her very first litter.

    "I doubt you would lie, Kady. A child's murder is something not to joke about... as my beloved said, you're allowed to investigate camp and if anyone questions just say you had permission." The deputy takes a soft sigh, the harsh reality that someone in the right mind would actually hurt a child? If they were aware of this, Khan would've been long gone and exiled from the lands of the Veil. And where was he to this day, it was a mystery as she personally hasn't seen the direwolf in quite a while in fact.

    The deputy then turns her oceanic gaze to the pink colored medic, as she nods in response before shrugging her shoulders. "I haven't seen Khan in a while, I don't know if he still is in the Veil or left without notice. I'm sorry that you have to go through that, but I wish you the best of the luck of finding your sister and her missing child." Lastbastion and herself were expecting kittens within the next few weeks, but if someone hurt one of her babies? They'll be lucky enough to escape with their life, if she was in control of it.

    The Dark Dynasty leader's name then was followed with a vulgar statement caused the female's attention to arise in curiosity. Although this war was with BlizzardClan and the Exiles, it was technically with the Dark Dynasty also. So, why couldn't they just go take a big doodoo on Dynasty to show the smaller clan that the Veil was not a force to reckoned with? But that would make their forces too spread out, and that was too much work: if you think about it. At least, it was for Noreidimir who was expecting children in three to four weeks.

    Compared to her usual size, the snowshoe was now gaining a larger rounded stomach which was a drastic change compared to her tooth-pick lanky form. The deputy's oceanic hued eyes shifted to the powdered Tinkertoy then Bravo, their assistant deputy and she tilts her head slightly. "Er, what happened Bravo? Why is Tinkertoy covered in powder...?" Her sensitive nose tingles slightly as she sniffs the area as she approaches the Spiritcaller student momentarily before her feathery lilac tail flicks. "Yeah, he needs a bath. We don't want that powder to actually be something dangerous."