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    — tom

    — six months old \ april 15th \ ages with siblings

    — pansexual + panromantic \ not sure where she lands yet
    — traditional skyclan + apprentice

    — cardinalpaw is a bit of a chaotic case when it comes to how he interacts with cats and how it affects him. he enjoys interaction, forming relationships and talking but the negatives weigh heavier on his shoulders. he tends to shy off mid-conversation and can't figure out why tralking to them gets him so worked up and why he equally dreads it as much as he loves it. he's confused with himself and whether to do it or to not. just like how he loves the attention but equally finds himself feeling vulnerable when in the spotlight.

    HEALTH: 100% [STATUS]

    — cardinalpaw is a long-legged tom, fur decorated with rich red fur and a darker gradient over his back with eyes a bright green. the tip of his tail painted a strong inky black in comparison to the much lighter markings. since he's just getting into training as a apprentice his body isn't stocky from progressive training. but he still has muscles where it counts for a clan dedicated to stealth in the trees and climbing them. cardinalpaw looks like he could glide from branch to branch with ease, but lacks foreleg strength so far.

    — height: enter

    — width: enter

    — accessories: none
    — inventory: none
    — injuries: none

    ✧ reckless, boisterous, flamboyant, playful // self-critical, over-imaginative, imitative, airy

    — cardinalpaw is a tom that harbors a lot of mixed energy. he comes off as your average obnoxious apprentice, with his own flare, of course. like he can face the world and come out unscathed. a cat out to prove himself, make friends along the way and win the approval of his peers. under that he's a bit more a quiet cat, following what's expected. he thrives on attention, but is also confused as to what to do with it when it is on him. socially-awkward but still trying to speak constantly with those around him. a wannabe in the arts of charisma. trying to push past his normal shell to talk to others, to go way out of his comfort zone.

    but he's brought down pretty easily with a small ego, sometimes he needs to crawl back into his safe zone. to shut away, and get lost in his thoughts. its hard keeping up with an act, trying to chase what you want to be versus how you really are. but he fully intends to try to become that sort of tom rather then just wear it like a mask. failing to realize that cats may want the real him, not something fake

    — rarely starts fights \ may end fights \ will show mercy, unless motivated.

    — may confront violence \ will run away if prompted.
    trusts: ruddypaw, other sibling, parents.
    distrusts: n/a yet.

    — penned by graey .

    "I hadn't." The tom murmured low, this by far wasn't his exact first splinter. Hopefully, now this would forever be his last, he'd pulled out quite a few splinters before. But the information stirring in his head was a bit much now, he could've died each and every one of those times!

    Reassurance flooded over him at Duskcloud's words, sucking in a breath, maybe he should? Then his masterpiece of shredded wood was mentioned, he perked still a bit troubled but glad to not talk about his inevitable death by the small splinter. "Went a little overboard and had a bit too much fun decorating the tree. I hadn't really uh worked towards an appealing outcome."

    "Oh, come on, guys."

    Cardinalpaw's thoughts nearly drowning out the sound of his brother's voice. Muzzle upturning in a smile as Ruddypaw drew near to greet him, still a little anxious. But slowly he drew ease from the presence of his littermate. Head fur ruffled and Cardinalpaw's tone changed, eyes flicking to playful and affectionate as he turned to look down at him. So his inevitable death to it wasn't quite as inevitable as it seemed! Ruddypaw was right. The abyssinian mix rolling his eyes at the proposition, "Yeah, sure." He gives a short laugh, "Only if you go by Treebrain." Cardinalpaw gently rocking back at Ruddypaw to return the playful shoulder bump.

    "The greatest," He purred genuinely to Lynxflight, familial bonds tended to be strong and for Cardinalpaw this was no exception. His brother was awesome, and he couldn't help but admire how confident the tom was. His paw trailed a short circle in dirt below him. Splinter abandoned, he was too busy thinking about how cool a brother he had.

    The russet tom shifted on his haunches before doing a half circle to face the cat who decided to join him. Lostpaw! Cardinalpaw recognized the other tom merely by scent. Cardinalpaw smiled awkwardly, "I, Uhm, it was just a splinter! I should be fine, I pulled it out... Yeah." His green eyes inspect his paw pad again, not even a droplet of blood. "Thanks for the concern though, Lostpaw?" Was it concern? Did he say it as a matter-of-fact sort of way or was it a heartfelt warning? His tail shifted anxiously, and he wouldn't die from a piece of wood as small as that? Would he?

    "I agree with Lostpaw."

    Cardinalpaw's eyes shifted to the deputy, "It really isn't that bad, it wasn't like a thorn or anything." The abyssinian mix tom looked a bit conflicted on the matter regardless of what he said, "I, uh, can't die to something smaller than a pebble and thinner than a leaf's stem, can I?" Mild concern riddled his face.

    Chip. Chip. Another one. Claws working against the park of a tree in a way at first started at sharpening but soon evolved into something more. Cardinalpaw's mind wandering as the tree became a victim to his odd thoughts. Claws now leaving behind distinct decorations on the bark, an odd artistic design that was hard to make out probably to anyone but himself. The thought never crosses his mind as he put in the work for his own personal pleasure. This was relaxing, listening to the bark break away and fall as he carved fancy claw marks into the tree.

    His ideas of what to do next constantly appearing, causing him to abandon one creation for another causing quite the amalgamation of lines and angular shapes. The entire piece was chaotic, and at this point it looked like he had slashed to wood from ever direction.

    Face briefly twisting down into a frown, "Ow." Cardinalpaw's paw now adorned a nice accessory. A brand new splinter, head twisting to pull it out quickly and moving away. Yeah, it was StarClan's blessing that he hadn't been covered completely with those with how the wood was splintering now. Cardinalpaw's eyes narrowed critically, that hadn't come out even the slightest bit as he had wanted.

    His paws fumbled around the snow for a few moments, pressing his short fur against the tree’s bark. Trying to disapear from the wind as it continued to batter him, snowy flecks starting to appear on his tawny pelt. Eyes pressed tightly together in hopes of protecting themselves and to just drift away until it all stopped. That’s if he were to last that long. A singular ear heading upwards as bulkier crunches of snow compared to his own approached. Taking a moment to flick said ear as snowflakes pelted into it, pinning it back. Maybe it was a bit of a mouse-brained idea to be facing the wind, but he didn’t dare move a muscle. Hoping that he wouldn’t be seen by the probable predator and pushing himself closer to the tree. A sliver of a singular eye peeking through eyelids when he was poked. Another cat? Greenish optics immediately shining out as he stared up at the figure, now facing the odd one. Showing off a flopped ear that contrasted his perked one.

    What was this cat doing out here in the woods? . . . Had he been left by his housefolk too? And what was this camp he spoke of? Furl sniffled, head tilted. Was it warm? He wasn’t really sure what other choices he had. But should he really trust a stranger? A bit uneasy he shakily raised to numbing limbs.

    Where’s camp? I-is it far? Is it warm?” Furl took a small step back. Another cat? Gaze shifting and now focusing on the gray tabby she-cat. Were there even more cats around? What were they all doing so far out here from their twolegs? They didn’t look like the mean homeless cats that wandered by the twoleg den’s sometimes. But they looked scrawnier then the average cat he’d seen.Small tales about forest cat’s were rare and usually unbelievable, but now that he saw them they had to be true.

    Nursery? Medicine den? “U-um, whatsa medicine den?” He was sold as soon as he heard it was warm, he dropped the worried look and instead stared on with curiosity. Uncertain still at the idea of being carried off by some strangers, but he had no one else to turn to. Cats . . . don’t eat other cats right? Even when they are hungry? Probably not. They also seemed to be a lot more familiar with their surroundings them him. “O-okay,” Furl squeaks quietly, he wasn’t sure how much longer he could move anyway. His limbs felt heavy, but compliantly he moved closer to Slatewing. “Who are you both?


    Paws quick, impending doom quicker. Tiny daggers sinking into snow and dirt, distorting it and unearthing beneath soft pads with a fast pace. The soft crunch beneath a tiny figure as he barreled onwards, not a clue as to where he was. Short haired fur clung tightly to the kit’s body, he couldn’t find them. Who they were was unimportant, all that needed to be known was that he has been looking. His skinny frame and small body making it hard to get through the snow, and his diluted tortoiseshell fur making him stick out like a sore thumb.

    It was troubling, he couldn’t find it in himself to accept that he had been abandoned. They couldn’t have! Ever since he had been a small lad, he’d been on the move from twoleg to twoleg. Snatched from his mother’s warm presence to be shipped off and the carted along to the next family. None had seemed to want to keep him, but none of them had left him out in the wilderness to starve.

    Tired-, no, exhausted. His feet were numb, he’d been searching for a day or two now. Barely getting by with the food he had previously and nothing aiding against the cold of the winter. Now he was lost in the heart of some forest. Not sure which of his tracks to follow. Mixed up, emotionally distressed and hungry he just gave up. But now, that he’d finally stopped he thought this was about the end of the line. Maybe they had left him for a reason. Maybe he should just accept that he was unwanted.

    A quick sniff, he scented the air. He hadn’t an idea how to hunt or track, but he was rather sure there was a strong cat scent all around him. But it was rather hard to tell with his sniffly nose, he sneezes. No intention to continue, he partially tucked himself under a tree root. No, he wasn’t well hidden in the slightest, but it did offer a bit of wind resistance. The kit sneezes again, and a shudder wracks through his body.