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    hey everyone!!

    i just wanted to say that our activity has really started to pick up lately, and that's thanks to all of you. so, thank you all so much for being here and for gracing our IC and OOC communities with your presence. we love having you and hope that you're happy to be here. please let Merioneth or YAKAN. know if you ever experience any feeling of being unwelcome, or confused, etc.!

    Lastbastion listened to Tinkertoy's uncharacteristically assertive response with interest, offering the Spiritcaller's Student a nod of acknowledgement of what he'd said before focusing on Bravo. Her mismatched eyes narrowed. "Your opinion is noted and your perspective valued. But as your leader I outright deny the claim that we cannot fight and endure two wars. We are not that soft. We are not that weak, that a mere doubling of conflict would outright destroy us. We have endured much worse." the Shadowkeeper flicked a sable ear. "The real question is, I think, if everyone wants to go through the process of enduring that. I can promise you that we will withstand it, but I cannot promise that it will be easy. Indeed, I am sure it will be hard. Our survival is guaranteed, but this is an option to reduce suffering. It is up to everyone here if that's the option they want to take."

    "As far as I can tell, they just want our unconditional surrender, and that any Veiler who a BlizzardClan demands an apology from will apologize." Aleksei hadn't mentioned more than that, and she hoped he wouldn't demand more for their neutrality. Lastbastion peered at Bravo and shook her head, then spoke, firmly but not unkindly: "You will not. But thank you anyway." she did not need nor want anyone with her, though she was touched by his offer.

    Ugh, she had not been looking forward to this. The van-patterned she-cat stepped down from where she'd been sitting beside Yuuki and came to stand as close to Nore as she could while still trying to look casual. Her heterochromatic eyes blazed with suppressed emotion - fury? guilt? sorrow? yes, all those and more - but when she spoke, it was steadily, and it was clear she was in command of herself. "Yes. I do have something to say. As you may or may not know, a member of ours - now exiled and also dead - kidnapped a BlizzardClanner and killed one of her children. We heard nothing of this. We knew nothing of this until BlizzardClan came to our borders. In the midst of the discussion, the member in question appeared, a direwolf named Khan. He confessed that he had indeed done those things. I exiled him on the point, and a BlizzardClanner killed him. We will not mourn him. No Veiler who kills children is ever welcome here, and we will never mourn the death of a child-killer." her tone was flat and it was obvious that she had no hesitation in being glad that Khan was dead; her satisfaction was withheld for the sake of public speaking, but the slight grin that twitched at the corners of her lips made her feelings clear.

    The Shadowkeeper paused for a few minutes to put her thoughts together, and then continued to speak. "Our war with BilzzardClan has its roots in a single mistake, one that I made months ago. I kidnapped one of their members. We were neutral at the time. I thought we were allowed to do that, since we're an AntiClan; I had never been told otherwise. This, apparently, was not the case. The BlizzardClanners came to the border and demanded their member. We returned her - wholly unharmed. However, they also demanded that the kidnapper - mainly myself - be handed over, or else there would be war. The leader of the Veil at the time - Winterdoomsday - refused. I was present, and telepathically pleaded with her to hand me over, that I would not object, that I would suffer any sort of abuse they wanted to put me through. Winter refused. She utterly refused to betray her Clanmate like that, even though I had made a grave mistake." this still brought tears to her eyes, and they shone bright blue and yellow as she blinked the liquid away. "That is it. That is the root of the conflict. The war has rolled on in the ensuing months, uneventful until now, until Khan. The capture of an enemy was not a problem: what was problematic was that he killed a child in the process. Just to make it clear."

    Lastbastion now sat and curled her long velvety tail around her body, exhaling softly before resuming. "After Khan's exile and prompt death, I saw an opportunity: BlizzardClan and the Veil had just then successfully completed an interaction, and had found common ground in the hatred of child-killers. I thought, 'why not go back and repair my mistake'? I saw a suitable time to undo what I had done and what Winter had supported. I offered myself to BlizzardClan and functionally requested that they put me on trial and harm me, or kill me, or whatever, for the cause of the war - namely me - and for any other violent act committed by a Veiler during the war, in exchange for the war ending. I offered this to them, what they had originally asked for and more. They refused. They demanded yet more, demanded that the BlizzardClanners who had been hurt by Veilers in the war get the choice of having their attackers apologize to them, demanded reparation. I thought this was nonsense since it was war and that's what you do in a war, and furthermore that it would be a fundamental betrayal of you, the Veilers." her eyes burned now, not wet with tears but hot with a fiery passion, and indeed a pride. "There is NOTHING wrong with being a Veiler, nothing wrong with defending your home and your lifestyle with your strength and courage. You all have done nothing wrong: you attacked an enemy your leaders told you to attack boldly, fearlessly, and ruthlessly. There is nothing but honor in that. Be proud of who you are, no matter what anyone says: the name Veiler is a beautiful one."

    Her fur had begun to spike up along her spine and she paused a few seconds to allow herself to calm down before continuing. "Anyways, I told Aleksei that. I told him I didn't want my Clan to have to bow down to the members of BlizzardClan for doing what I told them to do; not only was that betrayal, it was illogical. Why would they have to be punished for doing exactly what was within their rights, why should they have to kneel before the BlizzardClanners? I am the only one at fault under the laws of the Veil, which - for Veilers - are the only laws that matter. I explained this to Aleksei and his Clanmates and, naturally, they again refused and insulted me. Which brings us here. Aleksei proposed this: he and I go to BlizzardClan and propose each of this ideas. Whichever ones the BlizzardClanners agree upon, we do, and the war is over, a neutrality is implemented. Why I am telling you all this is that I need to know if you would, any of you, be comfortable with Aleksei's proposal. It is entirely in your hands. You are the members of the Veil. You are what matters. You are free to choose to continue the war, if you would like; or you are free to apologize to any BlizzardClanner who asks for an apology, and in exchange have the war ended. What I think does not matter. You are the warriors, or the apologizers. All I know, and all I can assure you of, is that we can endure either option, and come through it as strong as we have ever been."

    "So, let's hear it. How are you all feeling about this?"

    "This place is unlike any other." the Shadowkeeper's voice rang out from a few paces behind Wisteria, soft but clearly full of pride; if she turned, the young Duskguard would spot Lastbastion padding towards her, white coat shone palely against the gloom of the woods, heterochromatic eyes mismatched but radiant beacons through the vague light. The Patriot had been watching Wisteria as she studied the fungi, a slight smile upon her lips, and now approached Admin's daughter, velvety tail winding around her hind leg as she paused a few feet away. She liked what she'd seen from the girl so far - she was kind and active, and was already showing signs that she took the initiative. Bast liked that in a member - and in a friend. Which was perhaps why she was here, because no matter how much she wanted to be the omnipresent, powerful-but-approachable leader, the vast majority of the time, she was capable only of being a bossy gay who wanted friends. "By which I mean, it's simultaneously deeply weird and deeply beautiful. At least, I think so."

    Lastbastion was on the hunt. What was she hunting for? Why, her daughter, of course - the child, like thousands of kits before her, did not seem to understand the dangers of wandering the territory, and thus typically had an invisible shadow behind her, the Shadowkeeper herself draped in invisibility and moving from branch to branch in silent pursuit of her firstborn. She tried to walk a fine line in her parenting between stern and loving, and thought that "supervision without reprimand" was nicely on that line; Rainkit could go where she pleased, though not unsupervised. That the girl (hopefully) didn't know she was being supervised was just a bonus. Only when other Veilers joined in and formed a group did she, too, participate, rematerializing and descending from her treetop perch. Her mostly white fur shone clearly in the gloom of the woods, bringing out her vibrantly blue and yellow eyes and the smile that had come onto her face. "Wisteria, this is so kind of you. Thank you!" the Patriot purred and plucked a blue hydrangea from the basket, tucking it behind her ear and doing a little spin, feeling uncharacteristically ... well, ladylike. "H-how's it look?" asked Lastbastion of the group at large, suddenly self-conscious.

    The plants were definitely interesting, and she blinked in surprise at the news that plants ate other plants (weird!). But what was even more interesting was her son's fascination with the foxfire, and Tinkertoy's gentle handling of the younger boy. Lastbastion monitored the exchange with sharp blue-and-yellow eyes, smiling at Al's enthusiasm and Tinkertoy's casual acquiescence to his request. "Do as Tinkertoy tells you, Al; don't eat it, my sweet boy. It is very cool, though, Tinkertoy. Thank you for showing it to us. What's next?"

    If Rainkit put Lastbastion on a pedestal, then they deserved each other, for in the leader's eyes she was a nigh on perfect child, and it was clear that the leader was convinced she had a halo between her cute little ears. The Shadowkeeper ducked her head and took a few bites of the mouse, a low purr rumbling in her chest and considering the question put to her. "Tough stuff? Nah. This is easy." lied the van-patterned feline confidently, waving a forepaw around in casual assent with this notion. "Your mom can handle anything. The real challenge is keeping you in line!" the Patriot teased, swooping close and trying to gently nom on Rainkit's ear, mimicking a low, growling sound. "Grrr-grrr! I'm gonna get you!"

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    It was clear by the uncharacteristic smirk on her face that she'd gotten the reaction out of Yuuki she had desired and expected, and she watched him flounce out with an almost ludicrous amount of petty satisfaction. Then she shook her head and focused on the work at hand, eyes sweeping lovingly over her daughter. "Rainkit, please host a makeover event. Awesome flowers behind your ear? Check. Streaks of berry paint on your cheeks? Yes. Uh, stuff like that. If you want. Open it up to everyone, I'm sure we could all use some pretty-fying." oh, she was bad at this sort of thing - Nore just kind of ... accepted her no matter what, which was super weird and also super great. She was able to not think about her appearance, pretty much ever. But if she remembered correctly, little kids liked that sort of thing, right?

    Now, who was next? Oh, right. "Rin, something simple, eh? Hunting patrol then, if you please. Maybe aim for something big for an extra challenge. Venison, anyone?" surely the Duskguard would find that simple enough...moving on to the ever-lively Therion. "Tell you want, Therion, let's use your skills. Hold a thievery lesson. Tell us some tips and tricks for how to steal things successfully." that should be very easy for him indeed, the darn thief that he was. "Al," purred the Patriot, grinning down at her son, "put together an obstacle course and make people go through it with their eyes closed. First person to reach the end without falling over, wins. And, Wisteria - if you would, let's have a game of some sort. Make it goofy. Make it lighthearted. Perhaps marry - flirt - kill, or two-truths-and-a-lie. Or something of your own invention. Something to just blow off steam and have a bit of fun, together."

    ooc | Rainkit: Your character has a low moment, and is lifted out of it in an unexpected way. What made them feel better? Why?

    Therion: Your character does something against their better judgement. What is it? Why'd they go against their instincts? How'd it turn out? Would they do it again?

    Al: One of your character's assumptions is challenged and they are left fighting to justify a belief. What's the belief? What caused the struggle? How does it turn out?

    Wisteria: Your character has a moment when they feel truly "at home" and settled. What makes them feel so comfortable?

    Ah, yes, someone did spot Frank on the borders; someone with unnaturally sharp eyes, and in fact one of the leaders of the Veil. She had been settled on a tree-limb, scanning the woods with sharp heterochromatic gaze, when the Doberman came into her super-sensing sightline. In a single fluid motion she dropped to the ground and appeared before the stranger - quite literally, as she phased into visibility and offered a curt nod. "Hello there. This is the border of Shadow Veil. What is your name, and why are you here?" hopefully he was here joining - with that grin on his face he didn't look threatening, though you could never tell. The mostly white Shadowkeeper sat down and laid her tail over her paws, unblinking blue-and-yellow eyes upon his face.

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    welcome to shadow veil!

    This was the majority of her high positions; Lastbastion noted who was present and who was not and then offered a smile to each of her subordinates (and coworker) as they arrived, her eyes bright with good-natured enthusiasm. "Greetings everyone, welcome to our meeting. I'm going to try and make this a weekly or perhaps biweekly thing, or as needed, just to make sure that everyone is on the same page. First of all, to our new HPs: a very warm welcome. We're glad you're here." she inclined her head towards the newer folks among the group, unable to repress a flicker of nostalgia for times that were not very long gone at all but felt at present impossibly distant. She remembered when this group would have been Amour and Winter and Togaral and Soundcheck ... but of course, they were all gone now. Herself and Yuuki were the only ones left, and Yuu beat her out on that point, having been part of the ranks far longer than herself (as, she felt, he did in everything; showing her up, eternally, even with a massive side hustle. Or were they the side hustle?).

    Mismatched eyes clouded as these thoughts swept in and she took a few beats to refocus, forcing an alert but not unfriendly look onto her face. "To begin, I just want to remind everyone of the Veil's current policies and laws. We've been accused - many times - of not upholding our own laws. That is nonsense flung at us by our critics and enemies, so I don't particularly care what they think - but I do indeed care that we never come close to that point, and will take this opportunity. The Veil does not condone any form of sex crime. This will result in your exile. The Veil does not condone the capture, injury, or murder of children. This too will result in your exile. It does not matter if your victim is from an enemy Clan or your worst nightmare; do not fall into either of the aforementioned categories. Ever. Any orders to harm members of enemy groups is to be taken as a blanket order for all adults, not children; and with the firmest of laws against sex crimes, regardless of Clan allegiance or anything else." she allowed this to hang there for a few moments before clearing her throat and continuing. "We also do not condone attacking neutrals for no reason. This has previously been ill-defined and nebulous ... " for reasons no one here would remember (saving Yuuki, of course ...) but had probably heard about, this had caused problems before... "so let me make it transparently clear. We will not be weak, but neither will we be dumb. We will not invite war. Restrict your aggression to our active enemies. Do not attack neutrals. Obviously, don't attack allies, either, though I should hope none of you need to be told that."

    The van-patterned female flattened a tuft of fur on her chest and was quiet for a few moments, giving them time to process this information, before proceeding forward. "Now I want to briefly clarify what HPs can and cannot do, and what they are expected to do, since I've seen some confusion on that lately. First of all: Duskguards. Duskguards are semi-high positions, trusted and valuable members of the Veil being rewarded for their contributions. It's a stepping stone position, as many Clans have. What do we ask of Duskguards? Show up. Participate. Be an active contributor to our community. I promise you, you'll be rewarded for it. Duskguards cannot host raids or meetings or agree to alliances or make other major decisions; however, they can - and should - host events for the Clan and for our allies. You can take initiative on this, and this will also be rewarded. Duskguards (and up, obviously) can also accept invitations from our allies; invitations from neutrals require the permission of a Nightwatcher or higher.

    "Speaking of ... Nightwatchers are ... well, they're like our counselors. Fully-fledged HPs, well-known and well-regarded, responsible for advising the higher ranks and for assisting the Duskguards in keeping the group thriving. You have all the aforementioned privileges, and you may also lead raids if given permission. Nightwatchers are the best of the Veilers, and we value them greatly. Now, the next level up: Midnightbringers. Assistant deputies. At present there are slots for two of these, though if need arises we may assign more. They come in two flavors: Outerclan relations and Interclan relations. The Midnightbringer of Outerclan relations is our Head Ambassador. This position requires a great deal of traveling and checking in with our allies. You are expected to bond with our allies and to monitor and participate in Veil-ally events; and hold them yourself if you aren't seeing any."    she narrowed her eyes. "This job is exceedingly important, as it's the major supervising position over our diplomatic relationships, which is why it's not filled yet: more on that in a moment. The second half of the Midnightbringer team is the Midnightbringer of Interclan relations, presently filled by the dashing Bravo. If the Outerclan job is "Head Ambassador", then we can say the Interclan job is "Head Contributor". This person will focus on maintaining activity and morale OOCly and ICly and will keep an eye on events currently running in the Clan. Midnightbringers have all the power of previous positions, plus more, as they rank just below deputy.

    "Oh, yes, Deputy - " she cast Nore a look of poorly disguised fondness - "or the Shaderunner. Pretty standard gig, really: second-in-command, top advisor, heir to the throne, et cetera. Expected to help monitor lower-ranking members and enforce the will of the Shadowkeeper - or Shadowkeepers, as they case happens to be. Which, I trust, no one needs any information on." the Patriot offered a smile and then sighed, deeply. "That was a lot, I know, but we're not finished yet. I really want to fill up that second Midnightbringer position, so here's what I'm going to do. We're going to have a...not a contest, not exactly. Let's say a showcase. I'm going to reset our ambassador system and put them all up for grabs. First-come, first-served. If you want to show your interest in that second a-dep slot, now's your chance. Visit your ally - often. Bond with its people. Have meaningful discussions with them; learn their names, their faces. Host events, on their land and on ours. Follow through. I'll hold meetings so ambassadors can report back, and after time has passed, Yuuki and I will talk and promote who we think would be the best for the job. If anyone's interested - speak up! This is open to any Duskguard or Nightwatcher who's interested."

    The sable-spotted she-cat stretched out her long legs and thought for a few minutes, wondering if she'd missed anything - and, thinking of nothing, finished: "That concludes what I wanted to say for this meeting, with the exception of this: I want to hear from all of you. If anyone here has a question, a concern, a comment, or a suggestion: speak now! Yuuki and I very much want to hear from our HPs; you are so important to us and you truly make or break this group. And I must say," Bast grinned, "you all are making it. We value your feedback. So, let's get going; we're all ears if you want to say something. You too, Yuuki." she didn't think she'd missed anything, but hey, she'd bee wrong before. "If no one does have anything, then this meeting is dismissed. Thank you all for being here."

    Yes, this was overdue, wasn't it? Lastbastion was settled in a small room near the meeting room, a curtain of moss separating the more private space from the more cavernous area outside; she waited in silence for her high positions to arrive, heterochromatic eyes tracing the weak light that filtered in through the gaps in the stone.

    He was stepping down? That was a surprise. She blinked a few times as she processed this information and then shrugged lightly - she had taken him for an ambitious soul, but she had to admit she was pleased he'd chosen himself over the pursuit of power. With a surprisingly gentle expression, the she-cat murmured, "Duly noted, Damek. Thank you for your service. The best of luck to you, in all that you do going forward."

    Lastbastion could agree with Bravo - she, too, was recently resettling into herself: after a long string of losses, she had found her way back to what really mattered, and had been blessed by the presence of her kids, her fiancee, the fact that Nore was expecting - even the leadership. She was enjoying it, she truly was, and though it was an adjustment period, she felt she was perhaps settling into the swing of things. The days were comfortingly familiar, each one falling into step before the previous; she craved that repetition, adored that stability and reliability. Of course ... this was something she'd never seen before. A pair of mismatched eyes appeared above Bravo's head as the Shadowkeeper peered into the hole he'd fallen in, poorly disguised amusement playing about her lips. "Need a hand?" inquired the van-patterned she-cat with a suggestion of mischief in her voice, extending a paw down towards Bravo, and braving her hind legs against the ground in anticipation of his weight.

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