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    His first sermon since he had introduced Luxum more fully into the Tribe. He was grateful he was getting the chance to integrate it, of course - and more grateful still that the Great Spirit had chosen them as Her own people! It was an honor to proclaim Her goodness to his Tribemates. He just hoped there would be someone - anyone - willing to listen, for despite the thunderous voice that had come from the sky and the deep indigo stars that shone in the pale milk-cerulean of the morning sky, he was under the assumption that he was the sole Luxan in SkyTribe. Perhaps - just perhaps - that would change. "My friends, please gather for this week's sermon. Remember that this is an optional event; there will be no discrimination for choosing to participate or not choosing to participate. It is entirely your choice. If you look upon religion with scorn, however, please spare us all and do not join in today. A religious service need not be burdened by derision. Thank you."

    His voice was clear but quiet, and held in its well-enunciated syllables equal parts gentleness and firmness. "Today's sermon will be on the topic of generosity, specifically the great generosity of Naleren Herself, and how we can emulate Her in our day-to-day lives."

    The beginnings of a thunderstorm rumbled overhead, blocking out the day-stars that now typically glowed velvet-ink blue in the soft light of day. Stars of night or of day presently hidden, and the sun restrained behind deep purplish clouds, the only light was a thin, melancholy gray which seeped through the courtyard and made even the bucolic Bound Meadow seem drab. Englishivy's bearing - usually cheerful or apologetic - was now efficient and abrupt, nearly brusque. He was determined to get his Tribe back into gear, was determined to bring it to hitherto unknown levels of glory - or else die trying. The Golden Retriever seated himself near the duck pond, wrapping his feathered tail tightly around himself, as if it were a security blanket. Almighty Mother, give me strength.

    "SkyTribers, please gather in the courtyard for a meeting. I know it's long overdue, so I don't want to wait around."

    Verdant allowed his commanding voice to echo through the quietness of the late afternoon, pausing before he launched into the brunt of the meeting. His dark eyes were somber.

    "First things first, a deep apology for my inactivity for these long weeks. I have no excuse but personal exhaustion, but I promise you this: you deserve better, and I will be better, or I will step down. No more half-hearted attempts at leading: I will succeed or I will allow someone with the fortitude to do so step up." his tone left no room for debate. "I am determined to get the Tribe moving again, so: everyone is demoted with the exception of Glitteringgold. Given that we lost our deputy because he was a child murderer, it's my privilege to extend the offer of second-in-command to you, Glitteringgold. I am certain you will do spectacularly. Thank you greatly for all your hard work of late. Additionally, I learned recently that the Exiles have a rank known as Consul; since I do not want to be affiliated with those ungodly creatures in any way, shape, or form, I'm changing the name of our deputy rank to Presbyter."

    It was irrational, perhaps, but English did not have reservations about it. Any similarity between his Tribe and the Exiles was something he was desperate to quash.

    "Happily, though, I have some promotions. Windwaker and Darkskies, I'd appreciate you two stepping up to Stargazer; Bell can step up to Disciple."

    A paltry few promotions, but he was grateful for them still - he knew it was his own fault his Tribe was so slow.

    "I have few other announcements, beyond the fact that you should all keep your eyes open for more things to come in the next few days. And, unless anyone has a question, this meeting is dismissed."

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    A soft thunder of pawsteps accompanied the broad gilded frame of Englishivy. The Herald was glad to be approaching BlizzardClan's lofty shores again: his dark eyes admired the sun as it cast a glow over the stone boats. They were smooth against his travel-roughened paw pads as he stepped aboard, feeling the familiar lurch in his stomach as he was raised up, up, up to come flush with the edge of the main floating isle. With a soft hum of thanks, he sprang onto solid ground and called out, "Hello? It's the Tribe here with an invitation!"

    It was funny to be back here, having relinquished his position as a Canon under Algernon's leadership. With Dusk no longer a significant part of the community, Ivy knew he wanted to focus on the Tribe - though he often found his paws straying back towards Mt. Kodiak, to see Jailbreak if nothing else. Thus the ex-leader was content as he stood on the border, his velvet honey-colored ears perked as he awaited someone to notice the strong floral scent drifting off his shining golden fur.

    Englishivy was done being a lackluster leader. The Tribe needed him at his very best or they needed him gone, and he loved this land and its inhabitants too greatly to give it up. Thus the Golden Retriever was returning to his duties in earnest, with steely determination. This time, he refused to get it wrong. This time, I'm getting it right.

    To begin with, he wanted to show off the beautiful territory which belonged to the Tribe - and who better to show it off to than their allies? Thus he had gone to the liberty of planning a little tour around the meadow, and - after having invited their allies - the Herald could be seen settled comfortably in the courtyard, his dark brown eyes skipping over the verdant green hedges and the bright green grass before he spoke.

    "Allies and Tribemates! Gather 'round, please, as we prepare for our tour of this beautiful place. I've got just a few things to say before we begin."

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    he's a pale-ish golden retriever with dark brown eyes and darker gold, honey-colored ears

    he's very kind and somewhat uncertain, and he's probably wearing a flower crown, or else flower wreath around his neck

    your art is wonderful!

    It was a touch awkward coming to BlizzardClan so soon after the debacle over Bakalaureat, but Englishivy refused to allow the matter to spoil his most important alliance. That was, after all, exiled the child-killer on the spot; perhaps in different circumstances he would have given him the benefit of the doubt, sought out evidence and testimonials and so, but given the fact that it was the floating islands-dwelling group to whom the victim had belonged, the Herald had not wanted to hesitate. Besides: even someone accused of killing a child was not someone he wished to have as his Tribemate, never mind his deputy. Thus the Golden Retriever could be found stepping off of one of the stone boats, his dark brown eyes bright with anticipation.

    Englishivy listened with only half-open ears, not especially caring for their backstory - all he cared for was their well-being, and he was glad Viktor was here, too. The Golden Retriever murmured in thanks as the larger of the two bent and he attempted to gently slide his paws over Bugbuzz's body, attempting to feel for broken bones or other wounds. Then he tugged a clump of moss soaked in mouse bile from his bag and waved it under the feline's nose, attempting to stir him. "Sir? Sir, are you with us? You're going to be okay, sir. You're safe now."

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    Englishivy had expected this, and he kept his spine as Bakalaureat approached and lashed out. Unperturbed dark eyes watched the ex-deputy as he frothed and screamed and the Golden Retriever resisted the urge to harm him bodily, feeling another growl itching to be released from his throat. "No safe space for killers. No platform for the slaughterer of children. And I note that you do not even pretend that you are innocent. You do not even suggest that this might be a false accusation." his words were flat and sharp as a pane of shattered glass. The Herald watched as Laurie stormed away, murmuring, "Goodbye, Laureat," as he went. When at last he was gone he returned his attention to the BlizzardClanners, listening attentively to Persephone.

    Her words were harsh and rude, and he knew that if the size of their Clans were reversed she would not have dared to speak to him with such rudeness; but he bore it without acrimony, knowing that grief - especially unavenged grief - did terrible things to people. "Your input is noted, Persephone. Thank you for your calm. Rest assured that if he dares to return here, even under a new identity, he'll be driven out, and reported to you if he refuses to take responsibility for what he's done." he paused, composing his thoughts, before saying: "Will you be needing me to go with you to BlizzardClan, that I may apologize to your leader personally and tell her of Bakalaureat's exile?"

    As Gorsepetals appeared, disrespected the BlizzardClanners, and left, the golden canine visibly tensed. He glanced back, watching the Sideralis walk away, and tightened his lips in a grimace. "I apologize for him. He comes from ... difficult circumstances."

    In time, someone appeared before his eyes, and Englishiy straightened up hopefully, a friendly smile appearing around his panting tongue. "Greetings, noble Solarian! Who do I have the pleasure of speaking with today? And no, thank you; I'm quite alright." woofed the Golden Retriever. "I'm Verdant Bramble of English Ivy, though you can just call me Englishivy if you'd like." he was familiar with this introduction, this simplification of his name for the benefit of Clanners. "That's a bit easier, isn't it? Now, I'm coming as the leader of the Tribe of Unbounded Sky to humbly request an alliance with this powerful ProClan of the desert." he had composed his expression into one of solemnity and hopefulness, and his voice was soft but clear. "I can offer all the information necessary about my Tribe, but first - would it be best if your leader was present, or perhaps a deputy...?"

    It is hot!

    Thus was the unimaginative thought of Englishivy as the pale golden canine stood upon the border, his tongue lolling from between bright white teeth. The two Clans he resided in ... well, they had extremely pleasant and mild climates: great heat and humidity were uncommon, and there was always shade available where necessary. This, though...this was so dry, and so hot. He could not fathom how the Solarians managed to survive here, but...ah, well. What could he do about it? Nothing at all, but conclude his business here and then return to the soft emerald grass and gentle burbling brooks of his home.

    Englishivy did not especially want to be here. The news he was bringing was not positive, and indeed, he feared for his very safety after he delivered it. But he had made his decision and he was relatively confident that there was nothing else he could do. From every angle, he had looked at this issue, and though he had not consulted anyone else (who was there to consult, really?), he felt that his decision was the right one. Thus the Golden Retriever stood silent upon the border, the scents of flowers and herbs spilling from his pale honey-colored pelt, his dark eyes apologetic but uncompromising.

    The authoritative words of Gabriel brought Englishivy over as quickly as he could, his dark eyes wide with concern as he did so. The last time had had seen the BlizzardClanner, they had been civil, even friendly; now, though, it was clear that something was wrong. He brought others with him. For protection? the Golden Retriever wondered at this as he came to a stop before the trio, his brow furrowing. He resisted the urge to smile at his visitors as anxiety fluttered in his chest. "Of course, Gabriel and company. Welcome to the Tribe." the greetings thus exchanged, the honey-furred canine listened intently, his face falling into an expression of shock. Rage pulsed suddenly against his ribs, as did disgust and astonishment.

    "Bakalaureat?!" repeated the Herald in a faint tone. A deep growl began to vibrate from his throat. "Murderer!" he exclaimed, for lack of a better word, as his head spun and repulsion unfurled in his eyes. "I had no idea ... that God-forsaken ... " the thought of the laidback Consul killing a child was all but impossible to imagine, but he knew at once what he needed to do: BlizzardClan, in their might, was their most important ally, and besides. This was a peaceful Tribe, and more importantly, a Tribe that needed to maintain its honorable reputation. He could not allow this to stand. On a political ground, he had to do this, from a personal viewpoint, he wanted to do this. With fury and grief heavy in his words, the dog pulled himself together and spoke.

    "I knew nothing of this. It appears he deceived us all. Bakalaureat is indeed residing here, and now that I have heard of his crimes, may my whole Tribe hear my words. Bakalaureat is stripped of his rank, his titles, and his standing as a member of this Tribe. He is exiled from this land, effective immediately. If he dares to step foot here again, he will be removed with force." he fixed his hard chestnut eyes on the BlizzardClanners. "I cannot express my sorrow at hearing of this, the inexcusable nature of what he's done, my disgust at having harbored a child-killer. If he dares to show his face today, please, take him with you, and hang him for what he's done. Rest assured he shall never find shelter here, not so long as there's breath in my lungs."

    Blazestar? He was not familiar with the name. He did not know if it was his memory problems or simply that he had never met the woman (in truth, it was the latter), but he gave an apologetic murmur, his feathered tail waving hesitantly behind him. "Ah, Toxin, I'm afraid to say that I never knew Blazestar. Hasseltii was the leader when I became part of the Tribe, and upon her passing, I stepped up in her place."

    "Ah...are you a returning member, then?" the Herald's voice was one of stifled laughter as he trotted over, entertained by this woman's spiciness towards Laurie. He cast his Tribemate an amused look before clearing his throat and speaking with more seriousness. "Ah, no. There are plenty of rooms - I doubt very much that yours has been taken. My name is Verdant Bramble of English Ivy, and I'm the one whose ear you would bend if your space has been taken. Welcome home! We're glad to have you back. Quite a few things have changed recently, I'm afraid - will you be having any questions for me?"

    Englishivy was enjoying his time as a Canon. It was refreshing to have total freedom from executive decisions, to focus only on learning and living, to not worry about politics or promotions or demotions. He still had the Tribe, of course, but that was his original home, and to serve as its leader did not stress him. Where the Tribe felt like it was truly his, Wind Haven felt more like it was everyone else's - he had simply rescued it. And he was relieved to hand it over to the people who could bring it into glory. In the interim, he could pursuit his interest as a medic, and try to get over his lingering jealousy towards Jericho. He liked the Abbot, very much - his gentle presence and sharp mind were great assets, and it was transparent that the love between he and Dusk was powerful and important.

    Englishivy just wished he had something else to remember beyond his one-sided love for the new Vicar. His memory loss was not something he had shared with anyone, but it was a desperately alienating feeling, to not know one's own history. Now is not the time. thought the Golden Retriever, as he made his way towards the infirmary. All I must do now is act as a student. This thought was comforting and a warm smile came onto his face as he stopped near Jericho, giving a few wags of his honey-colored tail. "Canon Chambers reporting for our herb patrol, sir." hummed the ex-leader with fondness, forcibly squashing down his negative feelings and instead focusing on the genuine like he held for the tabby.

    The urgency in Dusk's expression was all Englishivy needed to see: without hesitation, he swung a leather bag around his neck and bounded after the tortoiseshell tom, feeling a mix of anxiety and excitement rise in his chest. His first medical emergency, and goodness gracious - wasn't he afraid? Then again, of course...he had signed up for this. He had stepped down and specifically stepped down to Canon. He wanted this. And it was this assurance that allowed him to step up to Hershel's side, his dark eyes soft but his expression focused. "Hello, there. I'm one of the medics here. Please, will you kneel down so that I might be able to help your friend?" the words felt oddly familiar on his tongue, as if he had done this before. But he hadn't, right?

    Have I?

    Englishivy wished he could have been more certain of what he was doing. He was relatively certain; he was rather confident. Confident to a degree. Confident enough to do it, after all, for it was in his personality to lean towards inaction if there was sufficient uncertainty present. He just wished he could be entirely and wholly sure. But perhaps this was unfair of him to demand of the world: after all, he had enough confidence to act, and enough trust in the one who would follow in his footsteps to rest easy on that point. You accomplished what you wanted. murmured a small voice in the Golden Retriever's head. He murmured in acknowledgement as he settled in his usual place, his feathered, tail curling around his paws. I think. thought Ivy, wryly, noting how limited his memory was. He assumed his aims had been righteous, but of course, he could not quite recall...

    Enough. Enough of this. You may rest easy. It is time to move forward. With a melancholy but tranquil heart, the Vicar General addressed his Clan: "Wind Haven! Please gather for a mandatory meeting." he waited the customary few moments for them to join him before speaking again, his dark eyes bright. "I took over this Clan several weeks ago. I took it from the care of a negligent leader and brought it closer to his roots, restored its pride and its purpose. I am content with what I have done. I could have done more, and I could have done less, but I have accomplished what I desired." a small, soft, sad smile appeared on his lips. "It was an honor to serve each and every one of you as your Vicar, but I know what it is time to step aside. My Advisor ought now take his rightful place as the leader of this remarkable group, to build upon my work and bring Wind Haven into glory. With every beat of my heart, I grow more and more certain that Duskmire will be the leader you all deserve."

    If he had ensured that the group which huddled in the shadow of Mt. Kodiak's survived, he felt somehow sure that Duskmire would ensure that they thrived. With him, they will do great things.

    "Now, of course, Dherog finds work for idle hands," the Luxan cast a mocking grin up at the summit of Mt. Kodiak - "so I cannot simply resign and do nothing. Thus I'm going to step up - or perhaps step down? - to Canon. Canon Chambers. Mm." the retriever spoke his surname and his new title as one with a mix of tender amusement and sorrow before clearing his throat and finishing the meeting. Or, well - meeting of sorts. "Thank you all for listening. It will be my privilege to continue to spend my days here, learning how to care for your health. Now, then...long live Vicar Duskmire! May his reign be peaceful and prosperous!"