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    Watching ears angle themselves back against the male's skull, Koi can not help the ripple of regret that spreads out within him. He had not ruined the day of this individual which brought some comfort though that did not disregard the idea that he was not supposed to be there and had done something wrong as a result. It was good that this guy himself was also as uncertain of group traditions and whatnot much like himself. That meant that they were on somewhat of a level playing field and as much as the amalfian adored meeting those of clan background, it was always nice to be able to see someone that was as clueless as he felt he was despite how desperately he attempted to learn things. And, in this case, Koipond is most eager to accept the attempted apology and move on. Currently, he had not been asked to leave and figured that it would therefore be find to spout more conversation stemming from curiosity regarding this individual.

    "That's understandable." he starts, though in a few moments of pensive thought, his expression shifts into something much more akin to a chastising frown. It seems that something else happens to cross his mind that he felt was quite off about the situation and there is a determined little spark aglow in icy blue gaze. He feels as if there is something more that remains unspoken but choses to not linger on the matter for now as his current thoughts cluster into sentences on the surface of his tongue. "You should be more careful though! I could have been some kind of serial killer out to get you or something. You're lucky that I'm not some kind of psycho." the feline states, words spilling from his mouth in a tone that holds no bitterness but is instead reminiscent of mother scolding child for actions that had ended well but could have resulted in chaotic mess.

    Luckily for him, Koipond had been the lurking invader though next time, the canine could find himself caught off guard by unfamiliar stranger that greeted with jaws clamped tight around throat much like how he greeted with sweet smiles. The juxtaposition was great within his mind though it was not unlikely and that was what worried him, that this male may one day find something bad happening to him simply because he had not been able to grow familiar with what was around him. Adaptation, rapid adaptation at that, was the best way to survive. "What's done is done. I wouldn't hurt a fly so I'm hardly any threat to you." Snowy bobtail shakes his head, more at himself than anything else, and breaths a light sigh. "Ah, what's your name, by the way? It might be a bit forwards of me to ask but I'd like to know who I'm apologising to."

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    Biting cold winds of winter's breath had been growing increasingly intense as of late which came as no surprise to the young male. He had even needed to resort to getting out his scarf due to the turn in weather, plaid fabric wrapped around his neck being a clear sign of the times that the seasons had changed. Autumn had been stripped away as quickly as she had come, her warm toned leaves plucked one by one off of the trees by apathetic chills and it was a wonder that any plants were still able to survive the decreased temperatures. Still, he could not forget both those flora that had the remarkable strength to force their way through snow laden lands and freezing days as well as the plants that were grown and tended to by sweet souls. Sweet souls such as Kamali.

    Light stutter catches the young man's attention on that particular occasion, the words of a woman's call seeking aid with some sort of task causing the japanese bobtail to instinctively veer off of his original path in search of the nearby stranger. Koipond knows very little about those that he lives with which is almost saddening for him as he personally greatly enjoyed meeting new people and as a result of that, making new friends. It seemed, however, that with this particular place of residence, it moreso involved him having to actively seek out others which was not a problem at all, just not something that he would have expected to do. Still, completely oblivious to the sweet moment between mother and son that he is approaching, the ever cheery Koipond comes near with a noticeable spring in his step.

    "I can lend a paw. I'm always happy to help and three pairs of helping hands are better than one." Smile as gentle as spring showers breezes near effortlessly across his features, nodding slightly in both Lemon and Pan's general direction as 'helping hands' are mentioned. Flowers had always been a favourite of his, regardless of what it was. They all had undeniable beauty in some way, shape or form that he scarcely struggled to find when looking upon them. Be it in the vibrancy of the petals or something as simple as the gentle curve of it's delicate stem spine, he can always find a reason to smile. It's one of his best traits, the fact that he can find even the smallest thing in something or someone that can cause happiness. Helping others, coincidentally, was one of the many things that could draw joy from the young man like winged insects to dangerously bright light so shifting some barrels and flowerpots was the least that he could do. "Ah, how rude of me, miss. I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Koipond, it's nice to meet you, resident flora enthusiast."

    Since joining the lovely Amalfi Heights, Koipond had made it his own personal goal to try and get out and about as much as he could possibly muster. Perhaps it was a tad too ambitious for him considering the fact that although he was quite the cheery traveller, he was not prepared to force himself out into the cold lonesome but, a man could wish. And, on that particular day, the young man had decided to go out on a light stroll in serene meadows, looming Mount Kodiak forming his shadow, tall and menacing, behind him.

    It was due to the coincidence of him deciding to go out on a walk that he would happen to be the first individual to stumble upon the leader of the Dynasty lingering on their borders in a regal manner that Koi could not help but instantly associate with some kind of ruler. Even the way that the words burst like stardust and sugar from saccharine tongue signified to the japanese bobtail that this particular visitor was one of extreme importance so, on his best behaviour amiable young man must be, which is, honestly, not difficult to achieve. Taking a few moments upon arrival, the man finds himself marvelling at gorgeously marked catsune in moderately childlike interest, eyes of ice trailing over coat of ivory and gold with much fascination on Koipond's part, before chiming up. "Ah, a celebratory slumber party! That sounds delightful." There is clear intrigue aglow as a fervent flame across his features, gentle smile pushed up into a rather excited little grin. He has never been one who has had much experience with such social events so the prospect of being able to not only attend but also make new friends at the same time is a definite mood-lifter for the joyous japanese bobtail.

    "I can't accept anything of the sort as far as I know but I can certainly keep you company until someone who can do that comes along." It takes a moment before the next words are forced from his tongue, corners of his mouth dipping down into a slight yet temporary frown. Apology mingles within his words, the implied 'sorry' not explicitly stated yet evident in the sheepish smile following frown that paints his lips in the watercolour black of remose. Truly, he feels bad that he is not in the position to accept such requests when, as he can only assume, this individual, probably just wants to return to familiar lands where they can get out of the cold, his further words proving to be a testament to this thought. "I hope your trip here wasn't too stressful. I'd offer to walk you back to the village so you could get some rest and maybe a hot drink but I'm sure that you probably just want to be off back home." Koi adds, well aware of the fact that venturing out of home sweet home on journeys was made much more difficult by the consuming bite of winter's sharp icicle teeth.

    Silence must follow before he comes to realise that there is one rather significant thing missing about the whole affair. Of course, how could he neglect the importance of introductions? Of course, part of him could not help but wonder whether this creature of majesty would even care too much about attempting to remember his name but it's hardly a problem either way. As long as Koipond knows that he has done the right thing, that is all that really matters to him. Representing not only the Amalfi Heights but himself as an individual as best as he can is one of the main things that he cares about doing because the worst thing he could do is to disappoint. "How rude of me to not introduce myself since we definitely haven't met before. My name's Koipond, it's a pleasure to meet you."

    As a fairly new addition amongst the ranks of Amalfi Heights, Koipond had not been able to get to know much about either the land that he resided within. Though, he had not expected that to be a major issue due to the fact that he could have simply begun to discover things for himself while asking others about specific landmarks that he needed to find out about if it was completely necessary. It seemed however, that the kind and seemingly merciful mother nature who had blessed the earth with her sweet wintry kiss was not feeling particularly sweet and loving that particular day. Seeing that Koi knew not of the rumours that surrounded the mountain that they resided at the foot of, not hearing of such tales from those that had told him to come to Amalfi Heights in the first place, he found it easy to fall into a blissful slumber that he would have assumed would be uninterrupted. The world had other plans, though.

    Unbeknownst to the sleeping Koipond, tremors began to shake the previously peaceful lands that he had decided to settled down within. It seemed, however, that things were able to become a lot less serene, much to the bobtail's dismay. Eyes only flutter open when a distant rumble catches his attention, notifying him that there is something rather significant occurring in reality that he must break out of the sandman's grip for. Initially, the young man is wrapped up in paralysing confusion, light frown finding it's way to usually smiling lips as he lets out a light yawn and pulls himself to his paws, curious as to the reason why the ground quivered below his paws.

    It is only when intrigue causes him to exit the cottage that he had been curled up in when he comes to realise that it is no mere earthquake that he finds himself caught up in, panic flooding into his systems. A landslide? He can only gawk up at the looming Mount Kodiak for a few moments as a tsunami of rock descends brutally upon their quaint little camp. Shock does not keep him stuck in place for long however as he finds that he must move out of the way, and fast. Narrowly avoiding a sharp stone that whizzes past his head, the baffled male dives to take shelter in front of the cottage that he had just slunk out of though he knows that the level of protection that will be gained from the wall is minimal after catching sight of the havoc that had already been wrecked upon some of the other structures.

    'Amalfi! Get out of the village! Meet at the Graveyard!'

    One single voice rises din, a familiar one that Koi is able to make out as the sound of their leader, bringing instant relief to the male to know that he is at the very least not the only one who is currently up and about in the midst of panic. The knowledge that someone, a figure of authority and power, is able to try and sort things out where the relatively clueless Koipond is merely acting on instinct due to his lack of understanding about the place is sure to stop the severe hammering of his heart. It still proves to be little help to him because in spite of given instruction, there is one small detail that fails to dawn upon him. Where is the graveyard? Koipond has no idea, not yet having the opportunity to truly explore and scope out the area. That does not stop him from moving, though it does greatly affect where he can go.

    Legs carrying him as fast as he can move, snowy furred feline darts in the direction of the nearest exit, glancing around with wide cerulean eyes in search of anyone who may be straggling behind that he can help to get out. For the time being, at least, he sees no one battling with difficulties and therefore focuses his efforts on flinging himself out of the camp and into safer lands though he is uncertain of how successful that plan may be. As far as he was aware, Koi could have just tossed himself right into the danger zone. After a few moments of bated breath and bright eyes squeezed shut however, he can come to the conclusion that he is alright and therefore out of harm's way for the time being.

    Now comes the more difficult feat that he must pull off, a search for the meeting point that leader has instructed them to congregate in. His movements are slow as he picks his way along the outskirts of the village, owlish gaze still scanning the area as he looks for anyone who may need further assistance in getting out of the chaos which is rather bold of him to do when considering the fact that Koipond himself was hardly in the clear. Then his eyes snag on the familiar form of the hare that had greeted him when he had first joined, the bobtail feeling as if he had been plunged into freezing water. It seemed that the male was in search of his 'pa' and though he watched as others spit words to inform the youth that he should leave, Koi can not stop himself from allowing his out voice to raise above the cacophony of raging rocks. "Come on! I don't think anyone that cares about you will be particularly pleased to find out that you've gotten injured because of them." calls snowy furred bobtail, his japanese lilt more evident than usual perhaps as a side effect of the panic bubbling within his chest. It is, after all, his nature to make sure that everyone is as safe as they could possibly be and did not feel comfortable knowing that they were far from currently being alright enough to stall.

    Watching crimson stain leader's pale fur brings a bitter taste to the man's mouth and he finds instinct taking him a step close to servaline male as well as ongoing carnage. It was only now that he was really beginning to realise that he seemed to be the only current adult in this situation and that in itself makes him uneasy though it does not clearly show. "Are you alright to walk properly?" He can not help concerned words from flowing from the lips of narrow eyed Koipond as he addresses Lemon, swallowing hard as stone artillery fires round after round in their direction. If any had pierced him thus far, he has hardly been able to take the time to notice when his focus is moreso on the others. Motherly concern is one that the young man can not shake, especially not in such terrifyingly tense situations such as the one currently raging on. "Like he said, we'll meet up with everyone in the Graveyard so let's get moving before someone gets seriously hurt."

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    It was a scary thing, really. The idea that loneliness had the monstrous capabilities to consume one only to contort itself into something much sinister. Luckily for Koipond, he had been resilient enough to push through the hardships of solitude in order to be where he was that particularly day. He could have been long since dead though it seemed that the sweet kiss from death's saccharine lips was not the end for him. Not yet, anyways, and hopefully not for a long time either. He had never experienced such heartwrenching grief such as Pan's experience with parents being cruelly torn away from him so he could not directly relate to the fear of something eventually coming to claim him too though he can at the very least understand and comprehend the bitterness of orphanage.

    After a few moments of waiting, stare slowly sweeping back and forth in search of movements to signify life amongst the white plains, he comes to the realisation that there may not be someone prepared to come and greet him any time soon. Such harsh weather conditions demanded that little life could wander free without the necessary cover of thick fur or fabric accessories to keep warm and he therefore doubted that anyone would be fool enough to venture out into the snow littered lands unless forced to. Though he was willing to wait patiently, japanese bobtail found that he would probably end up becoming a frozen statue before anyone actually happened to stumble across him and had started to consider crossing the borders into foreign lands in direct search of someone, as rude as that would have been. Apology could have been poured into the ears of whoever he came across as milk and honey though, if it were to come to that.

    Fortunately for both himself and the members of the Amalfi Heights, it did not need to come to disrespectful intrusion as he hears a soft voice echo out in response to his query call. When young hare approaches, however, Koipond finds himself being quick to forget his purpose on stranger borders, exchanging those worries for other, seemingly more pressing concerns. "Oh, you look like you're freezing! You really shouldn't be out here in the cold." comes initial observation in the form of a surprised exclamation, light frown forming on his lips like a ripple across water after stone's throw. Near instantly, he moves to unwind his own scarf from around his neck, the end flicking from his shoulder with a dramatic little flourish. Koipond is quick to hold it out to the much smaller creature in a manner that clearly demonstrated his insistence. "Here, you probably need this more than me for the time being. Two scarfs are better than one." By the look on his face, it seemed that he would most likely not drop the matter until the hare was either in a warmer place or had accepted his temporary offering, frigid icy blue eyes narrowing as the younger male sneezes as a consequence of the cold temperatures.

    "Ah, right, sorry. I feel bad now, knowing that you've had to leave warmth and comfort to come and greet me." snowy furred bobtail muttered, shaking his head slightly though it is a gesture moreso aimed at himself and his own apparent thoughtlessness than the actions of the hare. Guilt lingers visibly for a few haunting moments before vivid amicability returns to his features, young man flashing the amalfian a gentle smile before pressing on with the introduction sought after by this 'Pan'. "I'm Koipond, it's a pleasure to meet you, Pan! And, I was looking to join here so I'm glad that I'm at least in the right place."

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    Aromatic pine was most certainly something that the japanese bobtail had found himself being exposed to recently though he had not happened to stumble upon the region that Ver hailed from, instead being an accidentally visitor of the other part of the dark forest. Chance had lead him there though it could have easily taken him to the Blackheart Rogues instead which was, truthfully, quite an interesting thought. The idea that something as simple as his choice in direction had been able to determine a situation which could have been an entirely different chain of events had he happened to get lost elsewhere.

    It was the consequence of his previous life as, much like the female, he had only recently started to settle into the life that he had chosen within the Amalfi Heights. Nomadic roots did lead him to other places though it was not for the desire to rake in money and claim glory but instead on a more innocent journey fuelled by his relatively childish curiosity. Manipulation and trickery were things that had never truly tainted his mind, that possibly being the sole reason why Koi had found it ideal to seek refuge in a place that had a clear foundation revolving around positivity. In spite of this, with the right (or, wrong, depending on how you regarded the situation) influence, things could always change.

    At that particular moment in time, Koipond is quite uncertain as to why he had decided venturing out into the meadows was a good idea when winter had taken her toll with frosty breath leaving behind blanketed powder of white. He has long since grown accustomed to the way that the freezing ground bites at his paws in an altogether inhospitable manner, used to the cruel manner in which snow chooses to shun individuals, and can hardly complain about the conditions. This was winter's realm after all, not his own. So, with scarf wrapped tight around neck and slightly draped over himself in a shawl like manner, the feline battles against bitterly forceful winds as he moved away from the safety of the village to take a little stroll around the territory. Although there was not much to see, it would still have been nice for him to try and get an improved general idea of the territory he inhabited, low hum of song thrumming from his throat.

    Ver's assumption that the members of the Amalfi Heights were altogether harmless would not have necessarily been a true one, dear leader seeming to have much more bite than bark though on the whole, they were quite the bunch of innocuous individuals. That was to be expected, however, when venturing into the territory of a pro-clan who were renowned for their rather pacifistic natures, Koipond being a living testament to that notion what with his own peaceful manner of resolving most, if not all, situations that he could possibly get wrapped up in. What was bound to unfold once crystalline blue eyes catch sight of the unfamiliar canine is certain to be a prime example of that. After all, Koi likes to believe that he is the typical example of a pro-clanner. Friendly to a fault.

    "Hello! You passed the borders a while back but I assume that you know that already." Cheery words drip from the young man's lips, formed by his usual slight japanese lilt. Some words flow together in a way that sounds unnaturally natural, a carefully formulated accent of his own, it seemed. He does not stop moving entirely as he approaches stranger, ears angled towards her in a clearly attentive manner as he attempts to mentally piece together any potential reasoning for her being present. Scent of pine forest clinging to the stranger implies that she could be of the Shadow Veil though that thought is swiftly dispelled because there's something else underlying that which proved to suggest otherwise. Regardless of her home, he knows better than to stop her out in the cold for no good reason, even if she was technically intruding. "You seem in quite the rush and honestly you look like you're half freezing. You look like you know where you're going but I can escort you to one of the larger cottages so you can explain what your business is here without getting hypothermia first."

    Sigh of relief from the other male proves to calm Koipond as he realises that for now, there is nothing to necessarily be worried about. By the given reaction, he finds it safe to assume that he has not by chance happened to stumble upon enemy lands and even if that was the case, this particular resident seemed relatively laid back about the presence of an intruder which was somewhat odd. Then, words of reassurance from german shepherd veiler informing him that he is 'alright' picks out further concern, secondary frown flitters across his features, though it's only there like a brief flash of light before he resumes the situation with an affable expression. Clearly there was something wrong but, without even knowing this man's name, Koi knew better than to push things in spite of his mind screaming instructions that claimed otherwise. Questioning statements scald his tongue yet that is where they stay for now, held burning in his mouth.

    Hot flush exploding to life across his face in the wake of the male's words, Koi comes to the realisation that he needs to explain who he is and why he is there considering the fact that he is most certainly not one of the canine's clanmates. It's an awkward situation really and it was not as if he had thought this far ahead into his adventurous little escapade. "I- ah." For once, and only for a moment, the alabaster feline finds himself at a loss for words. Truth is better than anything else though, so that is the tale that he must tell. "I'm actually not one of your clanmates. My name's Koipond, I'm from the Amalfi Heights. I wasn't supposed to trespass but I'm still not used to all of this border business." First comes explanation, sheepish tone as clear as as a summer's day as accompanying paw scratches lightly at the back of his neck in a punctuating manner. "I've probably made a mess of your day, haven't I? If I can make it up to you somehow then let me know."

    Honestly, if left to it, Koi would have probably just stood there and apologised until the sun went down. It is all so very childish of him, to have come this far and even dared to push boundaries purely due to his own selfish desire to find out new things. After all of this, he hopes that at the very least this man will let him off with a light scolding of warning for him to not act in such a way again. Despite that, Koipond can not help but feel that there is something off about the proceedings, the uncertainty, as it typically did, getting the better of him. "Couldn't you tell that I'm not from around here?" he throws out the query as a consequence of sheer curiosity, not meaning any harm by it as brows furrow in intrigue.

    Koipond himself had, as of late, been trying quite hard to get to know the lands that he had decided to settle down within. As difficult as it was, he at the very least felt as if he was slowly but surely beginning to grow accustomed to the open fields and looming mountain side that he was to call home though he could not say with confidence that he could get around with ease. There were still some occasions where he needed to enquire about what was where which was made especially worse by the recent landslide that had sent his mental territorial mapping into a state of unfortunate disarray. Nevertheless, sweet little japanese bobtail had begun to grow complacent in home sweet home, no desire to up and leave swimming around within his mind. Nomadic tendencies did not dissipate overnight, however, hence why curious bobtail happened to find himself straying from the snow dusted meadows blanketing the foot of Mount Kodiak in exchange for accidental wanderings to the outskirts of an overly unfamiliar region.

    Towering pines bring slight anxiety to the young man who feels entirely dwarfed by the looming landscape though he does not let any stemming fears consume him. He is here now and might as well try to figure things out in the mean time before simply admitting defeat and heading off home. Ears perked up in an attentive manner, Koi steps forth into ominous forest, only taking slight note of the faint scents signifying to him that there was some kind of border there. Patience, at least in regards to situations and not individuals, had never been his forte so he figured that a little bit of invasion into the bordering lands of this place would be an entirely bad thing. Perhaps it would allow him to meet some of the locals, which could prove to be an interesting experience.

    Regret paints a pretty painting across his features, though, when he happens to crunch down on some sticks, a light hum of surprise elicited from his throat at the sudden sound causing him to recoil his paw. Things seem to go from bad to worse when tentative call for him to make himself known sounds in the air and he is suddenly made aware of the fact that there is another being present. One of the aforementioned locals, he can only assume, and Koipond is slightly more reluctant to spurt introductions after this rather embarrassing affair. It only takes him a moment to pinpoint the unfamiliar german shepherd, grimace quickly twisting up into an amiable smile. If he is to face his situation then he might as well do it in a way that is natural to him by acting as he usually would. "Ah, hello! Sorry if I happened to startle you or anything," amalfian member begins, ready to strike up friendly conversation with apology if necessary though it becomes swiftly apparent that something else is afoot here and so proceeds with softer spoken speech, "Are you okay, mister? I really didn't mean to intrude, I promise I mean no harm."

    alright, so koipond is my newest character who i've been meaning to make for quite some time now but i've only just gotten around to doing it whoops. he hasn't been officially accepted yet but because of auto acceptance stuff, i'm sure that there should be no trouble with me trying to stir up some plot stuff for him

    just as a quick run down of him as an individual, he's a 19 month old, solid white japanese bobtail and lowkey highkey a mum friend™ and is really the softest boy. he also speaks fluent japanese because his mother taught him when he was younger.

    he is open to pretty much anything apart from death and serious injury so feel free to suggest anything that i haven't mentioned because i'll most likely say yes!

    some examples of possible thread/plot ideas!!

    - close friends

    - enemies / rivals (though he's so sweet and soft, it's hard to not like him)

    - koi giving y/c advice on something or being a general shoulder to cry on

    - snow related fun (e.g. snowball fights, making snowmen, snow angels)

    - y/c showing koi something that they enjoy (like a hobby) and vice versa

    - koi being a good influence on y/c

    - y/c being a bad influence on him oof

    - koi making things for y/c (e.g. friendship bracelets, flower crowns)

    koi is also open for potential romance plots, being demi-homoromantic. he's the kind of guy who will not rush into a relationship so although long term relationships need a plot, short term romance definitely needs a good reason because he would definitely not get with someone only to be with them for a short amount of time.

    in regards to how he is in a relationship, koi is incredibly supportive and caring. he'll be soft and cuddly one second but also willing to abandon his pacifistic nature in seconds to tear someone's head off if they try to hurt his partner.

    - short term relationships (need a plot)

    - long term relationship

    - crushes (one-sided either way or both liking each other but being oblivious fools)

    If Koipond would have been asked to describe his experience thus far in his life to sum things up in one word, he would have not had to think much before being able to spout his response. Lonely. Mother dearest had been forced to leave him behind a long time ago due to reasons that he could not even begin to comprehend. Reasons that he had never been told and probably would never discover since the likelihood of him meeting with the caregiver of his youth once more was extremely slim. Father had never even been in the picture so there was no way that he could try and piece together an enjoyable childhood when he had not even known one of those that had been responsible for bringing him into the cruel and harsh world that he currently lived within. Mikado was not one for talking about beloved father which implied that they had separated on less than amiable terms which meant that he could hardly complain about not knowing the other male when he had clearly wronged his mother in some way. The mother that had taught him right from wrong to shape him into the young and, if he did say so himself, dashing man that he was today.

    Lonesome as he was, it was something that he had grown used to feeling to the point where he was growing to be bored of it hence why he had been quick to delve into direct travels with a set destination in mind after coming to realise that solitude was growing dangerous. So, he had consulted some other travellers that he had become acquainted with on his own little journeys in order to plot out where the best potential home would be. There had been many expectations in his mind when queries had spilled from tongue to air in order to find out what was necessary for him to make the right choice. Somewhere with an interesting territory inhabited by those that held strong pro-clan morals and tendencies that his own pacifistic self could settle into with ease. He wanted a place where he would not need to worry about being forced to commit atrocities simply because the rules and ideologies of the group demanded it. An area where he would be able to smile bright without fear of others casting judgement on his soft joy. After weighing out his options, the decision had most certainly not been a difficult one. Amalfi Heights. That was where Koipond would make his home sweet home.

    Winter snapping at his heels as he nears the borders to unfamiliar lands, there is a delicate frown painted as delicate watercolours across the feline's porcelain features. As he had been made to travel quite some distance, the male found that by the time he arrived even remotely near his desired destination, wintry chills and flurries of bitter white had overtaken the serene sway of orange leaves occupying the air in their decent from skeletal tree branches to damp earth. It was not a problem, the male actually quite enjoying the feeling of cold wind combing through his short snowy fur and the beautiful sights that were constructed by mother nature's loving hands meticulous care were always great sights to marvel at. Peaceful meadow scene that is dusted with a light blanket of powdered snow is what he first sees as the Japanese bobtail comes to a halt where the border lines seem to be at their strongest, a testament to the idea that nature is most attentive when creating her wintry scenes and it brings calm to the slight anxieties waging war in hesitant man's mind. "Ah, it's quite cold here." Vibrant eyes of crystalline blue sweep across the landscape that sprawls out before him, shivering slightly as he raises a quivering paw to tighten the plaid scarf wrapped around his throat. As nice as it all appears, he hopes that he will not be forced to wait long for the arrival of another living being so that he can get to know those that he intends on residing with in order to get the usual introductory business out of the way. Exploration was tantalising but the idea of some good rest was definitely feeling his zeal to be accepted. "Hello, anyone about this fine day?"

    quiet track because i'm bringing this soft boy here! i'm just working on his joining thread at the moment

    it's nice to meet you all though if i haven't spoken to y'all before, you guys can just call me ren or renai because everyone else does lmao

    koipond xerses donatelli deerling sartaq (typically just goes by koi)

    male, 19 months

    mikado donatelli deerling xerses sartaq xx npc

    solid white japanese bobtail domestic feline with crystalline blue eyes

    mum friend™ - the softest boy that will look out for and defend anyone. he will call people out if he thinks that they're acting unfairly without little hesitation as he believes that no one deserves to be treated badly.

    speaks fluent japanese that his mother had taught him though he does not use it often unless necessary (has a slight japanese lilt to his voice when he speaks english)

    member of the amalfi heights


    Wandering over only as a result of being what appeared to be the right place at the right time, the young boy sits himself down rather stiffly off to the side. Foreign words fly right over his head, the terms entirely alien to him which, quite frankly, frightened him. Although he opts to not complain or voice any of his worries, he still can not help the slight frustration at the barrier that he feels trapping him and separating him from those around him. Truthfully, the only thing that Hakuchou really understands and grasps from the whole thing is the fact that his own name was mentioned and even then, the boy can not help the spike of irritation that reverberates through him. Had he done something wrong? Coffee orbs flicker very briefly up to Yuuki whom he notices is not too far off, seeking the dire hound out as a familiar face who he can speak to if needed, and does not necessarily find any cause for concern that should worry him personally. As a result, the miniature pinscher lets tense limbs relax to stop any defensiveness, obediently nodding his head along with those around him who seemed to be doing the same but the action on his part was mere imitation, only a faux gesture of acknowledgement towards words that had really just gone into one of his ears and proceeded to come right out the other side sans the few odd words of english that he found himself to be familiar with.


    Tears that had initially been threatening to spill as waterfalls cascading down the cliff face of his cheeks almost instantly disappeared in the face of this unfamiliar creature. Hakuchou had never been familiar with larger species, only really growing up around canines and thus his surprise is justifiable upon seeing such a large feline before him. There is no doubt that the boy is dwarfed by the size of the unfamiliar being, being a miniature breed only causing him to be smaller than usual in comparison to other puppies his age however it does not stop him from speaking up to the creature as if he was discovering fire for the first time when hearing such bizarre words spilling from the tongue of the big cat. "Su-wi-ngu? Mwoya suwing?" he echos, the fear melting away as he finds himself faced with speech that he barely can comprehend.

    It's ironic really, the stranger is confused with his own words and Haku himself can not help but feel completely and utterly bewildered at the foreign words presented to him. In the face of puzzlement, it seems that there is no place for upset. Complex mixes of emotion are near impossible for the boy at that point in time, such a young child only capable of singular thoughts and feelings despite how hard he tried to expand his emotive capabilities. "My name Hakuchou, yes?" he stutters out, stumbling greatly over his words in his desperate endeavour to construct a comprehensible sentence for the behemoth before him. Only hoping that he can get his point across, the small canine gestures to himself with one paw as if to emphasis that he was attempting to convey his name to the unfamiliar face. "Me, Hakuchou, ushinatta. Lost." he continues, near pleading at that point for the other to understand him in some way. It's moments later than his salvation comes, in the form of a towering monster.

    Familiarity washes over him as an almost immediate reaction, awe trickling into features that had previously been stained with the creases of a frown upon hearing. Bitter coffee eyes stare almost challengingly back up into the claret gaze of the behemoth before him, the child somewhat uncertain of how to take the direhound simply due to the sheer size of the other male. The apparent defiance of youth against adult only lingers for a few fleeting moments until Hakuchou nods his head, delicate smile signalling that he is both grateful for the presence of another that spills the ink of one of his foreign tongues as well as the fact that another is willing to put the effort in to help him. It is not something that he is entirely aware of at that moment in time but he will be appreciative for the aid at a later date once he is safe and able to comprehend such things.

    Haku himself was not necessarily frightened of death, such worries never truly plaguing his young mind thus far because he knows little of the true worth of life. Instead he found that the roots of his fears stemmed from the idea of the unknown, being left by himself to be forgotten by a world that would swallow him up with little regrets. He does not allow such thoughts to bother him at that moment in time though, instead attempting to keep his focus on the matter at hand, that being his safety and understanding of the situation that he was in. "Arigatou gozaimasu. Watashi wa Hakuchou to mōshimasu. Donatadesu ka?" he blurts out, words spat as a hurricane from anxiously excited lips as he speaks in native tongue to one who can understand him. It is rare to come across another that he can converse with so freely so the child can not help the anticipation that thrums through him. Only for a short time, deep coffee brown eyes linger on the other, much smaller feline that approaches the scene, a frown of concentrated curiosity crumpling up paper features before his attention focuses back onto the direhound, seeming to await further instruction or enquiry from the one who could communicate with him best.

    //sorry if some of this doesn't make sense, it's mostly just word vomit i think but i wanted to get a reply up oof


    mwoya (swing) - [kr] what is (swing)?

    usinatta - [jp] lost

    arigatou [...] ka - [jp] thank you. my name is hakuchou. who are you?


    Hesitation was what shook through the body of the young boy in that particular moment, a petrifying reluctance that roots paws firmly to the ground. He is young. Far too young to be freely travelling by himself and he is honestly quite surprised that he has not come across any other living souls that are willing to question his constant solitude. The world that he inhabits is not a kind one nor is it a safe place. He resides within a cruel and bitter world that is furious with his mere existence and would do anything to get its brutal clutches iron tight around his frail throat to wring it until no air can fill deflated lungs. Such a reality is not one that he realises as of yet however. Call it the innocence of youth. Call it whatever you may but regardless of what name is slapped on the foolish ignorance that he holds within his tiny mind is one that could have gotten him killed and still had the potential to be lethal to him, Hakuchou proving to be his own biggest enemy next to the more physical threats of the mortal and immortal entities that stalk the very land that he stands on.

    It's something that does not necessarily worry the young boy although it should and, with time, there is no doubt at all that the skittish youth will be broken down into bitesize, consumable pieces for fear eating monstrosities to pick apart like a platter. For now though, he finds that his main concern is the fact that he finds himself cold and alone in unfamiliar lands. Painted masterpieces of beautiful rolling landscapes did nothing for one that was far too frightened to actually acknowledge the splendour that nature had to offer. Instead he finds himself quivering lightly with trembling lips and watery eyes, confusion inundating him in waves that threatened to drown him with ever drop of heightened nervousness. "Annyeonghaseyo?" Korean flies from ignorant mouth as he is unaware of whether anyone will even understand the foreign tongue in his mouth. There's a panic now in sharp coffee eyes, flaring up as a pyre incited by a spark against the dry grass of his small body. "?" the child presses on, an anxious paw raised to rest on the teru teru bōzu fastened around his neck with a hasty intake of breath. Teru was the only thing, the only one, that had eternally been by the side of the boy and he was grateful, even if the inanimate companion could not provide much outside of moral support. Moral support was better than no support at all, he figured.

    "Tasukete kudasai, maigo ni natchatta. Help, jusigesseoyo?" miniature pinscher utters, his voice seeming like a scream into deafening silence although it is barely above a loud whisper that is more than entirely swallowed up in the bustle of forest life. The birds soaring past and the trees swaying together in their never ending waltz with one another cared not for the life of a pitiful child that could barely even stand on his own. It was understandable, Hakuchou would not have cared for himself if he were to have stumbled across such a burden but it does not stop the frustration that forms as smouldering ire just underneath his skin. He wants to be heard, he wants to scream out and have attention fixated on him but perhaps that is far too selfish of a desire for one so young that they can not even take care of themselves. The last thing he wants is to be selfish and so he yields. Apparently admits defeat to a world that he had barely even stepped into, sitting himself down with a sorrowful yet pathetic little sniffle.


    annyeonghaseyo - [kr] hello (formal)

    yā - [jp] hi (informal)

    tasukete kudasai, maigo ni natchatta. - [jp] please help, i am lost (informal)

    jusigesseoyo - [kr] - please

    wip tags while i work on his actual stuff

    hakuchou fujioka (silviance aema cantus alastair)

    male // 5 months // shadow veil

    korean-japanese miniature pinscher canine. black and tan with coffee brown eyes.

    he wears a teru teru bōzu around his neck that he simply refers to as teru.

    - speaks fluent korean and japanese, knows basic english but panics often when he has to speak it. he tends to mix the languages up much to the dismay of those who do not understand him

    when he speaks korean/japanese, romanised translations will be included in the post at the bottom (i'm just learning the languages myself so feel free to correct me if i spell something wrong or use it incorrectly!!)

    he is extremely jumpy and panicky so it is not uncommon for him to be very distant and skittish, especially around strangers. like most mini pins however, he also has an extremely fiery side and this feistiness tends to rear it's head when he is either in quite a devious mood or if he feels as if he has been trapped or cornered. in spite of his small size, haku will gladly snap at another's ankles with little regret in his actions.


    - in the future he will get a dobermann body (so no one can mock him for his tiny size lmao)

    current face claim ;; baek juho (kpop idol, sf9 member)

    quiet track as ya girl ren is bringing another character here that she hopes to keep here because i'll join this group and stick at it with at least one of my characters even if it kills me aksdjglfdh

    i wasn't supposed to track on haku's account but here we are ig

    TERROR DOESN'T BLOSSOM OVERNIGHT — Sevenpaw slipped over just as he caught his own name being uttered by the leader in the form of a warm welcome alongside some other spoken names of individuals that he did not recognise but was certain he would get to know eventually in time. Three newcomers in what he could only assume was a relatively short time was honestly quite good and he could not help but feel proud to have contributed to that, making him feel as if he was truly an important point of significance in an otherwise bigger picture. It was a nice feeling, at least it was nice if he ignored the slight emptiness that surrounded the idea that he was really just a drop in an ocean of many. At least he was a part of something, that was the way the he looked at it.

    Opting to simply hum and dip his head in acknowledgement of the greeting, small smile toying at the corners of his lips as he did so, the youth came to settle himself down Arizona whom he found to be vaguely familiar in spite of them never interacting directly. Nodding slightly to her as he settled down in a comfortable sitting position, sapphire eyes honed in on Chica to listen, hearing the news of another group mate being promoted and therefore finding himself letting out a gentle "Congrats.".

    TERROR DOESN'T BLOSSOM OVERNIGHT — Carrying himself over to the direction of the voice in pure curiosity, Sevenpaw found himself drawing to a halt near Survivalinstinct. He had not been about when the main drama with the exiles kicked off in regards to the poisoning issue which, in his perspective, was quite a low blow. To attempt to starve an entire group? Quite frankly, the child found it to be a rather pathetic action. As a result, in spite of his absence in the moment, Sev found that he was more than willing to aid his newfound home in whatever way it could, the current matter at hand being assisting in the process of disposing of the fouled foods.

    The glimmer of intrigue harboured within his sapphire gaze coupled with the small smile carved as a light curl in the corners of his lips were a physical indicator that he was interested in what the other male was proposing. "I'll tag along, if you don't mind." Sev hummed lightly with a slight nod. His paws were still slightly aching from all of the travelling that he had done prior to arriving at the sanctuary yet he could feel the internal itch for adventure clawing its way up from inside of him. Going out and doing something seemed to be the much better option in comparison to just sitting around and uselessly gathering dust, after all.

    TERROR DOESN'T BLOSSOM OVERNIGHT — Sevenpaw had heard of a great deal of plots. Literature and reality had taught him great deals about the sly and cunning of the world and it seemed that Chicagocrimes was no exception to the list of fiends that acted in a devious manner. At least in her case, she was behaviour in such a way because someone had messed with her and if Sev had learned anything, it was that revenge was a dish best served freezing cold and painfully ironic. Karma could always be waited on to see if she would take action against the hated however, in some cases it was much more fulfilling to act out and do something about the problem personally instead of relying on nature to take its course. That seemed to be the mindset that Chica had adopted in in a way, Sev supported it.

    "During a meeting?" the caracal mused aloud, sapphire gaze pensive as he considered the idea presented with a curious pout crafted into his lips. It was certainly a big risk but would also have the potential to pay off greatly if it went well enough. There was always the chance however, that things could go terribly wrong and seeing that they would be in the Exiles' home turf, the thought of failure was almost a frightening one. Almost. Sevenpaw owed the sanctuary with his life, technically, seeing that they had been kind enough to take him into their ranks as one of their own.

    The kindled sense of loyalty was not one to be ignored in spite of the wariness that he felt settling into his bones upon considering the idea proposed. "Sounds risky but it'll certainly put them in their place." the youth concluded as if confirming his fate with a few words. He was old enough to participate after all and did not doubt that they would need all of the help that they could get. He had no personal issues with the targeted group but from the sound of it, they were a nasty piece of work and Sev was quick to deem that anyone who harmed his new home would be an enemy of his hence his reserved zeal to do something about the problem.