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    The next to arrive to the scene was Oceanbeats. The smell of enticing food was what drew her in, as well as the friendly voice of Joe, who had called them all forth. There was a delicious smell in the air. It carried her forth as she padded forward, her nose in the air, sniffing at it. There were many foods and drinks to be seen. The drinks, fruits smelled sweet, the meat, vegetables smelled savory. All was well laid out, perfect for everyone to see and enjoy. Joe had done well. Oceanbeats had to step up her game, and help out her home. They were, after all, going on an expedition soon. Perhaps this was why Joe had set up such a feast. The femme was quiet as she approached, her purple eyes flickering amongst the meat and fruits. Eventually though, she allowed her optics to settle on Joe, and Meenah. "Hey, guys! Joe, this all looks so.. yummy!" Ocean spoke up, a chipper tone to her voice as she lifted herself up to where the various pieces of prey were. "You got all this by yourself?" The hybrid spoke through a mouthful of food, her head cocking to the side as she chewed on the piece of meat in her maw. The question was an innocent one, meant no harm. She wasn't surprised by the gathering of food either. She was merely asking a question.

    Oceanbeats arrived a bit late, as she had done before to the meeting, but she was quick to get there after everyone else. The hybrid was curious about the expedition, but didn't ask about it in the moment. Right now was time for weekly tasks, not questions. Ocean neared the area momentarily after Ver had given the last of the tasks out, her purple optics glued to the leader once again. "I'll take a task!" She chirped in a rather happy tone, tail swaying gently, almost wagging as if she were a dog.

    Oceanbeats hadn't been around as much as she would have liked, but she was there to hear the announcements at least, or so she thought. She had arrived just in time to hear the beginning of them, barely late but hardly early. The hybrid had a sheepish look on her features as she slid forth, moving to sit beside Nines, offering him a smile. She listened attentively the words as they flowed forth, her purple visionaries locked onto the leader. Ryad was promoted to Duskbreaker, which she assumed was the second in command. It made sense to her. He wasn't a perfect person, but nobody was. He deserved the position as it was given to him, along with the rest of the names that had been called. 9S received a small nudge from her as his name was mentioned, as well as a crooked grin. He too deserved the position. He was an active member of Solaris Kingdom, as well as a welcoming one even for how confused he had been at the start. The rest of the announcements mostly went over her head, as she didn't know that Ver had children, nor knew who they were just yet. Hearing them given titles though was sweet. Ocean's grin turned to a soft smile as she looked for them, feeling a warmth swell in her chest. It was cute.

    "Congrats, everyone!" The pretty hybrid called out, her dolphin tail swaying gently before thumping against the ground.

    Oceanbeats arrived as soon as the announcements had begun, and sat back on her haunches, tail swaying gently. Her ears were perked forward, attentive and positioned towards Ver as the female spoke. She was quiet as the announcements continued, starting first with welcomes and then promotions, in which she was included. Sunguard.. It had a nice ring to it, and she preferred it over Trailblazer. She was a bit surprised to be given the role as she hadn't felt as though she had contributed much, but apparently what she had done was seen through the eyes of their leader. She chirped a quiet 'thanks' before smiling brightly at Ver, tail now thumping against the ground. It seemed that her two friends had been promoted alongside her. She looked around for them for a moment, but settled back in her spot when she didn't see them. Oceanbeats was sure she'd see them. She wanted to congratulate them as they would her.

    When the meeting ended, she stood, but stopped in her tracks when Aether asked what a Trailblazer did. She approached the male, her purple optics wide as she looked at him. "They welcome newcomers, make little events.. Minor things, but things we need for the group," Oceanbeats explained with a crooked smile, hoping her answer was good enough for him to understand and comprehend.

    Ocean's smile widened a bit when Nines smiled back at her. Though it was one of appreciation, it still spread warmth throughout her chest. The femme was quiet from then on, even as 9S brought up who had murdered one of their own. Hearing that the Exiles, a group she hadn't heard of, had done this made her question a groups' morals and their purposes. She didn't quite understand it. Listening to Meenah made a little bit of sense to her, though at the same time it didn't. They killed because they wanted to? Because it was fun? It made her ears flick back against her skull, her eyes narrowing slightly. "Have they always been that way?" Oceanbeats inquired of Meenah, her tone unlike how it had ever been before. There was concern laced in it, as well as a bit of a bite. She couldn't comprehend why anyone would kill for fun, for enjoyment. She didn't understand how violence was enjoyable either. Fighting was something she didn't find necessary, unless absolutely so. She would defend herself, or the group and its people, but otherwise she preferred to stay out of the battle.

    "It doesn't make sense.." Her voice trailed off as she walked alongside Nines, briefly glancing at Meenah for answers. She seemed to know the most about the group out of everyone here, at least from what Ocean could tell. The hybrid frowned, but said nothing further.

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    Oceanbeats had been exploring the camp a bit more. She didn't know the territory as well as she would have liked yet, but sticking to camp would help her out as well. She didn't realize how big their camp was until she had started looking around. Eventually she found herself lost, though part of her did recognize the spot she had gotten herself to. When she recalled where she was, she began to retrace her steps. The smell of fresh kill, fruits and vegetables still lingered in the air, even as she left the area. She was sad the feast had seemed to end so quickly, even if it had gone throughout the night. Her stomach felt full, even then as she meandered through a more familiar part of the camp. Just as quickly as she had gotten herself out, she had found herself lost once again. This time, however, she truly didn't know where she was. The place smelled of old books, musty and damp in a way. As she entered the cabin, a smell of bitter herbs hit her head on, causing her to shake her head slightly in shock. It wasn't something she had been expecting to say the least. She continued on despite this, eventually furthering herself into the room.

    The walls were lined with books, all of which she couldn't read. She had never learned, and thus was rather ill adept in this area of expertise. It seemed she was rather poor in many departments unless it included swimming. She was smart, but that only went so far, especially if she couldn't read. She didn't want to admit that she lost interest, but she had. It was only when Claes' scent wafted through the air that her interest piqued. She was rather fond of the male, and to know that he had been here was enough to get her curious. Now she supposed she was on the hunt for her friend.

    With swift feet, she carried herself out of the cabin to seek out Claes, her purple optics determined though soft. She kept her nose rather low, sniffing at the air and ground. She would find him eventually. Oceanbeats doubted he would be outside of camp. Camp was safest, or so she hoped. When she finally came up her friend, she was surprised to see him asleep in a book. He looked.. peaceful. It was cute. She found herself looking at him, merely observing as he slept. A small smile appeared on her lips. The hybrid didn't want to disturb him, so she simply sat nearby in the shade, her own eyes shutting as tranquility washed over her.

    A feast was something she needed right now. With so much going on in the Solaris Kingdom, she needed something to relax with. Oceanbeats couldn't even remember the last time she had eaten. Her stomach grumbled at the thought, but she ignored it for the most part until a fresh, delightful scent wafted through the air. She followed it, working her way through camp and to a more secluded area of their home. The smell in the air was definitely pleasant to her nose, and made her maw water. Though she was no dog, she couldn't deny good food when she smelled it.

    When she spotted Jaymoon, and heard his little speech, she cocked her head to the side. They hadn't met formally, so he wasn't speaking of her specifically. Considering she resided in Solaris Kingdom, however, she supposed she could be included in those who had allowed him to stay in their group. With a crooked smile, the clouded leopard / dolphin hybrid approached him, soon stopping near him so that she stood opposite to him. "This is lovely. I hope you're planning on staying, we could definitely use more little events like this," Oceanbeats said, her last comment a bit teasing as she gave a light chuckle. Her purple eyes shifted to the table, to the food set atop it. All of it looked delicious. She couldn't wait to dig in. Soon, her attention averted back to him. She had forgotten to introduce herself. "I'm Oceanbeats, by the way," she told him with a pleasant chirp, dolphin tail swaying behind her.

    Murder was not something Oceanbeats was entirely comfortable with. The thought of it.. killing someone. It made her shudder. She didn't understand how someone could be so cruel as to kill someone with their own paws, claws, teeth.. It made no sense to her whatsoever. The hybrid was rather pacifistic by nature, though she knew that violence was inevitable. Murder, however, was an entirely different topic. Fighting to defend one's clan, or one's family made sense to her. Killing someone without any intent behind it.. She shook her head to brush it off, instead focusing on the call she had heard. It belonged to a familiar voice, Nines. There had been a murder in their midst. Disgust was immediately written upon her features as she approached the small crowd that had formed around her friend. Though it wasn't directed at him, or anyone else present, she tried to wipe the look off her features, instead replacing it with a crooked, weak smile.

    "I'll come," she offered with a dip of her head in greeting to those gathered. With a sway of her tail, she motioned to the canteen around her neck and along her back. Most were filled, some were not. "I got us covered in terms of water.. I've got a few canteens with me just in case," Oceanbeats informed them all, hoping to be of as much help as she could be. She only hoped they wouldn't have to fight in the middle of their patrol. She wasn't the most adept when it came to fighting.

    "Kono sekai wa itsumo -"

    It was when Ocean heard someone approach that her song came to a sudden stop. She had been mid-line when she noticed Ver, embarrassment soon rising to her features. Her ears flicked back against her skull, and beneath her fur, her skin was hot. If she hadn't been coated in fur, she would have been obviously blushing for the leader to see. She supposed if it had been Claes or 9S, she wouldn't have felt as bashful, but because it was the leader who had stopped to listen, she couldn't help the overwhelming feeling. Though Ver had remained silent, most likely to continue listening, Oceanbeats couldn't continue with someone else present. She swallowed at the lump forming in her throat, attempting to bring words to her mind, but nothing came. She merely stood there, appearing dumbfounded with a look of mortification written across her facial features. "D-did you hear all of that..?" The hybrid inquired with a stutter in her voice, embarrassment in her tone.

    Oceanbeats eventually lifted a paw to cover her face, a nervous laugh escaping her maw. "I'm sorry..!" She practically squeaked, feeling utterly shameful. It had been a dumb idea. Though the garden wasn't often a place where people came, there were still those few that passed through to experience the beautiful flowers and butterflies. She should have gone somewhere more secluded, perhaps a place in the midst of the territory, isolated. Instead she was here, with Ver listening to her, more than likely expecting more from her. Ocean lowered her paw slightly, peering at Ver, looking for her expression.

    Things were happening, and hastily. Fire was something she smelled, or smoke. It wasn't too far away from where she was, and it was concerning to smell, even here in the desert. Things didn't simply light up and burn beneath the sun. While it was hot in the desert, it wasn't hot enough for things to simply burst into flames. Oceanbeats started at a walk as she began following the scent of smoke, but it stopped, ceasing from near existence. Her head cocked to the side in confusion until voices began to sound in her ears. Her heart was pounding in her chest. Something felt wrong. Something was happening. She didn't know what, but she felt concerned, worried, anxious. She didn't remember a time where fear like this had made her feel this way. When she began recognizing the voices, her pace picked up again, starting at a work, but then quickly working its way into a lope. As she cantered across the dunes of the desert, worry poured into her brain, searing hot, burning. She swallowed at the lump forming in her throat, her eyes wide and her heartbeat loud in her ears.

    When she finally came upon the scene, Claes calling for her in a whimper, sounding desperate for her help, she couldn't help but stop in her tracks. Ocean stood, simply watching. Joe passed her by, someone she assumed was going to look for her. The hybrid turned to look back at the other female, lips parting so that she could call out to her, but nothing came out. Her maw shut abruptly as she turned to look at the scene before her, now studying it closely, but swiftly. Ryad was in pain. Burns covered his body, severe ones. It was a gruesome sight, one that made her stomach churn. She nearly had to turn away, only dry heaving. Never before had she seen something so violet, so grisly. Who had done this to him? There was no scent in the air that was recognizable.. She felt disgusted, but she also felt fear and anger. Ryad was a fatherly figure in a way.. Seeing him in so much pain brought her agony as well.

    Ver was attempting to move him, as well as help him, but she couldn't keep watching the leader try. Finally, Oceanbeats found the will to move, her limbs bringing her swiftly down to Claes' side. Perhaps she could be a medic after all. Though he hadn't given her direction for what to do, she had an idea in her head already of what his plan was. "I.. I got this.." Ocean assured Claes, Ver, anyone else who was present. They were all depending on her in the moment, Ryad was depending on her. She sat back on her haunches and lifted her paws. She gently set them down on Ryad's side, being careful not to touch any wounds. Her eyes shut as she willed water to seep from her paws and over his body. When she opened them, it was only to make sure she covered every injury on his body, his hind legs, his head, his sides. She wanted to relieve him in any way that she could. The water was cool, and she hoped it would soothe some of the pain. Blood began to drip from her nose as she continued to will the water from her body to his, but she ignored it, and the pain in her head. Ryad needed her. His needs far outweighed her own.

    "It'll be okay, Ryad.."

    Oceanbeats hadn't been close with Geralt, or had gotten to know him very well over the course of time she had been living in the Solaris Kingdom. She could tell, though, that as he spoke, there was a bit of difficulty to the words he said. She assumed that he didn't necessarily want to leave, but felt the need to. Ocean was much unlike him. Solaris Kingdom was her home now, and would forever remain that way. She couldn't imagine leaving it for another place, even if it was one more suited to her and her needs. The hybrid supposed that despite his feelings, he was doing this for himself. Perhaps it was best for him this way. Oceanbeats didn't know, nor did she care to find out. He was leaving now, and there was no time for deep conversations. There was time for a bit of small talk as well as goodbyes though. As she slid up to the scene, her purple eyes were locked onto Geralt. They glittered slightly in the sunlight. Her fur appeared damp, as if she had just been swimming. It was her power, but she figured everyone would know that by now, at least those she was acquainted with.

    "Hope to see you soon," Oceanbeats stated simply, a crooked smile on her lips as she looked to the older male. "Be safe out there," she then said as a final conclusion. What needed to be said had been said, and therefore she would remain silent as he departed.

    Was this her first or second meeting? She supposed it didn't matter given that she had been here for some time now. Solaris Kingdom was her home, and it would forever remain that way. Though they resided in a desert, there were plenty of options for her in terms of water. The garden was her favorite spot. It smelled of flowers, a sweet scent. The creek that ran through the field was even better. She couldn't swim through it, but she could at least wade through it. It was deep enough for her to sink in, to feel relief as the water washed over her fur and skin.. Thinking of it caused a small smile to light up her features. A look of surprise soon crossed her facial features instead when she heard her name being called, along with Claes and 9S. It seemed all of them were granted promotions, which was fine by her. Though she didn't truly understand the meaning of it, she was happy with the title. Trailblazer.. It definitely stuck.

    Her eyes soon shifted to 9S, who was already there. If Claes had been there already, she would have given him a congratulations. It was fitting, given their relationship. They were friends, something she could say the same with Nines as well. Both of them were not what she expected upon joining, but she was pleasantly surprised to have them around. She neared her friend, tail swishing as she lifted a paw to give him a gentle bump on the shoulder. "Good job, you deserve it," Ocean congratulated the male, a crooked grin on her lips.

    Her parents had been residents of Earth before everyone had been thrust onto Agrelos. She didn't remember them very vividly, but what she did remember of them was that they spoke Japanese alongside the language most individuals on Agrelos spoke. Thus, she had learned the language as well. It had been her first. She hadn't made it apparent that she was bilingual, but she assumed it wasn't something important or necessary. She usually only utilized her second language to sing. It was a talent she kept hidden, unlike her swimming which was a clear hobby of hers. Oceanbeats was rather embarrassed by it. She believed she was a decent singer, with a pretty voice, but whenever others were nearby she quickly shut her mouth, erasing any evidence that she had been singing. Perhaps it was a fear of rejection, or ridicule that kept her from singing more often and around others. She didn't know, nor did she care to find out. Ocean was satisfied with singing to herself if it meant that others wouldn't hear. She didn't mind at all.

    "Odore, odore, atsuku naru tame. Hito wa umareta hazu sa," Oceanbeats sang softly to herself as she sat amongst the flowers in the Garden. She hummed the tune as she dipped her head, sniffing at the flowers, inhaling their sweet scent. "Ima chiisaku moeteru mada chiisa na homura ga.." The hybrid began singing again, head lifting as she glanced around her, being wary of her surroundings. She eventually lifted herself from the ground, a happy skip to her step as she padded towards the river. As she slithered into the water, she continued her song, feeling rather at ease. "Hitotsu ni nareba kiseki ga umare.."

    With a gentle flick of her tail, she approached the scene. Her eyes scanned those gathered, though lingered on 9S. She liked the male. Part of her considered him a friend, though she doubted he felt the same. Friends were hard to come by, especially in groups such as these. She thought it would have been easier, but some of the creatures in Solaris Kingdom were quiet, more aloof, sometimes off-putting. Oceanbeats didn't let that get to her though. She was determined to make friends, be more popular within the group. She wanted that for herself as well as this place she considered her home. Her attention soon averted back to Nines, wondering briefly what he was going to talk about. When he mentioned the warfare guild, her focus was piqued, and she was interested in what the others had to say. Though she was never one for fighting, she did want to learn more about the guilds. She knew little about them, other than their names and what they stood for.

    Though she was quiet as she approached, she moved to stand near 9S, offering a crooked smile to him. Oceanbeats eventually sat back on her haunches, her dolphin tail thumping against the ground. Her purple eyes shifted from Nines to Honeydell, who seemed to know a great deal more about the warfare guild than anyone gathered in the area. Her attention went to him, wondering briefly what kind of information he held.

    Oceanbeats did not know either of these faces, so when she saw them from afar, she was a bit slow to approach. With her was some water in a canteen, along with a slight skip in her step. Still, she was rather sluggish in her arrival, making sure to keep her distance. It seemed they were arguing, and the younger was the one with the fouler mouth. Ocean furrowed her nonexistent brows as she eventually drew to a stop, hearing the last bit of the one she didn't recognize. His scent didn't belong to the Solaris Kingdom, so she assumed he was the one who was here to join, or at least something of that nature. She was quiet for a moment as she observed the two, merely studying them. When she noticed that Loki seemed to be in pain, she stepped forward, her eyes glued to him rather than Deerkit. His foul mouth would be dealt with later, but in that moment, Loki seemed more of a concern than the child. "I'm here. Oceanbeats is the name. What do you need? Water, food, shelter?" The clouded leopard / dolphin hybrid introduced and inquired of him, head cocking to the side. She slid the canteen from her neck and offered it forth just in case, a crooked smile on her lips.

    It was beautiful. The garden. The variety of flowers, the variety of butterflies.. It was astounding how many different breeds of flowers there were, especially here in the desert. It was a small oasis within the arid, lifeless domain, but it was one she found welcome regardless. It was just her luck that the river had been there as well, the water cool against her skin despite the heat of the sun overhead bearing down on her. The source of the water was a mystery to her, but she didn't care where it came from. It was clear; clear enough that she could visibly see her fur, the markings along her coat and tail. The sneeze had definitely caught her off guard, but with how quickly she had relaxed and reacted to it, she found herself at ease once more. Claes was a welcome sight, especially with how kind he had been at her joining. He had been the one to offer her water, after all. Water was essential for her, as well as all life. She couldn't help but feel grateful for him, even if it was simple, kind gesture. Though their interactions had been few and far between after her joining, she still found herself gravitating towards him. Part of her felt as though she owed him something, but the other part simply wanted to be near him, be his friend.

    "Don't apologize, silly. It's not your fault," Oceanbeats teased him lightly, sticking her tongue out at him as she settled down across from him. Her tail thumped lightly against the ground as she observed his features for a moment, finding him rather handsome. Her head began tilting without her noticing, her smile dissipating from her lips as she continued to watch him, study him. After a few seconds, she snapped out of her trance and sat up straight, purple optics flickering to the flowers and butterflies that flitted about the garden.

    If she had known what he was thinking about the garden, she would have wholeheartedly agreed. Oceanbeats didn't understand how such a place could go unnoticed and unloved. She internally scratched the latter off the list, as it was clearly well taken care of. Otherwise, the place would be desolate and lifeless. It would have been a pity to see the garden, how lively and beautiful it was, suffer. She couldn't imagine it being dead, the flowers withered and butterflies gone, the river a sorrowful creek. To his reply, she merely hummed quietly, taking in the scenery before her vision settled on him once more. She was a bit more relaxed this time as she observed him, taking in the atmosphere and silence. Even though they shared no words, she didn't feel awkward. It was odd. Ocean didn't think she would feel this close to someone that she had hardly talked to. Perhaps it was Claes. He was amiable, welcoming, kind. She supposed she could say the same for herself, but part of her had a hard time believing that.

    When she felt a bit too dry for her liking, she shut her eyes and willed water to wash over her skin once again, dampening her fur. Small droplets of water fell from her coat to the ground. Her eyes only opened when Claes spoke, capturing her attention. "It's surprisingly cool. The weather here is.. too hot, but the water feels nice," Oceanbeats answered thoughtfully, glancing over her shoulder at the river for a moment before settling her gaze back on Claes. "Do you not like water?" Her question was just as strange, and a simple guess on her part. She wondered why he asked about the water if he was not willing to see for himself. Perhaps something had happened in his past. A fear of water was reasonable enough. Drowning was not a common way to die, but it was a way to perish. Oceanbeats couldn't imagine something like that happening to herself. The thought caused a shiver to run down her spine. "If you're hot, I could wash some water over your body if you'd like, like how I did. It helps with the heat," she offered a bit hesitantly, seeing as how it was a bit of an odd suggestion. His fur looked thick, and with the sun beating down on them, she wondered briefly if he was hot. She couldn't believe she had chosen a desert over any other biome, but it seemed the Solaris Kingdom had suited her to some degree.

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    Though Oceanbeats knew nothing of 9S' past, with YoRHa and otherwise, she was willing to look past it and see him for who he was now. He seemed a pleasant fellow, at least pleasant enough. There was a mysterious air about him, something that she wished to discover, but nothing she would press. He was settling in now, and didn't need anymore pressure from the outside world. Ocean was kind in that aspect. She knew when and when not to question, to seek information. Now was not one of those times. She, after all, did not want to be at the pointy end of his sword. Why he fought with it rather than using teeth and nail was beyond her, but again, it was something she wouldn't question. They were acquaintances now, not friends, or even beyond that. The hybrid doubted he would want someone pestering him about his past, about YoRHa, whoever they were. There was curiosity in her gaze as she peered at him, but nothing beyond the glint in her eyes.

    Oceanbeats couldn't help but cock her head to the side as he mentioned that it was her home rather than Solaris Kingdom belonging to them both. She supposed he didn't feel quite at peace here, at least not yet. It took time to settle in to new places. For certain people, such as herself, she found the Solaris Kingdom quite fitting despite it residing in a desert. There were plenty of places for her to rest and drink water, or simply be in the water. She was grateful for their gardens and their hidden beach. Her attention shifted back to him when he spoke to her, mentioning that he would like it if someone came with him to explore the territory. She offered him a crooked smile, one that was pleasant despite its contorted nature. "I'd be happy to come along with you. I know a few spots I think you'd like to see," Oceanbeats offered with a bob of her head, soon pivoting on her hind paws to better face the exit of camp. "Follow me?" She inquired as she began padding away, beginning slow so that he could trail along after her. Soon enough, however, she broke into a trot so that they could reach the two destinations she had in mind in the time left before dusk.

    Like Io, Oceanbeats didn't know about taking from the gardens, though fortunately enough for her, she hadn't undergone an attack like the other had. She instead would watch the skirmish from afar before trailing over a bit hesitantly, purple optics watching the scene unfold. Though she didn't know entirely what had happened, she did find the feline's actions to be a bit unnecessary. Io hadn't seemed to have done anything wrong. It wasn't as if he had murdered someone, or kidnapped a child. "Hey, that was a little uncalled for," Oceanbeats said towards the feline, her lips pursing as she stopped next to Io. Her eyes then moved to the creature at her side, her body eventually moving along with it. "Oh, that looks like it hurts.. I can go grab some bandages or, er, cobwebs if you want?" The odd hybrid suggested with a grimace, unsure of how to handle the situation. She wasn't a medic, nor was she adept in medicine. She only knew the basics. Oceanbeats assumed she could at least stop the bleeding before Io got up and made it worse. "Just stay there, I'll be right back," she told him with a crooked smile, hoping to relax him a little bit before she left. With that said, she loped away, hoping to return sooner rather than later. Perhaps someone else would come save the day before she returned.