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    Something had changed since she had returned. That was obvious. The gentleness, the softness, the kindness in her heart: that seemed to have vanished, save for the utmost core of her, the last remnants of compassionate love which seemed to be reserved for her family. The rest of her apparently had been replaced with...something harsher, colder, angrier. This was perhaps not unexpected - she had, after all, been killed. It just startled Lastbastion, particularly considering that it had been so sudden. "My love." the black smoke rasped this throatily and moved towards her, attempting to twine her tail around the Turkish Angora's body. For all the changes that had occurred, still the scent of her, her warmth: it comforted her down to her marrow.

    "I missed you." understatement of the century - but she felt certain Vanna knew this. "Oh, how I missed you." Lastbastion lifted her muzzle and tried to nuzzle her wife's cheek. "What a miracle you've come back to me."

    "How many other Clans or how many other people in this Clan?" the Patriot's voice was somewhat puzzled as she spoke up after her daughter, moving closer to the ebony-furred apprentice and absentmindedly seizing up the two lupurcas as they addressed the Veilers who had approached them. Thus far, they did not appear to be threats (despite their towering size): indeed, they sounded as if they wanted to join. Or, well - take advantage of the Veil's resources, that is. That was fine by her - she had seen that turn into fully-fledged membership before. Her own wife was an example of that. "There are fifteen other groups - Clans and Tribes and similar organizations. Groups of like-minded individuals serving under a hierarchy in a spirit of loyalty, cooperation, and brotherhood."

    "This particular group, as you've heard, is called Shadow Veil - and I am Lastbastion Aeternum, one of its leaders. We'd be glad to let you stay, provided that you don't harm any of our members or those who we call our friends." she flicked an ear. "A pleasure to meet you, Jack and Gabriel."

    The most important words had already been spoken, so Lastbastion did not add on as she drew up, merely moved to her childrens' side and studied Narcissus with watchful, weary yellow eyes. The black smoke doubted that the 'things' were problematic - if they were, she felt confident they would have heard of them already, or the leopard would be displaying anxiety instead of sheepishness. More likely, she thought, was that he'd simply been busy and forgotten to make his ambassador trip. No matter: at this point, the Rogues were probably their closest ally, especially considering the dual alliances of Ambrosiapaw and Helios. "Welcome, Narcissus." the Shadowkeeper chipped in to greet the son of Rockfox and Trashboat, a slight smile quirking the corners of her lips. The smile itself was false - she had not smiled genuinely in...a while - though the sentiment was real: she was happy to see him, truly she was.

    Lastbastion did not know much of Fayina, only that she had been brought here by a capture gone wrong, and that she respected her for her evident elegance and determination. The black smoke sensed - or thought she sensed - a core of iron within the blind prophetess, as if perhaps she had gone through events of such magnitude as to forge in her depths that went far beyond a casual glance, or even a new friendship. The Shadowkeeper knew little of her, indeed - what she did now, though, was that she liked Fayina, and considered her a friend. Was it too early for that? Maybe. But she'd never had many friends - she hoped she could make one out of this curious canine.

    Though perhaps ... not now.

    The black-and-gray feline was surprised, though not shocked, to see the Spiritcaller's Apprentice standing quietly over a little lump of earth. She had found her father in a somewhat similar position not long ago - was Fayina grieving, too, as Setekh had been? Were they, perhaps, grieving for the same soul? "I'm sorry, Fayina. I didn't mean to intrude." the leader spoke softly, and truthfully - she had only been in passing when she'd stumbled upon her Clanmate. Soft ears flicked and then flattened against the domestic cat's head. Her yellow eyes roved inquiringly over the Duskguard's inscrutable features and over the flower she had grown and took a few steps back. "I - I'll leave you in peace. But if you ever need to talk with someone, well...I'm here."

    She didn't know the specifics of what Fayina was going through, but she felt reasonably confident that she understood the basics. And no matter what, she could always offer her empathy. Perhaps it was bumbling and ill-articulated, and perhaps it was sometimes filtered through a strange and highly flexible morality - but it was empathy nonetheless, and she would offer it readily to any of her Clanmates in need of it. "You're not alone. Never alone." the Patriot added quietly.

    "Of course." surprise was audible even through her exhausted voice, and she sat up, straightening her spine and propping herself up against a nearby stone. Its coldness leached into her dark fur: she welcomed it as she studied Fayina, of course unaware of the thoughts in the other's head, her own mind preoccupied with curiosity - and, admittedly - confusion. Lastbastion wrapped her tail around her scarred form and shifted, the silver wedding ring around her neck catching the feeble starlight. "Please, Fayina - I'm glad to speak with you. I always am glad to speak with my Clanmates, no matter my circumstances. How may I help you?"

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    The Shadowkeeper arrived late, yes - laziness? No. Exhaustion, injury, grief - take your pick. The black smoke had lost her daughter, then her wife, then gotten them back, and then lost a different daughter - with various other troubles mixed in. Suffice it to say, her mind was a bit scrambled, but she forced herself to approach as quickly as she could, stubbornly clinging to her responsibilities. Whether this was admirable or pathetic was ... debatable. "Of course, Fayina. Thank you. I admire your initiative." approval glinted in her yellow eyes as she listened to Fayina's inquiry. "Which ally did you have in mind? Or were you thinking of inviting all of them?" inviting all their ideas was more efficient, though they'd have to check and see if their allies were each other's allies...

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    What did Lastbastion know of Radioactiveplague and Setekh? Nothing at all: at the time of their lives in the Veil, she had been far distant, a loner on Earth, preoccupied with her own life - those years which she firmly kept from interfering with the life she now possessed. But she did not need to know anything about them at all to comprehend the sight she saw as she rounded the corner, pursuing a warm place to rest and eat her meal. Stopping short and allowing her soft murmur of surprise to escape around her mouthful of dead rabbit, she beheld the universal sight of grief, taking in the unprecedented shine of sorrow in the stoic canine's eyes, the protective, adoring, desperate way he curled around the necklace that had once belonged to his husband. It stung her heart, not just because of his pain but because of hers.

    Setekh was not the only one grieving those he had lost, and while she had a momentary urge to approach him, reach out to him, express her empathy and her understanding of his suffering, she did not. She could not help but feel like an intruder. The Shadowkeeper flattened her ears against her head and muttered around her prey, "Forgive me, Setekh. I wasn't aware there, ah, was anyone here." after a beat, she set the rabbit down before her feet and took a few steps backwards, preparing to leave this sunlit corner hidden from the rest of camp, intending to leave the ex-deputy to his sorrow. Privately, in some less wearied corner of her mind, she wondered at who he had lost: the intensity of his feelings were, in her eyes, warranted only by the demise of a child or a spouse.

    She should know - she had lost three in the past few weeks, and while two had come back...the third had not. And the myriad other events that had occurred since then, well...Suffice it to say she felt entitled to her unhappiness, and equally felt that her Clanmates deserved privacy in their morning. Besides. She had never been much good at emotional situations, had she? That had long been her weakness: and while rising through the ranks had gone some way towards improving this skill, she knew she was still below average when it came to the work of discussing feelings. And as for everyone...she was especially bad at talking about it with strangers. Her own children, well, that was different...but a stranger, albeit another Veiler? Nigh on impossible. Nonetheless, though, she was their leader - it would only be appropriate to offer herself, even if she questioned what she could offer.

    "If you ever need someone to talk to, Setekh...I'm here."

    Of course, by tacitly mentioning that he did not approve of the types of people joining the Copse, he did indeed spread rumors - no matter what he said after the fact. Lastbastion resisted the urge to further pursue that line of inquiry as she approached after her Clanmates, taking stock of who had appeared already before speaking up in a weary, though not unkind, voice. "A pleasure to meet you, Magi. We're glad to have you here, even if it is only part-time." the black smoke shifted where she stood, the silver wedding ring around her neck flashing in the limited light of the pines. "I'm Lastbastion Aeternum, co-leader here. Do you have any questions? Would you like a tour?"

    So. Her wife was back.

    She had hardly had time to process this miracle before so much else happened: the captures, the injuries, the death of Jade...

    But Lastbastion refused to forget the miracle, no matter how hard the world seemed to want to hide it away. Her wife was alive. The one she loved above everything, the one she had mourned with every bit of her soul. She was back.

    Today she was determined to speak with her, be with her, rejoice in her presence.

    "Nor - uh, Vanna? Hon? You in there?"

    The Shadowkeeper's voice was soft as she called out, poking her head into the warm darkness of their shared quarters, hoping to spot her beloved.


    "Thanks for the invitation, sir." Lastbastion's voice sounded as tired as Deathdance looked, and while she made no promises of her own attendance, her yellow eyes gleamed with genuine thankfulness before acquiring a worried cast. His breathing was exceedingly ragged, and he seemed worn-out - perhaps the trip here had wearied him. "Would you like to stay a while before returning home? Do you need a bite to eat or a drink?"

    Fayina was not the only one bemused by the foul stench surrounding these creatures: Lastbastion had to resist the urge to disfigure her neutral expression with a grimace of disgust as she approached after the Duskguard, her yellow eyes upturned to study the luprucas in the way her Clanmate sadly could not. She was not intimidated by their size, in part because she had learned the destruction of her body was not the end for her, and in part because she had just recently killed a creature similar in size to them - with Super Senses, to boot. Admittedly, Watchkeep had been a special case, and she did not like her odds against two of them - especially not while her ribs and leg were still tender after said fight. She would keep her confidence to herself, anyway, and wait to see their response to the arrival of the Veilers and their resident prophetess' inquiries.

    The rune carving ceremony ... yes. This was, what? The third month hosting it since she had revived the tradition originally started by Winterdoomsday? She couldn't remember. She was grateful for the chance to collapse near the fire with her Clanmates, though, and work her claws and teeth into stone: the concept was a mix between cathartic and lazy, which was exactly what she needed in her current state of exhaustion and emotional chaos. The Shadowkeeper's silver wedding ring swung on its chain as she positioned herself behind the customary three baskets, her soft ears pricking as she surveyed the room, which had been made ready for Veilers to come and carve their runes.

    "What a stressful few weeks we've had, Veilers. What grief, what chaos." she sighed softly. "Come, now, join me - let's remember the good things. Together."

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    Description, from the guide:

    It was meeting time again. The passage of time had stopped surprising here: she had stopped lamenting its speed and begun wishing it would pass faster, that the days would move forward towards oblivion, or at least to a point where everything stopped hurting so badly. The full-throttle chaos of the last few weeks wore her down to her bones, and then down to her marrow, and then down still further until she was nothing at all, nothing but sheer obedience and stubbornness dragging her battered body and spirit from point to point. She had learned to not too hard at it; she feared that if she understood how she was able to keep going she would lose the ability in the first place.

    The Shadowkeeper settled herself atop her shared post, curling her tail tight around her body and watching the fire as it sent comforting waves of warmth through the otherwise-frigid stone room. She allowed Yuuki the time to join her before speaking and then spoke, only the flashing of her yellow eyes and her weary voice differentiating her from the shadows that licked the corners of the cave. "Veilers. Please gather for this week's meeting." she'd wait for them to comply before beginning with her first announcement, rolling her shoulders back as if to brace herself for the act of speaking.

    "First of all, I want to apologize for my absence this past week. I've been recovering from the injuries I incurred during my struggle with Watchkeep." she would not go into detail on that - she didn't need to relive it presently, as satisfying as it had been. "I thought it was best to attend to my physical and mental state before returning fully to the work of co-leading. Thank you all for your patience...and this has been a slow week in general, so do not worry if you have been otherwise occupied, too." she had been in the Veil for five months now; she had learned that some weeks were fast and others slow. It had ceased to worry her. "My thanks to all those who have been putting in their hard work even when I've been recovering; your contributions will not be forgotten."

    In a departure from her usual method of hosting meetings, she fell silent - she was interested in seeing how the event went if she paused between announcements.

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    Saoirse's formality amused her greatly: Lastbastion grinned despite herself and listened quietly as the Overseer laid out the problem before her. She whistled softly. No medic and no medic apprentice? How unlucky. It was kind of Saoirse to know what they called their healers, though...

    "Well, Yuuki is our only Spiritcaller, but we have two Spiritcaller Apprentices." she thought for a minute; who would be the best person to send for the job? "Yuuki - d'you think Fayina or Ambrosiapaw would be the best person for the job?" She could see advantages to both, and felt rather torn.

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    It was good to come to the Rogues: it was nice to distance herself from the Veil, which had become in recent days a roller coaster of miracles and miseries that felt neverending. She wasn't going far, no - still under the beloved canopy of the Pines, after all - but far enough to feel pleasantly removed from the place so weighty with her problems and joys, while still being a feasible trip for her to make with her broken leg. The dark she-cat limped towards Saoirse, her yellow eyes glittering with frank appraisal and interest as she took in the chocolate point.

    They were on friendly terms by virtue of their position alone, as far as she knew - their interactions had been limited. The black smoke did not know what Sao thought of her, only that she respected the blue-eyed she-cat for her longstanding dedication to the Rogues. Bast was on much more familiar terms with Sao's deputy, Saturnrings, and she was eagerly anticipating speaking with her and seeing her at this meaning. Throughout her lifetime, true friends had been few and far between. Sat marked a nice change, especially since Bast had gotten to watch her growth as a woman and as a high position.

    As far as she knew, this meeting was about medics, and she dipped her head in warm greeting to the leader of the Rogues as she settled down and flicked her tail over her paws. She wasn't a medic, but her co-leader was, and she felt reasonably confident that he'd be able to handle whatever Saoirse wanted to talk about. "Hello, Saoirse. Nice to see you."